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An issue with Burgers & Inspiration!

Wow! What a great response we got from our launch issue! From Hale all the way to East Didsbury, our first issue received nothing but praise from you all. Thank you! In this issue we are once again ‘jam-packed’ with news, fashion, food, events and more! We take a look at last month’s ‘Burger Off’ competition that took place in Altrincham as well as the growing East Didsbury. However, my personal favourite this issue has to be Laura Reade’s inspirational story on making a life-changing decision to ensure a better life. All of us at Within Towers hope you enjoy this issue just as much as the last, if not more!

A Cambridge University graduate has told how he quit his high-flying job to help some of the poorest people in the world. Robert Malies had a successful career as a structural engineer, even helping to design the London 2012 Olympic Park. But Robert, from Didsbury, gave up his job to dedicate his life to helping others. He has recently returned from a relief mission in Tissi, Chad, where he has been helping to set up emergency response units. Often leaving his family and friends for up to a year at a time, Robert uses his skills to train people to rebuild war-torn and poverty stricken countries. He said: “It’s a world apart from what I used to do as my 9am to 5pm job. “As a structural engineer I was part of some big projects, but ultimately none of them inspired me.” Robert first became involved in volunteer

work while at university studying for a degree in engineering. He joined a programme called Engineers Without Borders, which allowed him to experience relief work, spending a summer in Peru. Robert said: “It was something I wanted to do but I knew that once I graduated I needed to learn some skills. “I got a structural engineering job in London and I did that for a while. I was actually

helping with work on the Olympic Park but once that was finished I quit. I just wasn’t happy.” Robert had heard about the Medecins Sans Frontieres organisation, and decided that he would apply for a position. Recognising his skills, he was accepted, and was sent out to the Democratic Republic of Congo at the end of 2011.

Leukemia survivor Rosemary Guest is set to host a fundraising coffee morning for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Manchester’s school leavers celebrated another successful year for GCSE results with 53% achieving five or more A*-C grades yesterday – yet national results have suffered the biggest drop in its 25-year history. Despite the national dip, schools across Manchester are boasting that they have maintained their grades, or even improved them. Councillor Afzal Khan, Executive Member for Children’s Services at Manchester City Council

said: “This year’s results represent the combined dedication, commitment and talent shown by Manchester’s pupils and teaching staff. “Getting such excellent results at GCSE level will motive these pupils to go and achieve even more with A-Levels, further studies and their career options. I think I speak on behalf of the whole city when I say we applaud the hard work that has accompanied these results.”

Rosemary has experienced the positive impact Macmillan has first hand. She was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2011 - although is currently doing well - and has recently been told that her aunt is living with cancer. Last year, Macmillan Cancer Support raised £15m from their annual World’s Biggest Coffee Morning and this year’s event, which takes place on September 27, aims to exceed this amount. Rosemary is holding her coffee morning at Hale Kitchen in Hale, a location chosen due to one of the chefs recently being diagnosed with cancer. Anyone is welcome to join the fun at Hale Kitchen on September 27. To find out more about the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning visit or call 0845 602 1246.

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Tartan is back in a big way - and nearly every store or designer is doing their take this Autumn. Ready to join the tartan army? With the likes of Kate Middleton and Emma Watson both leading the way in the tartan takeover, we have listed a number of our favourite tartan items that are not only available locally, but available at a brilliant price! Check out more tartan buys on our website:

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The column where we talk about our favourite buys this month from facial toners to lipsticks. Pretty much all things gorgeous!

Dr Hauschka Facial Toner is a refreshing toning mist for normal, dry, sensitive and mature skin types.

Quite possibly one of the world’s best hair care brands, Moroccan Oil is a global phenomenon, with cult following that span through the generations and cultures to get beautiful results every time. Containing Argan Oil, a unique product of the Moroccan land, that instantly and intensely replenishes your hair and leaves you with smooth and desirable hair.

This natural Facial Toner stimulates the moisturising processes of the skin. Misting the face lightly with this toner is the perfect finish to your Dr Hauschka cleansing routine. The Anthyllis and Witch Hazel extracts contribute to the revitalising effect and assist the skin in improving and maintaining elasticity.

This D&G fragrance has an innately soft yet seductive character. Soothing neroli is intertwined with juicy raspberry and a hint of tart green mandarin. A melting heart of velvety, potent florals temper a sweet and creamy dry down of full bodied vanilla, ensuring that people who fall within your path will be flourished with a seductive scent.

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We cannot complain this year – we have had a great summer! But autumn is right around the corner, and with the change in weather comes the change in style. One of the most important things to keep on top of during a season change is make up, especially lipstick. Our favourite this year has to be Rouge Pur Couture by Yves Saint Laurent. A bit costly but is well worth the spend!

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A lot has happened to Didsbury Village since the 13th century. Records state it was a small hamlet, carving its niche in the world with sheep grazing, wool production and crops of hemp and hay. It’s certainly proved itself a desirable area over time with even Cromwell and Bonnie Prince Charlie taking a break here whilst on their respective marches through Britain. Since then, Didsbury has been home to Manchester’s great industrialists and pioneers, scientists, doctors, writers and celebrities. Whether you arrive by car, train or on the brand new Metrolink, you immediately feel the community ethos of its residents. Didsbury is brimming with history and even today still retains the charm of a local village whose community spirit seeps out of the place in spades. Some of the stores and businesses along this stretch of Wilmslow Road have been around for almost half a century and have been serving generations of Didsbury folk for years. As you step through the welcoming doors of Evans, The Cheese Hamlet or Axons the Butchers, you’ll instantly get a sense that both the customers and staff have known each other for many years.

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You’ll hear the same comical banter whilst you shop, whether its fresh fish, fruit and veg, fine foods, gorgeous cheeses or award winning sausages. You’ll be welcomed by the friendly faces of the helpful, knowledgeable staff in each of these ‘old fashioned’ little stores where they’re always happy to help, and with a generous helping of good cheer, at no extra cost! As you wander up and down the high street, you’ll find that amongst the independent shops and businesses, Didsbury Village belies a certain charm that only comes when a sense of community is firmly etched into its roots. It’s a high street full of character and vibrancy, with lots of independent traders and only a smattering of chain shops thrown in.

Café Culture As you take a stroll around, you’ll catch on to its growing café culture with various coffee shops, cafés and bars where you can take a break and watch the world go by. At Café Didsbury, the warm enticing smells of fresh coffee, pastries and delicious Mediterranean foods will practically drag you in off the street.

Soak up the atmosphere, catch up with friends and have a gossip over morning coffee, or enjoy a leisurely afternoon of people watching. Take a stroll down the wide, tree-lined avenues or neat, terrace lined streets that surround this area of Wilmslow Road. You’ll soon see that Didsbury has developed, over time, to become suburbia at its gracious, architecturally impressive, best. History just oozes out as you walk along its pavements. In fact, Didsbury has one of the largest concentrations of listed buildings in Manchester. From the gothic spires of the Shirley Institute and the grandeur of the university campus, to the clean lines of the modern offices and business park. Didsbury allows the occasional modern twist but only if it compliments the elegant splendour of its’ more historical architecture. As well as its stunning churches, clock towers and buildings, the historic mansions which rose up during Manchester’s Industrial Revolution are still as stunning today. The gardens and public land around these developments was developed by the entrepreneurs and businessmen of the 19th Century to create and preserve the beautiful green spaces so they would serve as a tonic to the emerging chimneys and factories that would become the industrial heart of the city centre. Today, the numerous parks, conservation areas and gardens within its suburban streets are a great part of Didsbury life, hosting many of its community events such as the Arts Festival and the annual parade and festivities.

Host to many a place to quench your thirst, Didsbury has something for everyone. If traditional is what you are after, both Ye’Old Cock Inn and The Didsbury have their historical roots firmly planted in the village and form a very sociable little corner. There’s also the Fletcher Moss pub situated right in the centre of the village. Loved by the locals and visitors alike, it boasts a great selection of beers, all served with a smile by the friendly bar staff. Sit and soak up the buzz in any of these pubs and you’ll soon understand why Didsbury is the place to meet, whether its for a family pub lunch or a great night out with friends.

