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May 2020 | Dorset Business Focus





Welcome to the May 2020 edition of Dorset Business Focus. Once again, we are purely on-line this month and we hope to get back to printing the magazine as soon as we can. It’s hard to really comprehend what has happened over the last few months. Every aspect of our lives has changed and it looks like social distancing could be with us for some time and life will still be very different. The business community faces very challenging times ahead. We’ve heard from so many business owners in distress and despite the wide-ranging measures the Government has put in place, many have still fallen through the gaps. Throughout this whole time, we have lobbied Government relentlessly through our membership of the British Chambers of Commerce as the accredited Chamber for Dorset. The British Chambers of Commerce have been incredible in their lobbying at the highest levels and there is no doubt businesses across the UK, not just members of accredited Chambers, will have benefitted from this. We’ve been encouraging businesses across Dorset to contact us and we’ve been extremely busy feeding up examples of where businesses are not eligible for support and this has been an extremely large part of this national lobbying. We’ve also been very active on providing support through social media. The video’s I have been recording have been well received we hope they have been of help. We’ve been extremely busy on LinkedIn and Facebook, providing bitesize information on key issues. The Dorset Gateway, delivered by Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) in partnership with Dorset Chamber, provides free signposting to business advice and support. This programme has been invaluable in this crisis and the Gateway has helped many concerned business owners access

financial support. The Gateway will also play an extremely valuable role in supporting Dorset businesses as we look to the future and ‘recovery’. Looking to the future, we know we face tough times. Many businesses could still be mandated to remain closed for some time and realistically, many businesses may not survive. Other businesses are beginning to trade, albeit in a different way, after the initial shock of lockdown and we are seeing an eagerness from many to get back to work and reconnect with colleagues and friends in business. This as very evident in our very busy Zoom Simply Networking event last week. Our Zoom networking events are filling up extremely quickly so early booking is advised. We’ll also be undertaking some policy-based events at director level which will focus on support required for Dorset businesses as we look to the future. This week we have also launched Business Insights, a series of informative video discussions that will also raise funds for charities providing valuable support in this crisis. Our training programme is moving on line, including our international trade training, and it’s been encouraging to see how busy our export team have been with the services we offer in helping move goods around the globe. I’d also like to say thank you for to all our members who have recently renewed their membership and a warm welcome to businesses who have recently joined. For the 2019/2020 financial year, an incredible 95% of Dorset Chamber members renewed their membership, validating the value of the support we offer to our members. We have some exciting developments

Contents 05 KVP Overcomes Challenges to Import Veterinary PPE Masks 06 Case Study: FGP Systems Answers Call for Ventilators for NHS 08 Superior assists in Covid-19 life saving efforts 08 President’s Column

16 Off the back of Covid 19 – Crystal Clear Telecom have launched a brand-new service called Dial a sermon 17 College invites Dorset residents to learn new skills in lockdown

12 Steel reinforcement for chamber

18 International Trade Fully Operational at Dorset Chamber

14 TDSi is proud to announce the launch of the new free Track and Trace module

20 4Com raises over £12,000 in 2.6 Challenge for 21 charities!

30 Simon Cassin shortlisted for British Safety Council award 32 New members

underway which will continue to really add value to Dorset Chamber membership and we look forward to beginning to announce these soon. In what will no doubt be an extremely difficult business environment, membership of Dorset Chamber will never be more important and we will continue to do our absolute best to support our members across Dorset. On Sunday May 10th, Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the nation, stating everyone who could not work from home should be “actively encouraged to go to work” in England. Following this, on Monday 12th May, the Government released its Covid-19 recovery strategy which you can find on the Dorset Chamber website. Of course it is essential we do get back to work as quickly as we can and we get business moving; however it’s absolutely essential this is done with caution and in a very managed way – we must protect the health and well-being of our staff as we move towards recovery.

Ian Girling Chief Executive Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry


40 What Happens Next? Dorset Gateway Looks to the Future 44 INTERVIEW: John Palmer of Coversure 45 Many companies will go the extra mile for their clients 51 - 63 Dorset Business Directory

Business Support from HM Government has produced this FAQ guide on support available DESIGN, PRODUCTION AND SALES Production Manager Ben Pulford

Lead Designer Louis Pulford Chamber House, Acorn Office Park Ling Road, Poole, Dorset BH12 4NZ T. 01202 714800 W. more news online -


Steve Bulley

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01202 893430 3


Business Support from HM Government has produced this FAQ guide on support available As a Chamber we are seeing additional FAQs so have outlined these and some answers, linking to credible sources of further information. We fully appreciate the support does not currently cover everyone therefore we are collating examples of such gaps and sharing with the British Chambers of Commerce who are lobbying Government. If you fall into such a gap, please contact us by completing the Dorset Gateway Business Support Form at the top of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers I’m a director who takes a small salary and the rest as dividends, is there any support available for me? The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme applies but is only applicable to your salary that is subject to PAYE and NI. However, furlough requires the individual not to work during this period of absence. Where directors have particular duties to fulfil the statutory obligations they owe to their company, they may do so provided they do no more than would reasonably be judged necessary for that purpose, i.e. they should not do work of a kind they would carry out in normal circumstances to generate commercial revenue or provides services to or on behalf of their company. I pay rent to a landlord so I’m not directly paying business rates. Am I eligible for business rate relief? The person who pays the rates would likely receive the grant so this is something to get in touch with your landlord about. The Government advice (Business Support Grant FAQs – 4

May 2020 | Dorset Business Focus

section 31/32) states “In these cases we encourage landlords to support local government in ensuring the grant reaches eligible ratepayers.” This is my first year of trading, how does this impact my ability to claim support? You must have submitted your SelfAssessment tax return for the tax year 2018 to 2019 (you must do this by 23 April 2020 or you will not be able to claim) and traded in the year 2019 to 2020. If you have not submitted Self Assessment tax returns for all 3 years find out how your eligibility is worked out here. Full details on the Self-employment Income Support Scheme here. I joined/employee joined company after 28 Feb so I’m not eligible for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. What are my options? This has just been amended to 19 March, whereby your payroll details must have been submitted by your employer to HMRC by this date. I was made redundant because as my employer had to let people go. What are my options? This same employer can re-employ you, put you on furlough and claim for your wages. /company/dorset-chamber/

I’m self-employed and want to claim a grant under the Self-employment Income Support Scheme, but can I carry out any work while on this? And other questions about SEISS Yes, you can continue working or take on additional work. Our B&B business doesn’t occupy more than 50% of the house so we don’t have a business account. Can we still claim for the grants? This is an example we’ve seen where upon contacting the Council, the business owners don’t seem to be eligible for support. We recommend discussing with your local rates office. We are also sharing such examples with the British Chamber of Commerce. The Government has created a tool to help businesses and self employed people filter the help available to them. Visit:




KVP Overcomes Challenges to Import Veterinary PPE Masks KVP International, a leading manufacturer of veterinary surgical supplies, recovery and rehabilitation products for animals has answered the need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) masks for the veterinary sector. When shortages of PPE created by the Coronavirus pandemic extended to veterinary practices, KVP International was able to switch one of its two production lines in China to manufacture PPE masks. The company was able to simply repurpose its existing supply of materials used in the production of its cage liners which feature highly effective anti-bacterial SAPs (superabsorbent polymers), as they are made from the same materials as PPE face masks. Despite new regulations from the Chinese government, KVP International was able to ship 108,000 surgical masks to help meet demand from the veterinary sector in Europe. Stephen Corben, Managing Director at KVP International, explains: “In China lots of companies started producing PPE to meet the heightened demand caused by the pandemic but many of the new manufacturers had little experience producing medical-grade products and were from sectors unrelated to health. “To ensure all the equipment was at the right standard, the Chinese customs agency published regulations in April requiring companies manufacturing PPE for export to submit extra documentation and go through a government-led inspection process to ensuring all products meet the relevant regulatory standards in the destination country. “While this is an understandable and necessary measure to ensure counterfeit PPE is not supplied, the additional paperwork has caused delays for other manufacturers. As we already had prior CE certification, we were able to more news online -

go ahead with production and export unhindered.” Dorset Chamber’s International Trade team, which provides companies in Dorset with the required export and import documentation, was able to help KVP International to import the PPE face masks by offering guidance on the right code to use on its import documentation, given that this was a change in the company’s usual shipment. The final hurdle was the freight costs, which have increased significantly since pre-pandemic times. Due to the fluctuation in costs, currency values and availability, the company was operating

a 48-hour quote system for customers, something which it had never had to do before. Stephen said: “Making the masks was one thing but getting them out of China was another. We estimate that 64% of the unit cost is on freight and we will be very surprised if we make any margin on this line. That said, we have been able to fulfil a much-needed gap in the supply of veterinary surgical face masks which are needed in all aspects of animal care at a time when PPE of all types is in very short supply.” 5



FGP Systems Answers Call for Ventilators for NHS The Requirement When the Government announced on 27th March 2020 that it was “looking for businesses [to] support the supply of ventilators and ventilator components across the UK as part of [its] response to COVID-19”, Dorset-based precision engineering and manufacturing company FGP Systems, a Tier 1 supplier for other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) immediately volunteered its expertise via the Government web site. As a precision engineering company offering bespoke, high-end engineered and manufactured solutions for the tightly regulated aerospace industry, amongst other specialist sectors, FGP Systems was well placed to meet the remit very quickly to manufacture parts for the ventilators. Government Strategy Stepping up the manufacture of ventilators in the UK has been part of a three-pronged strategy by Government to source 30,000 machines for the NHS: ordering newly designed models; scaling up production of existing ones; and importing machines from overseas. The Response Among others a new consortium of ‘significant UK industrial, technology and engineering businesses from across the aerospace, automotive and medical sectors’ emerged known as VentilatorChallengeUK, including household names such as Rolls Royce, Ford, Airbus and Unilever as well as companies with sites in Dorset: BAE Systems, Meggitt, Siemens and Ultra. VentilatorChallengeUK looked at both the production of a range of ventilator design options to meet high-level specification for a Rapidly Manufactured Ventilator System (RMVS) developed by clinicians and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), whilst simultaneously supporting the scaling up of production of the existing models made by UK 6

May 2020 | Dorset Business Focus

firms Smiths Medical and Penlon, which already had full regulatory approval. Dick Elsy, the High Value Manufacturing Catapult’s Chief Executive who is leading the VentilatorChallengeUK consortium, said in a press statement: “This consortium brings together some of the most innovative companies in the world. Every day, their highly-skilled staff collaborate to create solutions that help millions of people, and this project is no different. They are working together with incredible determination and energy to scale up production of much-needed ventilators and combat a virus that is affecting people in many countries. I am confident this consortium has the skills and tools to make a difference and save lives.” Upscaling Production x30 It was not long before VentilatorChallengeUK called on FGP Systems’ vast expertise and capability to support the upscaling of production of the Smiths ventilator. The drive was to see weekly output jump to around 30 times normal across both the Penlon and Smiths models. As Dick Elsy’s press statement on 2 April explained: “To provide some context, Penlon and Smiths ordinarily have combined capacity for between 50 and 60 ventilators per week. However, thanks to the scale and resources of the wider consortium, we are targeting production of at least 1,500 units a week of the Penlon and Smiths models combined within a matter of weeks. Ventilators are intricate and highly complex pieces of medical equipment and it is vital that we balance the twin imperatives of speed of delivery with the absolute adherence to regulatory standards that is needed to ensure patient safety.”  FGP Systems Delivers With full in-house capability to machine, finish treat and offer bespoke re-usable packaging for the necessary parts for the ventilators, FGP Systems was able to /company/dorset-chamber/

turn around the initial order of 2,000 units in just four days. Nigel Pitman, Managing Director of FGP Systems, said: “We quoted for and received the purchase order to support the manufacture of ventilator parts on Wednesday 1st April and the material was delivered on Thursday 2 April. Our machines were programmed and ready to go the same day.” Working on a shift rotation system and adhering to current COVID-19 guidance for the workplace, staff at FGP Systems worked day and night to fulfil the order. Nigel adds: “I have to say a massive thank you to all FGP Systems personnel who helped run this process which included a double shift through the weekend of Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th April. This ultimately meant we were able to release our first 2,000 units very quickly.” A second and third order for a further 6000 parts was also fulfilled and delivered within days. On April 16th 2020 a further press statement from Dick Elsy said: “Having already commenced deliveries of the Smiths Group’s paraPAC plus devices, we are working closely with our supply chain partners to rapidly scale up production to achieve our target of at least 1,500 units a week of the combined Penlon and Smiths models. I want to take this opportunity to again thank every member of the consortium and the hundreds of dedicated colleagues who have been working day and night to get us to this point.”



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Superior assists in Covid-19 life saving efforts In response to government calls for businesses to support the production and supply of ventilators, medical provisions and equipment, Ferndownbased Superior, a family-owned manufacturer and supplier of o-rings and seals, has rapidly ramped up production of its essential components in order to join the fight against coronavirus (Covid-19). The company has been working hard during this unprecedented time to manufacture and supply more than one million o-rings and sealing solutions for use in an extensive range of critical applications. These include disinfectant sprayers for sanitisation, pressure regulators and valves for use in critical care and sterile clean connectors for medical application as well as water treatment and food processing and filtration equipment.  To date, a total of 2,000 automatic tap hand-sanitising cleaning stations have been dispatched to not only the UK’s 8

May 2020 | Dorset Business Focus

first NHS Nightingale Hospital in London and most recently Manchester but to all other forthcoming NHS Nightingale hospitals which are due to open imminently. There are plans to increase production weekly over the coming weeks. The company’s components used in the automatic tap technology on the hand sanitisation stations help with the prevention of bacterial growth and transmission. Superior has also been involved in the manufacturer of hundreds of ventilators for use in the NHS Nightingale Hospitals. The Superior o-rings used in each ventilator protects and optimises the functionality and performance of the equipment. Tim Brown, managing director at Superior, says: “Superior has diligently been supporting its global customer base throughout this challenging period to supply, manufacture and provide technical support to customers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food /company/dorset-chamber/

and beverage, critical infrastructure and industrial technology markets. Our work is helping to ensure essential services like food production, communication and transportation, medical care and power generation continue operations. “We are proud to be fundamental in the development of new technologies to combat Covid-19.  Utilising our in-house toolroom and manufacturing we have been able to provide rapid prototype samples and production parts from new tools in a record time which has allowed our customers to reduce development time and get new products to the market.” He adds: “The Superior team are dedicated to producing high-precision, tight tolerance components during this very challenging time to help those on the frontline in the fight against Covid-19.”



The President’s Column by Liz Willingham

First off, and most importantly, I hope this finds you all well and navigating the bumpy ride of lockdown, personally and professionally? Whilst there have been some clear gaps in government funding support, including for directors like myself who largely rely on dividends for our income, the options made available have been key to many businesses in the past few weeks. It has been the mission of the Dorset Chamber team to provide information and advice to businesses, both members and nonmembers, so as many as possible can benefit from financial support. I want to personally thank them for doing the right thing and throwing their energy into supporting businesses to such a significant level at this difficult time. The Chamber network overall has been integral to helping UK businesses on the ground and, in tandem, the British Chambers of Commerce has been going over and above to make the voice of business heard at Number 10. It is clearly demonstrating that in good times and in bad, the focus that lies at the heart of the chamber movement is massively valuable. It’s been great to see the innovation and proactive thinking that has been experimented with in recent weeks. The events calendar hasn’t just stopped and we aren’t just hiding under a rock waiting for this to go away. Zoom will be one of the booming businesses benefitting from the crisis and this, amongst other tools, has provided the venue for many online events. I believe in the importance of face-to-face always but I actually think ‘net-working’ in some ways works even better so I am converted! So how are we going to continue to experiment and leap forward from this? Typically, there is plenty of narrative floating around about the likelihood of recession, even a ‘deep’ depression. Yes for many it’s sadly not going to be pretty, but we should keep in mind the not-sodistant memories of the last recession to recognise that if we aren’t careful doom, gloom and a media fixated on documenting the negative can talk us into something worse than it should be. The Bank of England has its job to do of more news online -

Liz was interviewed for 2 podcasts this month relating to CV19

course, and yes we are facing a shrinking economy but I for one don’t believe that fixating on that is good for anyone. There will be winners, and unfortunately, losers. Innovators with positive mindsets will grab opportunities, take risks, and flourish – where that is possible for them. Are you in survival mode or reinvention mode? Are you thinking ‘how are we going to get through this’ or ‘how are we going to change to get through this’? There is a choice of perspectives in all things. For many, digging deep to find some positivity is going to be incredibly hard, but there is an argument that these aren’t ‘unprecedented’ times, in the business context, at all. There has always been shifts which have meant change, or the unexpected, has put many out of business…..remember how the introduction of the internet was the biggest threat for many? Those who refused to reinvent and work with it have probably, sadly, vanished. Is it our refusal to change that’s the real threat? Yes we faced a sharp shock, and it took us pretty much by surprise. I noticed in myself an immediate surge of adrenaline at first. Gung-ho fight or flight response….. ‘let’s see this off guys’! As we are about to hear how lockdown will slowly release, I’m feeling more measured and have a wider perspective on things. And I do feel positive for the future. Whatever that ends up looking like. Before I sign off until next month, I want to grab this moment to send a heartfelt thank you to my LLPR team who have worked so hard in recent weeks and looked after our clients amazingly. Our

clients are true partners, like extended family, loyal, forward thinking and optimistic. It’s been a privilege to help deliver their, often difficult, messages at this critical time. Get what you need from your outdoor time; embrace the wellbeing fix that being active and surrounded by nature gives you. I hope to see you on a Zoom call very soon. In the meantime stay safe, be sensible as lockdown eases, and consider reinvention an exciting opportunity not a threat. My very best wishes to you all, Liz x

