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November 2016

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Year 12 Outdoor Education students aboard one of Sir Peter Blake’s yachts. See pages 20-21.


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From the Headmaster This second edition of The Lion for 2016 comes to you as we approach the end of an outstanding year for the young people of Mount Albert Grammar School. Our culture of aspiration and excellence is no better reflected than on the front cover where we celebrate the success of our First XV Rugby team, which rose to become the New Zealand Champion for 2016. These young men represent just one of the five national sporting titles that MAGS teams have claimed this year, in addition to a number of New Zealand Gold medals won by individual athletes also represented on these pages. Add to those our eight Auckland team titles and Auckland Gold medals in individual sports. At our Sports Awards Dinner we presented 44 students with Black Caps for representing New Zealand in the sporting arena, and Blue Caps to 131 students who had won Premier titles at Auckland level or higher …. quite a welcome for a new Headmaster! Throughout my first year here at MAGS I have been fascinated to watch and learn why and how a school like ours - a Decile 7, State, co-educational school - is setting the benchmark when it comes to school sport. As the year has progressed the reason has revealed itself through the people I’ve met here at MAGS – the students, staff and the other adults involved in the school. So much of the effort and energy of our sporting programme goes into all the things that sit apart from actual performances and winning. A primary focus on growing good young people through sport has allowed us to build the strongest base – a broad value base – from which to launch performance at the highest level. You can only pursue national success when your foundation is strong. Many of our top young sportsmen and women have worked with Leadership Coach Dr Ralph Pim this year – and we are grateful to the support of Aktive Auckland Sport for making it possible for Dr Pim to be part of our programme. Dr Pim’s message of TLC has

aligned perfectly with our overall school values: T – Talent just opens the door … it’s a start but not enough. The package is completed when we bring in the ‘L’ and the ‘C’ – the Leadership and Character components – and it is these second two that will always trump talent alone. So in this way sport is contributing a great deal to sustaining a school-wide culture based on our MAGS Way Values – Honesty, Aspiration and Respect. The ultimate measure of the success of our sporting programmes (and indeed other co-curricular programmes in the school) will be the ability to transfer these same values into the classroom setting. The parallels between the two environments are there for all to see. The best sporting and academic athletes work to a plan, they know the rules of the game, they are match-fit and practice regularly. Resilience and persistence are key traits in their toolbox as they work to continually improve their performance. These thoughts ring true as we approach the business end of the academic year for our senior students. We are trusting that the same desire to be ‘the best they can be’ will continue as a key driver for students throughout the NCEA examination period. We can certainly look back on a highly successful year across the four pillars of our school – Academia, Sport, Arts and Service. I’m learning that despite the different contexts, these pillars have much in common – each one sharing the same value base and together providing the surest foundation for our school. Congratulations and thank you to all who are contributing to success across our school landscape and providing outstanding opportunities for our young people to excel. May I take this opportunity to thank the MAGS community for welcoming me this year. Students, staff, parents and alumni – it is a privilege to work with you on a daily basis. We have something very special happening at our school – a good news story which more and more people want to be part of. As the year rapidly draws to a close I wish everyone a successful end to 2016 and trust you enjoy a safe Christmas and holiday period. Per Angusta Ad Augusta Patrick Drumm

Leaders in their field Our New Zealand Champions in 2016

Cycling – Prudence Fowler


Mount Albert Grammar School

Diving – Chloe Bennett-Griffiths

Gymsports – Sarah Sherlock

Rugby – First XV

Futsal Girls

Football – Girls First XI

Multi-sport – James Kirkham

Swimming – Brearna Crawford and George Smith

Softball Boys

Trampolining – James Dougal and Kate Nicholson

Underwater Hockey Boys


Board of Trustees 2016-2019 The three-yearly election for the Mount Albert Grammar School Board of Trustees was held in June. The candidates featured here were successful, and the Board then elected Mr Greg Moyle to remain as Chairman for another term. Below are abridged versions of their personal statements.

Greg Moyle, Chairman My involvement with MAGS spans almost 50 years. A pupil at the school in the 1960’s, I have since been President of the Albertians Association as well as a member of the Board of Trustees since 1998. I have been Chairman since 2006. In 2007 I was selected as the Albertian of the Year and in 2012 made a member of the MAGS Hall of Distinction. My elder children attended MAGS and my younger children will attend in the next three to five years. I was the driving force upon discovering that the lease of the School Farm was due to end, to negotiate renewal of the lease with ASB Bank for another 99 years. There is an extensive building program in place to upgrade our current facilities as well as to cater for the projected roll increases. Now that the Maurice Hall Building is completed, our next project is a new Science Block, and the reconfiguration of part of A Block to provide studios and an auditorium for the Performing Arts. Outside my involvement at MAGS, I am an Authorised Financial Planner and the Founder/Principal of Financial Planning New Zealand Limited. I also have qualifications in Accounting and Law.

Eldon Roberts, Deputy Chairman In addition to being Deputy Chairman of the Board, I am also Chair of the Finance Sub-Committee and am on the Property Committee. Our two eldest boys attended MAGS, our third son is currently in Year 9 and our daughter is also looking forward to attending the school in the future. I am the Group Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer at Just Water International Ltd, a NZX listed public company. During the six years I have served on the board I have been a strong advocate for the integration of technology with teaching at the school to better align learning outcomes with future career opportunities. The school has invested close to $1.5 million dollars in technology during this period. Our family is also pleased to support the school to assist students who experience learning difficulties. Our son has dyslexia and we have been actively involved with the Learning Support Centre to develop an individual learning programme. We believe all students should be provided with educational opportunities that enable them to realise their unique potential. Looking ahead, the school has on-going challenges from continual roll growth and significant capital works. I believe my financial management experience will continue to assist the board in meeting these challenges for the on-going benefit of future generations. 6

Mount Albert Grammar School

Graham Fletcher I have lived in Mount Albert since 1980 and am a research team leader with Plant & Food Research at the Mount Albert Research Centre. I have been a member of the MAGS Board of Trustees since 2011 as an elected parent representative. I am CoChair of the Education Sub-Committee and on the Property Sub-Committee. As a father of 10 and having hosted youth groups in our home for decades, I understand teenagers! My five eldest children attended MAGS and have gone onto various tertiary studies and careers. I currently have a Year 12 daughter at MAGS and have another daughter and three foster children yet to start. With adopted Chinese daughters, Maori foster children and hosting MAGS homestays (currently a 15 year old Japanese boy), my family celebrates ethnic diversity. I understand some of the challenges faced by new immigrants and love the diverse cultures found at MAGS. I want MAGS continue to set an example in affirming cultural diversity, one that reflects and positively impacts the future of Auckland.

Dale Griffiths, FPS MZNCP My involvement with MAGS started in 1969 as pupil. Since re-joining the school community in 1994, I have contributed widely to the school firstly as President of the Albertians Association and as a member of the MAGS Foundation Board. I have been a member of the Board of Trustees since 2006. Since 2008 I have overseen property development on the Board’s behalf and am now Chair of the Property Sub-Committee and on the Finance Sub-Committee. I was extensively involved in the building of the new Gym, the E Block refurbishment and the extension of D Block to create the Maurice Hall Building. I am one of the school’s representatives on the MAGS Swimming Pool Trust which oversees the pool’s operation. I have worked to ensure that once a new council pool is developed in the Mount Albert area, the school inherits the pool. In 2012, the school’s 90th year, I was awarded the honour of Albertian of the Year for my work on behalf of the school and my profession. Both my children attended Mount Albert Grammar School. The introduction of girls to MAGS in 2000, which I supported among the Old Boys’ community and the wider school, made this possible. The new hard courts, Science Block and Performing Arts Space are building developments the Board has underway. My vision is to develop more teaching space allowing further consolidation of the faculties within the school. These changes will provide for the school’s growth without sacrificing the great outdoor spaces which all our students enjoy. I am a community pharmacist based in West Auckland, the Immediate Past President of the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand and a past chair of the New Zealand College of Pharmacists.

I am a Professor of History at Auckland University of Technology, where I have taught for the past 23 years, and in 2003 was elected a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society at University College, London. My job involves lecturing, supervising Masters and Doctoral students, and research and publishing. I have a Doctor of Philosophy in Economic History, and a Master of Arts and Master of Philosophy. I have had one child go through Mount Albert Grammar School, one is currently in year 11, with two more on the way. My wife, Milica, is Head of MAGS’ Arts Faculty and Music Department. I have enjoyed being a parent representative on the Mount Albert Grammar School’s Board of Trustees since 2004, and since 2008 I have been Chairman of the Discipline Sub-Committee. Discipline matters are critical to the character of any school, and we have ensured that a ‘firm but fair’ approach is applied for the best interests of everyone concerned. Having taught in the tertiary sector for more than two decades, I have a great deal of insight into what Mount Albert Grammar School students will need when they undertake the next stage of their education. I am committed to working with the rest of the Board and the school’s management to ensure that academic standards are being constantly enhanced, and that school offers every student the opportunity to perform to the best of their abilities. I believe that one of the current Board’s greatest achievements has been to oversee the steady ascent in academic standards at the school.

Lemauga Lydia Sosene I have been privileged to serve as a Parent member of the Board since being co-opted in 2007, elected in 2010 and re-elected in 2013 and 2016. I am the Co-Chair of the Education SubCommittee. My eldest son was a previous pupil and now my youngest son has commenced Year 9. I am Chair of the Mangere-

Otahuhu Local Board, Auckland Council. I lead a team of seven elected Members making decisions on local matters, providing leadership and supporting local communities. I have strongly advocated for Pasifika Students and their families, assisted in reviewing strategies of Academic Performance, to increase academic results of Pasifika Students. Being one of the parents some years ago, we rebirthed the Pasifika Parents Committee, aligning our group to the School to understand our main focus. The momentum has continued, to the development of the Pasifika Parents Network as parents play a key role supporting their students, and to fundraise for specific school initiatives. I am an enthusiastic parent of the MAGS school community.

Aiolupotea Ofisa Tonu’u As a family man and a former professional sportsman I not only learned how to succeed on the field, but how to flourish off the field. From understanding the importance of team-work and goal setting, to the need for open communication and a strong work ethic, I have taken these lessons and applied them to various facets of my life. It was a privilege to play for the All Blacks and Manu Samoa, but my greatest achievement is my family. My wife Sheralynn and I have seven children, - Salyn, Ofisa jnr and Leilani-Grace are currently at the school, and four more are to come. My areas of responsibility on the Board are for Pasifika and Health & Safety. I currently work for Auckland Council at Roskill Youth Zone, which gives me the opportunity to connect with youth and help them realise their potential and also the needs and challenges of our youth in this very tough environment. Outside of work, I am heavily involved in coaching sport, which gives me another opportunity to give back and connect with the community and youth development.

Quiz Night raises $4000 The biggest ever MAGS Quiz Night this year raised more than $4000 for the charity I Have a Dream. Organised by the student-led Academic Council, more than 300 competitors filled 47 tables in the FW Gamble Hall on 24 June. Quiz-master Mr Pat Barrett marshalled teams of students, teachers, parents and community supporters, while Ms Donna Hobbs and Ms Catherine Horne did an admirable job of keeping score. Fancy dress outfits were also among the best we’ve seen, with themes including superheroes, pyjama party, 101 Dalmations, Hawaii and cowboys. The winning table was called “Make MAGS Great Again” and featured Donald Trump lookalikes guarding a ‘wall’ between themselves and members dressed as Mexicans. The winning quiz team, called “Booked Gibbs a Year in Advance”, was chaired by MAGS’ Academic Dean Mr Warwick

Gibbs and was made up of some of his past and current students. Beneficiary charity I Have A Dream aims is to inspire and enable children at low-decile schools to reach their full potential. They do this by providing long term support to each student, walking with them from when they enter primary school to tertiary study and beyond. The Chief Executive of the I Have A Dream Trust, Mr Ant Backhouse, visited Year 9-12 assemblies on 25 July to receive a cheque for $4000 raised. Mr Backhouse told the students how those in the pilot programme came from Wesley Primary School, with a number coming through MAGS. “Thank you for the effort you have put into raising money for our charity,” said Mr Backhouse. “This will go a long way toward ensuring students in our programme have equal opportunity to succeed in fulfilling their dreams.”

Mr Ant Backhouse of the I Have A Dream Trust with Academic Council Prefects Hayley Nisbet and Henry Russell, and Headmaster Mr Patrick 7 Drumm.


Professor Paul Moon

Prefect Auction raises funds for Amnesty International The annual Prefect Auction held over two lunchtimes on 20-21 September raised more than $3600 for Amnesty International. Students and teachers packed the hall to bid for their Prefect of choice out of 53 volunteers - each had to stand on stage during bidding beneath a pithy bio. Head of Careers Mr Kubi WittenHannah was an exurberant auctioneer, and many students and teachers secured a Prefect to be their ‘Slave for a Day’ on Friday, 23 September. Bids ranged from $40 to $170, with some groups of students putting money together so they could share a Prefect. Some teachers also secured a ‘slave’ - the highest bidder was Head of Netball Ms Paula Smith for one of her Premier team members, France Bloomfield. Prefects accompanied their owners throughout the school day and had to do as commanded, including completing their owner’s school work. The student-led Interact fundraising committee organised the auction, with oversight from teacher Mr Michael Walden, as a way of raising funds and awareness for the work of Amnesty International.

Students Against Dangerous Driving On 22 August, students were shocked when they arrived at school to find scenes of staged car crashes set up in the quads, with members of the Students Against Dangerous Driving Committee acting as passengers involved in the crashes. The ‘deceased passengers’ then spent the day walking around school in black clothing, not speaking, as a reminder of the high number of teens who die from dangerous driving every year. As teenagers, we are one of the most at-risk groups on the road in New Zealand - if you are between the ages of 15 and 19, you are more likely to die in a car crash than by any other cause. The SADD committee is made up of students dedicated to reducing the harm done on our roads by educating young people about the risks and showing them how to make better decisions and stay safe when driving. Overall, it was a very successful day with the SADD Committee coming together to raise awareness and create a memorable campaign. Alex Thompson, SADD Committee leader


Mount Albert Grammar School

Students wore the colours of blue, yellow and pink on 26 August to support the Cancer Society’s Daffodil Day fundraiser. Each donated a gold coin, and more than $3200 was raised to go towards the Society’s research into prostate and breast cancer.


Mufti Day raises money for Cancer Society The day was organised by Year 12 students Aimee Hunt and Jada Ferandoes as part of a Health assignment on health promotion in the community.


