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IN TOUCH Davenant Foundation School Spring 2011 • Issue 14 County Boccia - Braintree College - 20th January 2011 On 20th January 2011 five students from Davenant School represented the West Essex School Sports Partnership in a Boccia County Final at Braintree College. We were all very excited as this was the first time that we had represented the partnership in a major event. There were lots of other partnerships from all over Essex that took part and Davenant was drawn in group A. It worked like a round robin so everyone played each other, and then fourth and third would play each other, and first and second would play each other, and the winners would go through to the regional finals on February 15th. Boccia is like bowls, the way it works is there are two teams, red and blue, and there is a white ball, called a jack, and the aim is to get your ball as close

to the jack as possible, and the team that is closest to the jack wins. The day was all about carrying the flame for London 2012, and we had the opportunity to meet Dan Bentley, the British Olympic Gold Boccia medallist in Beijing 2008. We also got to hold Dan’s gold medal and it was very heavy. We got off to a strong start, winning the first two games. But we were given a scare in the third game as we went into sudden death at 3 games each. But we came through just. From there on, we won all of our games, which put us top of the group. Going into the play off to decide who came first, we knew that we were so close to the regional finals and we came through, winning 6-1. We were the champions going through to the regional finals to represent Essex. We won a silver plate, gold medals, T-shirts and certificates. We know that it is going to be tough at the regionals, but if we win, then we go on to the national final.

On 20th January a group of students from our school attended the County Boccia Finals Day. We met the Gold Boccia Medallist in 2008; Dave Bentley, it was amazing to meet him. After that we played our first game and we played really well. In one of our games it went to sudden death but we showed great skill and belief and became County Champions as we won. We now go through to the Regional Finals. I would like to thanks everyone who made this day possible. By Jack Poulton

Thank you to all the sports leaders who helped, Boccia England for organising the event, the Lord Taverners for supporting the day, Dan Bentley for his fantastic support for all the teams and Mrs Hayes and Mrs Hasell for their support and for taking us to the event. By Matthew Robinson-Jayes

On 20th January 2011 a team of five students from Davenant Foundation School took part in a County Boccia Final at Braintree College. There were eight teams on the day and after great team work and skill the Davenant team came away County Winners. Following on from the County final the team went through to the east Region Final where once again they came away East Region Winners! Representatives from Boccia England and The Lady Taverners were there to present awards, with one asking a team player, Matthew Robinson Jayes, ‘Do you think you could do better?’ with Matthew’s response ‘We will have to wait and see.’ The team that consist of Captain Robert Rangel, Vice Captain Victoria Parrish and team mates Jack Poulton, Sophie Lingfield and Matthew Robinson Jayes, along with myself and Mrs Hayes as Team Managers The team will now be representing the East Region at the National Boccia Final on 24th March 2011. Good Luck Candee Hasell We look forward to bringing you the result in the next edition.

In Touch Goes School Wide As a result of government changes to Specialist schools we have decided to make changes to our magazine. From this issue we will be bringing you news from across the whole school, not just specialist subjects. This means we can bring you even more news about what is going on at Davenant, celebrate our achievements and share with you our successes. In touch will continue to be produced three times per year. If you want to make a contribution to the magazine please contact Paula Shafier on 020 8498 6711.

Business Enterprise Day On the 17th November at Davenant Foudation School six teams represented their houses in the Business Enterprise Day. Each team consisted of two pupils from year seven, two from year nine and two from year twelve. These teams would compete against each other to win and become Business Enterprise Champions. The Enterprise lasted the whole day, however the teams were only given one specific task, which was to plan a charity event for a festive holiday. They had to include specific points to ensure that their idea would be interesting and this would offer them a higher chance of winning. The main points that had to be included were Marketing and Finance. Once they had completed all of this work, the more difficult part had arrived, now they had to pitch their idea to a panel of five judges. Two of the judges were year 12 students, who were Business Ambassadors, another two were a Business man and woman, who had plenty of experience to judge these new ideas and finally the Head Teacher of Davenant Foundation School Mr Seward. I managed to question some of the contestants when they had a quiet moment, they were having a great time and were trying as hard as they could to succed and win. The part of the Enterprise Day that the contestants felt was the most challenging was actually pitching their idea to the judges, they felt that this was scary because they had to try and remember the whole of the pitch and try to not get flustered. I was allowed to sit with the judges, whilst each team pitched their idea and if I was one of the judges I would have found this very hard to choose a winner. All the contestants showed great understanding of their task and they all participated and tried their very best to achieve the greatest possible result. Each team had great ideas on all the different types of festive holidays, there was a wide and varied range including: Valentines Day, Easter and Halloween. Each team used different ways to make the judges become more interested and entertained in their idea. There was a wide variety of pitches some included using humour, colourful and interesting powerpoint. I enjoyed John singing and playing the guitar, this group were trying to show how different types of advertising could be used to promote their festive, this was very entertaining. I feel that each team tried their very best and they showed great understanding of their task. Unfortunatly, only one team can win and the winning team was Debden house, they were seen as the best group, with a very good pitch and had the best idea. I would like to say well done to everyone who participated and this was a very successful enjoyable day. Written By Nathan Winslow

