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Welcome from the Headteacher

Summer Term 2011 – Issue 5

I have to say, it seems an awful lot longer than five months since I started at Cedars and I am really enjoying the experience. The students have been a pleasure to work with and I have seen many examples of outstanding practice around the school. Cedars teachers and support staff work incredibly hard, both during the school day and out of normal hours. I prepared a summary of extra-curricular activities for some Year 8 parents/carers recently and was amazed at the opportunities on offer. As I write this, many of our students are midway through their exams and I am sure they are grateful for all of the support you are providing them. Having an anxious and stressed teenager in the house is a challenging experience and I am sure all of the hard work will be worthwhile when those results are revealed on 18 and 25 August. The students have received a great deal of support from their teachers, and by parents/carers, students and teachers working together we can meet our aim of “excellence for all”. You will know from my letter in late May that several big changes lie ahead for the school. The move to Academy status will give us greater freedom to be creative, but the core business of helping young people develop as successful citizens, who are fully equipped to lead successful lives, will never be ignored. Also, the timing of the school day changes in September. There are other changes we intend to implement over the coming year and a priority for the school is to make the Year 9 experience a more challenging one for our students. We are also increasing the capacity of the pastoral team so that there will be more support and guidance available to our students. On a positive note, two of my first impressions of the school were poor punctuality in the mornings and also that a very small number of students were smoking at the end of the day outside of our entrance. I am happy to say that the punctuality is greatly improved and that our students are displaying a much more positive image at the end of each school day. It is always the case that the actions of 4 or 5 students can give the other 1220 members of the community a bad name and we will keep working to ensure this message gets through. As part of this process I would really value the views of a group of parents and carers and would like to meet with this group, starting in September. If you would like to be part of this group that would perhaps meet every two months, please let me know. Hopefully, many of you were able to participate in our 90th anniversary celebrations. It was great to meet so many past students and teachers from the school. As part of these celebrations we have launched an appeal to redevelop our music facilities. Miss Pattinson and Mr Williams produce some great results but the rooms and facilities do need much work. I have been so impressed with the quality of music at Cedars and the extra provision of Music Technology is a real bonus. If you would be prepared to make a donation to this appeal, it would be most gratefully received. We are planning a range of activities over the coming months to raise funds, so watch this space. The ultimate aim is to extend and totally revamp the area devoted to music but the extent of our ambitions will obviously depend upon the funds raised. Any ideas for fund-raising would also be welcome. As with all schools, the summer term is a time to say goodbye to some members of staff and to welcome others. We have several colleagues leaving us this summer, and some of them have worked at the school for a considerable period of time: Dr M Brimicombe - Science and Leadership Team Mrs J Hewitt - Team Leader for Home Economics Mrs J Bettle - Whole School Administrator Mrs C Breen - Reprographics Manager Mrs A Legg - English Mrs C Wells - Maths and IT facilitator

34 years 25 years 25 years 23 years 22 years 22 years

Mrs K Thew - English Mrs A Slade - Whole School Administrator Mrs L Nauth-Misir - Laboratory Technician Mrs H Keegan - Learning Support Mrs A Duggan - Drama Mrs L Cannell - Team Leader for Art

17 years 17 years 12 years 9 years 7 years 4 years

Mrs J Gilchrist - Catering Mrs D Wing - Geography

21 years 20 years

Mrs M Suter - Teaching and Learning Administration Manager Mr F Graeff - Modern Foreign Languages

20 years 1 year

Also leaving is our Education Welfare Officer, Debi Murdoch who has been with us for 8 years and has provided invaluable support. We wish all of our departing colleagues the very best for the future and thank them for the many years of excellent service to Cedars. I am happy to say that we are fully staffed for September and that I am really pleased with the people we have recruited. Steven Palmer Headteacher

