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TWIN the Race! Fastest Automated Polishing The ASP 80 Twin-A is robustly designed for fully automated high speed polishing of two toric/atoric or backside progressive lenses simultaneously. It is capable of polishing lenses of any shape or size. We designed the polisher with two revolving tool spindles, each equipped with 4 polishing tools, which adapt themselves perfectly to the topography of the lens surface. Our new innovative Edge Polishing Technology guarantees faster polishing times, longer tool lifetime and excellent stock removal rates in order to remove sub-surface damage from turned or milled surfaces. Simultaneously loading/unloading and integrated cleaning during the polishing process allows uninterrupted polishing without any downtime.

Visit us on our booth D10 E07 in hall 5 at MIDO 2016

Smart Solutions for Professionals

OptoTech Optikmaschinen GmbH Sandusweg 2-4 35435 Wettenberg / Germany Phone: +49 641-98203-0 Fax: +49 641-98203-900 Email: Web:

The Future is M dulo!

CCU modulo

CCS modulo

HSC modulo

HSC modulo XT

CCP modulo

PMD modulo

CCL modulo

DBA modulo

TSA modulo

HSE modulo

The self-organizing surfacing system

Take an exciting step into the future The first ever highly integrated system solution – following a new self-organizing philosophy, the cognitive machines manage the production flow all by themselves – fully self-sufficient. The result is an unprecedented level of equipment utilization in lens production and an unmatched throughput. Designed for utmost flexibility, the unique arrangement and plug-and-play connection allows the addition of new modules to the system in any order in a minimal amount of time. The LMS Modulo seamlessly interacts with the intelligent machines and provides centralized quality control. The Modulo Line guarantees maximum equipment utilization as well as significant cost and time savings. Or to keep it simple: The future is Modulo.

SCHNEIDER GmbH & Co. KG Biegenstrasse 8–12 35112 Fronhausen, Germany Phone: +49 (64 26) 96 96-0

SCHNEIDER Optical Machines Inc. 5916 Stone Creek, Suite 120 The Colony, Texas 75056, USA Phone: +1 (972) 247-4000

LMS modulo



f you are Britain’s Chief Medical Officer and are keen to hit the headlines with your annual report to the nation, you can be forgiven for fudging your factoids and sexing up your statistics. So it was that, in her end‐of‐ 2015 report, Dame Sally Davies conveniently conflated categories of ‘over‐ weight’ and ‘obese’ in order to arrive at headline‐grabbing figures that showed the majority of British women in their 30s, 40s and 50s as ‘over‐ weight or obese’ and so at heightened risk of heart disease, certain cancers and diabetes. Britain’s health chiefs are savvy enough to know that news reporters are notoriously innumerate and prone to glaze over at the mere mention of percentages. So, unsurprisingly, their press releases generated the alarm they sought, as editors serially fell into the trap of misreading the stats as inferring that more than half Britain’s women were classed as obese. The questionable lumping together of groups to arrive at a more eye‐ catching headline statistic is neither new nor limited to the United King‐ dom. The United States has seen similar public health pronouncements based on curiously similar conflations. In 2007, the National Center for Health Statistics of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (a name that is almost an article in itself) told Americans that over 60 per cent of US adult women were overweight, adding that, of these a third were obese. This was an honest presentation, but subsequent representations by other health bodies and special interest groups in the US have relied on a self‐ serving shorthand to conveniently label the 60 per cent + as ‘overweight and obese’. Obesity is a growing epidemic in the Western world. It leads to a pletho‐ ra of diseases, including the explosion in diagnosed cases of diabetes – with its important implications for eye‐care practitioners. Public health of‐ ficials and campaign groups are right to remind us all of the hazards of having a calorie intake that exceeds the calories we burn through physical activity. They do us a mischievous disservice, however, when they allow news reports to exaggerate the picture. An overly rich diet is one of the causes of the problem, so it does not help when health professionals seek so to over‐egg the pudding.



CONTENTS February 2016 Volume 44 · Number 378

INTERNATIONAL SCENE 2 · US: the Fed awakens

OUTLOOK 4 · Marcolin and Moncler licensing agreement 5 · Optical charities receive donation from FMO 6 · OptoTech at Vision-X 8 · Essilor and CNRS partnership 10 · Wiseman Fund helps charity mission 12 · Essilor report revenue growth

FEATURES 14 · The World Optical Market in 2016 Richard Chaffin 18 · Hong Kong Optical Fair 20 · Mido 2016 Milan show preview 30 · Innovation in digital lens design

OPTIPRODUCTS 31 · Progear sports shades 32 · Nidek launches digital medical scope 33 · FastGrind digital progressives Copy dates:

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February 2016



US: the Fed awakens y the time this issue of OPTICAL WORLD reaches readers, optical business worldwide should be adjusting itself to the long-awaited rise in the US central interest rate assiduously signalled be Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen as 2015 wound down (and, indeed, long before), no doubt to minimise the shock value to post-recessional markets still prone to regress into headless-chicken mode at any provocation. On December 16, 2015, against a backdrop of international excitement over a new Star Wars film (The Force Awakens) Ms Yellen announced the result of an unanimous vote by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) to raise the US ‘base rate’ to 0.25 per cent. This she said reflected a 2.1 per cent rise in US gross domestic product (GDP) this year with 2.4 per cent expected in 2016 and further ‘economic expansion at a moderate pace’ thereafter. Further Fed rate rises Janet Yellen promised would be gradual. The US unemployment rate nationally is down to 5.3 per cent and retail sales are up: good signs for business at large and the optical business in particular. ‘Things are getting back to normal at last’ summed up commentators’ views on this first US rate rise since 2006, though emerging markets from Brazil to China sounded less happy. US gross domestic product grew steadily if not spectacularly last year; unemployment nationally was down


below seven per cent for the first time in all too long – all the indicators for a rate rise were safely in place. The US retail eyecare and eyewear market (including eye-surgery) grew by nearly 6.5 per cent during last year, according to the Vision Council of America, reaching a total of over £26 billion. Prescription spectacle lenses led the charge, up by almost nine per cent in value to around £6.3 billion. Frame sales, sunglass sales and sales of contact lenses (in this, already the world’s leading contact lens market) all grew by more than five per cent. No wonder US eyecare practitioners registered a five-year high in confidence for the future, when questioned last autumn. Optical retail outlet numbers, unsurprisingly, are expected to grow in 2016, not least by virtue of Luxottica’s billion dollar plans for new openings there including a possible major expansion of the Lenscrafters retail brand. More confirmed new business for Luxottica and Lenscrafters: up to 500 new outlets are scheduled to open by the end of the decade in a mid-market national department store chain. The firm also plans to expand online ophthalmic goods sales in the USA, for example with ‘pick-and-mix’ range offers to independent ECPs. Your reporter is not the only individual in optics to puzzle over Luxotica’s ability to thrive in international optical retailing (which currently appears to account for around two-thirds of its total sales revenue) while

InternationalSCENE expanding in parallel as a supplier to optical retailers it does not own. One regional exception to its overall growth story: China and adjoining areas of Asia, where both wholesale prices and those in the retail chains Luxottica owns was cut in mid-2015. Not every group seems able to replicate the Luxottica pattern. Safilo has been experiencing ongoing problems with slowing sales growth, with US retail operations among those to struggle. Polaroid was among the group’s brands to buck this trend, confirming, perhaps, that big, well-established, well recognised and trusted consumer brands are increasingly a key element in optical groups’ success. How will brands, and groups’ varying success be reflected at MIDO later this month? One apparent loss to the US economy is to be seen shortly: the loss of corporate tax revenues from pharmaceuticals giant Pfizer. Pfizer is to merge with Allergan, a name well known in ophthalmics for its innovations especially in the technology of medical eyecare and the contact lens sector. The merged company’s official domicile will be in Dublin, Ireland, gaining the benefit of the RoI’s favourable tax rate. Is this another success for the Irish government agency that has previously brought in big names from Allergan itself and Bausch & Lomb to Oakley and Rupp und Hubrach … not to mention Sola/Zeiss, Transitions and the mighty Essilor? Even this imposing merger, however, will be dwarfed by the forthcoming three-way union between US materials titans including Dow and Dupont. Both these are names of significance in the past of ophthamics, for their major contributions to materials development in spectacle and contact lenses, and in frames. Ultimately, a de-merger from this ‘marriage of convenience’ is planned; one of the outcomes, a special materials development initiative. Ophthalmics should watch this space. Varying fortunes in Europe The Republic of Ireland, where ECPs report an improved regulatory framework for their business, and a degree of revival in individual stores’ fortunes, is among the Eurozone countries to enter 2016 with a reasonably positive outlook. The Celtic Tiger, if not yet in fullthroated roaring mode, is at least twitching its whiskers. This is not, however, a whole Eurozone experience. Spain, one of its optical spokesmen agrees, is seeing

encouraging signs of business revival; Greece, having agreed with gritted teeth the ‘agonising’ 2016 budget its creditors demand, continues to struggle; Portugal, now with enhanced importance in prescription manufacturing sector, is reported to be feeling the economic pinch – and so, at the other end of Europe, is Finland, despite its strictly maintained record of economic virtue. The UK, meanwhile, went into the New Year with the nod of approval for its steady (2.5 per cent) GDP growth from International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde, whose native France still labours under a state of emergency imposed following the November terrorist outrages in Paris. In Europe, Germany (GDP growth rate 4 per cent plus) still leads the pack – and can boast that its Chancellor, Angela Merkel, became at 2015’s end only the fourth woman in history to win ‘Time’ magazine’s Person of the Year Award. She was the first woman in 29 years to win this accolade, beating four male candidates. Of these, would-be Republican US Presidential candidate Donald Trump was one. Enough said of him, by this column at least. Jim Slater, RIP Financier Jim Slater, whose death was reported as 2015 closed, was in his lifetime almost a ‘Donald Trump of optics’ in some commentators’ views. His financial interests, back in the 1960s, came to include UK retail ophthalmic practice; he was a tough-minded backer of the then dominant chain, Dollond & Aitchison, under the direction of chief executive Dick Harris. Jim Slater helped Mr Harris put into practice commercially orientated, customer-friendly approaches to chain and store development which were anathema at the time to many ECPs. Initiatives by D&A under his leadership included the first ever UK in-store frame displays and frame bars, imposing limits on individual eye test timings, emphasising employed ECPs’ productivity, and upgrading training for receptionists so they could undertake duties previously reserved for dispensing opticians. He drove lens industry development too, such as installing then-revolutionary workflow systems at the group’s HQ laboratories near Birmingham to improve the speed of order processing. Dick Harris could (probably) not have achieved the modernisation initiatives he created without Jim Slater. British ophthalmics would not be what or where it is today without them – whether for better or worse, depends on your point of view.