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Mixing Work and Learning after Sixth Form Want to know what options are available after A Levels? Here is one example of two former Davenant students who have both decided to complete day release courses at university, where they attend university one day a week and spend the other four working for a company of their choice. Both have differing reasons for choosing these courses, some of which were the current economic disorder which is affecting everyone and the desire to get to work as soon as possible, but gain a qualification at the same time.

We then went on to interview Matthew Bicknell, also a former Davenant student; he too decided to complete a day release course at university. Matthew is now working as a trainee quantity surveyor for Hill Partnerships Ltd. whilst studying construction management BSc (Hons), which is a 5 year part time course. Unlike Alistair, Matthew had always said that he never wanted to go to university and therefore wanted to start work as soon as possible. However he knew that gaining a qualification was also important; as a result he looked into finding a job which offered day release to attend university. For Matthew the benefits of this choice are, earning a wage, having five years work experience once he has finished his degree and the things he learns at university he can them see put into practise at work.

Firstly we interviewed Alistair Fuller, who currently works for Stace LLP as a trainee Quantity Surveyor, whilst completing a course in Quantity Surveying at Anglia Ruskin University. After Sixth Form at Davenant Alistair felt that he ‘did not like the prospect of potentially having £30,000 debt with no job certainty given the current economic turmoil.’ So he decided to take up an offer from the company where he had completed a work experience placement . They offered Alistair the chance to complete a traineeship where they would pay him to work within their company and also pay for his degree. Alistair himself believes that there have been a number of benefits to working in conjunction with Stace LLP whilst doing a degree, in that he has gained a large volume of knowledge from professional sources available in the company, which also help with his university degree. In addition Stace LLP pay for his degree and pay him for working so he has no debt, in Alistair’s opinion ‘ this means if I decided to change career paths I haven’t wasted my money because I didn’t pay for my degree’.

Finally we asked both of them what advice they would give to people who are currently studying A Levels. Both advised candidates to do whatever feels right after completing A Levels,‘whether it’s back packing across China, going to university full time or part time, joining the armed services, or getting a job do what you want to do’. All in all these two boys have shown that there are other options available after A Levels; so research them and find out what is the best choice for you. Emma Parker & Eleanor Bedwell (Yr 12 Davenant Foundation School)

Mrs Ball Interview

recommending subjects to students with an artistic flare, she didn’t even hesitate.‘Advertising and working for magazines.’ It was the same when we asked about maths.‘Finance and working in banks.’ Mrs Ball is the one who will give you the best advice she can. When we asked her what advice she’d give for people looking for work experience, she replied with, ‘plan early, use any contacts the person might have, make sure they like the job description before they apply and, make sure you can get there easily.’There are many positive things students can get out of work experience. Mrs Ball describes these as being,‘working in a different environment, insight to working world, seeing what job opportunities there are and learning to get to different places.’

By Katy Race & Chloe Miller When it comes to work experience, Mrs Ball is your woman. As the Head of Student Services at Davenant it’s her job to teach all years from Year 7’s to Year 13’s about the massive number of career opportunities and pathways. As well as that, she organises work experience, co-ordinates UCAS, does the career invention and interviews, financial capability and not to mention in her ‘spare time’ she teaches RE & PC. There’s no doubt that she’ll have the answers for any concerned students. When we threw questions at her, such as,

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Work Experience Abroad 6. What do you do in your free time?

An interview with former Davenant student Rachel Lee, 21, who is currently in her third year of her French degree at Keble College Oxford.

