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Autumn is here - as is Halloween!

We have been hopping around the whole of South Manchester getting all the latest news from Autumn Fashion to Halloween specials! Jump onto trends before others with our must have’s from the catwalks for this season. We also have many beauty and fashion events happening this month, with The Salon Hale having their opening evening and Black & White in Altrincham hosting a late night Halloween evening too! One of our favourite reads this PZZ\LOHZ[VIL[OL/HSSV^LLUZ[VY`(NYLH[YLHK[OH[^PSSKLÄUP[LS`W\[[OLJOPSSZKV^U`V\Y spine. Let us know what you think of the issue – tweet @withinmagazine

>LHYLIV[OOHWW`HUKZHKPU[OLVMÄJL[OPZ4VU[O/HWW`[OH[^LOH]L discovered Captain Manchester, but sad due to the fact that it has taken us this long! We were introduced to the caped crusader via Twitter, where we unearthed the masked Mancunian helping our city become a better place. Captain Manchester took up his duties due to being made redundant and instead of sitting back, he took to our streets, from litter picking to paying car ÄULZ¶`LZ`V\OLHYK\ZYPNO[¶WH`PUN[OLTPUM\SS^OPSZ[SLH]PUNHI\ZPULZZ card (pictured right) Already knocking up over 3,000 followers on Twitter, Captain Manchester is becoming a huge hit not only in the city, but at Within Towers too! We just hope to meet Manchester’s new hero soon…

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Total Effects Daily Moisturiser provides the total anti aging power of hydration fused with vitamins and antioxidants for visibly younger-looking skin that looks more resilient to aging.

£9.99 Boots

Say “bye bye” to boo boos with this fast-acting invisible acne [YLH[TLU[0[W\YPÄLZ KYPLZ out blemishes and reduces the appearance of acne-related redness & swelling.

£10.80 House of Fraser

Color Burst Lip Butter by Revlon is a buttery balm with beautiful shiny color to give you baby soft, healthy glowing lips 94% of women felt lips were softer, smoother, and instantly hydrated.

£7.99 Superdrug Dermalogica was created in response to today’s demand for highly active products that work in a simple and effective manner. It was created by The International Dermal Institute, the foremost training centre in the United States for advanced professional skin care.

Formulated with 25% shea butter, the Ultra Rich Face Cream intensely nourishes dry and very dry skin and effectively protects it against dryness and climatic damage.


Famed for its gentle, non-irritating formulas free from mineral oils, colourings, lanolin and formaldehyde, Dermalogica is fast becoming one of the world’s favourite skin care ranges, with a dedicated following from specialist skin therapists. Choosing the right salon to have your Dermalogica treatment is very important. One of our favourites has to be The Salon Hale based on Moss Lane in Hale. Not only do they have a very professional team – they have Dermalogica deals every Friday. Perfect service with a little extra left in your pocket!

The Salon Hale - 0161 980 3273

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The column where we talk about our favourite buys this month from bold brows to lipsticks. Pretty much all things gorgeous!

It’s the oldest trick in the “How to Update Your Look” handbook: new season, new lip color. Except this year, the trendy shade shift wasn’t from cherry to raspberry. No, all the cool kids are ÅH\U[PUN]HTW`KHYRSPWZ[PJRZ[OH[SVVR like they were pulled straight from the “Twilight” series. “Wine looks good on a variety of skin tones, making it one of the easiest colors to pull off,” says Creative Makeup Director for Fashion Fair Sam Fine. But makeup artist Kate Lee cautions against making sure you “don’t end up looking like The Cure’s Robert Smith” with a smudged, too-dark shade.

In essence, it’s truly the modern woman. Yes, the signature look may be TP_LKWH[[LYUZÅV^PUNKYLZZLZIVV[ZÅVWW`OH[ZI\[L]LY`NLULYH[PVU brings its own attitude to it, a unique expression of personal style. Enter Anna Sui and their new perfume: La Vie de Bohème. At less than £30 from – it’s a must buy!

Don’t say goodbye to your sunscreen just because summer is over. Before you leave your house, apply a sunscreen with at least an SPF of 15 or more. This will protect your skin from the elements. Alternatively, choose a product which combines a sunscreen with a moisturizer.

A well-groomed brow has the amazing ability to frame your face and transform your features, but often, the feature gets overlooked—and over[^LLaLK1\Z[I`[HTPUNHML^Z[YH`OHPYZHUKÄSSPUNPU[OLZWHYZLHYLHZM\SS brows instantly give your face a more symmetrical appearance with a slight liberated edge. Thick arches like Cara Delevingne’s are gaining in popularity! If you’re afraid to create an overly-stenciled effect, take baby steps with a tinted brow gel. We love Per-fekt’s Brow Perfection Gel (£19 Selfridges) which is available in three versatile hues, as well as a no-fuss clear option.

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As the sun sets on summer, it’s a good excuse to take some time to revamp your wardrobe and bring in a few key pieces to see you through the Autumn/Winter season. The good news is there are plenty of new looks to go for – from punk and leather to Tartan and pretty prints – so there’s something for every fashion lover. The best part about this year’s Autumn trends is that they can work well with each other – the Punked Up style can work brilliantly with the Tartan trend. Picking up where plaid left off, punk stylings are revisiting our obsession for retro fashion, as exhibited by its recent Met Gala appearance. For those who hated seasons of endless 80s nostalgia, rejoice – we’re onto a tougher period! So give it some grit and add patent, leather – real or fake - gauzy chiffon and spikes – or whatever feels slightly off. Suits meanwhile are given a casual twist this season, so try adding a Q\TWLYVYWYPU[ZMVYHSVVR[OH[»ZIV[OWLYMLJ[MVY[OLVMÄJLHZ well as after-hours fun. While colourwise pink ‘Is The New Black’, with the colour featuring heavily on everything from coats and accessories to dresses and skirts. For winter think dusty rose or berry. Florals have gone dark for winter – vivid blues and rich reds set against black and navy will see your wardrobe bloom throughout the winter months. Our favourite part about the Autumn fashion season is that there are many trendsetters to watch. The Saturday’s singer, Mollie King, is always near the top of the watch list throughout the whole year. Plus the likes of Alexa Chung and Laura Whitmore setting trends too, the look-book for the cold season is looking great this year around!

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Functionality and style combine in the form of this effortlessly stylish faux fur collared leather-look motocross jacket. The ideal throw-on piece for practically any season, this features zip fastenings and a belted waist.

£30 Boohoo

Tartan is big this season and has featured heavily on catwalk collections from Saint Laurent and Mulberry to Givenchy and Versace and it’s something worth investing in. There’s everything from fun short kilts HUK[VWZ[VZSPTÄ[[YV\ZLYZHUKJVH[ZMVY you to select from. Pick out one or two key pieces or even try layering it up.

A prominent wear for this season is the leather look. Whether real or fake, the look never fails to work well at this time of the year!

Black & White The Downes, Altrincham WA14 2PU Situated in The Downes of Altrincham. Black & White has to be one of the leading independent women’s fashion shops in the area. With a luxurious range of clothing for the elegant lady – it’s a must to check, whether it is a treat for yourself or maybe an early Christmas gift for somebody special.

Andrea Claire Boutique Cheadle Hulme SK8 7AA Andréa Claire brings you independent fashion at its very best MVY[OLPUKP]PK\HS^VTHUVM[VKH`>P[O[^VÅVVYZVMJSV[OPUN carefully handpicked from around the world, customers are guaranteed a shopping experience that will not only leave them looking their best but feeling fantastic too.

Adiva Hale WA15 9SF With many designer names including True Religion, Hudson Jeans, Goldsign and Citizens Of Humanity under their roof. Adiva, in our opinion, is Hale’s must stop shop for all women. )HZLKVU(ZOSL`9VHK(KP]HOHZV\[Ä[ZMVYHSSVJJHZPVUZ

Moo Boutique Heaton Moor SK4 4HY Moo has a huge amount of variation within its four walls but has always maintained that certain something that makes it easy to spot a Moo buy. They buy the clothes you want but they buy it differently, setting and following trends and are guaranteed to have something in their collection that won’t hit the high street till the following year.