Student Voice We recently held the election for Head Boy and Head Girl; Rosie Mann and George Soave have been successful. Sadly, we say goodbye to the outgoing head girl and boy, Molly Rushworth and Alex Jonas who are going on to university along with other Year 13s who have supported the School Council all year. Molly and Alex both worked very hard throughout the year and ran a very effective Help Week. More recently, Molly has been focused on the prom, which is at Milton Keynes FC this week. The School Council decided to retain the head boy and head girl elections rather than appoint from the group of students who stand for positions in the houses. The Council also decided, for the first time this year, to include Year 11 in the voting as well as sixth form and staff. The School Council is frequently consulted by Mr Palmer, and recently they expressed their views about the possible new structure for the day, the design for our new prospectus and changes to the awards evenings. They have suggested that a praise wall go up in school and that each department nominate a student each month to be displayed on the praise wall. We hope to get this organised this term and get all departments nominating students from September. This term, we also host the learning community Student Voice conference which brings in students from all our local schools, lower, middle and upper. We hope to make this a training event and our students will be passing on some of the expertise they have picked up. Any student can get involved with Student Voice. The Council meets on a Friday, week 2 and is open to all students. In the autumn I will be training more volunteer interviewers and there are active student newspaper and anti-bullying groups. All are welcome. Ms S Berrisford Student Voice Co-ordinator

Danube House News We feel very proud that in the first year of the vertical house system, Danube has finished the year winning the House Shield. We would like to thank all those who helped contribute to the weekly quizzes and demonstrated good punctuality and attendance. Pictured are our House Leaders, Charlotte Jefcoate and Adam Corbett. They will now be moving on and we will be voting for the new House Leaders in September. We are sure you will join us in thanking them for their hard work and support to Danube House over the last year. D4 were also announced as the Cedars Quiz Champions and the Librarians (quiz organisers) donated a big bag of sweets, as well as the house gaining the cup. Just a quick reminder that, even in the hot weather, black shoes must be worn to all lessons and short trousers are not acceptable. Please can parents/carers write a note to the house office if students are unable to comply with the uniform for whatever reason. Holiday requests will only be granted with two-weeks written notice, high attendance and where no exams, controlled assessments or coursework are imminent.


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Danube House News - continued We started our new timetable in June, with Year 9 moving up to Year 10 and starting their options and all years changing their timetables. If you have any queries, please contact the house office, details below, and we will endeavour to help you. We hope the exams went well for all those sitting modules, GCSEs and A levels, and we sincerely hope you attain the grades you are hoping for when you get your results in the summer. Head of House: Mrs A Calloway Pastoral Support Assistant: Mrs K Williams Telephone: 01525 219373 or 219374 Email: (new email address)

Lena House News We have had a very busy summer term with lots of activities taking place and new challenges to take on. Throughout the year we have been very proud of the Lena students, many of whom have made positive contributions to school life and others who have improved their behaviour, attendance and punctuality.

Tutor Group Achievements Last term we had various competitions between house tutor groups and between houses. Well done to L5 for coming out top in the weekly quiz. Congratulations also go to L11 who achieved the most praise slips.

House Championship Every term we have a range of competitions between the different houses. The House Championship is an inter-house competition to be named the ‘best house’. It takes a range of achievements into account including attendance, quiz results, Friday challenge, praise slips, lates, 100% attendance and BIO scores from reports. Unfortunately, Lena House has not managed to win any of the house challenges or the quiz, but we are currently in second place for the House Challenge Cup (come on Lena, time to take the lead!). During the summer term there will be a sports day and a challenge day, so plenty of opportunity to show that we are the best house then.

Changes We are sad to be saying goodbye to our Year 11 and 13 students who will be leaving us this summer. We would like to wish you luck with whatever you will be going on to do. Year 10 have now become Year 11 and have started their new GCSE courses. So far students have made a positive start and we hope they will continue to work hard during this next crucial year of school life. We are looking forward to welcoming our new Year 9 students at the New Intake Day on Wednesday 6 July and EIU days on 12 and 13 July.

Uniform Please make sure your child is wearing the correct uniform. Girls are not allowed to wear coloured t-shirts underneath their blouses. White t-shirts only and they need to be tucked in and out of sight.

