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February 2015

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Module 2: Generator

HSC m dulo XT The Game Changer Introducing the new benchmark in high speed cutting from the pioneer of freeform technology. Drawing on SCHNEIDER’s extensive experience in the field of ultra-precise machining, the new HSC Modulo XT features extraordinary new technology. An exceptionally dynamic new motor philosophy, newly designed high frequency drive technology, new guiding and bearing systems, fastest milling technology and a very rigid machine base, combine to shape this ultra-performer. The result is superior design replication at an unmatched speed for generating even the most complex lenses in the shortest time.

SCHNEIDER GmbH & Co. KG Biegenstrasse 8–12 35112 Fronhausen, Germany Phone: +49 (64 26) 96 96-0

SCHNEIDER Optical Machines Inc. 5916 Stone Creek, Suite 120 The Colony, Texas 75056, USA Phone: +1 (972) 247-4000






CONTENTS armers are the eternal pessimists. They can always find something to complain about. If the weather is harsh, they grumble that it will mean a meagre harvest. If the weather is glorious, they mither about the low prices caused by the glut in production. It seems though that we are all farmers now.


For decades, Western governments and industry have warned of the threat to their viability caused by escalating fuel prices. When China started to take its place as a major economic power, we were warned that the emerging economy’s increased consumption would mean damaging further rises in oil and commodity prices. We have become accustomed to oil and gas prices being blamed for the cost of transport on which all concrete industries rely, our own included. Over the last few months, however, oil prices have slumped. Oil that was trading at more than $100 a barrel just three months ago has plummeted to below $50 a barrel. This ought to mean markedly cheaper production and distribution costs for us all. Shouldn’t we all be celebrating? Apparently not. Just as the farmers have been telling us for generations, there is no news that is good news. Oil producing countries are feeling the pinch, and their economies have taken a nosedive. Russia, which has been forced to hike interest rates in support of the tumbling rouble, loses $2 billion in revenue for every dollar fall in the price of oil. European Union countries have seen the first signs of deflation, which is potentially much more damaging than inflation: Japan has struggled for the past 20 years to shake off its deflationary cycle. Saudi Arabia and the other large oil producers could potentially restore order to the market by cutting production, but there is method to their brinkmanship. They know that a sustained period of depressed oil prices could stifle the rival shale oil and gas industry that has emerged in the United States. How long will fracking continue when it costs more to extract the resources than they are worth? Perhaps our industry will eventually see some benefits in reduced costs of plastics and transportation, but the upheaval to the world economy could ultimately dwarf any short‐term boon.

February 2015 Volume 43 · Number 369

INTERNATIONAL SCENE 2 · A world of worries

OUTLOOK 4 · John Weber named Vision-Ease CEO 5 · Bringing improved vision to Indo China 6 · Marcolin in joint venture with Russian firm 8 · Transitions research confirms relevance of branding 9 · Spirit of unity enthuses UK optics 10 · Study reveals need for compulsory eye tests 12 · Leybold now operating under Bühler umbrella

FEATURES 14 · The most successful lens ever 18 · This is the pinnacle of my career says FMO’s chief executive officer 20 · Hong Kong Optical Fair 21 · Mido 2015 Milan show preview

OPTIPRODUCTS 28 · Software upgrade from Heidelberg Engineering 29 · Improved dispensing possibilities from Zeiss

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February 2015



A world of worries s 2015 gets under way, the world in which ophthalmics does business is wracked by worry, it seems on every side. Even this winter’s fall in oil prices, which at first sight looked like good news given the importance of energy costs in manufacturing and goods distribution, is showing a dark aspect. Russia’s dependence on oil and gas sales looked likely, as this issue went to press, to wreak havoc on this major ‘semi-developed’ market, with the Russian Central Bank setting a 17 per cent baseline interest rate and the rouble in free-fall. Meanwhile nervousness is spreading through the countries of Eastern Europe and in the Baltic States as growls of a new Cold War begin to be heard in the aftermath of the Ukraine debacle. Elsewhere, much of the Eurozone continues to hover on the brink of crisis. Ireland, Portugal and Cyprus may be shaking off the after-effects of the 2008 virus, with exports leading recovery; but others, from France and Italy to Greece, are not. Germany, Europe’s powerhouse, is inevitably affected by the woes of its neighbouring markets and the loss of their appetites for its high-tech export goods. The same is beginning to be said of the United Kingdom (now seeming to be only just still united in the wake of 2014-5 referendum on


Scottish independence!); Eurozone weakness affects UK exports and thus the country’s hitherto impressive business recovery. Manufacturing, representing just over 10 per cent of national gross domestic product, reduced in early winter 2014/15, where expansion had been forecast, and the gurus’ final prediction was that growth in UK GDP would be no more than 2.6 per cent for the year as a whole, then well under 3 per cent for each of the three following years from 2015 onwards.

Chinese boom Over the same period, China underwent a stock market boom – characterised by one commentator as ‘outright mania’ – while both manufacturing exports and imports of goods declined. It was being predicted that GDP growth for 2014 as a whole would register below 7.5 per cent for the first time in the 21st century. The government of the People’s Republic regard 7.2 per cent as the minimum figure for growth, which must be maintained to avoid social unrest. Meantime in Japan Prime Minster Shinzo Abe won a landslide national election victory at the end of 2014, on an Abenomics promise of more radical economic stimuli such as quantitative easing (‘printing money’).

InternationalSCENE With only the USA among leading economies remaining on course (buoyed by improving employment statistics), these problems have had an inevitable effect on markets which are the struggling giants of China’s neighbours and customers (or suppliers). Africa, which informed commentators had hoped to see emerging as a continent-wide business success story, has been held back by the world’s worst-ever outbreak of the Ebola virus across a swathe of countries in West Africa. Add to this the disruptive effect of insurgencies in some African countries, from Kenya and Mali to Nigeria, and across the Middle East, and the world picture begins to look dismal. Here indeed is the dark side of globalisation.

But some light shines Is the financial crisis of 2008 still exerting its malign influences, eroding the confidence business needs and warping our world view? Very possibly. If so, can ophthalmics defy the trend? After all, as optimists point out, humanity will always need vision correction. Recent gatherings as diverse as Vision Expo West in the USA, and exhibitions in Dubai and Hong Kong provided some encouraging straws in the wind, despite a concurrent furore of protests over conditions for forthcoming elections in Hong Kong. By the time this issue of O PTICAL WORLD reaches readers, OptiMunich will already have provided 2015’s first indications of how international business confidence, especially in Northern and Eastern Europe, is holding up, with 100% Optical in London, Mido in Milan and Vision Expo in New York among those soon to follow. Back in the UK, meanwhile, the Federation of Manufacturing Opticians is resolutely finalising plans for Optrafair, at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre, in mid-April. (A month later, we note in passing, the UK undergoes possibly its least predictable general election for decades, with Scotland quite likely to exert a disproportionate influence on the outcome.) The FMO has made clear its faith in the industry’s and its member companies’ future with the appointment of a new chief executive offi-

cer, Kevin Gutsell. Optically qualified, internationally minded, he is the subject of an interview published elsewhere in this issue. His illustrious predecessor, Malcolm Polley, will in future train his sights on Optrafair; he received a special presentation, with standing ovation to match, at the FMO’s pre-Christmas luncheon. There was special acknowledgement too of the achievements of lens and instrument industry eminences John Conway, Chris Hunt and Ron Wright, and of senior FMO administrator Sandie Fisher.

Lost and restored in optics During the last weeks of 2014, ophthalmics lost one of its more significant, if less well known, innovators in Dr Stanley Stookey, a coworker at Corning with Dr William Armistead, developer of photochromic glass lenses. Having joined Corning at the New York State headquarters in 1940, Stanley Stookey was credited with some 60 patents for photo-sensitive glass, registered from 1950 on. A serendipitous later discovery arose when a piece of experimental photo-sensitive glass was accidentally ‘overcooked’; the super-hard, non-transparent outcome proved to have applications from cookware to the nose-cones of glider missiles. Meantime, though Polaroid as a sunglass ‘big name’ has never gone away (with Safilo having just acquired distribution rights to the range in France), the brand’s status in its original photographic sector has recently been revived with the development of the Cube mini-camera: perfect, says the US firm, for those photos consumers deemed worthy of more than an ephemeral life on a mobile phone screen. International expansion of a new chain of cubecentred photo bars is planned. And finally (for now): Mitsui Chemicals, world-renowned innovators in high index lens materials, is reported to be moving nearer to the retail spectacle market with the acquisition, through auction, by its newly launched US division Whole You of Pixel Optics’ electronic focusing eyewear technology (developed with input from Panasonic). Plans are to bring ‘the best products’ to the market this year.