February 2016



An end to reading glasses leads to industrial fellowship award Along with the University of Leeds and The University of Manchester, UltraVision CLPL has successfully collaborated to support and fund Devesh Mistry in a doctoral project, ‘Development of Liquid Crystal Based Ophthalmic Devices with Switchable Focusing on Ageing Eye’. This has resulted in Devesh Mistry being awarded an Industry Fellowship by the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851. The 1851 Royal Commission now awards a range of fellowships and grants to support science and engi-

Pictured, left to right, are J Keith Lomas, Group CEO, UltraVision, Professor Helen Gleeson, Cavendish Professor of Physics, University of Leeds, Nigel Williams, Secretary, 1851 Royal Commission, Devish Misty, Industrial Fellow, PhD Student, Universioty of Leeds, John Clamp, Group COO, UltraVision CLPL and Kevin Critchley, Postgraduate Research Admissions Tutor, University of Leeds

neering research as well as industrial education across the UK, previously funding luminaries such as Nobel Laureates Professor Peter Higgs, Sir James Chadwick and Paul Dirac.

develop new visionary products and technologies. This awarded project involves incorporating liquid crystals into intraocular lenses to address presbyopia without com-

UltraVision CLPL has an ongoing commitment to bringing

promise. This is building on work between UltraVision

contact lenses and related products to market, both directly

CLPL and The University of Manchester which started in

and with industrial partners. In collaboration with academic

2010 involving creating and patenting technology incorpo-

institutions and public and private companies across the

rating liquid crystals into contact lenses, again for addressing

globe, UltraVision CLPL’s R&D team is constantly working to

presbyopia without compromise.



Marcolin and Moncler licensing agreement Marcolin Group and Moncler S.p.A. have signed a worldwide exclusive license agreement for the design, production and distribution of men's and women's sunglasses and eyeglasses, as well as ski masks for men, women and children branded Moncler. Moncler, a leading luxury brand joins Marcolin to create a unique eyewear collection. The frames will combine, in perfect balance, aesthetic functionality and techno research, evoking the iconic elements of Moncler's timeless style. The agreement will be effective from January 2016 until December 2020, with the possibility of a renewal for an additional five years. The launch of the first eyewear collection is expected by March 2016. Giovanni Zoppas, CEO, Marcolin Group, commented: ‘Moncler is a worldwide brand, unique and very appealing. The partnership with Moncler will give Marcolin the opportunity to target those consumers who are passionate about Moncler's innovative product offerings’. Remo Ruffini, Moncler chairman and CEO, declared: ‘I'm very pleased about the agreement signed with Marcolin, one of the worldwide leading companies in the eyewear industry. The partnership will allow us to develop globally the eyewear business consistent with our values of uniqueness, quality and selectiveness that distinguish our brand’. Giovanni Zoppas CEO Marcolin


W Remo Ruffini, chairman and CEO Moncler


Optical charities receive donation from FMO Funds from the Federation of Manufacturing Opticians, generated by Optrafair 2015, have been returned to the UK optical community, to support those needing assistance. A donation was made to the Optical Workers’ Benevolent Fund which provides support for those in optical manufacturing who find themselves in difficulties. Retiring FMO chairman, Barry Dibble, made the presentation to fund trustee, Frank Norville, at the FMO’s London AGM. The fund supports optical workers facing hardship — often through ill health.

Barry Dibble and Frank Norville


In Brief


WCO appoint new executive director

The British Contact Lens Association have an-

The World Council of Optometry (WCO) has announced the

nounced a new event for 2016 – BCLA UK which

appointment of Mark A. Bullimore MCOptom, PhD, FAAO as

will take place on 12-13 June at the Belfry Hotel,

its new executive director.

in the Midlands, UK. ★

Dr Bullimore is a British-trained optometrist and accomplished scientist who has taught optometry students in the

The General Optical Council (GOC) has published

UK, US and Trinidad and Tobago and has lectured to pro-

its new Standards of Practice for Optometrists and

fessional groups on four continents. He is the former president

Dispensing Opticians effective from April 1, 2016.

and development director of the American Optometric Foun-

dation and the former Editor of Optometry and Vision

FastGrind of Cincinnati, OH, US, have been voted

Science, the Journal of the American Academy of Optometry.

Best Surfacing Solution in the EyeVote 2015 Read-

He will assist the officers, Executive Committee and Gov-

ers’ Choice Awards.

erning Board of the WCO in fulfilling the organisation’s

mission to facilitate the development of optometry around

The Accessories Council honoured Claudio Got-

the world and support optometrists in promoting eye health

tardi, president and CEO of Marchon Eyewear with

and vision care as a human right through advocacy, education,

the 2015 ACE Leadership Award at the 19th an-

policy development and humanitarian outreach, thus ensuring

nual Accessories Council Excellence Awards.

that the WCO meets its current and future objectives in line

with the requirements of its members through the development,

The General Optical Council has opened its new

implementation and review of appropriate strategies. Dr Bul-

offices in Farringdon, London. The GOC’s new ad-

limore will also direct all aspects of the WCO's relationship

dress is 10 Old Bailey, London EC4M 7NG, UK.

with its membership, including recruitment and retention,

The telephone number +44 207 580 3898 re-

strong fiscal management, communication and the develop-

mains unchanged.

ment, promotion and delivery of services.



February 2016



PFO Global annual sales meeting PFO Global, Inc, the innovative manufacturer and commercial provider of advanced prescription lenses, finishes eyewear and vision technologies, have changed their trading symbol to PFGB. PFO Global representatives converged from afar at the Texas sales meeting, where education and recognition was the focus. The sales team participated in an extensive three day training program on new products and efficient advancements of the EYEX3 lens scanning technology. New product introductions were made, highlighted by breakthrough lens technology which was unveiled at Vision Expo West 2015.



OptoTech at Vision-X

Vision-X took place from December 6-8, 2015, at the World Trade Center in Dubai. Being the only trade event for the eyewear and eyecare business in the Middle East and Africa region, Vision-X attracted a lot of visitors out of this region. Over 4500 visitors from more than 80 different countries attended and took the chance to get informed about the products and innovations from over 250 exhibitors. OptoTech exhibited for the first time at Vision-X, presenting a space saving and low cost production cell for ophthalmic lenses also suitable for in-store production, consisting of the digital surfacing/turning machine FLASH store, the digital polisher Torilab store and the compact mechanical engraver OME 80 store. Many customers visited the company’s booth obtaining information on OptoTech’s wide product range, and made Vision-X a very succsessful trade fair for the firm.

OptoTech at Vision-X, Dubai



Brien Holden Vision Institute appoint CEO The board of the Brien Holden Vision Institute have announced the appointment of Professor Kovin Naidoo to the position of CEO. Professor Naidoo was appointed Interim CEO following the passing of Professor Brien Holden in July 2015. Chair of the board, Professor Brian Layland OAM, said the appointment vindicates the outstanding leadership Professor Naidoo has brought to the role in an interim capacity and his long history of exemplary service to the Institute. ‘Kovin is a wonderful leader, a person of great integrity, a remarkable entrepreneur and a global leader in advocating for eye care access.’ Professor Naidoo said: ‘The Brien Holden Vision Institute is founded on more than 40 years of extraordinary history; leadership in the industry and in the public health arena worldwide. Importantly, the Institute’s success is due to our unanimously held goal — to create change, provide innovative solutions and lead the way.’

W Professor Kovin Naidoo



ES-5 >K<>^^'/E'ͳ/d͛^,Z͊

The automated ES-5 edges without blocks or pads. It processes lenses at lower cost, higher speed, consistent quality and less breakage. ES-5 ensures ƵŶƐƵƌƉĂƐƐĞĚĞĚŐĞƋƵĂůŝƚLJ͕ĞdžĐĞƉƟŽŶĂůůLJůŽŶŐƚŽŽůůŝĨĞĂŶĚůŽǁĞƐƚƚŽŽůĐŽƐƚ ĚƵĞƚŽŝƚƐǁĞƚĐƵƫŶŐƚĞĐŚŶŽůŽŐLJ͘ hŶŝƋƵĞ͗,ŝŐŚĞƐƚŇĞdžŝďŝůŝƚLJĚƵĞƚŽŽƉĞƌĂƟŽŶŝŶĞŝƚŚĞƌďůŽĐŬůĞƐƐŽƌ standard mode.