Information Please make sure you update us if you change work place, mobile telephone or address. It is essential we have emergency contact details. If there are any circumstances that you feel may affect the performance of your son/daughter please let us know so we can help with re-arranging deadlines and informing teachers. Please note, there has been a change to our email addresses, see details below. Please let us have your email address if you are happy for us to contact you in this way. Head of House: Miss H Rowe / Mrs H Shapter-Wheeler Pastoral Support Assistant: Mrs T Foreman Telephone: 01525 219345 / 219372 Email:


Murray House News I have really enjoyed standing in for Mrs Goring-Farrow while she has been on maternity leave and would like to say a big thank you to all the tutors and students in Murray House who have welcomed me into the Acting Head of House role. Good luck to all Murray House students in Years 11 and 13 who will be leaving Cedars this summer. We wish them well as they move on with their studies or careers. Please remember that all school resources (books, DVDs etc) must be returned to school or the replacement cost met. Students will be unable to collect their exam certificates if there are any resources outstanding against their name. Year 10 GCSE courses have started well. The students are enjoying studying their chosen options and have settled into their new timetables very quickly. We are looking forward to welcoming our new Year 9 students at the New Intake Day on Wednesday 6 July and EIU days on 12 and 13 July.

Tutor Group and student achievements Congratulations to M6 for gaining the most house points in Murray House for the Friday Challenge Competition. M1 are still topping the table for the school quiz and M12 continue to accumulate the most praise slips. The top five praise slip students are: 1st

Elisha Bacchus - M12


Adam Pennington - M8


Rosie Brooks - M6


Aisha Chand-Singh - M8


Ethan Sagoo - M9

Other news Mrs Williams and Mrs Pykett will soon be returning from maternity leave and we thank Miss Bennett and Mr Matthews for their support over the past few months. Mrs Goring-Farrow is due to return from maternity leave in September. Please note there has been a change to our email addresses. You can now contact the House office at the addresses below (the telephone numbers remain the same). Please let us have your email address if you are happy for us to contact you in this way. Acting Head of House: Miss T Franks Pastoral Support Assistant: Mrs D Townson Telephone: 01525 219323 / 219364 Email: House office:; Miss Franks:

Orinoco News We have had a very busy and enjoyable couple of terms in Orinoco House. Sadly we have not been successful in the house competition this term and have had to hand our shield over to Danube. Hopefully this will renew our enthusiasm and we will get it back in the near future. The summer term brings Sports and Challenge day which will be the basis of the special award so I am hopeful our students will throw themselves into the activities on offer with enthusiasm. Good luck to all Orinoco House students in Years 11 and 13 who will be leaving Cedars this summer. We wish them well as they move on with their studies or careers. We will particularly miss those students such as Molly Rushworth and Beth Hack who have contributed so much to the school and house council. We are lucky that another Orinoco student, Rosie Mann has been elected as Head Girl, congratulations to her.

Kev Field ADI Driving Instructor Using the unique LDC system of teaching.

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Orinoco News - continued Please remember that all school resources (books, DVDs etc) must be returned to school or the replacement cost met. A number of students also owe money or Maths revision guides to the library. Students will be unable to collect their exam certificates if there are any resources outstanding against their name. Year 10 GCSE courses have recently started and hopefully everyone is happy with their choices and has settled down to work quickly. If there is a problem and you are desperate to make a change, then please do something about it as soon as possible, before the end of term. Changes are not simple and may not be possible. Any such moves must be agreed with Dr Graham as well as me and the Team Leaders. We are looking forward to welcoming our new Year 9 students at the New Intake Day on Wednesday 6 July and EIU days on 12 and 13 July. Mrs Dowden and Mrs Betts are making a welcome return from maternity leave and we thank Mr Graeff and Miss Butler who have both done a great job as Orinoco tutors. Please note there has been a change to our email addresses, see details below. Please let us have your email address if you are happy for us to contact you in this way. Head of House: Ms S Berrisford Pastoral Support Assistant: Miss N Franks Telephone: 01525 219322 Email: House: Berrisford:

Zambezi News Firstly, I would like to send our best wishes to all Zambezi students who have sat exams this term. We eagerly await your results and I look forward to seeing you during the summer break when you come into school to pick them up! Good luck to all our Year 11 students not returning to the sixth form and to our Year 13 students, do come back and see us at some point! Last term various competitions took place between the houses. Congratulations go to Catriona Riach in Z1 who achieved the most praise slips. Well done to Z2 for scoring the highest in the Tuesday quiz and to Z3 for scoring the highest in the Friday challenge! I am extremely pleased that we finally won a trophy in the inter-house competitions. This was a special award for ‘Outstanding contribution to the school production, Back to the 80s’. A big thank you goes out to George Soave, Jack Robinson, Francesca Bindi, Sam Nicholls, Will Smith, Romilly Phear, Tabitha Foster and Jess Herbert for their contribution. Also a big thank you to Zambezi tutors, Miss Pattinson and Miss Whalley for their exceptional performances! I thoroughly enjoyed the show and the quality of some performances were definitely on par with the West End! Lastly, a big congratulations goes to George Soave in Z3. George is not only Zambezi Head Boy but he is now Head Boy of the entire school! Well done, we are very proud of you! Although we are coming to the end of the academic year, please remember that your time spent here at Cedars is precious, so please ensure that hard work continues right up until the end of term. We are now looking forward to the new academic year when we will be welcoming our new Year 9s into Zambezi House. If you have any questions or concerns about anything please do not hesitate to contact myself or Mrs Townson in the House office. Please note that we have a change to our email address below. We hope you have a relaxing summer. Miss K McIntosh Head of Zambezi House Head of House: Miss K McIntosh Pastoral Support Assistant: Mrs D Townson Telephone: 01525 219321 Miss McIntosh / 01525 219348 Mrs Townson


Examinations Results for examinations may be collected from school on the following days and times

Examination Results Collection Year 13: Thursday 18 August 10.00am - 1.00pm - Ms Bestic will be available until 3.00pm

Year 12: Thursday 18 August 12 noon - 1.00pm

Year 11 GCSE: Thursday 25 August 10.00am - 12.00 noon - Ms Bestic will be available to discuss options

Year 10 GCSE Modules: Thursday 25 August 12.30 - 2.00pm For students who took GCSE units in Year 9 results will be issued on Thursday 8 September in school Results must be collected by students themselves. If students are unable to do this, they can authorise someone to collect on their behalf, but a letter of authorisation must be produced, signed by the student. This rule applies to parent/carers and relatives, as well as to any other person. There is the option to leave a stamped addressed envelope (preferably A5 size) with the Exams Office, if the student would prefer to receive their results by post. They will be posted on Thursday to be received on Friday. Results will not be given over the telephone. If there are any queries over these arrangements or anything else to do with examinations, please do not hesitate to contact me. Mrs C Houghton Examinations Manager

Years 10 and 11 Assessments and Exam Calendar 2011/12 Students, parents and carers will all be aware that the recent changes in exams mean that there has been a significant increase in the number of assessments and exams which students now take in almost all subjects before they start the final exams in May and June of Year 11. On the school website you can now open calendars for Years 10 and 11 showing all the assessments which students have to undertake. Cedars web: Different types of assessment are colour-coded: green for preparation for assessments, purple for assessments set in the classroom (these are normally referred to as Controlled Assessments), red for assessments like oral exams and practicals which cannot usually happen in the classroom, and blue for exams sat in the sports hall which occur before the usual exam season at the end of Year 11. Some subjects are shaded peach where assessment is continuous. We are using this information to identify pressure points for students and to support with resources, eg IT facilities, appropriate rooms for exams, etc. Students have been given this information to help them organise and prioritise, especially where there are long-term assessments with deadlines. Please refer to the calendar so that you know when your child has assessments and so you can support them. You will see from the calendar that there are very few times during Years 10 and 11 when assessments are not taking place, therefore, we will not be authorising holidays during term time. Dr R Graham Deputy Headteacher


Leighton Buzzard 01525 378177 * Plus VAT + Expenses 6

Immunisation Programme We have now completed our immunisation programme for this academic year. If your child has missed their booster catch-up,we would ask you to have this done at your GP surgery. Our next session for immunisations will be in the Autumn term 2011; parents and carers of Year 10 students will be advised of the exact date for their DTP booster. Mrs S Freer Receptionist

