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Hall Mead School Production ‘The Sound of Music’ Pupils from all year groups were recently involved in our Academy production, ‘The Sound of Music’, which was performed in the Great Hall on the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th February. The show received rave reviews from audience members, who included The Mayor of Havering and the MP for Hornchurch and Upminster, Angela Watkinson. Thank you to everyone involved for yet another fantastic production, including the Cast, Crew and Musicians. We will be announcing next year’s show after Easter and hope that many of our pupils will attend the auditions in the summer. Miss Garred

Welcome to the Spring Edition of Hallmeadia. I hope you enjoy hearing about how the pupils have made the utmost of the vast range of opportunities provided for them both within and beyond the classroom. This edition comes to you as the London Olympics are only a few months away and we hope our sporting and cultural activities will provide a suitable platform from which to build our summer Olympic themed events such as our joint Olympic sports tournament with Coopers’ Coborn, our special Sports Day at Hornchurch Stadium and our Celebration Garden Party on 30th June.

Simon London Headteacher

Mrs Valerie Tynan

Valerie Tynan

Pupils and staff paid their respects to a much loved member of the nonteaching staff, Mrs Valerie Tynan on 1 st February when her funeral was held. The Senior Prefects lined the entrance to the Crematorium in a guard of honour despite the bitter cold and large numbers former and current colleagues and ex-pupils came to the service to honour her memory. Mrs Tynan gave 12 years of outstanding service to Hall Mead School in a number of roles but was best known for her work in the Pastoral Office where she ran a tight ship with a firm hand, a fair eye and a wicked sense of humour. She will be sorely missed.

MAKING AN ‘Impact’!!! Hall Mead is proud to present its brand new Newspaper “IMPACT”, created by the pupils, for the pupils. Our motto suggests incredible power and innovation given to the students to produce a paper solely for the students and friends of Hall Mead. Our new pioneering writers, reporters, photographers and many other talented young people have teamed up to bring us the latest on what’s happening and where it’s happening in our Academy and in the local community. Impact aims to impact its readers by giving them quality news reporting, reviews on games, books, music and films, competitions and advice from our very own Impact ‘agony aunts’. Impact will also cover the latest sports news to reports on our ‘stars of the term’. If there is a story in Upminster then our Impact team has got it covered! Find Impact by logging into Moodle or the PDF version on the Hall Mead website. Watch this space for the very first edition of Impact.…coming soon! Mrs Sharma


PAULSEN EXCHANGE VISIT Each year we have around 30 pupils from our partner school, Paulsen Gymnasium (Berlin) join our Year 9 classes for 2 – 3 weeks. They always enjoy their time with us and we get a huge amount from having them here. We also get the chance for our Year 10 pupils do their Work Experience at companies in Berlin, which Paulsen arrange for us. Both of these exchanges are unique – many schools have exchanges but we know of no other that does Work Experience abroad or has pupils from other countries following their actual timetable for anything more than a day! This fantastic partnership has now been running for more than 25 years, which again is unique in its longevity... long may it continue! We’d like to thank all our pupils, staff and host families for making this exchange work so well and we’d like to thank Paulsen for their continued and valued partnership and friendship. Some of our guests have written about their experience at Hall Mead and the differences they have found between here and home. The picture shows the Paulsen pupils with their teachers Mr Schwietzer and Miss Giehler along with Mr London and Mr Cotier.

First feeling of Hall Mead School

Paulsen’s Kindas@Hall Mead

My first feeling of Hall Mead School was that this is a very big and nice school with beautiful playing fields. The differences between my school and Hall Mead are that the pupils wear a uniform and have less lessons. The school begins at 8:50 and my school at 8 o`clock. The school building is bigger than the Paulsen-Gymnasium. The classes are here smaller than our in Berlin. I find the school also good, because they have other subjects than I have in my school. They have Drama, DT (Design and Technology), PSHE and It (a lesson with Computers). I hope that we introduce these subjects in Germany too. What has struck me is that the classes have got whiteboards and my school has not these. What I do not like is that the pupils have got separate PE classes. Boys do not go together with girls, I find this shame. The same things in Berlin are that the pupils are just loud as my class in Berlin and that the pupils work on their own. I was very impressed with the school building and the playing fields. Hall Mead has got three school buildings and my school has got one. The school has not got a school yard and I find this a shame. I find it cool that the school has got different classes. They have as the school of Harry Potter different houses, Dickens, Chapman, Talbot and Waltham. I find that my school should introduce this too. I find the exchange to Hall Mead School very exciting and informative. Annie Mazajczyk