Getting involved with online networking with YATM and our own Simply Networking Zoom event



Nunet Switches to PPE Production for Dorset’s Front Line Nunet, a specialist in the design, creation and production of bespoke ring binders, folders, boxes and wallets is another example of a Dorset company putting its expertise to use during the Coronavirus pandemic to support the production of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for NHS staff. Morgan Leadbitter, Managing Director at Nunet explains: “Like many companies, we saw a reduction of orders as soon as the working from home measures and subsequent stringent social distancing measures were introduced and we had to furlough most of our staff to safeguard their jobs. “By coincidence on the same day at the start of April I was contacted by two different people regarding the production of PPE. One, a friend whose aunt working in a large London hospital had flagged the shortage of PPE to her asked if we could help, while the second sent photos of Italian workers putting together visors so we could see what was needed. We didn’t hesitate to look at what could be done.” Despite most of the Nunet team being 10

May 2020 | Dorset Business Focus

furloughed and only Morgan and one other member of staff working to cover operations and sales between them, they looked at the market, the best designs and quickly came up with a prototype for a visor. As an existing supplier to Dorset University NHS Trust they were able to pitch the design and by the second week of April had sourced the materials, commissioned the tools and started production on their first order of 4000 visors for the Trust. With the staff furloughed, Morgan turned to friends in the rugby community at Dorset Dockers and East Dorset Rugby Club who volunteered to help with the order fulfilment. Adhering to strict social distancing measures, the volunteers completed the 4000-strong order for delivery straight to frontline staff here in Dorset the following week. With many importers struggling to source PPE from suppliers abroad who are subject to red tape and rising freight costs, companies like Nunet are critical when it comes to the fast production of essential PPE here in the UK to ensure it /company/dorset-chamber/

reaches key workers on the front line in short timescales. Nunet has registered with the Government’s PPE procurement service and opened an online shop for the general public to order directly. Orders come in boxes of 2, 5 or 10 and are available from



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Steel reinforcement for chamber Dorset Chamber has strengthened the ranks of its platinum business partners with leading structural steel firm John Reid & Son Ltd (REIDsteel). Christchurch-based REIDsteel has joined the fold as the 130-strong firm steps up its support of the chamber. The chamber’s business partner programme is for members which wish to make a greater contribution to the organisation and the business community. REIDsteel designs, manufactures and builds all kinds of steel buildings across UK, Europe and the world – from bridges and large commercial buildings to hospitals and churches – including their glazing, cladding and doors. Ian Girling, chief executive of the Dorset Chamber, said: “REIDsteel has been one of our strongest supporters of recent years. “We’re delighted to welcome them as our manufacturing business partner and look forward to working more closely with them in the times ahead. “The Chamber is a broad church with different types of businesses within its membership, including the county’s many highly successful manufacturing and engineering firms.”


May 2020 | Dorset Business Focus

REIDsteel has sponsored the Dorset Business Awards for the past three years. Its managing director Simon Boyd sits on the chamber’s board as a non-executive director. The company is representing the manufacturing sector in the business partner programme. Simon said: “We may be a successful global business but our roots are very much local. “As a leading employer and contributor to the area’s supply chain we wanted to increase our support for the chamber, the business community and the local economy. “The chamber is a dynamic, progressive and professional organisation whose values match our own. We look forward to developing a productive and valuable relationship with the chamber and our fellow business partners.” REIDsteel suspended operations in manufacturing and on construction sites during the coronavirus pandemic but is continuing to provide administrative, design and detailing work remotely.


The company is looking at ways it can alter working arrangements to ensure the health and safety of employees so it can get back to full productivity as quickly as possible. Dorset Chamber is offering a wide range of support for businesses during the crisis, including the Dorset Gateway programme on behalf of the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). Business partners are in the top tier of the chamber’s membership programme. REIDsteel joins hot on the heels of Poolebased Mploy Staffing Solutions. Dorset Chamber – the county’s leading business support organisation – has more than 700 members with 37,000 employers. It has two Premier Business Partners: AFC Bournemouth and Brighter Productions. Its Platinum Business Partners are: A-One Insurance Group, Blue Sky Financial Planning, Bournemouth Airport, the Bournemouth and Poole College, Bournemouth University (BU), Crystal Clear Telecom, Deep South Media, Digital Storm, Dorset Echo/Daily Echo, Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership, ESET, Field International, Global, Greendale Construction, Hendy, HSBC, Image Republic, ITSB, JP Morgan, Lester Aldridge, More Excelsior, Mploy, Purple HR, Ouch Training Team, PKF Francis Clark, REIDsteel, Savills and Sunseeker.

Visit for more details.



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TDSi is proud to announce the launch of the new free Track and Trace module Poole-based integrated security manufacturer TDSi is proud to announce the launch of the new free Track and Trace module for its powerful EXgarde security management software. Track and Trace is designed to help organisations investigate and map the movement of people potentially infected with COVID-19 (or any other dangerous pathogen), so those who have come into potential contact can isolate or seek medical testing/assistance. TDSi’s Managing Director, John Davies commented, “The Track and Trace module has been rapidly developed in response to global requirements to help contain and fight the spread of COVID-19. Access control systems are very well placed to not only restrict movement but also to accurately record it. TDSi has an ongoing mission of delivering peace of mind, so we are offering Track and Trace as a free download to all users of EXgarde as part of our commitment to help organisations meet the current pandemic needs and requirements.” TDSi’s Track and Trace module uses the company’s powerful EXgarde software to make a detailed database enquiry, reporting on the movements of specific individuals as they pass through secured access points. Installed as an application in the EXgarde system, it gives an accurate account of other individuals that have used access points that the infectious person has been in contact with. This data helps managers assess and test those in potential danger of infection, as well as enabling the cleaning of relevant 14

May 2020 | Dorset Business Focus

areas and the introduction of isolation measures where appropriate. John added, “A big part of bringing the COVID-19 pandemic to heel is tracking infections and preventing the further spread of the disease. We have already seen the likes of Apple and Google working on smartphone apps to track contact by infected people, but this requires individuals to actively participate. On the other hand, electronic access control systems do not just rely on people having the right device and app in place, they can track anyone who enters a secured area via their credentials.” As a free addition to TDSi EXgarde installations, Track and Trace is perfect for any type of organisation and facility. From office and business premises (ranging from SMEs to large multinational Enterprise), to factories and logistics centres, utilities sites, schools, universities (including multi-site and large campuses), and crucial hospitals and healthcare centres. At any given time, EXgarde provides a quick but detailed view of how many occupants are within a designated area, with all the access events of any keyholder. Operators can use the TDSi EXPostOffice tool to get notifications of events (focusing on specific key holders and/or the readers that have been touched). /company/dorset-chamber/

John concluded, “Governments around the world are setting in motion plans for testing, tracking and tracing as a way of bringing their populations and economies out of lockdown. Security systems can play a vital part in assisting in these efforts. TDSi is immensely proud to be assisting by ensuring our systems enable security operators to take a decisive lead in limiting the spread of infection.” For more information on TDSi please visit:



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Off the back of Covid 19 – Crystal Clear Telecom have launched a brand-new service called Dial a sermon The service has now been rolled out to over 95 Churches since the virus hit and Church leaders realised people could not get to their regular Sunday services or simply wanted to hear a familiar voice once a week. Director Scott Gower-Smith said: “We provided each Place of Worship with their own local number, we helped each end user get set up and took all the pain of there hands we then unloaded the service to the cloud for the end users so all they had to do was record the service or provide the podcast. We send each church a summary of who called in during the week to allow any member of the church to talk further or simple pop them


May 2020 | Dorset Business Focus

a call. We have been blown away with the positive feedback we had received from the end user and there followers”. Since COVID 19 Crystal Clear Telecom have seen over 15000 calls made to the service in a short 2 week period, from all all round the UK.  Scott added: “We have had a lot of interest from a few large Charities to help them set up a similar service all we want to do is keep the most vulnerable connected and making sure


they have all options available during a tough time. We found a lot of households had poor internet or just could not work their way round the internet or don’t have the correct speakers on there computers to dial in conference call or Video call”. For more information or to contact Scott see




College invites Dorset residents to learn new skills in lockdown Bournemouth & Poole College is offering Dorset residents, aged 19 and above, the opportunity to learn a new skill and gain qualification during the Governmentenforced lockdown by completing one of their free online courses. More than 20 courses are available in a range of subjects including mental health, dementia care and digital skills. The College boasts a 99.6% pass rate for these nationally recognised online adult courses. 100% online, studying can take place at any time. College assessors will be on hand throughout the learning process to provide guidance and ongoing support. Sharon Mackett, Director of Learning – Business, Digital and Leadership at Bournemouth & Poole College, said: “As more news online -

we are currently being asked to stay at home, we have an opportunity to invest our time into something positive for ourselves, to increase our knowledge and enhance our skillset for professional or personal reasons, as well as helping to stimulate our minds as we spend more time at home than we are used to. “We have a broad range of courses on offer that cover a mixture of interests. 100% online, all the resources are provided in a user-friendly way. Many of our current learners love this way of studying and have actually completed more than one. It is a perfect way to learn, especially in the current climate.” Emma Scott decided to study an online course in Understanding Autism and another in Challenging Behaviour as she

has a son who has autism, developmental delay and sensory processing disorder. She said: “I have learnt how to support someone with autism, support positive behaviour, different methods of communication, person-centred support, legislation and guidance, sensory processing and the senses, positive reinforcement, managing behaviour, support services, triggers and patterns of behaviour and much more. “My assessor has been very supportive and is always on hand for any support I need.” Please visit online-courses to find out more information and to register your interest for an online course. 17


International Trade Fully Operational at Dorset Chamber Dorset Chamber’s International Trade service has remained open throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, with all its functions fully operational to keep businesses in Dorset exporting and importing at this critical time. The services are in keeping with Dorset Chamber’s priorities of supporting and increasing the numbers of exporters in Dorset; working with UK and international networks to develop and share export opportunities; and developing businesses’ knowledge, skills and capacity to compete at a global level. For companies already exporting, the International Trade team offers support and helps companies meet international export requirements through its services •

Documentation: certification of export documents and arrangement for third party legalisation including embassies, notaries and apostille. Advice on specific country requirements provided. Commonly requested documents include: Certificates of Origin, EUR1/ATR preference forms, and ATA Carnet. All of this is available online. Export office: Help introducing pre-export processes and checks, and evaluation of current practice to ensure goods are shipped efficiently and without surprises. Extra diligence provided at quoting stage to cover all costs, preparing shipping documents and utilise INCOTERMS to benefit the company and get paid.

Customs compliance: Comprehensive training and review services to keep an organisation’s international trade activity compliant, ensuring it benefits fully from the numerous Free Trade Agreements around the world. Areas such as tariff classification, export controls, rules of origin and the right paperwork are often overlooked and can undermine export potential. Formal training: Company growth in overseas markets requires increased market awareness and responsibilities as an exporter. Key staff can develop export skills through a combination of courses designed to raise awareness of key issues, overcome compliance

challenges and successfully move goods overseas. More details are available on the Dorset Chamber web site at: https://www. Become accredited with AEO: Companies can benefit from customs accreditation and raise their profile as an effective international trader. AEO gives quicker access to simplified customs procedures and in some cases the right to ‘fast-track’ shipments through customs and security procedures.

Training Dates Tues 19 /Weds 20 May – Introduction to International Trade – one day course converted to two half days Thurs 21/Fri 22 May – Incoterms 2020 – one day converted to two half days All training will take place virtually via Zoom between 9.30am and 12.30pm each day, with two 15 min breaks. Register online at: https://www.

Following Reminders! Mexico & Switzerland are now accepting digital stamps on EUR1s; Qatar are now accepting digital stamps on EC Documents; Dorset Chamber’s International Trade team is also excepting express ATR to Turkey. If you would like to know more about how the International Trade Team at Dorset Chamber can assist, please call 01202 714800 or email International@ 18

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4Com raises over £12,000 in 2.6 Challenge for 21 charities! On Sunday 26th April, 240 members of 4Com staff, family and friends took part in the 2.6 Challenge, with the aim of helping the UK’s charities during these uncertain times. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a catastrophic effect on the charity sector across the UK, with the cancellation of thousands of fundraising events resulting in the loss of billions of pounds of income. Charities are in desperate need of donations to keep their services up and running during a time when they are needed more than ever; as a result, the nationwide 2.6 Challenge was created! Dean Cartledge, Head of The 4Com Foundation said, “Here at 4Com, we wanted to offer our support to several charities, particularly those local to us. We called upon the community spirit of our employees; even during the lockdown period with staff working from home, they generously stepped up to make The 4Com 2.6 Challenge a huge success!  “Our 2.6 Challenge comprised of 24 teams of 10 people, with each person running or walking 2.6 miles on Sunday 26th April. Each team nominated a charity to be the beneficiary of at least £500 from The 4Com Foundation, with additional bonus donations of £500, £250, and £100 for the top 3 fastest teams!” Dean continued, “I’m thrilled that we had 240 people taking up this challenge. Even if it’s not usually what everyone does in their spare time, we are all mindful of the funds The 4Com Foundation will be releasing to charities in their hour of need.” 20

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The following charities were nominated by staff as beneficiaries of The 4Com 2.6 Challenge: • DAWG Dogs • Bournemouth Hospital Charity • Poole Hospital Charity • NHS Charities Together • MYTime Young Carers • Dorset Mind • Bournemouth Foodbank • Friends of The Elderly • Ashley’s Birthday Bank • Waggy Tails Rescue • Gully’s Place Trust Fund • Hope For Food • NSPCC • Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust • Cystic Fibrosis Trust • Hope and Home For Children • Age UK Bournemouth • BCHA • Margaret Green Animal Rescue • Rushton Dog Rescue • Colorectal Ward at Bournemouth Hospital /company/dorset-chamber/

The total distance completed by each team was equal to a full 26-mile marathon in homage to the 40th Virgin Money London Marathon which should have been taking place that same day. The virtual starting pistol sounded at 10:00AM and just a short while later our teams had achieved the incredible accomplishment of running 24 marathons between them! Zoe Nicholson, Community Fundraiser at Poole Hospital Charity, said, “We are grateful to 4Com, their staff and families for taking up the 2.6 Challenge and choosing to support Poole Hospital Charity and Gully’s Place Trust Fund whilst doing it. The money raised for Poole Hospital Charity will go towards purchasing services and equipment for Poole Hospital, over and above what the NHS provide, that will benefit staff, patients, and their loved ones.” She continued, “Gully’s Place is part of the Children’s Unit at Poole Hospital and money raised supports children and young people with life-limiting conditions from the point of diagnosis, to care in hospital, at home and within the community. We hope everyone had fun doing their 2.6 miles on Sunday – it really is wonderful seeing so many people take part!” Krista Cartlidge, Executive Director at MYTime Young Carers, said, “Thank you so much for helping us. It’s been tough for so many people lately and we’re so grateful to be a nominated charity for the 4Com 2.6 Challenge! The money will be going towards a huge party for our young carers when it’s safe to do so. They are having a difficult time right now and need something to look forward to – thank you again, 4Com.” 4Com staff also had a fantastic time taking part in the 2.6 challenge. During these difficult times amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been a fantastic opportunity to turn our daily exercise into something positive. 4Com employee, Tiffany, said, “I just wanted to say thank you for organising this… I’m hoping this will be the start of getting back to my running!” Charity work is a central theme to everything we do here at 4Com, with over £250,000 donated to local and national charities since 2014.  In recent weeks the Foundation has also sourced and funded much-needed equipment for NHS Trusts in Bournemouth and Gloucestershire.



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Could hotels start re-opening? A leading holiday resort has published a ‘Covid-19 Action Plan’ so it can re-open its hotels as soon as possible. Bournemouth and the neighbouring towns of Poole and Christchurch want to be ready when lockdown restrictions are lifted. Hoteliers also want the government to consider any trials of lockdown lifting in the tourism sector to be carried out in the Dorset conurbation. Using experience from other nations, which are beginning to open up, hoteliers and other experts have compiled a stay safe code of action that will restore confidence for visitors. The UK’s tourism industry has been non-existent since the crisis began and now the holiday season is here it is suffering further. Hotel manager Theo Iakimov, who runs Bournemouth’s Hotel Miramar, led the move to create the plan, with the support of Rosie Radwell from neighbouring Marsham Court Hotel, and hospitality consultant Simon Scarborough. The BH Area Hospitality Association (BAHA) quickly adopted the project along with the backing of the town’s two Business Improvement Districts (BIDS), BCP Council and local MPs. The ‘Stay Safe Code of Action’ has also drawn interest from VisitBritain, the official arm of the British Tourist Authority. Theo said: “Our local economy is so dependent on tourism we wanted to create a plan that will allow us to re-open the hotels, guest houses and B&Bs as soon as possible. “The objective is to reduce risk as much as we can to reassure people that we can safely open again, albeit on a reduced basis. “In line with government rulings we want to clearly demonstrate that we have implemented procedures that put the safety and wellbeing of our guests, our staff and local residents at the forefront. “The code of action includes risk22

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reduction protocols and best practice learned from other nations, as well as input from health professionals. “Practical things include opening a limited number of car parking spaces, and public areas, and operating to just 50 per cent of bedroom capacity so socialdistancing can be practised. “Obviously room cleaning must be extremely thorough, and rooms might be left empty for days after they have been occupied. “Signage about rules and how to correctly use hand sanitiser will have to be prominent and new training for staff should be introduced. “Shift patterns should be organised so people are less likely to mix with each other and staff and guests will be provided with all necessary protection. “Temperature tests for staff and guests can be introduced and payment can be done remotely. “Each hotel is different, but we want them all to sign up to the code which outlines minimum protocols and procedures. “We hope to prove to the government and to the holidaying public that we are ready to slowly re-open and have taken all necessary precautions. “While we understand that the health of the nation comes first, a time will come when rules will be relaxed, and we want visitors to know that we have been proactive in making the resort safe. “Also, if the government wants to run a trial of re-opening hotels to test the waters, hoteliers in the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole areas are fully prepared and ready to welcome guests back. Tim Seward chairman of the BH Area Hospitality Association said: “The hospitality sector is critical to the south west region, and this unified approach /company/dorset-chamber/

involving so many key stakeholders shows our commitment to helping local businesses and the regional economy get back on track.” It is hoped that due to the severe impact on international travel that the government will put their weight behind a campaign to promote the British tourist industry. David Bailey of the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Destination Management Board said: “If sensible measures can be put in place to ensure the safest form of hotel visits, then the staycation in holiday regions such as Dorset could be the saviour of the industry, or at least give a much welcome boost towards getting the tourism sector back on its feet.