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Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier each year, and while October seems to be too early for some to start thinking about Christmas, starting early and creating a strategy could end up saving you a lot of money. Generally speaking, people who start Christmas shopping early have some sort of a list. A list is extremely important when doing any sort of shopping because it helps you to stay organised and only buy the things you need. Having time to JVTWVZLHKL[HPSLKHUK^LSS[OV\NO[V\[SPZ[^PSSHSZVILULÄ[ you because it will ensure you have decided on the gifts that people will appreciate. Creating a list will also help you stay focused on purchasing the correct items, rather than wandering through a store looking for something, only to be distracted. Once you have this, you can set an amount for each gift. By staying within the price range you outlined, you will also stay within your budget. In the society we live in today, there are multiple outlets available to buy the same goods. Give yourself ample time to research which stores carry the product you want to buy and which stores offer the best prices. By implementing this strategy, you can save money. Everything will be a lot less picked-over if you start your shopping early. The days leading up to Christmas are always the busiest and there generally isn’t a lot left by Dec 23rd.

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This may cause you to buy more expensive items because the products on your list are no longer in stock, and you will need [VÄUKHUHS[LYUH[P]L

Online Shopping If you start Christmas shopping early you may be able to complete a great deal of your shopping online, which can be a lot more convenient. Eighty percent of consumers who took a survey from said that they found online shopping to be much cheaper. By starting early you allow ample time for delivery of your purchases, and you will avoid the stress of not knowing if it will show up on time. This also leaves you with enough time to wrap the gifts for your friends and family, which will allow you to avoid paying for expensive in-store wrapping services at around £3 per package.

The Bottom Line Each year Christmas decorations appear in stores earlier and earlier. While October may be far too early for people to even entertain the idea of Christmas shopping, for many getting an early start may be the key to successfully saving money this year. Depending on where you shop, how you shop and what you are in the market for, there is potential to save hundreds of pounds by starting your Christmas shopping early!

Chorlton has had a scorching summer; something I’m told often happens in this suburb. Not that Chorlton is a suntrap, it is in fact the ‘spill out onto the street ambiance’ and quirky atmosphere which makes this area feel so warm and welcoming. Known locally as Chorlton, its actual name is Chorlton-cum-Hardy and is suburban area of Manchester Speaking only from my own opinions of course, Chorlton is distinctive. I feel the rest of Manchester and infact the rest of the UK doesn’t feel this unique; over the years I have lived in Scotland, Portsmouth, Leeds, Morecambe Bay, Melbourne and 4HZZHJO\ZL[[ZZV0MLLSZSPNO[S`X\HSPÄLK[VJVTWHYLJLY[HPU qualities.

Lucky Dog Beer! Leafy Chorlton is very popular with professionals and families alike; I especially love the sheer amount of dogs in jackets! Dog owners are welcome to take their 4 legged friends in many cafes and bars around chorlton, afew even sell the famous ‘Lucky Dog’ Beer…. yes beer! This is a 0% vitamin B drink for dogs to drink whilst Chorlton go-ers sit and relax with their own alcoholic beverages.

Chorlton can proudly claim a wealth of independent shops, restaurants and bars. Many come from across the city to join Chorlton’ers morning, noon and night.

The Laundrette I love that this suburb has everything one needs, I actually have a group of friends travelling across the pennines from Leeds for )LLJO9VHKZVMMLYPUNZÄYZ[WVY[VMJHSS^PSSIL4LSHUPL1HTLZ beautiful bridal Boutique, then onto the pink 68 gift shop for quirky individual birthday presents and homemade cards followed by cocktails and carbs at the new place to be The Laundrette, my friends can’t wait to drink their cocktails out of jam jars! Whether you are in need of a gift for a close one or wanting to purchase a little something special for yourself there is many diverse independently owned and operated stores ranging from boutique clothing, hand crafted jewellery and art galleries like the Creative Recycling Gallery and House Of Bystander, who creates beautiful iconic Manchester prints. These are again mainly settled along Beech Road.

My family are also planning their return to Chorlton, my parents and sisters live all over Europe including sunny Spain and chilly Scotland. They plan trips to Chorlton around every 6 months to soak up the relaxing atmosphere and of course be pampered by me! My sisters most recently came for the return of Beech Road Festival – this year there was a great emphasis on this being an event for the whole family. In previous years the festuval has succeeded itself with over 20’000 festival goers looking for entertaining times on Chorlton Green!

Chorlton Green Brasserie I am the general manager of the lovely Chorlton Green Brasserie on Beech Road, when we opened our doors I was NYLL[LK^P[O^LSJVTPUNJHYKZÅV^LYZHUKWSHU[Z/V^ wonderful… nowhere else have I been greeted so warmly into the neighborhood. Infact I thought ’neighbourhoods’ were a thing of the past but it seems not. I attend a Beech Road meeting once a month which is where all independent shop owners get together to discuss all things Chorlton. We are currently planning the Christmas festivities and I for one JHUUV[^HP[[VZLL*OVYS[VUSP[\W^P[OÅVVKZVMSPNO[ZHUK Christmas trees, I think it may give the Manchester Christmas market a run for its money. If you are seeking a pleasant place to dine in the evening you will be spoilt for choice on Beech Road alone. There is such a variety in cuisines and atmospheres, such as the ]PIYHU[3H\UKLYL[[L^OPJO0TLU[PVULKHIV]L[OLÅH]VYZVTL Spanish tapas restaurant San Juan, or the place to warm your cockles Chorlton Green Brasserie serving local, organic classic British dishes with a unique twist. Each and every WLYZVUJHUÄUKHWSHJL[VZ\P[[OLPYWLYZVUHSWYLMLYLUJLMVY any occasion and thoroughly enjoy their evening.

Saturdays 6UH:H[\YKH`MYVTTPKKH``V\^PSSÄUKHZLSLJ[PVUVM individual stunning hand-picked vintage clothing and jewelry stalls, all in great condition and very reasonably priced, outside and inside of The Beech Inn located at the end of Beech Road. I purchased my favourite huge winter foux fur jacket at this vintage fair; it has kept me safe and warm through 3 frosty winters now. I will be hunting for vintage costume accessories this weekend in Chorlton to wear to the winter wedding I have coming up in December. I feel very lucky to have all of these offerings on my doorstep.

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Every 2 weeks the Chorlton Green is host to markets where `V\^PSSÄUKKLSPJPV\ZOVTLTHKLJO\[UL`ZHUKQHTZSVJHSS` produced fruit and vegetables and variety of game meats, even ostrich if that’s what you are in to. Catering to the many vegetarians and vegans living in and around Chorlton area is Unicorn, Manchester’s co-operative grocery. Since opening in 1996 Unicorn has presented a range of fresh, organic vegetables and gourmet food options for vegans and vegetarians. It has become one of the largest and most successful wholefood outlets in the UK, named The Observer Food Monthly’s ‘Best Independent Shop’ and Radio 4 Food Programme’s ‘Best Local Food Retailer’ in 2008. Once you have passed the Chorlton green and you will reach the Chorlton Ees Nature Reserve. The Chorlton Brook stream runs throughout and there is many different tracks and well-established ponds hidden amongst trees. Suitable for walkers who want to pick themselves some plump blackberries, runners, bikers and even those who bring their horses on an outing. On recent sunny Manchester days I have taken the time to walk beside the beautiful meadows with my wee dog Blanche, we often stop to rest and chat to the lovely folk we pass, Blanche drinks her dog beer and then on we trot! In summary, Chorlton life is blissful. On those days when life is not so idyllic this little suburb is peaceful enough to hide away in and keep you safe. Chorlton life will still be as adverse and quirky on your return.