Visionary Maths Head returns to open building named in his honour Mr Maurice Hall, the Mount Albert Grammar Head of Mathematics who introduced one of the first computers into an Auckland school and went on to be Headmaster for 19 years, returned to MAGS on 3 June, to open the new maths building named in his honour.

Associate Education Minister Ms Nikki Kaye and Mr Maurice Hall unveiling the building’s plaque.

Mr Hall with Head Girl Leilani Ioelu and Head Boy Tom Butler.

The Maurice Hall Building’s plaque was unveiled by himself and Associate Education Minister Ms Nikki Kaye. Also in attendance were members of Mr Hall’s family, the MP for Mt Albert, Mr David Shearer, the National List MP for Mt Albert, Ms Melissa Lee, Headmaster Mr Patrick Drumm, members of the MAGS Board of Trustees and Albertians Association, students, staff and representatives from the Ministry of Education and the building’s construction company, NZ Strong. Formerly known as D Block, the $3 million construction project refurbished the original building built in 1969 and added a new two-storey wing joined by an atrium. It now contains 17 classrooms dedicated to maths, and a refurbished Student Centre including Deans’ offices, the Guidance and Careers Departments and the Health Clinic. Ms Kaye acknowledged Mr Hall’s legacy to Mount Albert Grammar, adding that this building was the start of long term development at MAGS that would see 12 more classrooms added in 2017 for Science, Dance and Drama.

Mr Hall and Headmaster Mr Patrick Drumm with Mt Albert MP Mr David Shearer.


“To the students I say well done on the 104 Scholarships you gained last year - that is phenomenal and a sign that you understand

that education is the passport that will open doors for you throughout your life.” Mr Hall, now aged 87, was Head of Mathematics from 1962-1969 and Headmaster from 1970-1988. In 1970 he acquired one of the first computers to be installed in an Auckland high school, putting his students at the forefront of the computer age. In Mr Hall’s speech he said he could not be more pleased to have the latest rendition of MAGS’ maths building named after him. “I was also pleased to hear that the greatest proportion of those 104 Scholarships gained last year were in maths, and that was before the inspiration that students will gain from this new building.” Mr Hall added that modern learning environments with their digital equipment and display facilities assist the mind in gaining deeper understanding that a subject like maths requires. “The knowledge of students who learn by rote is fragile – maths is a subject in which the emphasis should be on understanding why the rules apply. The facilities that this magnificent new building provides will enable that understanding to be developed.” Head Girl Leilani Ioelu, a top maths student, gave a beautiful speech honouring her teachers and saying that the new building was a way of “giving back” to them, and inspiring the next generation

The former Head of Mathematics, Mr Hall, with the present, Mr Allan Sangster.

Three Albertians - Albertians Association President Mr Aftab Moosa, Mr Hall and Mr Dale Griffiths.

Ms Kaye with Mt Albert National List MP Ms Melissa Lee.

Some of the maths teachers whose students now benefit from modern learning environment in the Maurice Hall Building.

Mount Albert Grammar School

Board of Trustees members, from left, Mr Dale Griffiths, Mr Greg Moyle, Mr Graham Fletcher and Mr Eldon Roberts.


Prime Minister John Key visits students Prime Minister Mr John Key visited Mount Albert Grammar School on 2 June to speak with students and answer their questions. Year 10 and 13 students gathered in the new gym with Headmaster Mr Patrick Drumm, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Mr Greg Moyle, Deputy Chairman Mr Eldon Roberts and staff. Mr Key was accompanied by Mt Albert’s National List MP Ms Melissa Lee. Mr Key spoke to students about his family and upbringing, including how his father died when he was six and his mother had to raise three children while living in a state house. “My mother never expected to be in that position, but she knew that education would make the difference for us in our lives. My mother also used to tell us that we get out of life what we put in - talent and ability help, but largely success is about attitude and hard work.” Mr Key encouraged the students to “have big dreams” like he did when he was 12 years old and decided he wanted to be Prime Minister one day. He added they should not be afraid of occasional failure but look at mistakes as learning opportunities. Mr Key then invited the students to ask him anything they wished - questions covered tertiary education costs, healthcare funding, emissions trading, the refugee quota, Auckland house prices, people living in cars, Donald Trump’s campaign in America, arts funding, the school decile system, the Panama papers, and finally how Mr Key dealt with negative messages from the public, which Mr Key used to talk about online bullying and how students could best deal with it. “This leads me to the last thing I’d like to say to you - to have the courage of your convictions and follow the study or job path that you feel is best suited to you. Give it 100 per cent, and don’t look back except to judge yourself and know that you did a good job, and were a good person. Keep moving forward.”

Jacinda Adern speaks to girls’ assembly The Labour list MP for Auckland Central, Ms Jacinda Adern, was a guest speaker at an assembly of Year 11-13 girls on 22 June. Ms Adern was invited to MAGS by Year 12 student Jenna Ackerman, who had been to a presentation by another inspiring woman speaker and wanted to provide a similar opportunity for MAGS girls to hear from a woman leader.

Parliament was full of people who were male and old. If people like me hadn’t said yes, that situation would never change. “When someone offers you an opportunity, or you see one you want to go for, you might also be scared, but trust what other people see in you. You might have to learn as you go, but as you grow in confidence, you will also find you can be your own type of leader.”

Ms Adern spoke to the girls about her upbringing in the small towns of Murupara and Morrinsville, and her journey to becoming a Member of Parliament. She illustrated how girls often have less confidence than boys in pursuing their dreams, and encouraged her audience to believe in themselves and say yes to opportunities. “When I was first asked to stand as an MP I was scared I couldn’t do the job, but we wanted to change the perception that


Business Market and Art Show a big success The idea to combine the Visual Art Department’s First Board Show with the Year 11 Business Studies Market was a big hit with students, staff and parents on 14 June. Held in and around E Block, families were able to enjoy the food and drinks prepared by the Business Studies students between viewing art completed so far this year by Year 11-13 students of Painting, Design and Photography. Head of Visual Art Ms Daniella Aleh was pleased with the high standard of the work presented on the boards, which were the completed first stage of the students’ end of year portfolios. Head of Commerce Ms Sarah Hayes says three Year 11 Business classes took part in the Market, which has traditionally been run during a lunchtime. Twenty-three groups developed business plans for food and non-food products with the aim of selling as much as possible on the evening. Most sold out as products such as kebabs, hot dogs, sliders and mocktails were scooped up by hungry patrons. Other products such as candles and bath bombs were also popular. Ms Aleh and Ms Hayes say the event was so successful they are looking forward to repeating it next year.

Real Art Roadshow visits MAGS The Real Art Roadshow visited Mount Albert Grammar on 9-10 August, and all students who had Art classes on those days were able to visit this amazing travelling gallery. The Roadshow is the brainchild of Ms Fiona Campbell, who bought the awesome collection of contemporary New Zealand art and kitted out two huge travelling trucks as a moveable gallery. It contains 72 works of art, including paintings, photography, sculpture, drawings and mixed media pieces. The show has toured New Zealand for the past 10 years, visiting schools all over the country. Albertian Mr Paul Forrest was our knowledgeable and engaging gallery guide and I know our students thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity. Ms Daniella Aleh, Head of Visual Art


Mount Albert Grammar School

School News

World Challenge Expedition to Borneo Ten students and teacher Mr Andy Belson completed a 28-day expedition to Borneo from 2-30 July, tackling jungle treks, visiting wildlife sanctuaries and working on a community project. World Challenge works in partnership with schools to deliver a student-led expedition to the developing world. MAGS students have previously travelled to Peru and Vietnam and Cambodia. “A World Challenge Expedition is student-led, meaning it’s much more than just a ‘trip overseas’. Students take on responsibilities such as itinerary planning, management of the budget and group leadership; creating a journey of challenge, discovery and friendship. “Students have the opportunity to experience life in the developing world by engaging in sustainable community projects, tackling trekking in rural areas and immersing themselves in local culture.”


School Ball The annual Mount Albert Grammar School Ball for 2016 was held at The Pullman Hotel in Auckland city on 9 July - this year’s theme was “Bond 007”. The ball committee worked tirelessly to prepare for the evening and decorate the venue. Attendees walked down a red carpeted hallway, decorated with Bond silhouettes, lights, balloons and an ice sculpture. A big part of the social side of the evening were the three photo booths and live Facebook feeds that were viewed by over 1000 people as the ball continued through the night. Family and friends could view the photos as the evening progressed. N.Z.D.J Kieran provided dancefloor entertainment throughout the evening, which featured music, lighting effects, smoke and confetti. The awards ceremony saw Paul Roache and Leilani Ioelu crowned King and Queen of the Ball, Isobel Douglas and Rayna Bhikha voted top BFF’s, the Cutest Couple award went to Linfeng Wong and Rosa Henderson, Mila Latu was Best Dressed and Monique Kost was named Best Dancer. A fantastic night was had by all, including the staff who attended. A big thank you to the committee for all of their hard work. Natasha Phyn, Teacher in Charge


Mount Albert Grammar School

A clean sweep of Year 12 placings and a number of other prizes made for an outstanding showing by MAGS’ German language students at the annual Goethe Society Examinations. More than 530 students competed from schools from across Auckland. In the Year 12 category, Fraser Eade came 1st, Isobel Welsford-Ackroyd came 2nd and Jonathan Bidmead came 3rd. In Year 11, Hugh Malcolm came 1st and Vincent Cudmore came 3rd; in Year 10 Adam Bateman and Izzy MacKenzie came 2nd equal, while Jack Cavanagh came 3rd equal; and in Year 9

Academic news

German competition success Giles Paton-Simpson came 2nd and Sophia Wen came 3rd. A number of other students received prizes and diplomas, seeing MAGS claim more than half of all the major prizes. Head of German Mr Warwick Gibbs said 2016 was a very good year for MAGS’ students of German with many top places achieved at all levels. “This bodes well for the future health of the subject; congratulations should go to the students and their teachers for their outstanding work.”

Fraser Eade 1st Year 12

Isobel Welsford-Ackroyd 2nd Year 12

Jonathan Bidmead 3rd Year 12

Hugh Malcolm 1st Year 11

Vincent Cudmore 3rd Year 11

Adam Bateman 2nd = Year 10

Izzy MacKenzie 2nd = Year 10

Jack Cavanagh 3rd = Year 10

Giles Paton-Simpson 2nd Year 9

Sophia Wen 3rd Year 9

Geography teams scoop top places MAGS’ Year 13 and Year 11 Geography teams both won their respective Auckland competitions on 4 and 11 August.

Donna Hobbs said that in a tie-break playoff the MAGS’ students depth of knowledge shone through with a convincing 5-1 victory.

The Year 13 team of Stephen Fountain, Angela Liu, Tom Butler and Michael Barlow gained the top score in the Images section, and a perfect score in Current Events. Teacher in charge Ms

The Year 11 team of Hugh Malcolm, Harrison Zheng and James Inkson dominated each category of Current Events, NZ Geography, Map Skills and 3D Modelling to win by a decisive 15 points.


Shadow A Leader Day Two of MAGS’ top Year 13 Commerce students spent a day learning about business first hand at the Shadow a Leader Day on 6 July. Sisilia Teu was partnered with Ms Kim Jarrett and Ms Justine Todd of KPMG. Ms Jarrett is a Tax Partner, and National Communities Team Chairman and Diversity & Inclusion leader; Ms Todd is the National Corporate Social Responsibility Manager. Anton Moore spent the day with Mr Brendan Drury, Managing Director of Orbit World Travel. The programme is run by AUT in liaison with MAGS’ Head of Commerce, Ms Sarah Hayes. The students attended a breakfast at AUT where they heard from inspirational speakers, and then spent the rest of the day with their leaders attending meetings with different departments of each business, going to lunch with contacts who could offer advice, and talking about how they could shape their future careers. Sisilia and Anton say the opportunity was a valuable insight into the real world of business. “I was impressed with how well KPMG look after their staff,”

says Sisilia, who met a number of the firm’s partners and attended meetings with different teams. “I felt really encouraged to keep going with my plans to study Accounting at university, and would love to work for a company like KPMG one day.” Anton says it was interesting to be exposed to all facets of a business that worked with the corporate as well as the leisure sector. “I was planning to focus on Accounting at university, but it made me want to keep my options open and continue with Business papers as well.” Ms Jarrett and Ms Todd said the Shadow a Leader programme aligned well with KPMG’s community strategy of supporting young people to become great leaders. “It is also an incredibly valuable opportunity for us to look at ourselves as a business from the perspective of talented young people – helping us ensure we are able to attract people like Sisilia to KPMG.” Mr Drury said Orbit World Travel was passionate about education as well as the travel industry. “The Shadow a Leader programme gives us the opportunity to share what our industry is about, and offer students a glimpse into our business at a time when they are thinking seriously about which sectors and disciplines they may want to work in.”

Business leaders share experience with students Five of MAGS top students gained a first hand look at the business world when they each spent a day with a business leader on 12 August. Deputy Head Boy Jacob Marsh, Kauri May, Isabella Ieremia, Mahima Taunk and Jessica Middelberg accompanied Mr Don Lyon of Beca, Mr Mike Manikas of Office Supplies, Mr Mark Heer and Ms Jane Brice of ASB Bank, Mr Grant Watson of Fonterra and Mr Pravir Tesiram, a partner at TGT Legal. All the leaders are connected to MAGS as either parents, Albertians or, in the case of ASB, as owners of the ASB MAGS Farm. The students met staff at the leaders’ workplaces and gained insights into various aspects of the companies’ operations and the career pathways available. Feedback from the leaders said the students were a pleasure to host, asked intelligent questions 16

Mount Albert Grammar School

and were a credit to the school. The Follow a Leader Day is a joint initiative between MAGS’ Careers Department and the MAGS Foundation and will become an annual event.

AgriBusiness launched to meet employer demand

Academic news

Some of New Zealand’s leaders in Primary industries spoke at the launch of MAGS’ new AgriBusiness course, held in the Maurice Hall Building Atrium on 18 August. Mr Ian Proudfoot, KPMG’s Global Head of AgriBusiness, Mr Julian McCurdy of BeezThingz apiculture technology, and Mr Philip Mitchell and Mr Regan Ranby of Lely agricultural robotics spoke of the growing demand for tertiary graduates throughout New Zealand’s Primary industries. It is estimated that by 2025, the country will need an additional 50,000 employees in the sector, with a movement away from people without qualifications to those who have completed tertiary study. Mount Albert Grammar School is one of 10 lead schools involved in developing, in conjunction with the Ministry of Primary Industries and Primary sector companies, an AgriBusiness programme that will prepare the best and brightest students for Primary sector careers. The course is available to Year 12 students in 2017, and will be expanded to a Year 13 programme in 2018. It is aimed at students already taking Commerce and/or Science subjects. Albertians Jessica Munro and Jack Scahill, who each attained Scholarship in Agricultural Science in Year 13 and are now studying AgriBusiness at Lincoln University, also spoke at the launch.