Face masks donated by BOFA Poole-based BOFA International has donated several thousand face masks to hospices, nursing homes and care facilities across Dorset and nationally. The company’s fume and dust extraction technology is already playing a vital role in keeping the production of essential supplies, such as food and health care products, flowing, but now it has been able to source thousands of face masks from its supply network to help front-line carers in the fight against COVID-19. BOFA has donated the face masks to a number of social care facilities, many of which were nominated by staff who have friends and family working in the sector. One care home manager provided the more news online -

following feedback: “We just wanted to thank you all so much for thinking of us during such challenging times. Our staff are dedicated to caring for our vulnerable residents and due to your kind generosity of donating this essential PPE, will allow them to continue to do their jobs to the fullest extent.” Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council was also able to share some of the face masks among its key workers. Tony Lockwood, Managing Director of BOFA said: “Getting PPE to front-line

carers requires a national effort and I’m pleased we have been able to contribute. We hope to be able to distribute several thousand more masks over the coming weeks. “I am also grateful to my colleagues at BOFA for their hard work in these unprecedented times – their efforts in supplying fume and dust extraction systems are helping to keep production lines running for many essential supplies.” 23


AGI Intern Steps up to 3D Faceshield Printing Plea Aeronautical & General Instrument’s (AGI) Mechanical Design Intern, Ben Butler has recorded a vlog charting his 3D printing progress in supporting the current COVID-19 PPE shortage. Poole based engineering company, AGI responded to a plea from the 3D Crowd Big Print Project for volunteers to get involved in 3D printing headband components that form faceshields. This is in response to the national shortage of PPE supplies for healthcare workers in hospitals, GP surgeries, care homes and pharmacies. Ben can usually be found printing parts to support various projects so he jumped at a chance to play a major role in this process – to date he has produced over 150 headbands (60 a week) with a view to either sending these to the national hub for assembly or deliver himself to fulfil local requirements. The next video will show his progress on the project. David Hyde, AGI Managing Director said: “front-line healthcare staff are playing such a vital role in treating patients and AGI is pleased to be able to provide support in producing faceshields for our local community. Ben Butler, a member of our Engineering Team has driven this 3D printing solution forward to a finalised product which will help our health services. This project has brought together a number of parts of the business, going from concept to finished product within a week. This joined up and co-ordinated view demonstrates the capabilities of AGI and this has been undertaken while production continues with our company supporting the UK Armed Forces and allies across the world”. AGI is a globally recognised manufacturer of high quality, well-engineered instruments and systems for Defence and Civil markets. Products include Visual Landing Aids for rotary, fixed-wing and Automated UAV Landing, Meteorological and Navigational Systems and Portable Airfield Lighting Systems. Watch Ben's latest updates on AGI's You Tube channel: Aeronautical & General Instruments Ltd - AGI 24

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How Coronavirus has affected my dad’s business By Charlotte age 11 whose parents own Image Republic video production in Wimborne.

When we all went into “Lockdown” it was really scary and for my parent’s business it was a big worry as for lots of their work they need to go out and film at other companies or places. My dad realised that he needed to do something quickly to make sure he can still work and keep doing what he loves and he’s good at. He came up with a brilliant idea. We live on an old farm and have a couple of fields where we keep our ponies Bubbles and Beans. In one of the fields we have an old building which one day was going to be the new studio but we had filled it with lots of hay and pony things so it was quite a mess. It’s been a fun and busy project and we all helped building it. Most of the last few weeks we have been all different colours from paint splats! But we have all turned our old barn into a studio for dads’ business. Outside it still looks like our old barn which will be fixed up soon but when you go inside its amazing. We have moved everything from his old studio and you can set it up for photography, as a gym, a kitchen or with a green screen so you could be anywhere in the world. Today he is filming some products on a turntable to film them in 360 degrees - It’s just like a chameleon! We were super excited, and I was very proud when we had our first job here as it felt like our project is working and helping! It’s also really safe as that was the main concern mummy had, to make sure it was safe for us and for anyone using it. The studio is on its own and people can either send things to us to film or can drive in a separate entrance and not even see us, just daddy and his cameras and he has it all set up so they can keep over the 2meter distance apart. more news online -

If you think your business needs some videos we may be able help with our studio to help your business in these scary times or in the future then please contact us. And if you do, then please remember to bring a carrot or two for my pony who has very kindly given up her haybarn!

Hope you all keep safe! Charlotte For more information on the services Image Republic offer click:



Inaugural Dorset Business Angels Virtual Pitch event hailed a success and investment secured for entrepreneurs The inaugural Dorset Business Angels (DBA) Virtual Entrepreneurs’ Pitch event took place on Monday 27th April and has been hailed a huge success, by attracting an immediate investment for one Company and the prospect of investment for 3 others from 6 potential investors who wish to proceed to ‘due-diligence’. 5 businesses were invited to pitch and some 24 investors joined the Zoom Video Communications Platform.  This new ‘route to market’ for the pitching entrepreneurs turned the usual quarterly pitch event format on its head, resulting in much condensed presentations and an even higher attendance than usual of investors. DBA Vice Chairman, Frank Guinn hosted the event and kept a firm charge on attendees present in the ‘room’.  Prior to the event businesses had submitted 5-minute pitch videos and questions had subsequently been submitted by investors in advance of the virtual pitch.  Once online on Zoom the entrepreneurs were invited to do a one-minute summary presentation followed by 5 minutes of Q & A’s by the investors present.  Entrepreneurs would then leave the conversation and platform. The Angels would subsequently discuss their interest and comment on the opportunity that had been presented. Frank said, “The current covid-19 restrictions have hugely impacted on the service that we are offering, with the result that we’ve been forced to reconsider what we deliver and how we do so. We’ve had to think outside the box. “We’re definitely on a journey, evolving new working methods and attitudes and coming up against new technology challenges. We’ve come a long way in a very short period of time. Our next event will be on 6th July and if online again we would seek to encourage more investor interaction and tweak the mechanics of how the event is run. “We said when initially launching this virtual pitch event that we would largely gauge its success by whether investor interest was achieved and we are delighted to be able to report that it was. We are also extremely pleased at the investor interest that we secured in attending our event too. 26

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“It’s very likely that in the future we will occasionally continue to do virtual events, even when the need for social distancing might not exist.” The business that secured immediate investment was an energy storage systems and electric vehicle charging business which aims to produce the first ‘demonstrator’ and become one of the major five energy suppliers in the UK. Other business securing investor interest, that have entered into duediligence included: • A start-up that has produced Europe’s first Prebiotic Sparkling Soft Drinks and is now seeking to gear up for a launch into the UK market with an ambition to establish the brand in a small number of well-known independent stores. • A company manufacturing the only product currently available that combines a bowl of multi-wholegrain cereals, milk and vitamins into one easy ‘grab and go’ 330ml carton. • A company taking the SMART approach to supply a cost-effective, innovative security solution for the preventing the theft of ANY electrical device.


Frank concluded, “We would like to thank our sponsors Saffery Champness Accountants, Ellis Jones Solicitors and Investec Wealth and Investment for their support. The expertise that they bring to the table, along with that of the DBA Board members, is invaluable. It enables us to react very quickly and assist in delivering services to investors and entrepreneurs within the requirements laid out by the financial conduct authority.” DBA was formed in 2013 with the aim to bring investors and entrepreneurs together to accelerate the growth of early stage businesses. DBA provides quality, private equity investment opportunities to local high net worth (HNW) and sophisticated investors (SI). Four times a year companies are invited to attend an event at which they pitch their business to the savvy Angels in a Dragon’s Den type scenario. Angel investment might come from a single investor or it could be 2 or 3 Angels pooling funds together to support a company. Any investments are in the form of an equity investment and not a debtor’s loan. Investments are made across all sectors. To find out more about Dorset Business Angels visit www.



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Working from home improved cyber-security Working from home during the coronavirus crisis has seen new trends including increased productivity and longer working hours. But it has also highlighted the need for improved cyber-security in the home, as malevolent hackers increasingly target remote workers. The government is so concerned about this type of cyber-attack that it has set up a dedicated National Cyber Security Centre Suspicious Email Reporting Service (SERS). C3IA Solutions – a leading cybersecurity business, based in Poole, Dorset – is urging businesses and their staff to pay heed to cyber warnings. Matt Horan, C3IA’s security director, said: “Remote working has seen 13 per cent more productivity and a 9.5 per cent increase in hours worked. “It has reduced absenteeism, improved the work-life balance and benefited mums who don’t have to take as much time off for child care. “Running costs are lower and fewer cars on the roads has led to an improved environment. “However, more remote working because of the coronavirus crisis has led to a massive increase in cyber threats. “Google, for example, is blocking 18 million coronavirus scam emails every day, and since March phishing scams have increased by 600 per cent. “If you also consider that people are sharing log-in details, blurring the distinction between work and home computer use and are working without full IT support, the risks become clear. “It is essential that home workers connect to their company’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) whenever accessing business information. “This is the secure link between the computer or device and the company’s servers, which store the information. “Staff might not know how to link to the VPN from home, but if they are not connected then the risks of a cyberattack are much greater. “Studies have shown that 95 per cent of computer breaches are due to human error, so businesses must create 28

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a culture in which staff can report their mistakes. “With families sharing laptops for work, home and schooling, extra care must be taken. “One USB stick can infect a machine and render it useless for everyone. “Another trend since lockdown is the increased use of virtual meetings – held on a variety of platforms. “Those such as Microsoft Teams on Office 365, Skype and Cisco WebConnect have levels of security that you simply don’t get with some other products available to download. “As we go forward new platforms will emerge in which security is much tighter, but until then businesses much exercise caution. “One further thing to be aware of is that empty offices can still cause cyber issues. “Faulty wiring causing a fire or a leak letting in water can ultimately lead to servers being destroyed; so they ought to be checked regularly – don’t just pop in to pick up the post, have a look around too. “Home working has presented some unlikely benefits, but also increased the number of cyber risks.” Report phishing emails to: report@ – and forward them. /company/dorset-chamber/

The Port of Poole remains open for business In accordance with Government guidelines, the Port of Poole remains open for business. Supporting supply chains and keeping freight flowing at this critical time is a national priority. We would like to reassure our customers and partners, that we have implemented a number of measures to ensure we remain fully operational during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Keeping our workforce and port visitors safe whilst remaining operational is a top priority. Therefore, we continue to work closely with Public Health England (PHE) and Port Health to ensure that we are following the most up-todate recommendations. We have a comprehensive protocol in place for the port.” said Dave Laut, Safety and Security Manager, Poole Harbour Commissioners. Albeit with additional health and safety measures in place, the Port of Poole continues to run on a relatively normal basis for commercial shipping entering and departing the port. Our pilots continue to offer a pilotage service within the PHC district, albeit with stringent social distancing procedures in place. As an essential route for goods, Brittany Ferries is now operating an unaccompanied freight-only service from Poole. And Channel Seaways continues to offer a lifeline service to the Channel Islands.  Jim Stewart, CEO, Poole Harbour Commissioners said: “The Port of Poole is very much open for business with freight services and bulk cargo continuing to flow. I’m very confident that the measures we have put in place will ensure that we maintain an efficient and effective service.” For further information please contact the PHC team on: 01202 440200



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Simon Cassin shortlisted for British Safety Council award The Ouch team are really excited to see Simon Cassin shortlisted for the British Safety Council CEO award. This new award recognises the leadership and strategic vision of a CEO who has made a vital contribution to the health and safety of their business and to the wider society during 2019. The British Safety Council have shortlisted 5 people from around the world with 3 being nominated from UK based organisations. UK Simon works with many companies all over the UK supporting them with quality health, safety and wellbeing training and consultancy. He is currently studying with the Open University and is about to complete the fifth year of his 6 year degree. Studying for a BA in philosophical


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and psychological studies has enabled him to gain a significant understanding of workplace psychology, and critical thinking associated with strategic decision making. Simon has also been contributing to the parliamentary review leadership committee via a podcast and is looking forward to deliver a workplace philosophy webinar for the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) in June. Having himself experienced mental health issues Simon has become a passionate advocate for mental health and wellbeing at work. During this difficult


time there has never been a greater need for supporting the safety, health, mental health and wellbeing of our family, friends and work colleagues. Because of this Ouch have been running a series of free online events designed to assist both its client’s and the local business community. If you would like to know about what’s coming up in the near future or would like a chat to see how we may be able to help please get in touch with the Ouch team, as ever we are here to help. For more information on Ouch Training see




Oyster Recruitment – Tips on how to video interview potential employees Social distancing has meant that companies have been required to get creative with their recruitment processes with many turning to virtual methods, such as video conference calls to maintain business continuity during these difficult times. It’s not just candidates who need to be prepared for video interviews; employers need to do just as much preparation. No matter the size of your organisation, video interviews will help you to identify the best candidates for your open positions in a fraction of the time. Employers should prepare for video interviews like they would for in-person meetings, but there are some additional considerations: Video conferencing equipment, have you got the appropriate video software? There are lots of options out there to choose from such as Zoom, Skype for Business, Google Hangouts and many more. You need to make sure you choose the right option for you and that you are practised at using it. Check your connection, the most important preliminary step you need to take before your live video interview is to check your internet connection to make sure it’s not lagging and right before each call, test your camera, microphone, and speakers. Interview confirmation, send the candidate an email with detailed, yet simple, instructions. Or, consider calling them to explain the process. Timelines, titles of everyone on the call, who will contact who? And what the interview will entail. This will allow the candidate to be fully prepared. Preparation, do you have the candidate’s username and telephone number ahead of time? Have the candidate’s number to hand just in case you experience any technical issues and you need to call them to resolve it or reschedule the interview. Staging is important, pick a room free of distractions. Find a quiet, private, welllit place, free from possible interruptions. more news online -

Be mindful of the background that is within view, ensure there isn’t anything distracting or inappropriate behind you. Also, lighting and windows can cast shadows. Be professional, don’t relax just because this is a video interview, keep in mind that video interviews can be stressful for candidates considering they’re basically talking to a screen and they may feel nervous. Help them feel more comfortable by maintaining eye contact and showing that they have your full attention. Conduct the interview in the same way you would a face to face interview. Body language, you can’t handshake so always give good eye contact and smile. This will put the candidate at ease and remember you are selling the company to the candidate as much as the candidate is selling themselves to you. You want the candidate to leave the interview on a positive note. Be engaging, the best interface is your face together with your voice, tone, and body language. It’s tempting to check yourself out on the screen during video interviews but remember to look at the camera instead, so it appears you’re talking directly to the individual. And don’t forget to speak loudly and clearly into the microphone. Dress code always dress appropriately from head to toe as you never know when you will have to stand up and avoid bright colours. Dressing the part will help you get your head in the game. Plan and practice run through your questions ahead of time. If you wish to share your screen ensure that there is nothing else open on your computer that you wouldn’t want the candidate to see so close down any unnecessary web browsers, tabs or applications ahead of time. Have a piece of paper and a pen ready just in case you need one and so that you are not scrambling to find them later. Feedback let the candidate know what the next steps involve and when

you will be in touch. Always give relevant constructive feedback. Benefits of online video calling: • Reduce time to hire, learn more about your candidates in less time and make consistent decisions with on-demand and live video interviews. Hire the right talent in hours or days, not weeks or months • Virtual hiring in days, quicker than phone screens, maintain business continuity • Flexibility, interview from anywhere, evaluate interviews any time • Make consistent decisions, get better outcomes with structured interviews • Improve recruiter and hiring manager collaboration • Eliminate scheduling challenges • Only invest time and effort into the best candidates • Avoid bad in-person interviews Remember there can sometimes be a downside to video calls so you need to keep in mind, technical issues, something could go wrong i.e. the interview could drop out which could make the process stressful. Don’t be too harsh on the candidate if this happens, reschedule and hold a follow up another time. We all need to use video conferencing, especially now, so let’s not shy away from it, let’s embrace it. Contact Oyster Recruitment at https:// 31



Dorset Chamber welcomes our New Members #GetBusinessDone

Verulam Advisory Limited Oxford Point, 19 Oxford Road, Bournemouth BH8 8GS 01202 941475 We are turnaround specialists and Licensed Insolvency Practitioners, providing sensible cost-effective advice to local businesses in need of restructuring or formal insolvency solutions. We’re genuinely based here in Dorset (Bournemouth) and offer a free initial consultation, with no obligation.

Dorset Biz News Ltd 186b Lower Blandford Road, Poole, BH17 7JG 07838 858228 Dorset Biz News is Dorset’s No.1 business news website with 12,000+ unique users. Our top three stories are updated everyday Monday to Friday. We’re positive, upbeat and feel good. Owned, run and written by journalist Andrew Diprose.