Autumn has well and truly arrived and most of us feel an innate sense of doom and gloom due to the death and decay of nature surrounding us. The reduced hours of daylight and the dramatic plummet of temperature has been made all the more painful after this summer’s immense heat wave which can result in the notorious Seasonal Affective Disorder. Symptoms include the dominant desire to stay in and watch telly while eating all things carb; also known as hibernation. Unfortunately our species haven’t been equipped with the appropriate resources to survive all the months of cold and dark that our country throws at us cooped up in our pits; though many seem adamant to test this theory! When you can’t change something, you should change the way you think about it. It is inevitably going to be windy, cold, dark and wet this autumn; so what are the positives? Well, October is actually one of my favourite months, so I’ll tell you why... The crisp, fresh mornings are energising and no matter where, or how far I need to walk, I am thrilled to do so with [OLJY\UJOVMSLH]LZ\UKLYMVV[;OLZTLSSVMVHR^VVKÄYLZ rotting leaves, apple pie, cinnamon and homemade soup is nothing but intoxicating! Oktoberfest. OK, so I’m not going to run off to Munich every 6J[VILY[VLUQV`ZVTLVM[OLÄULZ[ILLYZ[VOH]LL]LY graced my lips, but I do like reminiscing in a good old traditional English pubs. And last but certainly not least, Halloween; a day to many and a whole holiday to... me! ;VLUQV`/HSSV^LLU[VP[ZM\SSWV[LU[PHS`V\ÄYZ[ULLK[VRUV^ how it all begun. The tradition of dressing up originated hundreds of years ago when winter was feared for the lack of food and the darkness. As Halloween is more notorious for the only day in which the dead can come back to walk upon Earth freely. People

thought that if they left their homes in the dark they would encounter ghosts, so they decided to mask themselves as to blend in with the spirits. To keep the ghouls away from their homes, they would place a bowl of food in offering, hence how trick or treating came about!

Autumn within Chorlton Green To make the most out of this month and of this season, may I introduce, or re-introduce Chorlton Green. It’s a small conservation area just outside of Chorlton with a great deal of historically picturesque architecture, quaint shops, cafes, gallery, bakery, deli, brasserie, antiques and public houses. The diversity for such an intimate and classic space is really quite phenomenal. Saint Clement’s Churchyard houses a walkway of tombstones ^OPJO[OL*V\UJPSÅH[[LULKPUVYKLY[VTHRLPTWYV]LTLU[Z The results of which are an eerily gothic walkway over multiple gravestones. A test for the brave of heart and not the right path to take for the superstitious!

4oz (110g) Butter or Margarine 4 level tablespoons of Golden Syrup 3oz (85g) of Granulated Sugar 8oz (225G) of Rolled Oats ¼ level teaspoon of Salt Preparation Time: 15 minutes Cooking Time: 30 minutes Grease a square, shallow, baking tin (for the amount of ingredients we are using, I would recommend an 8 inch by 8 inch tin – that’s around 20 cm by 20cm) Put the butter/margarine and golden syrup in a pan over a low heat, and leave until melted. Remove pan from the heat and add the sugar, oats and salt. Mix thoroughly! Turn the mixture over into the tin you prepared earlier, and cook in your oven for 30 to 40 minutes until golden brown. Remove from oven and leave to cool in the tin for 5 minutes before cutting into roughly 12 bars (see Quick Tip below). Remove your delicious smelling Flapjacks IURPWKHWLQDQGSODFHRQDZLUHWUD\WRðQLVKFRROLQJ When you can’t resist any longer, serve and enjoy! You can replace the Golden Syrup with Honey to suit your desired taste. Add chocolate chips, dried fruit, or nuts to your mixture for some extra tasty treats!

One of our most anticipated dates in September’s calendar, HTVUNZ[THU`V[OLYZ^HZ^OLU^LÄUHSS`OHK[OLJOHUJL to check out Gusto Restaurant in Cheadle Hulme. Having heard many opinions on the restaurant, based on Station Road, we were very eager to see what all the fuss was about. We visited the restaurant on a Thursday evening. Expecting this to be a quieter night for any establishment, we were impressed by the buzz, with the majority of the tables occupied throughout the night. Plus, with the warmth of summer still in the air, many diners took to the outside tables to enjoy their evening. As soon as you walk into Gusto, it’s hard not to notice the large, well-stocked bar and semi-open kitchen where you can see the chef’s preparing some delicious smelling dishes. We arrived slightly too late to enjoy the 2for1 Cocktail menu, a regular feature at Gusto, therefore, we ordered a bottle of water to share, and got straight to business with the menu! As a sharer, we ordered the Italian Farmhouse Loaf with olive VPSHUKIHSZHTPJ]PULNHY0[»ZHX\PJRHUK[HZ[`SP[[SLZH[PZÄLYMVY anyone who winces at the thought of waiting around for those 10 agonising minutes for your starter. It comes as a ‘just right’ sized loaf that is soft and slightly warm in the middle and a tad crispier on the outside – perfect for sharing. It went down a treat!

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For the starter, I ordered the Goat’s Cheese Panna Cotta served with picked vegetables and crispy ciabatta, it arrived in a perfectly displayed arrangement. The ciabatta was light and crispy and the goat’s cheese was incredibly creamy and not too strong (just the way I like it). The vegetables seemed to be dressed in vinegar, which added a nice touch. Within’s Editor, opted for the Hand Rolled Meatballs in spiced tomato sauce with a Grana Padano glaze and ciabatta. This was perfectly sized and well presented. The meatballs were SPNO[HUKÅH]V\YZVTLHUK^LU[WLYMLJ[S`^P[O[OLZWPJLK[Vmato sauce, making up for the slightly over toasted ciabatta. 0[»ZZVTL[OPUN^L^V\SKKLÄUP[LS`VYKLYHNHPUVUV\YZVVU to-be returning visit. The starters were light and certainly didn’t spoil our appetite for the Main Course. >LW\[V\Y4HPU*V\YZLVUOVSKMVYÄ]LTPU\[LZHUK[VVR[OL time to enjoy our surroundings (and ordered a Whisky each from the bar!) – the mood in Gusto has really been set. From the lighting to the music, it’s a cosy place to dine that attracts all kinds of people. The large windows facing the front are decorated with pretty fairy lights, making you feel as though you are dining in an Italian Restaurant in Italy itself. After the quick intake of our surroundings, our main courses arrived. I ordered one of Gusto’s 12” Stone Baked Pizzas that came with a homemade sweet tomato sauce and topped with roast chicken, pepperoni, roasted red onion, sliced green chillis and mozzarella. Mouthwateringly tasty yet far too big for me to consume! It’s served on a wooden board with your very own pizza slicer. It’s rule number one to try a pizza from an Italian restaurant and they didn’t let me down on my expectations. My choice of toppings ensured it was M\SSVMÅH]V\Y

The base had been made on site and was thin with a crust T\JOSPRL[OLMHYTOV\ZLSVHMSPNO[S`JYPZW`^P[OHÅ\MM`KV\NO` centre. I ate as much as I could before throwing in the towel. In contrast to my meal, our editor chose the Chargrilled Fillet Steak, opting for the 6oz option instead of the large 10oz steak that they serve up. Arriving with roasted air-dried tomatoes, fries and a personal sized jug of creamy peppercorn sauce served on the side. The steak was ordered medium and it did indeed arrive cooked perfect to the acquired taste. The slight charred outer added a delicious taste, which was perfectly topped off with the creamy peppercorn sauce. The main courses were exquisite. We agreed to see the Dessert Menu and found just enough room left to enjoy another tasty course. It was a hard decision. 0ÄUHSS`JOVZL[OL3PTVUJLSSV*OLLZLJHRLHUK9HZWILYY` Coulis. Another well presented plate of pure heaven. The biscuit base was thin, offering a less heavy dessert option, and the combination of the creamy topping was light and sweet. There was a sprinkle of icing sugar coated over two ripe YHZWILYYPLZ[OH[Z[VVKH[LP[OLYLUKVM[OLWSH[LHUK[VÄUPZOP[ off the arrangement had been lightly garnished with a raspberry and lemon coulis; Both sweet in taste and extremely complimentary.Our editor ordered the Hot Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie served with pistachio ice cream and chocolate sauce. A must for chocolate lovers and a superb choice after pondering between that and the oh-so tempting Bambolini.