I only work 12 hours per week so I have lots of free time. During the week I read French literature which is in preparation for when I return to university next year, I meet up with the other assistants in my town and we have dinner parties, and I do different sports, such as badminton and aerobics. At the weekend I tend to travel around my region or explore Paris and every two weeks I have Friday off so I can travel a bit further afield, or visit more than one place. During the school holidays in October I went back to Cerizay (which I first visited with Davenant as part of the French Exchange and which I have visited several times since) and stayed with a family I stayed with 3 years ago.

1. Where is your work experience based? My work experience is based in a small French town called Dreux which is an hour west of Paris.

2. How did you come about getting the work placement? Was it difficult? I applied through the English Language Assistants Abroad program run by the British Council, which selects 2000 people every year to work as assistants in 15 countries around the world. I had to fill in an application form and my university tutor had to supply a reference. The British Council interview a selection of candidates at random but I didn’t have an interview.

7. How has it improved your French linguistic skills? I speak French with everybody apart from the students in my English classes, even with the English teachers. Everything around me is in French; TV, radio, road signs. Without exerting much effort at all I find I can understand almost everything I hear and can respond without difficulty.

3. What type of work is involved? I work in a ‘lycée’ which is a type of school for 15-18 year olds. My job is to ‘assist’ the English teachers; normally this means taking small groups of students on my own and conversing with them in English, correcting their pronunciation and grammar. Sometimes it means working with the whole class in partnership with the teacher, and sometimes it means recording something that they wish to use for listening exercises.

8. How has it helped your work ethics? I have to be on time for my lessons and I have to be prepared - otherwise I’d end up with a class full of teenagers and I’d have to find a way to entertain them for an hour!

4. What is the accommodation like?

9. What are the people like?

I live in a flat in the school’s ‘internat’ which is a kind of boarding house. Other students also board here during the week if they live very far away. I live with the German and Spanish assistants who also work at my school. We each have our own bedroom with a shower and we share a kitchen and a living room.

The teachers I work with are all very nice. The students are nice too but can be quite challenging, especially at the end of the day when they are tired and just want to go home!

10. Do you know of any other students abroad for work experience where your placement is based?

5. What’s the cost/ how are you affording it?

Yes, in my small town alone there are 7 other assistants for English, Spanish and German. I also know many other assistants of varying nationalities in the surrounding towns and I have friends from university who are working in France, although not in my town.

The rent is very cheap which means there is more money in the travelling pot! I receive a small salary which is paid by the French government (I also pay tax) and because I am part of a British Council program, I am also entitled to receive the Erasmus grant (about 220 Euros per month), which is normally only paid to students who study abroad and not to those who work.

Lucy Lee 12V

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Health Day Year 11 Focus Day 17th March In the morning all the students enjoyed workshops by Steve from DrugsLine on the effects, risks and consequences of taking illegal drugs. This was followed by a hard hitting Powerpoint presentation on the negative effects of binge drinking on health, achievement and relationships. There were some shocking examples of the dangers of excessive drinking which included video clips of motorway pile ups, serious accidents and criminal convictions. The speakers from Alcohelp used to be alcoholics and choose to deliver these talks to young people to warn them of the dangers of alcohol. In the afternoon there was a choice of nine different workshops all related to health issues. Students had to choose two different workshops from the following: Finally the Youth Health Trainers bravely led a Drugs workshop in front of their peers, with support from EYPDAS. This group of students all passed the Level 1 Health Award last year. It was an amazing achievement by these students who proved themselves to be confident and knowledgeable.


Feedback from students was very positive. The workshops gave them much food for thought.

My thanks go to all the speakers including parents who gave up their time for the benefit of the students and the school. I am also grateful for the support from Mrs Ball from the PC Department and Mrs Young, Head of Year 11. The Design and Technology staff who supervised students throughout the day were most helpful. MRS M LAMB (Head of PSHE, Child Development and Healthy Schools)

YEAR 11 BTEC Skills for Working Life (Hospitality & Catering) As part of the Hospitality and Catering course, we covered food preparation and cooking skills. For our final unit, we had to plan, cook and serve a two course meal for Mr Ede and Mr Parker - it was spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread. We also learnt about health and safety within the kitchen, for example, if there is a spillage it must be mopped up straight away. We also covered interview skills. For this we learnt how to write letters of application, prepare a C.V., correct dress code and how to behave in an interview. We have all enjoyed this course and were really pleased to receive our Certificates from Mr Seward. Lucy Burgess, Josh Eastland, Emily Skeggs, Peter Willoughby These four students have worked very hard on their two year BTEC course - they all now have skills that will help them in everyday life and in the work place - well done to them all for this achievement. Mrs Katsikas