Creative Studios St Johns Hill, Wareham, Dorset, BH20 4NB 01929 551700 Creative Studios is a Dorset family business specialising in promoting clients in all sectors. For more than 40 years we have been building long standing working relationships which are successful, because we like to fit into a way of working which suits our clients.

Apollo Electric Car Chargers Mescott Meadows, Hedge End, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 2JU 01962 790005 Electric vehicle charger and battery storage installers. Pay to charge EVCP for B&B, hotels, car parks etc. EVCP from 3.7 Kw to 350 Kw. In Partnership with Engie, Evbox, Alfen, Andersen, Evbox, Webasto, LG, Varta and Smappee. OLEV and WCS Governments arranged

Bicknell Business Advisers Ltd 40 Broadway Lane, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH8 0AA 01202 025252 We are a Chartered Management Accountant Practice with a Full Practising Certificate from CIMA. Steve is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, the Institute of Directors, and Chartered Management Institute. We are Property and Construction Accounting and Tax Specialists and provide training seminars.

Antony Batty & Co Suite 218 Bourne House, 23 Hinton Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 2EF 01202 551193 Our ethos at our Bournemouth office as with all our offices is to bring a local and personal service to our insolvency and business turnaround clients. We are an experienced and friendly insolvency practitioner team offering businesses, charities and individuals logical, expert guidance when they need it. We work with our clients to help find practical, common sense solutions to financial difficulties.

Andrew Plant Photography The Studio, Gaunts Business Centre, Petersham Lane, Wimborne, BH21 4JT 01202 886375 / 07872 428302

BWR Web Design Unit 5, 72 Surrey Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH4 9HX 07752 444377 Tech start-up in Bournemouth that designs & hosts websites for small businesses. Understanding the clients needs to design and market their business online. All websites run on a powerful server, are easy to update, work on mobile and search engine friendly.

Andrew Plant is a commercial photographer and videomaker; specialising in food, engineering and product photography. Wimborne based Andrew has over 20ys experience creating stunning original images for businesses across the country. Captivating original imagery for your business is now more important than ever.

New Start Up memberships start from £135+VAT visit 32

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Caterpillar Marine Power UK celebrates donation to MND Charity Caterpillar Marine Power UK Ltd (CMPUK) has donated more than £6600.00 to the East Dorset and New Forest branch of Motor Neurone Disease Association (MND) following a year of fundraising activities within the business. The Motor Neurone Disease Association was established in 1979 by a group of volunteers and is the only national charity in England, Wales and Northern Ireland focused on improving access to care, research and campaigning for those people living with or affected by MND, also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Employees of CMPUK, based on the Uddens and Ferndown Industrial Estate, specifically selected this charity to increase engagement and creativeness to help raise valuable funds. Over the last 12 months, CMPUK’s charity committee has raised funds through participation in marathons, the Bournemouth 5K inflatable run, the annual Bournemouth Airport Plane Pull, and other dedicated events.

“We are honoured to support the Motor Neurone Disease Association by organising our own activities and joining in MND organised events,” commented Jude Castell, Caterpillar customer services representative and charity committee chair. “We spent time getting to know the organisation and were introduced to local resident Hayley Bryson and her husband Calvin. Hayley has recently been diagnosed with MND,

and the money we are raising will help make a difference to her and others within our local community.” MND East Dorset and New Forest will continue to be celebrated as the chosen charity for Caterpillar Marine Power UK Ltd. with events and raffles in the future, and CMPUK will continue to match the funds raised by the employees.

Dorset golf club rated one of the top 50 courses to play Crane Valley Golf Club in Verwood has been rated one of the top 50 great value golf courses to play. The rating has been determined by research conducted by Golfshake, which considers thousands of independent course reviews from its members across a range of categories, including value for money. Crane Valley, which is part of the Hoburne Group, boasts 27 holes across two golf courses. The club’s main feature is its 18-hole championship course, plus a nine-hole woodland course that offers footgolf, a floodlit driving range, and a clubhouse overlooking the 184-acre site which is a perfect setting for functions and events. Commenting on the rating, Hoburne’s head of golf, James Slade said: “We are delighted to have been recognised by Golfshake and its members. We have invested heavily in the club over the last few years, and the improvements to the golf course and clubhouse have been incredibly positive, but the emphasis has been to create a warm, friendly club that appeals to people of all ages. “Like every golf club in the country, we are currently closed but the greenkeeping team is working tirelessly while sticking to strict social distancing and other safe working guidelines to ensure our courses are in the best possible condition for everyone to enjoy as and when can fully re-open.” more news online -



Future proofing your business with automation As a nation, we are in unprecedented times. Never before have we had to deal with such an extreme situation that simultaneously affects our economy, our businesses, our jobs, our homes, our families, our health, indeed, our complete way of life. Rob Tanner, Commercial Manager at Solweb Ltd says “At a time of such uncertainty, organisations and individuals are being forced to come up with new and innovative ways to help them weather this extraordinary storm. Whilst we are all trying to manage the here and now, have you thought about how the situation might look when we finally have the restrictions lifted?” What will that look like and what changes will we need to make to our businesses? What if you had 20 employees, but as a result of the crisis, you can now only operate with 10? How can you streamline your business to ensure you can continue trading?

Looking to the future, you may want to enhance your online presence; provide your customers the ability to purchase your products via a web shop and link sales and accounting processes to your accounts package. You may want to automate your stock management processes and resource shop floor staff to other areas of your business, such as proactive sales roles. Or, you might think a custom-built Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is what you need to enhance your communication, manage tasks and the retention of your clients. These are considerations that we all have to think about now, so we can hit the ground running when the brakes come off. Rob continued “It is probably THE most dangerous time businesses have ever had to face right now, unprecedented in fact. A global recession is on the horizon. Some businesses will make it and prosper, others will suffer, some

won’t make it through at all. We owe it to ourselves and our businesses to explore what we can do to ensure survival first and foremost and then, how we return to a position of strength.” Automation is here and it is here to stay. Take some time to see how it can future proof your business. For more information speak to Rob Tanner at Solweb Ltd who are a custom software development house and system integration specialists on 01202 232846.

Leading Residential Leasehold Solicitor ‘Hangs Up His Boots’ A leading UK residential leasehold solicitor…former Senior Partner at Coles Miller...and a lifelong Arsenal fan: Andrew Howard has retired after 42 years as a solicitor. Andrew merged his business with Coles Miller in 2007. He spent the following decade leading the firm’s Residential Leasehold Department. In recent years, he has used his considerable experience to support Coles Miller in a consultancy role. But now he’s decided the time is right to ‘hang up his boots’ so he can spend more time with his family. Retirement will also give him more time to improve his French and learn Spanish… and enjoy walking in the Purbecks when the lockdown ends. Andrew said: “I started to develop an interest in residential leasehold property when I was training to be a solicitor. “My principal was responsible for a portfolio of Rent Act protected tenancies where the rent was determined by the Rent Officer and could be reviewed every three years. 34

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“I was routinely sent by my principal to appear before the Rent Officer to argue for an increase in rent when the properties in the portfolio came up for review.” He added: “In 1993 the Leasehold Reform Act brought in the enfranchisement of leasehold flats. “I was asked by a residents’ management company to deal with the collective freehold purchase of a nearby block of flats as soon as that legislation came into force. Within 18 months I was dealing with that type of work virtually exclusively. “In 2002 the Right to Manage was introduced in the Leasehold Reform Act 2002. By that time I was developing a team dealing with residential leasehold property work. The team continued to grow with the opportunities afforded to leaseholders by exercising the Right to Manage.” Coles Miller Partner and head of Residential Leasehold, Matthew Lewis said: “I cannot thank Andrew enough. “Andrew sparked my interest in this /company/dorset-chamber/

very niche area of law, allowing me to grow and enjoy my work with a passion. “He has created a perfect environment for all within his team to develop their understanding of leasehold property and their technical skills. “Routinely dubbed the leasehold expert, since the implementation of the relevant laws, Andrew has been instrumental in shaping the way leasehold reform rights have been fought in Bournemouth and Poole. “I couldn’t have learnt from anyone better. I would like to take the opportunity to wish Andrew all the very best. While we will, of course, be staying in touch, he will certainly be missed by the sector.” For more information,




New Chair for Cornish Mutual South West rural insurer Cornish Mutual has announced a new Chair for its Board of Directors. Jeremy Oatey has been appointed to the position as Ian Pawley retires after ten years in the post. Founded in 1903, Cornish Mutual insures farms and rural businesses across Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset. Being a mutual organisation means the company is owned by its customers - its Members. The Board is responsible for governance and ensuring it continues to offer the very best service to Members. The appointment was agreed at the company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), an event which is usually attended by Members but which this year was conducted through a conference call as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions. Jeremy Oatey has served as a NonExecutive Director since 2014. With an extensive background in farming, he is a passionate figure within the agricultural community. Born and bred in Cornwall, Jeremy is the owner of South East Cornwall based contract farming company Agricola Growers Ltd and was named Farmers Weekly Arable Farmer of the year 2013. Jeremy said: “I am delighted to be taking on the role of Chair at Cornish Mutual. The company has a long history, solid values and is a very well respected organisation across the South West. I look forward to working with the Board and the entire team in continuing and further developing the business and more news online -

the important role it plays in our rural communities. “Ian has made an outstanding contribution as Chairman. He has led the Board through a period of change, helping Cornish Mutual successfully adapt to the different needs of the agricultural community. “My background in farming, combined with the knowledge I have gained as a long-standing Board member, will enable me to help steer the company in the direction which best suits the new requirements of its Members. As we seek to adapt to the needs of farmers and business owners in the modern world, I am committed to maintaining the values of honesty and transparency for which Cornish Mutual has always been known.” Outgoing Chair Ian Pawley has lived and worked in Cornwall throughout his professional life. A former managing partner of South West law firm Stephens Scown, he joined the Cornish Mutual Board in 2009, bringing with him an extensive knowledge of modern legal and business requirements including corporate governance. Ian was elected Deputy Chair in 2010 and Chair in 2011. Commenting on his retirement, Ian Pawley said “I would like to congratulate Jeremy Oatey on his appointment as Chair and wish him well for his period of office. “I feel privileged to have been a Director and Chair of Cornish Mutual. The company is in excellent condition, having benefited from the commitment of former Managing Director Alan Goddard and

new Managing Director Peter Beaumont, working alongside previous Chairs and Board members. “The company has grown considerably in recent years, but has maintained its ethos of placing the interests of Members at the forefront of its plans. One key achievement has been becoming a Chartered Insurer, an accolade which reflects the dedication of people working across the company. I am confident that Peter Beaumont will support Jeremy and the Board to ensure the future success of Cornish Mutual.” Cornish Mutual Managing Director Peter Beaumont said: “I would like to thank Ian for the leadership of the Board, his support for all the Cornish Mutual team and the contribution he has made over many years to the continued growth and success of the company. “Given Ian’s expertise and experience, his Chairmanship was ideally timed.  Since the financial crisis there has been a long period of regulatory change which Ian has been instrumental in navigating.  We are similarly fortunate to have Jeremy in a position to take up the role at a point in time when we see challenge and opportunity in store for our farming Members. “As a successful and active commercial farmer himself, Jeremy’s leadership of the Board coincides with a period during which we will ensure our offering supports our Members through this change and I am looking forward to working with him enormously.” 35

Grow Your Business With HubSpot Platinum Partner Intergage Specialist B2B marketing agency Intergage has become a HubSpot Platinum Partner – bringing a wide range of benefits to existing and future clients. HubSpot marketing, sales and service software helps companies to: • grow traffic and generate more (and better quality) leads • improve conversion rates at every stage of the buyer’s journey • overcome challenging changes in buyer behaviour • exceed customer expectations • turn customers into promoters – boosting business growth. Intergage is just one of 34 HubSpot Platinum agencies in the UK. The Dorset agency’s advancement from Gold to Platinum accreditation means its clients will benefit from even greater levels of marketing expertise. All 26 Intergagers are HubSpot qualified: between them they have passed more than 125 HubSpot exams. Some have also attended HubSpot’s annual Inbound conference in Boston, USA. Intergage digital marketing manager Alex Turrell said: “Platinum accreditation demonstrates our overall success, our level of service and our excellent results for our clients.” She highlighted how one Intergage HubSpot client reported: • a 1,049% return on investment (ROI) in digital marketing • an 84% increase in organic search traffic • a 49% increase in leads in six months. As a Platinum agency, Intergage will now have the opportunity to work more closely with HubSpot in creating and testing new products. Ms Turrell said: “We’ll also be able to work with HubSpot on our events – potentially getting members of the HubSpot team to speak at them.” HubSpot EMEA Partner Sales senior director Ed Barrett said: “It’s inspiring to see the work Intergage has done with their clients so this recognition is well deserved. “To become a HubSpot Platinum Partner, you have to be able to deliver the highest quality service and keep your customers continuously engaged, and Intergage has proven exactly that. “We look forward to continuing to work with Intergage and delivering excellence to our mutual customers," he added. At the heart of HubSpot is a free customer relationship management (CRM) system. The cloud-based software helps companies to boost business by managing their clients better. Companies can discover more about the benefits of the HubSpot CRM at a free virtual meeting. For more information, contact Intergage digital marketing manager Alex Turrell, 01202 308902, https://marketing. 36

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Directors in financially stressed businesses still face risks, despite the anticipated government support measures Greg Palfrey, National head of Restructuring Recovery Services at Smith & Williamson, the financial and professional services group, anticipates government changes to insolvency laws intended to help businesses in financial trouble and explains why individual directors need to be careful. On 23 April 2020, the Business Secretary announced further changes to insolvency law designed to protect businesses affected by Covid-19 from action by landlords in response to what has been described as “aggressive rent collection”. Alok Sharma has confirmed that legislation will shortly be implemented to: • •

temporarily cancel the use of statutory demands and winding up petitions; and significantly limit the availability of the Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery regime.

This announcement follows earlier news of some notable changes to insolvency laws, including a change designed to remove the threat to individual directors of personal liability for ‘trading while insolvent’ during the pandemic. The government has done this by suspending the wrongful trading provisions of the Insolvency Act. This is effective from 1 March 2020 and legislation will be introduced as soon as possible. Directors need to treat this relaxation of the rules with caution and be clear about the difference between this and carrying on business recklessly. Other legal risks still remain for them if the business should eventually fail, for example in relation to misfeasance, preferences and transactions at undervalue. Disqualification remains a risk for all directors in cases of misconduct and they should get professional advice if they are in any doubt about their situation or their actions. What are the other new insolvency measures likely to cover? Currently, there is little technical detail available on the new insolvency measures. However, in August 2018, the government announced plans for new restructuring procedures, and it seems that these may more news online -

now be fast-tracked. As so few details have been announced we cannot be certain as to what will be in the measures, but here is what we anticipate. We believe that they are likely to incorporate the availability of a 28 day moratorium. It is anticipated that companies in financial distress will be able to take advantage of this to give them breathing space while they explore options for business restructuring and/or rescue. This new moratorium is likely to mirror the existing administration moratorium and so provide comprehensive protection from creditor enforcement and other legal actions against the company and its property. Exiting the moratorium is expected to be done by starting either an informal restructuring arrangement with creditors or through a formal insolvency procedure, such as a company voluntary arrangement, an administration or a scheme of arrangement. Businesses will want to seek their own professional advice about these different options and what they each mean before committing to anything. Getting the right support A specialist insolvency practitioner would be appointed to monitor and oversee matters during the moratorium to make sure that creditor interests are also protected. The moratorium will only be available to companies that are still viable and can demonstrate that they have sufficient funding to meet their ongoing trading costs during the moratorium period. Producing proper cash flow plans and forward planning would be a key part of this. Again, professional help can enable businesses to best manage their cash and work out their funding streams, as well as identifying their best trading options. Continued access to supplies During the moratorium, a business in financial distress will be able by law to maintain continued supplies of essential goods and services, such as raw materials and parts, so that they can continue to trade. If so, it will be interesting to see how suppliers will be made to fulfil orders to a business where they know they may not get paid for previous supplies. In practical terms, this may be difficult to enforce. We

expect that suppliers will want to be paid in advance during the moratorium. A new restructuring plan We believe the anticipated new restructuring plan will be modelled on the existing legal ‘schemes of arrangement’ between a business and its creditors when they want to restructure. However, one of the weaknesses of the existing schemes of arrangement is that a relatively junior secured creditor can block or delay a company rescue, despite the proposals being supported by a majority of senior secured creditors. We expect the government will address this by introducing something called a “cram-down mechanism”. This is where a creditors' scheme of arrangement may be proposed between a company and one or more classes of creditors and then the majority of creditor classes has the ability to bind one or more dissenting classes to the proposal. Unfortunately, this anticipated new restructuring plan is likely to involve multiple court applications and hearings. So, it will probably be costly to implement and one that may take a long time from start to finish. As a result of these factors, we don’t expect this new procedure to be suitable for most SMEs and, with the courts also affected by the Covid-19 crisis, we think that this procedure is unlikely to see its debut for some time. The bottom line for directors is - take control. Don’t leave things to chance and don’t guess whether an action is within the law or not. If their business is in financial trouble then the best advice is to get professional help, and get it sooner rather than later. It can help stop the situation escalating and protect them from the risks of personal liability and disqualification. For more details contact Greg Palfrey, National Head of Restructuring Recovery Services 37


Marsham Court Hotel doing their bit for the community The family owned and operated Marsham Court Hotel are keeping their heads in these unprecedented times and have been putting their resources to good use by helping the local community as well as NHS staff and vital key workers. Just like so many industries, hospitality has been hit hard. The hotel has built up strong, longstanding relationships with many of its returning clientele, including Coach Operators, private groups and tours organisers who all bring valuable business to the BCP area. Approaching the busiest season for Tourism across the region, the timing of the current situation couldn’t be worse for the industry. The hotel has closed temporarily but owner Rosie Radwell is continuing to support the community by providing essential supplies and pre-prepared meals to elderly and vulnerable local residents along with NHS staff and

essential Key Workers. Rosie said “We couldn’t just close up, sit back and wait for this terrible time to pass, the whole team really wanted to do what we could to help the local community. A lot of the local resident’s come to the hotel to meet friends and family, so it has been great to be able to give something back”. Owned by Rosie’s family for the past 33 years, the Marsham Court is at the heart of the Town’s usually vibrant tourism industry and has a fascinating history dating back to 1913. Rosie continued “During the war, the hotel was actually taken over by the US Red Cross and used as a convalescent home for injured soldiers who had been furloughed”. “Ironic now that we may also be utilised by the Government in answer to their call for hotels who can assist with the current emergency”.