Cedars and Pulford’s Consolidate Global School Partnership During the February half-term, staff and students from Cedars visited St Aloys School in Kisumu, Kenya for the second time. Since their first visit in 2010 the partnership has grown and matured under the leadership of co-ordinator Mrs Heather who is a member of the support staff at Cedars and who has a passion for global learning. The partnership now consists of four schools as Pulford VA Lower and Reru Primary, also in Kisumu, have become actively involved. During the trip the four schools worked closely together by designing a scheme of work which would benefit the students in each of the four schools and enable them to explore issues which were meaningful to their lives. Cedars and St Aloys students will be studying the effects of global trade patterns, as well as looking at the impact of corruption on their respective societies, whilst Pulford and Reru primary will be focusing on the similarities and differences of their daily life as well as engaging in creative story writing. During the week-long visit, staff and students enjoyed sharing lessons as well as having an opportunity of a four-way school trip to the Impala Sanctuary in Kisumu. One student participating in the trip said “This was an amazing experience. To discuss the issues that were important to both of our cultures as young people helped us to understand some of our similarities and differences in a very real way.” Mr Palmer said “The partnership is an excellent idea and as it develops I hope to see both schools benefitting. For Cedars to share experiences with students in Kenya is a marvellous opportunity and we look forward to welcoming visitors in the future.” Mrs V Heather

Maths News - June 2011 It has been a very busy year with students working as hard as ever to gain the best results that they possibly can. All students who have done exams in recent months are due a well earned rest whilst we await the results in due course. We wish them all well. The annual PGL Maths trip to the Isle of Wight took place in May. Forty students undertook a variety of activities including quad biking, archery, orienteering, aeroball and the giant swing and they then looked at the maths involved in each activity. The weather was great and they all had a thoroughly enjoyable and educational time. Throughout the year we try to add extra activities for students to enjoy, based on a mathematical theme, to inspire and excite students about the mathematics around us. This year has been no exception. Students have been involved in National Maths challenge competitions with eight students doing well enough to progress onto the European and International rounds, a National Stock Market competition, the Cipher Challenge, masterclasses for middle school students, Isle of Wight maths trip for Year 9, A level trip to the Open University for the Christmas Maths lecture and World Maths Day. The list is not exhaustive, but gives a flavour of activities on offer to students at Cedars, which we hope to be able to repeat in future years.


Maths News - June 2011 - continued Parents/carers often ask how can they help their children with maths. On a day to day level, please ensure that your son or daughter comes to school with all the correct mathematical equipment including books, so they are ready to start learning as soon as the lesson begins. Also, please do look at the homework which has been completed by your child weekly and ask them to talk about the maths they have been doing. We also sell revision books and practice papers in school to help students with their revision at all levels. Students are able to purchase these from their maths teacher. Do contact me or your child’s maths teacher if you want further information. Mrs Adams Team Leader - Mathematics

Maths takes off with the RAF On Tuesday 7 June, Sgt Alex Rylance and Sgt Bob Bralee, part of the Outreach team from RAF Wittering, came to Cedars and delivered their maths mission exercises to Year 7 students from local middle schools. This was part of a programme of events run by the Leighton-Linslade Maths Liaison group which provide extension opportunities for the best mathematicians in Years 7 and 8. The students worked in small groups on a variety of problems. At the end of the afternoon the students had to make a short presentation to parents/carers on how they had worked together and what they had learned. They described how important it was to be organised and work as a team. The students were amazed to see how maths is used in so many areas of the RAF and consequently in other areas of life. Mr A Manley and Mrs B Lewis Cedars Maths Teachers

Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad and Kangaroo Last term, seven Cedars’ students did so well in the UK Maths Trust Intermediate Challenge that they qualified for the even more challenging Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad and Kangaroo (IMOK). The Olympiad (with only 1800 invited students) requires students to investigate up to six problems in two hours and explain carefully their thinking as they develop an in depth solution. The Kangaroo papers are similar in style to earlier rounds where students have up to 25 short challenging problems to solve in an hour. Over three million students worldwide took part in this competition, 4500 in the UK. Dale Crocker achieved a merit in the Olympiad, whilst Kimberley Smith and Matthew Roche achieved merits in the Kangaroo paper. Well done. Mr A Manley Mathematics Teacher


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Design and Technology Year 11, 12 and 13 Controlled Assessment The DT department would like to thank all students, also parents/carers for their support with handing in the controlled assessment coursework. All work has been internally assessed and is now being moderated by the exam board. We are very pleased with the quality of work submitted and with the hard work shown by our students, especially those who showed additional commitment in submitting missing work and attending the Thursday Alliance(tm). All coursework will be available to collect from the end of October 2011; work left in the department after that date will be disposed of. The most exemplary work will be retained for use in the promotion of our courses to prospective students throughout 2011/12.