Taste buds spoilt for choice! Outstanding food and wine can also be found tucked away down Warburton Street. Relaxed, yet with tonnes of sophistication, No 4 offers a cosy, intimate dining experience. The menu features something for every taste; the food is prepared and cooked to perfection, then served with plenty of style. Good food and drink are a big part of Didsbury life. With a wide array of places to eat offfering cuisines from around the world, you’re taste buds will be spoilt for choice! So whether it’s live music, quiz nights, theatre, or a good laugh at the Cricket Clubs’ monthly Comedy night, there’s always something going on. You’ll soon find that Didsburys’ vibrant and eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary will welcome you in and tempt you back time after time. Below: a Choir showing their talent at Didsbury Arts Festival, and a young woman enjoying Didsburys well known nightlife

There’s also Fletcher Moss Gardens and the beautifully preserved Old Parsonage where you can lose yourself for a while amongst it’s botanical gardens and green spaces. Didsbury had links to the film industry well before Cold Feet came along. ABC Television Studios were based here in the 1950s, where popular TV shows of the time such as “Opportunity Knocks” and the “Jimmy Clitheroe Show” were made. Maybe that’s one for the ‘more mature’ generation! Didsburys’ streets and parks are still used by film and television crews today, where they create the backdrop to many a TV Drama.

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To make a large tart, to serve 4-6 5 or 6 beetroots, depending on size, with stalks and leaves if possible 200g taleggio cheese (use brie if you can’t find it) 100ml double cream 200ml Greek yoghurt 4 eggs Fresh thyme, chopped finely 2 cloves of garlic, chopped finely Salt and pepper Wholemeal pastry: 200g wholemeal flour 100g butter 3/4 tablespoons cold water

Beetroot (in season now) is a bit scary to many people, but it needn’t be. Even if you think you don’t like beetroot - your opinion may be based in the awful pickled stuff in jars – I urge you to give it another chance. Not only is it deliciously sweet roasted; it’s also easy to cook (just roast on medium heat for about 40 minutes), cheap as you like, and very healthy (eating it regularly helps cleanse the liver and can assist in lowering incidences of heart disease). In a tart like this you might even convince your kids to eat it. If you find the idea of a wholemeal pastry too healthy then feel free to make a white shortcrust instead.

Preheat oven to 180C. Lightly grease a 24cm flan tin with a loose bottom. First make your pastry. Rub your butter into your flour until breadcrumb-like. Mix your water in and bring it together to make a ball. It’s quite crumbly with wholemeal flour, so you may need a little more water. Make a ball and wrap in cling film, then rest for 1/2 hour in the fridge. When it’s rested, work it a bit to get it going, then roll out to about 3mm thick. You want to more than cover the tart tin, with enough hanging over the sides so it doesn’t shrink back. Cover your tin with the pastry, pressing it into the corners and patching up any

holes that occur, then line with baking paper loosely, and fill with baking beans (or dried beans) and bake blind for 30 minutes. Then take out the beans and paper and bake for a further 15 minutes until browned a little. Set aside to cool a little. If the stalks and leaves are in good condition and quite fresh like mine were, after washing and patting dry, saute them gently over a low heat with some garlic, for about 20 mins. Set aside. Roast your peeled and halved beetroot, tossed in a little olive oil, for about 40 minutes, depending on how big they are, until tender. You may want to wrap them in foil to prevent them over caramelising, but I didn’t bother. Once roasted,

set aside. Slice when cooled into thick pieces. Whisk your eggs, yoghurt, cream, salt and pepper. Roughly chop your taleggio into about inch-sized cubes. Place your stalks and leaves, if using, evenly and artfully on the base. Do the same with your beetroot and cheese. Then pour your cream and eggs over carefully, up to the very top. Place in the oven for 35-45 minutes. Serve with a simple green salad. It’s also good cold the next day.

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With a mere slip of a week to go before my wedding (gah!), eating out at fancy restaurants really isn’t the best thing for my already wobbly waistline, but hey-ho, I have packed my Spanx, so what the hell. Last night I ventured out to the leafy suburb of Heaton Moor, the place where people move to after a few years in Didsbury or Chorlton, you know, when they’ve ‘grown up’. The location of Heaton Moor suits this restaurant. It’s grown up cooking; proper portions of delicious food for normal people who want to eat when they go to a restaurant, not be seen at the new trendy place. But don’t think that decent portions are synonymous with a lack of delicacy or skill. Good Lord, no! This is food at the level that you or me - or for that matter, many other chefs at many other restaurants - could not achieve. Normal people like us can’t think of these combinations, let alone execute them so well.

Delicately balanced, intriguing combinations to begin My friend Kat and I took an early table, seated in the ‘extension’ part of the restaurant. Despite the early hour, it was very busy the whole time with, amusingly, an Allo Allo themed evening going on in the ‘main’ restaurant. The Scallop tartare, Whitby crab salad, salt and pepper squid, tomato and avocado (£9.95) jumped off the page as I scanned the starters, so I went with my instincts. I wasn’t disappointed. A combination of three of my favourite shellfish on one plate was always going to be a pretty safe bet, but this really blew me away. Each gorgeous component was so delicately, perfectly executed and also managed to stand out individually rather than fighting for attention on the plate, which can often happen with a busy dish such as this. Best thing I’ve eaten for a long time (I actually said these words as I finished eating). Kat chose Grilled and cured salmon, peas, smoked pancetta, horseradish crème fraiche, lemon (£6.95). Neither of us had tried pancetta with salmon before, but it works so well. I am going to try and combine these ingredients at home, but there’s no way I’ll do it as deftly as this. She was thrilled to bits with it. Who knew a fish and a pig would get on so well?

A perfect example of how to combine Anglo-Asian flavours For mains, we both went for Slow roasted Middle White pork belly, curried cauliflower puree, honey and chilli glazed pak choi, golden pickled raisins, spiced potato and lentil dhal (£18.95). I’m not normally one for so called ‘fusion food’, but this Anglo-Asian dish shows that it can work wonderfully when the right person is in charge. Two massive, tender and juicy pieces of perfectly rendered down pork belly topped with a sheet of crackling; two cohesive yet different sauces (a generous

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portion of porky gravy and aforementioned puree); refreshing greens; several beautiful little herby cauliflower fritters (a pleasant surprise as not mentioned in the description); served alongside a hotpot of heavenly dhal, creamy, with spinach and potato, and spiked with crunchy coriander seeds. The portion was so generous with all the accompaniments that, carving into my last piece of pork I felt like Adam Richman from Man Vs Food (cult US eating competition programme).

A sweet and sour ending to a perfect meal We shared (I blame the huge main) Lemon meringue shortbread, crushed raspberries, raspberry sorbet (£6.95). It reminded me of sherbert lemons, all sweet and pleasingly sour. The little bit of Chantilly cream served alongside acted well as a counterpoint to the tartness. Our large glasses of ‘Outrider’ Australian Chardonnay lasted the duration of dinner and proved a flukily excellent partner for our meal choices. Two excellent coffees rounded the whole thing up. So, in the interests of a balanced critique I should find something negative to say, a place that they could improve upon. The table was a bit wobbly. And, if you had to push me, maybe the exterior of the restaurant could do with a bit of love. But really, I’m struggling for anything to criticise here. Damson is serving the best food I have tasted in Manchester. If you haven’t gone, go. If you have, go again – and take your best foodie mate with you from London who doesn’t think we can compete with them on the restaurant front.

Website: Telephone: 0161 432 4666 Address: 113-115 Heaton Moor Road, Heaton Moor,

May I introduce you to Steve Pillings, owner of Damson (Heaton Moor and Media City) and The Red Lion (Stockport), who tells us how his mum’s bad cooking helped him become the restaurateur he is today… Describe a perfect meal…

These days a perfect meal is ‘less is more’: quality and simplicity is what counts. This applies to all cuisines, from Chinese steamed sea bass with pak choi, ginger and spring onions; to the purest roast gravy which we prepare at Damson and the Red Lion which is a simple stock reduction reduced until it is perfect. One of my favourite dishes at the time of writing, is the Maksous meat at the Rayoon in Stockport served with butter bean rice and grilled tomato with sumac…delicous.

Who inspires you when it comes to food?

Michel Roux and Raymond Blanc, I know both of them. My old head chef from the Midland French was very good friends with Michel’s father and last time I visited his restaurant I nearly missed the return train due to talking too much to his mum!

When did your passion / interest in food begin?

Very much like Raymond Blanc my mother was an inspiration but only because her cooking was appalling (sorry mum!) and I did end up cooking for all the family and then went on to college. We also had a lovely allotment right behind our terraced house. Incidentally, my mother worked in a cotton mill where they stained the cotton with Damson skins and dad worked on the Damson jam line at Robinsons jam works [hence the name ‘Damson’].

Any advice for wannabe foodie entrepreneurs?

The old clichés I’m afraid, nothing changes. Work hard and if possible for someone who will mentor you in the right direction, without any barriers. Learn as much as you can from the best and become a vacuum for knowledge. Hot tip… keep a diary.

What next for Steve Pillings?

Well that’s the six million dollar question! At the time of writing we are opening a pub in Media City, and are still building our restaurant on Deansgate. We are also planning a Damson in the city. But before all that I need to recover from my new hip, which I have just received!