WůĞĂƐĞǀŝƐŝƚƵƐĂƚ DŝĚŽ͕ hall 5, booth E28/F17



FMO luncheon unites optical scene UK optics enjoyed the best spirit of conviviality as the

from outgoing chairman, Barry Dibble. Barry, who has

Federation of Manufacturing Opticians’ annual luncheon,

served two terms of office as FMO chairman, as well as a

held last December, drew together frame, lens, technology

major force in the planning of Optrafair,

and business providers. More than 100

received a clock from the FMO in recog-

gathered together at the Hilton Hotel,

nition of his services.

Paddington, putting commercial rivalries

Mark, who is group sales director of

aside to celebrate the season. Leaders

the Norville Group, brings a breadth

of the optical bodies were pres-

of experience and knowledge

ent and enjoyed meeting their

about the optical scene, which

industry colleagues.

is set to benefit the organisa-

The annual event also saw the new FMO chairman, Mark Truss, take the chain of office

tion, in conjunction with Barry Dibble and Mark Truss

new Chief Executive Bryony Pawinska.


The College of Optometrists Fellowship The College of Optometrists has elected three new Life Fellows and a new Honorary Fellow. Fellowship of the College is awarded to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the profession or to the College. The three new Life Fellows of the College are Professor Roger Anderson FCOptom, Professor of Vision Science, University of Ulster, Dr Robert Harper MCOptom, Consultant Optometrist at the Royal Manchester Eye Hospital and Professor John Flanagan MCoptom, Dean of University of California Berkeley School of Optometry. The new Honorary Fellow of the College is Professor Harminder Dua, Chair and Professor of Ophthalmology at University of Nottingham. David Parkins FCOptom, president of the College of Optometrists, said: ‘It is always such a pleasure to be able to recognise the hard work and commitment of outstanding eye care professionals through these prestigious College awards.’



Essilor and CNRS partnership Partners since 2004, Essilor and CNRS (French National

construction of prototypes. Essilor will bring its expertise in

Center of Scientific Research) signed a new research

optics and vision, optical materials technologies, and its

agreement on December 14, 2015 for a five year collaboration

knowledge of consumer needs in the field of ophthalmic

between Essilor and the Laas-CNRS laboratory.

products to this joint research venture.

Within this new Toulouse-based laboratory named OPERA

This shared laboratory is part of the research areas that

(OPtique EmbaRquée Active, Active On-Board Optics), a

Essilor and CNRS identified in their joint research agreement

joint, multidisciplinary team of researchers and engineers

signed in April 2015 by the two organisations.

will pursue research on lenses and glasses with active and connected functions.

In line with its mission of improving lives by improving sight, Essilor has placed innovation at the heart of its

LAAS-CNRS’ area of expertise includes embedded elec-

strategy for more than 165 years. The Group aims at bringing

tronics, photonics, and robotics. They also developed a high

better vision correction, protection, and prevention to

level technological platform dedicated to the design and

billions of people in the world who need eyeglasses.




Bühler Leybold Optics achieves ISO 50001 certification Bühler Leybold Optics has implemented

reduced our costs, but also strength-

the diffusion pumps with turbo-pumps

an energy management system and

ened our employees’ awareness of

saves Bühler customers up to EUR

achieved ISO 50001 certification. ‘We

environmentally friendly handling of

8000 per machine and year.

want to focus on sustainable production

energy resources,’ said Anotonio

as well as energy-saving products for


But the energy management program does not end with ISO 50001

our customers, helping them, for in-

As the footprint of production ma-

certification. It is a continuous process

stance, drive down their production

chinery has a large impact on costs,

of creating sustainability. Antonio Re-

costs,’ commented Antonio Requena,

Bühler Leybold Optics is thus adding

quena commented ‘In the next few

CEO of Bühler Leybold Optics.

a competitive advantage to its equip-

months, we will continue by conduct-

In the first implementation stage

ment. One example of such an ener-

ing external as well as internal audits

at Bühler Leybold Optics, Quality

gy-reduction solution is the introduc-

to identify further energy usage re-

Management reviewed and improved

tion of Ecomode on ophthalmic optics

duction potentials.’ In addition, Bühler

parameters for cooling units and ven-

machines, which results in a 30 per

Leybold Optics will upgrade its web-

tilation systems plus default values

cent lower power rating. This is

based energy monitoring system to

for heating, media supply and more.

achieved by optimising the consump-

set up a powerful energy economy

Among other achievements, Bühler

tion of all components and using them

program for its customers’ coating

Leybold Optics reduced energy ex-

only when required by the process.

equipment, the objective being to

penses by 10 per cent as well as its

Another example is the eco-friendly

further reduce their energy costs and

natural and environmental pollution

components introduced in new ma-

thereby to enable them to achieve a

footprint. ‘The program not only

chines such as DynaJet. Replacing

competitive advantage.



February 2016




Public urged to make eye health their new year’s resolution

New testing service for eyewear

The Association of Optometrists (AOP) is urging the public to make eye

As Precision Eyewear Testing & In-

health their new year’s resolution as a seasonal reminder of the importance

spection Services Co Ltd (PEL), the

of regular sight tests. The call follows new research which reveals that only

first privately owned eyewear testing

35 per cent of people are aware of optometrists’ ability to detect eye

laboratory in China, reported during a

health problems indicating a narrow understanding of the role optometrists

free seminar at Hong Kong Optical Fair

play safeguarding the nation’s eye health. A further 11 per cent of people

2015, e-commerce is one of the most

surveyed have never been to see an optometrist or optician, suggesting that

important and fast-growing businesses

large numbers of the population are currently overlooking their eye health.

in the eyewear market. Companies

Optometrist and AOP Clinical and Regulatory Officer, Henry Leonard said

can develop sales by taking advantage

‘We are urging people not to overlook the value of sight and to make eye

of well-established brands, or they can

health their new year’s resolution. Headaches, blurred vision and eye strain

build their own shopping carts.

are all possible signs that a visit to your local optometrist may be in order.

E-commerce providers need to make

During a sight test, your optometrist will test your vision as well as the

sure that their platform offers a user-

health of your eyes.’

friendly interface and purchase process.

Mr Leonard added: ‘Sight is the sense people fear losing the most.

Firms that want to position themselves

As well as an eye health check, a sight test might detect signs of underlying

at the top end of the market in e-

general health conditions, such as diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood

based searches and on reviews sites


must make significant investments in


Wiseman Fund helps charity mission The Wiseman Memorial Fund has helped a group of Cardiff Optometry students to expand their horizons with a ‘Returning Vision To Moldova’ trip.

technology, user interface design and customer services. Prices and quality of eyewear and the accuracy of product descriptions

Sponsorship of the group of students and their supervisors helped them to

are of great concern to consumers.

see 1708 patients in a week, as student Jemima Morgan explained ‘We were a

Therefore, e-commerce eyewear reg-

group of 11 and each day we travelled to remote villages where there is no

ulatory requirements are very strict.

access to eye care. We were greeted by the community, young and old,

Authorities monitor closely platforms

waiting patiently for us to see them. In one day we tested the eyes of 588

and product descriptions. Sanctions

people, and never left each day until we had seen everybody. The trip

for providers whose e-based points of

allowed us to see a wide variety of patients, which has helped us prepare for

sale provide a less than 100 per cent

our final year of study and future careers. It was amazing to see that we

accurate description of products fea-

could make such a huge difference to peoples’ lives,’ she said.

tures range from lowering their ranking,

The Wiseman Memorial Fund provides a limited number of travel awards to

to stopping operations of e-based points

students in their second year of study to help them to enhance their

of sales, to cancelling all investments


to them.


The main goal of regulations is to guarantee that the eyewear products offered can be sold on any global ecommerce platform. PEL can provide testing of and feedback on platform functionality and regulatory compliance to companies that want to start this new activity or Cardiff students in Moldova


expand it in a fast-growing e-based eyewear market.



Today, IOT continues to lead the industry by offering the widest range of digital lens designs suitable for all needs. IOT is also the latest private label solution that helps laboratories to develop their own and distinguished brand, making it relevant for the customers.

Innovation, quality, freedom and ямВexibility combined with high level of service and support makes IOT your ideal partner. Discover the new and complete 2016 Product Portfolio to offer the most adapted lens for every individual:













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Marni selects Marchon for global eyewear venture Marni and Marchon have signed a new global licensing agreement that will see to the development, production and distribution of the Marni eyewear collection under

Marcolin licensing agreement with Montblanc International

the design and creative direction of Consuelo Castiglioni. The two companies will

Marcolin Group, a worldwide leading

launch the new men’s and women’s lines in Spring/Summer 2016 with a full range

eyewear company, and Montblanc In-

of styles for both optical frames and sunglasses.

ternational have renewed an exclusive

The aim of Marni's partnership with cutting-edge American eyewear group Marchon

licensing agreement for the design,

is to expand the brand's reach by developing the market potential of what is a major

manufacture and worldwide distribu-

fashion accessory segment. The collections will retail in Marni stores as well as in

tion of Montblanc sun and optical eye-

select optical retail locations and fashion multi-brand channels worldwide.


