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September 2013

Fast, Precise, Reliable The Economic Way for High Quality Mass Production Blocking

Single-Station Alloy Autoblocker OTB 80 CNC-A1 With an automatic alloy blocking station for up to 80 lenses per hour, the OTB 80 CNC-A1 is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized labs. Whether prismatic or plano lenses, whether Single Visions, Bifocals or Progressive lenses, the OTB 80 CNC-A1 fits for all lenstypes. The machine is consequently designed for ultimate efficiency, high process consistency and simplified usability. The integrated automation allows uninterrupted blocking with no downtime. Moreover, blocking chucks and alloy can be easily refilled during operation. This all guarantees a high economy. Light Version available: Low cost version without video system for single visions only.

Smart Solutions for Professionals

OptoTech Optikmaschinen GmbH Sandusweg 2-4 35435 Wettenberg / Germany Phone: +49 641-98203-0 Fax: +49 641-98203-900 Email: Web:



lucrative line of business for television production companies is the development of a concept and format that they then sell around the world. One of the surprise successes is The Apprentice. Originating in the USA, fronted by business magnate Donald Trump, the franchise has been taken up in the UK, Russia, Italy, Ireland, Finland, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Brazil and in a pan-African version.


The format is usually the same: a disparate gaggle of brash mostly young hopefuls, each with an excess of self-confidence, compete for a high-paid job in the hope of becoming the protégé of a high-profile captain of industry, who seems to have a surprising amount of time on his hands. Each week, the team that delivered the biggest fiasco faces a grilling from the big boss, who then points the finger and declares ‘You’re fired!’, or, in Turkey, where they seem to be a little more polite, ‘I do not want to work with you!’ This all might make for gripping television but it does leave the public, and importantly, youngsters entering the workforce, with a rather distorted notion of apprenticeships. As we report elsewhere in this issue, the manufacturing industry in the UK has taken great strides to address this problem and to develop approved qualifications that provide stepping stones to success as entrants to the industry and to the genuine apprenticeships on offer. The initiative represents an impressive example of partnership working involving the Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers (one of the City of London’s arcane livery companies), the Federation of Manufacturing Opticians, and several major players in the UK optical sector. If it delivers on its promise, it should result in many young entrants to our industry being fired: fired, that is, with enthusiasm and with pride in their well-earned qualifications. We expect employers to look at these young apprentices’ vocational qualifications and diplomas and to tell them, ‘I do want to work with you!’


10 CONTENTS September 2013 Volume 42 · Number 357

INTERNATIONAL SCENE 2 · Essilor: a still growing giant

OUTLOOK 4 · Wiseman Fund to sponsor work experience 5 · New-look ExpoÓptica 6 · Schneider acquire Team Henrich & Krall 8 · Norville take over Briot machinery distribution in UK 9 · IVI – and Lab Division – return to Vegas 10 · Essilor to acquire Transitions

FEATURES 12 · What is different about the optical business? 14 · Inaction over HCFC’s could threaten continuity of lens production William Thompson’s warning in the light of current legislation 16 · Revolutionary training programme introduced by UK optical industry 18 · Nidek mark 20 years partnership with Birmingham Optical 20 · Silmo Preview

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September 2013



Essilor: a still growing giant


he world’s biggest spectacle lens maker is about to get even bigger. Following what some commentators consider surprisingly brief negotiations this summer, it has been agreed that Essilor should now purchase the 51 per cent share in Transitions Optical which has been held by co-owner PPG Industries since the two firms (Essilor as Essilor International in ‘old money’) set up the photochromic specialist back in 1990. The deal, which will also see the acquisition by Essilor from PPG of Italian-based sunlens producer Intercast, has been reported as costing over £1.10 billion. Given the two firms’ profiles, it must always have been on the cards that Essilor would emerge as the owner outright of international photochromics market leader Transitions. Possibly less easy to foresee, talks between the two founding fathers seem to have been not only brief, but relatively amicable; PPG CEO 2

Charles Bunch for example characterising that £1 billion + agreement as reflecting ‘a valuation multiple mid-way between’ his own firm’s starting position and that of Essilor. PPG Industries will, he adds, use the money for own-share re-purchases and for investment. Why was this large-scale deal attractive to Essilor? Let alone that this giant group continues on parallel tracks with a programme of other company acquisitions across the industry and the globe, photochromics represents an industry sector which analysts say is growing twice as fast as the lens business overall. Transitions’ sales per year have been set at around £500 million.

Global opportunities

Though there are some who question whether even Transitions’ current seventh avatar, Signature (‘with Chromea’) is technically the best performing photochomic in the world, Transitions is already the world pho-

tochromic market leader overall, with ophthalmic market penetration possibly up to 15 per cent in several European markets including the UK, higher in Australasia and South Africa. Yet major opportunities for growth remain, not only in developing markets such as other African countries, but in parts of Asia too. Hitherto, on balance, Essilor’s background presence has probably been of benefit to Transitions. Its photochromic process, applicable in one form or another to virtually all modern organic lens substrates other than a narrowing array of very high index materials, has come to be the photochromic add-on of choice for many firms marketing high-profile new lens ranges or designs. How will these relationships be affected by Essilor’s taking control? Transitions says ‘Business as usual’ ... but in the longer term it would be surprising to find this forecast borne out in its entirety.

InternationalSCENE Photochromics certainly represents a visible add-on to lens value that consumers (possibly more than eyecare professionals) can and do appreciate. In one recent Transitions survey, over two-thirds of wearers said they would buy, even ask for, photochromics again; the writer would certainly join them, having enjoyed photochromic lens comfort. This augurs well for the sector’s future earnings. After what certainly seems to have been a mutually acceptable conclusion to talks, Essilor and PPG will work together on various aspects of sunlens research and development, while Intercast is seen as strengthening Essilor’s plano sunlens brand. Will other producers of photochromic lenses or processes benefit, as one way or another they have done in the past, from the spin-off effects of the ‘new’ Transitions’ marketing? The fact is that the roll-call of firms in the optical world whose fortunes are not touched by Essilor, directly or indirectly, for better or for worse, is shortening. Essilor gets bigger; the world gets smaller.

Corporate branding

Essilor is by any measure a significant global company, name and brand, especially now Transitions is about to become a full member of the Essilor family. But how well is this corporate identity recognised in the world? Among its customers, eyecare professionals, very well; Essilor’s practitioner edu-

cation-driven marketing policy has been serving the group well since even before the launch of the first progressive, Varilux 1, now some 55 years ago. Initiatives in this context, from ‘how to fit’ seminars to the Paris-based Varilux University, have been widely adopted elsewhere, for instance in the contact lens sector. But how strong is Essilor’s corporate identity for consumers? In France, there is understandably high recognition and pride.

Reliant on practitioners

Elsewhere, Essilor seems to have relied – quite successfully – on practitioners to promote its product identities, while focusing less on the corporate brand. The same could be argued of Transitions. It is not that consumers in general cannot be brought to recognise optical brand names: Zeiss, Pentax, Nikon, Seiko, Rodenstock are all examples where technically respected brand names have long helped support product value. In the frame sector, consumers tend to look blank at the names of Luxottica, Safilo, Marchon; as with Essilor it is the eyecare professional who counts for promoters of these brands, while consumers respond to product names from Armani and Dolce & Gabbana to Tommy Hilfiger and Oliver Goldsmith. These and their like underpin consumer confidence in opticians’ ability to meet their fashion needs, and add value to a purchase. Could and should companies do more to further consumers’

corporate brand awareness? In ophthalmics, it’s complicated by the fact that consumers interface with optical retailers rather than suppliers. However, a recent study of UK supermarkets implied that stronger corporate brand identification is a benefit. The big names in this sector already have wellrecognised, well-differentiated profiles. Asda and Tesco, both increasingly significant players in the ophthalmic retail sector, were seen to be fighting it out on the problematic ground of price. Sainsbury, also dipping a toe into eyecare waters, equalled value for money; Waitrose was identified as the provider of the carrier bag consumers most aspire to be seen toting, while relatively recent arrivals Aldi and Lidl were viewed as purveyors of surprises, capable of ‘thinking outside the box’.

