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Our mission is to create an environment for positive change by nurturing arts education, keeping fashion out of landfill and giving back to the Houston community

Our organization rests on the pillars of Collaborate, Create, Educate and Invest by building creative connections between local businesses, donors, artists, designers, educators and other Houston area non-profits

We are dedicated to the collection and redesign of post consumer textile, fashion & accessory waste

Working with local students, designers & artists in the Houston area, we create unique | curated | bespoke | upcycled collections from formally fabulous donated items and educate on sustainability

We understand that growing arts education programming supports keeping talent here in Houston

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Magpies & Peacocks is a Houston based 501(c)3 non-profit design house

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The average age of our supporting

$200K is the average median

shopper is 40 years old

household income of our audience



Magpies & Peacocks shoppers spend on average $40k yearly on fashion clothing, accessories and home decor

$15k is the average household amount that our audience donates back to charitable organizations

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61% 55% 45%

45% of the M&Ps audience shop

our products online via our e-commerce stores and 55% shop our products at markets or in high-end retailers throughout the city of Houston

61% of Magpies & Peacocks audience are female 39% of M&Ps audience are male 86% are pet owners

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75% of Magpies & Peacocks customers

65% of our donated items are used to supply materials to local extracurricular programs for


schools | colleges | universities and


buy items from our custom up-cycled collections

fashion | art | design students 85% of M&Ps supporters donate their

items for local non-profit galas or

fundraising events in Houston


Peacocks are donated as silent auction


25% of items created by Magpies &

Dedicated supporters who shop and wear our items also donate to M&Ps to repeat the sustainable up-cycle process

gently used formerly fabulous accessories, special occasion clothing, vintage and family heirloom jewelry items back to our Closet Deposit program and hosted events

ENVIRONMENTAL Magpies & Peacocks partners with at least two non-profit charities per year to create exclusive up-cycled collections to directly benefit their missions, and nominates at least ten other charities per quarter to receive auction items Magpies & Peacocks has diverted over 100,000 lbs in donated textile materials since 2011

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the facts about TEXTILE WASTE





85% adds up to

25 Billion Pounds of post


consumer textile waste that ends up in US Landfills


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Statistics provided by R2ReWear and the Council for Textile Recycling



One. The fashion industry is the world's 2nd largest polluter Second to the oil industry. Two. We consume a staggering 80 billion pieces of clothing each year. This is up 400% from two decades ago.

Three. We currently only recycle 15% of donated clothing.

85% ends up in landfills or flooding markets in developing countries killing local economies. Four.

women earning less than $3 per day in deplorable conditions. Many are children One-in-six people work in the global fashion industry. A majority of these workers are

Five. It takes 715 gallons of water to make just one t-shirt That’s about the amount of water an average person drinks over the course of two and a half years.

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FIVE Things you should know about the Fashion Industry:

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catw alks& class

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The Magpies & Peacocks Arts Education Program | Catwalks & Classrooms

The program includes an innovative design competition culminating in the Catwalks & Classrooms Showcase Event, the biggest event on our calendar, where we collaborate with local and national artists and fashion influencers to creatively exhibit the final collections. Students creatively up-cycle collections from post consumer textiles provided by Magpies & Peacocks. Students receive mentorship from industry leaders and hands-on exposure to working within the industry as well as scholarship prizes. The 2017 Catwalks & Classrooms will take place October 18 at the Site Gallery, Silos at Sawyer Yards in the heart of Washington Arts District and will feature the work of 15 emerging designers, along with an arts market. This year’s honorees include Christena Argo Reinhard, founder of luxury reseller Union & Fifth, and Jerri Duddlesten Moore, film maker and fashion designer.

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Magpies & Peacocks collaborates with many great design schools within their arts education and sustainable fashion program – providing raw materials, mentorship and creative support for emerging designers and essential guidance on the becoming a sustainable designer. The program gives students the opportunity to work with high quality donated raw materials from M&Ps and creatively transform these donated items as part of their curriculum. This year we are proud to be partnering again with The Art Institute of Houston, along with other regional and national schools.

M&Ps Post Consumer Textiles Resource Library:

Not only do M&Ps go to local artists in support, we also bring them in. With our artist residency program, Artist in Nesting, we open up our space to offer artists in varied mediums, a place to work and find inspiration. Our relatively untouched, mid-century warehouse, with exposed brick and a myriad of cherished imperfections, provides a perfect backdrop to creative thinking and industrial inspired art. Because we recognize the importance of giving new life to used materials we require all Artists in Nesting to create pieces of art through deconstruction and/or up-cycling directly from our resource library of materials.

The Magpies & Peacocks Resource Library is in direct partnership with the community and our friends within the textile and interior industries. It is designed to offer post consumer textiles – donated material including: used clothing, fabrics, samples, bolt ends, dead stock, jewelry and accessories – as raw materials to students and educators, as a primary resource for sustainable re-design and circular education in Houston.

All artists are also required to design and host a workshop within the warehouse to educate the community about a particular arts discipline, and bring awareness to sustainable artistic practices. At the end of his or her residency, each artist will choose a piece to display for six months on the Magpies & Peacocks gallery wall. This program is a way for us to further facilitate and support the creation of art, while encouraging sustainability, providing resources and making connections for artists in the community.

We collect from businesses, individuals, the fashion and interior industry, as well as from costume designers, retailers, and garment manufacturers, as a way to close the wasteful gap on the current manufacturing cycle. We do this to divert waste from landfill, educate consumers on fashion consumption and extend the useful life of post consumer material. Magpies & Peacocks intends to position Houston as a potential leader in sustainability, waste innovation and re-use, whilst boosting arts education and the creative economy.

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Magpies & Peacocks Artists in Nesting Program:

We work closely with a community of boutiques and groups sensitive to sustainability, to promote and sell upcycled products. Through our community network we successfully provide a platform for our up-coming designers, educate the public on responsible recycling, the power of our emerging design talent and raise awareness for local causes. Every year we feature guest designers, guest charities and nominate at least two local non-profits to benefit from the sale of our products. We also donate up-cycled pieces to over 50 gala auctions per year.

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NTHESPOTLIGHT • Twitter: @MagpiesPeacocks • • Instagram: @MagpiesPeacocks For press, interviews and sponsorship opportunities please contact Ahshia Berry | Director of Communications 832-299-5609 •

Magpies & Peacocks is proud to be in programs with Houston Arts Alliance

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Board of Directors: Sarah-Jayne Smith Ahshia Berry Amy Morgan Peggy Wallace-Stark Yvonne Alden Tammi McCart Sarah Sandercock Parisa Safarzadeh

Magpies & Peacocks | Media Kit 2017  
Magpies & Peacocks | Media Kit 2017