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Life Skills Programme In a newspaper interview in The Guardian last October, former Saracens Director of Rugby and new Technical Director Brendan Venter said,‘I coach to have a positive impact on people’. In this article, he set out how Saracens have developed a strategy to transform themselves from an underperforming club into an English and European powerhouse. Venter has been described as an evangelical and radical coach who is quoted as saying,‘Rugby is just a tool to make friendships and to improve the character of players - if you understand that you will play with real commitment and pride.’ Following this article the Headteacher contacted Saracens and we were invited to participate in the club’s ‘Life Skills Programme’. Saracens believe that sport is a privileged vehicle for developing ‘well-rounded’ young people and they are fortunate to have an abundance of high quality people within their senior squad and management team. However, society in general and the sporting arena specifically, can drive an increasingly money-driven ‘win at all costs’ mentality with a narcissistic (‘’me, me, me’’) culture. It would appear that outside our environment, respect for sport and life’s core values are sometimes being compromised, and arguably old-fashioned morals being eroded and seen as outdated as a ‘self’-glory culture deepens. There is a danger that lower standards of behaviour on and off the field might also become the norm in professional sport, and in many instances these standards may be tolerated by some people in sport because “it’s the way they perform that matters” or ‘’it’s just the way it is”. This presented a wonderful opportunity for Saracens to do things differently. On Wednesday 2nd March 2011, we welcomed all of the Saracens Academy players to the school to deliver two workshops. The first was delivered to the students identified as Gifted and Talented in sport, members of the Leadership Academy and the London 2012 Young Ambassadors. The second session was open to all members of the school community that participate in extra-curricular sporting activities.

George Kruis and Year 11 students

The sessions began with players discussing key core values and qualities that are important to them as members of Saracens i.e. honesty, work rate, discipline and humility. Following this, small groups of students got to spend time with the players looking in more detail at the core values and qualities as well as time for general questions on all aspects of their lives as professional sportsmen. This was a great opportunity for some of our students to spend time with some of the stars of the future, and we are grateful to Saracens for allowing the Academy Players to visit us and share their experiences.

Intermediate Maths Challenge February 2011 Flower Elegance FLORAL DESIGNERS

flowers local and worldwide Telephone

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In February, 100 students from Davenant took part in the Intermediate Maths Challenge. This is a national competition which involves answering 25 demanding questions in one hour, under exam conditions. In the whole of the UK, around 500 of the highest scorers from each school year are invited to take part in the follow-on Mathematical Olympiad papers.

Owen Farrell, Jared Saunders & Henry Staff with the Gifted & Talented Group

We are pleased to say that Martin Williams from Year 10 achieved such a high score that he has been invited to sit the 2-hour follow-on paper. In addition, Joshua Dronsfield in 11E also attained a very high score in the Intermediate Challenge. He will sit a one hour follow on paper later this month. Good luck and well done.




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The Spanish Exchange Just over a week ago a small group of Year 9 students and an even smaller group of Year 10 students left the Davenant Foundation School to go Spain. When we left school we were all a little nervous about meeting our partners but we were so excited I think we didn’t even notice. When we got off the plane it was getting late and by the time we left the airport the sun had left the sky and night was upon us. It was a short 20 minute drive from the airport to outside of the exchange school. We arrived at Juan de Valdés with anticipation ready to meet our families and introduce ourselves. My family were the first to collect me and take me home. Sitting in the car I wondered what they were like but immediately I saw that they were as nervous as I was. Once the formalities were passed, the Father, Italo, was very kind and polite. Then the mother asked me how the journey was. Once we went home it was late, so I had a quick dinner and went to bed. The next day I woke up ready to start, we left the house at 8:30 which was new for someone who gets up at six to get ready. As I walked to the school with my partner I wondered what the school was going to be like. We were first greeted then given a tour of all the classes ranging from the Spanish equivalent of sixth form down to the nursery. From there it was lunch and a few more walks then we left for home. Throughout the week we spent time in the city centre of Madrid, The Bernabeu, The Central Park and we even have some time for shopping. Once we went to the shopping mall which was huge and full of shops however we spent most of our time in there in the games and arcade area. We played bowling for the rest of the night and then went home. On the last day of the exchange two of the girls threw parties one more “exciting” then the other. Then it was time to pack and say good bye. Really it is hard to sum up such a great week in one article so you understand that I have shortened the whole trip, but if you ask any one of us who went, they will say that is was a week to remember. Dominic Jomaa (10V)