Our first day at Hall Mead was Friday the 24th of February, 2012. We had a tour around the school and were very excited about joining class on Monday. First it was very difficult to find each classroom, but we got help from the teachers and the pupils. There are many differences between Hall Mead and Paulsen-Gymnasium. For example, at Hall Mead are more computers than at our school and there are some other subjects like DT, Food Tech and Drama. Also we don’t wear any uniforms. Every lesson was an exciting experience for us, since they were all different to our lessons at Paulsen. These two weeks were very interesting for us and we could improve our language skills. We went back to Germany on the 10th of March with many exciting experiences.

German students at Hall Mead On 24th February 2012 was our first day at Hall Mead. We met the Head teacher and then we went to our first lesson. But in this lesson we have only to pay attention and write about the differences from our school and Hall Mead. Before the first lesson starts we have registration and after lunch. The school is much bigger than Paulsen gymnasium and the football/soccer field is much bigger than ours too! In PE sometimes we could jump on the trampoline or play Hockey.

Being at Hall Mead

The teachers at Hall Mead are working with PowerPoint. In Germany we have not some lessons as here. At Hall Mead they have for example FT (= Food technology), Drama and DT (= Design and technology). Hall Mead has more equipment for DT/art. I think the time here (of our lessons) is much shorter than in Germany. After two lessons we had break for 15 min. Then we had 1 lesson before lunch. Lunch time is from 1.25-12.25am. After lunch we had only 2 lessons than the school ends. The teachers here are very nice to us and sometimes even funny.

It was a nice experience being at our exchange school in Upminster. To discover the different ways of behaviour at this school and to join the different lesson is a nice difference to being at a German school. Also, living with a host family just with my classmates instead of living at home with my family was funny. The time at Hall Mead was a view to a school with lots of money. Having to change the building between the lessons was never bad, it just showed how it would be having some more abilities to experience new things.

Isabella E


New Cyber Mentors at Hall Mead A range of students from Years 7-9 successfully completed Cyber Mentor training on 23rd and 24th February under the guidance of Joel and Ryan from “Beatbullying”. The training activities were very enjoyable. There were games, role plays, video clips and computer tasks. Joel talked non-stop. He had many anecdotes and interesting stories to share but his message was clear, “encourage young people to speak out about any problems they may have”. Ryan was tireless in writing flip chart notes for us with essential facts and reminders for successful mentoring. The enthusiasm of both trainers was infectious. Mr Swan was keen to pass on details of the Cyber Mentors website to his House at the earliest opportunity and on the second day of training Ryan and Joel agreed to take part in the Talbot Assembly in return for doughnuts! The Cyber Mentors gained many skills that they can take forward into their lives, including the ability to work as a team, to show empathy and to be reflective when dealing with a variety of situations. Ideas for role plays in assemblies are currently being developed so look out for these in the Summer Term. The Cyber Mentors all graduated and received certificates. They learnt how people get bullied, why people become bullies and the consequences of all types of bullying. All 23 Cyber Mentors are committed to reducing bullying. If you would like to receive peer mentoring please tell your Form Tutor or Mrs Pennock.

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Incorporating Horace Fry PRE-PAID FUNERAL PLANS


“ON A WING AND A PRAYER” In July 2010, Lightnin’ Drama Group and Thunder Productions performed “On a Wing and a Prayer” for the first time at the Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch. Since then the show has been performed for a further four times. Twice at the Queen’s as requested by the Mayor of Havering and once at the Savoy Theatre, currently hosting the west-end show “Legally Blonde”. “On a Wing and a Prayer”, which is directed, written and produced by group leader Sue Ospreay, tells the story of Hornchurch Airfield and its role in the second world war and includes scenes about pilots, the Good Intent Pub, Land Army, Whybridge and Sanders Draper Schools. The show is made of many different stories, of love hope and war. The drama group has been around for 25 years and is based in Rainham. We (Megan and Gracie) joined the group around three years ago and since then we have performed in 15 shows including “A Christmas Carol”, “The Wizard of Oz” and a western musical named “She-riff”. Probably our biggest project so far has been “On a Wing and a Prayer” where we played the part of Land Army girls. This role involved us performing a scene, a song and a dance, in authentic outfits, complete with dungarees, wellington boots and pitchforks. We thoroughly enjoyed our roles with Gracie as ‘Ethel ’ and Megan as ‘Meryl ’. The best part of the whole experience was when we performed at the Savoy theatre, in front of a huge audience. We love being a part of this drama group and we have made so many new friends! Gracie Lynch & Megan Wood (Yr 9)