We gave ourselves a further 10 minutes before daring to move. We had spent our two-hour stay in the company of wonderful and prompt service. Terry, our waiter was friendly and relaxed yet very professional, knowing the menu well and ensuring we were looked after throughout the evening. A delightful and delicious evening, when we departed, the only question we were left with was why, considering the excellent quality and keen pricing, do others still choose mediocrity when there’s an option as good as Gusto?

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Tarriff Street, Manchester 4PTPJRPUNH5L^@VYRIHY[OPZ]LU\LUV^VMMLYZ[OYLLÅVVYZVMNYLH[KYPURPUN and eating, and regular live music. The monthly wage celebration that is Pasta 7H\S»Z7VZ[VMÄJL7H`KH`7PUN7VUN7HY[`PZHÄYTMH]V\YP[L

Didsbury Lounge Barlow Moor Road, Didsbury

This classy venue is well worth a visit. Full glass frontage and skylight means it makes the most of even those grey rainy days. Great bar selection, relaxed atmosphere and NVYNLV\ZZ\YYV\UKPUNZW\[P[ÄYTS`VUT` favourites list.

Autumn is tricky – one minute blue skies and sunshine hint at warmth, the next minute it’s cold and blustery. And none of us yet dare mention the ‘C’ word. This top 4 are perfect for fun ahead of the festive period. By Charlie Hooson-Sykes

Lock 91

Deansgate Locks, Manchester Originally a lock keepers cottage, it now houses a multi level venue, PUJS\KPUN=07YVVTJHUHSZPKL[LYYHJLHUKIHYZVUL]LY`ÅVVY7LYMLJ[ drinking and staff that treat their customers like friends – no wonder it has a good fan base.

Mr Cooper’s House Midland Hotel, Manchester

Home to a Clover Club that is just perfect. If you haven’t visited yet, [OLU`V\KLÄUP[LS`ZOV\SK I’m impressed by their staff as much as the imagination of the cocktail menu. There’s an innate class here that can’t be beaten.

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Tom is a 22 year old professional rugby player for Sale Sharks and is now at the start of his fourth season with [OLÄYZ[[LHT/LPZHWYVK\J[VM[OLHJHKLT`Z`Z[LTH[ [OLJS\I^OLYLOLOHZILLUZPUJL[OLHNLVMÄM[LLU

What’s the best thing about your profession?

The former Urmston Grammar School pupil started his rugby at Ashton-On-Mersey Rugby Club, and since scoring on his Premiership debut at the age of 19, has gone on to make 60 appearances for Sale scoring 19 tries. The winger was awarded Academy Player of the Year for the 2009/10 season and Young Player of the Year 2011/12.

Favourite TV program?

Desert Island, what are your 3 essentials? Bear Grylls, David Attenborough and a sandwich

What is your guilty pleasure? Has to be Sweets, especially Haribo Tangfastics

Favourite Musician? Right now I’m enjoying Example


Name one person you would like to have dinner with and why? Professor Brian Cox. I admire his knowledge and understanding of the universe.

The best thing you love about South Manchester? Everything is on our doorstep, with great restaurants and shops from the city centre to the countryside. It’s perfect.

I love playing in the atmosphere of packed out stadiums, scoring tries. I am fortunate enough to get paid to do what I enjoy.

Luther, Idris Elba is a brilliant Actor.

Who inspires you? Uncle Stu.

Favourite thing to do on your days off? Eating out most often Wagamamas! I enjoy Spending time with friends’ family and girlfriend. Also, a round of Golf if the body is up to it after a game or a full week of training!


Inglorious Basterds, Avatar, Django and most recently Rush. You can keep up to date with Tom Brady on twitter by following him at: @tbrady14 ;VÄUKV\[TVYLKL[HPSZVU:HSL:OHYRZHUK[OLPY \WJVTPUNÄ_[\YLZWSH`LYUL^ZHUKTVYL[OLU`V\JHU]PZP[ their website: and follow them on Twitter @SaleSharksRugby

If you had to sum up Altrincham 2013 in just 2 words you’d Z[Y\NNSL[VJVTL\W^P[OTVYLÄ[[PUN^VYKZ[OHU5L^ Regeneration Traditionally known as an old market town, this South Manchester town has well connected transport links to both Manchester City Centre via Metrolink, and Manchester Airport is just on it’s doorstep. With a population of over 40,000 YLZPKLU[Z(S[YPUJOHTPZHUHMÅ\LU[HYLH^P[OKPZWVZHISL PUJVTL[VZWLUKVU[OLÄULY[OPUNZPUSPML

Regeneration It was only a few years ago that a tabloid newspaper branded Altrincham a ghost town and the town responded in the only ^H`WVZZPISLI`YPZPUNWOVLUP_SPRLMYVT[OLÅHTLZ^P[O[OL collective help of passionate community groups. As we write this article, the £70 Million Altair Scheme has just been given the green light and includes a new leisure centre; a range of leisure-based retail outlets, restaurants, coffee shops and cafes; a tenpin bowling alley; 150 new apartments HUK[V^UOV\ZLZHZ^LSSHZHOPNOX\HSP[`VMÄJLZWHJLHUKH car park. Add in the already well established Ice Rink (still to this date, Altrincham Ice Rink is something those outside the town always mention), a multi-screen Cinema and Altrincham FC. Altrincham is set to become a true destination town for all ages and families. Other developments currently in the process of being built or developed include a new Transport Interchange, new Hospital, Market Area development and a new Library amongst many others. They’re all positive steps and you can literally sense the buzz around Altrincham with the possibilities.

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HSH & The Night Time Economy Looking back over the past few years HSH has been at the OLHY[VM(S[YPUJOHT»ZÅV\YPZOPUN3LPZ\YLHUK5PNO[[PTLLJVUVT` The development of Oxford Road, as a prominent eating & drinking area of Altrincham, began with the sale of Sweetheart in January 2008 sold by HSH to Yara. Since then the Oxford Road & Ashley Road area of Altrincham has become a veritable feast of world cuisine with recent HSH success stories including the opening of Blue Dog Bar (Kangaroo, Zebra, Crocodile, Wild Boar anybody?) Kayyans (Indian), Wok Inn (Chinese / Thai) and Istanbul Grill (Turkish). For those with more traditional tastes we’ve also been involved in sales including Monty’s Sandwich Bar and Hunters Sandwich Bar on Manchester Road and Bap in the centre of the town on George Street. That says a lot about Altrincham as a town. Traditional, but open to new innovation and full of people prepared to do something unique. There never has been a better time to open up a business in Altrincham. 0M`V\»YLPU[LYLZ[LKPUÄUKPUNV\[TVYLHIV\[OV^/:/JHUOLSW sell your business or are looking for businesses to buy in Altrincham - please get in touch on

Altrincham lies just 8 miles from Manchester City Centre. Its’ growth and development over time have shaped the Altrincham that you see today resulting in beautifully preserved, medieval architecture, Victorian mansions and cobbled streets that lie perfectly at home with the contemporary buildings and pedestrianised walkways of its urban areas. With excellent rail, tram and bus links, getting to Altrincham couldn’t be easier. Fear not if driving into the town centre as Altrincham boasts the lowest parking charges in the North West and has plenty of affordable spaces and parking facilities. The heart of Altrincham lies in an ability to constantly change and evolve, yet preserve and value its heritage. It’s a town currently celebrating regeneration, giving it an air of excitement, innovation and opportunity around every corner. To go back to it’s historic roots, visit the Old Market Place which is thought to be the site of the original Altrincham town settlement. Now a conservation area, it’s home to some of the oldest buildings in the area. It was the site of the old medieval market, trading in cattle, pigs, and other livestock. Producers of local cheese, butter and other fresh foods jostled for space amongst sellers of household goods and general wares. It was even said that a man once sold his wife here for only 18p!