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India Trip - Dehli 2011 International Inspiration During February half term 29 students and 8 staff from 3 different schools took part in a trip to Delhi. Through our Sports College status we have been fortunate to access funding for our school, St Johns and West Hatch to establish school links in India. The trip was the culmination of two years of planning between the schools following the initial visits to set up the link by headteachers 3 years ago. Since then the KVJNU staff and students visited Davenant during School Sports Week in 2009. We have been in regular contact through e mail; sharing resources and ideas about

Team from Magic Bus developing Sports Leadership programmes and attempting to develop cross curricular projects. The trip was a culmination of the work done across the schools and a unique opportunity to experience Indian culture. Whilst visiting the schools we took part in Indian Games and had a chance to find out the similarities and differences in school life. On Saturday the PE staff from all three schools delivered sports leadership training to our all of the students on the trip and a selection of sports leaders from the three Indian schools. This resulted in the students running a sports event later in the week for over 180 children. Supporting the event was the charity

Playing Indian Games

Spending today teaching the young Indian children sport was an experience I can’t even begin to put into words. To see their beaming faces and hearing the giggles of enjoyment is something I will never forget. Coming to India has been the most unbelievably incredible experience of my life. Seeing the slums and the culture first hand is breathtaking. It was an honour to be here and take part - Inspirational Scarlett Stock - St Johns Epping I feel privileged and honoured to be able to spend time and help organise the sporting event for the Indian children. It has been an amazing opportunity for me to participate in sport and share my love for sport and meet the children. Today has made me realise how much we take for granted in the UK. By seeing the smiles on the children’s faces when playing simple team games was absolutely brilliant. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Jenna Wilkins - West Hatch Doing this community event for the children has given me a huge amount of pride. It has shown me that just because two people don’t speak the same language, it doesn’t mean they can’t communicate. Today has shown me how to use sport to interact with people from other cultures. It has helped me to develop my leadership skills and confidence. Today has been amazing and it is hard to put into words what exactly I have got out of this experience and just how much I have enjoyed it. I feel privileged to have been a part of this. Annabel Murrell - Davenant Foundation School


India Trip - Dehli 2011 Magic Bus who train sports leaders to work with under privileged children in India. They came to help out bringing extra children with them; the more the merrier! Aimee Shulton (Davenant yr10) and Jenna Wilkins (West Hatch) did a fantastic job as event co-ordinators. Seeing Mr Liebeschuetz teach a chemistry lesson, speaking to the Indian students about the positive benefits of taking part in Sports Leadership and watching all of our students work together to run a sports event were just some of the highlights of my week. As always it was a real pleasure to meet up with our friends and colleagues in India, Dr Manju Rani Singh and Mrs Archana Shankar. We thank all of the staff at KVJNU for their continued support, warm welcome and generous hospitality. The next step in our link is to invite our Indian colleagues and students to be part of events leading up to the 2012 Games in London. We will also be promoting support for the Indian Olympic and Paralympic teams across the school during the Games. Jo Daniels Director of Specialism

Sports Leaders working with the Indian Children


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India Trip - Dehli 2011 . . . And The Nostalgia Paid a Visit It was a warm Thursday morning.. I had got up late, and was enjoying my bed tea when my phone rang. It was my friend and Dreams & Teams Young leader Akanksha.. She informed me that some students and teachers from London were coming to Delhi, and invited me to join them, obviously, I jumped up to the opportunity..And punched my fist - YES!!!!!! And then my mental time machine took me two years back, and remembering the fun I had being a part of D+T, the London trip and the hospitality & love with which I was received there, I instantly knew I was going to love the next few days. After meeting the whole group, I was quite happy and the next few days convinced me that my intuition was not wrong. I absolutely loved those moments. They did rewind my life and made me relive the lovely moments of my London trip again - with some added spice!

Our visitors reunited with their host families

After the basic introduction and group interaction, we showed them around the school, and they also attended a few classes. Everything in the school premises had suddenly come to life. Being a person who loves increasing the number of contacts in her contact book, I was overjoyed seeing the new people around me. The next day was even more exiting as more people joined in and we had various activities on the schedule too. That day was full of learning. Through various activities we learnt the importance of communication, that we can surpass the language and cultural barrier using the international language of sports.