I’m not a vegetarian, but some of my favourite recipes don’t contain meat, and some of my favourite restaurants don’t serve meat. I choose to eat high quality, high welfare meat, but less often. It’s a healthier way to eat and better for the environment too. These vegetarian restaurants were nominated by Within readers on Twitter as some of the best in South Manchester. Thanks people!

Hungry Gecko at The Beech Inn


Bistro 1847

Jackie Kearney, a former finalist on BBC’s Masterchef, serves drool-worthy Asian street food from Barbarella, her vintage Airstream caravan in the beer garden of The Beech pub. Mainly vegetarian, but not exclusively. Serving Thursday and Fridays (from 4pm) and Saturdays and Sundays (from 12pm)

Simon Rimmer’s restaurant will no doubt top many a veggie and a meat eater’s list of favourites. Their deep fried oyster mushroom pancakes (inspired as a duck substitute) with hoi sin sauce are so good they’ll make you weep.

I am looking forward to visiting this relative newbie on the restaurant scene. Menu features hearty fare like ‘Fish’ (battered halloumi) and Chips and a carrot, cumin and chick pea burger. Yum.


The Beech Inn, Beech Road, Chorlton @thehungrygecko / @thebeechinn Nominated on Twitter by @hansyquirk


Lapwing Lane, West Didsbury @greensveggie Nominated on Twitter by @129didsbury


123 Manchester Road, Chorlton, M21 9PG @bistro1847 Nominated on Twitter by @travelzoe

The gorgeous village is growing from strength to strength. Not only in the business aspect, in the popularity aspect too! Within the Metropolitan Borough of Trafford lies a stunning village in the South West of Manchester. Hale, which was once historically in Cheshire, grew during the medieval period and is now a very affluent area. Along with Hale Barns and Bowden it forms some of the wealthiest parts of England, and is a popular home for Manchester’s footballers earning it’s nickname the ‘Golden Triangle’ with Bowden and Wilmslow forming the balance of the triangle. The thriving village is bounded by the River Bolin, which runs through the south, with Altrincham Golf Course to the North. With an estimated population of over 15,000, Hale is full of life, love and elegance. The friendly locals are welcoming and the atmosphere is more than satisfying. Hale’s nightlife serves up some excellent spots for up-market dining and socialising, including Pizza Express, The Hale Grill, Spice Lounge, Hale Kitchen & Bar, The American Bar & Grill, Suburbia and Hogans of Hale. So whether you’re after a quick bite-to-eat, a tasty three-course meal or a cocktail, Hale is more than satisfactory and is guaranteed to be right up your street – literally considering we’re all locals! For those a little more energetic there are plenty of country parks and walks close by which will take you along the river. Dunham Park is a popular spot for those who enjoy the fresh air. During an enjoyable visit to Hale we stopped to ask a few of the locals what they thought of their village… Sarah Whittle: “We’ve only lived in Hale for 2 years, my partner owns a business close by and we wanted somewhere we could bring up our children knowing they would receive a good education and Hale was our first choice. We’re originally from Leeds and places like this are few and far between! I love the village, I’m always popping to the shops here and everyone

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is lovely. Our favourite place to eat is The American Bar & Grill but the kids adore Pizza Express as a treat every once in a while. Stamford Park is also close by, we go there quite often.”

Blossoming Martin Warren said: “I’ve lived here all my life, I’m starting university this month in Manchester and I don’t drive; The train station is about a 10 minute walk from our house so traveling to and from Uni shouldn’t be an issue. I also work in Altrincham on the weekend and it’s easy enough to get to. It’s a good place to live, there’s stuff to do and it’s close by to most places I go to. When I was younger me and my friends used to collect autographs from footballers that we’d see going in to the restaurants up the road.” -laughsLastly, Victoria Greene says: “I live here with my boyfriend and grew up in Bowden with my parents. I think it’s a wonderful place to live. It’s quiet, peaceful and an elegant area to live in. We’re hoping to start a family soon and this is the ideal place to bring up a child. I shop, dine and go out here. Amba Restaurant is a great place as well as The Hale Bar & Grill.” It is clear to see that the wholesome feeling in and around Hale is just as warm today as it was many years ago. However, the village that was once visited by locals and locals only has changed. With the business and retail scene growing each month, plus sitting alongside an array of delicious restaurants and contemporary bars, Hale has never been so popular to people, not just in the surrounding areas, but the whole of Manchester and Cheshire. Hale is blossoming and it looks like it’s going to stay that way for a while to come.

Last month, many of Altrincham’s favourite food spots, battled it out against each other to be crowned this year’s ‘Burger Off King’. From Blue Dog Bar to La Rioja, the judges were presented with some tasty and creative burgers that had their taste buds running in overdrive! Barry Cooperman, proprietor of La Rioja on suitably named Regent Road, was crowned ‘King Burger of Altrincham’ on Thursday for his Chorizo Burger as part of a ‘Burger Off’ competition in the town. The title of ‘Queen Burger’ was bestowed upon Jonny Hanson, proprietor of Oxford Road Café for his Mixed Bean & Roast Vegetable Burger. Both were ‘crowned’ at Altrincham Town Hall as the category and overall winners were announced. House Restaurant and Bar on Goose Green gained two titles – ‘Prince’ and ‘Princess’ - having been runners up in both the meaty and veggie burger categories with their Klausse Burger and Allotment Veggie Burger. A panel of Altrincham tweeters, many of whom met each other for the first time, sampled and judged seven meaty and six veggie burgers in succession on Wednesday evening on a whistle-stop tour around the competitors’ premises. The ‘Burger Off’ competition was conceived and organised by Our Altrincham and Altrincham Town Centre Partnership to raise awareness about the quality and variety of food on offer in the town, illustrating the point using just one popular meal category. The panel of nine judges included three vegetarians and was comprised of ordinary Altrincham consumers who frequently use Twitter to promote local businesses.

One of them was Alex McCann, a social media professional who came up with the name ‘Burger Off’. They all tweeted photographs and comments throughout the sampling and using the hashtag #BurgerOff, reached almost 15,000 Twitter accounts during the one evening. The panel were given a very warm welcome by the town’s newest entrant, Blue Dog Bar on Ashley Road, a venue which is unique in serving a variety of keenly priced burgers including kangaroo and zebra as ‘specials’ along with a vegetarian Falafel Burger. From Blue Dog Bar, the panel proceeded at 20-30 minute intervals to Oxford Road Café, The Unicorn Pub (Wetherspoons), House Restaurant & Bar, Bloom Live, La Rioja and finally to The Old Roebuck Inn on Victoria Street.

Close Competition Burgers were scored as they went along and having sampled all of the entries, each judge then nominated their favourite meaty and veggie burger. It was a close run competition and the panel were disappointed to leave Bloom Live just as the free live entertainment was starting. It was recognised by all judges that although entertainment and ambience were not scored, they are influential factors when it comes to the enjoyment of a meal out. An uplift in burger sales has already been reported by some of the ‘Burger Off’ competitors and winners. Those who followed the competition on Twitter are already sampling the burgers themselves to find their own personal favourites. Similar competitions are being considered for different food groups so that more Altrincham businesses can be invited to enter. Photography: Some of the delicious entries, including La Rioja’s winner (below) Photography: Grey Dog Photography

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Manchester has got that little bit sexier with Victoria’s Secret move up North. Yep that’s right, the much-anticipated Trafford Centre store opened this month and the response has been amazing! The American firm is famed for its flamboyant fashion shows with some of the world’s most famous supermodels stalking the catwalk in their racy lace undies, including Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio and Miranda Kerr. And now the brand has it’s sights firmly set on taking Britain by storm – already having a store open in London. What can the people of Manchester expect? Well the store will sell all of the best selling lingerie collections, the brand’s

body care and fragrances and the collegiate-inspired collection PINK. The store is classic VS with its bright pink storefront, gigantic chandeliers and sexy lingerie-inspired interiors. Oh and it’s BIG, as the store covers 1,200 square feet. That’ll be a whole lot of pink. The Trafford Centre already holds many lingerie stores including Baux Avenue and Ann Summers, however VS are expected to really make a stand and put their feet firmly in place as the centre’s leaders over the upcoming months. Already, Trafford Centre goers have been tweeting about the store, mentioning how gorgeous their ranges are, but also on how long the queue is to get into the store! Seems like the women of Manchester all have the same idea in mind.

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Perfect for a late summer evening, on a quiet night you can chat to the bar staff and get a little something that isn’t on the menu, yet when really busy, they can still create fantastic cocktails. They love what they do. An unusual twist on a Margarita, this is from their Liquid Lunch, for those suffering a little the morning after. Pureed avocado, tequila, agave syrup and a teeny kick of chilli, it’s creamy but light and sprinkled with sweetness, smoke and a hint of heat. I fell in love at first sip.