UK optical chains

Do the UK’s ophthalmic chain retailers show similar identity differentiation? International franchise group Specsavers appears to go from strength to strength as consumers’ ‘most trusted’ firm of opticians (voted this again in 2013 for the eleventh year running). It is arguably harder to pinpoint the unique selling points of Vision Express and Boots Opticians. Could this be one reason why they lag in market share? With hard-pressed independents, as well as savvy regional retail chains, seemingly more focused than ever before on establishing brand identity, is it time to try harder? W

September 2013




Wiseman Fund to sponsor work experience

Transitions celebrate one millionth Vantage lens

The Wiseman Fund is keen to sponsor

would allow a limited number to gain

a limited number of young people who

some knowledge and inspire them to

are interested in gaining work experi-

join the industry,’ say The Wiseman

Transitions Optical, Inc. have announced

ence within manufacturing optics.

Fund Trustees.

a new milestone in lens manufacturing — the production of one million Transitions Vantage lenses. The company celebrated the achievement with a special presentation and employee luncheon at their headquarters in Pinellas Park, Florida. The newest addition to the Transitions family of products, Vantage is an adaptive lens designed to both darken and polarise upon UV exposure to deliver noticeable crisper, sharper vision, even in the brightest outdoor glare.


Lens inspection

UNITED KINGDOM Established in 1957 as a memorial

The intention is to provide a two

to Max Wiseman, a well-respected in-

week work placement within an es-

dustry figure, the charity is looking at

tablished lab for interested young peo-

the most effective means of supporting

ple to gain an insight into the nature

Booking hotel accommodation for Optrafair London

young people. Gaining work experience

of manufacturing optics. Travel and

Visitors to Optrafair London (April

is believed to be one of the most

subsistence expenses, and where nec-

11-13, 2014) are starting to secure

pressing needs.

essary some accommodation costs,

hotel rooms for the three day event

‘Practical, hands-on experience is

will be met by the Fund. Any companies

at Kensington Olympia. Making use of

often difficult to find and so we are

wishing to discuss the opportunities

the show’s dedicated hotel reservation

looking to help young people to gain

of the scheme should contact the

service, visitors and exhibitors alike

some insight into optical manufacturing

Trustees via The Federation of Manu-

are booking the best locations in town.

whilst not causing any expense to the

facturing Opticians office (sfisher@fmo.

companies concerned. This scheme


‘London is recognised around the world as a dynamic cultural and sporting destination. We are delighted that Optrafair will share some of the huge


excitement, with plenty of opportu-

Coburn Technologies’ new online store

nities to visit the optical show and to

Coburn Technologies, a leader in providing innovative, end-to-end customer so-

see some of the adrenalin rush of the

lutions to the world’s ophthalmic lens processing industries, is launching an

marathon too,’ said Malcolm Polley,

online storefront for selling lab consumable products and spare parts in the

Optrafair chairman.

United States at

Jigsaw Conferences (www.jigsaw-

This new online store, built in conjunction with Coburn’s new Lab Works or call +44 (0)845

group incorporates many functional improvements over the previous website,

0000 792) is the hotel sourcing partner

and uses a more streamlined catalogue directory to find products and parts

for Optrafair London and has secured

quicker and easier. In addition, fully registered Coburn customers will have

a large number of hotels close to the

more real-time access to their orders and account information via a secure

West London venue, negotiating the

online customer portal.

best rates for visitors.





New-look ExpoÓptica A higher profile, different sector structure, new location

ensure companies a profitable presence there.

and customised participation formulas are some of the

The event wil again welcome the International Optometry,

new features of the 30th edition of ExpoÓptica, the Inter-

Contactology and Ophthalmic Optics Congress, OPTOM, to

national Optics and Optometry Fair, organised by IFEMA in

make the most of the synergies between business and sci-

Hall 9 at Feria De Madrid, from April 4-6, 2014.

ence. The need to maintain easy contact between the

ExpoÓptica will, as usual, again be located in a separate

two events is behind the decision to hold the fair in

hall but with easy access to the OPTOM Congress. That

Hall 9, which is attached to the North Convention Centre,

will encourage product presentations and the presence of

where the Congress will be held.

brands and companies, who will be able to show their products to trade visitors.

The Congress, organised by the General Council of Opticians and Optometrists’ Associations (which unites all

Aside from fashion, the exhibition is structuring its

Spain’s professional associations of opticians and op-

offer around the other two big sectors that make up the

tometrists), will be taking place for the twenty-third

industry: vision and audiology. The fair will take steps and

time. Once again it will be a vital date for specialists and

provide tools adapted to the profile of each of them, to

experts in visual health.



US military partner with Fastgrind to produce eyewear worldwide Super Systems Optical Technologies

Their decision was heavily influenced

packed a tractor trailer full of Fastgrind

of Cincinnati, Ohio have recently sold

by the many advantages offered by

systems in the first shipment. These

a large number of Fastgrind 2200 sys-

Fastgrind, such as the ability to produce

systems will go towards producing high

tems to the US Military. These systems

digital quality lenses in as little as 12

quality digital lenses for the troops.

will produce eyewear for troops, as

minutes. They also needed to make

They will also be used for humani-

well as help serve global humanitarian

the entire system portable. In order

tarian efforts in under-developed coun-

purposes around the world.

to accommodate this necessity, Super

tries where a reliable source of vision

When the US Military expressed in-

Systems designed special cases for

correction is difficult to find.

terest in acquiring the best lens-craft-

them which contain the full system

John Corsini, president of Super

ing technology to produce high-quality

with tool and lens inventory included.

Systems, is proud of the new partner-

eyewear for their troops, they had to

A portable water recirculation system

ship saying ‘Super Systems is happy

weigh the different options from con-

was also developed to enable the sys-

to provide the US Military with our

ventional to casting and modified lens

tem to operate in remote locations.

Fastgrind systems. We also support

surfacing. After evaluating the industry

Though initially contracted by the

their efforts to supply eyewear to

for four years they chose the Fastgrind

Army, the systems are available to all

people around the world who desper-

2200 by Super Systems.

branches of the military. Super Systems

ately need it.’



September 2013



Schneider acquire Team Henrich & Krall Schneider GmbH & Co. KG have signed

for deblocking, cleaning and tinting.

ment. With the acquisition of Team

an acquisition agreement acquiring

For Schneider the acquisition of Team

H&K we are now able to offer all the

the shares of the optical equipment

H&K is an essential step, further ex-

machines and software needed to

manufacturer Team Henrich & Krall

panding their product range as a full

build up a complete processing lab —

GmbH, founded in 1992 by Dieter

solution provider.

ready to start production without costly adaptions.’ The acquisition also opens significantly new possibilities for Team H&K. Joining Schneider and getting access to the company’s global sales and service organisation gives them the opportunity to market the products which proved so successful in Germany and Europe on a global stage. ‘Being part of Schneider we will be able to market our equipment on a

Dieter Henrich, CEO, Team Henrich & Krall GmbH, Wolfgang Fischer, CFO, Schneider GmbH & Co. KG. Jürgen Krall, CEO, Team Henrich & Krall GmbH and Gunter Schneider, president and CEO, Schneider GmbH & Co. KG