Group outside Commonwealth Stadium

The same day, the group left for Agra to join the world of those who have seen the magnificent Tajmahal!! After the group came back from Agra, we had a busy day planning out the event (a sports festival for young kids), I was very much impressed by the creativity, event management and leadership ability of the entire group, and later, we had a lovely evening with lots of sightseeing and shopping.(I loved the latter part better!!!). It was very pleasant to see the fun loving side of the group... (It was the thing which got us very much close to each other, I suppose!) The event was a huge success, (I don’t have a certificate to prove it, but I know it because all the kids were really happy!! & I guess that’s all that mattered!)

Davenant Students with the Dreams & Teams Leaders

And it would not have been possible without the support of Miss Daniels, her colleagues and the students.. After all handling 200 extremely naughty and overly energetic kids is not a child’s play!! By the time we had to bid good bye, I was richer by a handful (a bus full actually!) of good friends, (sorry, can’t list the names as it will make the article too long) And learned a great deal from them about England and its culture.(Hope, I will score a lot better in general knowledge tests going forward!).. In the end, a message for all of them Having you guys here was a great experience, you have carved a special corner for yourselves in my heart! Hope you visit again!! I will always be more than happy to welcome you. And girls...on your next visit, we will shop till we drop!!! Good luck & loads of love!!! Maitreyee Shukla

The whole group outside the Taj Mahal

Act, Sing and Dance at Stagecoach Spend a week long with us producing a musical with a final performance in a theatre Enrol them at Stagecoach Chigwell where they learn to act, sing and dance. The skills they learn aren’t just for the stage. Our students grow in confidence and self-esteem ... Skills for life! There’s no audition – all they need is enthusiasm.

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Bikeability Summer Term 2011 Bikeability is the contemporary Cycling Proficiency Award for the 21st Century. Each course is designed for a maximum of 12 students and runs over two days. Each school should supply a teaching assistant with a bike on both days. All students must bring a bike which is in working order, helmet and wet weather clothes. If you would like your school to receive Bikability training FREE of charge, please contact David Harries - Coach Manager on 0208 4986716, or e-mail Schools who have already booked a course should liaise with Paula Shafier, confirming dates and logistics - 0208 4980404 or e-mail

Get Set Competitions There are two London 2012 related competitions under way that students can enter: • Essex County Council and London 2012 is running a competition to name some of the amazing features of the Hadleigh Farm Olympic Mountain Bike Venue • London 2012 are also running a competition for students to design an international themed meal that can be served to athletes during the Games If you would like any further information or would like to get involved, please contact Mr John Doherty.

RIBI Youth Speaks 2011 Each year thousands of young people take part in Rotary International public speaking events that culminate in the Regional and RIBI finals to which participants travel from throughout the British Isles to take part. It is a celebration of the achievement of the young people taking part and a wonderful display of their speaking talent. On Thursday 3rd February a group of Year 9 students represented Davenant at the initial competiton held at Trinity Catholic High School. Our team of Olivia Briggs, Angelica Levy-Miller and Paul Dean fought off strong competition from Woodford County High, Chigwell and Oaks Park schools to gain a place in the District Finals, with Angelica and Paul winning awards for best in their categories of ‘Speaker’ and ‘Proposer’. The Regional Finals were held at the City of London School for Boys in London EC4, where Christopher Johnson joined the team as Chairperson. Congratulations to the whole team, but particularly to Paul Dean for again winning his category of ‘Proposer of the Vote of Thanks’, a remarkable achievement! W Gilley, English Department



Year 10/11 Boys Badminton Top Schools Regional Round Team: Thomas Phillips, Tristan Taylor, Sam Murray, Connor Taylor and Matt Beaumont The day started out with us all arriving at the Cambridge Sports Hall, most of us being either really tired or half asleep. Luckily for me, Tristan and Sam we had a while to wake up and get warm as we were waiting for our two other players, Connor and Matt, who were both sitting a Science exam. Between then and the arrival of the two players us three boys gave some support to the Years 7,8 & 9 boys, who at the time were winning.

Next were Connor and I for the doubles again. We were both pumped and set to win, but as the game played on the other team found our weaknesses and played at them. The final result score was 21-20 to the other pair. This meant that Tristan had to win his singles to regain the lead to make it 2-1. When Tristan played this game we all realised that he was playing a good player and we could not tell if he was losing or winning. At one point there was an intense argument about line calling which was really Tristan’s right to call. Unfortunately the official call a ‘let’ to be played but that did not stop him from winning the point and then winning the game.