The 2011 Design and Technology Exhibition and Awards Ceremony Following last year’s hugely successful and popular exhibition, we are proud to announce that this year’s event will take place on Thursday 7 July from 18:30 - 20:30 in the DT department. All work from our Year 11s, 12s and 13s will be on display for students and parents/carers to observe and share in the success of our entire cohort this academic year. Please feel free to pop down and see what great work our students are doing! If your son/daughter is shortlisted for one of our five awards you will be sent a letter with further details. BE Aerospace has kindly sponsored the event for the second year running with generous funds towards prizes and trophies; a big thank you! Other representatives from our industrial partners will also be present, providing an ideal opportunity to discuss careers and employment in graphic design, technology and engineering. Here are some images of our A-level coursework to whet your appetite!

Cedars Participates in a Nationwide Search for New Motorsports Employees! Go Motorsports are funded by the Motor Racing Association with the aim of encouraging more students to take up careers in the motor racing industry. Here at Cedars we already have students who are successful kart racers! Go Motorsports have kindly agreed to visit us and run a seminar for a very lucky select few students on our engineering course and to others who have applied. They will learn about the industry, from spectating, to driving and to high profile engineering careers. Then, in July we will visit Silverstone, home of the British F1 Grand Prix(tm) with unrivalled access to the circuit and its world class facilities. If this opportunity proves successful watch this space for future events!

Industrial Links Update As you are aware, the DT department has made it a priority to establish long lasting and mutually beneficial links with industry. Over the past year this has been realised with the association of many top local and international organisations showing interest in what we do. BE Aerospace invited our Year 10 and Year 11 engineers to spend a day with them undertaking special projects and touring their impressive facilities. The two days were greatly appreciated by staff and students alike.


450 - 450 01525




• Office in Bell Alley open 24 hours at the weekend

10 cars - 20 drivers

• Wheelchair friendly • 4, 6, 8 seaters available • Standard rates • All cars and drivers are fully insured • Even though we specialise in airport, station, corporate contracts and school runs, we have cars available for all occasions

15 Bell Alley, Leighton Buzzard, Beds, LU7 1DG • 01525 450450 9

Design and Technology - continued Colpac are a Graphic Design and packaging manufacturing company located in Flitwick. We have established a great partnership with them to organise and help run a project with our Year 10 graphic students, a project based on a real customer brief! Colpac have set the challenge and will review the outcomes with us. We also hope to visit their facility in the summer term, providing an opportunity for students to understand the industry and its career opportunities. Mr P Simmonds Team Leader - Design and Technology

Cedars Library & Resources Centre It has been a busy term for the Cedars Library with several events happening. Firstly, the Library was recently involved in the world’s largest book give-away as part of World Book Night 2011 on the 5 March. Invited guests to the literary event in the Library included students, parents/carers, staff and governors who were able to partake in various quizzes and competitions, browse the numerous displays and of course be involved in the great book give-away itself. Mrs Woolfson, one of our librarians, had been chosen to be one of 20,000 ‘givers’ throughout the UK and Ireland. Each could give away 48 copies of their chosen book from a specially selected list of 25. In total, one million books were given away on the night. Mrs Woolfson’s choice was Yann Martel’s, Life of Pi, saying “I particularly wanted to give this book as it generated such a positive response when I read it with one of our Sixth Form book groups last year. Books are my passion and it is great to see so many people prepared to come out on a wet Saturday night in March to talk about books!” It was a wonderful evening and one we hope to repeat in the future. The Library has hosted two sets of presentations given by the Extended Project Qualification students in Year 13 and the Higher Project Qualification students in Year 10. These students delivered their project findings to an audience of family, friends, teaching staff and governors on topics ranging from “What makes a good children’s book?” to “Will there ever be a cure for HIV/AIDS?” Here’s Year 10 student, Jack Davison, demonstrating how he is going to make his first million before he leaves school! These project qualifications allow students to research a topic of their choice to enable them to develop their independent learning skills with the support of a supervisor and the Library staff. Additionally, students can gain an extra GCSE in the case of the Higher Project and extra UCAS points with the Extended Project. Both evenings were very enjoyable, leaving parents/carers, staff and governors feeling very proud of all the students’ hard work and achievements. Congratulations also to the winners of the Cedars Library Reading Challenge for the Spring term! Aisha Chand-Singh (Year 9), Phoebe Allum-Hill (Year 9) and Thaynara Santos Silva (Year 11) each received a £10 book token for being the most prolific borrowers of fiction in the spring term. Remember that the Cedars Library & Resources Centre has a wish list on Amazon which you can access via the link on the home page of the school website or via, if you would like to purchase an item to gift to the Library. We would like to wish the best of luck with their results to all students who have taken exams this summer; also our best wishes for their futures go to the students leaving school this term. Mrs A Woolfson, Mrs M Perrott and Mrs E Corbett Librarian