Manchester Road, Chorlton

Apotheca has a huge cocktail list and I’m (still) making my way through it. Always a favourite among friends and family – there’s bound to be something that suits your tastebuds. This is for those who love something a bit savoury. Using Gin Mare, along with dry Vermouth, olive brine and rosemary, you get a salty, delicious Martini that’s simply like drinking a focaccia, but without the carbs.

Northern Quarter, Manchester

Liquorice is a hidden gem, with great bar staff, cocktail list and specials. I felt torn putting them on the list. I love that they’re not as well-known as some of the other bars – very selfish of me, I know. This choice was definitely spurred on by the weather. The Rhubarb Triangle is tall, refreshing, with an earthy warmth and herbal background that makes it easily drinkable. Possibly too easy. Perfect.

Pall Mall, Manchester

Liquor and Burn, are very well known for their food, but their history means their drinks are something special too. With their sister bar, Keko Moku in close proximity, you’ve got a night out almost in one place Once again driven by the weather, one of my favourite bartenders is behind the tweaks on this, so it’s not just Tequila, lime and lager, but pink grapefruit and agave too. A full or half pint of this citrus filled baby and you’re refreshed all the way.

High St, Manchester

Dusk til Pawn is the sister of NoHo, also in the NQ. Another gem I felt torn about listing. The guys in here play with flavour, colour, texture and ideas – everything you want in a cocktail bar. Oh and try the picklebacks! This cocktail was a recent discovery and instantly a favourite. I love Old Fashioneds and this is a really well balanced one, that isn’t as sweet as other smoked versions are. And of course, the bar of chocolate isn’t a bad thing either.

Stevenson Square, Manchester

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Starting a new business can be daunting and perhaps even more so as a small business these days. However it seems that amongst all the turmoil of shops closing in and around Altrincham, there are a number of exciting small businesses emerging. So how to move forward - pursuing a business venture in food seems to be a step in the right direction. That’s exactly what Jamie Green of Feed Me Cakes decided to do at the start of 2013. Now a council inspected and fully registered food producers in Altrincham, Jamie is working towards building a reputation as the person to go to for novelty cakes, wedding and party favours. She also supplies café’s and small eateries with her sweet treats and North East savory favourites under the brand Topper Foods. There were a number of factors to why Jamie decided to start up the business. Back in 2012, due to ill health, she finished working as a critical care nurse and took to dedicating her time on her other passion -making cakes. A defining moment in Jamie’s journey came in the form of an email from the well-known and respected American cake makers Charm City Cakes. Having been an avid watcher of their

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show Ace Of Cakes, Jamie emailed them to thank them for being an inspiration and to her delight Charm City Cakes replied encouraging her to carry on with her creative work. Now working from her five star hygiene rated home kitchen what does Jamie hope for the coming months and how important are other local businesses to her... “ In this time of transition due to the recession, for me personally the ‘buy local’ ethos is even more important. When high street giants are sadly falling we must support our local communities to develop new cottage industries and keep our local towns functioning and thriving. I hope to be part of this in Altrincham with both Topper Foods & Feed Me Cakes making homemade, handmade products that are affordable and ideally ones that the local community would come to know and love.” It seems that Feed Me Cakes is destined to be a great small business, supporting other local business and satisfying the taste buds of many a Manchester and Trafford mouth. You can check out ‘Feed me cakes’ on Facebook.

We all long for living a much more ‘feel-good’ life, whether it be feeling more healthier, toning them thighs or just having a relaxing spa. Here we have put together a number of our favourite, and more importantly, LOCAL feel-good services, places and products to help give you a kick start in the right direction of feeling more happy, more confident and more healthy.

Now we know what you’re thinking: ‘Me, Pole dancing, no chance could I do that’ – but believe us when we say, pole dancing fitness has to be one of the most enjoyable ways to get fit and toned. We understand that it isn’t for everybody, however, Pole Sessions are taking Manchester by storm for the younger ladies, with many studios now offering pole fitness, aerial, and trapeze classes. Pole dancing is a unique dance form; it combines flexibility, strength, elegance, and posture in a fun and enjoyable way. Finally an exercise that never feels like a fitness class, it’s never boring, and you will always leave feeling you have had a great workout! We spoke to Jenny Daly, from Altrincham, who attends many pole fitness classes in Manchester… “I began pole fitness around 2 years ago now. I will admit, it wasn’t something I would have jumped into alone – it was actually a friend who persuaded me to attend. Now I cannot get enough of it!” She continues: “I felt myself toning up from the get-go! Something that I had not felt from usual fitness classes.” To find your closest pole fitness class then all you have to do is Google ‘Pole Fitness Manchester’ and search for one nearby. There are many in the city centre plus a handful around Stockport and Hazel Grove.

One of the biggest health and fitness crazes that ever hit us has to be Yoga. For many years, the relaxing and spiritual practice has been right at the top of the health and fitness table. One of the reasons (apart from the celebrity culture) has to be the relaxing ‘out of body’ experience many enthusiasts feel every week. Luckily, Manchester is beaming with excellent Yoga classes and teachers, from the city centre all the way to Gatley Village. But how can you define the elite? We’ve done that for you, introducing one of the best tutors of Yoga in Manchester…

Ag offers a relaxing yoga class for all levels of fitness at Habitual Fitness in Chorlton (559 Barlow Moor Rd.) on Thursdays at 7:45pm. A Certified Yoga Teacher, having completed a course in the USA, Ag holds an MA in Physical Education. Ag previously studied with Jayadeva of Princeton University and taught at New Jersey’s Rutgers University. The best part about Ag’s classes is that she tailors to the needs of her students while honoring their limitations. or call Chorlton studio: 07756 435 407

After a hard, stressful month the ultimate way to relax and revitalise yourself for the next month ahead has to be by visiting a Spa and treating yourself to a pamper session. With so many to choose from in Manchester we have listed it down to our favourite three…

Spa Satori - Manchester City Centre

Established in 2002 and situated in the heart of the Northern Quarter our independent spa has built its reputation providing the highest standard of healthcare and wellbeing treatments in Manchester. Offering a wide variety of spa & beauty therapies for both men and women, our experienced and passionate therapists strive to offer you the most rewarding spa experience.

Hale Country Club & Spa - Hale

Standing at 40,000 square feet over three floors and nestled in the quiet countryside on the fringes of Hale, the Club provides health and fitness facilities that are truly all-encompassing: luxurious indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a selection of contemporary food and drink offerings and a positively sumptuous spa.

Ki Day Spa - Altrincham

At KI Day Spa experience complete sensory heaven. Where ancient and exotic therapies of East and West blend in perfect harmony to create an oasis of exquisite calm and well-being for both men and women. Escape the pressures of everyday life and discover inner peace, reflection, restoration and complete relaxation. Whether you wish to de-stress, indulge or detox, a myriad of suggestions lie in the pages that follow. Choose from holistic therapies, beauty treatments or a combination of the two.

Getting a good night’s sleep won’t grant you immunity from disease. But study after study has found a link between insufficient sleep and some serious health problems, such as heart disease, heart attacks, diabetes, and obesity. This week make sure you get 8 hours and feel the benefit of being fully recharged!

If you are determined to get in shape fast, the best possible route is a personal trainer. With outdoor training, gym workouts and even home-based exercises on offer, a personal trainer can help you stay motivated. Here we have listed 3 of Manchester’s high rated personal trainers to help you reach your goals both fast and safe.

TC Personal Training covers many areas including Cheadle, Didsbury, Bramhall and other areas. They will constantly re-evaluate your performance and fitness levels to help see yourself improve and together we will set goals, always bearing in mind the lifestyle alterations you will be undertaking. TC Personal Training provides personal training services comfort in your own home weather it’s indoors or outdoors. Bringing the gym to you.

Hale personal training is an exclusive fitness studio located in the heart of Hale. The team at hale personal training are very experienced in training and nutrition and are passionate about getting results as much as there clients. The prices are very competitive compared to other trainers and especially compared to chain gyms. There are no membership fees and always a free trail session to see how you get on. So what do you have to lose?

Jonathan Deakin, founder of 121 Fitness Didsbury, has been training clients at The Northern West Didsbury since 1996. He is constantly developing training programmes to ensure maximum benefit to his clients and regularly contributes to press/magazine articles. Jon studied Exercise Science at The University Of Luton and also completed the prestigious Association of Personal Trainers Advanced Diploma.