February 2015




Snapitscrew International Ltd of Essex,

the pain out of spectacle repair. Optical

Marcolin to double in-house production

UK recently returned from exhibiting

professionals can now repair glasses

Marcolin have opened a new 3.500m²

at the Vision X optical show in Dubai

(including those with a spring hinge)

manufacturing facility in Longarone

where they attracted considerable in-

easily and quickly without the need for

(Fortogna area), in the heart of the

terest in their patented screws. The

any tools.

eyewear district.

Screw-makers Vision X success

company attended the show on the

Snapitscrew originally signed a li-

back of recently being awarded their

censing deal with Essilor for USA, Canada

European patent (#EP08782656); they

and Puerto Rico and subsequently formed

already have multiple patents granted

Snapitscrew International Ltd to service

across USA, Australia, South Africa,

the rest of the world. The company is

Philippines, Russia, Hong Kong and

already working with a number of optical

China as well as patents pending in

chains, glazing labs and distributors

various other territories.

and is starting to work with frame man-

Innovative, time-saving Snapit screws

ufacturers who want to include the

— used in hinges and eyewires for re-

Snapit in their spare parts kit when dis-

pairs, assembly, and mounting — take

tributing their products.

Marcolin’s CEO Giovanni Zoppas

This move is in line with its mid-


long term strategy of creating value leveraging on the opportunities offered


by the development of high-end prod-

Tant Optical install MEI edger

ucts, consistent with Marcolin's his-

Tant Laboratories (part of the Lenstec Optical Group) has invested a further £250,000 and installed a new MEI Bisphera-XDD with TBA unit.

torical DNA. The new site, starting operations

This industrial edger is the most productive machine on the market today

from mid-2015, will double Marcolin’s

and gives a high level of precision. This combination with TBA unit allows

in-house production: this is the answer

smooth operation through the laboratory and eliminates the need for blocking

to structural good sales’ performance


and, on top, to the opening of new

Edo Tortolato, sales and marketing manager of MEI S.r.I, said ‘It’s fantastic

directly managed markets mixed with

to be working with the Tant Labs production team and seeing the increased

new highly recognized brands in the

quality and output since the installation’.





John Weber named Vision-Ease Lens CEO Former CooperVision Inc. president John Weber has been named by Vision Ease as its new chief executive officer. Doug Hepper will transition to the role of executive chairman after more than 12 years of successful leadership at VE. ‘As Vision-Ease Lens looks to its next era of growth. John's experience with global business strategies will be invaluable’. Hepper said. ‘As I transition from day-to-day operations, I will continue to serve this company as executive chairman and on the board of directors, and anticipate great growth under John’s guidance’. Weber joins Vision-Ease after serving for six years as president of global contact lens company CooperVision, a business unit of Cooper Companies, where he led all aspects of the organization, including acquisitions and business development. Prior to assuming that role he was president of CooperVision Asia Pacific and served as executive vice president of worldwide operations for contact lens manufacturer Ocular Sciences. John Weber




Bringing improved vision to Indo China There are an estimated 21 million people in Vietnam

A joint initiative between the Brien Holden Institute,

with uncorrected refractive error, three million of

the Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine

those children.

and the Ho Chi Minh City Eye Hospital,

October 2014 heralded a historic

the school’s opening was the culmi-

moment in the growth of Vietnam's

nation of a ten year plan to introduce

education and eye health sectors

optometry to the country, with the

with the official opening of Viet-

primary goal of alleviating the

nam’s first optometry program

burden of uncorrected refractive

at the Pham Ngoc Thach Uni-

error in Vietnam in line with the

versity of Medicine in Ho Chi Minh City.

Professor Holden pictured with students

Vietnamese National Eye Health Plan.



Keynote speakers for Budapest vision conference Professor Bruce Evans, director of research at the Institute

standard of optometry in every country. For example, re-

of Optometry (UK) and Dr José M. Gonzalez-Meijome, as-

search indicates that European countries differ markedly

sociate professor at the University of Minho (Portugal) will

in the proportion of contact lens fits that are for children

deliver keynote lectures which will focus on myopia,

and teenagers. My presentation will review the motivations

latest developments and clinical approaches for children,

for children wearing contact lenses, which can exceed

at Budapest 2015, the European Academy of Optometry

those for adults, and discuss how to facilitate safe contact

and Optics’ (EAOO) annual conference on May 14-17,

lens wear in children’.


Dr Gonzalez-Meijome, who will present his keynote

Each year the Academy conference brings together key

lecture 'State of the art in optically-guided myopia control

members of the optical community, from over 30 countries

treatments', added, 'Myopia progression is a matter of

across Europe to discuss and share the latest research,

clinical concern and every eye care practitioner should be

education and clinical practice and provides a unique

aware of the consequences of myopia progression and the

platform to exchange knowledge and information of op-

strategies to regulate excessive eye growth. The most

tometry, dispensing and vision science.

widely prescribed treatments use optical devices and in

Professor Evans, whose keynote lecture is titled ‘Kids 4

spite of the different professional practice patterns, all

contact lenses’, comments ‘This conference is a wonderful

ECPs across Europe that are registered to prescribe spec-

opportunity to share the experiences of optometrists in

tacles and/or contact lenses, have access to these treat-

different European countries so that we can raise the




February 2015



Rodenstock workshop helped boost optician’s sales Workshops organised by Rodenstock UK to give practices the skills to help increase their sales of near and intermediate vision spectacles have been hailed a huge success by one optician who has since reaped the benefits of attending. Hilary Coe, of Langrick and Co/ Graham Coe Opticians of Leicestershire, was one of more than 80 independent opticians who attended workshops held in North Yorkshire, the West Martin Cross at Rodenstock workshop

Midlands and Kent at the end of 2013.

‘A year on from the Rodenstock workshop and we have definitely enjoyed an increase in sales of second and third pairs of glasses, including near and intermediate vision spectacles. Attending the event has really made a difference to us’, the dispensing manager Hilary told OW. The workshops were organised as part of a Rodenstock UK promotion linked to its Ergo Near Vision lenses. Opticians who attended received a CET-approved presentation on ergonomics and near vision lenses and a presentation from Martin Gross, a professional trainer and coach for opticians.



Safilo and Jimmy Choo extend licensing agreement Safilo Group and Jimmy Choo, the iconic and luxury fashion

luxury fashion and top-growth eyewear brands’, commented

accessory brand, have extended their licensing agreement

Luisa Delgado, DEO of Safilo. ‘The brand’s uniquely glamorous

until December 31, 2018, for the design, production and

and confidently iconic style inspires us to create distinctive

distribution of the Jimmy Choo eyewear collections of sun-

eyewear that has exceptional appeal in the markets where

glasses and optical frames. This reflects the outstanding

it is distributed via premium quality channels. We see great

growth of the brand's eyewear business across all major

potential for accelerated growth particularly in Asia Pacific,

countries, especially in Europe and North America.

China, and Latin America, enabled by our new commercial

‘We are proud to count Jimmy Choo among our leading

leadership capability’.



Marcolin and Sover-M in joint venture Marcolin SpA, have signed a joint

per cent of Sover-M, distributing all

markets. A partnership in this region,

venture agreement with Victoria

the products in Marcolin's brands

made possible with the support of a

Chizhova, founder and general director


strong partner like Sover-M, will help

of the longstanding Russian operator in the eyewear market, Sover-M.

Valerio Giacobbi, Marcolin general manager of sales, marketing and busi-

to strengthen and balance our business in this important market’.

Forming part of Marcolin’s Inter-

ness strategies, in Moscow to sign

Victoria Chizhova commented,

national expansion plan, the transi-

the deal, said: ‘The signing of this

‘We're very pleased to join Marcolin

tion strengthens and broadens the

agreement is a further step in the di-

Group, a company that we always

distribution of its products throughout

rection already taken by Marcolin to

admire for its strength in product

the Russian territory, creating the

combine extreme care of our brands

and brand development, to foster the

conditions for direct management of

portfolio with increasingly direct, se-

distribution of its large portfolio in

the market. Marcolin will control 51

lective presence in the major global

our country’.



Optical Manufacturing Solutions

Focus on environment.

Meet ART: Alloy Replacement Technology ART blockers and deblockers are a unique, green alternative to traditional alloy blocking. ART - winner of the German Federal Ecodesign Award 2014 - combines environmental consciousness with a special design and the focus on modern lens production needs. The winning technology: • Organic block material and adhesive remove hazardous substances from your lab and the environment • High-precision blocking for achieving the perfect optical power • Universal, reusable block-piece fits all standard clamping systems • UV-curable adhesive for precise blocking, protects lens front without tape, and eliminates cooling • Smooth water jet deblocking reduces spoilage • Machinable block-piece Seamlessly integrate ART into existing production lines. Please visit us at Mido, hall 5, booth E28/F17


Transitions research confirms relevance of branding A recent survey, funded by Transitions Optical, Inc., shows that while eyecare

uct recommendations’. Not surprisingly, when asked which

ating consistent patient experiences (93 per cent) or differentiating prac-

professionals place a high value on

factors are important for patient sat-

brands when making a recommenda-

isfaction the factor that scored the

When it comes to aligning with op-

tion to patients, unauthorised product

highest was a thorough and accurate

tical brands, (eight out of 10) eyecare

substitution persists across all lens

eye examination (98 per cent). How-

professionals are most likely to rec-


ever, offering high-quality frame brands

ommend brands because of the higher

tices (90 per cent).