Students welcomed to new MAGS-Unitec partnership A new course for Year 12 students in 2017, MAGnet, was launched with an information evening in the Maurice Hall Atrium on 23 August. The course is run in partnership with Unitec, and offers students the opportunity to take their first step on a vocational pathway while still at school. Selected students spend one day a week at Unitec, and four days at MAGS undertaking a dedicated course that complements their chosen vocational pathway. All study offers credits toward NCEA Level 2. The first 14 students to be accepted for the course were welcomed to the tertiary institute with a powhiri at the campus marae on 16 June. They undertook training in Automotive Engineering in the second half of this year, spending one day a week being trained by Unitec lecturers, while back at school their learning was backed-up with courses in business, financial literacy and economic understanding. In 2017 the courses offered are Automotive Engineering and Building Skills. The aim is to add more options, including Level 3 courses, in the future. Experience on a MAGnet course will give students preferential entry to Unitec’s training programmes. New Zealand has a shortage of apprentices, and in this year’s Budget the Government allocated $14.4 million over four years for more apprenticeship training, aimed at adding another 5500 apprentices across a range of trades by 2020.


Sisilia Teu receives inaugural KPMG Scholarship

Sisilia Teu with, from left, Ms Kim Jarrett of KPMG, MAGS Head of Commerce Ms Sarah Hayes and Headmaster Mr Patrick Drumm.

Top Commerce student Sisilia Teu received a surprise award from the KPMG executive she accompanied on this year’s Shadow a Leader Day, Ms Kim Jarrett. Ms Jarrett, a Tax Partner, National Communities Team Chairman and Diversity & Inclusion leader at KPMG, was so impressed with the Year 13 student during their day together in July that she recommended Sisilia as the inaugural recipient of a new KPMG Tertiary Scholarship. The scholarship provides financial support during Sisilia’s tertiary study, mentoring by Ms Jarrett, and holiday work at KPMG. Sisilia plans to attend Auckland University next year to start a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Information Science.

Mount Albert Grammar School

“I could tell from the questions Sisilia asked during our day together that she was a very smart young woman,” said Ms Jarrett. “She also handled herself very well in meetings with partners - she’s got the X factor and we are always on the lookout for people with talent to hopefully join our team.” Sisilia said she was extremely grateful for the award, and excited by the opportunity it offered. “This is such a great start to my university studies, and to the rest of my life,” said Sisila. Head of Commerce Ms Sarah Hayes said she knew Sisilia was destined for a great career when she began teaching her in Year 11. “She works hard, gets top results and is just a good person - she has values and integrity that are already marking her out among future employers.”

Prefect Te Uranga Royal has been granted a sought-after Russell McVeagh School Leavers Scholarship to support her tertiary law studies from next year. Te Uranga was one of 300 applicants from around New Zealand. Eighty were interviewed and only 10 granted a Scholarship. The award will provide Te Uranga with financial support throughout her degree, mentoring by the firm’s partners, a summer clerk position in her penultimate year of study, and an extra welcome payment should she accept a graduate position with the company. Ms Pagen Plaizier of Russell McVeagh said the firm looks for applicants who are “excellent all-rounders.” Strong academic results were important, and also involvement in community and leadership initiatives, sport and other extra-curricular activities. Te Uranga is a high achieving student, has played in MAGS’ Senior A and Premier Netball teams for the past five years, went on an AFS exchange to Italy for six months last year, and has been a member of MAGS’ Te Puna o Wairaka whanau unit for the past two years. She plans to study Law at Victoria University.

Isobel Welsford-Ackroyd wins scholarship to Germany Year 12 student Isobel WelsfordAckroyd will spend a month in Germany next April after winning a prestigious ILEP Scholarship (International Languages Exchanges and Pathways). Isobel was one of only six students from around New Zealand selected for scholarship out of 50 who went to the initial one-onone interviews. Isobel’s 20-minute interview was conducted entirely in German. From there she was one of 16 chosen to go on to a two-day immersion programme at the Goethe Institute in Wellington, from which the six winners were selected. The scholarship enables Isobel to spend one to two weeks staying with a German family and attending the local high school, and the remaining time touring the country with other scholarship winners. After completing Year 13 at MAGS next year Isobel plans to do a conjoint degree in Law and German, majoring in Linguistics. She thanked MAGS’ Head of German, Mr Warwick Gibbs, for his “excellent” teaching.

Academic news

Te Uranga Royal awarded Russell McVeagh Scholarship

Daphney Erlano 1st in international Chinese contest Year 13 student Daphney Erlano has won an international online competition in Chinese language for the second time in three years. Daphney gained the most points out of more than 350,000 competitors from around the world taking part in the annual Language Perfect competition over 10 days. She spent all her spare time outside of school answering questions which tested vocabulary in words and sentences. As a Year 11 student she came top in the world with 14,000 points; this year she needed 21,000 points to achieve the win as more young people around the world are now competing. Daphney, who is Filipina by birth, intends to attend Auckland University next year to begin a conjoint degree in Commerce and Chinese.

Anahita Oei wins national essay competition Year 13 student Anahita Oei has won first place in the New Zealand Health Education Association (NZHEA) student essay competition. Entries were invited from all of New Zealand. The essay task asked students to critically analyse a situation related to health or well-being, based on learning drawn from Health education at NCEA Level 3. Anahita’s essay discussed how the global sexualisation of women and gender inequality in sport has led to the appearance of sportswomen being acknowledged more than their sporting ability. The judges said “This is a ‘real’ and relevant issue in New Zealand and internationally. The essay showed in-depth knowledge related to the topic, with coherent, valid and consistent use of supporting evidence. Evidence of critical thinking was sustained across the essay.”


Outdoor Education Year 11 overnight tramp On 22- 23 August the Year 11 Outdoor Education classes tramped from Piha to Whatipu, camping at Pararaha Valley Campsite. The students had to organise their own equipment, clothing and food. This was a big learning curve for many and they all coped very well. The tramp saw them visit old Maori Pa sites, Mercer Bay, Karekare Beach, old logging sites, the Whatipu swamp and Whatipu caves. At camp they cooked in small groups on Trangia stoves and slept under fly shelters. Across the two days, the students were observed on their interpersonal and self-management skills.

Year 11 and 12 Tough Guy Tough Gal Challenge MAGS’ Outdoor Education students once again filled the podium at the annual Tough Guy Tough Gal Challenge, held at Woodhill Sands Equestrian Centre on 30 June and 1 July. Year 11 and 12 students took on a 6km course that included water trails, crawling under barbwire obstacles, swamp crossings, a bush trail, equestrian obstacles, open paddock running, hill climbs and a sand crawl. In the Year 11 Junior boys division, MAGS students Brooklyn Heath came 1st, Edward Kerr 2nd and Isaac Munro 3rd. In the Year 12 category, Ben Stewart finished 3rd in the boys and Grace Jale finished 2nd in the girls. The students were assessed on their performance as well as using the experience to help them further understand how the body functions specific to an endurance activity. Some teachers also competed, with MAGS winning both races. Head of PE Mr Mark Dempster won the Tough Brute category, and PE teacher Ms Michaela Hey won the Tough Beauty category.


Mount Albert Grammar School

Academic news

Year 12 sailing journey On 13 October 35 year Year 12 students set sail from the Viaduct harbour on two iconic New Zealand yachts on their final trip of the year. They were sailing for four days aboard Steinlager 2 (Mr Belson’s class) and Lion New Zealand (Miss Absolum’s class). Both boats were built and raced around the world by Sir Peter Blake. The journey was focused on personal and social responsibility – students were assessed on their ability to work alongside each other, interact with each other and help each other during the voyage. They were expected to carry out duties aboard – cleaning, cooking, navigating and sailing the yacht. The journey took us to the islands of Tiritiri Matangi, Kawau, Mokuhinau, Great Barrier, Waiheke and Motuihe, covering just over 220 miles. The weather conditions varied from calm, gentle seas on day one to full on 3m swells with 35 knot winds on day three – enough to keep it exciting! Students had the opportunity to be the ‘skipper’ and control the boat through some pretty rough weather and big seas to get an idea of how difficult the task of sailing around the world would have been. I think everyone aboard had a great admiration and respect for those who had sailed the yachts before them. The students have to be commended for their efforts over the four days – they fully immersed themselves into life aboard ship, listened to their respective skipper and crew, got on with their jobs and were a credit to the school. My thanks goes to the NZ Sailing Trust for providing us with this fantastic opportunity and to teacher Mr Daryl Cartwright for giving up his time to help out. Mr Andy Belson, teacher

Year 13 Rogaine, Mountain Biking and Solo Experience The Year 13 Outdoor Education class completed a four-day navigation exercise in the Kaimai Ranges from Sunday to 26-29 June. Starting out from Te Aroha, the groups had to take into account the adverse weather conditions, steep terrain, limited daylight and suitable campsites to effectively plan four days of tramping in search of allocated landmarks. Groups gained points by visiting these landmarks with the group that gained the most winning the class competition. The students were all excellent and persevered to the end where a soak in the hot pools was everyone’s reward. In the last weekend of the October school holidays Year 13 students competed in the Day Night Thriller 12 hour mountain bike team event, in which riders completed a 7km, 25-35 minute circuit at Cougar Park Mountain Bike Park in Tokoroa.

The course offered a mix of forestry roads, single trails, and uphill and downhill through a mature pine forest. Teams completed as many laps as they could within 12 hours. MAGS’ own James Kirkham, this year’s NZSS Multisport Champion, won the 3-hour race. From 12-14 October the students participated in a 48-hour Solo Experience. The objective of Solo is to further develop an individual’s self-awareness, self-esteem, self-confidence, personal responsibility and personal motivation. With limited resources and no interaction with other people, it was a test both mentally and emotionally, and helped each student further consider their own values and provide them with a time to set their own goals. Mr Darren Whitehead, Head of Outdoor Education


Junior Bytes and Arts Alive Polished performances by singers, dancers, actors and, for the first time, a performance poet, made the annual Junior Bytes and Arts Alive concerts into highlights of the school year. Junior students presented their show on 20 September and Seniors the following evening, both at the Centennial Theatre at Auckland Grammar School. Each was a showcase of the best performances of the year from subject assessments and public offerings. They included excerpts from the school production, Grimm’s Tales, dances selected for Auckland dance festivals YouDance and Tempo, and performances by our award-winning Strings Orchestra and Jazz Band. The new Headmaster’s Choir, Ad Augusta, directed by choir master Mr Christian Malietoa-Brown, was breathtaking in their rendition of the 11th century Latin hymn Alma Redemptoris Mater. Performance poet Jonathan Buckman introduced the audience to the work of MAGS’ Spoken Word group with his original poem about refugees, Friends. Headmaster Mr Patrick Drumm presented our top Performing Arts students with Junior Arts Badges and the Senior Arts Lions at the conclusion of each show.


Performing Arts

Music Concert “I Feel Good” was the theme of the MAGS’ Music Concert of 2016, and an appreciative audience was left with a spring in their step from performances that spanned the musical genres. Held at the Raye Freedman Arts Centre on 30 June, Head of Music Ms Milica Zjajic-Moon conducted the orchestra through a variety of works ranging 1970s and 1980s compilations, to ‘Tijuana Brass in Concert’ and ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’. Performances by the Gospel Choir and Pasifika group Lost Groovement, which won an Auckland competition last week, were interspersed with songs by the MAGS Rock Band, Girls Barbershop Quartet and soloist Alex London. The String Orchestra performed to high standard that has seen them booked for public events, and the award-winning Jazz Band had feet tapping with their upbeat sound, enhanced by vocalists Siosiua Atuekaho, Salote Filoi, Lileekatre Ieriko and Cyprus Taumaoe. Ms Zjajic-Moon commended the artists of all 24 items for their dedication to rehearsal and performance, and she in turn was applauded for staging another impressive concert.


Mount Albert Grammar School

Performing Arts

Silver and Bronze at KBB Music Festival Two of MAGS’ music groups won medals at the 2016 KBB Music Festival, held at St Mary’s Church in Parnell on 16-17 August. The String Chamber Orchestra won Bronze in only their second outing in the competition, and the Jazz Band won Silver. This is the third year in a row the Jazz Band has come in the top three, earning Bronze last year and Silver in 2014.

Good by James Brown, Bye Bye Love and the New Zealand hit For Today. The MAGS Concert Band, directed by Ms Zjajic-Moon, played a seven-piece set in the non-competitive Festival section, and also received glowing praise.

The KBB Music Festival showcases the best in secondary school orchestras, concert bands and stage bands from across the Auckland region. More than 135 groups take part from more than 50 schools. The String Chamber Orchestra is directed by Ms Loata Mahe, a former student of MAGS’ Head of Music Ms Milica ZjajicMoon. They played five pieces, including an original work by student Emma Moon. The Jazz Band, accompanied by vocalists and directed by Albertian Ben Sinclair, played five pieces, including I Feel

Headmaster’s Choir impresses with first performances Mount Albert Grammar’s newest singing group, the Headmaster’s Choir, Ad Augusta, has given a series of impressive performances since forming at the start of Term 2. Directed by choir master Mr Christian Malietoa-Brown, the group sounds larger than their 24 members, and far more experienced than might be expected from a new choir. They have performed at Arts Alive, for Albertians at their Term 3 luncheon, and at the end of year prizegivings, singing pieces ranging from a Latin hymn from the 11th Century called Alma Redemptoris Mater, to the 1940s jazz song Ain’t Misbehavin’. Headmaster Mr Patrick Drumm said he was motivated to launch the choir to build on the tradition of choral strength in Mount Albert Grammar’s history. He hopes this group will grow larger, other choirs will form, and that next year MAGS will once again compete at Auckland’s annual Big Sing secondary schools event. “We all sing the school song at every assembly and prizegiving, and music is an important part of MAGS’ life. I saw this as another opportunity to enhance the choral arts at the school, and

build on the school’s sense of community and culture,” said Mr Drumm. He was particularly pleased with the range of students keen to be part of the choir - boys and girls of a variety of nationalities and all year levels. “The exciting thing is that our young people want to be part of this story; it’s part of the MAGS Way to get involved and learn something new.” 25

Dance MAGS dancers win Gold at World Championships A hip-hop dance crew made up of current and former MAGS dancers won back to back Gold at the World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas in August. The Bradas includes Year 13 student Jackson Tuarae and Albertians Riley Bourne, Gabriel Sutton and Nathan Kara. They are part of ID Co, headed by Albertian Josh Cesan. MAGS Head of Dance, Ms Jacqui Cesan, said the boys won their second Gold medal in convincing style ahead of 57 teams from 35 countries. Their performance included references to haka, and brought the audience of 10,000 people to its feet. More than 260 teams from 50 countries competed across the Championships’ divisions. Year 13 students Celia Hext and Maria Wrassky Bulmer were part of the Masque crew which came fourth out of 71 crews in the 13-18 year old category, and Josh Cesan’s Mega Crew came fourth out of 58 crews in his division.