Nowadays, all wives are priceless as we know, but if all this history has given you a thirst, you can ponder this in either of its traditional pubs and soak up the historical atmosphere in this timeless little corner of Altrincham. Both the Orange Tree Pub and the Old Market Tavern serve a good selection of excellent hand pulled ales, wines and ciders. It’s also a great WSHJLMVYHUPNO[V\[^P[OMYPLUKZ^OLYL`V\»SSÄUKSP]LT\ZPJ great food and lots of friendly good cheer. Altrincham still hosts a Market today, though it can now be found on nearby Greenwood Street. Over the years this historical Market Place has seen many changes but still proudly displays its ancestry whilst retaining the friendly buzz and enthusiasm of its traders, many of which have been stallholders here for years, still selling a wide range of fresh fruit HUK]LNTLH[ÄZOJSV[OPUNQL^LSSLY`HUKOV\ZLOVSKNVVKZ There’s plenty to browse through and as well as the regular Tuesday and Saturday markets, look out for the Antiques and Bric a Brac Markets. There’s even a monthly Farmers Market ^OLYLHSS`V\MVVKPLZV\[[OLYLJHUÄUKMYLZOSVJHSS`WYVK\JLK

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ingredients. The Market place also hosts the annual Taste of Trafford Festival as well as other seasonal activities throughout the year. If retail therapy of another kind is what you’re after, Altrincham has something for everyone. It’s always been known for its mixture of department stores and independent shops but is now being redeveloped to give the Trafford Centre a run for its money in the shopping stakes! 0U[OL:[HTMVYK8\HY[LY`V\»SSÄUK[OLNSP[aHUKNSHTV\YVM the usual high street suspects but have a stroll along George Street, Stamford New Road and Railway Street and you’ll come across plenty of independent traders, with a diverse range of boutiques, cafés and quirky little shops to browse around. The Traders Outlet, located on the Downs, is another of Altrincham’s hidden gems. Discover a treasure trove of beautiful hand crafted jewellery, unique gift ware and home furnishings, all created by local independent businesses. As you’re seduced into exploring its nooks and crannies, you’ll ÄUKH]PIYHU[HUKLJSLJ[PJTP_VMNVVKZVUVMMLYV]LYP[Z[^V ÅVVYZ

Goose Green Just a stones throw away from the hustle and bustle of the high street lies Goose Green. It’s traditional village atmosphere has long since been luring people away from the beaten track. If a little pampering is what you need after all that retail therapy, you can surround yourself in elegant chic at the House of Finesse. The team of expertly trained, friendly stylists, beauty therapists, and technicians are artists at their craft, ensuring a professional yet personal service. You’ll love what they do whether its a fresh new hairstyle or a complete transformation from nails to professional make-up, perfect for any special occasion and essential for all those brides to be out there. Enjoy a cappuccino at The House Restaurant, stay for lunch or a enjoy a cosy evening out. The menu here is a delicious mixture of French and English food, prepared using fresh local ingredients and a passion for exceptional food. You’ll

ÄUK[HU[HSPaPUN[HWHZHUKTV\[O^H[LYPUNWHLSSHH[3H9PVQHVYMVY sumptuous French cuisine, look no further than Francs Restaurant which offers the ultimate in French dining amongst stylish surroundings with a lively, welcoming and warm approach.

Relax day or night Altrincham’s colourful and diverse mix of the traditional and contemporary have resulted in an eclectic, vibrant selection of bars and restaurants. From the traditional pub to the wine bars and eateries along its high street, Altrincham is the place to relax day or night. Celebrations of music and not one but two Theatres’ mean that there’s always something going on. Live music and stylish dining can be found at Bloom on Stamford New Road. If mouthwatering Thai food is what you crave, visit Phantong Thai or for legendary Italian there’s Coco’s on Regent Street where its pasta dishes and freshly baked pizzas are made to order with lots of attention to detail and Italian passion thrown in.The upcoming Arts Festival is about to arrive next month when local artists will transform the town with imagination, creativity and colour. :WVY[ZMHUZV\[[OLYL^PSSÄUK[OH[(S[YPUJOHTPZOVTL[VP[ZV^U Football, Ice Hockey and Rugby teams. There’s the Altrincham Dome and also fantastic facilities at the Sports and Leisure Centre. Altrincham’s historic ancestry, heritage and timeless qualities have been beautifully preserved, whilst evolving perfectly with the changing landscapes of its redevelopment and re-invention to create an exciting, vibrant and colourful place to spend time with family and friends.

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I’ve lived in Timperley for the past 3 years with my husband, Craig. We have a beautiful 8-month old baby girl, Lola. Our home has always been peaceful. The area’s nice, the people are friendly and after growing up close to the centre of Manchester, it’s a breath of fresh air! It’s only been these past 4 months or so that I started to feel uneasy in my own home. I started to get the feeling that someone was watching me. Craig, who’s a Marketing Manager, usually leaves for work around 8am and as soon as he’s out of [OLKVVY[OPZMLLSPUNVMKYLHKJYLLWZ\WVUTL([ÄYZ[0[OV\NO[ I was suffering from some sort of anxiety; a new mum feeling uneasy about being left at home all day with a tiny baby for company. But it wasn’t the case. 4`ÄYZ[TLTVY`VM\ZHJRUV^SLKNPUNZVTL[OPUNZPUPZ[LY was 6th May. It was a Monday night and I was already in bed (babies are exhausting!), Craig had followed suit not long after myself and we were both just drifting off when we heard someone running around downstairs. The footsteps were incredibly loud and we both instantly sat up. I felt sick; someone was in my house. We both dived out of bed, I immediately went over to Lola and Craig headed downstairs. He searched high and low for the intruder but there was no one there. No windows were open and the doors were locked, no signs of a break in either. The following day, while Craig was at work, my friend had called round for a catch-up. We were both sat in the kitchen nattering away with a coffee when the kettle started to boil on it’s own accord right in front of our eyes; Craig put this down to a technical fault when I told him but I wasn’t so sure. A few weeks passed by where we were woken in the night by those loud footsteps coming from downstairs. Craig eventually gave up checking for intruders after the fourth time. It wasn’t until June when things progressed. It was our Wedding Anniversary; I was getting ready in the bedroom when 0ZH^[OLYLÅLJ[PVUPU[OLTPYYVYVMHZTHSSÄN\YLY\UWHZ[[OL door on the landing. I called out for Craig, but he was downstairs with my mum and Lola; mum had agreed to spend

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the evening watching her so we could enjoy a meal out together. I went out on to the landing; the only room past ours was Lola’s. I pushed the door open and checked inside; I was so paranoid that I even looked under her cot but, as expected, there was no one there. I shrugged this off and decided not to mention it in front of mum in case she got worried. Plus, Craig and I were used to someone running around the house at night now. When we got home that night, mum was sat downstairs with a sleeping Lola in her arms. I was surprised to see she wasn’t in bed and when I questioned it, mum looked so pale. She said she had checked upstairs twice because it sounded as though someone was up there. Then she told me something that sent shivers down my spine; She had heard Lola’s bedroom door slamming shut on it’s own accord while Lola was asleep in there, and when she had gone up to investigate she had the feeling that someone was watching her. The same feeling I’d been getting. I was so freaked out that I couldn’t sleep that night, and after some tossing and turning, I decided to go and sit downstairs. I made myself a cup of tea and lay on the sofa in the living room. 10 minutes later there were footsteps coming from upstairs; I thought Craig might have gotten up to go to the toilet, but then I heard a loud bang. I jumped from off the sofa and darted up the stairs. The noise had woken up the whole house; Craig almost ran in to me on the landing and Lola was crying in her cot behind her closed bedroom door. We both burst in but there was no one was there. Craig searched the whole house for what seemed like the 100th time. No one. Yet the entire time I could feel someone was watching us. Lola has never slept in that room since. It’s been almost 5 months and we still hear the usual sound of footsteps. Sometimes they’re upstairs and then they move downstairs. I’ve moved Lola in to our room. I know someone is here with us and it still makes me feel uneasy. I’ve seen a total of 17 ‘shadows’ wandering round the house, Craig has seen these too. I’m convinced we are living with a ghost and I don’t know what to do.