‘There’s quite a bit of research ver-

(93 per cent) and high quality lens

rates of patient satisfaction those

ifying that brands matter to consumers,

brands (92 per cent) were ranked al-

brands offer; while over half of the

but relatively little showing how brands

most as important to patient satis-

respondents also ranked improved

matter in our industry', said Patience


technology (72 per cent), improved

Cook, Transitions associate director,

Additionally, 98 per cent agree that

eye health benefits (63 per cent), pa-

North America marketing. 'The results

corrective vision wear brands reinforce

tients asking for a product by name

of this survey indicate that brands

quality to patients and that brands

(59 per cent) or affordability (53 per

are actually a highly valued tool eye-

add value by elevating the optical in-

cent) as important factors when choos-

care professionals use for making prod-

dustry’s reputation (94 per cent), cre-

ing a brand to recommend.




Contamac, the world's largest material manufacturer of intraocular and contact

Marcolin and Ginko in joint venture

lens materials, have appointed Philipp Polonyl sales and marketing director.

Marcolin SpA and Ginko Group, a long-

Contamac’s new sales and marketing director Philipp was born and brought up in Giengen an der Brenz in the south of Ger-

standing operator in the Chinese eye-

many, and joined Contamac in January 2011. Over the past two years he has

wear market have agreed a joint ven-

been employed as the company's business development manager.

ture for the Chinese market.

This appointment is in line with the company’s succession planning strategy

The deal will improve the partners’

and allows for the re-structuring to take place within the sales and marketing

presence in Mainland China and expand and strengthen the development of

team as a whole. Philipp comments: ‘It has been a privilege over the past years to work

direct distribution of Marcolin products

closely with our customers building inspiring relationships and spurring new

in the region. GINLIN Optical Shanghai

ideas. My new role is a great opportunity for me to further engage our

Ltd Co., the name of the new joint

customers in our future strategy delivering a holistic approach which offers

venture, is a Shanghai-based company

not just innovative products but tailored services and dedicated support

owned on a 50/50 basis by Marcolin

structures. I thank everyone who has supported me in my previous positions

and the Ginko Group.

and look forward to working with my new team and our customers Robert McGregor, director at Contamac added, ‘I am delighted

into this joint venture. Ginko Group

to be able to appoint Philipp as our sales and marketing

and Marcolin have a very complemen-

director. This important change within the company will allow

tary background and attitude: the

the business to continue its expansion efforts and bring many

two of us are longstanding in the

new initiatives and strategies to grow the business. Philipp will

industry and reliable partners for

direct the sales and marketing team to ensure we con-

their respective clients. That's why

tinue to service our customers at the highest

I'm sure this joint venture will deliver

level possible and provide unparalleled service

extra-value to the Chinese eyewear

to the industry’. Philipp Polonyl


Marcolin's CEO Giovanni Zoppas said: ‘I’m very proud and excited to enter

at his exciting time for Contamac’.





Spirit of unity enthuses UK optics

Sandra Fisher and Barry Dibble

FMO members, optical leaders, and

Although continuing with his role in

invited guests made up a gathering

steering Optrafair, the long established

of 120 at The Hilton Hotel, Padding-

trade show, Malcolm is taking a step

ton, bringing together manufacturers,

back from the day to day running of

lens and frame suppliers and tech-

the organisation. New chief executive

nology companies.

is dispensing optician Kevin Gutsell.

‘Our annual luncheon extends each

A moving presentation of Mal-

year to draw more from the world of

colm’s progression through optics

optics. It is a unique event where

drew a standing ovation for a career

good spirits abound and companies

which has embraced frame manu-

which have competed for business

facturing, lens promotion, optical

throughout the year come together

marketing and team leadership.

Celebrations of excellence, dedicated

to celebrate unity. We are very proud

Alongside this, FMO Honorary

service, and commitment to bringing

to host such a celebration’, said FMO

Life Membership was presented

the best to UK Optics plc were all

chairman, Barry Dibble.

to longstanding, and valued FMO

part of the good cheer of the Feder-

Particular celebrations marked the

administrator Sandie Fisher and

ation of Manufacturing Opticians end

retirement after a lifetime in optics

Optical Confederation leader, Chris

of year luncheon in London.

of FMO chief executive Malcolm Polley.




February 2015




University study reveals need for compulsory eye tests Many UK drivers shouldn’t be on the

comparable. It found that with a

FMO support optical charities from Optrafair profits

road as they don’t meet new EU vi-

sample of drivers with vision around

Profits from Optrafair 2014 have been

sion standards, according to research

the borderline for driving, 15 per

returned to the optical community by

by Anglia Ruskin University.

cent of those tested could read the

show owners, the Federation of Manu-

The UK came into line with the

number plate at 20m but failed the

facturing Opticians, with generous sup-

rest of the EU in 2012 by introducing

new 6/12 standard on the Snellen

port for Vision Aid Overseas, and for

the need to achieve a score of 6/12


the Optical Workers’ Benevolent Fund.

on a Snellen scale letter chart. The

Dr Latham, senior lecturer in vision

Receiving a cheque on behalf of the

EU directive aims to standardise the

and hearing sciences at Anglia Ruskin

OWBF, Trustee Frank Norville, praised

level of vision required to drive

University, said: ‘Given that there

the FMO: ‘This support enables the

across the EU so that licence holders

are now two standards, we wanted

fund to respond to calls for assistance

in one member state will meet the

to investigate whether these two

for optical workers and their dependents

requirements to drive in others.

tests pass and fail the same drivers.

who may have fallen on hard times and

In the UK, the directive has been

Our research shows that drivers who

are in need of support. Previous assis-

addressed by introducing an acuity

pass one test do not necessarily

tance has been given for respite care,

standard of 6/12 in addition to the

pass the other’.

mobility, and residence costs — not just

existing test of reading a number

Whereas the number plate check

for ex-optical employees but contact

plate at 20m outdoors, which has

is compulsory, it is only carried out

lens manufacturing and opticians work-

been the UK standard since 1935.

during the practical driving test.

shops,’ he said.

New research, led by Dr Keziah

The new vision test is in effect vol-

Frank Norville reminded employers

Latham and Dr Sheila Rae of Anglia

untary and requires anyone failing

and colleagues to forward any informa-

Ruskin University and published by

to meet the standard during a visit

tion they learn of needy cases. The

the British Journal of Ophthalmology,

to their optometrist to then notify

charity offers support to needy UK

shows that the two tests are not

the DVLA.

optical workers.



Nidek award at Vision-X trade show Nidek’s LE-700 edging station won the first ‘Vision-X VP Award’ at the Vision-X Dubai 2014 Optical Trade Show in Dubai, UAE from November 25-27. Initiated with VisionPlus Arabia, the local trade magazine in 2014, Vision-X VP Awards are the first ever industry awards in the region recognizing the best products in the business, as voted for by the industry. The LE-700 is a highly-compact, ‘all-in-one’ solution, featuring an integrated intelligent blocker and tracer-free tracing technology which traces demo lenses and patterns. The colour touch screen with intuitive icons makes the unit extremely user-friendly and guides the operator through the entire tracing, blocking, and edging process. Earlier in November, Nidek’s LE-700 edging station was awarded the MTP GOLD Medal prize at the Optyka 2014 Optical Trade Show in Poznan, Poland.




Digital Lens Designs For Your Private Label

Powered By


Marketing Services Available: Ava

Lens designs:


Family leaflets

e designs LifeStyle progressive

By delivering the right combination of the

Individual leaflets

gressive lenses lenses Personalized top progressive

best lens design and truly professional

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technical and marketing support services

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you create your own distinct brand.

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Swiss Bühler Group acquire Leybold Leybold Optics GmbH is now operating under the umbrella

Optics provides tailored solutions, for example in the areas

of Bühler Alzenau GmbH. The company, which has formed

of architectural glass, solar energy, flexible electronics,

part of the Bühler Group since May 2012, is thus concluding

food packaging, precision optics, ophthalmic optics, and

its successful integration into the Swiss Group in a manner

automotive industry,’ Antonio Requena explains.

that is visible externally, too. Leybold has benefited in

The acquisition of Leybold Optics is an ideal complement

many ways from the incorporation into the multinational

in the area of technology and market access for Bühler’s

Bühler Group. This allowed significant business growth in

overall portfolio. Bühler is the market leader for light metal

the current fiscal year and a record number of orders

die-casting solutions in the automotive field. With its bead

received in 2014 in market segments such as optics, auto-

mills, Bühler is also the leader in the field of paint and

motive, web and glass.

coating manufacture for the automobile industry.