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Together’s vegan Omega 3 is from pure algae. Fish don’t naturally produce Omega 3 and only contain Omega 3 because they consume algae rich in essential fatty acids. Together has gone straight to the source that is free from the impurities and contaminants found in fish. The Omega 3 is extracted using a natural process, without the use of chemicals. Nothing else is added and Together simply enclose the algae oil in a 100% plant based softgel. It’s sustainable; super pure and vegan.

Together Vegan Omega 3 £12.20 -

When the weather changes and we step into autumn/winter, it’s time to change up your exercise gear, too. Exercise and ensure you don’t get too cold in the chilly temperatures. One of the main essentials for winter is a decent pair of running shoes. With frost and ice lurking around the corner, you want to ensure that you stay on your feet and more importantly don’t cause any injury. Check out Very’s range of exercise trainers on their website.

Nike Dual Fusion Run Trainers £65.00 -

After working hard exercising and getting that stomach toned – let your hair down. That’s right, get out there, show your toned figure off and enjoy yourself! Being too strict on yourself will only end up in tears. The best thing is too limit yourself – enjoy one night out every 2-3 weeks. Order a Chinese. The carb explosion will shake your body up and ensure that it doesn’t plateau.

This one isn’t a buy, it’s a freebie! Sometimes, when cooking at home, it can be quite difficult to make something healthy and tasty at the same time. Enter Within Magazine’s food columnist, Rachel Brady. Rachel’s amazing blog is packed with original recipes that are not only healthy but delicious too!

You can check out Rachel’s blog from our website or visit:

I have been invited to a school reunion. At this point I should make clear that I actually left school over 20 years ago and haven’t seen any of my old school mates since, well, I have seen a couple, but not to any great extent. When I say mates I should also point out that the majority of people I went to school with were not my mates. In fact I have very mixed feelings about my time in secondary education, there were some funny times, but on the whole I felt like I never quite fitted in. I only had a small circle of friends and found the best way to get through school was to stay out of the way of the ‘cool’ kids whilst trying not to attract too many nerds. I did manage to make my way through school mostly unscathed and I would like to say that I also dodged the nerds. This wouldn’t be totally true as many of my memories involve eating my packed lunch in a corner of the playground with a variety of weird and wonderful characters.

Swingin’ Sixties If, however, like my parents, you were educated during the ‘swinging sixties’ your time at school was no doubt rather different to the experience of the youth today. Those were the days of ‘proper education’ – Nitty Nora, Big gym knickers, smoking in class (teachers AND pupils, allegedly) as well as cross-country running, with the last one to finish punished with the cane…

I also have children of my own and the youngest three are still at school. My daughter is in secondary school herself and is almost 15. She is far more sensible than I was at her age and I don’t have to worry about her smoking or having a questionable crush. Today’s teenagers are health conscious, they are more likely to offer facts and figures about smoking related illness than ask you to buy cigs for them.

Learn from our mistakes As for a crush, my daughter doesn’t have time for that, she is far too busy practicing the drums with her band or reading some obscure yet amazing literature she has researched on the Internet. As I said, today’s youth are clued up and in my own experience it seems that they do learn from our mistakes – if we admit to them. The youngest two are in junior school so during the summer holidays we have had to buy uniform, shoes, bags, PE kits, pencil cases and all manner of things. I am hopeful that this year we will still be in possession of all of these items in October, although if last year is anything to go on, this could be doubtful. My boys have both, on separate occasions, managed to lose a shoe on the school roof – I have now learnt this is only possible with a loose shoelace, a good shot and some determination. I have also discovered that while the caretaker is not insured to retrieve these shoes the wind will blow them back down again, occasionally onto a child’s head. The irony in this story is that it was my child’s head it landed on.

My mum speaks fondly of board-rubber throwing teachers and playing a friendly game of ‘knuckles’ in the yard, things that would be totally alien to the kids of today. There is so much health and safety surrounding the children that some schools have even banned conkers… bonkers if you ask me. Me, well I am a seventies baby, and this meant that I was at school during the 90’s, things had changed somewhat by then. We still had cross-country running and, although we weren’t encouraged by the threat of a cane, we did have the horror of communal showers when we reached the end. I am not sporty, not even a little bit and found the whole PE experience rather daunting. I am not good at ‘physical exertion’ and struggled to hit/catch/throw a ball so was always one of the last to be picked for a team, this is not so good for your self-esteem when you are 13.

Shower of Nightmares Anyway, back to the shower of nightmares. Basically, once we had finished whatever form of exercise they deemed fit that class we all had to have a shower, overseen by our allegedly female, yet manly looking teacher. She would stand on a bench in the changing room, overlooking the shower, and insist that we all walked from one end of the shower to the other…whilst holding our towels above our heads. To be fair this was after some of us developed distraction techniques such as bringing umbrellas, rubber ducks, even armbands. To me it was better to make a joke out of the situation than anyone realize that I still wore a vest and had no sign of ever growing boobs – again not good when you are a teenager. On a brighter note, I have fond memories of playing with the gas taps in the biology lab, sneaky cigarettes behind the bike-sheds and my first ever crush on a teacher who shall remain nameless! Now I am an adult and wear my vest with pride – incidentally I also shower alone these days, unless you can count a zealous 7-year-old who never misses an opportunity to get wet.

This September we are full of good intent. The boys have promised to behave well and work hard. I have already set my alarm clock and taken a vow of punctuality – the disapproving looks from the teacher as I signed in late again on the last day of term are still vivid in my mind. Uniforms at the ready and school bags packed ready to go, the kids are sorted and I can relax, briefly. Nativity season will soon be here, along with costumes to make and cakes to bake for the PTA sale. Now, where did I put the tinsel?...

If you would like to contact Taaliah to talk about parenting tips, local child activities or just to keep up to date on her goings on, then follow her on Twitter:

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Many of us know him as the face of Sky’s hit show ‘An Idiot Abroad’ or the more recent comedy/drama series on Channel 4, ‘Derek’. But some of South Manchester residents and ex pupils of Ashton-on-Mersey High School maybe remember the comic Karl Pilkington as just another local lad from the town. Seen widely as the Global Village Idiot, Karl is known for being a ‘typical little Englishman’ who doesn’t like going out of his comfort zone. Karl, 40, grew up in the local area of Trafford and is a comic genius without even trying to be one! He talks about his childhood upbringing in bizarre yet hilarious tales. Before moving to London, Karl first worked as a paperboy at his local newsagents; where he has now admitted to stealing a Mars Bar everyday from off the shelf while the owner wasn’t looking – Karl describes this as his best ever job. Hmmmm we wonder why? After leaving school at age 15, he went on to work as a printer and was made to work a 24-hour shift pressing CDs for the band Smokey. He partly attributes his baldness to this grueling schedule. Karl also briefly hosted an overnight phone-in show on a Manchester radio station working as an ‘Agony Uncle’. An avid Red, Karl is happy to chat in his inimitable style about his football passions, which might have worked out rather differently. “I’m from the Racecourse estate in Sale,” he explains. “Me mam bought me a City kit for Christmas, so I tried supporting them for a bit. But watching them put me off football for a few years.” “Me dad used to drive a black cab and I used to go with him and sit in the front on a crate. We’d get a few jobs at Old Trafford on match-nights and the atmosphere just felt special. I started to spend more time there when me mam got a job in Lou Macari’s Chippy. That’s probably when I started supporting United.” Karl’s first game was a home match with Everton. “I didn’t really watch the match,” he recalls. “I was more interested in an old fella singing all these funny abusive chants. He had his back to the game and just stood there singing his head off, as if he was a contestant on Stars in Their Eyes with Tourette’s.”

Ricky Gervais After moving to London, to pursue a 7-year career at radio station Xfm where he was Head of Production, Karl met Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant and was assigned to produce The Ricky Gervais Show where he would regularly intervene and voice his own genius and comical opinions on current events and minor news stories; he was introduced on the show as White Van Karl and gained popularity amongst avid listeners for his sincere yet funny answers to almost anything – Including a discussion on going to the gym; “Classes teaching you how to breathe. I’m 32, I think I’ve got the hang of it.” In 2005 the new-found trio ran a series of podcasts, where Karl was undoubtedly the star of the show. He left his job at Xfm,

receiving a digital camera as a leaving gift, which he gave to his long-term girlfriend Suzanne as a Christmas present. The podcasts were a massive success and received a Guinness World Record in 2007 for being the Most Downloaded Podcast ever!