‘We are strongly invested in this important agreement with Marchon, which

The partnership between the two

aspires to further diversify and grow the Marni accessories business and to

companies, which began in 2001, il-

significantly consolidate our brand identity’, said Gianni Castiglioni, CEO of the

lustrates an on-going mutual commit-

Marni Group.

ment to the pursuit of excellence

Claudio Gottardi, president and CEO of Marchon Eyewear, said ‘We are really

based on creativity, craftmanship and

excited to embark on this collaboration with Marni, which will enable us to focus on

innovation. The agreement extends

empowering our licensing strategy with the European luxury brands and to produce

the current partnership duration.

collections that are 100 per cent designed and made in Italy, a driving force of our growth strategy’.

Giovanni Zoppas, CEO, Marcolin Group, affirmed: ‘Montblanc is a world-


wide and prestigious brand in the luxury market, consistent with the history


Essilor report revenue growth in third quarter of 2015

and the attitude of Atelier that has always distinguished our company; re-

Essilor International have revealed that consolidated revenue rose by 14.5 per

newing the licensing agreement be-

cent year-on-year to €1,620 million in the third quarter of 2015.

tween Marcolin and Montblanc is very

‘Around the world, our industry is benefiting from strong, sustainable demand

rewarding to us’.

for vision care solutions’, said Hubert Sagnieres, chairman and chief executive

Jerome Lambert, CEO Montblanc

officer of Essilor. ‘In a mixed economic environment, our third-quarter

International, said: ‘Marcolin has been

performance has validated our investment strategy, designed to drive balanced

a great partner and we are excited to

growth that is evenly spread among developed and fast-growing economies.

announce the renewal of our co-op-

The acceleration in organic growth also reflects the benefits of broadening our

eration. We look forward to working

business portfolio, with the ramp-up of sunwear and online sales. This across-

with them to introduce new designs

the-board dynamic underpins our confidence that we can meet our full-year

and further grow our business in this

targets in 2015 and continue to move boldly forward in 2016’.

important category’.




Medical Society hosts FMO

Members of the Federation of Manufacturing Opticians gathered at London’s prestigious Medical Society for the autumn meeting, gaining an insight into the ophthalmologist’s working day and use of diagnostic technology. Guest speaker, Nigel Davies, consultant at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, explained the process of making a diagnosis via Bayesian analysis and the use of technology, raising a number of interesting points. Nigel discussed the financial aspects of acquiring equipment from purchasing, leasing, and charitable funding.

W Nigel Davies




Richard Chaffin, Consultant Editor

he books are closed on 2015. There is no point in looking back except to learn from mistakes and be smarter in 2016. Therefore, looking forward where are the top ten markets for eyeglasses in the world? When using the number of potential buyers as a measure the list is: China number one, United States number two, followed by India, Japan, Russia, Germany, Brazil, France, Indonesia, and United Kingdom. Although the optical business is a global business each of these countries has to be analysed and treated as its own peculiar market place. In addition, the number of potential buyers in a country does not necessarily predict the importance or viability of the market. There are a multitude of factors to be considered including but not limited to economics, infrastructure, and politics. As an example Russia, the country with the fifth highest number of buyers, is politically and economically suffering from sanctions in the world market. Doing business in the Russian eyeglass market presents many problems the least of which are its government and politics.


China is the largest country in the world both geographically and population. China has a population of close to one billion 400 million people. The people that need eyewear exceed 800 million. The buyers of eyewear in 2016 will be approximately 600 million. China is far and away the number one country eyewear market and represents more than 20 per cent of 14

the total world market. Also to be considered is the number of buyers of high-end eyewear (High End Buyers) that has skyrocketed from almost zero 16 years ago to 60 million people placing China as the number two country in the world for those buyers. High End Buyers in a country are the buyers of eyewear that are in the upper levels of income and more likely to buy expensive optical goods. However the Chinese market has some drawbacks. The Chinese have a large vibrant optical industry domestically. All the eyewear products, lenses, frames, cases, and laboratory surfacing equipment are produced internally by China. China is a low cost producer and exporter. The economic growth of China has slowed to some extent but is still a major factor in making it also percentagewise the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most profitable eyewear country.

United States

The US will continue to be the most profitable eyewear market in the world. The population of the US is over 320 million people and over 200 million are eyeglass or contact lens wearers. The market in the US is100 per cent satisfied as all those needing eyewear are able to buy. Essilor, Hoya, and Zeiss are the three major suppliers to the market. Essilor started over 30 years ago with a strategy of buying laboratories and controls a large part of the market. Hoya, with its own laboratories, has concentrated more on the dispensing eyewear level. Zeiss, with the best-known brand name, is a serious competitor in the market.

Leybold Optics

Whatever you are going to produce, solutions from Bühler Leybold Optics need to be part of your plan.

What is better than market-leading technology? Market-leading technology plus worldwide service – Bühler is one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial equipment with a presence in over 140 countries. Our in-depth expertise in the field of optical processes and deposition systems is far superior to any other players in the field of vacuum thin-film coating. Join us as we look towards the future and reap the benefits of highly efficient economic solutions. Visit us: MIDO 2016, Milan - February 27-29, 2016, Pavillion 5, D01

Bühler Alzenau GmbH Siemensstrasse 88, D-63755 Alzenau, T + 49 (0) 6023 500-0, F + 49 (0) 6023 500-150,

Innovations for a better world.

For example, take the highly-flexible Boxer series for Rx and stock-lens production.

Also Luxottica has a strong presence in the US with its ownership of Lenscrafters, Sunglass Hut, and Oakley. The US is a highly developed market with one language and efficient infrastructure coast to coast. The number of High End Buyers is the largest in the world. The ability to do business and the stability of the market are excellent.


India is a country of over one billion people, the largest democracy in the world. The number of eyewear buyers in 2016 will be over 200 million one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Although India does not have the economy of China it will have 47 per cent of its population with the ability to purchase eyewear. The buyers of eyewear will not be in the category of high end. The majority of the emerging market buyers (India is one of the ‘BRIC’ countries) will be in the lower income segment of the economy representing 70 per cent of the market. There is potential for significant growth as well in contact lenses and progressive lenses.


The Japanese eyewear market is very much like the US in the fact that 100 per cent of the people needing eyewear can afford to buy optical goods. The market will grow to 94 million buyers. Japan was the third largest market in the world before being overtaken by India. Japan’s eyewear growth is entirely due to its aging population. Japan is a stable sophisticated market that is the third largest market world wide for progressive lenses. 55 per cent of all lens buyers choose progressive lenses. Profitability for the Japanese market is ranked number three in the world. Japan is the home of Hoya, one of the three leading lens companies in the world.


Germany is another country where everybody needing vision correction is able to purchase eyewear. There are 58 million buyers of eyewear in Germany. The number of buyers of eyewear has grown very little since 2010. The slight growth in the market is due only to an aging population. Germany’s population is approximately 82 million. Germany is the leading country in the EEC and has the strongest economy. Zeiss in Germany has a long history as a leader in optics. The brand name is recognised best for eyewear worldwide. Germany is also one of the most profitable markets in the world, ranking forth among 109 countries. 25 per cent or 15 million of Germany’s eyewear buyers are considered High End Buyers explaining


Germany’s profitability. For many years Germany has been an exporter of optical goods. Rodenstock and Zeiss, who are strong competitors at home and worldwide, now share the market to some extent with Essilor.


Brazil is one of the countries with an emerging economy. Brazil is a country with a large landmass, resources and close to 200 million people. In Brazil, little more than 50 to 60 million are able to buy eyewear, only 40 per cent of the population needing eyewear. Brazil, as an eyewear market, is growing at a fast rate ranking fifth out of 109 countries. The growth of High End Buyers is also expanding to between 4 and 5 million buyers. Brazil’s growth will result from three factors economics, population, and age mix. Economics is the major factor with population next and the change from a young age mix to an older eyeglass wearing population. However the environment for doing business in Brazil is somewhat below average.


Russia has been left out of the top eyewear market places in part because of its relationship with the EEC countries and its economic condition. Russia was one of the emerging eyewear markets and was ranked fifth for the number of eyewear buyers among 109 countries. But the question remains will Russian buyers have the resources to buy the eyewear needed. Will the optical companies outside Russia do business?

The World Market

There will be more than 2 billion buyers of eyewear in 2016. The world market for eyewear in 2005 was 1.4 billion buyers. There has been an increase over the past 11 years equivalent to adding five new markets the size of the US market. This remarkable growth is a combination of demographics and economics. Demographics have two components – population growth and aging. The key economic factor is the increasing levels of per capita income, making vision correction affordable for a growing portion of those in need of vision correction. The information presented here comes from ‘The World Market for Vision Correction 2005 -2020’. Please look for next month’s edition of OPTICAL WORLD for the information on the next five countries in 2016 with leading eyewear markets, France, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Italy, and Mexico.