Dance students excel on the public stage MAGS’ Dance students had three pieces selected for the YouDance Youth Dance Festival at the Raye Freedman Theatre on 31 May - two choreographies by Year 13 students Celia Hext and Holly Grbich, and a Pacifika Fusion choreography by teacher Ms Samantha French featuring 10 of our Year 12 and 13 male dancers. Twenty schools and youth dance companies presented work at the festival this year. The MAGS students gave outstanding performances and received excellent reviews from the industry professionals who were invited to give feedback. On 4 June, the MAGS Mega Crew won the Project Dance competition for the third consecutive year. Held in Tauranga, the competition is open to school and company groups from across the North Island. Head of Dance Ms Jacqui Cesan says all students at both events gained great experience and were excellent representatives of MAGS.


Mount Albert Grammar School

Year 11 presents Love & Information Year 11 Drama students staged an unusual play for their families on 23 August, called Love and Information. Written by English dramatist Caryl Churchill, the play is comprised of 57 short scenes, mimicking the digital world of text and tweet messages. Head of Drama, Dr Lilicherie McGregor, said the students enjoyed experimenting with the groundbreaking structure of the play, and creating meaning for their selected scenes. Between each act, student Billy McColl played keyboard, with Eric Lee, Vena-Rose Lennane and Xander Pou on vocals. Xavier Wong-See performed excerpts of the dance Va’a a le Pasifika. “Rehearsing and performing a class production brings students together as an ensemble, where they support each other in their artistic endeavours,” said Dr McGregor. “It is always a joy to see the students working as one and offering their best for an audience.”

Living history at Alberton Year 10 and 11 drama students used historic Alberton and the family who lived there to devise scenes for performances for Level 1 assessment in July. Head of Drama Dr Lilicherie McGregor says groups of students chose characters from the family tree of the Kerr Taylor family, who lived at Alberton for 109 years. They then devised scenes suited to their chosen room in the house, with a theme relevant to the period. Stories included a sister getting involved in the women’s suffrage movement of the late 1800s, a daughter dying in the 1918 flu epidemic, and another daughter eloping with her sister’s intended fiancé. A volunteer from Alberton visited the students during rehearsals to tell them about attitudes and etiquette during that time in history. Period costumes were hired from the Playhouse Theatre in Glen Eden, and the scenes performed before a live audience which moved between rooms with the actors. Dr McGregor was pleased with the “high standard of consistency between the groups’ performances.” She extended the school’s thanks to Alberton for hosting the programme.

Year 12 presents Metamorphoses and The Caucasian Chalk Circle

Jonathan Buckman wins leadership award

The growth in Year 12 Drama has enabled two separate productions this year. June saw two performances of Metamorphoses and two of The Causasian Chalk Circle.

Prefect Jonathan Buckman was named Best Student Leader for 2016 at the TYP Auckland Theatresports Final on 16 September.

Metamorphoses, based on the myths of Ovid, featured nine stories of transformation, with a common theme of love and loss, and the desire to stay connected to a loved one in the afterlife. The Causasian Chalk Circle is one of Bertolt Brecht’s most well known plays, and follows the fortunes of a young girl on the run in search of a safe haven during a time of war and revolution. Head of Drama Dr Lilicherie McGregor says the two plays were chosen for the Year 12 classes to give each student a substantial role to fulfil their NCEA requirements, and work on a play that was challenging, interesting, educational and fun.

Performing Arts


Teacher in charge of Theatresports at MAGS, Mr Gerald Urquhart, says the TYP organisation commented on the maturity and confidence Jonathan displayed in running the MAGS group. “Jonathan has been essential to the successful running of the MAGS group this year,” said Mr Urquhart. “His thoughtful, diplomatic leadership skills ensured that the group was run with respect for the diverse personalities who participate. His clear critiques were insightful and pitched perfectly for the needs of the Theatresports team. His award is richly deserved for a student who has done so much for Theatresports at Mount Albert Grammar School.” 27

Food & Culture Evening An annual highlight on the MAGS’ International student calendar, the 2016 Food & Culture Evening was held in the FW Gamble Hall on 5 July, and was enjoyed by students, homestay families and staff, including Headmaster Mr Patrick Drumm. Many of MAGS’ 100 International students took part, bringing dishes of their national cuisine for the shared dinner, and performing on stage. Dishes included those from Thailand, Vietnam, China and India. Performances included songs and dances of Fiji, Thailand, Japan, Rwanda, India and China. International Prefect Sky Nguyen led a haka with other boys who board at School House, and the International Choir closed the evening. International Director Ms Jude Lydia said the evening was a wonderful celebration of Mount Albert Grammar’s International student body, and she thanked the Kiwi Prefects for helping run elements of the evening such as sound and lighting. “It was a great way of bringing together our Kiwi and International students to create a very enjoyable evening.”

Japanese earthquake survivors welcomed to MAGS students who went through the earthquake, tsunami or nuclear plant meltdown of 2011 the opportunity to travel to see what life has to offer. Chaperone Mr Moritaka Shirai said the programme selected young Japanese people who showed potential to be future leaders, so they could take the experiences and ideas gathered from their travels back home to share with others.

Ten Japanese students from areas affected by that country’s 2011 earthquake spent a week experiencing life at a New Zealand school when they stayed with their MAGS buddies from 8-12 August. This is the sixth year MAGS has been involved in the Japanese Support Our Kids programme, which gives


Mount Albert Grammar School

“We choose students who are motivated to share their experiences, and express their thanks to New Zealand for the help your country gave us after the disasters,” said Mr Shirai. He travelled to a London school with the programme four years ago and is now involved in running it in Japan, and in hosting children who survived the Nepal earthquake of last year. “So we see the programme as continuously building on what we have achieved, and helping to create future leaders.”


Service Lions Assembly The Service Lions for 2016 were awarded at a special Service Assembly on 21 October. This year’s guest speaker was Ms Lisa King, founder of the Eat My Lunch social enterprise that provides under-privileged children with school lunches. Ms King, pictured with Headmaster Patrick Drumm, Head Girl Leilani Ioelu and Head Boy Tom Butler, told students how she was motivated to set up Eat My Lunch by imagining her own young children trying to learn at school with no food. She explained how the enterprise, where one lunch is given for every lunch bought, had grown exponentially in the past 18 months and had now expanded into Hamilton and Wellington. “As recipients of Service awards, you recognise that it is one thing to have an idea, and something else to go ahead and turn it into reality,” said Ms King. “It takes a lot of courage to make things happen. Congratulations to you all for your work and your awards.” Students were awarded the Lions for services to the performing arts, visual arts, the library, technology, Pasifika, International students and the wider school community

Year 11 Prizegiving Isaac Munro and Hannah Houghton received the top awards at the Year 11 Prizegiving in the FW Gamble Hall on 28 October. They were named the Best All-round Boy and Girl. Amelia Jack received the Jo Williams Cup for Diligence, and Anton Aish was awarded the Robert Willmott Memorial Prize for Quality of Effort. Isaac won the Warwick Gibbs Cup for his outstanding academic achievements to date, his sporting success in skiing, softball, water polo and rugby for which he has attained a Sports Lion, his service work through the Interact fundraising club and Relay for Life event, and his attainment of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award in Bronze. Hannah won the Brian Murphy Cup for having already attained NCEA Level 1 with Excellence, her sporting success in Cross Country, Athletics and First XI Hockey, her service work with the Environment Club and her skill as a violinist with the Orchestra, String Orchestra and Chamber String Group. Hannah has already attained an Arts Lion, a Sports Lion and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award in Silver. The prizegiving ceremony, attended by prizewinners’ parents

Headmaster Mr Patrick Drumm with, from left, Best All Round Girl and Boy, Hannah Houghton and Isaac Munro. Amelia Jack won the prize for Diligence, and Anton Aish won the cup for Quality of Effort.

and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Mr Greg Moyle, included a speech by Headmaster Mr Patrick Drumm, and a performance by the Headmaster’s Choir, Ad Augusta. 29

Sports Awards Caitlin Pritchard was named Victrix Ludorum for the third year in a row, and Paul Roache named Victor Ludorum, at a star-studded Sports Awards Dinner at Alexandra Park on 20 October. Guests of honour were Olympians Valerie Adams, Portia Woodman and Arun Panchia, who were interviewed as a panel on stage by Commonwealth Games gold medallist Karl Te Nana. Two-time Olympic Shot Put Champion Valerie Adams has a niece who attends Mount Albert Grammar, Black Ferns Rugby Sevens player and Olympic Silver medallist Portia Woodman, and Black Sticks hockey player Arun Panchia are both Albertians, and former NZ Rugby Sevens player Karl Te Nana, now known as a commentator for Sky Sport, has a daughter in Year 9 at MAGS. The group shared stories from their sporting careers and world travels, including their experiences at this year’s

Rio Olympics, and talked about how they coped with setbacks and disappointments and dealt with expectations. Among the advice they had for MAGS’ sports men and women was to set clear goals, have a plan of how to reach them, and to persist through adversity. “Nothing is ever achieved without hard work,” said Valerie Adams. “Surround yourself with positive people to give you support.” Caitlin received her third consecutive Victrix Ludorum award through continued excellence in Football, Touch and Swimming. Paul Roache was named Victor Ludorum for his success in Rugby, Touch and Athletics. The award for Outstanding Achievement in Sport (Boys) went to Isaiah Papilii for his selection for the NZ Junior Rugby League team; the corresponding award for Girls went to Grace Jale, who was selected for the NZ Women’s Football Ferns.

Commonwealth gold medallist Karl Te Nana interviewed Olympians Arun Panchia, Portia Woodman and Valerie Adams.


Mount Albert Grammar School

Blue Caps were presented to 131 students who had won Premier Auckland titles, and 47 Black Caps presented to students selected to represent New Zealand. Following the awards to the top members of each sport, there was acknowledgement of the 19 students who had played at Premier level for all of their five years at MAGS.

Victor Ludorum Paul Roache and Victrix Ludorum Caitlin Pritchard with Headmaster Patrick Drumm and guests of honour, from left, Arun Panchia, Karl Te Nana and Valerie Adams.

Above: Isaiah Papalii won Outstanding Achievement in Boys Sport for his selection for the NZ Rugby League Junior Kiwis.

Grace Jale won Outstanding Achievement in Girls Sport for her selection for the NZ Women’s Football Ferns

The Headmaster’s Cup for the Most Outstanding Performance by a Team was awarded jointly to the First XV Rugby team and the First XI Girls’ Football team. The First XV won the Auckand 1A competition, the Auckland Blues Regional competition and the New Zealand Championship. The Girls’ Football team won the Auckland league for the eighth year in a row, the Auckland Knock-Out Cup, and the New Zealand Championship for the fourth year in a row.

Right: The First XI Girls Football Team and the First XV were joint winners of the Headmaster’s Cup for Team of the Year

Siosiua Atuekaho and Isabelle Cassidy were named the Boy and Girl Dux Artium of 2016 at the MAGS Arts Dinner on 27 October. Held at the Ellerslie Event Centre, the evening was a glittering occasion that included performances by the award-winning MAGS Jazz Band, our top dancers, and violinist Kauri May. Actor Ruth Alesana performed an excerpt from Think of a Garden by John Kneubuhl, and a stunning music video made by Year 12 Media Studies students Oliver Mathiesen, Amber Grant and Peri Bailey was screened. Arts Co-ordinator Ms Jacqui Cesan said in announcing the Duces Artium that both students had impressed from Year 9


Arts Awards with the breadth of their abilities across the arts, and their commitment to supporting the department and their fellow students. Siosiua is best known as a singer for the Jazz Band, Pasifika groups and as a soloist, and is also a skilled dancer and a cultural leader. Isabelle excels in Dance and Visual Art and also received an award for Arts Management. Mr Drumm spoke about how the Arts formed the soul of the school, providing a means of expression to performers and engagement for their student audiences at assemblies and school events. He said he hoped to incorporate the Arts more into the day to day life of the school in the future, and thanked staff for their dedication.

Jaimee McLaughlan and Oliver Matheisen won Excellence in Dance Performance

Head of Media Studies, Mr Simon Allen, with the winners of the Most Promising Film Maker Award, Oliver Mathiesen, Amber Gant and Peri Bailey

Kauri May gave a stunning rendition of Bach’s Partida

The Jazz Band won the KBB Music Cup for the second year in a row

Eva Ashmore, Jonathan Buckman and Theresa Boyd won the Speech and Debating Awards

Maori Performing Arts Award winners Kahurangi Morehu and Kaaka Te Pou Kohere with Ms Waimirirangi Paul and Mr Peter Walters of Te Puna o Wairaka, and Kaaka’s mother Kristen (right). Head of Drama Dr Lilicherie McGregor with the winners of the top acting awards, Elliot PatonSimpson and Ruth Alesana

Samuel Negash won a collection of awards for Visual Art


Pasifika Celebration Dinner MAGS' top Pasifika students were acknowledged and celebrated at the annual Pasifika Celebration Dinner on 28 October. Luke Fitzpatrick and Head Girl Leilani Ioelu won the Year 13 Awards for Academic Excellence. The top Year 12 student was Vaimoana Va'ai; the top Year 11 student was her sister, Roselyne. Leilani also won the Best All Round Pasifika Student award. The Tagaloa Peter Su'a Award for Services to the Performing Arts went to Ruth Alesana and Siosiua Atuekaho for their achievement and service in Music, Drama and Dance. The Pasifika Sportsman and Sportswoman Awards went to the two students who are also the school's Victor Ludorum and Victrix Ludorum for 2016, Paul Roache and Caitlin Pritchard. The evening included a speech by Headmaster Mr Patrick Drumm, performances by Siosiua and the Cook Island Cultural Group, and the Year 13 Taualuga.