“We will do whatever we can to help, but I am really looking forward to the day we can open our doors and welcome guests back to the Marsham Court with open arms – that will be a very happy day!” For more information about accessing the Essential Supplies service, please contact rosie@marshamcourthotel.

Why I came back to Dorset with Richard Tite, Bid Manager, Greendale Construction. London was the natural rite of passage for my chosen career path. For five years I chased promotions in the corporate world, working ungodly hours alongside some of the most senior people in business. I learned how to react to lightning fast turnaround times, pushed my creative comfort zone and made incredible connections around the globe. Nevertheless, the time came naturally when, as with many people in their late 20s, my partner and I left London out of desire for a healthier and more affordable lifestyle. Once we started realising what we could afford to buy within our mortgage limits, we quickly pursued employment opportunities in my childhood hometown of Poole, Dorset. I was lucky enough to find my combination of a good job with an active lifestyle when I joined Greendale Construction. Working for a small company which puts huge importance on employee wellbeing was a big draw for me, as was the opportunity to work across a thriving yet local business community. Two years after leaving London, the town’s commercial resilience to Brexit, the fantastic lifestyle benefits and of course the persistent presence of AFC Bournemouth in the Premier League is a sure sign that the area will continue to attract more of its childhood alumni. 38

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Not the time to be marketing complacent Gareth John, the Senior Partner at the 30-year-old Wordcaster Marketing and Public Relations, has received positive feedback on his website relating to a post that warns company directors not to rely on web-based marketing. The key questions that have stimulated the reaction and interest include: • Are you actually increasing your customer base with your web marketing? • Are you allowing your key salespeople to have the correct input in your marketing strategy? • Are you wasting time, money and resources as you try to improve your market share? Gareth John believes that too many companies have become complacent, even lazy, when it comes to selecting effective sales and marketing tools to boost their business. “I am a real fan of the world wide web and all the brilliant information and communication it offers for free. But not every business can expect a web presence, no matter how brilliant it is, to generate new business. Many invest in the web just because someone else does it – following like sheep just because it’s cheap and controllable! It should be part of a marketing mix. You will have noticed that traditional media is often used by companies who really know what they are doing to make the most of their web presence. Why do you think that most of the big dot com companies spend millions of pounds on TV and other advertising to draw people to their websites?” He says that so many of the traditional methods of marketing are still costeffective and are being used to generate new clients when creatively selling services and products. Full information can be found on

57 Groups funded by Dorset Community Foundation’s Covid19 Fund Within weeks of setting up their Dorset Coronavirus Community Fund, the Dorset Community Foundation has awarded over £173,000 to 57 groups from all across Dorset. Funded projects included medication and food delivery, mental health support, online support with a priority of helping those most affected by the Coronavirus pandemic such as elderly people, individuals leaving hospitals and expectant mothers. Grant Robson, Director at the Foundation explained: ‘In the last three weeks we have received well over 100 requests for funding for emergency support. Our grants team, with the help of five volunteer professional assessors, has been able to support 57 groups so far – from foodbanks to mental health support sessions for young carers. We are so pleased that we are able to fund these groups, as within days of the lockdown they were amongst the first more news online -

organisations to adapt quickly and help local residents in need.’ One of the supported groups from The Dorset Coronavirus Community Fund, Sedcat are assisting NHS passenger transport to clear hospital beds ready for Covid-19 patients. The charity also is delivering hospital equipment and medicines and taking patients to essential hospital appointments received. The grant from Dorset Community Foundation enabled them to cover cost of fitting sealed protective screen between driver and patients for protection and it also funded volunteer expenses. Sue Leighton from Sedcat explained: ‘NHS providers are struggling at this very difficult time and welcomed the help that we were able to provide and the organisation can do this with the support provided by DCF to cover running costs and equipment’.

Alongside the grant making, the Foundation is also running a Coronavirus Appeal, which has raised over £340,000 in funding with donations coming in from the National Emergencies Trust as well as local and regional charitable trusts and generous individuals. For more details on the funding available and the Appeal please visit


What Happens Next? Dorset Gateway Looks to the Future Dorset Gateway’s core service will help businesses in post-pandemic Dorset

Coronavirus Business Support As a frontline support organisation for businesses in Dorset, Dorset Gateway has received a record amount of calls and enquiries regarding COVID-19 in recent weeks. In this capacity, Dorset Gateway, which is delivered by Dorset LEP in partnership with Dorset Chamber, has been providing businesses, charities and self-employed persons a ‘go-to’ for information on all areas of the Government’s support package. By keeping abreast of all Government updates and policy changes, Dorset Gateway has been able to provide key information in response to specific enquiries. It also proactively distils and disseminates key information through social media channels in real-time, with wider updates provided through Dorset LEP’s and Dorset Chamber’s fortnightly e-newsletters. Dorset Gateway is urging all organisations and self-employed persons across the county, regardless of the nature of their business, to complete Dorset LEP’s Business Impact Survey at The results will be used to inform central government of the specific support needs in Dorset and identify further measures that are required locally to support businesses during and after the COVID-19 outbreak. The Future As an established resource, Dorset Gateway is well-placed to help 40

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organisations as they look to the future. Suzannah Kennedy, Dorset Gateway Business Advisor explains: “While our recent activity has been focused on helping organisation understand the eligibility criteria and where to access government support during the Coronavirus pandemic, we are very mindful of the support they will need to get back on track as soon as they can. “Our core service has always been to provide an informed and bespoke service; and we are already identifying and working with key individuals and organisations locally and nationally who could make a crucial difference at this time. We know that navigating all the options of support while running a business can be time consuming; it is our role to do that for you. All we need is an understanding of your needs and we will identify the help and any financial support

available.” As a centralised resource, Dorset Gateway is able to assess the needs of a business and tailor its recommendations based on its educated understanding of the support available, from business support initiatives offered by organisations such as Dorset Growth Hub, OutSet, Dorset Business Mentors and Empiric Partners, as well as sector-specific support such as that offered for the creative industry by the Arts Development Company or for manufacturers by the South West Manufacturing Advice Service.

Organisations seeking help during the pandemic or afterwards can contact the Dorset Gateway Business Advisors, based at Dorset Chamber, at Gateway@ or on 01202 741800.

“We received the Small Business Grant today, which has enabled us to keep up to date with a number of our suppliers and contractors. Everyone has appreciated this assistance. Thank you for keeping us informed.” “Thank you so much for the call earlier in the week. I have to say just having a friendly voice listen and show some concern was really appreciated.” /company/dorset-chamber/




REIDsteel resumes manufacturing in limited return to work Structural steel company John Reid & Sons Ltd (REIDsteel) has welcomed workers back to its manufacturing facility in Christchurch. The company was one of the first to shut down its manufacturing and construction site operations following the Government’s implementation of the coronavirus lockdown in March. After an extensive review of its steel handling and manufacturing procedures, it has resumed production with strict operating protocols and safety measures in place. With the re-start of factory operations after a five-week suspension, the company is in the vanguard of businesses nationwide throwing open their gates to support employees and the UK economy. Managing director Simon Boyd said: “The health, safety and wellbeing of our people, suppliers and contractors remains our first priority. “We took the immediate decision to send all employees home on March 24 when the lockdown was first announced to stop any potential spread of the virus and allow us to assess ways to resume operations. “Since then we have been working on plans to re-open the factory/works and our construction sites to allow those who cannot work from home back to work while still respecting the hygiene and social distancing guidelines. “Following careful consideration of public health guidance, we are confident that we have robust protocols in place to allow production to resume at our manufacturing facility. “These incorporate the necessary social distancing and safety measures to protect our people while we build towards full productivity to support our clients, partners in the supply chain and the UK economy.” Simon added: “Although there is some nervousness, which one should expect, the vast majority of people are pleased to be back at work. more news online -

“Everybody feels much more reassured as a result of the lengths we have gone to ensure we have social distancing and hygiene in place. “With the strict controls that we have I believe our staff are as safe, if not safer, than doing their weekly shop in the supermarket.” About 60 employees have returned to REIDsteel’s manufacturing facility, while the majority of office staff – including design and detailing teams – continue to work remotely from home. The company is working on safety plans with contracting partners to allow construction sites to re-open in early May. It is also working with subcontractors and suppliers to resume operations. Simon said: “My thanks to all of our colleagues, suppliers and contractors for their help and understanding during these difficult and challenging times. “Despite these difficulties we are looking forward to a successful future operating within the ‘new norm’.

“I hope to see other businesses resume operations too once they have implemented social distancing guidelines and safety measures to protect their workforces while helping to get UK plc back on its feet.” REIDsteel is a global business which trades in the UK, Europe and worldwide. It has exported to more than 140 countries to date. It was the first contractor to sign the UK Steel Charter, alongside such signatories as Heathrow Airport and the Department for Business Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), to maximise the use of British made metals. REIDsteel has also pledged to use British milled steel, by appointing British Steel as its preferred supplier to support the industry and UK economy. The 130-strong business celebrated its centenary in 2019 and is a four times winner of the Queen’s Award’s for Enterprise (International Trade). Visit for more details.



NHS workers in Dorset will get free 24/7 motoring support Nurses, doctors and other vital NHS workers in Dorset will get free 24/7 motoring support thanks to an initiative led by i247 Group. The Poole-based fleet services provider is operating a dedicated phone service to provide NHS workers in Dorset a one-stop shop to keep them and their vehicles on the road. Teaming up with a wide range of national and local organisations, i247 Group is providing help and support in the event of a vehicle breakdown, managing urgent vehicle repairs, punctures and replacement tyres. It will also be on hand to offer vehicle rental services when required. Founder and Chairman of i247 Group John Mason said: “During this current COVID-19 crisis we are already supporting critical fleet and key workers nationally through our in-life automotive fleet services, but we wanted to do something more and specifically something for our local community. Hence, we thought helping NHS workers was a great way of saying thank you for all that they are doing for us.” “By working with various partners combined with the i247 Group ethos of ‘We Do’ , we have been able to bring together, in one place, a single phone number that provides Dorset NHS workers access to a host of services and offers currently being offered by numerous automotive suppliers. We know how hard the NHS is working on our behalf and we like many businesses wanted to show our support. By bringing all the great offers of help into one place we hope we can make it easier for these workers to sort out any issues they have with their vehicle quickly and easily, keeping them mobile during COVID-19.”

Chamber helps to grow small business “For everything to stay the same, everything must change!” So wrote Giuseppe Lampedusa in The Leopard. Recent global events have demonstrated this in a profound way as businesses all over the world have been forced to adapt, evolve, re-evaluate and in all manner of ways…change. It’s been a reminder of just how dangerous it is to take any kind of ‘norm’ for granted. To stay relevant, change must become the norm. Anyone who has started a business will know that how things turned out was usually a far cry from the original business plan. Chamber member Peter Radford and his business Beyond This has been changing recently and his story shows how networking can play such a pivotal role in business growth. Until three years ago, Peter was a secondary school Assistant Headteacher who had never heard of business networking. After suffering a breakdown and recognising the significance of looking after your mental health Peter started down a new path. Now he is a Motivational Speaker, runs three small businesses and has authored his first book. Peter began his business, Beyond This, in January 2017 offering educational workshops to schools. At the same time, he began looking into holiday letting as a secondary income source, letting out a garage conversion next to his house. After joining Dorset Chamber and engaging in networking Peter has been speaking in the corporate sector on leadership, emotional wellbeing and boosting staff engagement. This has led to today’s launch of his new business brand: Peter Radford Speaker Peter’s schools business: Beyond This has just launched his new book: Love Teaching, Keep Teaching. The Essential Guide to Improving Wellbeing at all Levels in Schools published by Crown House & available for pre-sale on Amazon now. This also came about through networking. And his holiday let business has just invested in its third holiday let: a luxury shepherd’s hut in North Dorset. “It’s always tempting to ease back and retreat when times are hard,” says Peter, “But I think those hard times are actually the times to knuckle down, dig deep, re-think and then push forward. The people I have met and the opportunities that have opened up through the Chamber have inspired me to do just that.”

By calling one number, the NHS staff in Dorset have access to the following support: • • • • • •

• • •

Providing 24/7 vehicle support and direct access to fast fit centres and garage workshops that remain open across Dorset Free breakdown service with the AA Priority access to National Tyres & ATS Euromaster mobile and booked at competitive rates Priority access to Nationwide Windscreen Services (NWS) for mobile windscreen and glass replacement 40% discount off vehicle rental rates with VWFS Rent a Car Hassle free tyre, servicing, MOT, maintenance and repair appointment Access to a range of other offers 42

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Tips for Leading Working or Furloughed Individuals Leading teams in this time of global uncertainty is particularly challenging. Everything is changing on a daily basis and this calls for leaders to raise their leadership game. Recognise that the humans in your business are paramount to your success. When some of your team may be furloughed or working, keeping your team involved is more of a challenge right now. Everyone is going through an emotional roller coaster on a constantly fluctuating basis. This often causes feelings akin to grieving - for the loss of what was, and a fear of the future Kubler Ross - Change and Stages of Grief As humans we have basic needs for food, safety and security, and these drive our behaviours and actions. Many will be familiar with Maslows Hierachy of Needs. Understanding this informs the way we lead others.


Working Individuals

Furloughed individuals

Potential Issue

Leadership Tip

Conflicting priorities, especially if working at home, juggling space and priorities with others, and feeling the pressure HBR Stress Bell Curve

Communicate and give clarity on the PURPOSE (why the business exists) then SUPPORT your team members to prioritise, make decisions, plan and deliver in a focused way Eisenhower Matrix

Feeling mixed emotions such as guilt for being able to work, or resentment for having to work, whilst colleagues are temporarily furloughed

Regular communication (5 minutes each day) to give updates and ask how they are feeling, giving time for them to talk while you really LISTEN.

Low motivation especially feeling distracted by other commitments at home such as caring responsibilities

Ask open QUESTIONS and listen to the answers, then ask more questions (coaching skills - GROW) to support the individual to find their own way forward to boost their motivation

Mixed emotions - some feeling unvalued as they have temporarily lost their job, and others feeling gratitude for having extra time at home.

UNDERSTAND each individual and make a regular check in so they can TALK Mental Health Awareness

Financial worries - managing on reduced income, concerned about providing necessities for their dependants

Keep abreast of the current situation Regular updates by Ian Girling , Dorset Chamber website and Government website Remember to share any key information with your team

And finally remember to: • Ask insightful questions and listen to the responses - COACH rather than tell • Be more visible and stay CONNECTED through regular daily check in‘s • Articulate the purpose of the business, ask what support is needed, listen to questions asked and give individuals RESPONSIBILITY to deliver • Encourage skills and competence development and DELEGATE appropriately • Show up as your true self, be honest and demonstrate VULNERABILITY as it builds respect and trust To develop your coaching skills further, see more news online -



New Faces, New Places


Celebrating new roles being filled within the Members of the Dorset Chamber Welcoming a new team member to LiveWell Dorset

Polly Durrant joined the LiveWell Business Development team in March 2020. Working alongside Julia Calleja, Polly will be reaching out to Dorset Businesses strengthening the Workplace Wellbeing offer. Polly brings 15 years experience in marketing and communications from a business-owner perspective. LiveWell Dorset supports you on your journey to a happier, healthier you through FREE advice and coaching. The service helps people to become more active, lose weight, quit smoking or drink less alcohol?


John Palmer of Coversure John Palmer is the Managing Director of Coversure Poole and Coversure Weymouth, two of Dorset’s leading independent insurance brokers. The Dorset Business Focus Magazine asked him to share his thoughts on working remotely for the High Street. As someone who’s spent much of their working lives working in High Street offices helping customers with their insurance needs, lockdown has been a bit of a culture shock. I took the precautionary decision to close my Poole and Weymouth offices in late March and while we’ve remained busily open for business, I have to say it’s felt very strange… Like many other people, this crisis has given me some time to think and reflect on the way I’ve done business in the past and how that might change in the future.  So, here are my ‘new normal’ predictions for the future and some ways in which I’ll be looking to do this differently from here: I’ll be renewing my Zoom subscription – I’m a real people person. I love meeting people and enjoy working with my teams, both of which have rather gone by the board over the past few weeks.  Video conferencing has been a real lifeline, not just for team chats but also for calls with clients.  While I’d not used them much before, these are definitely going to be part of my communication platforms from here I’m in two minds as to the future of the High Street – as Joni Mitchell put it, ‘You don’t know what you’ve got till its gone’ and not being able to access shops as normal has been hard. As someone with retail businesses I know I’m biased, 44

May 2020 | Dorset Business Focus

but I genuinely value retailers and think they are something we’ll miss if the decline we’ve seen of late isn’t arrested. When lockdown is lifted, I’m sure we’ll see people flock back to them – I just hope that having grown used to having everything being delivered that it doesn’t spell more pain in the long-term Business and life goes on (and I know which matters most!) – I won’t deny this period’s been tough. Businesses have been squeezed and that’s affected my new business levels, but I’ve been fortunate in having so many loyal customers showing me their support so that we will come out of this OK.  On a personal level we’ve all missed the freedom to come and go as we please and my family have had the ‘pleasure’ of me working from home.  It’s also reminded me that the ones you love are the most important thing in this world and that they are safe and well when so many others aren’t makes me truly grateful Things won’t be the same again – the ‘new normal’ of which we keep hearing about is going to bring a lot of changes. The number of people working from home will soar from its current level of 1.7m people as organisations see they can do it and employees see that they’d rather do it.  Online shopping levels will continue to boom and break the £200bn barrier for the first time which will in turn /company/dorset-chamber/

see delivery services enjoy a further boost. Conversely, I can see this marking another decline in the use of private vehicles – especially diesels – as people enjoy breathing clean air, have less need to own cars as they are working remotely and as ride-sharing services like Lift expand in the UK Like everyone else I will welcome the end of lockdown with open arms.  The whole Coronavirus crisis has been horrendous and the loss of life tragic.  It will undoubtedly usher in changes to the way we work and live, but I think we can collectively take pride in the way we have dealt with it. Here’s to getting back to (the new) normal!