Following the change of name, Leybold Optics remains a

However, it is not only the parent company that has

component of corporate communications. ‘The legal unit is

benefited from the acquisition; Leybold Optics has too and

renamed’ explains Antonio Requena, who has 25 years of

will continue to do so in the future. ‘With Bühler, we have a

experience at Leybold Optics and has been managing director

Group parent that allows us to fully develop our strengths,’

of the firm since 2013, ‘but the tradition-rich name continues

Antonio Requena explains.

to be used in the names of our well known machines and in our business area within the Bühler Group.’

For the traditional Alzenau-based company, belonging to Bühler provides attractive perspectives to take an active

After the consolidation of the business in Alzenau and

part in the growth and, in the process, make use of the ad-

the integration of the subsidiaries into the Bühler Group,

vantages of the global Bühler platform, for example in the

the strategy of the business area will be retained. However,

area of sales. ‘Globally, numerous Bühler specialists are

Bühler is striving to strengthen the ties within the ‘Advanced

available with their expertise and experience to help improve

Materials’ corporate area to fully exploit synergies. Further

processes and generate new application areas,’ Antonio Re-

restructuring measures due to the name change are not

quena points out. ‘This helps our company to remain com-


petitive globally.’

The Swiss Bühler Group bought Leybold Optics in May

For the employees at the production sites in Alzenau,

2012. The strategic acquisition was a key step towards ex-

Germany, in Beijing, China and in Cary, North Carolina

panding the area of equipment to include production of

(USA), positive aspects have also arisen due to the acquisition,

functional coatings. ‘These display highly attractive potential

for example improved possibilities for further globalization

for growth — thanks to global trends, for which Leybold

of the company’s products.



Vision Express take over Conlon Opticians National optical retailer Vision Express has acquired Conlons Opticians, bringing the total number of Vision Express outlets in the UK and Ireland to 389 by the end of 2014. The acquisition incorporates the Conlons network of 19 stores in the North West of England and Scotland. Ten stores will trade from their current locations with their existing teams, as part of the Vision Express portfolio. The remaining nine outlets will relocate to the nearest Vision Express stores. Vision Express has committed to retain the valued experience of the Conlons personnel wherever possible. Kate Clayton, human resources director at Vision Express, said: ‘We are delighted to welcome the Conlons team members to Vision Express. Together we look forward to sharing a wealth of experience and knowledge, and to providing a seamless customer transition’. W


Johnathon Lawson CEO


AUTOMAPPER • Inspection of all lens types according to ISO/ANSI Standards • Meaningful and powerful outputs for process control and monitoring

PAUL FAIBISH President, Plastic Plus

« Close to 1,000 jobs come through our lab per day. Upgrading to the A&R AutoMapper now lets us digitally process, map and verify every prescription that comes through. It gives usa controlled check out and reduces labor costs. Also, our returns have dropped dramatically. In addition, we use the A&R Focovision SPF-2to inspect all finished lenses mounted inframes, and their Lens Inkers to mark all progressives after AR coating. »

Auto ma tion & Rob otics • Rua Je a n Ko c h 11, 48 00 Ver v ier s , Bel g iu m • + 32 ( 0 ) 87 322 323

• au t - ro b@ ar. be • w w w. a r. b e

The most successful lens ever Consultant Editor Richard Chaffin looks at the evolution of the progressive lens rogressive lenses are a great success. More than 60 years ago the idea of a progressive lens originated. Now, in a sixth or seventh generation of refinement they dominate the world lens market. Every lens manufacturer features their designs of progressive lenses. There is a progressive lens dedicated to almost any human activity, from tennis and golf to driving and marketing. Also, there are designs that will fit in any shape and size of frame from cat eyes to large geometrics. Early progressive lenses often caused the wearer to feel disoriented with the floor floating and tables out of place. Original glass progressives were not always consistent in their design as they were slumped or formed on moulds that varied slightly. However, the concept of a lens that varied in power continuously from far to near without a line or interruption of curvature was a wonderful idea.



Bifocals or trifocals were well known from the days of Benjamin Franklin. They all required either grinding different curves, cementing or fusing different indices. There are many different designs: round seg (cryptop), curve top, flat-top, executive, aspheric lenses and more. None of these lenses, however, has had the success of progressive lenses. Progressive lenses have improved markedly as newer generations of design and new technology have moved forward. But progressive lenses are aberrated. Everybody agrees that this is so. Major lens manufacturers advertise their latest progressive design as having ‘very little distortion’. It is an accepted fact that a progressive lens, no matter what the design, will be aberrated.

Is the progressive lens the most successful lens ever?

There may not be one definitive answer to that question. Over the years progressive lenses have

Eyewear Show Milan | Feb 28 | Mar 1-2 | 2015

MIDO - International Optics, Optometry and Ophthalmology Exhibition -

become more and more popular. That may be due in part to the fact that in major optical markets there is an ageing population that is presbyopic. The affluence of the emerging markets is another factor. In addition, there is a global optical market for machinery that has equipped the marketplace with the technology to process and dispense progressive lenses. The human factor of vanity is also very important. Progressive lenses are cosmetically more attractive. To the observer they look no different than single vision lenses and therefore are not necessarily an indication of the wearer’s age. Most important of all may be the way in which we all see the world. The eye is only part of the complex system that is vision. The brain is what interprets what the eye sees. The eye and the brain, working together, appear to have a good deal of flexibility. An example is the 10 per cent or so of the population that are near sighted in one eye and farsighted in the other. The brain learns which eye to use for where the person is focused. Another example is the difference in refraction results between the subjective and objective examination. The objective is physically precise, but not according to the brain. Progressive lens designers have carefully researched the path that light follows into the eye through their lenses and the rotation of the eye from near to far vision. Ray tracing of light and exact scientific method has led to the various theories behind the latest progressive lens designs. The reading channel position, width, and length are all based on these theories.

Lucrative source of revenue

Last but not least, the success of progressive lenses may also be due to the fact they are a lucrative source of revenue for the optical trade. They provide generous profits at all levels of the lens value chain. Therefore progressive lenses are an excellent incentive for the industry and the dispenser to promote. Progressive lenses require more skill on the part of the dispenser. They have to be positioned accurately for the patient and the particular frame. The positioning of the lens is critical. In almost all cases the dispenser will advise a new progressive lens wearer that it may take a week or two for them to get used to wearing their lens-


es. That is a reason that dispensers prefer to fit progressive lens wearers with the same design lenses previously worn or a similar design. The latest most advanced progressive lenses today are the individual lenses. These are the digital progressives made exactly to a person’s correction as determined by various machines that scan the eyes curvature. The lenses are then ground to the curves determined by the computer with the progressive design on both surfaces. Individual progressive lenses are not lenses that are factory mass-produced (on one side) but are made to fit the individual wearer. However, there is a problem. No matter how exacting progressive lenses become they have to be mounted in a frame. No matter how well frames are fitted they do not always stay in place.

Eye : brain partnership

Frames slide down the nose, temples loosen, and frames get out of shape. How can progressive lenses work efficiently when this happens? Apparently they do not, but the brain does. The adaptability of vision and some leeway in progressive design allow for acceptability, success. Another way to look at the problem would be to bring back pince nez frames that sit on the nose and are fixed in place. A solution that is not likely to happen. Glasses are a prosthetic device for the correction of vision. Progressive lenses have done that, if not 100 per cent without distortion, but well enough. Optical systems in instruments and cameras work to exact precision standards in a fixed environment. Glasses are not a fixed system. Human vision is a very complex system unlike a machine or computer. The brain interprets what the eye sees and no matter what the explanation accepts progressive lenses. In the past, single vision lenses were the area that lens designers concentrated on. Vision was optimized with the change from ‘flat lenses’ to 6.00 dioptre lenses. Then corrected curve Zeiss, Orthagon, and Tillyer lenses were proven better. Minus cylinder lenses brought the corrected curves closer to the eye to theoretically affording better vision. In every case these improvements aided the brain and the eye to see more precisely. Again, how is it that progressive lenses are so successful? Two old sayings may explain: ‘it is in the mind’s eye’ or ‘it is in the eye of the beholder’.