When the two had arrived Sam went straight on to play their number one singles player, Mark Sadler, who is a Hertfordshire county player. When watching the game we all seemed ot tense as we thought that this would be the hardest team of the day and we needed a good one game lead for a good start; and Sam delivered.

Our second match was even easier than our first. We were all relieved that we had won what we thought was the hardest game but it didn’t stop us from letting other teams getting games from us. We won the match 5-0.

It was now down to Sam and I to play the second doubles. If we won it meant we would win the match. If we lost I would mean that it would go to the decider doubles that Tristan and Connor would need to win. After a hard game Sam and I walked away winning 21-17 and as we did relief swept through our team. Tristan and Connor then played the last game making it 4-1 against that school. We then had two more matches but we won both fairly easily as there were no threats to worry about. The only thing was that the fourth team had a good county player called Thomas Li, but Sam beat him and we won that match 5-0. The last school was again quite easy and we won a laid back 5-0 as well.

Our third match had given us all a surprise as Sam had played a very hard singles which he just about won. What we thought were just a normal team of school level players were actually a team of very decent players.

Our day was over and I personally can say that all of us were a bit exhausted from our hard efforts to reach the upcoming National Final. Thomas Phillips 11E

Next up was Tristan Taylor playing their second singles player which we also won. We had now won 3 out of 5 games which meant that we had beaten that school, and even if the other team had won the last two game we still would of won because that would make it 3-2 to us.

Year 10/11 Girls Badminton Top Schools Regional Round On Friday 4th March Davenant’s year 10/11 Girls Badminton team travelled to Cambridge by school minibus to compete in the regional round of the Center Parcs National Schools Championships. The team consisted of Lorna Turner (captain), Aimee Shulton, Ellie Sumsion and Alice Hayman.

Unfortunately the fourth school we came up against consisted of very strong players and although we won two of our doubles matches, they won the two singles and remaining doubles, resulting in a 3-2 win to them. This was very disappointing and as a team we were upset that we wouldn’t be going through to the Nationals along with the boys to represent Davenant at Center Parcs in April. However, we came away heads held high with silver medals around our necks, in a very respectable second place and enjoyed the day.

We had previously won both the District and County rounds of this competition to qualify for our place in the regionals. We had all put in a lot of hours training at lunchtimes and after school sessions with Nora, which helped us when we competed against the four other schools from the Eastern Region counties. We triumphed over three of them, each with a strong score of 5-0 to Davenant, Lorna and Aimee winning our singles matches and then Alice/Aimee, Ellie/Alice and Lorna/Ellie winning out doubles matches.

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We would like to wish good luck to the Year 7/8/9 and Year 10/11 boys who have qualified through to the Nationals! Lorna Turner 11V

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Year 7/8/9 Boys Badminton Top Schools Regional Round the best anyone had seen them play. Toby and Lewis won three and Oliver and I won all of our singles.

On Friday the 4th March 2011 five boys competed in the Badminton Top Schools Regional Round. We played five matches and won four of them 4-1 and the last one 50. The team included Lewis Hatch, Toby Hawes, Jonte Gould, Oliver Phillips and James Smith.

It was a great day out and we ended up winning overall. We all look forward to playing in the National Finals and playing in Center Parcs.

It started off with Toby and Lewis being a bit nervous but then they pulled themselves together and played

James Smith 9N

C RO S S CO U N T RY Metropolitan Police Ground 11th February 2011 On Friday 11th February almost 500 primary school students braced the wind, rain and mud to take part in the West Essex SSP Cross Country Championships. For the first time the SSP organised this event which incorporated the Epping Forest District School Sports Association Cross Country event. This meant schools from all over the district were able to compete against each other with the winning team and 3 top individuals from each race invited to represent the West Essex SSP at the County Final on Southend on 2nd March. These schools include, Staples Road, Ivy Chimneys and Buckhurst Hill. It was amazing to see so many young people taking part in a local event with a large support from spectators. The Metropolitan Police Ground in Chigwell continued to be a suitable venue for this event and thank you for their support. As well as members of staff from the SSP team, Sports Leaders from Davenant and Epping Forest College ensured the event ran smoothly. Five students from Davenant did a superb job of guiding all competitors around the course by acting as ‘hares’ - a job that many adults were steering clear of! We look forward to organising this event next year using the same format. It would be great to see even more of the SSP take part but 14 schools is an excellent start!