Henrich and Jürgen Krall, well-known

Gunter Schneider, president and

manufacturers of optical equipment

CEO of Schneider, told OPTICAL WOrLD,

to the European ophthalmic optical

‘Customers today are looking for one

large scale and serve customers around the world’, Dieter Henrich said. ‘Now we feel that we are well positioned for continued growth in the worldwide market’, Jürgen Krall added. Although Team H&K is now a mem-

responsible technology partner be-

ber of the Schneider group, the overall

In recent years Team H&K have

cause of quality, cost and interfacing

structure remains intact, Dieter Hen-

built up an impressive portfolio of

problems they encounter when com-

rich and Jürgen Krall will remain

highly acclaimed automated solutions

bining different systems and equip-





UltraVision/TMVC contact lens launch UltraVision CLPL, Cambridge, UK, and Taiwan Macro Vision Corporation (TMVC), of Taipei, are jointly launching iDealsoft contact lenses in Taiwan. The new lens comes as a range of aspheric, toric, multifocal and multifocal toric contact lenses, claimed to cover all possible prescriptions. The lenses are currently in mid-water hydrogel material and plans are in place for a full launch in s silicone hydrogel material too by mid-2014. Available in Tawain now, TMVC will also launch iDealsoft into mainland China and the South East Asian markets once full product licences are in place for each relevant country. The lenses are manufactured in Taipei by TMVC’s sister company Hiline Optical Co. Ltd. under licence from UltraVision CLPL. Keith Lomas, group CEO of UltraVision CLPL, said ‘We’re delighted that TMVC has selected our software, technology and designs. Whilst TMVC uses its expertise and channels to build sales in Taiwan, China and South East Asia, UltraVision CLPL will continue to focus and invest in research, development, patenting and licensing of its technologies to contact lens manufacturers around the world’. Jason Wu, chairman of TMVC, commented ‘We’re committed to supporting our growing patient base with the best technologies and offerings we can source worldwide and as such are excited to bring iDealsoft contact lenses to the markets in Asia’.

W Mr Jason Wu, chairman of TMVC


Optical Manufacturing Solutions

Team Work

VFT-orbit and Duo-FLEX Advanced process lineup for perfect performance

The team of VFT-orbit generator and Duo-FLEX polisher provides cutting-edge technology in digital surfacing. Advanced polishing processes now care for even better collaboration of Duo-FLEX and VFT-orbit. Perfectly matched, they provide not only high operating speeds and maximum throughput, but also produce exceptional surface quality. Their solid design and user-friendly operation deliver unrivaled uptime – making them valuable members of your team.


Promotion for Coburn’s Jason Smith Coburn Technologies have promoted Jason Smith to the position of director of marketing communications. In his new role Jason will develop, implement and oversee all marketing of products, handle communications to customers and the industry, and assist the sales team and lab works group generate leads and drive sales. Curt Brey has gone on to pursue other opportunities outside the industry, and is no longer with Coburn Technologies.


Jason Smith


November Trade Fair Hong Kong is one of the world’s largest exporters of spec-

Models illustrating frames from selected exhibitors wil be

tacles and frames, and as a result is a major hub at the

featured in the eye-catching Eyewear Parade, taking place

forefront of the latest developments in eyewear. This

at regular times throughout the show period.

makes the city a logical venue for a key event in the

New specialist zones are regularly added to the fair, re-

industry calendar, the well-established HKTDC, Hong Kong

flecting emerging developments within the industry. Making

Optical Fair which takes place from November 6-8, 2013

a debut appearance in 2013 are Reading Glasses, Kids’

at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Eyewear & Accessories and 3D Eyewear.

The Fair enjoys an international profile, the 2012 edition

All aspects of the industry are covered comprehensively

having featured over 620 exhibitors from 22 countries and

by the fair, with zones dedicated to Contact Lenses & Ac-

regions, while over 12,800 buyers from 98 countries and

cessories, Diagnostic Instruments, Eyewear, Frames &

regions came through the doors of the three days of the

Lenses, Eyewear Accessories, Optometric Instruments,


Equipment & Machinery, and Sporting & Professional

This year there will be a number of themed zones

Eyewear as well as Trade Services.

focusing on specific major segments of the market. The

A series of seminars covers an array of industry issues,

Brand Name Gallery makes a fashion statement with its

product trends and market developments. The 11th Hong

focus on brand name frames and designer collections. The

Kong Optometric Conference brings international speakers

zone provides an overview of upcoming trends, especially

and experts to the fair, examining the latest developments

in terms of shapes and colours, as well as materials.

in this field.



Norville Autoflow take over Briot machinery distribution Luneau Technology, manufacturers of

Norville Autoflow, with their proven

wide range of lab needs from volume

the Briot optician’s lens edger range,

history as edging specialists, will take

production to small opticians’ work-

announces that, as from August, dis-

over the reins.’


tribution of Briot machinery products

BIB will retain warranty responsibility

Frank Norville comments ‘Adding

in the UK passes to Norville Autoflow

for their recently supplied units and

the Briot range is all about providing

from the current distributor BIB.

Norville Autoflow will assume care of

choice, of which there is now plenty

Tim Baker CEO of BIB said ‘We have

all older units that are out of current

on offer. Adopting the Briot range

had over two years of successful trad-

warranty arrangements. They will be

helps address the critical mass needed

ing with Briot, but our key focus is

presenting a complete edger package

in today’s market place, especially

our expanding range of diagnostic in-

range at a variety of price points and

when supporting a national field sales

struments and we are pleased that

technical service solutions across a

team of technicians.’




Cirillo Marcolin voted four more years as president of ANFAO and MIDO At the general meeting of the shareholders in Belluno,

companies that are the hard core at the basis of ANFAO

Cirillo Marcolin was confirmed as president of ANFAO

as an association’, Marcolin pointed out, ‘but necessarily

and MIDO for the next four years. He has held this

also implies bringing in new and dynamic forces, the ex-

position for the past two years.

pression of entrepreneurial areas that to date have

The decision by Marcolin to present a program prepared with newly elected vice president, Giovanni Vitaloni,

taken part in the life of the association simply as observers’.

was well received. Vitaloni joins the team of four deputy

At an historic moment in which ‘we strongly hope that

presidents who have been reconfirmed: Dessolis Pettaz-

politics and firms will widen their hori-

zoni, Fedon and Sopracolle. The program focuses on re-

zons’, ANFAO confirms that it has to-

newal, involvement and transparency.

tally understood and interpreted

An entrepreneur with considerable experience of com-

the spirit of the times: ‘The involve-

panies and associations, Cirillo Marcolin accepted the

ment of more companies in the Asso-

challenge to guide the Association and MIDO, the sector’s

ciation’s operational program is the

most important appointment at international level, in

key to its success’, said Vi-

this difficult economic situation, and welcomed the con-

taloni, ‘giving the word “as-

tribution and stimulus of new strengths within ANFAO

sociation” its original meaning

provided by Giovanni Vitaloni, the Turin entrepreneur at

of an organisation, the func-

the head of Nico Design, a dynamic company that places

tion of which is in the interest

design at the centre of its creativity.

of its members, ourselves, and

‘Renewing primarily means fully enhancing the good that has been done to date with the participation of

implies increased sharing of responsibility.’


Cirillo Marcolin


IVE — and Lab Division — return to Vegas Online registration for the 2013 Optical

tensive conference program offerings,

● The Influences of ECP Buying

Lab Division meeting of The Vision

you can’t go wrong, The Optical Lab

Groups on Optometrists’ Lab

Council — the complete lab event — is

Division meeting continues to be the

now open. The annual event will once

best place for labs to get business

● Legal and Regulatory Updates

again be held in conjunction with the


● Redos in the Lab


continuing education and exhibits at

Educational programming at this

International Vision Expo West, Oct.

year’s Optical Lab Division meeting

‘This year our committee selected

2-5, in the newly renovated Sands Expo

will begin on Wednesday, October 2 in

the theme “Bringing it All Together for

& Convention Center in Las Vegas.

the afternoon. The Optical Lab Division’s

You,” which is absolutely appropriate

‘We have created a highly relevant

programming committee, headed by

for the meeting.’ said Drake McLean,

program for labs based on feedback

Drake McLean of Dietz-McLean Optical,

program chair for the Optical Lab Di-

from our members,’ said Susie Lesher,

has brought together thought-leaders,

vision. ‘Over the course of four days,

chair of The Vision Council’s Optical

experts and panellists to tackle five

you have access to networking oppor-

Lab Division. ‘There is no other place

trending industry topics of importance

tunities, timely education topics, special

to receive top-notch, lab-centric edu-

to labs:

industry events, and hands-on exhibits

cation while networking with hundreds

— all of which has been carefully de-

of your peers. When you combine those

● Making Eyewear to the Standard

two things with International Vision

● The Impact of Healthcare Reform

Expo West’s huge exhibit hall and ex-

on Lab Businesses

signed with lab professionals in mind. It’s a must attend event for lab owners and members of their team.’