This is the pinnacle of my career says Kevin Gutsell, Federation of Manufacturing Opticians Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Gutsell, Federation of Manufacturing Opticians CEO

s with a surprising number of other key figures in ophthalmics, the Federation of Manufacturing Opticians new Chief Executive Officer Kevin Gutsell came into our sector almost as a matter of lucky chance. Back in the 1980’s he hovered on the brink of a career in the diplomatic service. ‘But while I was waiting, a job offer came in from Melson Wingate. I said yes, and have never regretted it; since then, optics has become my life’ says Mr Gutsell, who has accumulated a wealth of experience on both sides of the industry:profession divide over his 30 year career. Brought up in the South of England, Kevin studied dispensing optics at the renowned City and East London College, 1984-87. He held professional posts in Melson Wingate Group practices over their core area of Kent, Sussex and Surrey, later combining dispensing practice with a full time return to teaching at the College. He also contributed largely to the work of the Association of British Dispensing Opticians, indeed, he stepped down from the vice-presidency of ABDO to take up his FMO post in Autumn last year. By this time, though, he had already become part of the industry; he was professional services director of Nikon in the UK from 2006 on: a role which highlighted his interest in quality ophthalmic lens development as a focus for the FMO.


Kevin Gutsell has already outlined a five-year business development plan in which a targeted membership drive features prominently, linked with ongoing development of membership services in all regions of the UK. He also points to the scope for enhanced concentration not only on FMO interaction with other national organisations in ophthalmics, but on the international scene. Also a vital element in the package: Optrafair. Here (says Kevin) ‘FMO members and I are fortunate to have the continuing active contribution of the great man who was FMO chief executive before me; Malcolm Polley is a hard act to follow’. The new CEO believes the Federation today faces the need to adapt to a rapidly and decisively changing scene in ophthalmics, both in UK and globally. ‘There has been a strong trend towards consolidation, in industry and profession alike – my own former company Melson Wingate is one example. Along with this, we have seen increasing polarisation of consumer demand towards the high and low ends of the market, as in other business sectors. A new balance needs to be maintained between professional eyecare and eyewear services, and the commercial realities of the market. The changing relationship between eyecare professionals and their service industry must reflect this, in an increasingly retail-led marketplace’.

As for UK optics’ role in determining the global future: ‘We have a strong history here of distinctive innovation in science and technology, and in fashion too, enabling this country to punch above its weight. But national optical communities are inevitably small. Rather than strive to survive in isolation, I believe all of us here in Britain, all of us in the wider world, industry and professionals, should co-operate to achieve those aims we share.’ This year’s Optrafair at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham will, he hopes, be an opportunity to demonstrate these capacities – and to remind eyecare professionals of the vital contributions ‘their’ industry has made to their essential education and development. Since coming to the FMO, Kevin Gutsell has, he says, been struck by how often ophthalmics’ end-users contact the offices for information. Harking back to his years of experience in dispensing, he believes there is a real hunger for more, and more in-depth, public information about both eyecare and eyewear. ‘Consulting room services have advanced beyond what many consumers understand and realise, FMO members help provide the equipment, and the training to use and market it, that makes modern eyecare service possible. And what of quality standards in eyewear products, above and beyond the basic CE mark?’. Here, as in other contexts, the new man at the FMO cites the value to everyone in the ophthalmic community of the Optical Confederation as a forum in which to float new ideas, exchange experiences, and work together. On the international front, he was looking forward when interviewed to 2015’s first meeting of the European Optical Manufacturers Association, EUROM 1. Along with his background in optical retail, sales, marketing and management, perhaps those old hankerings for a career in the diplomatic service may find expression after all. ‘Quite simply’ concludes Kevin Gutsell, ‘being CEO of Britain’s Federation of Manufacturing Opticians – coming up to its centenary in 2017 – is the pinnacle of my career’.

Hong Kong Optical Fair 2014 breaks all records


he 22nd edition of the Hong Kong Optical Fair took

Eyewear Products’

place in November 2014, the three day event attracting

and ‘New Marketing

710 exhibitors from twenty nine countries and regions,

Strategies in Eye-

breaking all past records.

wear’. There were Over 14,000 buyers from

two specific forums


for visiting buyers

countries and regions

– ‘Business Oppor-

participated in the

tunities in the Chi-

event, jointly organ-

nese Mainland

ised by the Hong

and ‘Business Opportunities in Emerging Markets’.

Kong Trade Development

The panel at one of the Bu yers Forums dis ‘Business oppo cussing rtunities in em erging marke ts’ Market’

The Hong Kong Optical Manufacturers Association


(HKOMA) was formed in 1982, their mission to promote

(HKTDC) and the

Hong Kong optical manufacturing and related products, and

Hong Kong Optical

to open new markets overseas. They help to promote the

Manufacturers Association (HKOMA).

latest technologies and to foster co-operation between

There were several first-time participating com-

manufacturers in this same field, and to work close

panies from Mexico, Spain, Sweden and the United

together to their mutual benefit.

Arab Emirates, as well as pavilions from mainland

A Gala Dinner was held on November 5 to mark

China, France, Italy, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

the inauguration of the Association’s 19th presi-

The HKTDC organised seventy two buying mis-

dent, David Chow, managing director of Easy Power

sions consisting of over 4,100 trade buyers from forty

Ltd. This is the first time the appointment of presi-

seven countries to visit the fair. The fair featured

dent has gone to a lens based company as all previous

many supporting activities to further pro-

holders have come from frame manufacturers.

mote the event, including eyewear parades;

Mr Chow will hold the position for a two year

buyer forums; networking receptions and of

period and his vision is to unite and support

course the annual optometric conference.

members of the association and he looks forward

Now in its 12th year, this year’s theme was ‘Development of Optometry for the Future’. The two day event featured experts from the UK,

David Chow, the new president of the Hong Kong Optical Manufacturers Association

to exploring new marketing opportunities. Hong Kong is among the leading exporters of spectacles and frames and the value of exports

USA, Hong Kong and Singapore. Seminars covered during

of optical products were reported to be US$1.4 billion in

the fair included: ‘A

the first nine months of 2014. The fair therefore offered a

Preview of 2015

wide range of inter-

Trends – a Euro-


pean Optical Fash-

and the Hong Kong


The Executive Committee greeting guests to the networking reception





Optical Fair remains

Must-Have’s in a

a key event within

Pair of Spectacles

the busy optical

Today’ and ‘Selec-

trade show calen-



dar. The 2015 event

‘Export Regulatory

is scheduled for

Requirements for

Nov 4 – 6, 2015.

Visitors pictured at the 12th annual optometric conference

Previewed on the following pages is a selection of exhibits which will be shown at the 45th Mido in Milan

AGP and Lookvida-Op cal join in promo ng the revolu onary new Shape lens finishing centre of Optek Internaonal and a full range of edging consumables. The new Shape lens finishing centre combines the latest in mul -axis machining and so ware technology to deliver advanced edge processing capability. While other systems use complex interfaces that only make sense to computer programmers, Shape’s free Edge so ware allows the easy crea on of high end design features such as free-form edges, engravings, drop-in predefined Shape lens finishing centre hole pa erns for popular being exhibited by AGP frame styles, and more. and Lookvida-Optical On show will be the latest universal edging blocking pad, suitable not only for CR39 and polycarbonate but also high hydrophobic lenses.

Featured by Automaon & Robocs will be the AutoMapper an automa c solu on for the inspec on of all lens types (free-form and conven onal), according to ISO/ANSI standards. Its meaningful and powerful outputs can be used for process control and monitoring. Also shown will be the RobCtrl, new genera on unit dedicated to small and middle-sized Rx labs with digital inking (solid ink/wax version) and finish blocking.

AutoMapper being exhibited by Automation & Robotics

The company’s best-selling instruments will also be highlighted: the Dual LensMapper, ideal equipment to check free-form lenses, the Focovision range

(Focovision SPV-2, complete control staon for Rx lenses, Focovision SPF-2 for op cal quality and alignment check of mounted lenses in tradi onal or wrap (sport) frames) and the Digital Lens Inker (a semi-automa c sta on with an accurate, flexible and reliable digital inking system). Bühler with its business arm Leybold Opcs, will exhibit its new magnetron spu er coater Star. With a footprint of approx. 1 m², its fast deposi on rates of up to 2nm/s, its ease-of-use and its mobility through incorporated cooling water system and gas cylinders, the Star coater opens the door for an almost endless field of applica ons. The newly designed vacuum coa ng system uses a single silicon target to apply either mulple high index layers (Si₃N₄) or low index layers (SiO₂) onto maximum four substrates per batch. Those are so placed within a loading Star versatile AR-coating system from Bühler chamber separated from the process area in such a way as to eliminate any influence from ambient atmos¬phere onto the variety of coa ng processes. Cerium will be unveiling a variety of new products including an update to their popular Pre-Cal lens Surface Saver tape, the STX and the STX 120. Their Super oleophobic lens edging pads come in all shapes, and now include A&R compa bility. Also shown will be the firm’s newest lens polish, Vanquish, Thermaguard 15 which is a new chiller and the Aqua Clean Guard MK2. Alongside these products Cerium will be exhibi ng a full range of surfacing and glazing consumables including their popular Shades lens dyes and products for both tradi onal and digital surfacing labs.