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G Y M NA S T I C S Key Steps Gymnastics Epping Sports Centre was the venue for the West Essex SSP Key Steps Gymnastics Event on 9th February. Children from the Whitebridge Infant, Wells Park and Leverton Schools attended the event and were taught a variety of gymnastics skills. The Year 3/4 pupils were taught how to put together the correct floor exercise, practising each component with the help of the coaches and then presenting back to the other groups. Following this they practised the “Body Management” aspect of Key Steps Gymnastics and finished off with a practise on the Asymmetric Bars. The highlight of the afternoon by far was the group performance delivered by Whitebridge Infants pupils. They were taught a routine in 45mins by Senior Competition Manager Carrie Bywater and then were courageous enough to present back to the watching Yr 3/4 pupils, Teachers and Parents. Whitebridge Infants will be invited to compete in the Essex County Key Steps Final on 10th June in Harlow Dave Roberson Competition Manager

S W I M M I NG Secondary Swimming Gala

For the consecutive year, the girls and boys team prize and the overall trophy were won by Davenant. The runners up in all these categories were Debden Park. Well done to these schools and all the swimmers in this year’s event!

This year the district secondary swimming gala took place at Davenant Foundation School on Tuesday 8th March. It was decided to change the venue for this event and just invite schools from West Essex as we experienced difficulties booking the usual venue, Loughton Leisure Centre.

The event was able to run smoothly with the help of young leaders from Davenant and the support of members of staff from all schools - thank you!!

Schools were potentially going to be charged an increase in price of over 100% which was unaffordable. Despite using a much smaller facility, with the cooperation of students and staff, the event ran smoothly. Almost 100 swimmers took part with representation from Davenant, West Hatch, Debden Park and Roding Valley. There were a total of 24 individual races followed by a medley and freestyle relay at the end of the event. There was a healthy competitive atmosphere with great team spirit exhibited from all participating teams.

It would be great if schools within West Essex and Harlow are able to revert to the traditional format of the district gala if a suitable and affordable venue is secured for next year. Julia Gardiner Partnership Development Manager


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RU G BY R E V I E W On the 2nd March 2011 Davenant Year 8 and Year 7 Girls Rugby Team went to Thurrock Rugby Club. We left at 10am and were greeted by teams from Honywood, Barking Abbey, Eastlea, Notley and William Edwards. Unfortunately we did not win any of the games, but the team showed amazing sportsmanship with a star Year 8 player scoring a great try against some of our well trained competition. All of our training paid off as we all had a great time. Aimee Blakely 8T

PLAYGROUND TO PODIUM Almost 120 students with varying special educational needs attended a playground to podium event at Mark Hall School on Friday 11th March. 12 secondary and special schools represented three school sport partnerships: West Essex, Harlow and Uttlesford, who joined forces to organise this event. Throughout the day students had a chance to take part in 5 taster sessions including wheelchair basketball, athletics, football, table tennis and cricket.

people with special needs to take part in differentiated sport activities. They also provide a great opportunity for students to socialise with young people from other schools who sometimes have similar needs to themselves. More able students with physical or sensory disabilities will be invited (Via their School Sport Co-ordinator) to attend county talent identification days run by county governing bodies for a range of sports. These events will take place during the summer term at weekends across the county.

Coaches from the Harlow All Ability Athletics club led the athletics session which enabled students to be signposted to a local disability sports club. During the wheelchair basketball session most students got a chance to use a wheelchair themselves regardless as to whether they usually use a wheelchair. As well as introducing students to the sport this activity also provided some experience of what it is like to use a wheelchair. Two coaches from the ECB’s ‘Cricket for Change’ programme delivered the cricket sessions ensuring that all students were able to take part regardless of any special educational need. Coaches from the West Essex SSP also lead the Football and Table Tennis sessions which were enjoyed by all.

Our next event will be a Cricket Awareness Day working in conjunction with Cricket for Change and South Loughton Cricket Club who have their own disability Cricket team. If you would like further information regarding such events please contact Candee Hasell on 02084986711. Julia Gardiner Partnership Development Manager

More and more students are successfully being identified by schools and signposted to such inclusion sports events. These events provide a positive environment for young

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