Hong Kong Optical Fair 2015 Another record breaker


he 23rd edition of the Hong Kong Optical Fair was held in November 2015. The three day event attracted 752 exhibitors from twenty five countries and regions, breaking all past records. Over 14,000 buyers from ninety nine countries and regions participated in the event, jointly organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) and the Hong Kong Manufacturers Association (HKOMA) Contributing to the near five per cent rise on the previous year was a significant increase from buyers from emerging markets, including the Middle East, Thailand and Indonesia. Whilst buyers from established markets such as France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea and Taiwan also increased. This year saw group pavilions from mainland China, France, Italy, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. The Hong Kong Optical Manufacturers Association


(HKOMA) also presented Visionaries of Style (VOS), the largest zone – occupying 141 square metres. The HKTDC organised more than seventy buying missions from forty seven countries and regions. This year’s Brand Name Gallery featured 220 brands and designer collections from around the world, setting a new record. A diverse range of products were showcased, with a focus on innovative eyewear built with the latest technology. 3D printed manufacturing is becoming a trend in the optical industry. During the fair, the HKTDC organised a number of activities to facilitate trading, including eyewear parades, buyer forums, seminars and networking receptions. The 13th Hong Kong Optometric Conference was also held on 5 and 6 November, with the theme ‘Update on Anterior Ocular Disorders and Dry Eye Syndrome’. The 2016 event is scheduled for Nov 9 – 11, 2016.

TP-06 R SP

Vi s ual aid for invisible mark read i ng 6 x 2 images on one round cliche R / L image co vered by ink tank Li n kable to LMS


DUV Laser engraver for anti-fake


DUV Laser engraver for glass mold

DIP 300 Digital ink printer Mark any lens with any design Auto R/L info and invisible mark reading Environment-friendly UV ink




Previewed on the following pages is a selection of exhibits which will be shown at the 46th Mido in Milan sta on with an accurate, flexible and reliable digital inking system. The common aspect of A&R’s range of instruments is to deliver objec ve, accurate, repe ve and operator’s independent decisions and measurement records. One of the world leaders in thinfilm technology, Bühler Leybold Opcs will present one of the broadest por olios on vacuum coa ng systems and deposi on process know-how within the ophthalmic op cs industry.

AGP will present two innova ve polish- new compact inspec on unit is claimed ing slurries. NVP-HC (New Vision Polish- to be the only fully automa c machine High Concentra on) and NVP-FF (New on the market, combining lens posiVision Polish-Free-Form). oning, accurate and meaningful NVP-HC is a highly concentrated slur- inspec on (with Dual LensMapper ry for all types of plas c lens surfaces, technology) and (flexible) digital inking, including CR-39 high index and polycar- which, the company says, will improve bonate. quality, reduce costs (process control), This product is designed to be diluted and provide increased customer sa sby the customer for adap ng the fac on with shorter delivery mes. Baume required by each laboratory for Instruments which are also highlightachieving cost savings during ed include the Dual transporta on and storage. LensMapper, ideNVP-FF (New Vision Polishal equipment to Free-Form), is a high perforcheck free-form mance ophthalmic slurry for lenses, the Focoviboth digital and conven onal sion range includorganic lens polishing sysing Focovision SPVtems. Unique chemistry 2, complete control resul ng in highest stock sta on for Rx lensremoval on all lens types, allows for es, Focovision SPF-2 reduced cycle mes and im-proved for op cal quality and produc vity. New compact inspection unit alignment check of The Automaon & Robocs from Automation & Robotics mounted lenses in team will be availabe to inform the visi- tradi onal or wrap (sport) frames, and tors of their latest innova ons. The the Digital Lens Inker, a semi-automa c


Bühler Leybold Optics SYRUS vacuum coating equipment

The Syrus coa ng systems are produc on proven in large volume stock lens and Rx-lens manufacturing and also stand for high produc vity, not compromising on coa ng performance and accuracy. With the solu on for medium size Rx labs, with necessity of short batch mes and quick throughput, while keeping high performance, Bühler Leybold Op cs will also exhibit the flexible BOXER coa ng systems. For small size and start-up labs, the Leybold Op cs CCS which is the ideal solu on of a small, flexible and cost effec ve system,will be on display. It is upgradable to grow with the business as well as with Leybold Op cs market proven coa ng process solu ons. Last but not least, Bühler Leybold Op cs not only delivers benchmark

coa ng systems and processes, but also abrasion and scratch resistance before provides complete solu ons for lens and a er AR. manufacturing with its labs, which proHyperFlex Enduro and Clarity tools vide everything necessary to process use an innova ve design and the latest lenses, such as dip and spin hardcoat- in tool material technology to provide the ing equipment, and more, adjusted for longest las ng, best performing so individual produc vity needs of labs. tools. They reduce breakage caused by Cerium Group Ltd will be introducing tool failure, slippage and drop off due to the ThermaGuard II: this compact mobile long life top pad material and SecureFit filtering and chilling system will extend base. HyperFlex so tools provide the the life and performance of plas c lens lowest possible cost per lens and are polish and is said to guarantee a stable available for most temperature hour a er hour. manufacturers’ The polish reservoir is comequipment. pletely enclosed and conPinnacle LITE Polstructed of GRP to protect ish is made with adthe polish from contamivanced chemistry na on. and premium inAlso on display will be gredients. The the firms wide range of polish has supelens protec on tape inrior, rapid, suscluding the new Ceriguard tained suspenLow Tack, this tape is specially sion and superior developed for the latest high coa ng adhesion speed produc ons and designed for for backside coated in-line deblocking and tape strip- Consumables being shown by lenses. Its ‘slick’ feel Coburn Technoloies ping and the Ceriguard Precal with its has a lower impact special patented strip, this tape will on skin and equipment, and is easy to offers easy removal a er deblocking clean up. The newest addi on to the seboth manual and inline. ries is Pinnacle PRO which exhibits a noAlongside these products will be two ceably brighter sheen with superior new plas c lens polishes for use with the coa ng adhesion for backside coated latest technology on both digital and con- lenses. Pinnacle Polish is long las ng and ven onal surfacing. durable. It is qualified for use on all Cerium will also show their range of conven onal equipment, all materials, Shades High Index lens dyes available in and all surfaces. Cotec GmbH, will display evaporathree colours (Brown, Grey and G15) and on materials and thin layer technoloprovide a solu on for 1.6 and 1.67 to overcome colour change and increasing gy as well as customised solu ons tailored to specific applica ons and n ng me. Cerium offer a complete range of edg- needs. ing pads for all types of lenses and is also offering OLEO/Hydro Grip lens edging pads for the latest genera on of oleophobic and hydrophobic coa ngs. The high torque bond avoids axis problems but is s ll easy to remove. Coburn Technologies will present informa on on equipment such as the Matrix printing system bein shown by Cotec COBALT-LTE as well as consumables including Coa ng, Pinnacle Polish, and HyThe company supply oxides, fluoperFlex so tools. rides, sulfides, selenides and metals for The line of UVMAX and UVAR coa ng various PVD applica ons and, in addihas grown to include DURA-UV. UVMAX on to the common vapour deposi on is a ntable coa ng with superb adhesion materials, offers customised solu ons to all substrates. UVAR is the non- tailored to requirements. They develntable version, while the newest DURA- oped the coa ng product line Duralon, UV is ntable to grey 3 and provides high an easy-to-clean nanolayer for hydro-

phobic and oleophobic surface modifica on. Depending on the desired characteris cs of the product surface they can adjust coa ng Duralon material to fulfill many different performances. Combined with their hydro-phobic coa ng system (HCS) Cotec offer the possibility to purchase an all-in-one solu on – easy-to-use and adapted to products. Their new Matrix automa c prin ng system produces high resolu on markings on standard and easy to clean coated progressive lenses. Markings are very durable and easily removed. Matrix is equipped with a hidden marks detec on system and can be integrated into a produc on line. DAC Vision will be exhibi ng the FormaFlex line of digital surfacing tools. The high-quality so tools provide superior formability, resul ng in excellent performance throughout the complete curve range. DAC Vision will also exhibit diamond cu ers, slurries, AR consumables and finishing products.

Consumables from DAC Vision

DAC Edge EU, well known for its exclusive edging pads, especially in France, like BluEdge, HydroEdge and RedEdge, will also be presen ng their new line of products such as nose pads, screws, job trays, accessories, consumables and more. Fisa will display the latest genera on of cleaning and coa ng machines. Coa ng via dipping or flow, allows the applica on of different coa ngs depending on the side of the lens. All Fisa automated processes now come with the new MCU machine controller unit. It is a totally new and redesigned wide screen and touchscreen HMI that helps customers to set and