February 2015


Coburn Technologies will present informa on on equipment such as the Cobalt-LTE as well as the new Pinnacle Polish. The Cobalt-LTE lens generator is the latest innova on in the Cobalt line of surfacing products which features Coburn’s proven mist-cut genera ng technology for high quality surface finish. This new platform has a space efficient footprint that does not refrom le polish quire water manPinnac echnologies T Coburn agement equipment, making it ideal for small to medium-sized ophthalmic labs eager to upgrade their in-house capabili es to offer free-form. The new Pinnacle polish is made with advanced chemistry and premium ingredients. This unique, exclusive formula on is unlike any op cal polishing slurry on the market today. The polish has superior, rapid, sustained suspension and superior coa ng adhesion for backside coated lenses. Its ‘slick’ feel has a lower impact on skin and equipment, and is easy to clean up. Polished surfaces exhibit a no ceably brighter sheen. Pinnacle polish produces top quality surfaces consistently and is long las ng and durable. It is qualified for use on all conven onal equipment, all materials, and all surfaces. The Pinnacle series provides unmatched features and premium performance at an extraordinary value. Cotec will show a new prin ng system which produces high-resolu on prints on hydrophobic and easy-to-clean coated progressive lenses. These prints are very durable but can be removed without residuum. The brand-new technique replaces the classic pad-prin ng process and permits the display of unlimited designs and

Matrix printing system being shown by Cotec


addi onal marke ng informa on on the products instead of only showing markers for grinding. The Matrix is fully automated and can be integrated into a produc on line. DAC Vision’s exhibits will include DAC Pro Surface tape, DigitALL Advanced Chemistry lens polish, diamond tooling, Pro Foam tools, and RemovALL lens ink remover. Pro Tape is available in three convenient lengths for small to large volume laboratories and works well on all manual and automa c tape applicators. It offers excellent conformability, secure bond and easy removal without residue. DV-4020 (36 yard roll), DV-4021 (55 yard roll) and DV-4022 (108 yard roll). DigitALL Advanced Chemistry lens polish is precision engineered for excep onal stock removal and surface finish on all lens materials. It is designed for superior performance on all digital and tradional surfacing pla orms. It is easy to mix and remains in suspension. DV-7700G is a gallon size container and DV-7700-5, a 5-gallon pail.

plate slots for easy inser on and removable a er processing. RemovALL is a chemically-advanced cleaning formula specifically designed for the op cal industry. It removes all kinds of ink, felt or grease pencil markings and other surface contaminants. It is safe to use on all lens materials and dries instantly leaving no residue. Fisa will display the latest genera on of cleaning and coa ng machines. Coa ng via dipping or flow, allows the applica on of different coa ngs depending on the side of the lens.

CV20 cleaning machine from Fisa

Consumables and tools from DAC Vision

Diamond tooling and tradi onal surfacing cu ers have recently been added to the firm’s por olio. Tooling meets virtually all the needs for exis ng equipment in the market place. These diamonds, tools and cu ers are manufactured to stringent tolerances and offer excellent cu ng capabili es and long life. For tradi onal hard lap surfacing, DAC recently introduced the DAC Pro Foam tools. These are injec on moulded with a high-density foam which maintains exact curve accuracy throughout the fining and polishing cycles with no need for pressure adjustments. These are available in individual 85mm and 70mm round dimensions with bevelled adapter

All Fisa automated processes now come with the new MCU machine controller unit. It is a totally new and redesigned wide screen and touchscreen HMI that helps `customers to set and control the process parameters, monitor every single basket, print basket reports, send the most important alarms via text message or email to maintenance. Indizen Op cal Technologies will be will be exhibi ng one of the revolu onary products on today´s market, Ul mate Freestyle, an innova ve product that selects the ideal progressive lens for every pa ent. The design changes to be adapted to all different cases achieving a new product that represents the solu on with the best opcal performance for each pa ent. Ul mate FreeStyle offers an a rac ve and interac ve ipad applica on that gathers all the necessary informa on from Ultimate FreeStyle app from IOT each wearer. A mathema cal algorithm developed by IOT experts decides, com-

bining millions of possibili es, the ideal progressive design that offers the best possible visual solu on. With many years of experience MLase – the partner of Laser 2000 have re-invented the mini excimer laser now making it even more a rac ve for industrial use. These lasers provide lowest running cost, the best life mes and reliability available on the market. Customized OEM versions based on the standard products with features tailored to specific requirements. Integrators benefit from standardized interfaces with full compa bility and a strong local support team. Compact excimer laser MLI and MLI-OEM series are UV light sources at 193nm or 248nm with high pulse energies up to 16mJ and repeon rates up to 1000Hz and excel by the unmatched life mes. With their homogeneous MLI Excimer Laser from LASER 2000 beam profile and op onal energy stabiliza on, they are ideal for demanding applica ons. Simple connec on via USB and control with the included so ware allow quick setup and easy Integra on. MLase AG develops and manufactures innova ve, highquality UV laser systems for a wide range of industrial and scien fic applica ons. Their laser systems are the product of many years of experience in the field of medical applica ons and the high-tech exper se of a professional team. With a large global base of installed systems, the company has developed a reputa on for quality, reliability and innova on. The Xtrimer SE-1 system dry edger displayed by Nidek incorporates a 5-axis processing technology with six individual tools, an intui ve graphic user interface, and a compact footprint. It realises speedy and stable lens processing of various lens materials and for a variety frames to provide the best laboratory system tailored to each customer. Shape data for lens processing can be created easily using the iRx Editor so ware. This so ware is compa ble with tablet computers running Windows 8 allowing easy control of mul ple SE-1 units. This configura on is especially effec ve in laboratories with high volume processing as it permits collec ve management of processing status. Nidek’s LE-700 edging sta on is a highly compact, ‘all-inone’ solu on, featuring an integrated intelligent blocker and ‘tracer-free’ tracing technology which traces demo lenses and pa erns. Two add-on op ons for the LE-700 expand its capability even further. The first is a newly designed, onboard frame tracer. The second op onal add-on is a grooving / safety beveling wheel which integrates these two features into one unit, providing highly accurate processing. Also on show the Re na Scan Duo is a combined op cal coherence tomography (OCT) and fundus camera system that is a user friendly, versa le unit which provides high defini on images and value added features. The Nidek 3-D auto tracking, auto shot, and user-oriented interface allow


February 2015


rapid and easy image capturing. Once alignment is completed, both the OCT and colour fundus images can be captured in a single shot. Up to 50 OCT images can be averaged

Xtrimer SE-1 system dry edger from Nidek

and the OCT sensi vity is selectable. The fundus camera features of the unit include a built-in 12megapixel CCD camera, producing high quality fundus images. The Norville Group will be presen ng for the first me the Barbour ophthalmic collec on and sun wear. With inspira on taken from the Barbour true, original, authen c Motorcycle brand. The collec on encompasses bold strong masculine shapes and oversized cute cats’ eyes for women. Retro shaping on Sun wear completes the café racer look of the 60s. Also shown will be the urban street wear of Duck and Cover, with many new ophthalmic and sun wear models. Young and spirited with contrast toning on both metals and acetates aimed at the fashionista, at home in the city, the collec on is accompanied by case, cleaning cloth and full point of sale Cecil Gee, a men’s tailoring brand, completes the strong Bri sh design-led collec ons of Norville Eyewear ranges. With its inspira on taken from the 60s, a dis nct retro look follows through on

Model B1015C1 from Barbour collection being exhibited by Norville


the models. Toning acetate and metal ophthalmic models with solid colouring makes this collec on a must for both fashion and price-conscious customers Mai-zee, Norville’s house range for young women, offers a fusion of fashion, fun and frivolity. Colour abounds with clashing contrasts as well as oversized acetate; one of the firm’s most successful ranges. The display will be completed by Superlite, a three piece rimless in tanium, grilamid and stainless steel, offering nearly every conceivable shape and size op on. Available as either empty frames or a complete package. Opmal Technologies will be displaying and demonstra ng all aspects of lens cleaning and dip-hard coa ng processes

Optimal’s New Generation CHC40 cleaning machine

available on the complete Op mal Technologies equipment range. They will be demonstra ng the latest version of the compact CHC20 cleaning and coa ng machine, the CHC20, which will be shown demonstra ng the entry level machine from the company’s complete range of New Genera on machines. Op mal will also be on hand to discuss the full range of New Genera on machines, including the new cleaning and coa ng — CHC40 (pictured) CHC200 and the UCS200 ultrasonic cleaning machine. These machines now stand in line with Op mal’s exis ng best selling CHC60 and CHC150 with upgraded features for 2015.