Autumn is here and it is my favourite time of year. I love crunching through the crispy leaves, collecting conkers with the boys and most of all, Halloween. Just before the long winter evenings set in, Halloween is a welcome distraction from the chilly mornings and the imminent hustle n bustle of Christmas time. The whole celebration doesn’t have to cost much either; Costumes can be cheap n cheerful and we’ve often had the most fun making our own at home – having said that, I am not the most artistic mum and most of my creations rely on a steady supply of bin bags, safety pins and a gallon of fake blood. Whilst we are busy designing costumes and writing shopping lists involving newt’s eyes and plastic spiders, it always makes me think back to Halloween past, when my sister Lisa and I were kids.

Halloween in the 80’s As youngsters we never went without, and were always well fed, clean and nicely turned out. Money was tight, as it was for many in the 80’s, but Halloween was something we always looked forward to, one of the highlights of the year when we would get together with my cousins to celebrate in style. >LVM[LUJVTIPULK/HSSV^LLU^P[OIVUÄYLUPNO[HUKHS^H`Z took our pumpkin with us to my Aunts house, where we would OH]LHWHY[`JVTWSL[L^P[OÄYL^VYRZHUKHWWSLIVIIPUN I have very fond memories of watching my uncle race around the garden being chased by a Catherine Wheel that hadn’t been nailed to the fence properly and drinking sneaky snowballs with my cousin when the grown-ups weren’t looking. Apple bobbing was great fun, until I reached about 11 and realised that for years I had been dipping in and out of a big IV^SVMZWP[HZº[OLSP[[SLVULZ»^LYLHSSV^LK[VNVÄYZ[6UL year I bobbed for an apple and came out with a mouth full of dummy. Costumes were of the homemade variety, sometimes with a shop-bought mask added. I can still remember the hot and sweaty plastic on my face as I tried to see out of an eyehole more suited to Cyclops. One year I was a Mummy, rocking two whole rolls of toilet paper but my favourite by far was the year I was a punk. Mum made me a bin bag dress complete with dog chain belt and big, hooped earrings. I felt so sophisticated that I considered adopting the look full time, well, until Mum said a stern “No chance” anyway.

Trick or Treat I always love the smell of autumn, but on Halloween it is especially great. Cold, crisp air mixed with the earthy smell of leaves and toffee apples. I do not, however, like trick or treaters. Let me explain; We were never allowed to go trick or treating, Mum always said it was dangerous to knock on strangers doors, whatever the date may be. As a youngster I thought this was the meanest thing ever and every year I would ask again, get the same answer and then sulk.

We collected loads of goodies from the neighbours and it was VUS`HZT`IHNÄSSLK[OH[0YLHSPZLK0JV\SKU»[[HRL[OLTOVTL ^P[OTL^P[OV\[T\TÄUKPUNV\[ My friend and I sat in the local park and, with spooky masks now removed, we ate all the sweets we had amassed. Staggering home feeling rather sick and shaky due to the sugar rush, this was not the last time I would greet November with a tummy ache. I’m sure Mum knew exactly what we had been \W[VHU`^H`^LKPKU»[OH]L[OLZLUZL[V[YH]LSM\Y[OLYHÄLSK instead calling at the other houses on our street! My children have inherited a love of all things spooky wooky and they’re looking forward to the Halloween my Mum and Dad throw every year. For one night only their house is transformed into Spooky Towers – a place not for the weak hearted and where nothing is quite as it seems. Both my parents are creative and put this to good use as they rig the house and put on a delicious spooky spread. Dad has even created a pulley system that he connects to a skeleton strategically sat in the corner of the room – as the kids walk by one of us tug the invisible thread and the said kid never fails to jump, scream and run crying in terror. Fantastic family fun if you ask me.

Spooky Movies Talking of scaring the kids, Halloween is the perfect time to ^H[JOZVTLZWVVR`TV]PLZ;PT)\Y[VUPZHÄYTMH]V\YP[LPU our house, Jack Pumpkin Head is slightly chilling but more fun than scary. Personally I like Coraline – released in 2009 it tells [OL[HSLVMHUHK]LU[\YV\ZNPYS^OVÄUKZHUV[OLY^VYSK[OH[PZ a strangely idealised version of her frustrating home, but it has some very sinister secrets. The reason I like it so much is because, although it is an HUPTH[LKJOPSKYLU»ZÄSTP[PZYLHSS`KHYRHUKT``LHYVSK ZVUÄUKZP[YLHSS`ZJHY`4LHU`T\TT`

Pumpkins and Vegetables! This Halloween is almost here and our preparations are well under way. We have a pumpkin fresh from my parents allotment HUKJHUUV[^HP[[VNL[JHY]PUN¶0ÄUKP[ZVTL^OH[[OLYHWL\[PJ so much so that last year I carved faces in all sorts from grapes to butternut squash. The kids were totally spun out when I served them dinner surrounded by an array of spooky vegetables with faces staring at them. >LSS0»TVMM[VÄUKZVTLIH[ISVVKILMVYL[OLZOVWZZO\[¶ What are your thoughts on trick or treating? Tweet and let me know!

One year, when I was about 12-years-old, I told Mum I was going to my friends for tea and we went trick or treating instead. It was one of the most exciting evenings of my life as we set off with a carrier bag each and a pocket full of eggs for anyone preferring a trick.

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Manchester’s Cathedral might not be as striking as that of some other cities, but it’s undoubtedly a beautiful building with a remarkably ancient feel to it – even though much of it was renovated in the wake of World War II bomb damage. It’s a lovely, quiet, peaceful place to saunter, and I can heartily recommend that you make an effort to attend one of the poetry readings or live music concerts that take place here. Sound takes on such a rich gravity within the Cathedral that, in recent years, the place has attracted such big names as The Magnetic Fields, Elbow, I Am Kloot, Beach House, Grizzly Bear and Amanda Palmer. But it’s haunted. Very, very haunted. Here took place a decidedly by-the-numbers ghost story in the middle of the nineteenth century. A man caught sight of his sister stood in the nave. Having thought her to be many miles away at the time, this took him somewhat by surprise. He called to her, but she suddenly vanished. Of course, the next day the man would learn that at about the time of the sighting, his sister had been involved in a fatal accident. Chilling!

In our launch issue, we visited Wythenshawe Hall for a paranormal investigation and loved it! The glorious black-and-white Tudor mansion is possessed of a few traditional ghosts and some odd poltergeist-style activity. The ghost is a classic White Lady, who is said to be Mary Webb, a former servant killed during the English Civil War. She has frequently been seen in a long white dress in the vicinity of one of the bedrooms, and has also been heard sobbing. We even received many stories from readers of our article in the previous issue, telling us their accounts of the haunted Wythenshawe Hall. If you feel brave enough, there are many paranormal investigation nights at Wythenshawe Hall, which take place throughout the year. Send us your photo’s and stories!

Found far below the busy streets of modern Manchester lies a dark, forgotten corner of history. Dating back to Georgian times, and abandoned for nearly 200 years, never illuminated by the light of day. One of the most fascinating locations in Manchester is right under your very feet. As you tread Deansgate – with its myriad of bars and restaurants – you could be forgiven for not realising the wealth of history and mystery underground.