September 2013



New executive team at Silhouette A new executive management team is to join Silhouette

role, assuming the responsibilities for product development,

International starting in the fall of 2013.

brand management, sales and human resources.

After managing the premium-class eyewear company

‘Following this family-owned company’s traditional,

for fifteen years, brothers Klaus and Arnold Schmied will

long-term way of thinking, this transition will be well-

leave the operational business and make the transition to

planned and managed. The new executive team members

the board of directors over the coming months. On Sep-

will participate in an intense familiarisation and transitional

tember 1, 2013, Thomas Windischbauer will assume one

process,’ says Norbert Nagele, chairman of the board of

of the executive management team positions, and Daniel

directors of Silhouette International Schmied AG.

Rogger will assume the other position on December 1, 2013.

Klaus and Arnold Schmied will initially continue to support the new executive team but will attend primarily to the interests of the company’s owners in the future. ‘Continuity is one of the values that make our business successful. This is something we want to guarantee even through this phase, say the two brothers. Silhouette International Schmied AG was established by Anneliese and Arnold Schmied in Linz in 1964. Under its proprietary brand Silhouette and under the license brand of adidas eyewear, the

Klaus Schmied, Thomas Windischbauer, Daniel Rogger and Arnold Schmied

Windischbauer has been with the company since 2011. He

company produces premium-quality glasses in Austria and the Czech Republic.

With approximately 1,500 employees at its headquarters

will follow in the footsteps of Klaus Schmied, taking on the

in Linz and its affiliates in 13 countries on four continents,

responsibilities for production, technology, finance, logistics,

the company generates approximately Euro 160 million in

and administration. Rogger will take over Arnold Schmied’s

sales revenue with an export ratio of 95 per cent.



Essilor International to acquire Transitions Optical PPG Industries and Essilor International

with our organisation. We look forward

photochromic products, particularly in fast-growing markets.’

have reached an agreement for Essilor

to a continued strong relationship

to acquire PPG Industries’ 51 per cent

with PPG as they will be providing

The transaction is expected to close

stake in Transitions Optical. Essilor

ongoing research and development

in the first half of 2014, subject to

have held a 49 per cent share of Tran-

services and optical dyes to Transitions

the satisfaction of customary closing

sitions Optical since the joint venture

Optical under multi-year agreements

conditions, including receipt of regu-

company’s formation.

with Essilor.

latory approvals. In the interim, Tran-

Commenting on the transaction,

‘Essilor has been a collaborative

Dave Cole, president, Transitions Op-

partner with us from the beginning,

separately managed and operated

tical, said: ‘Since the founding of our

and this transaction is a continuation

company. Supply of Transitions lenses

business 23 years ago, our parent

and enhancement of a relationship

to customers will not be affected by

companies have been key to Transitions

that has brought value to us and to

this announcement, and the lenses

Optical’s success. We appreciate PPG’s

our industry. There are tremendous

will continue to be available through

long investment in and collaboration

opportunities to boost expansion of

other lens manufacturers.


sitions Optical will continue to be a


The Future is Modulo!

CCP modulo

Module 3: The Polisher CCP modulo – The powerful two-lens polisher for fully automated polishing – continuous and uninterrupted. Innovative kinematics allow it to polish curves up to 18 diopters. The polisher is a real multi-tasking pro: Tool and lens changes, as well as lens polishing and cleaning, are handled simultaneously. With the extraordinary new Advanced Polishing System (APS) you get technology that guarantees the ideal material specific pad choice and creates the best possible process for the individual lens. The result is exceptionally high throughput and significant savings combined with highest quality. Special tool monitoring options prevent tool mismatch and monitor pad wear to keep your production running smoothly. A new standard in automated polishing is achieved! The intelligent Modulo interface and conveyor concept enables plug-and-play integration into the Modulo Line environment.

SCHNEIDER GmbH & Co. KG Biegenstrasse 8–12 35112 Fronhausen, Germany Phone: +49 (64 26) 96 96-0

SCHNEIDER Optical Machines 5916 Stone Creek, Suite 120 The Colony, Texas 75056, USA Phone: +1 (972) 247-4000

What is different about the optical business? asks Consultant Editor Dick Chaffin


s the optical business different from any

marketing strategy as any other product.

consumer. Reading glasses off the rack

other business selling a product to the

Designer names are a case in point.

may not solve all the needs of wearers.

public? Does it make any difference that

Designers are not expert in optics or the

Both eyes with the same spherical correc-

glasses are a prosthesis that help people

medical aspects of the eye. Designer

tion and an average PD are necessary for

see? Is buying glasses any different to buy-

names are brands that consumers identify

the wearer to see properly. Reading

ing a pair of shoes or any other consumer

with and know. They are well known for

glasses, however serve a considerable seg-


fashion; dresses, pocketbooks, shoes,

ment of the market.

Consumer marketing is the selling of

or almost any other product. Spectacle

anything to the individual buyer. Anything

frame companies pay large amounts of

Optical dispensing

from breakfast cereal, to tooth paste, to

money to use designers’ names for their

Is the eyeglass dispenser different from

automobile tyres. The consumer is king, a


any other salesman or woman? A shoe

Sunglasses are a prime example of con-

salesman should know his product; rep-

The way to be successful in selling is to in-

sumer marketing. They are only marginally

resent the brands of shoes he sells. He

fluence the individual consumer and turn

involved as an optical product. Their major

uses an instrument to measure the foot,

him or her into a buyer of a product. Con-

sales are outside the optical marketplace.

how long and how wide. He fits the shoe

sumer marketing tells the person they are

They sell to the consumer in the gas sta-

on for you. Does it feel good, comfortable?

in charge and can pick the products they

tion, the drugstore, the mass marketers,

Maybe with some patience it will break-


principle that long has been understood.

and most important in the department

in. The spectacle dispenser does essen-

Lenscrafters and their founder Dean

store. The buyer does not require profes-

tially all the same things.

Butler revolutionised the industry by

sional assistance to buy sunglasses; only

Eyesight has an amount of adaptability,

demonstrating that consumer marketing

a friend who says they look great on you.

but glasses do not change the way a shoe might. However, like shoes that do not fit,

really works in the optical industry. fast service, one-hour service. They want

High returns from reading glasses

convenience and one stop shopping. Hav-

Reading glasses are another example of

ing worked with Procter & Gamble, the

consumer marketing. Buyers try them on;

sumer marketing where the consumer is

world’s leading consumer marketing com-

if they see well, they take them home. Dis-

king? Internet sale of eyewear is based

Dean understood spectacle buyers want

they can cause discomfort. And they can also cause headaches. Is the Internet another example of con-

pany, Dean was well versed in marketing

played in pharmaceutical stores and other

entirely on the initiative of the individual.

to the public. He realised the medical as-

high traffic consumer areas, reading

The main motivations appear to be lower

pect of glasses and eyesight are only a mi-

glasses are presented on attractive free-

prices and the simplicity of buying. In this

nor part of the selling of eyewear.

standing units with mirrors to aid selec-

case the Internet itself is part of the

Lenscrafters, Specsavers, Vision Express,

tion. Reading glasses generate some of

consumer marketing, providing the buyer

and Fielmann have already proved these

the highest returns per square foot of re-

with all the elements necessary to make

assumptions correct.

tail space, and they are like any other con-

his/her own decisions as to what and

sumer product.

where to buy.