February 2016


CCB40 cleaning machine being shown by Fisa

anniversary this year and in view of this special event they will be making some special offers. Indizen Op cal Technologies will present a new progressive lens designed especially for Smartphones and tablets. It is the latest development from control the company, specially designed for the process digital-device users. parameters, moniIn this digital world with the contor every single basket, print stantly growing use of digital screens, it basket reports, send the most im- is important to wear lenses adapted to portant alarms via text message or email these visual demands. Digital devices to maintenance. have become a constant companion in Ilsung Ultrasonic will be exhibi ng daily life, and these new lifestyles pose for the first at Mido and will show their new challenges to our vision. customising machine specifica on and It is a personalised progressive lens for op mised cleaning and coa ng process wearers who want to prevent digital which has been accumulated over the last stress. However, this product is for uni30 years. Ilsung has forged their own versal use and offers wide near and far technologies of the ultrasonic cleaning visual zones giving the user a natural vimachine and hard coa ng machine with sion. In addi on, an extra ‘zoom’ effect various op cal manufacturers. is provided in order to offer a more comfortable use of the digital device. This union reduces the adapta on period which guarantees the best visual performance for those digital-device users. Nidek’s exhibits will include the new Tonoref III and HandyRef-K. The Tonoref III combines the func onality of an auto-refractometer, autokeratometer, non-contact tonometer and non-contact pachymeter into one device. Newly incorporated nonIlsung’s cleaning and hard contact pachymeter enables autocoating machine mated calcula on of corrected inThey provide one on one design and traocular pressures (IOP) based on suitable solu ons taking into considera on the pachymetry data, preven ng each customer’s own product and manu- overes ma on of IOP for thick facturing condi ons. This makes it possi- corneas and underes ma on of ble to set up an op mised automa c IOP for thin corneas. The HandyRefmanufacturing line for any lacquer, de- K handheld ref / keratometer is a tergent or unique customer portable solu on for process. accurate refrac on Also being introduced is the and keratometry new dip coater series for small measurements sized Rx laboratories. This powany me and anywhere. erful and efficient equipment is With the superior new developed with experience of measurement method ‘Synmanufacturing customised machines. chroScan Technology,’ meaCustomers can have a consulta on surements start as soon as and have a new process built with alignment occurs, and new technologies such as Auto Ballocks in the data when ancing Unit for Coa ng Cartridge, Tonoref III from Nidek alignment becomes op Coa ng Speed Profiling System and varmal measurement value. ious process control systems for labs. In the lens edging product field, the Ilsung will also be celebra ng their 30th new 1200-series, consis ng of three in-


struments, will be introduced. New mulple-frame tracer common to all models of the 1200-series provides accurate measurement of a wide array of frames including high-wrap style. The high-end LEX-1200 pa ernless lens edger has unique and specialised lens edge profiles favorable with all current types of frames, such as high-wrap and shallow groove rims. In addi on, the Lex Drill, an op onal drilling unit for the LEX-1200, performs automa c drilling of various hole types. The standard LE-1200 pa ernless lens edger achieves 15 per cent faster processing compared to conven onal models, while it provides stable lens edging quality. The series is completed with the ICE-1200 intelligent blocker. Newly designed lens clamp pins secure lens with op mal pressure, which enables stable and accurate blocking. User-friendly features including automa c lens blocking and measurement, and intui ve screen make its opera on simple. The 1200-series meets modern frame / lens requirements and customer’s needs and can achieve enhanced work efficiency in each facility. Op mal Technologies’ team will be present at Mido to expertly discuss any of your ophthalmic lens cleaning and coa ng requirements. Informa on will

Optimal Technologies’ demonstration machine

also be available on the very latest cleaning and coa ng capabili es offered by Opmal Technologies UCS and CHC range of machines. Also available will be details on the company’s full range together with equipment on the stand demonstra ng the technological capabili es that can be provided for any ophthalmic lens cleaning and coa ng produc on requirement small or large.

OptoTech will present their new high performance produc on cell for freeform lenses smartLAB ultraline. Centerpieces of this new line are the separa on of the milling and turning process on two machines which are especially designed for the relevant produc on step as well as a brand new polisher. The new ESM Twin-A is a milling machine equipped with two spindles to simultaOptoTech’s smartLAB ultraline

neously process two digital lenses. A highclass drive concept with direct driven async motors combined with an op mised loading unit and a high resolu on CNC-controller leads to an unmatched output of up to 150 jobs per hour. The ESM Twin-A is the ideal pre-cu er for the new FLASH Twin-A, and also for any already exis ng digital surfacing machine. The new digital surfacing-turning machine FLASH Twin-A is an enhancement of the tried and tested FLASH series from OptoTech. Due to the usage of two Fast Tools, the FLASH Twin-A is able to simultaneously process two digital lenses. Considerably increased speed of the tool spindles, combined with a highclass air bearing, leads to significant improvements in quality and quan ty, offering an output of up to 75 jobs per hour. Due to the OptoTech async mode unwanted vibra ons can be minimised, resul ng in very smooth surface quali es. To complement the new Twin-A machines of the smartLAB ultraline, OptoTech developed the new digital surface polisher ASP 80 Twin-A, designed for fully automa c high speed polishing of two toric/atoric or backside progressive lenses simultaneously. The ASP 80 Twin-A is equipped with two revolving tool spindles each equipped with two pre-polishing tools and two fine polishing tools, which adapt themselves to the topography of the lens surface. This machine is equipped with the new Op-


toTech edge polishing technology: for faster polishing mes, longer tool life me and higher removal rates. Moreover the ASP 80 Twin-A has an integrated, fully automa c cleaning sta on and an op mised handling for uninterrupted polishing and highest throughput of up to 30 jobs per hour. Also on show will be the company’s whole cell including the intelligent Lab-Automa on solu on IQ-Star, the new De-Blocker ODB 80 CNCA, and the fast excimer laser OTL 100. OptoTech will also present machine solu ons for smaller labs, for example the compact free-form polisher EasyTwin CNC. The new AR-Coa ng machine OAC-60 will also be on display. The OAC60 is the perfect mix of high quality AR coa ngs combined with a huge flexibility for the produc on of the various coa ngs in the ophthalmic market, like premium green AR, Blue relax, UV protec on, fashioned mirrors as well as brown and grey absorp on coa ngs. At Mido this year Pads4Labs will be launching a new ntable UV coa ng . Developed by the combined R&D teams of LTI and SDC, the world leaders in hard coa ng technology, TC3920UV has excellent AR compa bility. The coa ng is designed for use in Ultra Op cs and other spin coa ng machines, Tintable UV is fully sunglass Coating from ntable and offers suPads4Labs perior adhesion to high-index substrates. Op Safe lens dye packets being shown by Phantom Research Laboratories, Inc. have been formulated a er several years of research and development. They are claimed to be the most advanced lens dyes available, providing the most consistent, uniform colours in the least amount of me. The molecular composi on of the dyes allows for rapid penetra on into the lens matrix, bonding to the lens and providing outstanding resistance to fading. Plas c CR-39 (coated and uncoated), hi-index, and polycarbonate lenses can be successfully nted with the dyes,

which are available in water-soluble dye packets, packaged in standard 10 packs. Op Safe Digital Super Tinter is a single quart tank hea ng system combining accurate digital temperature control, variable s rring ac on, split lid, and non-s ck tank (vat) for hea ng lens n ng solu ons. The detachable temperature probe is immersed in the OptiSafe Digital Super tinter nt solu on to reflect from Phantom Research Labs solu on temperatures, not the temperature of the HTF as in conven onal hea ng systems. The unit requires only 15 fl. oz. (443ml) of HTF, a water soluble, environmentally safe, non-hazardous, bio-degradable oil blend. Mul ple units can be aligned side by side to create a n ng system that is perfect for customers’ needs. Under the mo o ‘Lens produc on at the speed of light’, Sasloh will present a variety of products that maximise yields, up me and quality in high volume digital surfacing. At its booth, the company will not only demonstrate machines but also their so ware-based Manufacturing Execu on System (MES), which collects and analyses machine and produc on data to increase lab produc vity and transparency. Visitors can experience both automated and manual blocking and deblocking. All the exhibited machines use Sa sloh’s economically friendly alloy-free technology which was honoured with the German Federal Ecodesign Award in 2014. On display will be the product family of VFT-generators providing high per

ES-5 blockless edger using wet cutting technology from Satisloh

formance free-form and Rx genera ng. All generators feature proven VFT-tool technology and provide high throughput, high surface quality and form accuracy, uniform produc on quality, constant yield and minimal sensi vity to environmental changes. The automated, versa le Mul-FLEX so -tool polisher which is suited for high volume producon lines will be demonstrated. Three independent polishing chambers, the cu ng-edge single-toolapproach, and many more innova ve features guarantee highest flexibility and throughput. The coa ng process can be experienced with the MC-280-X, a standalone vacuum box coater that deposits an -reflec ve (AR) and/or mirror coatings on organic lenses via thermal evapora on process (PVD). It offers mul ple process applica ons and is built for Rxlabs with small batch requirements providing highest flexibility. Comple ng the produc on process, the ES-5 shows how to benefit from blockless edging using wet cu ng technology. Finally, the company will unveil some highlights, totally reflec ng the mo o ‘Lens produc on at the speed of light’. Again this year, Schneider will be onsite at Mido to present their latest innova ons and trends in the ophthalmic market. Customers have the chance to catch up on the machine extensions and developments of Schneider’s Modulo Line. Implemented in leading labs worldwide, the Modulo Line has proven to be the most successful fully integrated lens produc on system. The line captures the vision of a systemic approach in which all elements, machines, measurement systems, conveyors and accessories are intelligently interlinked. The Modulo Control Center even goes beyond the principles of Industry 4.0. This control system, being the first of

its kind, is an essen al component for controlling the whole machine network efficiently. Also on display will be the new EBC 1400, claimed to be the most compact Schneider’s Nano Line

box coater on the market. With a minimum of energy demand, the machine offers highest throughput up to 320 lenses/batch and double-effec ve pumping speed. In addi on, visitors will be able to see the company’s edging solu on: the HSE Modulo is the new performer in double spindle edging. As a special highlight, customers have the chance to visit a complete, compact Nano lab featuring revolu onary and most modern surfacing and coa ng technologies. The Nano Line machines are the perfect choice to produce high quality free-form lenses virtually everywhere. Decentralised produc on sites especially benefit from the Nano Lines great independence as there is no need for an industrial environment as well as extremely low investment costs and minimal space requirements. The Nano Lines easy opera on concept as well as proven and robust Schneider technology allow customers to easily overcome the exis ng hurdles when star ng their own lens produc on.