Mount Albert Grammar School


Year 13 students farewelled at Leavers’ Dinner The Year 13 students of 2016 had one last chance to dress up and celebrate together at the annual Leavers’ Dinner, held at the Alexandra Park function centre on 31 October. It was a happy, relaxed evening, full of humour and a few tears as students prepared to go their separate ways. Head Prefects Tom Butler and Leilani Ioelu gave their final speeches, their words tailored for their fellow students. Year 13 Deans Ms Va Anisi and Mr Andy Belson also each gave speeches, in which they looked back on their five years as Deans of this group with affection and humour, saying it had been a privilege to get to know the students.

Leilani Ioelu and Tom Butler gave their final speech as Head Girl and Boy

Each student received a Graduation certificate and welcomed as an Albertian by the President of the Albertians' Association Mr Aftab Moosa, and Form classes came together with their Form teachers one last time for a photo. A highlight of the evening was the screening of the MAGS Leavers’ Video, made by Caleb Faleolo and Sisilia Teu. Headmaster Patrick Drumm wished the students’ well for the future, assuring them the school had prepared them well for life beyond MAGS.

Headmaster Patrick Drumm with International Student Keyu (Nancy) Chen and her friend Karenina Putri

Deans Ms Va Anisi and Mr Andy Belson with Pasifika Liaison Mr Api Taulapiu


Senior Prizegiving The school's top academic students were named at MAGS' Senior Prizegiving ceremony in the FW Gamble Hall on 31 October. It was attended by parents, staff, members of the Board of Trustees, representatives of tertiary study providers, and the MPs for Mt Albert, Mr David Shearer and Ms Melissa Lee. Mr Drumm presented an annual report on the progress of the school and students, Head Prefects Tom Butler and Leilani Ioelu gave speeches about their time at the school and what they have gained from their time here, and performances were given by the Headmaster's Choir, Ad Augusta.

The Mount Albert Grammar School Boy Dux and Girl Dux for 2016 are Henry Russell and Theresa Boyd. They are pictured with Headmaster Mr Patrick Drumm.

The top teaching awards were also presented. Science teacher Ms Paula Calver received the Herb Towers Travel Prize for a professional development trip overseas; Chris Liddell Scholarships worth $5000 each for excellence in teaching and contribution to the school went to Ms Natalie Absolum (Year 11 Dean, PE teacher, Maori support), Mr Sean Bailey (Technology), Ms Pauline Godber (ESOL) and Mr Joseph Payne (History).

Prefects of 2017 After the ceremony, the list of Prefects for 2017 was released. The Head Prefects and their Deputies will be announced at a later date. Congratulations to the 51 students listed below: Jenna Ackerman, Taiki Ando, Jimmy Banks, ‘Alosi Bloomfield, Jack Briden, Qiyue (Rita) Cai, Jack Casey-Pickering, Hayley Coupe, Benjamin Cullen, Thomas Day, Aaron Faasalafa, Eleanor Fletcher, Noah Foster, Morwenna Fyfe, Yusi Gao, Connor Grant, Katherine Grozev, Amy Hirst, Aimee Hunt, Reese Jacques, Heejoo Jang, Luke Ji, Fia Jones, Martin Lyon, Oliver Mathiesen, Jaimee McLaughlan, Nicole Mettam, Kahurangi Morehu, Andrew Munro, A’liya Musa, Lausapai Nikoro, Desmond Petelo, Javvier Pitovao, Aidan Quinlan, Conor Quinlan, Denzel Robertson, Julia Robinson, William Sharkey, Paris Shum, Shakthi Singh, Jack Soffe, Abigail Beatriz Rose Sunga, Ceylonese Taumaoe, Ethan Taumaoe, Kushali Tuinder, Vaimoana Va’ai, Isobel Welsford-Ackroyd, Mikaere Wiki, Paige Witehira, Reiko Yoshida-Wildash, Kenneth Zhu

Mr Drumm with the Girl and Boy Proxime Accessit, Angela Liu and Elliot Paton-Simpson

Hayley Nisbet and Hannah Rahman were joint winners of the Sylvia Lamb Benevolence Cup

Headmaster Mr Patrick Drumm with this year’s prizewinning teachers, from left, Ms Paula Calver, Ms Pauline Godber, Ms Natalie Absolum, Mr Shaun Bailey and Mr Joseph Payne. With them are Scholarship benefactors Dr Hilary Liddell and her brother Mr John Liddell.

Elliot Paton-Simpson and Theresa Boyd each won a Chris Liddell Scholarship

Prizegivings Taite Pierson and Katy McKenzie received the awards for Service to the School

James Kirkham and Isabella Ieremia were the students who Best Typified the Spirit of MAGS

Alex Thompson and Jonathan Buckman were the Best All Round Girl and Boy in Year 13

Jimmy Banks won the Hanson Cup for Senior Progress and Endeavour

Oliver Mathiesen and Eleanor Fletcher were the Best All Round Boy and Girl in Year 12

Guiting (Lucy) Lu and Sky Dinh Phuc Nguyen were the Best All Round International Students

Isobel Welsford-Ackroyd won the Yevette Williams Cup for Effort for Year 12 girls

This year’s Golden Lions – students who have attained all four MAGS Lions in their years at the school as Scholars and for Sport, Arts and Service, are, from left Jin Sik Yun, Celia Hext, Katy MacKenzie, Jonathan Buckman and Alex Thompson


Sport In addition to the NZ Championship titles won by students featured on pages 4-5, a number of our other top teams and individuals achieved national and regional success in the past six months.

Xterra Auckland Champions

Snowboarding Holly Curran wins AKSS and NISS Gold

Netball Premier team wins UNISS

Underwater Hockey MAGS jointly named top Auckland school; Angus Scahill: Best Auckland Boy Player


Mount Albert Grammar School

Sport Hockey Premier Boys win Mayhill Cup Trampolining Madison McQuoid – AKSS Gold

Lacrosse Premier Girls win AKSS

Swimming Medals at Auckland Winter Championships

Orienteering Liam Thompson wins NZSS Silver


Cricket The First XI Boys’ Cricket tour of England, Belgium and France was a great success - the boys won 12 out of 14 matches, and also gained a lot from visiting sites of historical significance. The three week tour ran from June 28-July 19. Fifteen boys from Years 12 and 13 were accompanied by Head of Cricket Mr Tony Sail, teacher and coach Mr Brett Sorrenson, and manager Mr Paul Donnell. Mr Sail said the trip was aimed at not only developing the boys as cricketers, but also as young men. The team played three games in Belgium, one in Paris and the remainder in England against schools, clubs and invitation teams. A highlight was becoming the first international team to play against a side representing the historic Marylebone Cricket Club, at the ‘cradle of cricket’ - Hambledon in Surrey. Another was training at and touring Lord’s cricket ground in London. The team also helped host an Albertians’ reunion in London. In Europe, the team also visited historic sites, including war graves at Ypers and Passchendaele, and took part in a wreath-laying ceremony at the Menin Gate. Mr Sail said the boys were outstanding ambassadors for MAGS both on and off the pitch. “They were complimented on their presentation and behaviour wherever they went - it was the best tour I’ve taken.” Bottom: The team after their win against Stowe School in Buckinghamshire, one of the top school cricket teams in England. Top left: With the MCC Secretary’s XI at the historic Hambledon Cricket Club. Top centre: Training at Lord’s Top right: The team visited New Zealand war graves at Tyne Cot Cemetery in Belgium. Centre: Henry Russell, Jack Henderson and Max Thomson laid a wreath on behalf of the school at the Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing at Ypres in Belgium.


Mount Albert Grammar School


photo courtesy of Fairfax NZ

Cycling Year 9 student Prudence Fowler might have had to fly the MAGS flag alone at the NZSS Individual Cycling Championships, but that didn't hold her back from winning 3 Gold medals and a Silver.

In August Prudence won the 14km Mauku Road Race held in south-east Auckland. She broke ahead of the field from the start and finished 1min 40 seconds in front.

Held at Mt Wellington on 3-4 September, Prue was MAGS' only representative at the Championships, and won Gold in the Individual Time Trial, the Criterium and as the overall best Under 14 Cyclist. She backed those up with Silver in the Hill Climb.

In July she made a clean sweep of all the races she entered at the NISS Cycling Championships in Cambridge, winning the 26.6km Road Race, the Road Criterium, the 750m Track Derby, the Track Elimination, the 4000m Track Points Race and the 3000m Track Scratch Race.

Golf MAGS Golf players Archie Gothard (Year 9) and Daniela Jeremic (Year 10) were selected for the Auckland Development Team which won against a Taranaki side during the July school holidays. The match was played at the Ngamotu Golf Course in New Plymouth, and comprised two rounds of stroke play and two rounds of match play. Head of Golf Mr Max Jeremic said both students played extremely well as part of the 12-person team. Earlier this year Archie was selected for the Auckland Under 16 squad which won the Battle of the Bridge tournament against North Habour, and Daniela was selected for an Auckland Junior Development team.


Girls Football Mount Albert Grammar's First XI Girls' Football team has become the first girls' team to win four consecutive New Zealand Championships after beating St Peter's Cambridge 6-0 in the final in Nelson on 2 September. This once again secures a triple crown for the MAGS team, having also won the Auckland League and Auckland Knock-Out Cup, as they did in 2014 and 2015. Headmaster Mr Patrick Drumm and Associate Principal Mr Paul McKinley were in Nelson to watch the girls do battle with the Cambridge school for the third year in a row, and again emerge victorious. "The character of this team shone through from start to finish,"


Mount Albert Grammar School

said Mr Drumm. "They dominated every aspect of the match, and the Year 13 girls showed great leadership for the Juniors who were able to step up when asked." Jacqui Hand scored a hat-trick, Captain Caitlin Pritchard scored a penalty and a goal, and Year 11 player Emma Fletcher also scored a goal. The win was the best farewell our departing Year 13 players could have wished for - Caitlin, Jacqui, Isobel Douglas, Shania Heath, Alicia Kennedy, Leah Mettam, Malia Steinmetz and Samantha Tawharu should feel extremely proud to have helped MAGS girls' football to such outstanding success during their years with the squad.


Gymsports MAGS students stood atop the podium for four events at the NZSS Gymsports Championships held on 30-31 July in Papakura. James Dougal won the Elite Men's Trampoline while Kate Nicholson won the Elite Women's. Sarah Sherlock won the Level 6 Apparatus and All Around Gymnastics medals. Jessica Roscherr came first in the International AG1 Aerobics category. At the AKSS Championships held in Papakura on 22 June, Year 12 student Madison McQuoid won Gold in the Elite Women's Trampoline. James, Kate and Madison all qualified for the NZ Gymsports Trampoline Nationals to be held in Invercargill in September. They were also selected to represent New Zealand at the Indo-Pacific championships, hosted by New Zealand in Napier in October.


Basketball MAGS’ Premier Girls Basketball team exceeded expectations in beating three regional champion teams to come 2nd in New Zealand at the NZSS Basketball Championships in Palmerston North from 26 September-1 October. As icing on the cake, Co-Captains Sharne Pupuki-Robati and Rhyannon Poto were selected for the Tournament Team. The girls also became NZ Under 16 representatives this year.

St Peter’s team came through in the end to seal the win 53-68. With only one player leaving the team this year, Ms Va’ai says the girls are excited to build on their success in 2017. “The MAGS girls were the fairytale story of the championships,” says Ms Va’ai. “It’s amazing how far self-belief can push you, along with awesome support from coaches and family.”

The team almost didn’t attend the national championships after coming 5th in the Auckland Regional qualifying tournament. But having earlier come 2nd in the Greater Auckland Championships they decided to give Nationals a shot, and came away thrilled with their success. They won every game on the way to the final, despite being placed in the “pool of death” with Zone 1 winners Westlake Girls High School and Zone 3 winners St Mary’s College of Wellington. Team manager Ms Vaimoana Va’ai said that with every win the girls grew in self-belief, triumphing over Greater Auckland champions Auckland Girls Grammar School 75-58 in the semi-final. In the final against St Peter’s Cambridge the young MAGS team kept pace with the 2015 champions, but the experience of the

Hockey The First XI Boys’ Hockey team earned the right to compete in the First Division in 2017 by winning the Second Division Mayhill Cup in Pukekohe on 2 September. In a dominant display, the boys won the final 6-1 against Kristin School. This allows them entry next season into the top level Rankin Cup/India Shield competition. The team were unbeaten through the tournament, also winning against Rosehill 18-0, Rotorua 3-2, Trident 5-0 and Aquinas 2-0. MAGS’ Under 15A Boys Hockey team won their Auckland Championship grade on 29 August, beating Auckland Grammar in the Final 3-0. The boys dominated the grade through the competition, playing attractive, passing hockey and going unbeaten through the season. They have retained the title they won last year. Through the grading games and championship round they accumulated 100 goals in 13 matches and only conceded 7. The goals were shared through the team with all contributing to its success. Last year was a closely fought battle with St Kentigern College and Kings Colllege, but this year MAGS beat them 7-0 and 6-0 respectively. They then went on to beat Mt Roskill Grammar in the semi-final 7-1, and capped off a great season with a hard fought but comprehensive win in the final.


Mount Albert Grammar School

Sport MAGS’ Premier Girls Lacrosse team reversed the result of last year’s Auckland league final when they beat Epsom Girls Grammar School 10-9 on Thursday, 4 August. In a thrilling game that was locked at 9-9 after extra time, Georgia Houston scored the winning ‘golden goal’ for MAGS to win the title for 2016. The girls were later Runners-up at the One Day Tournament, and came 3rd at the NZSS Championships.

Photo courtesy of the NZ Herald



Multisport Prefect and top mountain biker James Kirkham entered the NZSS Multisport Championship in Rotorua for the first time “to test myself”, and ended up winning. The 25km event held on and around the Blue Lake on 5 June, comprised a 4.5km paddle, a 15km mountain bike ride and a 5.5km trail run home to the finish. James says he’d done little kayaking in the past, and only climbed into the boat he was using the day before. He finished five minutes behind off the water, but the AKSS Mountain Biking Champion made up the time on his bike and started the run in the lead. James, also a strong runner who came third in this year’s MAGS Cross Country race, held on to first place during the run through the redwood forest, to win the event. He admits he was a little surprised to win on his first outing, but multisport has now piqued his interest and he would like to challenge himself to more events in the future.