Marketing experts

The most attractive display, the easiest

However is there a difference in the

These companies are expert marketers.

try on, the most fashionable frames, and

marketing of glasses compared to other

They sell glasses with the same consumer

the most competitive price influence the

products after the buyer comes into the


optical shop? Eyesight is one of the five senses a person has and auto tyres are not. Prescription lenses are a medical prosthesis, that is the optical part of the sale. Consumers are not qualified to make decisions on their own about the optical elements in the buying of glasses. Therein lies a difference. If you need shoes you may be able to walk barefoot or get along with some kind of sandals but if you are short sighted, and your arm is not long enough, you need glasses. What about the independent dispenser and consumer marketing? Will the independent eventually be put out of business? Consumer marketing is not the prerogative of large companies alone or optical chains. The independent can be just as expert in marketing as anybody else. However, there has been a bifurcation among the 3’Os between the optical services they provide and their business identity. There is some feeling that their professional status is being damaged by the business aspects of their practices. Undoubtedly, if independents are not good marketers, they will not be able to compete.

What about the optical laboratory? The optical laboratory is no different to the optical retailer, but instead of catering to the consumer it is marketing to the optical profession. The laboratory is an essential element in prescription glasses. Traditionally, the optical laboratory was a local regional business. Advances in manufacturing and communication technology brought about dynamic changes. At one time American Optical and Bausch & Lomb, who dominated the optical business in the United States, had hundreds of branches that serviced local areas around the country. This was true in the UK and Europe. This is now all history, with large retail chains operating their own laboratories and lens manufacturers buying up independents. Today, a prescription for glasses written in the US, UK, or Europe might be manufactured in China or almost any place around the world. The independent laboratory still has to market to its local customers. The marketing principles are basically the same for the laboratory when selling to the profession. The primary selling points for the local laboratory are service and quality. However, with the Internet and overnight delivery service all over the globe, it is one worldwide optical market. The optical world is changing rapidly but there are some things that do not change. People do not change. The need for glasses does not change. New technologies, smart phone refraction, Google glasses, mergers and acquisitions will not change the individual who purchases the glasses. Consumer marketing will still play a major role in selling glasses. The optical shop will not disappear and the laboratory, wherever it is located, and whoever owns it, will go on into the future.


September 2013


Inaction over HCFC’s could threaten continuity of lens production as EG F Gas Regulation (EC 842/2006) takes effect says William Thompson, FT Refrigeration Ltd FT Refrigeration Ltd was established in 1987 as a service company to the refrigeration and process cooling industries. As a leading UK based provider of onsite emergency service, the company has grown to be a specialist in ultra-low temperature refrigeration and critical process cooling, with focus on time sensitive production environments. The company’s diverse client base includes optical coating companies, manufacturers of bank notes, food manufacturing, pharmaceutical and fine chemical manufacturers. Servicing clients from Ghana to Slovenia, their service operations are based in Stockport, Cheshire, UK.


uch of the ophthalmic industry’s production lenses, and especially of anti-reflective coatings, is dependent on refrigerants fast approaching their sell-by date to help. Exposed companies must move decisively to tackle the problem now, or put their businesses at risk. The primary issue for the optics manufacturing lab is that vacuum coating plants are dependent upon water vapour cryo-pumps, most commonly manufactured by Polycold and Telemark of the USA. Despite several years notice of the coming phase-out and often repeated warnings, HCFCs (R22 & R123) remain some of the most common refrigerants in use in industrial refrigeration systems. Recent research revealed that the condemned HCFC refrigerant is present in all Polycold PFC 00 and 01 series systems, and is also prevalent in water chillers and other cooling plant critical to the lens production process. In a recent survey of 350 UK companies across industry sectors carried out by the UK Government’s Carbon Trust, it was shown that 70 per cent have at least one refrigeration system using HCFCs. It commented ‘in most cases, these refrigeration plants are of strate14

topping up existing systems came into effect at the end of 2009.

Total ban A total ban on the operation of any plant containing HCFCs will come into effect after the end of 2014. HCFCs including R22 are a controlled waste and they must be safely recovered for onward reprocessing. From the beginning of 2010, only recycled or reclaimed HCFCs have been permitted for topping up plant. After the end of 2014, even ‘toppingup’ of Polycold / Telemark systems containing HCFCs will become illegal. There are suggestions that this date may be brought forward. However, so far, the European Commission has not put forward concrete proposals. As a result of the phase-out, the cost of HCFCs is expected to rise significantly over the next 18 months. As manufacturers wind-down production in line with required supply quotas, supplies will get short and prices are expected to escalate rapidly. In the restricted market in the USA, for example, the cost of HCFCs has risen by a factor of five and is still increasing. Supplies of new HCFCs have now ceased and it is now not possible to top the effected systems using HCFCs.

gic importance, as they provide crucial process cooling. For many businesses, it is critical to their operations.’ While it is the HCFC R22 which is most often cited in relation to the coming phase-out, the EU regulation also covers HCFC-containing refrigerant blends such as R401A, R402A, R403B, R408A and R409A. This means that the impact of phase out goes further. Critically all Polycolds built before 2002/3 (designation PFCXX(X) 2) contain HCFCs and 00 series are worse, containing CFCs which are already banned. Polycold PFC systems containing HCFCs must be converted to run on non zone depleting refrigerants or be taken out of service after the end of 2014. The same injunction applies to all other F-Gas containing plant. The law covering the phaseout of HCFC-containing refrigerants across Europe is the EU Ozone Depleting Substances Regulation 2037/2000 and EC F Gas Regulation (EC 842/ 2006). Under this, the use of CFCs and HCFCs in new plant Specialised cooling plant used in the manufacture of optical is banned. Prohibition on use products may be successfully converted to meet current and of ‘virgin’ or new HCFCs for future regulations covering refrigerant gases

highly efficient fluid, and the ef■ The comparative cost of ficiency gains of a new system retrofitting; may not be that significant. ■ Availability of a compliant The second option is retro-fitalternative for topping up, or ■ The availability and cost of ting. This entails removing the HCFCs from the plant, and rerecycled HCFCs for top-up, placing it with an alternative reunder a managed approach. frigerant not subject to legislative controls. For water chillers There is therefore a lot to consider. and other plant there are a It is important, however, to begin this number of alternative refriger- process now. Many people who delay ant blends on the market, de- could find that, come the deadline, signed to mirror the characteris- there simply won’t be the capacity in the suppliers to the industry to cater F-Gas rules require regular checks for leakage and cooling tics of HCFCs. Retrofitting is besystem performance, which contributes to fewer unscheduled coming the preferred option for for the surge in demand. production stoppages and reduced energy input industrial and commercial reSimply assuming there will be suffiIn terms of costs in the UK and Eu- frigeration plant. In most cases minor cient reclaimed HCFCs to go round is rope, we saw significant rises during system modification including a extremely risky. The view from indus2012 in the cost of HCFCs and other change of compressor oil is required. try in general is that demand will sigHCFC-containing blends from all manHowever, in the case of water nificantly exceed available supplies. ufacturers. This probably equates to a vapour cryo-pumps the OEM 50 per cent rise in costs compared to manufacturers have taken a this time last year. These increases are policy decision not to develop likely to continue over the coming alternative blends or support year, possibly on a monthly basis the existing installed base. One through 2013-14, driven by basic sup- could speculate on who beneply and demand pressures. fits from this approach. HowIt might not be a problem if refriger- ever, one effect of this is that ant remained within plant. However, the anticipated life expectancy the low temperature water vapour of the plant has been significryo-pump systems are notoriously cantly shortened against the leaky. The mixed gases have to be held user’s expectation and many efin strict proportion and weight for ficient plants will be scrapped. each system for it to function effiThe benefit of retrofitting is ciently. This makes topping up prob- that it enables existing plant to lematic compared with traditional re- be kept running, ensuring busi- Vacuum coating processes are dependent upon many subfrigeration plant. ness continuity. Replacement systems, including vacuum pumping and process cooling A UK Government study carried out can therefore be delayed until which are all affected by F-Gas legislation a few years ago showed that as much perhaps many years in the future, and Recognising the problem, we have as 75 per cent of all refrigerant sold planned and budgeted for. developed Cascade Universal Top-Up. went to top-up leaky plant. Since Finally, the third option is to take a This enables customers to continue then, leakage rates have been re- managed approach. Under this, exist- topping up PFC systems containing duced. However experts estimate that ing plant is retained and kept running HCFCs with a tailored blend of comannual loss from some plants is still on HCFCs. It must be topped-up with pliant gases until the 2014 deadline. between 25 to 50 per cent. recycled or HCFC free top up, e.g. Cas- Working with leading refrigerant Companies whose vacuum coating cade Universal. The law allows this manufacturers and suppliers to proproduction equipment depends on until the beginning of 2015. This ap- vide a consultancy service to help HCFCs-based cooling plant have three proach extends the use of plant, companies manage the phase-out of options: avoiding the up-front capital costs as- HCFCs, and ensure the continuity of The first is to replace plant contain- sociated with replacement or retro- their businesses, is a key element of ing HCFCs with a new system. This is fitting. our approach to solving the issues the most expensive and radical oparising from the F-Gas regulations. tion, as it entails replacing what might The right option for any given situaFrom our experience helping major be a perfectly good plant – possibly tion depends on a number of factors, clients through this minefield, we with several more years working life which include: know how important and pressing deleft – with a new system. cisions on plant are for vacuum coatDepending on how efficient the old ■ The remaining life expectancy ing businesses that rely on HCFCs. It is system is, it is possible that some of of existing HCFCs plant; vital to address the problem now, the capital cost could be offset by re■ Possible efficiency gains (or while there is time to weigh up the duced energy consumption. Having losses) as a result of replacing options, plan ahead to ensure contisaid that, HCFCs are known to be a or retrofitting; nuity of production. W

