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More new houses should be affordable Here in East Dorset there are still too many unaffordable 4- and 5-bedroom houses being built when what is needed is  a great many  1- and 2-bedroom houses  for young families to buy and upsize as and when needed. Also affordable, for the many older people trying to downsize to cut maintenance costs. Also there are too many buildings being left to rot that could be used for homes. Marilyn Warburton Verwood

Quizzes for WaterAid Church House Hall, Wimborne, buzzes with anticipation as people unpack their goodies and soon the hall resembles an untidy indoor picnic for 70 people. But before long silence falls. Everyone wants to hear the questions that produce intense whispered consultations, some agonised frowns and frequent laughter. Every February for 10 years Peter Impett has teased and tested quizzers with his unique, devised questions. And all in one cause: to raise funds for WaterAid. He has succeeded – his quizzes have generated £5,414 for the charity. He and the WaterAid Dorset Support Group have collaborated for 10 years and are delighted with this outcome. However, Peter is standing down and unless a new quizmaster steps forward, and a new organiser too, 9 February 2018 will have seen the last quiz. That would be a pity. It has established its own traditions of informal tone but serious quizzing (eg answers marked by judges, not by rival teams). Church House Hall has proved a convivial venue, just the right size to feel friendly and set above street-level for a sense of privacy. We hope that someone will pick up this baton. If so, please visit to get in touch. Peter Cadogan Water Aid Group Organiser

Who ate my 91-year-old mother’s money? One, one ate; one, one ate: that’s who! Did you realise that the 118 118 service charges a whopping £8.98 to find you a telephone number? And that’s if they can do it within a minute. The charge, according to the US-owned directory enquiries provider, is totted up as follows: £4.49 per call plus £4.49 per minute, (minimum 60 second charge applies) including VAT. This is the service charge. In addition you will be charged an access charge per minute by the company that bills you for calls. After that, you will continue to accumulate charges at £4.49 per minute, billed by the second. My dear mother, whose BT Basics bill comes in at around £25 a quarter, got the shock of her life when her last bill dropped through the letterbox. It was over £175 and included the staggering amount of £125.80, made up of just 10 calls to 118 118. I hasten to add, it wasn’t Mum who made these calls. It

was the person staying with her to help out with her care needs. Unfortunately, Mum does not have the Internet, so her carer was unable to check the call charges online before using the service. After blowing my top at BT, I was referred to the 118 118 helpline because the service is provided by a private company. I called 0800 3891 118 and spoke to Lennie who admitted that customers using the118 118 premium service are not advised of the charges because the information is readily accessible online. However, after hearing of my mother’s plight, it was noted that not everyone has the Internet. In Mum’s instance, a one-off refund of £100 was made as a goodwill gesture. She awaits their cheque. It occurred to me that there are bound to be other people without Broadband who may be unwittingly using this premium service.

Whilst I was in conversation with Lennie, she told me that there is a cheaper directory enquiries service that costs a flat fee of £1, plus your telephone company’s network access charge. She said this is 118 811. She explained that it is a one number service, with no onward connection.

Here is a breakdown of the 10 calls: Duration (min and secs)

Call charge

2.44 1.09 2.24 1.32 1.04 1.56 2.31 1.36 1.36 1.19

£16.838 £ 9.729 £15.341 £11.450 £ 9.355 £13.246 £15.865 £11.749 £11.749 £10.477

Name and address supplied

BT also provides a directory enquiries service, which they say is free, but be aware that you have to register for this service so there may be a fee to pay upon registration. Check out the details before you commit.

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New models to help mobility Batricar Mobility Centre’s showrooms in Wimborne and New Milton are expanding their range of prescription powered and manual wheelchairs. Prescription basically means that the powerchair or wheelchair is specifically built for you, rather than being an ‘out of the box’ standard product. Prescription chairs are sometimes known as rehab or complex rehab chairs, and Batricar’s staff are trained to measure you for your wheelchair to ensure you get the perfect-fitting seat every time. It also means that you have a vast choice of options; including different armrests, headrests, footplates, leg-rests, cushions and wheels. Batricar are main stockists for Pride Mobility, Quantum Powerchairs, Hudson Lift Chairs and Quickie manual and powerchairs. They have just taken delivery of six brand new Quickie models of wheelchair, which are new for 2018, as well as the all-new Quantum 4-Front, front-wheel drive powerchair. In addition to these new models, sales of the Quantum iLevel powerchair go from strength to strength. This chair has proven revolutionary since its launch in 2015, by allowing powerchair users to travel at up to 4mph whilst elevated 10” in the air or at ‘eye level’. Even more exciting is that Batricar have just received the latest version of the iLevel which now goes up to 12” of seat lift. You can visit the showrooms to see the new 12” iLevel powerchair. There is also a brand new range of Hudson rise recliner armchairs in the Wimborne showroom, and these new armchairs are now available in a choice of three different sizes, with three different backs and a wide choice of coloured fabrics, including leather and faux leather.

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