The oldest parts of the Hall were built in the 15th century. However, a house has been on the site for more than 750 years. David de Hulton owned the original hall and it was built in 1251. The hall came into the ownership of the Radclyffe family in 1335. However, Sir John Radclyffe waited until 1354 to establish his inheritance. The manor, as described in 1351, had 120 acres of land, 12 acres of wood and 12 acres of meadow. Like most old buildings, Ordsall Hall has its share of stories of haunting. The Hall’s most famous ghost is the White Lady. She has been reported to walk around the halls and the Star Chamber holding a candle. The White Lady’s true identity remains in question until now although there have been many suggestions as to who she could have been in life. Some people believe that she is Queen Elizabeth’s Made of Honor, while others think that she is Margaret Radclyffe who died in 1599, just a few days after her brother’s death. There are also stories that the White Lady is the ghost of a jilted bride who was left waiting on the altar for her groom. She was so grief stricken that she was said to have jumped from the Great Hall to her death. An episode of the popular television program Most /H\U[LK^HZÄSTLKPU[OL/HSSPU

Brannigans Nightclub was a club situated in Manchester City Centre and became well known over the years as one VM[OLTVZ[OH\U[LKIHYZPU,UNSHUK0U[OL\WWLYĂ…VVYZ of the building, above the bar, is an old church - Albert Hall - that was completed in 1910. Many people believe that Reverend Sam Collier is one of the ghosts that not only haunted the club, but the church above too. Staff at the nightclub, which has currently closed its doors, claimed they often felt the sensation of being followed and even pushed by unseen hands on and around the staircase. Taps have been known to turn themselves on at full-force, glasses and bottles in the bar area are also thrown around. Could an evil man called Godfrey, who has been picked up on in the past by various mediums, cause this violent poltergeist activity?

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(YJ[PJ4VURL`ZOH]LILJVTL[OLÄYZ[ band on an independent label to score Ä]LJVUZLJ\[P]L5VHSI\TZ The chart record follows news that the :OLMÄLSKIHUK»ZÄM[OHSI\T(4OP[[OL top spot by selling 157,000 copies in P[ZÄYZ[^LLR;OLZLZHSLZTHRLP[[OL second-fastest-selling album of the year, with only Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories shifting more copies. The album, released by Domino Records, has been hailed by most critics as their best since 2007’s Favourite Worst Nightmare. With guest falsetto from Josh Homme and a John Cooper

Clarke poem set to music, it certainly sounds like their most enjoyable. And better still, Arctic Monkeys will be performing in Manchester this month (23rd October) at the Manchester Arena, which sold out within minutes earlier this year. The band have said that one of their favourite cities to play is Manchester, having some of ‘the best crowds’. The young and talented four-piece The Strypes will provide support.

Ready Steady Day-glo! Join The Christie charity and BBC Radio Manchester for the ten most dazzling kilometres you’ll ever walk! Florescent headbands, neon glow sticks, and luminous clothing- the louder the better! Come along to help illuminate Salford Quays with The Christie charity at this fun neon 10km walk to help raise vital funds for our cancer patients. ;OL^HSR^PSSZ[HY[HUKÄUPZOH[;OL Lowry Plaza in Salford Quays. Live music and entertainment will get you ready and raring to go before the walk and the party will be in full swing by the time you return! All walkers will receive their very own special edition Night of Neon t-shirt for free and will have the opportunity to purchase neon accessories on the night to get you suitably glowing for the evening. Entertainment starts at 7pm and the walk at 8.30pm, bring along your family and friends for a night to remember!

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Ex members of The Beautiful South, Dave Hemingway and Alison Wheeler will be singing many of their hits including A Little Time, Don’t Marry Her, Rotterdam, Good as Gold, Perfect 10 and many more from the back catalogue when they perform at Manchester Academy 3 on October 13th. The 9-piece band will also be performing several songs from their wonderfully received debut album as The South, Sweet Refrains.

From The Housemartins to The South Formed in 1988, The Beautiful South had a string of hit singles such as Old Red Eyes Is Back, Rotterdam, Don’t Marry Her, Perfect 10 and Number One single A Little Time. Their greatest hits album, Carry On Up The Charts, was one of the fastest-selling albums in UK history, entering at Number One and staying there for weeks, becoming one of the country’s most popular albums ever. (M[LY`LHYZ[LUZ[\KPVHSI\TZÄ]LNYLH[LZ[OP[ZJVTWPSHtions, thirty-four chart singles, 15 million record sales worldwide and performing in front of millions of fans, when time was called on The Beautiful South in 2008, not everyone was ready to leave the party. Dave Hemingway and Ali Wheeler, two of the three lead singers with the band, were having too much fun to get out the pipe and slippers, and so The South was formed. Joining the duo were fellow mainstays from the original touring band: keyboard wizard Damon Butcher and the potent horn section of Gaz Birtles and Tony Robinson that brought so much

to the live shows. Armed with a sensational back catalogue of hits such as ‘Song For Whoever’, ‘Perfect Ten’, ‘Rotterdam’, ‘Don’t Marry Her’, ‘You Keep It All In’, ‘Old Red Eyes Is Back’ and many others, there is a long way to go on this particular road. This band has history and pedigree. Dave Hemingway’s musical career stretches back into the Eighties. He became a founder member of The Beautiful South after the demise of The Housemartins, who had enjoyed a sustained purple patch and many hits before calling it a day in 1988. Whilst bassist Norman Cook went on to become superstar DJ Fat Boy Slim, Paul Heaton and Dave Hemingway proceeded to form the new band in December 1988. Right from the off, The Beautiful South seemed to defy the normal logic associated with pop bands, not least for the fact that they stayed together for 20 years.

Still as beautiful as they ever were The South continue the legacy with their own vibrantly singable and acerbically witty pop. As their critically acclaimed debut album Sweet Refrains, currently available on Zoo Records, JVUÄYTZ 2013 will see them touring this new collection of songs alongside established favourites from their previous incarnation. The South are rightly extremely proud of their history - and their future looks very bright…

+\YPUN[LUKH`ZPU6J[VILY(S[YPUJOHT˕Z]HJHU[ZOVWZ^PSSIL transformed into temporary art spaces, showcasing some of the best visual art from the area and from across the North West. The Festival will include events such as a pop-up cinema, performing arts and music in venues around the town. The Festival is curated by local photographer, Carole Evans: “For the past 15 years I have watched my home town change from a bustling market town to a shadow of its former self. Recently I was inspired to create a body of work about this decline, which, as I delved into the community and began meeting people, became a more positive project about the regeneration of the town. I was impressed with how individuals and organisations like Altrincham Forward were working together to bring a sense of community back to Altrincham. Carole is working closely with Altrincham Forward and Local Creation, as well as other small organisations around the town such as the Altrincham Film Club, and new performing arts venture, Whatsthesketch. After a call for submissions for artwork, approximately 30 artists have been chosen to exhibit, showcasing a wide range of art including photography, painting and installation art. The Festival begins on 17 October, with the main bulk of events occurring [OLÄYZ[^LLRLUK4VYLKL[HPSZHYLVU[OL^LIZP[L! and you can keep up to date with events HUKVWWVY[\UP[PLZI`MVSSV^PUN[OLTVU;^P[[LY'(S[`(Y[Z-LZ[VYÄUKPUN them on Facebook.

The lounge about in Northenden has become a new spot for comedy, hosting a comedy night every last Thursday of the month. We attended the opening night, which was a great success for The Lounge About, welcoming close to 100 people through the doors on the evening. Tim Bradbury held the position of compere throughout the evening and did a NYLH[QVI[VV>P[O[OLKYPURZHUKSH\NO[LYÅV^PUN[OLJVTLKPHUZWYV]PKLKH great show, which included the likes of Colin Manford (right) and Luke Montague who many will remember from The Channel 4 show ‘The Undateables’. It’s not only a great Thursday night out, it’s cheap. With tickets from £5 you cannot go wrong. Only tip we would give you – get there early, seats are quite limited.