Many companies will go the extra mile for their clients Rob Towler from Creative Studios takes us though the companies journey. But in the case of one of region’s longestestablished design and advertising agencies, that has meant going around the world many times, metaphorically speaking at least. The family-owned and run Creative Studios based at the Creative Gallery in St Johns Hill, Wareham, is coming up to 45 years in business. And in that time they have counted as clients some of the world’s best cruise lines and agents (including Seabourn, SeaDream, Cunard, Celestyal Cruises, Deluxe Cruises and Cruise Advisory Service) as well as some very familiar names much closer to home. If you ever flew on a Palmair day trip or holiday or browsed through a Bath Travel holiday magazine, you will be more than familiar with the design skills of Creative. For 30 they produced all the travel firm’s eye-catching brochures and Whispers inflight magazines. Founder and managing partner Cliff Towler said: “We have come a long way since the early 70s, both literally and figuratively. We have worked with and continue to work with some of the biggest brands in the world of travel, but we remain at heart a true family business and we are very proud of that.” Cliff and his brother Graham both went to Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and then tentatively began business in 1976 from the dining room table at the family home in Langside Avenue and then the garden shed. Cliff, who had previously been a trainee silk screen printer was still a student. On leaving college in 1977 Cliff decided to go freelance, building on a fledgling client list doing artwork and illustrations for advertising agencies and printers and takes on short term contract work as a technical illustrator for Airbus Industries in Bremen, Germany. The following year Cliff moved into his first office in Bournemouth at 230 Old Christchurch Road and bought his first proper drawing board. He undertook frequent short term contracts for The Atomic Energy Establishment at Winfrith on illustration, design and exhibition work. Cliff explained: “Our big break came after a move to the basement at more news online -

Dorchester Chambers in Yelverton Road, near the Echo. “I designed a low air fares advert for Don Lanning, then managing director at Bath Travel and charged £10. “The company loved the work and so began a 30-year relationship that lasted as long as the travel firm itself. “They were our biggest clients for decades and it really helped put us on the map. It was a hugely exciting time.” An avalanche of work followed this first major account gain, including the first of many two year contracts with AEE Winfrith and airbrush illustrations for IPC Magazines, Young Advertising, Riggs Advertising and many more. It means buying lots of new equipment to keep Creative in the forefront of the latest technology which has always been a big part of its success. There was another huge step forward in 1981 when Creative began work for the National Trust producing maps, property leaflets and information panels for most of the National Trust properties stretching throughout Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, The North and South Downs and the Isle of Wight. This would also a long term relationship. Cliff and Graham’s sister Annie left school in 1982 and started working for the business on a government YTS scheme. More staff are taken on to supply the studio on site at AEE Winfrith. In 1985 Graham left Link House Publications to join Creative which moved to new premises at 60b Nortoft Road, Charminster, a design and production hub all under one roof. Neil Allen joined as studio junior in 1987 and the Bath Travel work was increasing as Creative take on all of their advertising and print work. Projects like the Palmair brochure, Bath Travel Holiday brochures and magazines were all produced within the new ‘hub’ environment. In 1988 Annie and Neil married cementing the family nature of the business. More clients came on board in this exciting phase of the business including West Dorset District Council and South Somerset District Council who decided

they wanted to become a major tourism destination second only to the Cotswolds. And as the 90s began there was more expansion. The London Tourist Board commissioned the team for projects promoting South East London. This led onto the SE London Green Chain, a huge project linking together London’s open spaces and involved, birds eye maps, information panels, leaflets and an early website. 1994 saw Creative produce the first ever ground-breaking tourism brochure for West Dorset Council. They are still producing the brochure to this day. And in 1996 Creative set up its own repro film separation system, a ten step process from design to print. Creative were appointed to produce the Palmair Whispers In-flight magazine and the following year, 1998, Cliff’s son Robert joined to run the pre-press production department. He quickly became invaluable forming a formidable working relationship with Neil which is now the bedrock of the business. In the mid 2000s, the firm relocated to Holdenhurst Road as changing technology meant less space was needed. It later moved to its current home, the Creative Gallery in Wareham. More cruise work came in and the company’s global expertise in this sector continues to be recognised. In 2018 Creative was appointed as part of the worldwide marketing team by Cypriot owned Celestyal Cruises to create bespoke pieces in multiple languages for their Cruise Line based in Athens, Greece. It was also hired by Prestige Holidays Travel Agency in Ringwood to produce their holiday brochures. Cliff said: “We developed a great reputation across many sectors but travel and tourism has always been right up there at the top and indeed continues to be so in our work with Celestyal and Prestige. It has been an incredible journey, in more ways than one, since those early days at the dining room table and in the shed.” 45

MEMBERSHIP Probably the best networking event I’ve attended in a long time

There are plenty of reasons to join the Dorset Chamber

I have met some great new contacts

Becoming a first time exporter was daunting, the team were so helpful

Really useful advice on growing my business

Publicity was important to us and the Chamber has helped us massively

Saving money wasn’t my intention, but I have

Whatever you need for your business we are here to help, support and inform you.

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MEMBER OFFERS Y-not? Finance donating to Local Coronavirus support Charity with every financial plan taken Until the end of May* Y-not? Finance are offering Dorset Chamber members a FREE financial well-being assessment and service to staff/employees. During these unprecedented times Y-not? Finance will give advice on reducing your outgoings, including mortgage payment holidays, debt management and mortgage reviews. They will also access insurances to offer further help. Y-not? Finance will donate 10% of any commission to FCCS (Ferndown Community Coronavirus Support.)Â A Ferndown based group supporting the local community. Please contact Tony Brown 01202 912182 *may be extended

The Insightful UX team are offering Dorset Chamber members a great FREE opportunity to evaluate their website and give 10 ways to improve it. This will include quick wins and copy changes that can be implemented right now, for free. Insightful UX will also give members a FREE forecast illustrating how much income your site could be generating with some fixes. Please initially contact Claudia on 01202 912760 who will be very pleased to help.

SME Business Leaders of Dorset Chamber Member Companies offered FREE peer group support by Vistage David McDonald, Chair of Vistage, a private advisory group for MD's, executives and business owners, is currently offering FREE, weekly peer group meetings for SME business leaders in Dorset. There are currently two groups running and David is happy to do more to help in these uncertain times. Please contact David on 07872 407548

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Aspire Insurance Services offering Dorset Chamber Members Free Insurance Risk Management advice during the Covid 19 Lockdown

Free FULL Business Review offered to Dorset Chamber Members by Antony Batty and Company LLP until 31st May 2020

Aspire Insurance Services are offering Dorset Chamber Members FREE Insurance Risk Management advice during the Covid 19 lock down. With many workers now home based using business equipment and unocupancy rules usually becoming effective after 30 days being just two of the many key areas to check. Until 31st May 2020, Tristan is able to conduct a full free review of your insurance and make sure that you have the best insurance for the needs of your business. Call Tristan on 01425 486566

Antony Batty & Co in Bournemouth help both businesses and individuals with turnaround restructuring and insolvency. Until 31st May 2020* they are pleased to offer Dorset Chamber Members a Free, Full business review to guide them through all the options that are available to them in these unprecedented times. To take advantage of this great offer please contact Elaine 01202 201561 *may be extended

Homeline Mortgages Ltd here to help Dorset Chamber Members with Mortgage Advice

Homeline Mortgages are happy on a pro bono, (Free) basis to talk to any Dorset Chamber Members who are struggling with mortgage advice in our unprecedented climate. Currently lenders are massively restricting their offerings owing to having to battle with staff working from home and the inability to conduct physical valuations for Remortgage purposes. Tim will give advice to help through these unprecedented times. He can be contacted on 01202 937444


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MEMBER OFFERS Insight6 offering 1-hour virtual workshops that will enable you to develop a robust customer success plan This is a FREE 1 Hour online workshop repeated every Tuesday until the end of May. This crisis is impacting all of us in different ways and whilst we have some time to think, we would like to offer support to our local business community in the form of a free virtual workshop. During this unprecedented time, we are typically seeing and hearing that businesses are dealing with.... • losing customers • changing customer expectations • reduced staff levels • closure of premises • significant changes to operating procedures • impacted supply chains ....we don't even know if you recognise any of these as issues faced by your organisation? If you do, one of the key ways to address the problems thrown up by COVID-19 is to spend some time thinking about, and planning, how to deliver success for your customers and clients.

This 1-hour virtual workshop will enable you to develop a robust customer success plan to get through the current situation and thrive beyond the pandemic by..... • Reflecting on your current customer experience delivery • Reviewing the findings and identifying the opportunities • Refining your approach to a changing customer-centric environment This event is suitable for business owners and leaders whose businesses have been impacted during the COVID-19 crisis. Join us for some simple tools and exercises that will help to unlock and structure your thinking during this time of uncertainty. Once you have booked your ticket, we will forward you the link to the ZOOM session

Deep Cleaning Service offered by Dorset Commercial Cleaning Dorset Commercial Cleaning are offering members a Deep Cleaning Service for all commercial properties, what ever the size. Please contact James Lattimer directly on 01202 986700 and ask for their Special Dorset Chamber member rates.

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FREE network perimeter vulnerability scan from SecQuest SecQuest are keen to see that businesses are adhering to security best practices in these unusual times, especially with large numbers of staff now unexpectedly working from home and the knock-on effect this has on network infrastructure components. Until the end of April 2020, we are offering Dorset Chamber members with a Dorset based businesses a free of charge network perimeter vulnerability scan of up to one Class-C network (~255 IP addresses), followed by a short phone call to highlight and discuss any known vulnerabilities or misconfigurations that we identify. If you would like us to run a perimeter scan for your organisation free of charge, please contact Paul at or 0345 193 1337

Member to Member offer – Marie Smith SUCCESSMITH As a leader of yourself, your business and maybe a team or teams – what are the things that keep you awake at night? • Do focus enough on your senior team and specifically the individuals within it? • How comfortable are you in easily identifying the enablers to support collaborative working that will deliver your business goals? • What is getting in the way of you supporting your team to be the best they can be? • What drives each person in your team? • What techniques you can use as a leader to understand individual and team motivators and create a 'one team' ethos to experience the tangible benefits of the “win/we win” approach? • Do you want to build a capability in yourself that you may not even realise you have? • Do you wish to be a great leader in a way that is authentic to you and your business? If any of the above resonates with you then let’s talk! I am offering to DCCI members: • Complimentary 60-minute session to explore the things that you want to be even better at to develop you, your team and ultimately your business in a sustainable way • 10% discount on my usual fees on: • one-to-one coaching packages • team coaching, • workshop facilitation • bespoke value-added, longer term coaching and development business partner arrangements. 50

May 2020 | Dorset Business Focus

What skills and experience can I offer you? I founded SUCCESSMITH, my leadership coaching and development business in 2012, following 30 plus years of experience in the HR and Learning & Development profession, working in the private, public, not for profit and higher education sectors. I now thrive on supporting leaders through coaching and development activities focusing on the human aspects of businesses. I am an approachable human, who is a qualified international coach (ICF) a fellow of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and licenced practitioner in Myers Briggs (MBTI), Total Strengths, Firework Career coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Do contact me for more information and to talk through what outcomes you want and the options to get you there. Contact Name: Marie Smith Email: Linked In:





Accountants & Tax Advisors ABGI UK, London 0203 984 0321 Albert Goodman, Weymouth 01305 722458 Arnold Accounting & Bookkeeping Services Ltd, Christchurch 01202 331627 Bicknell Business Advisers Ltd, Bournemouth 01202 025252 BKB Accountants, Poole 01202 950527 Certius Professional Services Limited, Poole 08006 890794 Filer Knapper LLP, Christchurch 01202 483341 Frost and Company, Dorchester 01202 840225 Grant Sellers Chartered Accountants, Verwood 01202 824500 Hill Osborne, Poole 01202 678555 Hixsons Business Enablers, Bournemouth 01202 520010 Inspire Professional Services Limited, Poole 01202 717867 Mazars LLP, Poole 01202 680777 Morris Lane, Poole 01202 715950 PKF Francis Clark, Poole 01202 663600 Saffery Champness LLP, Bournemouth 01202 204742 Schofields Chartered Accountants, Bournemouth 01202 555785 more news online -

SJT Accounts Ltd, Bournemouth 07855 295280 Smith and Williamson Southampton, Southampton 02380 827600 Tragor Ltd, Poole 01202 680914 Ward Goodman Chartered Accountants, Wimborne 01202 875900

Think Research, Poole 01202 765654


Bars & Restaurants

DMW Architects Ltd, Wimborne 01202 884024 Lionel Gregory Architects Ltd, Poole 01202 723157 QP Architecture, Christchurch 01202 484642 Western Design Architects, Blandford Forum 01258 830675

Artist Anne Evans - Artist, Bournemouth 07748 656093 EYECONART, Wimborne 01202 981293

Audio Visual Equipment Quad Vision Ltd, Wimborne 03300 419019

Autoclave Pressure Vessels ASC Process Systems Limited, Poole 07919 276205

Aviation Bournemouth Airport, Christchurch 01202 364114 Cobham plc, Wimborne 01202 882020 DAeCO, Poole 01202 880302 FGP Systems ltd, Weymouth 01305 773638

Banking HSBC, Bournemouth 03455 848056 J.P.Morgan, Bournemouth 01202 342000 Santander Corporate Banking, Bournemouth 05511 440251 Banana Wharf Poole, Poole 01202 665062 Rick Stein, Poole 01202 283000 The Cliff, Poole 01202 492921

Bathroom Design & Instalation Ocean Bathrooms, Bridport 01308 800511

Bookkeeping and Payroll CrystalPoint Accountancy Ltd, Poole 01202 878688 Milburn Finance, Bournemouth 01202 535399 Ookkee, Poole 01202 283214

Branding & Design Becks Neale Designer & Brand Consultant, Ferndown 01202 973017 Creative Coup, Bournemouth 02088 193553 Identity UK, Chard 01460 298615

Business Associations Bournemouth Property Association, Bournemouth 01202 786151 Poole Business Improvement District (BID), Poole 01202 308800 51


Wimborne BID, Wimborne Minster 01202 888992

Business Coaching/ Consultancy Amanda J Green Ltd, London WC1N 07976 613553 Aspirin Business Solutions Limited, Bournemouth 07388 488920 Bidbetter Ltd, Poole 07944 847014/01202 237506 Blue Shoots, Bournemouth 07547 749604 Brian G Ford FCA, Ringwood 01425 472749, Business Coaching Dorset Ltd, Poole 07973 137470 Business Doctors, Bournemouth 07469 937793 David McDonald Consulting Ltd, Bournemouth 07872 407548, DELTA Group, Broadstone 01202 690348 Dorset Business Mentoring, Poole 01202 607530 G W A, Ringwood 01425 489533, HANTEC SYSTEMS LIMITED, Eastleigh 023 8166 1995 Helen Gormley Wellbeing, Poole 07912 652240 Insight6 - Dorset, Salisbury 07887 554898, J R L Coaching and Consulting, Bournemouth 07795 202982 KIMCO, WIMBORNE 01202 888549 Leaf Consulting, Wimborne 07960 653525 Mmm Thoughtful Business, Dorchester 07879 400072 52

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Novus CX Consultancy, Bournemouth 07841 431407, Pidela Consulting Ltd, Dorchester 07866 360334 Profitable Conversation, Bournemouth 07790 484477 Quay Development Coaching, Poole 01202 690415 Raymond-Dance Business Solutions Limited, Bournemouth 07506 872231 Selfless Leadership Ltd, Poole 07712 468338 Sheridan Lake Associates, Christchurch 07831 310613 SME Assistance - Simon Rigby, Tarrant Monkton 07590 673704 SUCCESSMITH, Poole 07763 316763 The Arts Development Company, Dorchester 01305 224901 uk The Change Agent Ltd, Bournemouth 07990 514537 The DS Consortium Group Ltd, Swanage 07532 889488, Transitions Life Coaching, Ringwood 01425 472354 Wessex Ventures Limited, Ferndown 07768 703809