Young Enterprise The Young Enterprise year is now over and I am extremely happy to report on the two teams of young people who have worked hard and developed many new skills over the nine-month period that their companies have been running. As the proud owner of items from both teams, I can endorse them fully. Initiative, who produced a range of products with creative and unique designs, as well as becoming an events company, sold well throughout the year, culminating in a very successful concert in March. They worked extremely well as a team, arranging every aspect of the event from the stars to the security. Although ticket sales were slow to begin with, they soon took off with the help of incentives to ensure that all team members persuaded and cajoled spectators to part with their cash in return for an entertaining evening supporting local talent. Competition with the other Young Enterprise team, Prime, also motivated them to do well. Initiative raised their start-up capital by selling cakes and related products at the school Christmas Craft Fair. They then attended a variety of Christmas fairs where their product range was increased. I am the proud owner of some very festive Christmas bunting which demonstrated the needlework skills of some of the group. Their main objective however, was to host events and many local musicians were extremely appreciative of the opportunities provided by the team. Prime have continued to impress with their determination to succeed. They started by selling small items at the Cedars Christmas Fair. There followed a period of brainstorming and market research, which led them to the product that they pursued for the rest of the year. With the environment in mind and wishing to promote their green credentials, the group sourced natural cotton bags onto which they transferred some very interesting and entirely original designs. The theme for the designs was the environment and the concept of recycling. These certainly went down well with customers at the Milton Keynes Trade Fair in Middleton Square back in February. The bags made interesting gifts (as witnessed by most of my family!) and many customers were seen purchasing several with a range of designs. As a team, they streamlined their operations and everybody had clearly defined roles and duties, which they carried out conscientiously. Both teams diligently produced company reports in preparation for the competition stage of Young Enterprise and prepared presentations which were given to a panel of judges from a range of businesses in Bedfordshire. The reports were scrutinised, the teams interviewed at length and the presentations watched with interest at the Bedfordshire County Final on 30 March at the Rufus Centre in Flitwick. Their stalls looked wonderful, showing their wares to the very best. Both teams performed extremely well and were a credit to the school. Congratulations to all involved. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rob Quinn and Brian Aviet who acted as Business Advisors to the groups, bringing their business acumen and experience to the table. Both teams have learnt a great deal from the experience and it has been a pleasure to work with them. Mrs A Newcombe Young Enterprise Link Teacher


PE Department Netball & Hockey Congratulations to all girls who represented Cedars in the South Beds Netball and Hockey leagues and tournaments. We had a very successful year: well done. Cedars final positions were: Netball League Results 2010-11 U18 - Cedars 1st U16 - Cedars 1st U15 - Cedars 1st U14 - Cedars 3rd