As everybody knows, it is compulsory to clean lenses straight a er de-blocking. To answer to this problem, SCL brings a fully automa c solu on with its new In Line and high pressure brush machine.

SCL In Line high pressure brush machine


This machine removes inks and polishing residues resul ng in cleaned and dried lenses. Thanks to the robot at the end of the line, lenses are placed directly in the tray , in a con nuous process in line. Its produc on is 2000 lenses/8H and the machine cleans the lenses pair by pair. Cleaning me for one pair of lenses is 15 minutes. Very economical and very quiet, this machine is the perfect complement to SCL’s range before hard coa ng process. Seiko Opcal Europe will be exhibi ng a brand-new sports eyewear concept Seiko Xchanger a 3D-printed modular sports frame, produced for each individual wearer. The wearer can choose out of a range of colours for every element of the glasses (main frame, temples, bridge, endpieces), one out of over 250 Seiko lens colours and one of five mirror nts for the exchangeable lenses. Stylish and modern in design, extremely light and resistant, with virtually unlimited pos-

Seiko Exchange 3D-printed modular sports frame

sibili es for individualisa on. In combina on with the Seiko Curved / Curved X sports lenses the consumer benefits from perfect fi ng, lightness and safety and accurate, clear and 360-degree pin sharp vision up to the lens edges. Also on show will be the newest lens innova ons and the new Seiko Frames World, together with Seiko Digital Soluons such as the company’s Digital MulTool and Seiko xtranet engendering a faster, securer measurement and the Seiko EasyScan. Years of collaborative efforts between Shamir Optical Industry and Eyres have culminated in the development of Shamir’s Safety Division and the launch of its new product line - Shamir Safety. This new line of safety eyewear combines the superb frames by Eyres, a leading Australian manufacturer of safety eyewear and now a member of the Shamir Group, with Shamir's cutting

edge lenses and framing technologies. Designed to meet a wide variety of safety challenges, Shamir Safety eyewear offers comprehensive eye protection solutions for work environments, military operations, and sports activities. The new line of safety eyewear ranges from simple but high quality Plano solutions, to more sophisticated Rx solutions. Shamir Safety meets the quality assurance and certification stan-

Shamir Spark Mi desktop measuring mirror

dards for Australian, European and American safety eyewear. InoTime is revolu onising the op cal industry with a new concept in service centres that gives ECPs opera ng in the centre’s vicinity a decisive compe ve advantage. Based on an advanced produc on technology, now personalised Rx lenses, progressive and SV, can all be delivered in as li le as 3 hours of receipt of order. This new service guarantees not only high speed produc on, but a premium quality product, all backed by Shamir. Always coming up with something new, Shamir will introduce its revoluonary desktop measuring mirror – the Shamir Spark Mi. Ordering a new pair of glasses requires that the ECP take careful measurements to be sent to the provider’s ordering system. This can be tedious, me-consuming and subject to error. Now, the customer simply looks in the Shamir Spark Mi mirror while wearing the chosen eyeglasses – even if they are dark-lensed sunglasses. Their image is then captured with a click, and pre-

cise measurements of all required parameters, including automa cally measured PD, are exported to the relevant ordering system. Sojos Opcal Industry Co. Ltd, based in Wenzhou, China will be exhibi ng their

Sojos Optical economical metal collection

latest economical metal collec on, together with their newest styles. FastGrind, made exclusively by Super Opcal Internaonal, has been servicing ECP’s for over 20 years and does business in over 50 countries. FastGrind is the ‘all-in-one’ modified lens surfacing system intended for small to large independent prac ces, offering the ability to make premium digital progressive lenses in-office at a frac on of the cost. FastGrind’s me proven technology is


February 2016


address: 258a Fairfax Drive · Westcliff-on-Sea · Essex SS0 9EJ · England telephone: (44) 1702 345443 · facsimile: (44) 1702 431806 email: · website:

Teco will present the X-CUBE Lens Digital Printer, which is already in use in many laboratories. An ergonomic desktop machine, the X- CUBE offers unlimited designs, and its eco-friendly ink gives the best adhesion on the superhydrophobic.

FastGrind lens surfacing system from Super Optical

approved by the U.S. Military, and now by the EyeVote Reader’s Choice Awards. They offer a life me warranty and regular so ware upgrades to accommodate the newest and best lenses with ease. FastGrind is claimed to be fast, accurate, affordable and easy to use.

Teco's X-CUBE lens printer

The X-CUBE includes a very fast and proven printing engine, and also Teco patented optical system with exclusive three steps vision algorithm. An exisiting X-CUBE can become a fully automated machine by adding the Teco RM Module. Y&S Optical Division China, manufacturers and exporters of a full range of ophthalmic lenses and blanks, will be showing CR-39 Hard Resin lenses, 1.56 Middle Index Hard Resin lenses, 1.59 Polycarbonate Lenses, 1.60 / 1.67 Hi-index Hard Resin lenses, Mineral White 1.523 Optical (Crown) Lenses, 1.7 / 1.8 / 1.9 Hi-index Lenses, Photochromic lenses, Sunlens. Y&S also provide PhotoGray Extra (PGX) and PhotoBrown Extra (PBX) lenses made from Corning blanks.


February 2016


Innovation in digital lens design Indizen Op cal Technologies, specialising in digital ophthalmic lens design, invests in clinical studies as an essen al part of its design improvement and technology refinement


quipped with a solid theoretical background in ophthalmic optics, as well as powerful, refined calculation technology, IOT strives for perfection and takes on the challenge of incorporating actual wearer’s impressions into its designs. This provides non-theoretical information that allows for designing lenses which are better adapted to the patient, offering improved comfort and vision quality.

bining the production of balanced theoretical designs with the use of patient feedback ensures an excellent product. A binocular near vision examination assessing alignment. For customers, this effort translates into safety and confidence. All new products available to customers have been previously tested, ensuring customers’ success when launching new products.

Clinical studies

Strict controls

IOT was born as a research and development company. Daniel Crespo, president and CEO, has always invested in this section of the business and this commitment continues to be the driving force behind IOT today. The company’s success is due not only to providing advanced lens design software and personalised service, but also to one of the most important aspects of the company, innovation. This philosophy has led IOT to be seen as a leader in free-form lens design, not only meeting the demands of laboratories and industry trends, but also staying one step ahead. The clinical trials department plays a key role in this research. Here, all new products and ideas developed by the company are tested on actual patients under strict controls.

While performing vision examinations and carrying out quality assurance tests, IOT’s clinical studies department performs exhaustive controls which are assessed during each clinical study, which minimises external factors to obtain quality, reliable information. The methodology for each particular study is clear and concise, preventing variations in measurements by different examiners. All patients participating in clinical studies must also undergo a complete binocular examination to rule out any visual abnormalities that could interfere with the collection of data. Participant criteria are well defined and must be met without exception. Finally, the lenses being studied must go through exhaustive quality controls and meet all standards Patient Studies The clinical studies department For IOT, the importance of patient started in Madrid, Spain, where IOT studies lies in the valuable inforis headquartered. It was here that A binocular near vision examination assessing alignment mation and authentic patient rethe first research team was formed sponses they provide, allowing IOT to make a qualitative – a multidisciplinary team that now has many years of exleap forward in the development of their products. Com- perience developing clinical studies. It is composed primarily


of optometrists who have comCollaboration pleted postgraduate studies in opIOT has collaborated on various tics and optometry, united by occasions with outside entities, administering clinical studies for their intense passion for research. The department transmits their itself and for other companies. findings to lens developers, reNoteworthy collaborations insulting in vision solutions that imclude those with Complutense prove patients’ quality of life. University of Madrid, a leading In view of the importance of educational institution in Spain. Assessment of reading speed. this area of research, IOT develIOT has also worked internationPatient uses the progressive lenses under study oped another clinical studies ally, managing and/or organising team in California, USA. Creating this second team allowed clinical studies carried out by their customers. the company to double the number of studies that could be performed while benefitting from access to patients from Ongoing activities Both departments receive patients every day. The clinical a more diverse range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. IOT has facilities in Spain and California, designed study group continually brings together effort and experiexclusively for carrying out wearer trials. Both facilities ence in order to achieve its goals. IOT continue to invest in clinical studies as an essential are equipped with the same clinical equipment in order to perform studies in parallel. In addition, these depart- part of R&D. Clinical studies bring about progress when digments have also developed special vision tests for meas- ital designs are refined according to information uring more complex visual characteristics, which are provided by users. The result is evident: high-tech lenses, essential in understanding lens function and its subsequent designed in great detail, which comfortably provide patients with excellent visual clarity at any distance. improvement.