OptoTech will show innova ve concepts for free-form processing on two booths.

SmartLAB superstore being shown by OptoTech

In 2014 they introduced their new, revolu onary concept smartLAB superstore, a complete free-form lens produc on cell on a smallest possible footprint without the need of blocking material. Compared to other alloy-free concepts, the OptoTech Grünpfeil concept is claimed to be the only true ‘green’ produc on concept available on the market. No tape, no UV glue, no wax, no special blocking material, and no blocking devices are needed, resul ng in a tremendous reduc on of the produc on cost, together with a significant increase of the surfacing produc on me, as in fact there´s no cool down me required anymore. Moreover the amount of plas c waste caused by the produc on process, compared to other alloy-free concepts, is reduced to a minimum. Also shown the OptoTech EyeWizard is a groundbreaking sales- and order-tool, especially designed for the needs of opcians. By using an iPad, the op cian is able to determine and send the individual parameters directly to the contractual lab to process the customized lenses so they can be added to the manufacturing schedule. This concept will be illustrated working live with our smartLAB superstore. Besides a small and a large AR-coa ng system, OptoTech will also display quality tes ng equipment. Moreover the visitors will see a world novelty for op cal coa ng processes. The company will also present a new free-form genera ng concept that will greatly increase produc on. This cell

will be the upcoming most powerful automated produc)on system for freeform lens produc)on available on the market. Private label specialist PADS4LABS will be par)cipa)ng for the first )me and will be exhibi)ng their en)re range of edgings pads and consumables. With linerless blocking tape, Lock-Down an)-twist films and much more, there is bound to something of interest for both Rx and edging laboratories.

Axis Red edging pads from PADS4LABS

PADS4LABS are seeking distributors in a number of areas. Op)Safe lens dye packets being

shown by Phantom Research Laboratories, Inc. have been formulated aer several years of research and development. They are claimed to be the most advanced lens dyes available, providing the most consistent, uniform colours in the least amount of )me. The molecular composi)on of the dyes allows for rapid penetra)on into the lens matrix, bonding to the lens and providing outstanding resistance to fading. Plas)c CR-39 (coated and uncoated), hi-index, and OptiSafe Digital Super tinter polycarbonfrom Phantom Research Labs ate lenses can be successfully )nted with the dyes, which are available in water-soluble dye packets, packaged in standard 10 packs. Op)Safe Digital Super Tinter is a sin-

gle quart tank hea)ng system combining accurate digital temperature control, variable s)rring ac)on, split lid, and non-s)ck tank (vat) for heating lens )n)ng solu)ons. The detachable temperature probe is immersed in the )nt solu)on to reflect solu)on temperatures, not the temperature of the HTF as in conven)onal hea)ng systems. The unit requires only 15 fl. oz. (443ml) of HTF, a water soluble, environmentally safe, non-hazardous, bio-degradable oil blend. Mul)ple units can be aligned side by side to create a )n)ng system that is perfect for customers’ needs. Rodenstock will be featuring their ‘best progressive lens of all )me’ along with a unique device which allows op)cians to carry out eye measurements with an unprecedented degree of precision. They will also be unveiling two new eyewear brands.


February 2015


The innova ve Impression FreeSign 3 be demonstrated. It combines the highlens is the result of five years of research est process flexibility with easy hanand development, providing unrestrict- dling and self-sufficient manufacturing for ed clear vision, maximum image stabili- high volume lens produc on. ty, and minimum Integrated in the concept of the next distor on. ‘This level of manufacturing, the Multi-FLEXlens takes pro- ST will be demonstrated together gressive specta- with the ART-Blocker and the VFT-orbit cle wearers into in an automated line, presenting fura new dimen- thermore how to optimize production sion,’ says Roden- using MES. stock’s UK lens prodThe Manufacturing Execu on System uct manager, Deb- (MES), a main pillar of Sa sloh’s Lab 4.0 bie Bathgate. ‘Thanks concept, lets customers connect ophto our patented Flexi- thalmic machines with the en re proDNEye scanner being exhibited by Rodenstock ble Design Technology, duc on environment. Depending on dewe’ve made it really easy for op cians to mands, MES can be used and installed for perfectly adapt the Impression FreeSign many different needs, like tracking, an3 to the personal requirements of even alyzing and contheir most demanding customer. nec ng produc‘Swimming effects that are typical of a on processes, progressive lens are finally a thing of the t r a n s f e r r i n g past and the peripheral aberra ons can data, op mizing be posi oned in such a way that the cus- the use of sources, tomer will hardly know they are wearing improving maintespectacles.’ nance planning, interactIn addi on to the Individual design oping with the service departon, Impression FreeSign 3 comes in ment. three easy-to-dispense design types to In addi on to high-tech machines suit different lifestyles. and MES, ecological issues are also in Also being showcased by Rodenstock the spotlight. Sa sloh’s alloy replacement is the DNEye scanner. Already a success technology (ART) will be demonstrated in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and, with the automated and manual versions more recently, in Scandinavia, the scan- of ART-blocker and deblocker. All can be ner is se ng new standards in made-to- easily integrated into any produc on measure lenses and will provide more op- line. ART Technology not only removes portuni es for independents to differ- hazardous substances from the lab and en ate themselves in the market. the environment, it also leads to higher Sa sloh will present their Lab 4.0 con- process stability and yields because of its cept. This new produc on process is ac vely controlled process. based on high-tech maIn Fascina on for chines and processes, a Innova on’ the Schneiso ware support der team will be presystem and ecosen ng a variety of logical producnew products. on. These three Launched in 2012 pillars are the key the worldwide winto future compe ning Modulo system veness in a more with its unique quality and more challengand outstanding effiing market. ciency proved itself The company will successful in many feature machines for interna onal installaall steps of oph- Multi-FLEX-ST polishing machine ons. Being extended with being shown by Satisloh thalmic producaddi onal modules the system on. The focus in edging lies on the ES- becomes even more powerful. 5, Sa sloh’s new blockless edger. A new Visitors will have the chance to expepolishing machine, the Mul -FLEX-ST, will rience the complete Modulo system


with the CCU Modulo autoblocker, the HSC Modulo XT generator, the CCP Modulo polisher, the PMD Modulo inline quality inspec on, the CCL Modulo laser the HSE Modulo edger and the DBA Modulo deblocker. Furthermore, they can see the unique and powerful control centre which allows to con nuously monitor efficiency, machine condi on and lens quality. A special focus is set on the latest members of the Modulo system HSC Modulo XT, HSE Modulo and DBA Modulo. The HSC Modulo XT is the highest performing generator in the market. This machine achieved its reputa on as No. 1

Schneider’s Modulo Line

in the high speed cu ng technology in shortest me. The generator benefits strongly from Schneider’s extensive experience in the field of ultra-precision engineering and features the best prac ce technology with outstanding quality. The generator sets new standards in accuracy and speed in the market for the best lens in the shortest me. HSE Modulo is the company’s brand new high-speed mul axis double spindle edger. The new kinema cs with four axes moving freely at each worksta on allow truly independent processing of both lenses. The HSE Modulo is able to work with blocked lenses or it can be fi ed with the Schneider blockless op on. Working blockless reduces costs for consumables and eliminates handling errors. The DBA Modulo deblocks lenses of any material in a ma er of seconds, avoiding the danger of lens breakage. Block pieces are fully automa cally cleaned and inserted into the block-

piece cartridges of the CCU auto blocker. In addi on alloy is recycled for immediate reuse. Next to the Modulo system Schneider will show the latest development in coa ng solu ons with their EBC 900. Built on solid exper se, it assures high process stability and superior quality in an reflec ve, mirror, gradient and absorp on coa ng. The company’s extended por olio now also features cu ng-edge soluons for n ng which will be presented for the first me. The n ng unit TFA comes with an automa c level and temperature control and water refilling for a very precise observance of process parameters while having a high n ng capacity. For the mid-sized labs Schneider will show their best sellers in this market: The HSC Sprint generator and CCP Swi polisher of the Schneider Sprintline. The generator and polisher feature full free-form capability for the highest surface quality and lowest cost – the ideal solu on for mid-sized labs and those who want to enter the free-form market. SCL will offer a new In-line cleaning machine with brushes and high pressure. Placed just a er de-blocking, this cleaning machine will fullfill perfectly