Idiot Abroad It wasn’t until 2010 that Karl began filming the popular series An Idiot Abroad for Sky 1 under the watchful eye of Ricky and Steve. An hilarious show that would see Karl tour the seven wonders of the modern world in an effort to see if any of them would impress him – if possible! Audiences have seen Karl exploring some of the more remote parts of China, including the ‘not-so-Great Wall’ stating “You can see it for miles. Like, it goes over the hills and stuff… but so does the M6” and “It’s not a Great Wall. It’s an alright wall. It’s the Alright Wall of China.” Braving the mean streets of India’s New Delhi to see the Taj Mahal, and wilting in the simmering heat of Cairo during a visit to the Pyramids where he complained about a dirty nappy on the floor, a flatulent camel and also stated about the Great Pyramid “It’s like a massive game of Jenga that’s gotten out of hand.” Many of his random logic, complete with his Northern accent has anyone watching in fits of giggles! The popularity of the show gave Ricky the nudge to introduce a second series, only this time it was to be called The Bucket List. Karl is given another opportunity to do things that most people can only dream of and it is jokingly stated in the opening credits of the series by Ricky and Steve “It’s not his bucket list!’ In a cruel but entertaining twist, part of the show is to swim with dolphins – which turn out to be sharks instead. Upon visiting the Statue of Christ The Redeemer in Brazil Karl is briefly wowed by the sculpture, “The only thing that didn’t look in proportion was his chin. He looked like Jimmy Hill!” Gaining yet more popularity on the second series Ricky called in close friend and successful actor Warwick Davis to team up with Karl on yet another series of the show, which proved to be just as popular. Ricky knew from past experience that Karl was uncomfortable around Warwick because of his dwarfism. He was fascinated by his appearance and size. On the last episode of the series Karl asks Warwick, “Do you have knees?”

The Moaning of Life A fourth series accurately titled The Moaning of Life is due to be aired this Autumn where viewers will see Karl visiting other cultures to see how they face up to some of life’s biggest issues. He will also be reassessing his life now that he has reached “middle age.” So do not fear, our local comic will be back on our screens very soon! It has been stated that there are only two people in this world; those who love Karl Pilkington and those who have never heard of him. Just like Marmite, there is no in between.

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Our first issue was blessed with a great response over the past month! Many of our readers have taken to sending us pictures of their dogs posing with the magazine. So it seemed appropriate to celebrate this by giving our September/October competition the theme of “Cutest Dog”. So we have all put our thinking caps on at Within Towers, and over the next few months, we are looking for photos of your cute dogs lying around, posing beautifully with their favourite lifestyle magazine! The cuter the better! Not only will the winning pooch receive the glamorous award and £150 cash, they will also receive a feature in our December issue! So what are you waiting for? Get your dog posing with our magazine and let the David Bailey side of you take control!

1. All photos must be received by midnight on the last day of the month. The winners will be selected and informed via email at the beginning of the following month. 2. This competition is open to Manchester residents only. 3. This photography competition is aimed at small, medium, large and giant dog breeds. 4. The competition is judged upon, but not limited to, the following criteria....The creative composition of the photo, image quality, facial expression, your dogs’ pose and overall cuteness! 5. By entering this competition you grant Within Magazine the right to publish submitted photo(s), your name, your dogs name, and your location in the magazine, website and social networking channels.6. Small photo alterations may be made by our staff in order to fit our website, social networking channels or magazine. 7. The Cute Pooch competitions will be judged by staff member at Within Magazine. All decisions are final.8. All photos sent to Within Magazine must be the legal property of the person submitting the image. Within Magazine will not be held responsible for any copyright infringements. 9. The Within Magazine team reserves the right to refuse any photograph, which they deem unacceptable and not suitable for this competition. 10. By entering this competition you will also be automatically added to our mailing list but please feel free to unsubscribe at any time. 11. There is no limit to the amount of submissions per person. 12. Please ensure the information you submit is completed accurately. Within Magazine will not be responsible for photos being placed in the wrong categories due to inaccurate information submitted by entrant. 13. This competition is in no way related to Facebook. 14. The prizes may not be exchanged for alternate products.

I don’t trust his female friends!

I’ve been with my boyfriend for 18 months now and its going great, apart from one thing – He has female friends who for some reason I cannot trust. I have no real evidence to suggest any wrongdoing, but when he is out with them it bugs me. What should I do? This is a really tricky one. Presumably, someone or something has given you a ‘vibe’ which is why you say that you have no concrete evidence as such, just a gut feeling. I think you need to be really honest with yourself and admit who or what makes you feel insecure and delicately raise it with your boyfriend – perhaps he doesn’t realise that you might just need a bit of extra reassurance.

Advice on dating websites...

I’m 36 and my last relationship (or any romantic encounter for that matter) was over 2 years ago. I’m getting quite restless and have been advised by friends to try online dating. Should I give it a go? Definitely yes, you have nothing to lose! The important thing is to make sure that you always let someone know where you are going and who with when you start going on dates, and only meeting people who don’t suggest going out before you have exchanged a few emails – I always found that suspicious and was right to be! Also, please ensure you go for a reputable site with adequate privacy settings. Good luck!

He’s much younger than me

For the last 3 months I have been on a couple of dates with a colleague from work. He’s funny, handsome and charming but there is one problem, I’m 36 and he’s 25. I really want something to become of this but I can’t help but think of how people will judge me, especially other colleagues. What do I do? One thing I’d enquire about discreetly (i.e. by checking your firm’s HR manual) is whether you are obliged to let anyone in the firm know about your relationship, in the first instance. I say this because if you are pretty keen on him then it is wise to check this out, just in case. Secondly, I think you should enjoy this and try to let it develop naturally. If it becomes more serious then colleagues are bound to find out, but you aren’t the first to have an office romance and won’t be the last! Same goes for the age difference –I know lots of couples where there is a gap and they are very happy.

Arguments are more frequent

My fiancé and me have been arguing a lot recently. To the point where he left and stayed at his brothers for a few days. The arguments are over petty things but I’m scared that these are becoming more frequent and that it’s going to break the relationship. How do we get past this? It sounds as though you both need to do some soul-searching and have a frank conversation as the petty nature of the arguments appear to be masking something more serious if they are happening so much. Do you still want to get married and if so, why? These are never easy discussions to have but I think you both need to be as sure as you can possibly be before taking the next step.

Role Playing...

I love my boyfriend, and communication is great, but things have gotten a little... boring. I have this scenario that involves role-playing that I’m dying to try, but when I asked my boyfriend if he thought role-playing would be too kinky, he responded that he doesn’t see the need for it and “why would I want to imagine someone else if I have you?” That was very sweet, but it makes me feel guilty to approach the subject again. I don’t want him to think I love him less than he loves me, I just think it would be fun to try... So, how do I tactfully re-approach this with him... or do I just try to forget about it and accept that we be confined to “business as usual”? The first positive thing here is that you say “communication is great” – I think that’s so important! How about approaching things a little differently? By this I mean, you could take a little trip to Ann Summers together and tell him you’d quite like to get a couple of outfits to try for a change – this way you are keeping it light-hearted so he doesn’t feel pressured. Have fun!

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The cake was ready, the balloons were up and the guests were all starting to mingle. Smoothing down my top, I couldn’t believe that the big day had finally arrived. Tonight we were gathering for a great big goodbye bash - but I wasn’t leaving Cheadle. It was my breasts we were saying goodbye to. Seeing the back of them was certainly something to celebrate. That’s because, four years earlier, I had discovered I carry a gene that makes it very likely I will develop cancer in my lifetime. Breast cancer was my very biggest fear. It had plagued my family for two generations. My mum Julie, now 56, was first diagnosed three years before I was born. By the time I was 16, she’d battled and beaten it five times. After learning that my grandmother Ann had also died from the disease, doctors said that our family might carry the cancer gene, known as BRCA1. At the age of 18, I was old enough to be tested. When the

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results came back positive, at first I found it incredibly hard to take in. Specialists told me I had two options. ‘You could be monitored regularly,’ they said. ‘Or we can remove your breasts to prevent the cancer forming.’ No way, I thought. My B-cup breasts had only just grown! So, for the next two years I was closely monitored. Luckily I had no problems at all. But then my younger sister Jessica turned 18. When she too discovered she had the gene, my thoughts started to take a rather different turn. She decided to be monitored as well, but I just couldn’t shake a feeling of terrible fear. What if keeping our breasts turned into a death sentence? The thought made me shudder. Over the next few months, my worries played on my mind more and more. A year later, I realised I couldn’t continue like this. After everything my Mum had endured, I owed it to myself to live a life free of the cancer fear. That’s why, when I turned 21, I booked in for a mastectomy. Making that call wasn’t easy. I couldn’t help but feel worried

about what my body would look like once my breasts were gone. Would I still feel like a woman?