Year 8 visit to the University of East London On Wednesday 29th February 2012, 21 Year 8 pupils went to the University of East London to see what student life was all about. We left school about 8am and an hour later we were at the Docklands Campus where we were welcomed by Saheel, a student ambassador, who was with us all day. We had already been to the university once last term, where we had a tour of the university and student accommodation. The tour was very interesting as we compared school with university. We realised how different they were. Many of us had thought how expensive it would be but once we heard how we could pay for it, we realised that it was more affordable than people think. Saheel told us all about student life and what it had been like when she joined. The university was huge! It had lots of shops and cafes and was like a little village. They have everything that you need and apart from seeing your family you wouldn’t have to leave. There are thousands of courses and you get to choose the one you want to do. However, you have to be very disciplined as you have to get to your lectures or you will be asked to leave – and you don’t have your mum and dad to wake you up! This time we returned excited as we were told what we would be doing. We had a task that was great! We had to go around the university taking photos about student life. One of the lecturers (they are not called teachers at university) called Ralph showed us how to use the cameras and after about 5 minutes testing we went outside and took pictures. They had to show student life but we also had to think creatively, finding ways to represent some of the ideas linked to university: friendship, independence, responsibility, learning and freedom. We had to do this through the theme of Shape and Colour. We will be going again next term where we will add music to our photographs and show these to our parents if they are able to come. We are all looking forward to the next trip as we enjoyed the two before. Lauren Earle, Jennie Osborne, Ed Barnes and Jessica Watkins

On the 30th June Hall Mead will be holding a Garden Party to celebrate London 2012. We will be incorporating a reunion for all staff and pupils who attended Hall Mead since 1960. The day will consist of activities for all age groups with an Olympic theme, including bouncy tug of war, and gladiator battle. A BBQ and beer tent will provide refreshments and we will have an indoor market with stalls selling their wares. During the day will we have sports events for all ages including egg and spoon, three legged races and other fun activities. In the Sports hall there will be a time line so ex staff and pupils can meet up and reminisce their time at Hall Mead. So put a note in your diary for the 30th June 2012. 5

World Book Day There was a Library Competition on World Book Day (Thursday 1st March) for an Olympic based Poetry competition. The poems were handed in by the last day before Easter and pupils could enter as many times as they liked and then photocopied their poems and submitted the original to the Library, so that the winners and runners up could be displayed.

The winner received a funny poem book and a £10.00 Amazon gift voucher. Plus two runners up received Chocolates. Miss Noller and Mrs Adams (Librarians) Congratulations to Freddie McKee who won the Library Short Story Competition. He won a £20.00 Amazon voucher. Congratulations also to Ben Ward and Sam Crow who were both runners up and won a book each. The competition was very close and there were some great stories. Well done to all those who entered. Mrs Adams and Miss Noller (Librarians)

Wednesday 7th March 2012 was World Maths Day! Pupils were able to login at and compete in the world maths day challenges against other students around the world in live games of mental arithmetic. Just over 270 Year 7 and 8 pupils participated in the online competition at home and during lessons. Over 74,000 Questions were answered correctly during the 48 hour period. The highest point score in any one game was 59 points by Keenan Ngo 8WMC. That is nearly one correct answer every second! The most improved player over the 48 hour period was Megan Williams 7DF! Harry Davis of 8CH was this year's Hall Mead School winner with a total point score of 1820 across 50 games. Harry took home the 1st place prize of a “Tablet PC”. Thank you to everyone who participated and made this year’s World Maths Day at Hall Mead such a success!


JESSICA HERRING’S ONGOING CHARITY WORK GETS THE JACK PETCHEY AWARD Christmas Angel badges to family, friends, students, staff in fact anyone who was willing to part with their money! Finally Jess was triumphant in organizing a brilliant, fun packed evening of entertainment which showcased Hall Mead’s talented students. Joining her proud parents in the audience were some of the dedicated nurses from the children’s oncology ward at Queens Hospital. It was a wonderful evening. Jess was supported by several students who all gave tirelessly of their time and energy and they have plans to repeat the Talent Show event in Autumn of 2012.