Netball After four years as national champions, our Premier Netball team passed on the crown to regular foe Saint Kentigern College, losing the final 34-35 in Lower Hutt on Friday, 7 October. MAGS won all their games on the way to the final. As always between these two teams, the scoreboard seesawed throughout the match, falling on Saint Kentigern’s side by an agonising one point at full time. Quarter scores: 8-11, 13-6, 6-11, 7-7 Head of Netball Ms Paula Smith said the girls left everything on the court. “I am so proud of how the girls have grown and developed their game this season,” said Ms Smith. “The average age of the team is 16, with only two Year 13’s leaving at the end of this year. I’m very excited about next season already.” Named in the Tournament Team were Captain Elle Temu, Kasey Price and LahainaLee Upu-Toparea. Earlier in the season, MAGS lost to St Kent’s in the AKSS final 35-40, but then won against them in the UNISS final 23-22. This was the 10th year in a row MAGS had won UNISS. Elle Temu, Armani Lam and Lahaina-Lee Upu-Toparea were named in the Tourament Team, with Lahaina named Shooter of the Tournament. MAGS also won the Auckland Combined Points Trophy Tournament in August.


Mount Albert Grammar School


Orienteering MAGS’ Junior Boys Orienteering Team has been selected to represent New Zealand at the World Championships in Italy next year after our best ever results at the NZSS Championships held in the Waikato during the July holidays. The other highlight was Year 11 student Liam Thompson winning a Silver medal in the Intermediate Boys Individual Sprint event. MAGS teams competed against more than 400 secondary school orienteers from around the country in the three disciplines of Campus Sprint, Individual Long Distance and 3-person Relay, held in Cambridge and Wharepapa South. Best individual placings ranged from 4th to 9th, while in the teams divisions, our Premier Boys came 3rd, Boys came 4th, and Girls came 6th. The Junior Boys who contributed to the World Championship selection were Thomas Brendolise, Adam Bateman, Daniel Carroll, Mitchel Cooper, Aidan Skinner, Luca Eastwood and Luc-Aime Meurillon. At the AKSS Rogaine Championships held at Shakespear Regional Park on 20 September, MAGS competitors won Gold and Bronze. Pictured below, Thomas Brendolise and Adam Bateman took the Gold Medal in the Junior Boys division in which 21 teams competed. Another MAGS Junior Boys team, Mitchell Cooper and Aidan Skinner, won Bronze. Liam Thompson won Bronze in the Intermediate Boys Individual division.


Rugby MAGS’ First XV became the NZSS Rugby Champions after beating Hastings Boys High School 14-13 in a nailbiting final in Palmerston North on 4 September. The win topped an outstanding season in which we won the Auckland 1A Championship and the Auckland Regional title. Both of those finals were also tense affairs, but our team’s character showed through in beating Sacred Heart 15-13 in the 1A Final at Eden Park, and Westlake Boys 13-8 at MAGS. Our national win was topped off when Year 13 player Isaiah Papalii, who scored MAGS’ only try of the Final, was named New Zealand First XV Player of the Year. Head of Rugby Mr Geoff Moon said the game was the culmination of a season in which the team had improved every week. “Our magic is in our culture,” said Mr Moon. “Our culture lifts our talent so that when the game gets tight the boys know how to find a way to get over the line.” The day before the final, the team went to see the film Chasing Great, in which All Black Captain Richie McCaw talks about helping his team find mechanisms to win matches when the going got tough, and his desire to finish his career by winning his second World Cup.


Mount Albert Grammar School

“We talked a lot after watching that film about all the parallels, and our Year 13s reiterated that they wanted to finish their career at MAGS by winning the New Zealand Championship. Our senior leaders, led by our Captain Waimana, set a benchmark not reached by any other school.” The Year 13s leaving on a high are Waimana, Isaiah, Kahu Boyd, Michael Palmer, Thomas Barlow, Salyn Tonu’u, Paul Roache, Caleb Clarke, Niven Longopoa and Christian Prescott. As New Zealand Champions, the MAGS team will represent the country at the SANIX World Rugby Youth Tournament in Japan in 2017. Although our Year 13 players will have moved on, Mr Moon thinks our 2017 First XV will be just as good as this year’s. It will include many of this year’s Second XV, which also won their Auckland competition. Mr Moon extended his thanks to fellow coaches Mr James Hantz and Mr Kerry Baker. “They have been magnificent in their total commitment to the coaching of this team.” He also gave huge thanks team manager Mrs Angelica Shepherd for her great administrative support through the past 10 months. “Travelling home on the bus after the final, there was such pride among the boys, coaches and parents. We’ve all helped create a culture they will never forget.”

Sport Blues photo: Seven of the eight MAGS players selected for the Blues Under 18 squad, from left, Thomas Barlow, Caleb Clarke, Robert Cobb, Michael Palmer, Salyn Tonu’u, Niven Longopoa and Paul Roache. Absent is Waimana Riedlinger-Kapa. Photo courtesy of Hugh Collins/Fairfax NZ

15 players selected for Blues Development Squads A total of 15 MAGS rugby players were selected for the Auckland Blues Under 17 and Under 18 Development squads which underwent training camps over the July holidays. Eight MAGS boys were chosen for the Under 18 squad, the most of any school. They were Thomas Barlow, Caleb Clarke, Rob Cobb, Niven Longopoa, Michael Palmer, Waimana Riedlinger-Kapa, Paul Roache and Salyn Tonu’u. They took part in a five-day camp at MAGS and the Blues High Performance Centre at Cornwall Park. MAGS’ Head of Rugby, Mr Geoff Moon, said the boys were fully integrated with the Blues team to give them a taste of

life as a professional player. They received coaching from Tana Umaga, position-specific advice from Blues players, and education in technique, tactics, mental skills, nutrition, and the responsibilities of being a professional athlete in areas such as social media. At the end of the week they played the Chiefs Under 18 Development team, winning 30-6. Seven MAGS players were chosen for the Blues Under 17 squad - Jack Casey-Pickering, Noah Foster, John Latu, Harley Maynard, Patrick Pati, Roderick Puafisi and Oliver Shepherd. They attended a one-day training session on July 15.

Second XV wins grade and Himalayan Trophy The Second XV also won their grade, beating Auckland Grammar 16-11 in their final at Marist Rugby Club on 27 August. They were later awarded the school’s prestigious Himalayan Trophy. The season saw some movement of players between the top and second teams, and Year 13 player Lachie Douglas, who played for both during the season, says that was a key factor in the second team’s success.

It was that team spirit that saw the Second XV awarded the Himalayan Trophy, presented annually by the Sports Department to the team that shows the best spirit in practice and games. The rugby ball with which the trophy is made was played with by Sir Edmund Hillary during his expedition to the summit of Mt Everest in 1953. It was later gifted to the school by an Albertian who acquired it from Sir Edmund.

“We trained together and the culture was so strong - big thanks to Moonie for that,” said Lachie, referring to Head of Rugby Mr Geoff Moon. “We could all compete for spots in the top team and that made us push ourselves and play to the best of our ability.” Coaches Mr Grant Howlett and Mr Joseph Tuitavake said the team improved through the season, which boosted their confidence and selfbelief. “They developed a great team spirit.”


Skiing The MAGS Ski Team continued to rise in the high school rankings at the North Island Secondary School Ski Championships at Turoa from 12-14 September. The A team earned MAGS its best result in recent memory with a very creditable 12th place out of 129 teams. The B team placed mid field after two days of competition. For the second year running Isaac Munro was the fastest MAGS individual over the two days, followed closely by Jordan Pickering.

Snowboarding MAGS’ Girls Snowboarding team came 2nd overall at the North Island Secondary Schools Snowboarding Championships held at Turoa in the last week of Term 3. Year 13 student Holly Curran won Gold in the Boardercross event, in which four to six snowboarders race down a course that includes cambered turns, jumps, and steep and flat sections designed to challenge the riders’ ability to stay in control while maintaining maximum speed. Maddison Hargreaves, also in Year 13, won Bronze in the Slopestyle event, in which athletes ski or snowboard a course that includes obstacles such as rails and jumps, scoring points for height and quality of tricks. Maddison also came 6th in the Dual Slalom. The other team members were Zoe Hargreaves, Bridget Hartley, Ria Shon and Sophie JohnsonChung. Pictured right: Holly Curran on her way to Gold in the NISS Boardercross event. Photos by Liz Brooker


Mount Albert Grammar School


MAGS-Saint Kentigern Sports Exchange The annual Sports Day between MAGS and Saint Kentigern College on 6 August showed how evenly matched the schools are, with each school taking a trophy at the end of the games. MAGS’ Premier Boys’ Basketball team won 67-66, Premier Girls Basketball won 83-33, Boys First XI Football lost 1-2, Girls First XI Football won 2-0, Premier Netball lost 36-37, and First XV Rugby lost 3-8. This meant that the schools shared the overall Burden-Cole Cup, while Saint Kentigern took home the Jubilee Cup for rugby. The games were this year held at Mount Albert Grammar. Every game was well played with great sportsmanship shown both on the field, and at the two functions held at School House. MAGS Headmaster Mr Patrick Drumm and Mr Steve Cole of Saint Kentigern paid tribute to the players, coaches, organisers and parents for their commitment to their teams, and continuing a great sporting tradition between the two schools.


Swimming MAGS swimmer Brearna Crawford continued to prove her remarkable talent, winning nine Gold medals at the NZ Short Course Championships at the Sir Owen G Glenn National Aquatic Centre on the North Shore in October. The 13-year-old Year 9 student and member of the MAGS Aquatic Academy and Swim Club won Gold in Breaststroke, Butterfly, Freestyle and Individual Medley events. She set new NZ and Auckland records in the 200m Breaststroke and 100m Individual Medley.

Katherine Grozev

George Smith

Jesse Tu’inukuafe

Katherine Grozev (Year 12) won Bronze in the 50m Backstroke, George Smith (Year 10) won Bronze in the 100m Butterfly and 100m Freestyle, and Jesse Tu’inukuafe (Year 9) won Bronze in the 100m Backstroke. More than 650 swimmers took part in the championships, representing 88 clubs from around New Zealand and nine from overseas. MAGS Aquatic Academy member Vasilina Shipilova, aged 15, also competed at the NZ Championships, swimming good personal best times and is now ranked in the top 8 nationally for her age. Earlier in the season, at the NZSS Championships in Wellington, Brearna claimed a perfect result of 8 Gold medals in the 8 events she entered, helping MAGS’ small team of six to 7th place in the girls division out of 150 schools and nearly 600 swimmers. Other MAGS medallists were Sinead Kelly, who won Bronze in the 50m Backstroke, and Vasilina Shipilova, who won Bronze in the 200m Breaststroke At the Auckland Winter Swimming Championships held at West Wave from 22-24 July MAGS students Brearna Crawford, George Smith and Sinead Kelly won New Zealand and Auckland Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. Fellow MAGS students Eva Williams, Bede Aitu and Vasilina Shipilova also won a clutch of Auckland medals.

MAGS’ NZSS Swim team, from left, Eva Williams, Vasilina Shipilova, Brearna Crawford, Joseph Nathan, Sinead Kelly and Fia Jones.

Aquatic Academy Director and former Olympic breaststroke swimmer Mr Paul Kent said Brearna was obviously very talented, “but it is her attitude to the challenge of mastering her sport that sets her apart from other athletes her age. Brearna really enjoys the training and being committed to her sport. She is a pleasure to coach, she manages herself well, in and out of the water, and she has fantastic support at MAGS, in and out of school. “I believe we have just seen the beginning - Brearna has put her hand up as a future sporting star for New Zealand.”


Mount Albert Grammar School

Medallists at the Auckland Winter Swimming Championships, from left, Eva Williams, Sinead Kelly, George Smith, Bede Aitu, Brearna Crawford, Vasilina Shipilova

MAGS’ Premier Boys Underwater Hockey team claimed the New Zealand Championship after defeating Nelson College 4-3 in the final in Wellington on 4 September. They were undefeated throughout the tournament and before the final had conceded only 1 goal. Earlier in the season MAGS was jointly named top Underwater Hockey school in Auckland at the annual Auckland Prizegiving.

They share the prize with Glendowie College.


Underwater Hockey

Year 13 student Angus Scahill won Best Senior Boy in Auckland. The Premier Boys team won the Auckland title, and the Junior Open came 2nd. The Most Valued Players were Liam Quinlan and Natasha Baxendale.

Xterra The MAGS’ Distance Running Squad beat 26 other teams to win the Auckland Xterra Trail series. The series was made up of seven race events, from May to October, in locations such as Woodhill Forest and the Hunua Ranges, over distances ranging from 6km to 12km through terrain featuring steep hills, rivers, mud and sand. MAGS held off a strong challenge from Glendowie College, Kaipara College and the University of Auckland to finish the series more than 20 minutes ahead of second place. The team was made up of eight current students, three Albertians and a handful of MAGS teachers and parents. A number of individual students won overall places in the various race distances: Hannah Houghton - 1st U20 6km; Liam Thompson – 1st U20 12km; Holly Bannister – 2nd U20 6km; Holly Chaafe – 3rd U20 6km; Jack Cavanagh – 3rd U20 6km The Xterra organisers said “Magnificent MAGS showed real depth. Their top two runners were away for the school holidays yet they still pulled out another perfect score in the final race in the Hunua Ranges. Congratulations you guys - what an inspirational team!” Pictured above from left, Teacher in Charge Ms Shelley Mackinlay-Milne, Holly Chaafe, Hannah Houghton, Hannah Zwalue, Alex Thompson, Liam Thompson, Holly Bannister, James Butler, Jack Cavanagh


New Zealand Selections Basketball Michael Gardner was selected for the NZ Junior Tall Blacks which unfortunately had their tour to China cancelled. Instead they played in the NZ Under 23 Tournament.

Cheerleading Caitlyn Gallot, Cayley Lam-Tracey and Chantel Young were selected for the NZ Cheerleading All-Girls Squad which won Silver at the World Championships in Florida in April.

Diving Year 13 student Chloe Bennett-Griffiths was selected to represent New Zealand at the Australian School Games in Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, in August.

Lacrosse Rachel Adams, Georgia Carter, Georgia Houston and Reese Jacques were selected for the NZ Under 19 Festival Squad to travel to England in July 2017 for the Senior Women’s World Lacrosse Tournament. Chester Jerrat was selected for the NZ Under 18 squad which toured Australia in April.