We pulled out all the stops I talked everything through with my doctor and I decided to have reconstructive surgery once I’d recovered from the op. She was confident she could replace my breasts with natural-looking implants, but I was still scared about scarring. But whenever I had doubts, I would talk to my Mum and she’d help ease my fears. ‘I’m so glad you won’t have to endure what I did,’ she said. The relief in her face made me realise that the operation was something positive. I should be looking forward to it, rather than dreading it. So as my surgery date drew closer, I decided I wanted to celebrate this new chapter in my life. And I was going to pull out all the stops to do it. ‘I’m having a bye bye boobs party,’ I told Mum and Jessica, explaining it’d be a big bash involving boob-themed cakes, boobilicious outfits and even breast-shaped balloons. They were both thrilled with the idea and helped me send out the invites and start planning. Three months later, the big day arrived and as my friends and family arrived at the front door with themed accessories and breast-covered aprons, I couldn’t help but giggle! At the end of the night I made a farewell speech before slicing into the specially made breast-shaped cake. “It’s been a pleasure” I said, addressing my chest. “But life will be even nicer without you hanging around.” Everyone clapped, and it just reinforced my decision. I knew that I was doing the right thing. A couple of days later, I went to hospital and said goodbye to my assets for the last time. When I woke up from the operation I thought I’d be sad, but incredibly I felt empowered.

implants. Knowing that I had made a life-saving decision filled me with happiness. Cancer couldn’t control me anymore - I was in charge of my own future. Over the next couple of weeks this amazing feeling stayed with me. I might be red and tender from the surgery, but the scars didn’t make me feel bad. Whenever I looked at them, they reminded me of the battle I had just won. Three months later, I got a call from Jessica. “I’ve booked my surgery too,” she told me. After seeing me handle things so positively, she had realised that surgery was the right decision for her as well. “I’m so glad” I said, smiling. Having been there for my bye bye boobs bash, Jessica decided it was only right she hold one too. So a few days later, I was right there by her side when she said her tearful farewell. Holding her hand, I squeezed it tightly. I was the only person who truly knew how difficult it was for her. When Jessica went in for the same surgery, I made sure I was at the hospital with her. I kissed her forehead when she came round from the anaesthetic. I was so proud.

Me and Jessica with mum Our experience has inspired us to help others, and we now work with local charities that helps young people with the cancer gene. Two years on, Jessica and I are closer than ever. We’ve both since had our breasts reconstructed and we’re so happy with our new bodies. Despite the scars, it was definitely worth going under the knife - because life is always worth fighting for.

The Operation The doctors had made small incisions under each breast and scooped out the tissue, replacing it with saline bags. These would gradually be filled with liquid to prepare my body for

Within Magazine is a lifestyle magazine based around you. So if you have a story, whether it is a battle with an illness, a friend who has achieved something extraordinary or just a story that you feel needs to be heard, then let us know!

Send your story to:

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Your baby will start teething at some point during their first year. Six months is average, but there’s a lot of variation so you might see it earlier or later than that. Here we give you more details on teething and how to help ease the distress in your child.

About teething

As a general rule, the bottom two (the lower incisors) appear first, followed by the top front two (the central incisors) and then the top and bottom incisors either side. The rate at which they come through after that is also variable, but the complete set of 20 primary or ‘milk’ teeth will usually be in place by the time your child is three. Teething seems to affect different babies in different ways. For some it can be a miserable experience, since movement in the developing jaw bone as the teeth start to make their way through the gums causes pain, which can affect a baby’s sleep, appetite and mood. However, others don’t seem bothered at all. And you may well find that whilst one tooth coming through gives your baby grief, another pops up later without problems.

Signs & symptoms of teething

There are a number of signs and symptoms linked to teething (and they may crop up weeks or months before the tooth actually appear). These include: Chewing: Look out for your baby hungrily gnawing at anything and everything she can get into her mouth (her own hands and fingers included). She may have found that sinking her gums into something hard eases the discomfort. Red, swollen gums, and red, hot cheeks. Excessive dribbling. (Although this isn’t necessarily caused by teething: it’s also produced as part of your baby’s normal development as she explores objects in her mouth, but doesn’t yet have the skill to swallow it.) Loss of appetite, or even a refusal to feed. Sleeplessness at night. Generally restless and irritable. A raised temperature.

Bonjela Teething Gel £2.60 Boots

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Loose bowels, thought to be caused when excessive saliva passes through the tummy. Nappy rash. (It’s believed this may be caused because all that extra saliva makes the stools acidic. There’s also a theory that excessive dribbling can lead to a loss of fluids, which concentrates the urine and may also be a cause.) Never ignore potentially serious problems like a fever (a temperature of 38 degrees centigrade), diarrhea or rashes on the assumption that they’re ‘just teething’. They could be unconnected, so always get medical advice.

How you can help during teething

If your baby seems in pain as a result of teething, you could try: Rubbing a little teething gel on her gums with a clean finger. Make sure you’ve got one suitable for your baby’s age - check with your pharmacist first. Offering her something hard and cold to chew on, such as a teething ring that’s been chilled in the fridge (never in the freezer, as it could cause damage to the gums) or - if she’s old enough for finger foods - a hard, unsweetened biscuit or cold chunk of apple or carrot. Do supervise though, in case of choking. Homeopathic teething powders, available at most chemists. As with all ‘alternative’ remedies, there’s no proof they work - but some mums swear by them. Giving her a bottle or beaker of cool water. A dose of a suitable infant painkiller. Check with the pharmacist first! Cuddling or playing with her to distract her from the discomfort. If teething is causing your baby to dribble a lot, wipe her face regularly, and apply a little Vaseline to help prevent soreness. Once your baby has teeth, you’ll need to ensure they’re taken care of.

Sophie the Giraffe Teething Ring £7.99

We could not wish for better weather to this summer. We have enjoyed great garden parties and delicious BBQ’s. Children are wanting to play out until dusk. The garden becomes the living room, the play room and the dining room for everyone to enjoy the outdoors. This is when most people discover that it requires some work to do. The lawn needs mowing; the weeds are out of control. The hedge was only trimmed last month and is back at it again. The decking area needs cleaning, patio repointing, and the lawn area reshaping. You attempt to do it yourself and all over sudden the relaxing weekend turns into a manic activity. Endless trips to DIY stores, garden centres and the tip. Everything is last minute. Before most people realise its Monday again. The cycle repeats itself the following weekend. You have even less time to enjoy your garden because you have places to attend and people to see. Children asking to play out with them in the garden but your to do list is not getting and shorter. Car needs cleaning, washing needs hanging. Sound familiar? Well it does not have to be this way.

time to Relax You need time for yourself to relax and enjoy the days when we get blessed with the weather. You had a frantic week at work, kids want some attention and you need to enjoy those precious moments. Maybe you enjoy gardening and want to get stuck in. Maybe it’s your partner who spends hours and hours working on it and is nowhere near to the finishing line. Why not give the more difficult jobs to the professionals. Release your burden to someone else so you can enjoy the garden for once. After all good weather does not last long in the UK.

of high quality and for a very modest price. To keep your garden under control could cost you no more than endless trips to DIY stores, tips, garden centres. Most importantly it will save your precious time and energy to do something else. If you use a lawn care company or are planning to use one, Garden Aspects have a great offer for our readers. Our popular offer

has been extended! A free lawn care treatment when you book a regular maintenance package*

As you can imagine we can’t hold this offer for too long so be sure to contact us as soon as you can to avoid any disappointments. Limited offer! PS. You can be sure of the best Price Guarantee for identical services*

The front man of Garden Aspects Slava (pictured with the super man) came up with a superb solution. Garden Aspects have developed a rescue plan for busy professional people like you. Their service is very unique

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The biggest fight of the year is finally here! Later this month, Heavyweight juggernauts David ‘The Hayemaker’ Haye and Tyson Fury will battle it out for bragging rights and a whole lot more at Manchester Arena on Saturday 28 September. Their coming together marks not only the most important heavyweight encounter of 2013, but also the biggest fight staged in Britain for many, many years. And, given the worldranked pair’s outspoken nature and ability to score eye-catching knockouts, this heavyweight showdown is likely to live long in the memory. The 32-year-old Haye is a hard-hitting former WBA heavyweight champion of the world, as well as the former WBC, WBA and WBO cruiserweight titleholder. The Londoner has finished 24 of his 26 professional victories via crushiing knockout and suffered defeat only twice. South Manchester’s Tyson Fury, meanwhile, boasts a perfect professional record and has won all 21 of his pro bouts to date, ending 15 of them

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within the scheduled distance. The 25-year-old who was once trained by Wythenshawe’s boxing trainer, Jimmy Eagan, is a former British, Commonwealth and Irish heavyweight champion and a born entertainer - inside and outside the ring. Fury, 24, said: “I don’t believe there’s a man on earth who can beat me. I have Irish blood and an English heart - there’s nothing I’m afraid of. When you’ve got a man like me in front of you, it’s dangerous because it’s all or nothing. David Haye will find out just how dangerous I am.” Who will be victorious? Will the slick explosive boxer-puncher and former two-weight world champion David Haye prevail and re-announce himself on the heavyweight scene once again? Or will Tyson Fury, the young 6’9” genetically gifted boxer with a touch of traveler fighting spirit secure victory and catapult his name near the top of the heavyweight division? All we know at Within, is that it is going to be a show-stopper!