Business Recovery & Insolvency

Leonard Curtis Business Solutions Group, Southampton 02382 022900


Business Support Services BNI Dorset Ltd, Totton 07887 553242 Contemporary PA, Poole 01305 470021 Customs Desk ltd, Cardiff 07908 007708 Dorset Business Angels, Bournemouth 01202 706975 Evolve, Poole 0333 322 2332, Flexible Project Management, Broadstone 07710 454065 Gradient (Europe) Ltd, Bournemouth 07595 264368 IMSM - ISO Specialists, Wareham 07823 332895 Kirks Insolvency, Poole 01202 606400 Law Point, Bournemouth 01202 729444 Mark Gracey GDPR, Lytchett Matravers 07833 297193, Security and Fraud Experts (SAFE), Sherborne 01305 361199 The Passionate PA (UK) Ltd, Poole 01202 802863

Car Parking Britannia Parking Group LTD, Poole 01202 555888


Antony Batty & Co, Bournemouth 01202 551193

TRI Group, Bournemouth 01202 983358

Verulam Advisory, Bournemouth 01202 941475

Bluebird Care Bournemouth & Poole, Bournemouth 01202 283777 Coltoncare - Bourne View Nursing & Residential Care Home, Poole 01202 460900 Good Oaks Franchising Ltd, Poole 01202 757787




Catering & Catering Equipment Beales Gourmet Ltd , Poole 01202 700992 Comax Ltd, Ringwood 01202 684111 Guarantee Laundries Ltd, Stalbridge 01935 812118 Signature Catering, Ringwood 01425 477665

Chamber of Commerce Bridport Business Chamber of Trade and Commerce, Bridport 07577 199786 Dorchester Chamber for Business, Dorchester 01305 360293 Dorset Chamber, Poole 01202 714800 Ferndown Chamber for Business, Ferndown 01202 912182 Gillingham Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Gillingham 01747 823699 Shaftesbury & District Chamber of Commerce (SDCC), Shaftesbury 01747 850059/01747 853957 Sherborne Chamber of Trade & Commerce, Sherborne 07594-805013 Somerset Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Taunton 01823 444924 Swanage & District Chamber of Trade, Swanage 07966 462974 Weymouth & Portland Chamber of Commerce, Weymouth 07730 135973

Autism Wessex, Christchurch 01202 483360 BCHA, Bournemouth 01202 410500 Bournemouth Hospital Charity, Bournemouth 01202 704060 Care South, Poole 01202 712400 Citizens Advice Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole, Bournemouth 01202 290967 Diverse Abilities, Poole 01202 718266 Dorset Blind Association, Poole 01202 712864 Dorset Community Foundation, Poole 01202 670815 Dorset Mind, Bournemouth 07515 255625 Dorset Reclaim, Bournemouth 01202 773384 Dorset Wildlife Trust, Dorchester 01305 217987 Education Development Trust, Fareham 01329 559170 Faithworks Wessex, Bournemouth 01202 429037 Help and Care, Bournemouth 03001 113303 Home-Start North Dorset, Sturminster Newton 01258 473038 Hope HTS, Bournemouth 01202 312231


Julia’s House, Poole 01202 644220

Ansbury, Poole 01202 677557

Lewis-Manning Hospice Care, Poole 01202 708470

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Lighthouse Poole, Poole 01202 781 320 Pavilion Dance South West, Bournemouth 01202 203637 Pivotal Housing Association, Bournemouth 01202 306070 Poole Hospital Charity, Poole 01202 448449 Prama Foundation, Poole 01202 207300 Rotary Wessex, Wimborne 01202 882277 SafeWise, Bournemouth 01202 591330 Sexual Trauma and Recovery Services (STARS), Poole 01202 308840 Talbot Village Trust, Poole 01202 338551 The Grove Hotel Bournemouth, Bournemouth 01202 552233 The Tank Museum, Bovington 01929 405096 Wessex Heartbeat, Southampton 02380 706095 WISE Ability Services Ltd, Bournemouth 07712 393719 YMCA Bournemouth, Bournemouth 01202 290451 Youth Cancer Trust, Bournemouth 01202 763591

Chemical Supply Analytical Services OEMAchem, Southampton 02380 707686

Cleaning Services AMS Cleaning Ltd, Broadstone 01202 600611 53


Domestic Angels, Bournemouth 01202 267350 Dorset Commercial Cleaning, Poole 01202 986700

Construction & Surveyors Acheson Construction Ltd, Dorchester 01305 267938 Align Property Consultants Limited, Poole 01202 695777 Building Options Ltd, Bournemouth 01202 798428 Colmar Construction Construction (Poole) Ltd, Poole 01202 611211 Composite Profiles UK Limited, Poole 01202 659237 Cowling and West, Wimborne 01202 558262 ELM Planning Services, BOURNEMOUTH 07450 265805 Godsell Arnold Partnership Ltd, Broadstone 01202 600900 Graham Garner & Partners Ltd, Broadstone 01202 697341 Greendale Construction Ltd, Poole 01202 764551 Harry J Palmer Holdings Ltd, Wimborne 01202 842224 MC Plan and Site Services Ltd, Poole 01202 744966 MEH Construction Management Ltd, Poole 01202 766732 Primmer Olds B.A.S Chartered Surveyors, Bournemouth 01202 013015 Savills, Wimborne 01202 856800 54

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Sherborne Holdings Ltd, Bournemouth 01202 303585 Siteright Construction Supplies Ltd, Sturminster Marshall 01258 858028 Spetisbury Construction Ltd, Wimborne 01202 856685 T A Colbourne Projects Ltd, Poole 01202 716516 WFBA Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers, Romsey 01794 368241

Day Nurseries

Construction Design & Build


All Build Developments, Ferndown 01202 070560 PDL BOURNEMOUTH LTD, Bournemouth 01202 554450 TWK Scaffolding Group, Ferndown 01202 537305

Consultancy - Compliance Risk Advisory Space Time Ltd, Christchurch 07780 877167

Corporate Gifts & Clothing Wessex Trophies Limited, Broadstone 01202 650444

Couriers & Freight Forwarding AOG Worldwide Ltd, Christchurch 01202 375702 E-Tel Express (UK), Ferndown 01202 874156 Kuehne & Nagel Ltd, Uxbridge 01159 438000 Schenker Ltd, Poole 01202 862150

Cyber Security ESET UK, Bournemouth 01202 405405 Integrated Cyber, Axminster 02037 270615 /company/dorset-chamber/

Tops Day Nurseries, Bournemouth 01202 551553

Defence ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK LTD, Dorchester 01305 212400

Digital Marketing Consultant New Life Social, Poole 07940 333001

Display & Storage Suppliers Shopfitting Warehouse, Wimborne 01258 859900 Clarendon Specialty Fasteners, Swindon 01793 439166 De Monchy Aromatics Ltd, Poole 01202 620888, DigitalAir Wireless, Poole 01202 612400 Kong Company Ltd, Salisbury 01722 783211 Pam International, London WC2H 9JQ 07496 388327, Riverside Aromatics Ltd, Poole 01202 679532

Education Arts University Bournemouth, Poole 01202 533011 Aurora Boveridge College, Wimborne 01725 551247 boveridgecollege Bluestone College, Ferndown 01202 618355 Bournemouth and Poole College , Poole 01202 205831 Bournemouth University, Poole 01202 961961 Bright Scholar (BCS) Management Limited, Bournemouth 01202 423266 / 436578




Hooke Court Limited, Beaminster 01308 862260 Kingston Maurward Enterprises Ltd (KME), Dorchester 01305 215000 PETA Limited, Portsmouth 02392 538700 Skills & Learning - Adult Community Education., Poole 01202 262316 Solent University, Southampton 02382 013291 SWRAC, Wimborne 07841 784000 The Bournemouth English Book Centre, Poole 01202 712908 Weymouth College, Weymouth 01305 208919 Young Enterprise, Oxford 07918 564958

Electric Vehicle Charging Apollo Electric Car Chargers, Southampton 01962 790005

Electrical Services Drewlec Electrical Services, Bournemouth 01202 575757 Purewell Electrical, Bournemouth 01202 484411

Energy Efficiency Services Thermal & Acoustic Solutions Ltd, Christchurch 01202 487463 Utility Point Energy & Telecoms, Poole 03455 577878/03455 570055

Engineering A & M Defence & Marine Services Ltd, Wimborne 01202 828700 more news online -

Aeronautical & General Instruments Ltd, Poole 01202 689022 Aish Technologies, Poole 01202 307082 Aviation & Defence Spares, Poole 01202 768667 Avonwood Developments Ltd, Wimborne 01202 868000 Chemring Technology Solutions Ltd, Poole 01202 628155 DBC Engineering , Ferndown 07767 628295 Downhole Tools International Ltd, Poole 01202 690001 G K D Technik Ltd, Wimborne 01202 861961 iec Ltd, Poole 01202 339559 IS-Rayfast Ltd, Swindon 01793 439136 Lab21 Healthcare Ltd, Bridport 01308 421829 Littlemore Scientific Engineering, Gillingham 01747 835550 Modulift UK Ltd, Poole 01202 621511 Moore International Ltd, Poole 01202 623393 Reidsteel, Christchurch 01202 483333 SAFI LTD, Poole 01202 624618 Smiths Metal Centres Ltd, Verwood 01202 893755 Spherea Test & Services Limited, Christchurch 01202 872800

Tides Marine International Ltd, Poole 01202 656773 Tods Defence Ltd, Portland 01305 820345 Ultra Electronics ENERGY, Wimborne 01202 850450

Event Management & Equipment BH Live, Bournemouth 01202 055555 Bournemouth 7s, Poole 01202 545630 Brighter Productions Ltd, Wimborne 01202 737848 Innovative Hire Ltd, Poole 01202 941068 Marquee Elegance, Shillingstone 01202 746340/07971 781848 Quadrant2Design, Poole 01202 723500 Sandpolo Ltd, Aldeburgh 07796 693796 Seventa Events, Poole 01202 237433 UKSV, Ringwood 01425 480444

Financial Services Apex CB Financial Planning, Poole 01202 622223 Archway Financial Solutions LLP, RINGWOOD 01425 600616 Baggette Wealth Management Ltd, Poole 01202 676983 Bloom Finance Group CIC, Bournemouth 01202 914413, Blue Sky Financial Planning Ltd, Poole 01202 756560 Business Cash Enabler, Bournemouth 07732 627085 55


Church House Investment Management, Sherborne 01935 382620

Strategic Solutions Chartered Financial Planners, Poole 01202 769890

The Jordans & Ryvita Company, Dorchester 01305 751000

Clark Financial Services, Christchurch 01202 486888

Teachers Building Society, Wimborne 01202 843500

Funeral Services & Directors

Continuum (Financial Services) LLP, Bournemouth 07738 206389

The Lewis Workplace Pension Trust, Poole 01202 738650

Creditplus, Poole 01202 684898

The Mortgage Explorer, New Milton 01425 627511 www.brooklandscommercialfinance. com/

First Capital Finance Ltd, Bournemouth 01202 434000 GPFM Financial Planners, Poole 07702 215986 Homeline Mortgages Ltd, Poole 01202 937444 Ideal Financial Solutions, Poole 01202 916488 Investec Wealth & Investment Limited, Bournemouth 01202 208100 Lester Brunt Wealth Management, Wimborne Minster 01202 695801 Lewis & Co (Investments & Pensions) Limited, Poole 01202 718400 Life Matters, Poole 01202 025481 Moneycorp, South West London 02078 287000 Mortgage Squared Ltd, Bournemouth 01202 313182

TheNonExec, Ringwood 01202 828266 Walker Wealth Management, Blandford Forum 01202 087499 WHIreland Wealth Management, Poole 01202 974111

F C Douch & Son (Funerals), Wimborne 01202 882936 Nicholas O’Hara Funeral Directors Ltd, Wimborne 01202 882134,

Furniture Custom World Dorset Ltd, Ferndown 01202 896816 G P & J Baker Limited, Poole 01202 266999

Graphic Design Creative Studios, Wareham 01929 551700

Green Energy

Y-Not Finance, Ferndown 01202 912182

Voltalia UK PLC, London W6 07989 494455

Food & Drink


ABP Yetminster, Sherborne 01935 872777

Alchemy Health Clinic, Wimborne 01202 880136

BV Dairy, Shaftesbury 01747 851855

Bioenergetics Systems Technology Group Ltd, Poole 01202 785888

Cherry Picked Hampers & Events Bar, Blandford Forum 01305 307107/07773 166661 Furleigh Estate, BRIDPORT 01308 488991 Hall & Woodhouse Ltd, Blandford St Mary 01258 452141

Bridge Health & Wellbeing, Christchurch 01202 473800 BWT Physio, Poole 01202 749514 DDC Dolphin Limited, Poole 01202 731555

Harlees Fish and Chips, Wimborne 01202 602524

Dorset Heart Clinic, Bournemouth 01202 705454

Organix Brands Ltd, Bournemouth 07458 022789

Kestrel Medical Ltd, Broadstone 01202 658444

SG Financial Ltd, Poole 07775 710551

Rossi International Ltd, Wimborne 01258 857210

Liberty Private Care, Christchurch 01202 800494

Shrap, Bournemouth 07837 182494

Table Mates, Bournemouth 01202 434 555

Livewell Dorset, Weymouth 01305 233105

Peter Harding Wealth Management, Poole 01202 830730


April 2020 | Dorset Business Focus





Nuffield Health Bournemouth Hospital, Bournemouth 01202 702809

Hallmark Hotels East Cliff Bournemouth, Bournemouth 03300 283411

Village Hotel Bournemouth , Bournemouth 01202 416147

Health & Safety

Haynes International Motor Museum, Yeovil 01963 442796


DoorTECH Safety Solutions , Ferndown 08458 385906 Wessex Safety Services LLP, Bournemouth 07850 030791

Holiday Parks Hoburne Ltd, Christchurch 01425 277661 Rockley Park (Bourne Leisure), Poole 01202 680691 West Dorset Leisure Holidays, Bridport 01308 422139

Home Improvements A.W. Boyce Home Improvements, Poole 01202 681564, KSG Painting and Decorating Ltd, Bournemouth 01202 540109

Home Technology Living Home Technology , Poole 01202 775133

Hotels & Conferencing Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott Hotel, Bournemouth 01202 557702 Bournemouth West Cliff Hotel, Bournemouth 01202 751000 Captains Club Hotel, Christchurch 01202 475111 Chewton Glen, New Milton 01425 275341 Christchurch Harbour Hotel & Spa, Christchurch 01202 483434 Crown Hotel, Blandford Forum 01258 456626 more news online -

Hermitage Hotel and NEO Restaurant, Bournemouth 01202 557363 Hotel Du Vin & Bistro Poole, Poole 01202 785570 Kingston Country Courtyard, Corfe Castle 01929 481066 Marsham Court Hotel, Bournemouth 01202 552111 Minterne Estate, Dorchester 01300 341370 New Forest Hotels Plc, Lyndhurst 02380 286 126 Oceana Hotels & Leisure, Bournemouth 01202 298350 RNLI, Poole 03003 007654 Royal Bath Hotel, Bournemouth 01202 204917 Summer Lodge Hotel, Dorchester 01935 482000 The Green House Hotel, Bournemouth 01202 498900 The Hilton Bournemouth, Bournemouth 01202 804775 The Holiday Inn Bournemouth, Bournemouth 01202 291266

Emphasis HR and Training, Romsey 01794 874232 Perfect HR, Bournemouth 0333 7721029 Purple HR Ltd, Bournemouth 01202 801047 Trinity HR , Bournemouth 01202 798841 ViewHR Ltd, Ringwood 01425 205390

Import/Export Services EMONA PARTNERS LTD., Bournemouth 07961 094428 Integrated Marine Services Ltd, Southampton 02380 623789 International Trade Matters, Bampton 01398 332881 IST Supplies Ltd, Broadstone 01202 692775 Silverline Enterprises LTD, Poole 01202 725500 Zentrade, Bournemouth 07903 237811

Insurance A -One Insurance Group, Ringwood 01425 480700 Alan & Thomas Insurance Group, Poole 01202 754900

The Kings Harbour Hotel, Christchurch 01202 588933

All Insure Services Ltd, Blandford Forum 01258 488879

The Lulworth Estate, Wareham 01929 400352

Cornish Mutual, Truro 07970 224338/07814929262 57


Coversure Insurance Services (Poole & Weymouth), Poole 01202 929141/01305 457202 Finch Group Commercial Insurance Brokers, Poole 01202 759725 Gallagher Insurance Brokers, Bournemouth 08002 988707, Health-on-Line, Bournemouth 01202 057412 NFU Mutual Wessex, Wareham 01929 553472 Stackhouse Poland, Poole 01202 647400 The Insurance Institute of Bournemouth, Bournemouth 01202 518242 bournemouth UK Health Insurance, Poole 01202 756352

IT Support Business Ltd, Bournemouth 03300 881 335 ITEC Connect Ltd, Wimborne 01202 848866 Juice Broadband, Poole 01202 332331

BCP Council, Bournemouth 01202 454630

Keyfort Ltd, Bournemouth 08448 014580

Dorset Council, Dorchester 01305 221000

Kimcell Ltd, Dorchester 01202 755300

Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership , Poole 01202 962719

Netriver Systems Limited, Weymouth 02087 060995 QuoStar Solutions Ltd, Bournemouth 0845 644 0331 SecQuest Information Security Ltd, Wimborne 0345 19 31 337

Interactive 3D & VR CentreVR Limited, Bournemouth 01202 878300

Target IT Services, Bournemouth 01202 538488

Yooport, Christchurch 07393 284204

TECHNEDs Investment LLP, Poole 03333 031047


The IT Department Solutions Ltd, Bournemouth 01202 316008

Aura Technology Limited, Southampton 03333 208601

Kitchen Design

C3IA Solutions Limited, Poole 01202 721123

Landscape Services

Chillblast, Poole 01202 068333 ENHANCED, Poole 01202 308000 Glitch IT Limited, Christchurch 01202 237996, Poole 07772 355726 58