September 2013


The first thing people should do is check which refrigerants their systems use. If they don’t know, we can help them identify this.

Which option? Next they must decide which option will be most cost-effective to ensure continuity of the business. This requires quite specialised knowledge, and technical support to evaluate the options and plan ahead on the following issues: ■ Refrigerant management of HCFCs; ■ Review of compliance state for Polycold PFC and other systems to maintain production; ■ Advice on the best option for a given plant or application; ■ Removal / disposal of HCFCs, to enable retrofit or replacement of any F-Gas affected plant; ■ Reclamation of HCFCs to ‘as new’ specification for later reuse in service top-up (until end 2014);

■ Availability of non-HCFC blends for topping up plant to the end of 2014, in line with legislation; ■ Advice on the suitability of alternative replacement refrigerant for particular applications; ■ Compliance advice and testing under the F-Gas regulations; ■ Suitability for retrofitting of affected Polycold PFC plant, to extend installed plant. FT Refrigeration Limited use Cascade refrigerants, zero ozone depleting mixed gas refrigerants which have been in production since 2000. The fully F-Gas compliant Cascade refrigerants for the retrofit market were launched in 2006. There is a significant increase in demand for retrofit refrigerants because of the recognised benefits of compliance and cost reduction. Through 2012 the number of operators taking the conversion route following catastrophic refrigerant loss rose sharply. With there being no apparent end to financial constraints on

the purchase of capital equipment the conversion / retrofit option is increasingly an attractive option. A key benefit arising from retrofit is ensured continuity of refrigerant supplies, once converted non-compliant systems may be run using the OEM’s compliant refrigerant blends or those from other suppliers. This safeguards businesses against unscheduled interruptions of production. In addition, the company can help those with other cooling plant dependent on HCFCs to manage recovered refrigerant and keep systems running for several years after the ban on the use of new HCFCs comes into effect. The cash-flow advantages, of not having to rip out existing plant before the end of its working life from retrofitting where appropriate, are obvious. The key is to address the problem now, determine the best solution and have a plan in place. Those who do can rest easy, knowing their business is safe. Those choosing to ignore the deadline will pay a high price, and, in some cases, it could prove disastrous.

Revolutionary training programme introduced by UK optical industry


n terms of qualifications and training, it is one of the biggest steps forward ever taken by the British optical manufacturing industry: three new Awards, three new Certificates, one new Diploma, and a new government-backed apprenticeship scheme. The package has been produced by the Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers — a City of London livery company and nationally accredited awarding body — and its partners within industry and education. ‘We’re working hard to develop a whole range of qualifications across the whole of the optical sector,’ Gordon Jones, chairman of the WCSM Awarding Body, told OpTICAL WOrLD. ‘Whether you work for a specialist manufacturer or within an optical practice, we want there to be a choice of recognised training opportunities available to you. And the good news is that there is a lot of funding available, too!’ The most ‘bite-sized’ qualifications are the Awards, which can be ‘mixed and matched’ to meet specific requirements: 16

● Level 2 Award in repairing Spectacles ● Level 2 Award in Spectacle Lens Treatments ● Level 3 Award in Glazing Spectacles The three Certificates are ‘bigger’ qualifications, meaning that they take longer to complete: ● Level 2 Certificate in Spectacle Operations ● Level 2 Certificate in Spectacle production ● Level 2 Certificate in Glazing Spectacles (an upgraded version of the Level 2 Award in Glazing Spectacles) ‘Level’ indicates where the qualification sits within the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF): level 2 is roughly the same as a GCSE graded A* - C; level 3 is equivalent to an A Level. All qualifications on the QCF are made up of individual units that can be built up bit by bit, at a pace that best suits the student (as well as his or her employer). All of the new Awards and Certificates offer stu-

dents a choice of assessment methods. The examinations can be taken either as a written paper (at one of a number of venues around the UK) or by e-assessment. ‘There are quite a few advantages to taking the exam online,’ explains Mr Jones. ‘Sitting in a room at your own workplace — in familiar surroundings, and using the same computer you might use every day — is a great way to reduce exam-day nerves. It also removes the time and expense of travelling to and from an examination centre.’ The ‘chunkiest’ qualification is the Diploma, which has been designed for senior optical technicians or optical manufacturing supervisors: Level 3 Diploma in Manufacturing Spectacles. Assessment in the workplace is used throughout the Diploma. It has been designed as a general technical qualification, focusing on the assurance of the products and manufacturing processes, as opposed to detailed technical knowledge of spectacle manufacture. ‘As always, we’re indebted to the Federation of Manufacturing Opticians, along with some of the leading companies within the optical sector, who give tremendous help and support to our education programme’, says Mr Jones, whose own

background is in manufacturing (he is a former senior vice president of Hydron and Allergan). ‘In particular, the FMO does a brilliant job advising us on exactly what it is that the industry is looking for.’ The final part of the package of new initiatives announced by the Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers is its involvement with the Livery Companies Apprenticeship Scheme (LCAS), which has just received a £1 million investment from the government's Department of Business, Innovation and Skills. Part of that investment will go towards a new Level 4 Apprenticeship for Optical Technicians, a three-year programme that will be run by the WCSM. Level 4 is the level of a Higher National Diploma, and one of the aims of the LCAS is to give apprentices more status. ‘Livery companies are rarely in the headlines,’ comments Mr Jones, who is currently serving a one-year term as Master of the WCSM. ‘But, behind the scenes, many of them play a key role in safeguarding, promoting and developing their crafts. This new apprenticeship scheme is going to do a lot to help us develop the skill sets that we need within British manufacturing.’


September 2013


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Nidek president Motoki Ozawa presents Chris Tyler CEO, Birmingham Optical, with a gift following the signing of the extension to their distribution contract

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Neil Townsend, managing director, Birmingham Optical

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Nidekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s robotic edging system, the RHU-1000 partnered with the SE-9090 Supra

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LE-700 glazing station with integral blocker


September 2013


Some of the products that will be on show at Silmo in Paris this month of consumables for each stage of the surfacing process of ophthalmic lenses: protection, blocking, generating, cutting, fining, polishing and edging, all of which will feature at the exhibition. It offers a chance to be updated about the development of new products, expecially diamond and edging tools which have been distinguished by highest quality, reliability and long life. With offices in France and Germany, AGP offer the advantage of same day delivery of orders. Celebrating 80 years in the optical business, Briot offer new solutions and configurations for the existing Alta family. Four edgers are available (Alta Nx, Alta Pulse, Alta Z and Alta Zd), as well as two centering devices (Alta Xs and Alta Xld). Speed, efficiency, quality, simplicity, state of the art are the main features.