Rachel Adams


Georgia Carter

Mount Albert Grammar School

Georgia Houston

Reese Jacques

Chester Jerrat

Sport Elle Temu

Football The NZ Under 17 Women’s Football team that competed in the FIFA Under 17 World Cup in September, and in China in July, contained no fewer than six members of MAGS’ national champion First XI team. Pictured below at their jersey presentation are, from left, Nicole Mettam, ‘Alosi Bloomfield, Malia Steinmetz, Grace Jale, Jacqui Hand, and Samantha Tawharu. Jacqui, Grace and Malia were later selected for the NZ Under 20 team to compete at the FIFA Under 20 World Cup in Papua New Guinea in November. First XI Boys’ Captain Anton Moore was selected for the NZSS team which toured Australia in July.

Netball Elle Temu was selected for the NZSS team, which won the International School Girls Competition at The Trusts Arena in Auckland in May, beating Australia 31-21 in the final.

Orienteering MAGS’ Junior Boys Orienteering Team was selected to represent New Zealand at the World Championships in Italy in 2017. The Junior Boys who contributed to the selection were Thomas Brendolise, Adam Bateman, Daniel Carroll, Mitchel Cooper, Aidan Skinner, Luca Eastwood and Luc-Aime Meurillon.

Caitlyn Gallot

Cayley Lam-Tracey

Chantel Young

First XI Boys’ Captain Anton Moore


Waimana Riedlinger-Kapa

Caleb Clarke

Robert Cobb

Paul Roache

Niven Longopoa

New Zealand Selections continued Rugby League Isaiah Papalii was selected for the NZ Junior Kiwis which played Australia in May. Iloa Ma’afu Roberts was chosen for the Under 18 squad, while Uenuku Malesala was selected for the Under 17 team. Roderick Puafisi played for NZSS.

Rugby Union Five members of MAGS’ national champion First XV were selected for the NZSS Rugby team and NZSS Barbarians - the most of any school. MAGS Captain Waimana Riedlinger-Kapa, Caleb Clarke, Robert Cobb and Paul Roache played for the NZSS team; Niven Longopoa for the Barbarians. The two teams played Australia and Fiji at MAGS on 3 October and at Auckland Grammar School on 8 October, winning all their games. NZSS beat Australia 32-22.

Softball Nerida Elson was selected for the NZ Junior White Sox Softball team which competed in the Hawaiian Invitational Tournament in the July holidays. Isaiah Papalii

Iloa Ma’afu Roberts


Uenuku Malesala

Mount Albert Grammar School

Roderick Puafisi

Sport Swimming Brearna Crawford and George Smith were selected to represent New Zealand at the Australian State Championships in September. Brearna won two of the New Zealand team’s five Gold medals helping New Zealand to 4th place overall. She won the 50m and 200m Breaststroke, and claimed Silver in the 100m Breaststroke.

Madison McQuoid

The 13-year-old Year 9 student and member of the MAGS Aquatic Academy and Swim Club set two New Zealand records and five Auckland age group records along the way. George Smith won Bronze with a medley team.

Touch Moanekah Va’ai and Princess Elliot, (above) were selected for the NZ Under 16 Touch team which competed at the Australian State Championships in September.

Trampolining James Dougal, Kate Nicholson and Madison McQuoid were selected to represent New Zealand at the Indo-Pacific Championships, being hosted by New Zealand in Napier in October. Earlier in the year Madison and her Synchronised Trampolining partner won Silver at the Australian National Championships in Melbourne from May 29-June 3. Kate won Bronze in the Synchronised Trampoline event at a World Cup event held in Brescia, Italy, in June.

Brearna Crawford and George Smith

Water Polo

Kane Smith

Connor Bougen and Kane Smith were selected for the NZ Under 17 Water Polo team which competed in the Pan Pacific Tournament in Auckland in July. Connor was also selected as a reserve for the Junior Worlds team.

Connor Bougen James Dougal & Kate Nicholson


From the Chairman of the Board of Trustees It would be hard for anyone within and even outside the MAGS community to not notice how the school has improved in the past 20-plus years. It is not just the cosmetic look of the school buildings and surroundings, but also the feel of the place - the demeanour and attitude of the students and staff, and the positive energy within the school MAGS now excels across a multitude of sports, is in the top five academic schools in New Zealand, and has strong cultural and arts programmes. All of these benefits and outcomes depend upon the school’s ability to fund staff and programmes that are an integral part of the school’s success. What we as a school receive from the Ministry of Education is only sufficient to fund the basics. Historically, extra money has come from International students, of which there are currently more than 100 at the school.

The concern is, what happens if the flow of International students stops or slows down? The answer is that all the programmes that make MAGS the school that punches well above its weight would be at risk. The solution is the MAGS Foundation, which provides a pathway for past pupils, known as Albertians, to give back by donating, or pledging to donate funds, to endow the school with a capital base that is sufficient to ensure that MAGS continues to shine in the New Zealand education sector. The initial target of the Endowment Fund is $10 million, which properly invested can provide the school with regular cash flows when required. Please contact our Director of Advancement, Tim Kay, to discuss how you can be part of the future of MAGS. Greg Moyle

From the Chair of the Friends of MAGS become. As MAGS parents we have the privilege of being able to help raise and support one another’s children as they sit up at our kitchen benches or as we drive them to and from parties. You’re not alone in this “raising teenagers thing”! The Friends of MAGS (FOMS) parent group is a collection of such parents. We are just ordinary mums and dads who have realised that there is strength in numbers, and that when we get together as parents of MAGS students we form bonds that help both the school and our children. As we steam through final school term of the year it can be a stressful time in the households of those students sitting their NCEA exams. In our house, the study timetable has gone up (let’s see how closely it is adhered to!) and so have anxiety levels, coupled with a distinct increase in mood swings. The end of the year can also be a really busy and stressful time for parents as work deadlines loom. Clients, no matter what industry you work in, all decide they must have work finished before Christmas. Demands from friends and family often increase also. Thankfully, you can take comfort in a few thoughts. Firstly, know that the school also wants the best for your children. The staff here at MAGS are extremely capable of preparing our kids for assessment. Put your faith in them and, where possible, reach out and offer your children’s teachers encouragement and support. Secondly, know that we’re all in this together. There are more than 2000 families at MAGS. Our children support one another, spending time together both at school and outside of it. They help mould one another into the amazing adults they will 56

Mount Albert Grammar School

This year FOMS hosted its third annual Fine Art Show. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was a dazzling spectacle and a testament to what ordinary people can achieve when they work together as a team with the school’s support. The feedback from the wider Auckland community has been amazing and we realise that we have a very special event on our hands here at MAGS. The parent group continues to grow with some wonderful new parents coming on board this year. In 2017 we are looking to add another event to the school calendar and to continue to grow Friends of MAGS. We meet every second Tuesday of the month to catch up, support one another and plan our world domination! Any and all parents, grandparents and alumni are welcome to attend. I can’t think of a better way to support the school and your child in their education – it’s often the behaviour you model, not what you say, that speaks the loudest to our kids. On behalf of the FOMS parent group, we wish all our MAGS whanau a wonderful Christmas and a Happy 2017. See you next year! Nealie Barker

MAGS Foundation

Exciting plans for the ASB MAGS Farm The redevelopment of the ASB Bank MAGS Farm will provide greater career choices for your child. Nearly three years ago when the Mount Albert Grammar School Foundation approached ASB to discuss how we could work together to redevelop the ASB Bank MAGS Farm, I don’t think any of us had any idea just how important the project would become. Now we’re ready to take our designs to council to get started on a project to redevelop the farm and create a smart farm in the heart of Auckland that will showcase to urban New Zealand the opportunities that exist in the rural sector. The redevelopment is estimated to cost more than $10 million and we believe this will create an asset that holds national significance to the primary sector. The vision for the ASB Bank MAGS Farm is to create a worldclass experience centre and teaching facility that fosters primary sector excellence and skills across the industry from animal handling and food production to sustainable farming techniques. The new farm will use the latest technology and will also house an incubator, showcasing the edge of primary sector innovation. The farm’s location in central Auckland provides a unique opportunity to connect urban New Zealand with rural New Zealand. The farm opens doors for many city children to get involved and be inspired towards careers in a sector that greatly contributes to New Zealand’s prosperity. It also provides the rural sector with access to New Zealand’s largest talent pool of skilled people who are needed if the rural industry is to continue to achieve its potential. Why is it so important for New Zealand’s primary sector to succeed? It’s simple: humans need food to stay alive. Ultimately the purpose of the primary sector is to produce food and New Zealand has fertile soils, plenty of water and infrastructure to enable this in a sustainable, efficient and cost-effective way. The world’s population and its demand for food continues to grow, and in a world where many people still can’t access fresh water

to drink, and don’t have the ability to grow their own food, they will rely on countries such as ours to help fill that supply gap. New Zealand’s primary sector faces a number of challenges. One that’s not often talked about is that we are failing to attract enough talent to work in the sector. I believe that the ASB Bank MAGS Farm redevelopment can help the primary sector demonstrate the reasons why a career in New Zealand’s most productive industry can be a challenging yet rewarding one. The opportunities are vast, and range from being hands-on with stock or crops, to research in genetics, app development, food production, packaging, marketing, and exporting produce globally, as well as environmental management. Behind the scenes, we’ve made some big gains on the MAGS Farm redevelopment project this year and we’re delighted to be able to say that we’re nearing the end of phase two and will embark on a fundraising campaign once the Open Plan of Works consent is granted. That day will be an exciting milestone for the school, ASB Bank, KPMG, Plant and Food Research and the MAGS Foundation, who’ve been working towards a goal to have the redevelopment complete by February 2018, ready for our next generation of primary sector leaders to begin. Jane Brice, Head of Rural Business Management, ASB Bank


MAGS Fine Art Show the best yet The 2016 MAGS Fine Art Show held from 19-21 August was the biggest and most successful to date – more than $65,000 was raised for the school. More than 1000 artworks from 130 of New Zealand’s most renowned and emerging artists were exhibited, with 40% of each sale going to the MAGS Foundation for benefit of the school and students, particularly in the area of Visual Art. About 600 people attended the Gala Opening, including parents, Albertians, staff, exhibiting artists, sponsors and MPs Mr David Shearer and Ms Melissa Lee. Arts patron and philanthropist Sir James Wallace attended for the third year in a row, saying the event was “an exemplary school Art Show.” Barfoot & Thompson auctioneer Mr Murray Smith sold eight pieces of donated art to enthusiastic bidders, for a total of nearly $9000. More than 1000 people visited the show on the free admission days over the weekend. Director of Advancement, Mr Tim Kay, said the MAGS Foundation was extremely grateful to the Friends of MAGS committee which organised the show, to the artists and to the MAGS community for supporting the show in such great numbers.


Mount Albert Grammar School

Friends of MAGS Chair Ms Nealie Barker said that after the committee’s hard work, “it was with pleasure and pride that we enjoyed the visual spectacle, spirit of parent teamwork, community engagement and the satisfaction of raising a record total for the school.” Ms Barker thanked the families and members of the community who visited the show, and the volunteers who helped throughout the weekend. Student prizewinners, judged by artist Emma Bass and John Gow of the Gow Langsford Gallery: Photography: 1st: Daniel Pereira; 2nd: Ernest Lim; 3rd: Maya Blair; spot prize: Ruiling (Sabrina) Hong Painting: 1st: Samuel Kriehn; 2nd: Holly Grbich; 3rd: Natasha Baxendale Design: 1st: Ali Hawksworth Highly Commended: Mia Llewellwyn, Jamie Logie, Milly Bayfield, Qiyue (Rita) Cai, Kendall Elson, Gia man Tran Quan, Jason Bellm, Merry Wu, Lois Wadsworth

MAGS Foundation The Friends of MAGS committee members who drove the event’s organisation, from left, Nealie Barker, Mandy Leeson and Clare Mora

Art collector Sir James Wallace and friend

Artist Emma Bass (centre) with David and Justine Atkins of event sponsor ICG

Former MAGS Headmaster Dale Burden and wife Yevette Williams travelled from their new home in Cambridge for the opening

MAGS Foundation Chairman Peter Thorp and wife Tracey

Albertians Association President Aftab Moosa and Riona Haripershad

Patrick Drumm with Barfoot & Thompson Managing Director Peter Thompson

MAGS Art teacher Bryn Corkery and his wife Zywia with Bryn’s paintings


Chef Michael Meredith named 2016 Albertian of the Year Renowned chef Michael Meredith was named Albertian of the Year at the annual Albertians Reunion Dinner on 23 June, and in his acceptance speech thanked the school and his teachers for helping give him the self-belief that has ensured his success. “The school’s motto - Through Hardship to Glory - was something that resonated with me. My introduction to New Zealand from Samoa wasn’t easy, but a school helps lay the foundations of your character and MAGS contributed some important building blocks for me. “My teachers gave me a spark, an insight to life - a lot of that was about self-belief. If you believe in yourself, that’s hugely motivating - you can overcome anything in life and let the light inside you shine.” Mr Meredith said he was very grateful, deeply moved and honoured to receive the award. The chef is best known through his award-winning restaurant Meredith’s in Mt Eden, and for helping to establish the Eat My Lunch social enterprise business, through which customers can buy a lunch and have one donated to a child in need. Eat My Lunch now delivers meals to 1300 children in Auckland every school day, and this year expanded the service to Hamilton and Wellington. Mr Meredith received recognition for this initiative through the Restaurant Association Good Neighbour Awards and the New Zealander of the Year Awards last year.

Mr Michael Meredith (left) with President of the Albertians Association Mr Aftab Moosa after the presentation of Mr Meredith’s award.

Tuesday night dinners at his restaurant, from which he donates all the proceeds to charity, have raised more than $100,000.” The Tuesday dinners are called STEM Tuesdays, named after his daughters Sophia, Tahlia and Ella Meredith.

Mr Meredith attended MAGS from 1988-1991. He and his elder brother Milton had just arrived from Samoa and MAGS was their first point of contact with New Zealand. While he can’t recall a cooking class being offered, art fostered his creativity, and he enjoyed helping on the school farm.

“In an interview Michael said that his dreams were simple: For his daughters to be brave, to fully trust their instincts, to be kind. For them to have a good work ethic, to work to achieve their goals and dreams. But most importantly, he wants them to be great spirits.

After leaving school, a cooking course ignited his interest in the profession, and he gained work at the reputable restaurants Vinnies, Antoine’s and The Grove. He went on to win a scholarship to the Culinary Institute of America, and worked in New York, Melbourne and Sydney, before returning to Auckland to open his own restaurant in 2007.

“To that I say they have the best role model to follow in him, the boy from Lepea, Samoa, who has become a man of great culinary accomplishment, a true community spirit and a man of wholehearted kindness.”