Hockey League Results 2010-11 U18 - Cedars 1st U15 - Cedars 1st U14 - Cedars 1st

Well done to all the teams Mrs Douglas, Mrs Dunning and Miss Walker

Year 9 and Year 10 Athletics Results Cedars athletics team have had a really successful start to the seas The first event of the year was the County Schools Combined Events in Bedford on the 13 May. They competed in the Pentathlon. The girls’ events included 75m hurdles, high jump, long jump, javelin and 800m and the boys’ events included 80m hurdles, high jump, long jump, discus and 1500m. The Inter girls and boys who competed were Rebecca Davies (3rd), Vicky Perry (12th) Izzy Wain (15th) and Katy Casterton (18th), Brian Foulger (4th), Jack Bramston (5th), Jordan Clay (29th) and Jake Irvine (36th). They all had a superb day with some excellent personal bests. The Inter girls’ team finished a brilliant 2nd overall in the team event out of ten teams, with the boys’ team finishing 4th. Also, huge congratulations to Rebecca Davies for winning the bronze medal; she is now likely to be selected to represent Bedfordshire at the English Schools Regional Round Combined Events. On Thursday 12 and Thursday 19 May Year 9 and Year 10 students competed in a South Beds friendly track meet and field meet. Cedars won many of the events against Vandyke and Manshead. It was a fun competition preparing the athletes for the District Championships. On Friday 20 May Cedars took an Inter girls’ and Inter boys’ team to the English Schools Track and Field Cup competition. Round 1 was at Bedford International Athletics Track where the Year 9 and Year 10 Girls’ Team came 2nd out of ten in the County round behind Bedford High School. The girls’ team have now qualified for the Regional A Final at Woodside Stadium in Watford, which is an outstanding achievement. All athletes competed brilliantly with lots of grit and determination.

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PE Department - continued On Wednesday 25 May Cedars took Junior girls’ and boys’ teams and an Inter girls’ and boys’ team to compete in the South Beds Athletics Championships 2011 at Stockwood Park, Luton, against Vandyke, Manshead, Queensbury and All Saints. All the teams competed superbly in every event, battling for every position and point possible. All students were a credit to the school. There were many outstanding performances and many of the students competing were selected to represent South Beds at the County Championships on Wednesday 8 June. Cedars Junior Girls and Inter Girls won the team events with the Inter boys finishing 2nd and Junior Boys finishing 4th. Well done to all who have competed for Cedars this year and thank you. We look forward to next year’s success.

Rounders South Beds Rounders League and Tournament The Year 9 and Year 10 girls have had a busy start to the rounders season, playing in the South Beds leagues. They have been playing matches weekly and hope to challenge for 1st position in the league. Good luck for the rest of the season, including the Year 9 and Year 10 District Tournaments. Mrs Douglas, Mr Bishop, Miss Walker, Mrs Dunning and Mrs Cullen

Cedars Equestrian Team Cedars was represented by two Year 9 students, Olivia Jonas D10 and Ashlie Powell O9, at the Headington Inter-Schools Show Jumping competition at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre on Monday 18 April. In a heavily subscribed class of 70, they both produced beautiful double clears in a fast time, finishing in 6th and 8th place respectively in the 80cm class individual placings. Both Olivia and Ashlie were delighted with the result as they were up against some strong competition; they were also commended by the team manager for their high standard of turn out. Cedars also had three individual competitors in the Inter-Schools Cross Country competition at Gawcott during the Easter holidays; in a class of over 100 competitors Year 9 students Olivia, Bethan Atkins O12 and Ashlie successfully completed a very demanding course displaying some fabulous riding, determination and spirit. Very well done to all three girls and thank you to their parents who gave up their Bank Holiday to enable Cedars to enter this competition.


Cedars Equestrian Team - continued On Friday 3 June four students represented Cedars in the 70cm, 80cm and 90cm classes at the inter-schools competition at Keysoe, hosted by Wellingborough School. Well done Bethan, Lucy, Olivia and Ashlie. Finally, very well done to the sixteen students who attended the two training sessions in the Easter holidays. Mrs C Powell Team Co-ordinator

Cedars Football Academy Please note: A final trial date will be held at the school on Wednesday 29 June 2011 from 4.00pm.

New Triathlon club in Leighton Buzzard There will be a public meeting for anyone interested in the formation of a Triathlon club for all ages and abilities in Leighton Buzzard. The meeting will be hosted by Triathlon England and with the help of Cedars Coaching Academy propose to launch a new club in the area. This meeting will take place in the Library at Cedars Upper School, at 7.00pm on Wednesday 13 July 2011. For more information please contact Gavin Passmore 07739 526561

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FOSTER CARERS WANTED Fostering Options is an established Independent Fostering Agency providing foster homes to children of all ages from a number of local authorities across the region. We are currently looking to recruit Foster Carers for: SHORT TERM – Offering children placement for periods up to 2 years. PERMANENT – Offering placement until children reach independence. RESPITE – Providing weekend and short break placements. Ongoing training and 24 hour support is provided to all carers.



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