We are pleased to report the continuing efforts that Jessica and her team have made in raising funds to donate to the Oncology Ward and Romford’s Queens Hospital. This resulted in Jess presenting the hospital with a cheque for a grand total of £1,455.72. Jessica’s inspirational efforts to raise money for this very worthy cause was recognised by her peers and staff when she was named as the Jack Petchey winner for January 2012. Jess and her friends raised a total of £1623 through fundraising events that included bag packing at Waitrose in Upminster and selling

JACK PETCHEY AWARD WINNERS SEPTEMBER ~ Jack McCree ~ Assisted another pupil on Geography trip OCTOBER ~ Sam Deacon ~ Fundraising for ‘Movember’ charity NOVEMBER ~ Matthew Bekkers ~ Contribution in class to “Rally the Troops” with his positive attitude. JANUARY ~ Jessica Herring ~ Fundraising for Children with Cancer

INCREASED CYCLE PARKING At the beginning of the year we were successful in obtaining funding from Transport for London to increase our cycle parking facility to 40 places. Without cost to the Academy, we have had a further bike shelter and base fitted to encourage pupils to cycle to school and have a secure dry area to leave their bikes during the day.


FRESHER Earlier this term, the Hall Mead Student Voice team put together the annual Freshers’ Fayre which showcases all the different volunteering groups within the Academy as well as those we are involved with in the wider community.


RS’ FAYRE The event was a huge success with many new members signing up to join the different groups. The local Community Support Officers really enjoyed their time with the pupils and actually used the event for publicity in The Romford Recorder.


HAVERING SPORTS COUNCIL AWARDS On Monday 6th February the Havering Sports Council held their annual awards evening at the Upminster Golf Club. Every year the Sports Council celebrate our successes in the Borough, not only at school level, but in various achievements across Havering for the young and those individuals and teams involved in sport on behalf of Havering. This year Alex has achieved an impressive CV regarding his Athletics, and Amy continues to push on in her 'bid' to represent Great Britain in the forthcoming Paralympics. The speeches made by the Sports Council highlighted both Alex and Amy's achievements and then they both appeared in the photo shoot for the Romford Recorder. Both individuals continue to high profile Hall Mead School within the Borough, of which we are very proud.

Amy Marren

Congratulations to both Alex and Amy for receiving the recognition in their sports. Junior Boy ~ Alex Law Havering Competitior of the year 2012 Junior Girl ~ Amy Marren Havering Competitor of the year 2012

Alex Law

Amy selected for Sainsbury’s 2012 School Games We are delighted to report that Amy Marren has been chosen to take part in these Games which are to be held in May at the Olympic Park Aquatics Centre in Stratford. It is a great opportunity for Amy to have the chance to swim in such a venue and have an insight into competing at the highest level.

Alex Law wins South of England Gold Having competed in December in his International debut at Kelvin Hall, Glasgow Alex made a great start with a new 60M hurdles PB of 8.96 seconds winning his heat and putting him 2nd place overall. Next came his strongest event, the long jump which he won with a jump of 6.39M which put him in the lead on points. A 200M time of 24.29 seconds and shot put of 10.68M kept Alex in the lead until the final event, the 800M (not his favourite event.) Alex gave it his all and ran 2.22.84 seconds which put him down to second position. Alex was delighted with his Individual Silver medal and he also got a team gold, as England has 1st, 2nd and 3rd place on the podium in this match against Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Alex Law stepped effortlessly into the U17 ranks when he won the South of England Indoor Pentathlon by almost two hundred points at Lee Valley in January. The Alex comfortably won the opening event the 60m hurdles in a new career best and was never challenged as he long jumped a massive 6.49m, just 3cm shy of his outdoor best to open up a 200 point margin. His 9.55m shot effort, his first with the new weight, narrowed his lead, but 2nd place in the high jump with a career equalling 1.78m clearance gave him a 286 point cushion as he lined up for the 1000m. A 3m 04.46s run was enough to give him a final points tally of 3217.


SPORTS NEWS Havering Schools Badminton We continue our season with much success and some disappointments. Our Year 7 girls made a valiant attempt in the Havering finals, losing to a strong Coopers’ Coborn and then sadly to Abbs Cross but in a much closer game. Well done to the girls for gaining third place in Havering. The team included GEMMA STUBBLES, EDIN RUNECKLES, CHARLOTTE REIDIE AND ALICE MILLS.