Meredith’s is consistently named in Metro magazine’s Top 50 restaurants in Auckland and both the restaurant and Mr Meredith have won numerous awards. One night a week, proceeds from the restaurant are donated to various charities. Among those which have benefited are the SPCA, Home & Family Counselling, Cure Kids, Kidney Kids, Starship National Air Ambulance, Guardian Angels and the Fred Hollows Foundation.

In other speeches, Mr Moosa, Mr Drumm, Mr Thorp all paid tribute to Mr Meredith, and updated the audience on the school’s progress, including planned developments of the FW Gamble Hall and the school farm. Performances were given by the MAGS Gospel Choir and singer Siosiua Atuekaho. The evening concluded with a toast to the school by Albertian Mr John Liddell.

Mr Meredith brought his partner Ms Claire Baudinet, mother Ms Metita Saleilua and a number of friends to the reunion dinner, including some he met at MAGS. A large number of Albertians also attended, as well as Headmaster Mr Patrick Drumm, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Mr Greg Moyle, Chairman of the MAGS Foundation Mr Peter Thorp and President of the Albertians Association Mr Aftab Moosa. Mr Meredith’s citation was read by his friend, food writer Ms Nici Wickes. She said that Mr Meredith was now inspiring a new generation of chefs, with many seeking time in his kitchen to learn from the best. It was his charitable work, however, that was most remarkable. “Michael chooses to get up at 5am every day to help make sandwiches for the Eat My Lunch programme - they have delivered 180,000 lunches to children in need so far. His


Mount Albert Grammar School

With his partner Ms Claire Baudinet.

With his mother Ms Metita Saleilua.

MAGS Foundation Board of Trustees member Mr Dale Griffiths, Deputy Principal Ms Fiona Barker and Albertian Mr David Griffin

Mr Meredith with family and friends who joined him for the evening.

MAGS Foundation Board members Mr Tim Goulding (left) and Mr Grant Watson Mr Meredith’s good friend Ms Nici Wickes read his citation.

Deputy Principals Ms Shameen Hayat and Ms Jo Williams Headmaster Mr Patrick Drumm.

2012 Head Girl Hayley Becht with her father Richard

Head of Pasifika Ms Va Anisi and Associate Principal Mr Paul McKinley

MAGS’ Gospel Choir

Former Headmaster Mr Greg Taylor, Albertian Mr Bryan Williams and Chairman of the Board of Trustees Mr Greg Moyle.


Barfoot & Thompson Mt Albert proud to sponsor MAGS Barfoot & Thompson Mount Albert is a proud supporter of Mount Albert Grammar School. The company’s association with the school stretches back to when Maurice Thompson, grandfather of our Managing Director Peter Thompson, attended Mount Albert Grammar as a student. We are committed to supporting the school’s annual Fine Art Show and Golf Day, and were particularly thrilled to witness and support the success of the MAGS First XV this year. This has been our third year as the sponsor of the team, and it’s a case of third time lucky. As passionate backers of all levels of rugby in Auckland, from grassroots clubs to the regional team, seeing the MAGS boys achieve greatness on and off the field brings us immense pride. We are particularly thrilled for MAGS’ Director of Rugby Geoff Moon, who also works with Barfoot & Thompson in his association with Auckland Rugby. His hard work and skill has led MAGS’ First XV to the highest national honours.

of this journey too, because no matter the result, we know you’ll make us proud. We’re excited to help the team fundraise to get to Japan. Watch this space, more information to come.

From winning the Auckland 1A final at Eden Park against Sacred Heart, to the triumph in the Blues Regional final against Westlake Boys, to the gritty win over Hastings Boys’ High in the New Zealand final in Palmerston North, we have been part of your journey, backing your team all the way. Whether it’s waving banners, sizzling sausages or serving coffee, we love to be a part of your school’s community. And now your First XV, as New Zealand Champions, will represent the country at the Sanix World Rugby Youth Tournament in Japan in 2017. We can’t wait to be part


Mount Albert Grammar School

MAGS Director of Rugby, Mr Geoff Moon, with Barfoot & Thompson supporters, from left, Ms Christine Wooding, Ms Mildie Meyer-Els, Ms Jean Smith and Mr Mark Wooding.

MAGS Foundation

Record turnout for Albertians Lunch Nearly 90 Albertians attended the Term 3 luncheon at School House on 22 September, thought to be a record number. A drawcard was no doubt a speech by MAGS’ Director of Rugby, Mr Geoff Moon, on the First XV’s championship season, in which they won the Auckland1A, Auckland Regional and New Zealand titles. Five players were then selected for the NZSS teams which won all their games against Fiji and Australia. The MAGS team’s New Zealand win earns them the right to represent the country at next year’s Sanix World Rugby Youth Tournament in Fukuoka, Japan. Mr Moon spoke about how the development of culture within the team was central to their success, and talked through the pathway to each championship win. Headmaster Mr Patrick Drumm spoke about other New Zealand championships won by MAGS’ teams this year, and how the culture of excellence within those teams is seen throughout the school, including in the performing arts. The Headmaster’s Choir, which came together only in Term 2, is already giving impressive performances and the intention is to see MAGS back at the Big Sing choir competition next year.

The Albertians heard the new Headmaster’s Choir, Ad Augusta, for the first time.

The choir performed four pieces, to enthusiastic applause and compliments.


Art Cup recipient wins National Contemporary Art Award Mr Sorawit Songsataya, who attended MAGS from 2001-2005 and won the Art Cup in his final year, has won the 2016 National Contemporary Art Award with a pair of quirky 3D printed vases atop a wooden plant pot holder. Titled Good Kisser, the work by Auckland artist combines digital and traditional artistry. The Award came with a cash prize of $20,000. Awards judge Mr Misal Adnan Yildiz - who named Mr Songsataya as this year’s winner at a ceremony at Waikato Museum on Friday, 9 September, said the piece was significant because it evoked artworks of bygone eras, such as the ancient Anatolian goddess statues of Kibele and the “readymades” of French/ American artist Marcel Duchamp. It also referenced personal politics, gender, sexuality and the struggle for equal rights “in the age of Trump”, Yildiz said.


The competition, hosted each year by Waikato Museum, has a tradition of attracting unusual works that challenge perceptions.

Molly Swanson receives PhD grant for research into Alzheimer’s Molly Swanson, who attended MAGS from 2007-2011, has received a grant of more than $100,000 to assist her PhD research into early detection of Alzheimer’s disease and potential therapeutic intervention. Ms Swanson, a student at the University of Auckland where she gained a BSc majoring in Biomedical Science, will use the Neurological Foundation W & B Miller Postgraduate Scholarship Molly-Swanson to travel overseas to learn from experienced researchers in her field of interest. Her research extends from an early symptom of Alzheimer’s, the loss of the


Mount Albert Grammar School

sense of smell. She will test whether the disease is triggered by inflammatory processes in the olfactory bulb. “The support from the Neurological Foundation will allow me to travel to Germany to contribute to a 3D model of the human olfactory bulb that we hope will aid in our understanding of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease pathology,” says Ms Swanson. “Overall, I hope to further understand the potential role that specific cells and their related inflammation play in Alzheimer’s disease progression.” Ms Swanson not only excelled academically at Mount Albert Grammar, she was also a champion long distance runner, and the Molly Swanson Cup is awarded annually to an athlete with similar talent. Ms Swanson is now a keen triathlete, and hopes to also travel to the Netherlands in 2017 for a World Championship event.

Corridors - Albertian News

From the Archives

What happened in 1922? As far as Mount Albert Grammar School is concerned, 1922 was our Foundation year, beginning a little later than usual due to an epidemic of typhoid fever. At home and abroad there were other events, some of them having reverberations to the present day. There were notable political events in 1922. The Soviet Union was established with Vladimir Lenin Chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars of the Soviet Union. In Italy Benito Mussolini marched on Rome, finessed King Victor Emmanuel III and began setting up a Fascist government. One of the world’s oldest empires began collapsing when Kemal Ataturk overthrew the Ottoman Sultanate and established modern Turkey. In the throes of a civil war, the Irish Free State was established. The UK abolished its Protectorate over Egypt and the independent Kingdom of Egypt was established under King Saud. Going back more than 3000 years to another Egyptian King, in 1922 Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon discovered the only unlooted tomb in the Valley of the Kings, that of the boy Pharaoh, Tutankhamun. In the literary world, James Joyce published Ulysses, Richmal Compton wrote Just William, the first of 39 William books, Hugh Lotting wrote the Voyages of Doctor Dolittle, T.E. Lawrence wrote Seven Pillars of Wisdom, T.S. Eliot wrote The Waste Land and Reader’s Digest was founded. The Jazz Singer – the first ‘talkie’ was still five years away. In 1922 the BBC was founded and in New Zealand the first radio stations were heard, there was one in Auckland broadcasting for several hours per week. There were fewer than 1000 radios in New Zealand. Also in New Zealand there was the first Poppy Day, the Correspondence School was opened and William Massey’s Reform Party was re-elected to government. In Australia, Vegemite was formulated.

Niels Bohr received the Nobel Prize in Physics for the structure of atoms and the radiation emanating from them. Francis Aston received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for the discovery of isotopes in many non-radioactive elements. The last Barbary lion was shot in the Atlas Mountains, the last Californian grizzly bear was shot and the Korean tiger was last seen in 1922. Among those who died in 1922 were the explorer Ernest Shackleton, Pope Benedict XV, the inventor Alexander Graham Bell and the author Marcel Proust. At the other end of life there were some 1922 newborns who were destined for international fame. MAGS original Masters, only one of whom travelled to school by car, would either have walked from home or from the tram or train. They would have been walking along a gravel street, Rob Roy Street. On their way to and from school they would have seen more horse-drawn vehicles than motor vehicles. They would have known about the events listed here which they would have gleaned from their reading of The New Zealand Herald, The Weekly News and The Auckland Star, the only sources of information at the time. As the School gears up to celebrate its centennial, 1922 seems increasingly remote. By the time the bicentennial comes around, 2022 will likewise seem distant and quaint. Brian Murphy, Archivist

In the world of Science of 1922, insulin was discovered by Frederick Banting and Charles Best, Vitamin E was discovered by Herbert McLean Evans and Katharine Scott Bishop, Hermann Staudinger proposed and first used the term macromolecules.


Obituaries Dr Sydney Rae West MBChB, DipObst, DipProfEthics, FRCGP, FRNZCGP (Hons), FAFPHM. Dr West was widely known as Rae. He was at Mount Albert Grammar School from 19391942 and was in top classes all the way, winning High Merit Certificates most years. He was in the Rifle, Camera and Chess and Draughts Clubs, was a surf lifesaver, senior soccer player, tennis player, rower, boxer and Houseboy, his family home being in Waiuku. Rae was a top all-round boy. On leaving MAGS Rae studied medicine at the University of Otago where he was a rowing blue in 1947. He graduated in 1948. After the usual stint at several hospitals he returned to Waiuku in 1951 and remained there for 22 years. The Post, a community newspaper, noted that: “... He was active in the Camera Club, the Waiuku Yacht Club and also had a strong interest in the history of the Franklin District.” It went on to say that he had a close relationship with ambulance services and district nurses. As well as being a country GP who made home visits, he had an extensive obstetric practice and served on National GP bodies. He was awarded a Nuffield Travelling Fellowship in 1971 to study in London (the base of the Nuffield Foundation) followed by study in Europe and the United States. Following this, in 1972, he and his family moved to Dunedin where he took up a senior lectureship in the Department of Preventative and Social Medicine at the University of Otago. In 1977 the family moved back to Auckland where Dr West had been appointed an Associated Professor in the Department of General Practice at The University of Auckland. Dr West was active in many fields. A eulogy in the Journal of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners points out that he was active in the establishment of the College. He was also the Editor of New Zealand Family Physician. Always a family man, he wrote and illustrated A Guide to the Trees of New Zealand. The book was initially for his children but reached a wider audience. Trees were identified by their leaves – a simple and effective method. He used his own original classification, and each of the true-size leaf drawings were by Rae. The Post eulogy mentioned that he “maintained a strong interest in ecology and sustainability in the natural world. Latterly, he was a member in his local U3A Ecology group. Rae was able to draw well and he carved wooden and bone figures as a hobby. He was an avid reader of diverse authors, loved poetry and maintained a strong interest in science throughout his life.” An aphorism attributed to Abraham Lincoln goes: “And in the end it is not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” Sydney Rae West had a great deal of life in his years. The Mount Albert Grammar School family extends its condolences to the family of this distinguished Albertian. Brian Murphy, Archivist 66

Mount Albert Grammar School

Dr Hal Harding and John Goulding HM Harding : MAGS 1938-1942. Dux, Head Prefect of MAGS and School House, Captain First XV, also competed in Athletics and Boxing. Became a Medical Doctor. JKH Goulding: MAGS 1937-1941. Coxswain of First VIII. Became a Lawyer. The death of John Goulding (below) on 9 August followed Hal Harding’s death earlier this year on 23 May. Their passing marked the loss of two men who made a major contribution to the success of Mount Albert Grammar School’s Golden Jubilee celebrations in 1972, and who continued to provide great support to the School and the Old Boys until their health limited their ability to do so. Headmaster Murray Nairn had suggested to the Old Boys Association that the Jubilee project should be the Honours Board at the head of the Hall. Hal Harding and John Goulding were members of the planning committee with Hal selected as Chairman. It was his drive and his personal effort to contact a large number of Old Boys personally that encouraged donations to the Jubilee project and achieved an over-run of the actual costs. A further aim was added to the project - to establish a Trust Fund that would support staff in professional training around New Zealand and overseas, and this was achieved. John Goulding prepared the Trust Deed and, following the success of the fundraising, assisted in the selection of a suitable residential property as the Trust’s first investment. This property was replaced with a multi-unit investment and later an industrial unit. Staff gained the advantage of annual contributions to selected teachers for suitable training. All the legal work throughout was done pro bono by John as was any other legal work required by the School. In the early 1970s Hal was elected by the parents of the school to be a member of the Auckland Grammar School Board which governed the two boys’ schools – AGS and MAGS – and the two girls’ schools – Auckland Girls Grammar and Epsom Girls Grammar. John was asked by the Board to be one of the two members the Board was able to add to the elected members. Both men gave great support to MAGS as members of this Board of Governors. For many years at the end of term luncheons John kept the Old Boys up to date with news of others. He had a knack of ferreting out information and presenting it in an interesting way. Hal was made a member of the Mount Albert Grammar School Hall of Distinction. John’s son Tim is also involved in the Albertians Association and is on the board of the MAGS Foundation. Maurice Hall, former Headmaster

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