September 12th - November Palace Theatre, Manchester WICKED, the global musical phenomenon that tells the incredible untold story of the Witches of Oz, has already sold over 85,000 tickets at Manchester’s Palace Theatre and has now added two extra performances to its engagement in order to meet the unprecedented demand. The extra matinee performances are on Thursday 31 October 2013 and Thursday 14 November 2013 at 2.30pm and tickets are now on sale. The strictly limited 10-week season at the Palace Theatre will run from Thursday 12th September until Saturday 16th November and marks the award-winning musical’s UK regional premiere as part of the Manchester Gets It First initiative. The engagement will be followed by a major tour of the UK and Ireland. Prepare to be spellbound by the captivating story, spectacular costumes, thrilling technical wizardry, and phenomenal score, featuring the show stopping Defying Gravity, by multi GRAMMY and Academy Award® winner Stephen Schwartz.

With a universally acclaimed sophomore album and sold-out UK tour already under his belt, James Blake heads out for a new string of UK live dates in September. The talented producer/singer/composer and DJ from London released one of 2011’s most unique and interesting albums with his Mercury-nominated experimental, self-titled debut. A softer side of dubstep, he also scored success with singles ‘Limit To Your Love’ and ‘The Wilhelm Scream’. The follow-up to his Mercury-nominated ‘Overgrown’ has drawn glowing reviews from across the board, already placing it as one of the best-received records of 2013. While his recent string of British shows sold out rapidly, the announcement of a further set of dates this Autumn will give fans another chance to witness the spine-tingling power of James’ live realisation of the album’s tracks when he performs at The Ritz venue in Manchester.

Following her stunning performance at C2C Country-to-Country festival in March, the award-winning star has announced a UK headline tour for September and will be heading to the Bridgewater hall. Being one of the most accomplished recording artists in the world, LeAnn Rimes began singing and dancing in local variety shows at age five and has gone on to sell more than 40 million albums worldwide, won two Grammy® Awards, was the youngest recipient of a Grammy® Award and the first country recording artist to win in the “Best New Artist” category. Over the years, she has become one of the most famous country stars the world has seen and with her performing in Manchester on September 16th, this is definitely an opportunity not to miss out on!

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Adorah Johnson is a 22-year-old singer/songwriter/model from South Manchester. She began writing poetry at a young age, quickly learning to turn these skills into writing lyrics. Soon after, she taught herself to sing. She began her career in music and started experimenting with all different genres, including soul, reggae and grime; helping her to discover her versatility in all styles. Adorah is now finally working on her first solo EP entitled ‘True To Self’ which is set to be released this year. We caught up with the singer and gave her the ’60 seconds with’ rundown. Desert Island, what are your 3 essentials? I would definitely need my phone, headphones, and decent food. What is your guilty pleasure? Naughty food especially desserts. I can’t say no to some things even when I’m healthy eating! Favourite Musician? Erykah Badu, she’s inspirational to me for many reasons and she was amazing live at Bluesfest 2012. Biggest pet-hate? People who have a negative attitude and complain all the time. I find that very draining.

Name one person you would like to have dinner with and why? Will I am; I don’t think there would be a dull moment after watching him on the voice. If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be? It’s so hard to choose just one place; somewhere sunny with a big lively crowd would be good enough for me! The best thing you love about South Manchester? I grew up here so I have so many memories; and it is always changing for the better. What’s the best thing about your profession? I get to do what I love. Every day is always different and I am always meeting interesting and like-minded people. Favourite TV program? I tend to watch a lot of documentaries & music channels, but Family Guy & American Dad always makes me laugh. Who would you love to duet with? This is another tough one... Maybe Eminem. He has always been an inspiration to me. Favourite thing to do on your days off? I always love to catch up with friends and go shopping or sometimes just be lazy and do absolutely nothing. Favourite film? Depending on my mood really; I would have to say either Vanilla Sky or Step Brothers. Where is your favourite food place in South Manchester? It depends what I feel like eating really, but I have always liked the Sadagar in Gatley and there’s a lovely family run Italian in Cheadle called Bellinis which is beautiful.

The opening of the Metrolink out to East Didsbury via Chorlton on one hand has made it much easier for those in the city centre to experience the vibrant bar and restaurant scene that Chorlton does so well. With the latest additions being Moroccana Restaurant, Jerk Junction, Jam Street Cafe, Nip & Tipple & Hillarys Steps. On the other hand Tesco’s turned a vacant, but well loved pub The Feathers into a Tesco Express to the anger of local residents. Chorlton has an energy and beating heart and despite it’s population of just under 14,000, the town has a seismic influence on surrounding towns who often try and fail to capture it’s independent bohemian spirit. In many ways Chorlton is the polar opposite of the Tesco Town, so you can understand why residents were so angry about the arrival of a Tesco Express, and the sort of town that Mary Portas used as a blueprint for her national recommendation. Harvey Silver Hodgkinson have been in business since 1979 and have built an enviable reputation as one of the UK’s leading Business Sales Agents and have helped 1000’s of business owners along the way. In the last decade alone HSH have sold 50 independent businesses in Chorlton from cafes and restaurants, hairdressers to newsagents, butchers to perfume shops and all in-between.

sealed and delivered as we have a network of trusted supplies who can help on all aspects of running a business from marketing to design, accountancy to staffing. In the last 12 months well known Chorlton business’s HSH have sold include the sale of Palmero (Now the Nip & Tipple) Revise (Cafe Bar), Viva Las Tapas (Spanish Cafe), The Belgian Belly (Chocolatiers) and Abra-Kebabra (Takeaway). The latter was the business that inspired a HSH Best Business Name twitter competition alongside names such as a sandwich bar trading as ‘Big Baps’, a tanning salon called ‘Tanya Whitebits’ and we now want to find the best business names in the Northwest. There’s a £500 prize up for grabs and full details can be found at We currently have a number of businesses for sale in the Chorlton area from as little as £9,950 and cover the span from retail, newsagents & groceries, bars, restaurants and takeaways. If you are looking to run your own business or expand your current business portfolio our team would love to speak further.

We love working with independent business’s as that’s where the real passion and thirst for innovation shines through. When we sell a business it’s not just about getting a sale - it’s about fitting the right owner with the right business, for us it’s part of the journey from that initial seed of interest to watching a business grow to it’s full potential and in many cases expand to other parts of Greater Manchester and the North West. And our service doesn’t end the moment the sale is signed,

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You will have a lot of meetings, conference calls, or e-mails to respond to at work this month. You’ll be nurturing and supportive in your personal life, especially with your romantic partner.

A relative or neighbor might need some help or emotional support this month. Do what you can to make him or her feel nurtured, comfortable, and safe.



There will be a strong emphasis on your work life and health this month. You could try a new approach and pay more attention to taking care of yourself. It will be important to eat properly and get rest this month.

Life will be busy and active with plenty of social commitments this month. You could be spread too thin and need to prioritise what you choose to get involved with. You’ll enjoy the variety and the chance to meet new people.





Venus in your sign this month will bring out your flirtatious, charming side. Others will be drawn to your personality. You’ll be able to get what you want in the personal and business realms with little effort.

Saturn is still in your sign. This planet tends to bring frustration and setbacks when it nears your natal Sun. With this Saturn transit, you’ll need a lot of patience, a willingness to be better organised, and the determination to take issues seriously.

Your love life will be satisfying and you’ll have strong ties to someone you care about. This could be a new love interest or an existing partner. The other person will take care of you and show affection. You might begin a new relationship or take things to the next level.

With many planets and a New Moon in your sign this month, you will be confident and comfortable with yourself. This will be a powerful time of change and exciting new developments. Be open to possibilities and act on opportunities when they arise.




You might have to ask for support from others regarding your career this month. One or more people may not understand that you will have a hard time balancing business obligations with the need to put energy into building your career and nurturing your personal life.

If you have a romantic partner, you will have some honest, direct conversations in the first part of the month. Mercury will be retrograde in Cancer early in the month and could cause financial misunderstandings with your partner. You might need to talk about your finances in detail as the month progresses.

Projects and responsibilities around the home will keep you busy and tied down. Also, family members will be needy and emotional, and you’ll have to be the nurturer. This might feel uncomfortable for you, but others need your attention, love, and support.

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