Year 8 Team ~ March 6th Our team has worked so hard during the season and have improved 100 fold. The plate finals were against Emerson Park and Bower Park. A convincing 5-0 win over the former and a closely fought but 0-5 loss to the latter resulted in the Year 8 team achieving a much improved and well deserved fifth place in Havering. The team included LAUREN EARLE, ALEV OMER (Capt), FAITH COLE, KATIE SCANDRETT, LAUREN PAYNE.

Year 9 Team ~ to be played after printing date ~ results in next issue Year 10 Team ~ Our girls played in the plate competition for 4-6th. Gaynes were strong and very determined, taking the match 4-1 but the Hall Mead squad tried hard and played some excellent shots making Gaynes win every point. The squad included ELENI TSAPPIS, CHARLOTTE WALLIS, BETHAN PUGH, EMILY SEXTON and SAMANTHA WALLIS

Year 11 Team ~ to be played after printing date ~ results in next edition And finally .....

U16 Team Another excellent year for the team, winning two borough championships, beating Coopers’ Coborn 5-0 in the finals, and then winning their was easily through to the East London finals where sadly they lost 2-3 in a close match against Woodford County High School. Congratulations to all the girls especially Katie Nicholls (Capt) and Paige Beaumont (V. Capt), but last year’s success of reaching the National Finals was always going to be a hard act to follow, we are all disappointed but heads can be held high as Hall Mead was the first team ever to get to the National Finals from Havering. This year’s squad included KATIE NICHOLLS, PAIGE BEAUMONT, ELENI TSAPPIS, CHARLOTTE WALLIS, EMILY SEXTON, Res. SAMANTHA WALLIS Congratulations to all our badminton players ! Miss Gidley


SPORTS NEWS Hockey Triumphs !! U14 Girls Indoor Hockey (Havering) Hall Mead put up a high performance in the U14 Indoor Hockey Championships on 6th January. We won all our matches in the preliminary rounds and scored 12 goals and conceded NIL !!! Our attaching play at times was awesome and in defence, no other team got past our ‘sweepers’ (our Goal Keepers)! We played Sacred Heart in the semi-final and scored very early to take a 1-0 lead in the match. Unfortunately our opposition were determined not to go without a fight, and managed to put a shot past our goalie with only seconds left in the game. As a result was required for the final, the match had to be decided on ‘penalty flicks’. Alice Martin, Heidie Surman-Wells and Lauren Earle were our penalty takers and were successful and connected their flicks. Our Goal Keeper also played a vital role in getting Hall Mead to the final and SAVED two penalty shots from Sacred Heart. Hall Mead got through to the final. Here we faced a talented Coopers’ team. It was a big challenge, and we lost 3-0. However, we ended up as Havering borough Runners Up. We are proud of that!

Team GK Yasmin Kharaishi, Louise Lear, Heidi Surman-Wells, Alice Martin, Lauren Early (Captain), Lucy Critchell, Izzy Davy Miss Tucker

U16 Girls Triumphant at Last! After five years of trying, the U16 girls finally succeeded in winning the Havering Indoor Hockey Rally. During the first game Rebecca was injured in goal and had to be replaced leaving us without our recognised defender Caitlyn. We still managed to win the game against Drapers 2-0. We went on to beat Brittons winning 1-0 and drew with Sacred Heart 1-1. However as we had a better goal difference we were successful in lifting the cup!! Well done to all those who played, Rebecca Hemmings, Hollie Dawkins (Capt), Jodie Briton, Caitlyn Cuthbert, Eleni Tsappis, Emily Sexton and Ellie Davies. I would like to thank Jodie Briton, team manager to the Year 11 Hockey Team. She has reminded me and the players of matches and put team lists up throughout the five years. She is an unsung hero of the squad. Thank you Jodie. Mrs Morgan


SPORTS NEWS George Brown George joined Tottenham Academy from Millwall in 2008. He has represented Spurs in Poland, Latvia, Spain and Italy, playing in tournaments against academy teams from Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Barcelona. He is pictured here playing in Italy against Ajax in a game in which he scored two goals in front of the watching Ruud Gullit and Rafael van der Vaart. George was awarded a long term contract with Tottenham in May 2010 and attends the Academy five times a week. George said “I train hard and I am enjoying my time at the Academy”.