Adlens a global leader in variable focus eyewear, will be displaying, in addition to Hemisphere, the John Lennon collection and Emergensee, plus a newcomer, Adlens Adjustables. Following the success of the multi award winning Emergensee, Adlens Adjustables is the next generation to use the Alvarez lens, which offers a continuously adjustable Instantly adjustable solution for near, eyewear from Adlens intermediate and distance vision. Each lens is adjusted independently to suit the wearer’s needs. With a power range of -6D to +3D, this model is ideal for tasks where


expensive eyewear may be at risk, for vision therapy, or diabetics and post eye surgery patients suffering from fluctuating vision. It features a sleeker brow, an ergonomic adjustment mechanism and good optics for the intermediate and reading zones. Thanks to a quick, strong and reliable service, AGP has established itself as a serious competitor in the distribution

AGP’s diamond and edging tools

Briot’s Alta Zd

The newest Alta Zd, comes equipped with capabilities that I aim to make daily work easier and more effective, now featuring ‘Smart Design Technology’, also available with milling and micro edging for complex customised shapes, Indizen Optical Technologies (IOT), the world’s leading innovator for independent lens design, will exhibit new versions of its most successful designs. In 2012, the company developed new methods to calculate and personalise digital lenses. IOT engineers focused on these new methods to build the best designed digital surfaces available in

Digital Lens Designs For Your Private Label

We help you build your own products portfolio with: • Personalized premium progressive designs • Entry level progressive designs • Occupational progressive designs • Anti-fatigue designs • Outdoor progressive designs (driving & sports) • SV and Progressive designs for wrap around frames

A perfect combination between the best calculation technology for personalization lenses and a true and professional technical and marketing support service makes IOT the perfect partner in lens design solutions for independent labs. IOT software is easy to be installed and updated, compatible with the most common LMS in the market. It’s flexibility with multiples options for thinning prism, thickness reduction or decentration possibilities offers the lab the best and complete solution for their digital design needs., Tel: +34 91 833 37 86, Fax: +34 91 833 37 76

Powered By

IOT’s lens design system

the marketplace and as a result three new designs have been released. This innovative way to produce ophthalmic free-form lenses is based on a

significant improvement of the progression profile control and optical zones opening controls than any design currently available in the market place.

As always this technology can be utilised by IOT customers in both existing designs as well as any custom design work their facility desires. With the progression profile control used in the new designs from IOT, a change in power is adapted to cus-


tomers’ needs. For examprocessing with ple, making the proits all-new ‘V’ tool gression faster from head assemblies distance vision to interwhich introduce mediate and softer an entirely new from intermediate to and more efficient near (Profile Type A in method of dry-cutgraph) or creating a ting and milling, design where the transition from addressing the growing distance to near is perfectly balanced Nidek’s LE-700 edger complexities of with integral blocker (Profile Type B). today's frame shapes Getting a better control of the optical and lens materials. It incorpates intuzone opening is even more important itive screen design and high resolution as it allows the creation of lenses with graphics, multiple-shape capability and larger visual fields. independent free-standing tool design. To reach this goal the new designs Nidek say the LE-700 is not just an have been calculated edger, it's an edging station, featuring to result in the opti- an integrated, intelligent blocker and a mal combination of demo lens / pattern tracer. Combining sphere and cylinder. the company’s latest technology, the Nidek will exhibit unit enables the operator to create a three new products, variety of eyewear with ease. It feaThe Auto Ref / ker- tures an innovative entry model, simatometer / auto re- ple, built-in intelligent blocker and fractometer ARK-1 / ‘tracer-free’ tracing technology. AR-1, Xtrimmer SE-1 Ogi Eyewear will introdry edger, and LE- duce three new 700 edging station. styles to The ARK-1 / AR-1 series speak for themselves, surpassing a conventional auto ref/keratometer and auto refractometer with technologically enhanced Evo-Tech collection from Ogi Eyewear functions generating greater accuracy and greater clinical information. enhance their revolutionary Evo-Tec They offer accu- collection, initially debuted as a collecrate refraction mea- tion for the modern male, although it surement with large has now expanded to include two elepupil zone imaging gant styles designed for any woman method, SLD and who desires a sleek, sophisticated look highly sensitive CCD, with a strong edge. and optimal fogging This modern collection offers a foreto minimise accom- taste of future eyewear textiles using modation (available an innovative combination of TR-90 for the ARK-1s and surgical plastic and ultem to create an ARK-1a). exceptionally lightweight, yet durable VA measurement frame that offers superior flexibility with glare test is without sacrificing strength. available for the ARKThe essence of handcrafted detail is 1s. Simple opacity presented in a fresh new context, as assessment with retroillumination each frame is hand coloured with an image is available for the ARK-1s and Ogi-exclusive colouring process, evokARK-1a. Patient-friendly accommoda- ing a sense of unique distinction with tion measurement is available for the an unprecedented aesthetic. ARK-1s and ARK-1a. Innovative nose pads compliment the The Xtrimer SE-1 dry edger’s revolu- innovative combination construction to tionary design provides state-of-the-art present each style with unparalleled

The winning combination FROM SHAMIR

Shamir Autograph III * Progressive lens holistically 速

adapted to the patient

* Advanced ophthalmic Shamir SparkTM

3D measuring device

versatility, solidifying the Evo-Tec collection’s position on the forefront of high fashion eyewear. OptoTech will inform visitors of their machine program and expecially about the new machines introduced, like the intelligent LAB-automation solution IQStar, the new CNCcontrolled free-

OptoTech’s one station alloy autoblocker OTB 80 CNC-A1

form polishing machine Easy twin CNC, claimed to offer the best price-to-performance ratio available on the market, and the one-station alloy autoblocker OTB 80 CNC-A1. OptiSafe lens dye packets to be shown by Phantom Research Laboratories, Inc. have been formulated after several years of research and development. They are claimed to be the most advanced lens dyes available today, providing the most consistent, uniform colours in OptiSafe Digital Super tinter from Phantom Research the least amount of time. The molecular composition of the dyes allow for rapid penetration into the lens matrix, bonding to the lens and providing an excellent resistance to fading. Plastic CR-39 (coated and uncoated), hi-index, and polycarbon-


Another important consideration is ate lenses can be successfully tinted with OptiSafe lens dyes. The dyes are the use of two magnetrons, plus a available in water-soluble dye packets, plasma source, to ensure quality and are packaged in standard 10 packs. results. SCL International will be exhibiting OptiSafe Digital Super Tinter is a single quart tank heating system combin- machines from their extensive coating, accurate digital temperature con- ing range. Featured will be their fully trol, variable stirring action, split lid, automatic machines for colouring, CO and non-stick tank (Vat) for heating 20-4N. This machine has four lens tinting solutions. The detachable temperature probe is immersed into the tint solution to reflect solution temperature, not the temperature of the HTF as in conventional heating systems. The unit requires only 15 fl. oz. (443ml) of HTF. The HTF is a water soluble, environmentally safe, non-hazardous, biodegradable oil blend. Multiple units can be aligned Automatic colouring machine CO-20-4N from SCL side by side to create a tinting system colouring tanks. It treats the plain or that is perfect for customers’ needs. Power Vision Ltd will exhibit their gradient colours. All maintenance small, fast PV Express anti-reflection and processes are automatic, with an coating system, designed to operate average production capacity of 28 in Rx labs (or self contained retail lenses / cycle. shops) that want very fast delivery of Another machine is available with top quality AR coated lenses. It is also six, eight, ten or twelve colouring ideal for the smaller run of spe- tanks. Tank volume is 5 litres; number cialised lenses in larger laboratories. of lenses / tank, four to six. All Able to coat both plastic processes are automated, the and glass lenses, it can machine being controlled by a touch also provide mirror coat- screen. ings. It is both affordable Seiko Optical Europe GmbH will and financially viable for highlight the DigitalMultiTool, a comproduction volumes as prehensive App for an iPad 3 incorpolow as 10 pairs per day. rating measurements, frames The system is on faces and lens demonfully automated, strations. easy to use, Specifically developed and with a typfor the improved camera ical coating on the iPad 3, it enables a time of less higher resolution meathan 15 mins, surement photograph to the potential be taken without the daily production need for a clumsy adaprate can exceed 100 tor, with only a small pairs per shift. The external light source fitshort process times ted to the sleek iPad. are achieved by the Also exhibited will be use of a dedicated Seiko Tribrid lenses with load / lock system so the best attributes of that unlike convention1.60 index, such as 100 al coaters the coating per cent UV protection, chamber retains vacuum lighter weight and good during the load and un- PV Express AR coating machine optical performance. This load procedure. is combined with increased from Power Vision

strength and resistance to cracking and flaking, making it particularly suitable for rimless and Supra frames. Tribrid options are available across the Seiko product range. Seiko will also feature INDI-SV single vision individualised lenses, designed to provide optimum visual