SCL’s in line cleaning machine with brushes and high pressure

its cleaning role before hard coa ng. It cleans 500 lenses / hour, removing marking inks and polishing residuals. Lenses come out drained and cleaned without visible traces. Placed in line, at the output of surfacing, it will fullfill perfectly its cleaning role before hard coa ng. Thanks to high pressure, all contamina on is removed from the lens surface. An output robot enables automa c

ers over 5.7 billion variables, and respects both lifestyle requirements and frame fi ng parameters to produce a truly personalised lens for every wearer. Snapitscrew Internaonal Ltd will be exhibi ng their revolu onary, patented Snapitscrew product. The screw can be used in hinges and eyewires for repairs, assembly, and moun ng and take the pain out of spectacle repair. The company was recently awarded a European patent (#EPO8782656) and already has mul ple patents granted across USA, Australia, South Africa, Phillipines, Russia, Hong Kong and China. Super Systems Opcal Technologies Seiko Superior Xcel progressive lens will display their FastGrind system again uploading of the lenses. All parameters at MIDO this year. FastGrind is the lens are adjustable on a touch surfacing leader for screen. independent prac ces The Seiko Lens Specialist throughout the world. scheme has been successIn only 5 sq. . of fully running in the UK space you can since April 2005 and on produce digital mainland Europe since quality progres2011. The strength of the sive lenses in company brand name is office with only already helping a number one machine. The of op cians throughout affordable, easy to Europe to differen ate operate system uses themselves in their me-proven technolorespec ve market. gy that any staff memSuper Systems Optical FastGrind system Seiko Lens Specialists ber can be trained on in receive extensive product training and a less than one hour. variety of marke ng tools to help make FastGrind is installed in over 50 counpa ents aware tries and approved by the US Military. of high benefit lens Super Systems will be offering a special op ons. The specialists show price for the FastGrind system. Y&S Optical Division will exhibit also benefit from preferen al arrangements with together with the delegation of COOA, the China Optometric & Optical Seiko Op cal. Displayed by the firm, the DigitalMul- Association. On show will be CR-39 1.5 hard resin Tool is a comprehensive App for an lenses, 1.56 middle index hard resin iPad 3 incorpora ng measurelenses, 1.56 photochromic hard resin ments, frames on faces and lenses, 1.59 polycarbonate lenses, lens demonstra ons. Specifi1.60/1.67 hi-index hard resin lenses, cally developed for the as well as sunlenses and CR-39 improved camera on the iPad polarised lenses. Other products will 3 it enables higher resolu on include mineral 1.523 ophthalmic measurements photograph to be lenses and mineral 1.7/1.8/1.9 hitaken without the need for an index lenses, as well as mineral adaptor, with only a small exterphotochromic lenses (grey and nal light source fi ed to the brown), PhotoGray Extra lenses sleek iPad. (Corning PGX 8111), PhotoAlso on show, the new Seiko SupeBrown Extra lenses (Corning rior Xcel is a truly individualized PBX 8122), ophthalmic lens inner surface progressive lens. The blanks and glass moulds. design calcula on so ware considSnapitscrew


February 2015


Software upgrade from Heidelberg Engineering Faster image acquisition and more intuitive analysis are key fea-

ferent thickness maps – for all retinal layers. We believe this is

tures of the new Heidelberg Engineering Spectralis 6.00 OCT

the only commercially available means of segmenting GCL and

software. The free download reinforces the benefits of this

IPL. This really demonstrates the benefit of investing in an up-

technology being an upgradeable platform, believes the

gradeable OCT platform’.


Transverse section analysis provides the clinician with a birds-

Marking a significant step, the upgrade allows Spectralis users

eye view of the retinal layers. Both new and previously taken

to interrogate and gain more information from both new and

scans of the retina are segmented into individual retinal layers,

previously taken scans, providing full-segmentation of the retinal

which can then be viewed from top to bottom. This allows for

layers and longitudinal section analysis for a top down view.

visualisation of the extent of pathology across the retina, which

Christopher Mody, Heidelberg Engineering clinical programme manager, explained, ‘For those with a retinal interest the new

when combined with OCT sections through the retina, provides a comprehensive analysis of the health of the eye.

software includes transverse section analysis and multi-layer

For further details email:

segmentation. This multi-layer segmentation includes ten dif-

Mirrored treatment from Shamir Shamir power mirrors come in a range of six high-density, highly reflec-ve colours, silver, gold, green, blue, red and orange. The outer layer of the power mirror coa-ng features advanced hydrophobic and oleophobic proper-es, so they clean quickly and easily. For further details visit:

Polarised collection from Norville New from the Norville Group INVU is a new brand in the polarised sunglass sector. The new range features a mix of materials and colours, ranging from the pop art flashy trend range to more calm blacks and browns within the classic collec-on. Quality enhancements throughout the collec-on include the use of new materials such as TR 90 as well as temple embellishments and innova-ve frame treatments. The frame case also incorporates a polarising lens tester that will help sell the collec-on. For further details email:

Arch Crown catalogue

Abrasion-resistant coating

A 40-page catalogue from Arch Crown features a full line of bar

One of the new products from HCoa-ng's line of abrasion-resis-

code technology products including the newly added GoDEX RT730i

tant coa-ngs for ophthalmic lenses. HCoa-ng-AB is a UV-curable

thermal transfer printer and Honeywell Orbit 7120 omni-direc-onal

super-hard coa-ng and serves as a perfect base for

scanner plus over 100 styles of stock, pre-printed and custom

AR coa-ngs.

printed Op-Tags and labels.

HCoa-ng-AB was formulated as a result of

New Poly-Lam thermal transfer computer string and barbell style

Arotek's con-nued Intra-Molecular Altering (IMA)

tags are available in gold, silver, white, yellow, green, blue, pink

technology development. IMA is an altera-on of

and orange. Arch Crown can custom colour match Poly-Lam tags

molecular design within a chemical to produce

for corporate iden-ty, brand awareness and special promo-ons.

the desired and stabilized structure and viscosity.

For further details visit:

For further details visit:


Barbour eyewear from Norville

Since Norville’s third Barbour catalogue was launched early this

effect acetate temples, model 042 is perfect as an everyday frame

year, nine new frames have been released, all of which are con-

with a slight edge. It comes in black and silver.

veniently available in two sizes and with sprung sides.

Model B039 – C2 offers a stylish

Model BO46-C1, available in gun and

look. This two-tone oversized tor-

brown, is all about looking for sturdy

toiseshell frame features a key-

rugged eyewear but s ll with com-

hole bridge and branded plaque, and

fortable bridge fit, generous pads and

comes in tort horn and ivory.

swan neck secure sides.

For further details visit:

With a large metal front and marble

Improved dispensing possibilities from Zeiss Thanks to a new technology developed by Zeiss for deter-

within a range of 100cm to 400cm and is tailored to the

mining the Maximum Intermediate Distance (M.I.D.),

specific needs of the wearer. In addi on, the wearer’s

the company’s office lenses can be adjusted to meet

centra on data, near working distance and spectacle

the individual viewing distance needs of the wearer.

frame dimensions are used in the design and produc on

The M.I.D. value is the distance within the room that

of these lenses. This level of customisa on makes Zeiss

the wearer needs to be able to see with op-

officelens Individual an effec ve solu on for applica ons

mum vision.

that require specific working distances.

Considering different pa ent require-

Zeiss customised office lenses also

ments and improved dispensing choice,

offer wearers enhanced visual per-

Zeiss office lenses are available in three

formance due to the advanced

performance ers: Zeiss officelens

free-form technology and feature

Plus and Zeiss officelens Superb come with a fixed M.I.D. of 100cm, 200cm or 400cm. Zeiss office-

binocular balancing of the progressive zone to enable be er spa al percep on.

lens Individual, the top- er product, has an individual M.I.D.

For further details visit:

Job tray cleaner Op Source have developed another first-of-its-kind solu on that removes dried polish from job trays, and restores them to like-new condi on. Cleaning cakedup polish from job trays is a near-impossible task. Alterna ves such as tray inserts, industrial washing machines, or replacing dirty job trays have been the only available op ons. With Op Source’s new formula, the life me of a job tray is extended and the problem of scratching lenses from built-up polish is finally eliminated. The new Job tray cleaner works instantly by using a simple spread-on and wipe-off process, and is good for both tradional and robo c-style job trays. ‘Scratched lenses are a prolific pain-point for any surfacing customer’, states Daryl Squicciarini, president of Op Source. ‘Our Job tray cleaner eliminates one more variable, contribu ng to scratched lens remakes’. The new formula has been specially developed not only to remove dried polish from job trays, but also from any other polish-laden surface. For further details visit:


February 2015


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The International Suppliers Guide Circulates to over 11,500 readers in more than 100 countires

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The International Suppliers Guide Circulates to over 11,500 readers in more than 100 countires


February 2015


The International Suppliers Guide Circulates to over 11,500 readers in more than 100 countires



February 2015


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