George Brown

Year 8 Rugby ~ Unbeaten Congratulations to the Year 8 Rugby squad who go forward to the North London Regional finals of the Emerging Schools rugby tournament at Bishop Stortford School on 23rd March. The boys won the first round at Eton Manor Rugby Club after defeating Sanders Draper, Seven Kings Royal Liberty and drawing with Emerson Park. The quality of the rugby was fantastic to watch and the attitude and determination of the squad was outstanding. Having won the group, the boys then played in the Essex Regional final at Southend Rugby Club on 7th March. In very difficult conditions the players produced some exciting rugby and maintained their unbeaten record throughout the whole tournament; beating Ormiston Rivers, Roding Valley and Royal Docks. In the final match of the afternoon Hall Mead played the St Clere’s who were also unbeaten and shared the game scoring one try each. Hall Mead will face the tournament winners from Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk as they represent Essex in the final round. Mr Morritt is extremely proud of all the boys who have represented the Academy and their achievements so far. Praise should also be given to the Yr 7 rugby squad who narrowly missed out on qualifying for the Essex Regional finals. The squad were also unbeaten in the competition after beating Seven Kings, Royal Liberty, Sanders Drapers and Emerson Park. In their final game they drew with Chingford Foundation who were given the overall title due to the number of tries scored. Better luck next time. Mr Morritt


SPORTS NEWS Omar Dance Club The London Performing Arts came to Hall Mead before half term to run a 'Dance Workshop' for our girls in their PE Curriculum time. 'Omar' our male instructor worked the girls very hard in the sessions. He focused each lesson on 'Street Dance' and it was wonderful to see such a positive response from the girls. After each sessions we requested that he 'perform' a dance for us ... he was a delight to watch and much admired by the staff and girls. During the course of the day at the school 'Omar' also ran a lunchtime Dance Club and 30 Girls joined in and had a good time. The whole day was a very successful venture and we enjoyed having the group at Hall Mead to help promote Dance in school and in the local area. The Performing Arts School have now set up a Dance Club in Havering, at the Cranham Hall. It is called TURBELLES, and offers Hip Hop, Street, Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Tap, all are welcome. Omar will be coming back into the Academy this term to run a 6 week Dance Club at lunchtimes, funded by the school. Miss Tucker has organised various visiting companies to come into the Academy to help raise physical participation especially at lunchtimes. We also have a 'Cheerleading Club' staring out at Hall Mead very soon!!

Indoor Rowing The Hall Mead team competed in the Havering School Indoor Rowing Championships on Wednesday 18th January. We had an enjoyable afternoon but the competition was fierce!! We congratulate all our rowers – they competed to the full. Fantastic effort from everyone. We took two teams, 5 boys and 5 girls Year 11 rowed for 6 minutes, Year 10 rowed for 5 minutes, Year 9 rowed for 4 minutes, Year 8 rowed for 3 minutes and Year 7 rowed for 2 minutes

TEAM RESULTS Boys Yr 7 Yr 8 Yr 9 Yr 10 Yr 11

Frazier Huckstepp Louis Pickering Zak Mezoori Andrew Tuohy Joshua Welsh

Girls Yr 7 Yr 8 Yr 9 Yr 10 Yr 11

7th 5th 10th 16th 4th


Rebecca Fish Leonie Armand Chloe Matthews Ella Wazny Rebecca Price

6th 15th 6th 16th 5th

SPORTS NEWS Ski Trip to Austria the mountain to ski and it was a mind blowing experience. You could see for miles across the valley. This beauty surpassed everything that I have seen and I will always remember the view 2340metres up the mountain where you could see the entire area around you. It's a once in a life time view. Throughout the holiday no one got seriously injured which is always a good thing and everyone enjoyed every day with something special like the quirky quotes of Edward McCready or the magic moment of Mr Hughes launching Mr Morgan off his bed. We will all remember this holiday as it will be one of the things we will look back on when we think of our last year at Hall Mead. It has shown us that our teachers aren't just people preparing us for our future, but they are also our friends. I would finally like to say thank you to Mr Morgan for making this wonderful trip possible. Cameron Gilmore

On the 10th of February, 2012, 48 Year Elevens went to the beautiful country of Austria. It all started with a twenty-two hour coach journey to Axamer Lizum where we would sleep and eat for the next six days. When we got there, my first thought was 'wow!’ It was absolutely amazing and you could see from everyone's faces that we all knew it would be a great holiday. The weather throughout the week was excellent for skiing and the entertainment was a great disco four of the five nights we stayed there. The teachers showed off their great dance move and showed us that they were still young at heart. We had five of the best ski instructors you could get, who had a group consisting of around ten people where everyone was at the same level as each other. The groups grew closer together where new friendships were made; we supported each other and helped if anyone was in trouble. On the last two days, we all had been on


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