25 per cent. Optimised base curve selection also reduces the height of the lenses by up to 10 per cent. Always seeking ways to improve, with Autograph III Shamir takes its cutting edge technologies a step further with a new approach to lens design that improves the visual expe-

Seiko INDI-SV single vision individualised lens

performance, natural comfort and unsurpassed aesthetics for all single vision wearers. Combining all these requirements with further consideration for the wearerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lifestyle preferences, the INDI-SV is a truly individualised lens. Seiko paved the way to the world of inner progressive lenses over the past 10 years, enabling opticians to offer customers the benefits of inner surface design and exceptional coating quality. Perhaps the most startling benefit with Seiko Emblem XtraWide, to be shown, is that the field of clear distance vision is increased by as much as 45 per cent when compared to conventional inner surface designs. In addition to this there is an overall reduction in oblique distortion of up to


rience and innovative, convenient and time saving online services for both opticians and their patients. Shamir Autograph III is a new progressive lens holistically adapted to the prescription that ensures a clear and comfortable visual experience for all by handling individual visual issues of hyperoptic and myoptic presbyopes, minimising postural discomfort and unnecessary head movements through ergonomic design,

providing a unique power profile for clearer vision in the intermediate vision zone, and offering four times greater design stability to frame tilt variations, in any frame. Also to be shown, Shamir Spark is an innovative 3D optical measuring solution that enables opticians to quickly and precisely obtain the necessary ophthalmic measurements with just the click of a button, thus eliminating the need to fit uncomfortable devices or superimpose marks or artifacts on patients. Shamir Spark is compatible with the Shamir online ordering system, as well as with other comparable ordering systems, and is available in multiple languages. The system is ideal for opticians who wish to improve their level of service and leverage modern technology to conveniently and accurately measure customers for frames. In our daily life, we are covered with bright lights such as our TV screens, PC monitors, smartphones, tablets and LED lights. Many of these sources emit a lot of â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;blue colour lightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; to emphasise brightness. However, more and more studies reveal that the use of blue colour light causes eye strain after long exposure. The Tokai Blue Coating

Tokai Blue Coating for cutting blue light

Shamir Autograph III

being featured by the Japanese firm not only filters blue colour light but also ultraviolet rays, thus reducing glare, improving contrast and relaxing the eyes.

WECO Edge 680

The Lens Edger for Professionals

CALL NOW to arrange a demo

01452 510334

• • • • • • •

Large tiltable intuitive touch screen interface Full range of auto and guided operating modes All lens materials Built-in advanced drilling system Dedicated wrap frame processing mode Integrated bar code reader OMA/VCA compliant

UK & Eire WECO Distributor Norville Autoflow Service House, Magdala Road, Gloucester, GL1 4DG Tel: 01452 510334 Email:

AR coated lenses from Zeiss The recently updated Zeiss lens portfolio introduced

anti-reflective coated plastic lenses and 35 per cent

DuraVision Platinum AR coating. The lenses are

harder than earlier AR coated mineral lenses.

more robust than previous lenses and were

These hard and light lenses are also dirt-re-

launched to fully satisfy spectacle wearers’

sistant and very easy to clean, while offering

need for lenses hard enough to deal with

first-rate ant-reflective properties. Their new

the tough situations in life.

and cosmetically pleasing blue reflex colour

DuraVision Platinum AR coating is made

produces over 200 per cent less luminous

up of an integrated system of coating layers

reflectance than conventional green AR

densely packed using ion assisted deposition,

coated Zeiss lenses.

which results in a lens surface that is three times

For further details visit:

harder than the previous generation of th firm’s hard

OGI introduce three new styles

A tribute to retro boldness, OGI’s Seraphin range introduces three all-new styles in-

Orange sunglass launch

spired by time honoured looks from the mid 19th century. Dashing round lenses are

Independent frames specialist, Orange

paired with a quaint saddle bridge in the Niles, and brow bar emphasis comes to life

Eyewear, has launched a capsule sun-

in the revamped 1950s-inspired profile, the Griggs. Touches of glossy acetate combine

glasses collection for its highly successful

with intricate titanium elements to bring dimension to the table, as the Lawton

range, CC Eyewear.

demonstrates an unexpected twist to create an understated, yet classic look.

The collection, which is glazeable, fea-

The Niles presents itself as a modern adaptation of a vintage classic. With its soft-

tures five stylish and contemporary de-

ened circular shape and slim profile, this 1940s Panto inspired frame features a

signs that complement the extremely

saddle bridge and cable temples for the ultimate in lightweight comfort with a dash

wearable ophthalmic range, available ex-

of dapper styling. Featuring ornate filigree patterning

clusively from over 350 independent op-

along the titanium eyewire and slim


temple, this style pays homage to tradi-

Fronted by award-winning actress, Jane

tional mechanics and exemplary designs of

Seymour, the sunglassess collection covers

decades past. Combining Italian acetate and Japanese titanium,

a spectrum of designs and textures. Interesting features

Griggs evokes a sense of timelessness with an adaptation of the classic

include distinctive animal

emphasised brow style from the 1950s. A saddle bridge and circular chrome rivets

prints, intertwining metal

accent the prominent brow for characteristic vintage flair with the utmost in tradi-

side detailing and subtle

tional comfort.


Japanese titanium elements and Italian acetate unify to offer durability and dis-



tinction with the latest addition to the Seraphin eyewear collection. Designed to

(pictured) is one of

project confidence in any era, the Lawton features intricately etched metal accents

a number of

with a filigree patterning along the slim temple.


For further details visit:

Gold Edition eyewear from Charmont With the LineArt Gold Edition, the Charmant Group present a really unique piece of


models, which were launched at Optrafair. The two-tone

eyewear made of 18-carat gold. The delicately curved temples and rose and yellow gold

acetate model, with subtle gold embossed

tones make this frame the perfect choice for the sophisticated lady looking for exclusive

logo on the temple, is available in a face-


flattering charcoal black colour-way, with

To maximise the solidity of this elegant, almost entirely hand-made optical frame, the smallest components like screws and nuts are made of 14-carat gold. For further details visit:


an animal print interior. For further details visit:

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PBG Piezoelettrica Business General Srl

Hebei Huaming Optical

Hong Kong Optical Fair

Phantom Research Labs Inc

Comexpo – Silmo

Polycore Optical

Contact Lens Manufacturers Association

Power Vision Ltd



DAC International Inc

Leybold Optics

Nicesmart Optical (Int’l) Co Ltd

Fair & Cheer Inc

Fil-Tech Inc Schneider GmbH & Co. KG satisloh


Edge-It® Consumables by Permanento B.V.

POMDI-Herramientas De Diamante S.A.

Norville Autoflow SEIKO Optical UK


OLA (Optical Laboratories Association) Omega L.E.D. Ltd

Reed Exhibition Companies

“driven with integrity & excellence”

Fisa srl


Optical Appliances Testing Service (OATS)

Wenzhou Int’l Optics Fair, China

Fast, Flexible and Affordable Anti-Reflective Coating Equipment Power Vision Ltd. Unit R2, Herald Park Crewe, Cheshire CW1 6EA, UK

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The International Suppliers Guide Circulates to over 11,500 readers in more than 100 countires

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