2013 has been a great year for family shows in Manchester (Disney’s The Lion King ‘Lived’ at the Palace Theatre for an awful long time!) and once again if you have young children and you want to show them how much fun and excitement can be found in the theatre then we highly recommend Disney on Ice. This truly is a spectacular show, but if you think it is just for the little ones, then don’t worry, as HUHK\S[`V\^PSSZVVUÄUK`V\HYL^PZRLKH^H` to a fatasy spectacular of ice dancing and mad cap fun, of course, anything that has the Disney Title above it’s name is a guarentee that there will be safe fun for all the family.

6\YÄYZ[PZZ\L^HZISLZZLK^P[OHNYLH[YLZWVUZLV]LY[OLWHZ[ month! Many of our readers have taken to sending us pictures of their dogs posing with the magazine. So it seemed appropriate to celebrate this by giving our September/October competition the theme of “Cutest Dog”. So we have all put our thinking caps on at Within Towers, and over the next few months, we are looking for photos of your cute dogs lying around, posing beautifully with their favourite lifestyle magazine! The cuter the better! Not only will the winning pooch receive the glamorous award and £150 cash, they will also receive a feature in our December issue! So what are you waiting for? Get your dog posing with our magazine and let the David Bailey side of you take control!

1. All photos must be received by midnight on the last day of the month. The winners will be selected and informed via email at the beginning of the following month. 2. This competition is open to Manchester residents only. 3. This photography competition is aimed at small, medium, large and giant dog breeds. 4. The competition is judged upon, but not limited to, the following criteria....The creative composition of the photo, image quality, facial expression, your dogs’ pose and overall cuteness! 5. By entering this competition you grant Within Magazine the right to publish submitted photo(s), your name, your dogs name, and your location in the THNHaPUL^LIZP[LHUKZVJPHSUL[^VYRPUNJOHUULSZ:THSSWOV[VHS[LYH[PVUZTH`ILTHKLI`V\YZ[HMMPUVYKLY[VÄ[V\Y^LIZP[LZVJPHSUL[^VYRPUNJOHUULSZVY THNHaPUL;OL*\[L7VVJOJVTWL[P[PVUZ^PSSILQ\KNLKI`Z[HMMTLTILYH[>P[OPU4HNHaPUL(SSKLJPZPVUZHYLÄUHS(SSWOV[VZZLU[[V>P[OPU4HNHaPULT\Z[IL the legal property of the person submitting the image. Within Magazine will not be held responsible for any copyright infringements. 9. The Within Magazine team reserves the right to refuse any photograph, which they deem unacceptable and not suitable for this competition. 10. By entering this competition you will also be automatically added to our mailing list but please feel free to unsubscribe at any time. 11. There is no limit to the amount of submissions per person. 12. Please ensure the information you submit is completed accurately. Within Magazine will not be responsible for photos being placed in the wrong categories due to inaccurate information submitted by entrant. 13. This competition is in no way related to Facebook. 14. The prizes may not be exchanged for alternate products.



Let a friend encourage you to pursue a lifelong dream in the opening days of October. Whether you’ve always wanted to write a book, learn to dance, or showcase your photographs, now is the time to do so.

Support that was promised to you will suddenly be withdrawn, forcing you to ÄUKV[OLY^H`Z[VH[[HPU your objectives. Suddenly, it will feel like you’re walking a tightrope without a net.



If you upset a relationship in the past, you can put right it now. If you’ve been waiting to present an idea to a boss or committee, this is a good time to do it. Your ability to persuade is rooted in your sincerity and your passion for the project.

You can’t afford to turn your back on the people who have loved and supported you all this time. A troubled friendship will fall by the wayside around the 18th. You can no longer tolerate an old friend’s erratic behaviour.





Being able to withstand the insults of an oppresZP]LH\[OVYP[`ÄN\YL^PSS pay off. Someone who adTPYLZ`V\YNYHJL\UKLYÄYL will offer you the chance to show off your creative talent. The second half of October will be spent on the activities you love: Acting, singing, or playing music.

A book or movie will inspire you to develop your own creative talent in early October. Take this opportunity to play music, write a story, or paint a canvas. You’ve always been gifted at refurbishing antiques, and may want to show your artistry in this way.

Step into the limelight; you’ve spent enough time in the background and the world is ready to embrace your lovely energy. Several social engagements loom on the horizon and a new V\[Ä[VY[OL\UPX\LJVTbining of already owned items gives you a look that others will envy.

,HYS`6J[VILYÄUKZ`V\ doing battle with an indecisive relative. You think you know what is best for this family member, but that’s not necessarily true. Try to ILTVYLÅL_PISL(JOVPJL has to be made, but it won’t happen if you tighten the screws.




October gets underway with an admirer confessing a crush on you. It’s nice to know your sex appeal is stronger than ever, but you shouldn’t sideline an old friend just for the sake of a romantic interlude.

:[LW\W`V\YÄ[ULZZ routine at mid-month; the results will be impressive. Let a friend introduce you to a new book or movie near the 16th. Family won’t be very supportive of a personal decision on the 18th. You’ll be rewarded for doing extra work at the end of the month.

A haiatus around the Full Moon in your sign on 18th, could leave you wondering PM`V\»]LZSPWWLKVUHÄnancial banana skin. From 21st and until mid November, going back over ÄN\YLZTH`ILULJLZZHY` On the bright side, look for love at the end of October.

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glasses. But my voice normally gives me away. I don’t mind it though the TIE fans are all really nice people. You have worked with many big names in English Acting. Have you ever met somebody and had that ‘pinch me’ moment? Ian Brown had a small cameo in TIE 86’ I have always been HO\NL:[VUL9VZLZMHU0JV\SKU»[[HSR[VOPTH[ÄYZ[0UMHJ[ I think the words I said were “You’re Ian Brown”. But by the end of the day we were like good pals. I still see him every UV^HUKHNHPUHUKÄUKP[^LPYK[OH[OLRUV^ZTL/L»ZH cultural icon. You have lived in South Manchester throughout your whole life. If you moved away tomorrow, what would be the things you missed? I moved to Essex last year with my girlfriend. We lasted 9 months. It’s a different world down there. South Manchester has the friendliest people around. There is a good sense of community up here. There was none of that down there. I like going into my local and knowing I’ll have someone to chat with. If you weren’t acting, where would you see yourself? I always wanted to work with animals. I have a keen interest in Biology and Zoology. I’d love to work in a zoo even now. My plan for leaving school was to get into marine biology. Your dream role? I really want to do some Sci-Fi. I’ve always been a huge fan of Star Wars, Back To The Future etc. I really like playing serious roles too but I think comedy is where my heart is. What’s next for Andrew Ellis? 0OH]LHJV\WSLVMÄSTZK\LV\[PU[OLUL_[ML^TVU[OZ ‘The Knife That Killed Me’ & ‘Borrowed Time’ And a Jimmy Mcgovern drama I’m really proud of. ‘Common’. I also have a production company ‘Northern Lads Productions’ and have just co- directed my second short with lifelong best pal and fellow Wythenshawe lad Jamie Shelton from Emmerdale You’ve appeared in many roles on-screen, from Casualty to Heartbeat – but you’re most recognised for your role in ‘This PZ,UNSHUK»WSH`PUN.HKNL[>O`KV`V\[OPUR[OLÄST^HZ such a hit? 0[OPUR[OH[[OL[OLTLZ[OLÄSTL_WSVYLZHYLZ[PSS]LY`YLSL]HU[ today. Also I think that anyone could watch it. Younger people would like the gang and the fun of it. And older people would like the nostalgia. Also the story and the characters Shane had created were loveable and enjoyable. The series also received great praise. Has the door closed on ‘This is England’ or will there be a follow up in the future? Shane Meadows is in between projects at the moment but he has mentioned a good few times that he is writing TIE 1990. I can’t wait to be back on set. The cast and the crew rarely change so it’s like a family reunion. Are you often recognised around South Manchester? Yeah sometimes. A lot of people only recognise me when I talk though. I think its because I have normal(ish) hair and I wear

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Andy cannot wait to get back into the role of Gadget!

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