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DMS Entertainment Planning Brief Project Name: Behind Closed Doors Length: 5 minutes Deadline: January 2013 Group Members & Roles Group Member


Margaret Ansu


Sunraj Bolina


Daniel Da’Costa Brewster


Brief Overview of Content For our project we are creating a 5 minute short film. Genre wise our film can be categorized into the “Drama” sector, as we believe it follows the general codes and conventions of a typical drama film which are stated within our genre research. To state briefly, our film’s story line is the unravelling of a father’s grieving process for his recently deceased wife. The father is revealed as an emotionally and psychologically unstable person throughout the duration of the film, as different aspects of his character are gradually revealed to the audience. The second character is his daughter; she’s shown to be a happy and jolly child. However, due to turn of events her character is later shown to also be emotionally unstable and damaged as a result of her mother’s death. Target Audience (Age Grouping, Socio Economic Grouping, Gender & Lifestyle Profiling Our film can be watched by anyone who has an interest in it we wouldn’t say it’s really restricted to just one sort of audience; however we do believe that people of certain ages and lifestyles would be able to identify more with our film and understand the key concept more. Target Audience Age Grouping

15 – 55 years

Reasoning From the concept of our film we believe it’s not suitable for those under the ages of 15 to watch as the content is very sensitive and inappropriate for those below this age limit.

Furthermore, audiences from the age 15 will be able to understand what we’re truly trying to convey within our product as we believe they’ll be old enough to understand the meaning behind the storyline not just what is portrayed upon the screen.

In addition we’ve also taken into consideration that those aged 55 year and above may not enjoy our product as they may fail to understand what we’re trying to convey and just take the literal content.

Socio Economic Grouping

Gender Lifestyle Profiling

Groups E-B

As our film is aimed at people ranging from the ages of 15 - 55, most of those who will probably have time to watch it will be at the bottom of the working ladder and probably dependent on state income as they’re most likely to be students. Furthermore, as our chosen age range also falls within the adults and middle aged group we decided to extend our socioeconomic groups from E – C1 as around the ages of 44-55 people would have a better income and a solid job such as teaching. Therefore, they can identify the task of balancing work life and being professional with home life.

No specific gender

Our film has no specific gender it’s aimed at males and females.


In our film we try to capture the element of the everyday routine for average people of going to work or school and coming home after a long day.

Comparable Researched Projects One comparable product is the film “Precious” released in 2009. The film is an adaptation of a novel written by an American novelist known as “Sapphire”. Its narrative entails a young 16 year old girl whom has suffered a life of abuse from both her mother and father and in turn had birthed birth to two of her father’s children and later found out she was HIV positive after her father died of aids. The narrative does not follow the usual theory of “equilibrium” by Todorov but instead begins and remains in a state of total imbalance and disequilibrium, even though parts seem that the life of the protagonist is improving and that things will be better. We have decided to incorporate many elements of this film’s narrative; the abusive father, the defenceless daughter and the fact that a new equilibrium is not reached. Finally, we hope to include and capture the tangible sense of intense range of emotions that was felt within precious. It would not be easy but we believe it can be pulled off if we do our research properly and everyone performs to the best of their ability when carrying out their roles, including our actors which would have to be of a high standard to deal with such a demanding and challenging narrative Rationale behind Text & Incorporated Overt Message The basis behind “Behind Closed Doors” is to cause the audience to take a minute to ponder upon how as human beings we can be so deceitful in the way we display our emotional and mental status

to those who surround us. Hopefully the storyline would cause the audiences to realise that someone may look okay and as if they’ve got it all together but really and truly they’re slowly crumbling and can snap at any moment. We also hope to convey the idea that, as humans when in turmoil we are capable of doing things that can be far out of our character, making rash decisions and doing things that we would later regret after. This message would be received by all our audience as everyone at some point of their lives goes through times that are seen as tough and of utter disorder however we hope to convey that just because those times can be extremely testing it doesn’t justify all your actions so think before you act upon impulse when in a difficult situation. Testing Whether Product Is a Success Once our product is completed we aim to test whether it is a success in terms of what we wanted to do, by using a post-questionnaires and open discussions. We aim to reach those who fall under our target audience to see whether we aimed it at the right people and if they lived up to our expectations of how they will receive our film. Furthermore, by using these methods we will be able to gather rich in-depth qualitative data that can help us know for future references how we could’ve improved the film and if the film met the Directors vision of the film. Identifying any Resource Constraints (time, money, equipment, human resources) that might affect your production and your hopes for our product Time Management: Time is an important aspect of the whole filming process. From “Planning and Research” to “Post Production” , we must be time cautious as slipping up a little bit on time management, would lead to a lot of stress due to disorganisation. Therefore time is a restraint and we have put in place certain measures to make sure it doesn’t have a great effect on our product, such as: − Weekly Updates − Meeting Minutes − Time to be taken for a task −

Who will carry out the task

Deadline as to which the task must be completed and uploaded onto blog by

Money: Money can become a resource constraint but I don’t think it’ll be much of a problem as our product is quite simple in the terms of what we need for it to be produced to a good standard. Another reason why we’re not that worried about money is that most of our props and costumes can be easily accessed from other means such as our own resources. Equipment: As we don’t have access to a camera outside of school we are restricted to film within school term dates. Therefore we shall be filming within September which could be problematic as the daylight time is much less than that of the summer months. Human Resources: We as a team are reliability to one another; if one person fails to complete a task or perform to a high standard it affects all of us and our final product. Furthermore our actors are a

constraint, reason being that if they’re late to filming they would delay filming, if they’re being uncooperative.

Dms Entertainment planning brief  
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