Progear sports shades Norville have expanded their Progear range to include two new sports shades – Dash and Racer, both suitable for cycling and outdoor sports. Both frames can be offered for plano wear as well as Rx. Addi onal and replacement shields are available. For further details email:

Hilco kids' sun collection Leader’s Li le Ones Kids’ Sun Collec on comes in a range of sizes and styles to fit every li le one, from newborn to 7+ years old. Six different styles in both wrap and tradi onal designs all feature a special bridge

Natural Age collection by Okia

design that accommodates children’s flatter nasal features. Curved temples keep

The natural world, with its wonderful details and unique colours, is the source of inspi-

sunglasses perfectly in place and the nylon

ra on for the new Natural Age collec on developed by Okia.

construc on with so inner skin for added

The beauty of different natural environments reigns supreme in this collec on,

comfort. All

en rely realised by means of the patented HDA Technology: uncounted shades

styles come

of white, blue, violet and grey are exhibited on the frames’ temples

with plano

evoking the gentle fluctua on of waves in the sea and clouds in

p o l a r i ze d

the sky.

lenses and a

Thanks to the applica on of a double layer of HDA Acetate,

m i c r o fi b r e

pa erns show an incredible 3d effect as well as sensa onal

pouch and all are Rx-

gradients colours, for an extremely realis c result.


For further details visit:

For further details visit:


February 2016


Waterside prescription inserts Following the official launch of the Rx insert for Recon Jet, Wa-

Bob Forgan, Waterside’s Managing Director commented ‘Recon

terside Labs are now offering prescrip on inserts and lenses for

Jet offers great training and performance benefits for sports en-

these ‘smart’ sports glasses. Jet is not designed to fit over other

thusiasts and this addi on for those needing vision correc on

eyewear, which presents a challenge for the users who normally

ensures everyone has equal access to its features. The insert

wear prescrip on glasses. This new prescrip on insert allows

Rochester Op cal designed allows users who normally wear pre-

those users to take full advantage of Recon Jet smart

scrip on glasses to fully u lise Recon Jet’.

eyewear for the first me.

The prescrip on lenses offered by

The introduc on of another op-

Waterside for Recon Jet were de-

cal solu on for smart eyewear fur-

veloped by New York based

ther enhances Waterside Labs reputa-

Rochester Op cal and are highly

on as a leading supplier of op cal

specialised. Smart GOLD lenses min-

solu ons for wearable technology in

imise eyestrain and eye fa gue, allow-

Europe. With a growing por olio of

ing smart glasses to be comfortably worn

patented prescrip on Smart GOLD lens designs,

for extended periods of me. By crea ng an ad-

frames and accessories for the most advanced smart glasses

di onal, op mised op cal centre where the dis-

on the market, including Recon Jet, Epson Moverio BT-200, Vuzix

play is viewed and compensa ng to balance binocular vision,

M100, Sony SmartEyeglass and Google Glass, Waterside is offering

Smart GOLD eliminates prisma c effect and off axis aberra ons,

innova on developed by US partners Rochester Op cal to meet

providing con nuous, comfortable visual acuity. Waterside Labs

the needs of the op cal industry and deliver solu ons to the

are Rochester Op cal’s Authorised European reseller.

smart glasses space.

For further details visit:

Nidek launches VersaCam α Digital Medical Scope Nidek have launched the VersaCam α Digital Medical Scope,

angle of view (40° ver cal) providing high quality digital imaging.

a versa le and portable fundus imaging unit, provides high quality

Weighing only 445g, it is easily portable and there are 3 hours of

images with simple func onality. The

con nuous opera on with a rechargeable ba ery. The op onal

lightweight and compact design allow

carrying case designed exclusively for the VersaCam α is available

easy portability from room to room

for your convenience.

or center to center, enhancing pa-

Auto focus and 7 internal fixa on lamps equipped with the

ent convenience. This portable unit

VersaCam α allow easy image capture with a single bu on while

with intui ve user func onality means

maintaining stable fixa on. Op onal accessories include, a slit

fundus screenings can be performed

lamp a achment and foot switch, minimizing image blur due to

virtually anywhere regardless of

hand movement during measurement. Also, data with the Ver-

whether the pa ent is si ng or

saCam α can be easily reviewed with a 3.5-inch colour LCD touch

supine. The VersaCam α contains

screen, transferred and managed by the NAVIS-EX, image filing so ware for Nidek devices.

a 5-megapixel clear-color

For further details visit:

camera with 45° horizontal

Silicone air pads German-made air pads are made of so , hypo-allergenic silicone and feature a central air chamber, allevia ng weight and pressure. These specialty pads are great for pa ents with heavy frames or who experience nose discomfort. Available as Screw-On or Push-On in three popular sizes. For further details visit:


Zeiss DuraVision premium coatings Reflec ons from the front surface of the lens can be a distrac on

ings offer excep onal an -reflec ve proper es, with their blue

to others and compromise the wearer’s appearance, not only in

reflex colour producing over 20 per cent less luminous reflectance

photos, but during everyday ac vi es.

than standard green AR coated

A solu on for pa ents experiencing this issue is

Zeiss lenses, allowing even be er

Zeiss DuraVision Premium coat-

vision and looks for the wearer.

ings, due to their an -reflec ve

Zeiss lenses with DuraVision

proper es.

Premium coa ngs are also dirt-

Conven onal AR coated lenses

resistant and very easy to clean,

come with a green residual reflec-

due to the oleophobic and super-hy-

on, producing maximum reflectance

drophobic coat, which allows fluid and dirt to easily bead

near the peak sensi vity of the eye.

on and then roll off the lens surface.

Zeiss lenses with DuraVision Pla num and DuraVision Silver coat-

For further details visit:

AngioScan OCT Angiography Software from Nidek The AngioScan OCT Angiography enables visualisa on of re nal and choroidal microvasculature and blood flow with the RS-3000 Advance OCT. OCT Angiography is a non-invasive technique that does not require injec on of contrast dye for layer-by-layer examina on of the re nochoroidal vasculature. OCT Angiography allows greater visualisa on of deep and small capillary plexus which is a significant advancement for clinical evalua on of re nal disease compared to conven onal OCT or fluorescein angiography. For further details visit:

FastGrind digital progressives ADDvantage HD Plus digital progressive lenses are now available for an enhanced in-office lens surfacing experience with FastGrind, and is the latest lens upgrade from their original ADDvantage lenses. Available in VisionAir 1.56 index; offering thinner, lighter lenses for less, the high defini on digital design claims to provide sharp vision and all day comfort with no distor on in the distance area. The best features of ADDvantage HD Plus include clear distance, generous intermediate, and a wide reading area that ensures more natural vision and easy adapta on for pa ents, and will available in regular and short corridor, while also offering op onal Conversion photochromic technology and Clarity AR coa ng exclusive to ADDvantage HD Plus lenses. For further details visit:

Nidek Tonoref III

The Tonoref III combines the functionality of an auto-refrac-

A new feature is the incorporation of a non-contact

tometer, auto-keratometer, non-contact tonometer and non-

pachymeter. This function enables automated calculation of

contact pachymeter into one device. Nidek have introduced

corrected intraocular pressures (IOP) based on the pachymetry

a single combination unit for high meas-

data. Generally, IOP is overestimated for thick corneas and

urement accuracy, clinically impor-

underestimated for thin corneas. The corrected IOP value is

tant functions and a user-friendly

important for clinical management of patients. The Tonoref


III maintains the same compact size as its predecessor even

With the Tonoref III, multiple meas-

with the addition of the non-contact pachymeter, and in-

urements can be performed at one sit-

corporates two clinically important functions, accommo-

ting, increasing patient comfort and

dation measurement and opacity observation of the opti-

maximising clinical efficiency. The space

cal media of the eye.

saving design ensures effective use of of-

For further details visit:

fice space.


February 2016


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Fil-Tech Inc

Arch Crown

Automation & Robotics

Bühler Alzenau GmbH Business Area Leybold Optics

Groupe Couget Optical

PBG Piezoelettrica Business General Srl

Hong Kong Optical Fair

Phantom Research Labs Inc

POMDI-Herramientas De Diamante S.A.


Cerium Optical Products

Comes Fratelli Colombo S.r.l.

Schneider GmbH & Co. KG

Comexpo – Silmo

Contact Lens Manufacturers Association

SEIKO Optical UK –


Norville Autoflow

Reed Exhibition Companies

OLA (Optical Laboratories Association)

Fair & Cheer Inc


Omega L.E.D. Ltd “driven with integrity & excellence”

Wenzhou Int’l Optics Fair, China

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The International Suppliers Guide Circulates to over 11,500 readers in more than 100 countires W

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IS YOUR COMPANY FEATURED HERE Telephone: (44) 1702 345443 Email:


The International Suppliers Guide Circulates to over 11,500 readers

in more than 100 countires W

February 2016


The International Suppliers Guide Circulates to over 11,500 readers in more than 100 countires



February 2016


2016 EXHIBITION DIARY 6-8 February

100% Optical ExCel, London, UK

24-26 February

16th China (Shanghai) International Optics Fair Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Centre P.R. China

27-29 February

MIDO Fiera Milano – Rho, Milan, Italy

18-20 March

Opta 22nd International Fair for Eye Optics Optometry and Ophthalmology Brno, Czech Republic

8-10 April

EXPOÓPTICA Feria de Madrid, Spain

9-11 April


13-16 April

Expo Abióptica 2016 São Paulo, Brazil

15-17 April

International Vision Expo East Jacob Javits Convention Centre New York, USA

21-23 April

DIOPS 2016 The 15th Daegu International Optical Show Exco, Daegu, Korea

7-9 September

29th China International Exhibition Centre Beijing, PR China

15-17 September

International Vision Expo West Sands Expo Centre, Las Vegas, USA

23-26 September

SILMO 2016 Parc des Expositions, Villepinte, Paris, France

9-11 November

29 November 1 December

Hong Kong Optical Fair Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre VISION X 2016 Dubai World Trade Centre, United Arab Emirates


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