April 2020 | Dorset Business Focus

Bourne Lifts Ltd, Wimborne 01202 582923/07808 813804

Local Authority

Sense IT Support, Ringwood 01425 267267

A B S Computer Systems Ltd, Poole 01202 770900

Lifts Supply & Installation

Curiel Kitchen Designs, Ferndown 01202 897332/07834 228129

Eazy Garden Ltd, Ferndown 01202 978373

Manufacturing A & E Connock (Perfumery & Cosmetics) Ltd, Wimborne 01425 653367 A B Precision (Poole) Ltd, Poole 01202 665000 Abbey Supply Co Ltd, Poole 01202 623258 Ability Projects Ltd, Poole 01202 305800 AlfaTronix Ltd, Poole 01202 715517 Alltrista Plastics Limited, Christchurch 01202 483636 Altro Resin Systems, Dorchester 01300 320620 Ashland ASI ISP Microcaps UK Ltd, Poole 01202 627352, ASM Assembly Systems (Weymouth)., Weymouth 01305 760760 BEST Fittings Ltd, Gillingham 01747 312672

Landscape Supplies & Aggregates Suttle Stone Quarries, Swanage 01929 439444

BOFA International Ltd, Poole 01202 699444

Laundry Service & Equipment

British Diamond Wire Die Co Ltd, Poole 01202 745104,

Tech2Serv Ltd, Bournemouth 07917 542246

C R Instruments ltd, Christchurch 01202 989822





C.C.Moore & Co Ltd, Sturminster Newton 01963 362234 Caleva Process Solutions Ltd, Sturminster Newton 01258 471122 Capricorn Labs, Ringwood 01425 461834 Carlisle Fluid Technologies UK Ltd, Bournemouth 01202 571111 Caterpillar Marine Power UK Ltd, Wimborne 01202 796000 CBD Health Foods Ltd, . 0203 198 6986 CBRNergetics Ltd, Poole 01202 800298 CDA Products Limited, Shaftesbury 01747 352999 Confex Technology Ltd, Poole 01202 881466 Cygnus Instruments Ltd, Dorchester 01305 265533 Darlena Ltd, Bournemouth 01202 302010 Denis Wick Products Ltd, Poole 01202 665100 Dometic Group Ltd, Blandford Forum 03446 260141 Electronic Technicians Ltd, Wimborne 01202 897722 Enovation Controls Ltd, Salisbury 01722 410055 Field International Limited, Poole 01202 676331 FireSTOP Manufacturing Ltd, Dorchester 01305 213112 Flowbird Transport Limited, Poole 01202 339339 more news online -

Focal Point Fires, Christchurch 01202 499330

Lotek UK Ltd, Wareham 01929 552992

Get Fresh Cosmetics Ltd, Bournemouth 01202 859059

Lush Manufacturing Ltd, Poole 01202 664040

Greens Combustion, Poole 01202 607563 Hamworthy Combustion Engineering Ltd, Poole 01202 662717, Hamworthy Heating Limited, Poole 01202 662500 Heatric (Division of Meggitt (UK) Ltd), Poole 01202 627000 HFC Prestige International Operations, Bournemouth 01202 524141, Honeywell Analytics Ltd, Poole 01202 676161 HT Portland Ltd, Portland 01305 822828 Hydreco Hydraulics Limited, Poole 01202 627500 Hyphose Ltd, Poole 01202 673333 I C B Waterproofing, Poole 01202 785200 I C Brindle & Co Ltd, Broadstone 01202 657814 Industrial Abrasives Ltd, Christchurch 01202 303362 Ishida Europe, Poole 01202 466300 Kallo Foods Ltd, Camberley 01276 609000

Magicard Ltd, Weymouth 01305 470000 Magni Telescopic Handlers UK Ltd, Poole 01202 070279, Marden Edwards Ltd, Wimborne 01202 861200 Neal’s Yard Remedies, Gillingham 01747 834665 NETZSCH Pumps & Systems Ltd, Dorchester 01935 483900 Nexus Cooling Ltd, Poole 01202 250100 Nunet Ltd, Ringwood 01202 821572 Oakmount Control Systems Ltd, Yeovil 07812 653583 Packline Ltd, Poole 01202 307700 Physicool Ltd, Dorchester 07778 274265 Polyhose (UK) Ltd, Christchurch 01202 478334 Precision Acoustics Ltd, Dorchester 01305 264669 Primetals Technologies Limited, Christchurch 01202 331000 R. Hamilton & Co. Ltd, Mere 01747 860088

Kingpin Products Ltd, Poole 01202 662911,

Rowland Sandwith Ltd, Wimborne 01202 882323

KVP EU Ltd, Beaminster 01308 867020

S K C Ltd, Blandford Forum 01258 480188

Lillidale Ltd, Wimborne 01202 848456

Sargasso Worldwide Industrial Limited, Sturminster Newton 07743 877690, 59


Senscient, Poole 01202 606460 Siemens Traffic Mobility, Poole 01202 782000 Sigma-Aldrich, Poole, * Solentim Ltd, Wimborne 01202 798510 Sontronics, Poole 01202 722583 Strouden Joinery, Poole 01202 696123 Sunseeker International, Poole 01202 382222 Superior Seals Limited, Wimborne 01202 854335 Thermal Spray Services Ltd, Bournemouth 07887 656521 Thompson Valves Ltd, Poole 01202 647827 Time & Data Systems International Ltd, Poole 01202 723535 Trimetals Limited, Blandford Forum 01258 459441 Vapormatic UK Limited, Exeter 01392 435461 Wessex Filters Ltd, Poole 01202 671671, WRES Ltd, Poole 01202 674480 Wyndham Page Ltd, Poole 01202 734656

Marine Actisense, Poole 01202 746682 Fireboy Xintex UK Operations Ltd., Poole 08453 899462 Pip Hare Ocean Racing, Poole 07787 427063 60

April 2020 | Dorset Business Focus

Marketing PR & Web Developers Alight Media, London W1D 07801 845414 Aylesworth Fleming, Bournemouth 01202 295723 B4B Marketing, Poole 01202 684400 BWR Web Design, Bournemouth 07752 444377, https://www. Caron Khan Consultancy, Bournemouth 07967 524578 Darren Northeast PR Ltd, Bournemouth 01202 676762 Digital Storm Limited, Bournemouth 01202 298392 Fireworx, Bournemouth 01202 559559 Insightful UX Ltd, Poole 01202 912760 Intergage Ltd, Poole 01202 684009 Key Digital Agency Ltd, Dorchester 01305 542000, Sturminster Newton 01258 807695 Triple Helix Ltd, Bournemouth 01202 437924 Uprated, Bournemouth 01202 559887 Veritas ABD, Ferndown 01202 894345 We Are 778 Ltd, Bournemouth 01202 778800 Wordcaster PR & Business News Service, Ferndown 01202 874079

Media & Film Dorset Biz News Ltd, Poole 07838 858228 /company/dorset-chamber/

Global, Fareham 01489 587610 Global Brand Communications, Bournemouth 01202 727070 Image Republic Ltd, Wimborne 01202 820555 LoveLove Films Ltd, Bournemouth, 1202537858 Wave 105, Fareham 01489 481057

Mediation HBL Mediation, Poole 07944 669389,

Motivational Speaker & Trainer Peter Radford Speaker, Sturminster Newton 07884 946219/ 01258820897

Motoring Sales & Servicing Bionanovate Limited, Poole 01202 695999 Breeze Volkswagen, Poole 01202 713000 Dorset Sports Cars Ltd, Wimborne 01202 825911 E T S Truck & Van, Poole 01202 669339 Hendy Group, Eastleigh 023 8024 2616 OKO Global LLP, Tiverton 02078 703156 Poole Audi, Poole 01202 775050 Star Tech Ltd, Poole 01202 694758 Volvo Cars Poole, Poole 01202 065555

Notary Services Paul Wintle Notary Public, Bournemouth 01202 267818




Office Equipment Suppliers

Property Management

Condor Office Solutions Ltd, Eastleigh 01202 537709

GH Property Management Ltd, Eastleigh 03453 080988

Logik Copying Systems Ltd, Wimborne 01202 873366

Office Furniture Osmond Ergonomics, Wimborne 01202 850550

Office Supplies Ace Office Environments Ltd, Bournemouth 01202 240000 Labelzone, Poole 01202 681311

Patents & Trademarks IP Consult, Swanage 01929 421925

Pharmaceutical PHARMAQ Ltd, Fordinbridge 01425 656081

Photographer Andrew Plant Photography & Video, Wimborne 01202 886375 Anna Klesse Photography, Poole 07873 251863 SKC Photography, Wareham 01929 551788

Printing Services & Supplies C M P Printing Limited, Poole 01202 739993 The Minster Press, Wimborne 01202 882277 The Print Agency, Wimborne 01202 872777 Xerocad Limited, Ferndown 01202 897297

Procurement Ebit Intelligent Procurement, Dorchester 01305 230500 more news online -

Property Sales and Rental ASN Capital, Bournemouth 01202 771441 Basepoint Centres Limited, Bourenmouth 01202 331700 D J Property, Weymouth 01305 778896 Goadsby & Harding (Survey & Valuation) Ltd, Bournemouth 01202 550000 James Drewitt & Son Ltd, Bournemouth 01202 575757 Move On Sales and Lettings, Poole 01202 711169 Sibbett Gregory Wright and Coles Limited, Poole 01202 661177 Vantage Point, Poole 01202 619868

Property Tax Specialists E3 Consulting Ltd, Southampton 03452 306450

Public Relations & Marketing Consultants Deep South Media Ltd, Bournemouth 01202 534487 Finger on the Pulse Research Ltd, Wells 01425 615024 Liz Lean PR, Poole 01202 701828

Publications IMS Group, Bournemouth 01202 611100 LOCALiQ, Bournemouth 01202 554601

Pulford Publicity Ltd (inc. Mags4Dorset & Brightbox Designs), Ferndown 01202 870270

Recruitment Aspire Jobs Ltd, Ringwood 07974 429217 Bijou Recruitment, Bournemouth 07941 319420 FTS Construction Recruitment, Bournemouth 01202 201225 Hardy Recruitment, Poole 01202 232520, Mploy Staffing Solutions Ltd, Poole 01202 668360 Oyster Recruitment Limited, Poole 03333 443034 Real Recruitment Solutions, Bournemouth 01202 530770 REED Specialist Recruitment, Bournemouth 01202 585585, Rubicon Recruitment Group, Poole 01202 680311 Sheridan Maine Recruitment Ltd, Bournemouth 01202 970970 TeamJobs, Poole 01202 445700 The Work Shop, Ringwood 01425 489393

Recruitment & Software Gradhire (Direct Hiring Solutions Limited), Alresford 03333 312098

Recycling & Waste Eco-Sustainable Solutions Ltd, Christchurch 01202 593601 W & S Waste Management Ltd, Poole 01202 675564 Waste Management Facilities Ltd, Bournemouth 01202 535888 61


Removals & Storage Leatherbarrows Removals & Storage Ltd, Christchurch 01202 578581 Maidmans Moving and Storage Limited, Poole 01202 681 397 Store & Secure Self Storage, Bournemouth 01202 520220

Retail Beales, Bournemouth 01202 552022 Brewery Square, Dorchester 01305 267777 Dacombes of Wimborne, Wimborne 01202 882615 New Look Group Ltd, Weymouth 01305 765000 Tech Tent LTD, Poole 01202 676199 The Dolphin Shopping Centre, Poole 01202 673906 Watt to Wear Ltd, Wiveliscombe 01984 622010

Retail & Commercial Interiors Creative Retail Solutions, Poole 01202 233088 Kiwi Design, Verwood 01202 822634

Security Smart Homeworks, Bournemouth 01202 309503 Vanguard Security Services Ltd, Bournemouth 01202 523573

Serviced Offices Arena Business Centres Ltd, Wimborne 01202 862300 Bayside Business Centre Ltd, Poole 01202 282042 62

April 2020 | Dorset Business Focus

BizSpace Poole & Christchurch, Poole 01202 853100/01202 031087

Signage Signs Express Bournemouth, Christchurch 01202 797239 bournemouth

Dutton Gregory Solicitors LLP, Bournemouth 01202 315005 Ellis Jones Solicitors LLP, Bournemouth 01202 525333

Social Media Agency

Frettens LLP, Christchurch 01202 499255

Soul Motion, Verwood 07957 805108

Harold G Walker Solicitors, Wimborne 01202 881454

Software/ Cloud Services

Humphries Kirk, Wareham 01305 251007

AMS Ltd, Poole 01202 652070

Laceys Solicitors LLP, Bournemouth 01202 557256

Bytes Ahead Ltd, Bournemouth 01202 377355

Lester Aldridge LLP, Bournemouth 01202 786161

Chittak, Bournemouth 01202 611711

Matthew and Matthew, Bournemouth 01202 437179

Dorset Creative, Bournemouth 01202 237899

Preston Redman LLP, Bournemouth 01202 292424

KFA Connect, Ringwood 01425 484445

Scott Walby LLP, Wimborne 01202 888300

Provulo, Ringwood 07503 267160 Servana Managed Services Ltd, Bournemouth 01202 026522 Solweb Ltd, Ferndown Industrial Estate 01202 232846 Tiger Communications Plc, Ringwood 01425 891000 Tripleplay Services Ltd, Poole 08456 432057

Solicitors Barker Brettell LLP, Southampton 02380 336970

Steele Raymond LLP, Bournemouth 01202 204598 Trethowans, Bournemouth 01202 338585

Sports & Leisure AFC Bournemouth, Bournemouth 01202 726322 Bowl Central, Bournemouth 01202 093000 Dorset County Football Association, Poole 01202 682375

Battens Solicitors Ltd, Dorchester 01305 250560

Grosvenor Casino Bournemouth, Bournemouth 01202 553790

Coles Miller Solicitors LLP, Poole 01202 673011

Hoburne Golf, Verwood 01202 814088





Individuality Swimming Ltd, Poole 01202 031701 www.individualityswimmingandfitness. Land & Wave, Swanage 01929 423031 Muc-Off Ltd, Poole 01202 307790 Rock Reef (Bournemouth Pier), Bournemouth 01202 983983

EA Systems & Support Limited, Poole 01202 614061 Grapevine (Telecoms & IT), Poole 01202 644434 Phones 4 Business Limited, BOURNEMOUTH 01202 705030 Telesoft Technologies Ltd, Blandford 01258 480880

Rockley Watersports Ltd, Poole 01202 677272

Town & Country Communications, Bournemouth 01202 514444

Tower Park Leisure Complex, Poole 02077 472300

VoIP Unlimited, Poole 01202 612000

Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy, Portland 01305 866000

Town Planning Consultants

Stonemasons Hoare Banks Stonemasons, Bournemouth 01202 397231 Portman Stone Limited, Christchurch 01202 484340

Support Agencies EDAS, Poole 01202 612890

Chapman Lily Planning Ltd, Wareham 01929 553818 Intelligent Land, Ferndown 01202 570471

Training Arena4Finance, Wimborne 01202 849691 Aspire Training Team, Bournemouth 01202 551553

Team Building

Aspire4Business, Poole 07802 322828

Joseph Allnatt Centres LTD, Swanage 01929 421075

Exalt Training Ltd, Wareham 07889 502247


Locomotivation, Poole 01202 567204

4Com plc, Bournemouth 03304 444444 Buzz Networks Ltd, Poole 02034 888812 Citrus Telecommunications Ltd, Bournemouth 03451 939393 City Fibre Holding Ltd, Bournemouth 02035 100602 Crystal Clear Telecom Ltd, Bournemouth 01202 941040 more news online -

Micro Nav Limited, Bournemouth 01202 764444 Ouch Training Team Ltd, Wimborne 01202 880999 Performance People Ltd, Poole 07968 416466 The Care Trainer, Poole 07515 538513 Unicorn Training, Bournemouth 01202 306050

Transport & Logistics A1 Elite Courier Services LTD, Poole 01202 800539 Bournemouth Swanage Motor Road & Ferry Co, Swanage 01929 450203 Brittany Ferries, Poole 08712 440411 Channel Seaways Ltd, Poole 01481 723400 Freight Expections Ltd, Bournemouth 07908 742958 Heathside Travel Ltd , Ferndown 01202 892202 John Pipe Limited, Poole 01202 715888 More Bus / Excelsior Coaches, Poole 01202 338420 PHVC Minibus & Fleet Suppliers, Fareham 01489 580333 Poole Harbour Commissioners, Poole 01202 440210 Yellow Buses, Bournemouth 01202 636046

Travel Ally Case Travel Counsellors for Leisure., Bournemouth 01202 375180 Condor Ferries Ltd, Poole 03456 091030 Gilt Edged Travel (Chauffeur Services), Bournemouth 01202 528033 Katharine Cleall Travel Counsellors for Business., Ringwood 01202 802166 katharine.cleall Prestige Holidays, Ringwood 01425 484007

Utilities D&A Procurement Ltd, Bournemouth 07956 311336 63


Utilities 4 Less Ltd, Bournemouth 01202 800200

Vehicle Rental

Vehicle Leasing

Windows & Double Glazing

Dorset Car and Van Leasing, Poole 01202 821354


Abacus Vehicle Hire - Horton Commercials, Wimborne 01202 877790

Site Safety Limited, Wimborne 01202 870555

Dorset Windows Ltd, Wimborne 01202 825225

Tower Supplies, Poole 01202 718000

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April 2020 | Dorset Business Focus




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Dorset Business Focus | May 2020  

May issue of Dorset Chamber's official business magazine

Dorset Business Focus | May 2020  

May issue of Dorset Chamber's official business magazine