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Summer ball 2011 What could we do for your SU?

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LSU in conjunction with Jaeger Nation UK Presents OFFICIAL STUDENTS UNION XMAS PARTY


Guest PA Mark Wright from The Only Way Is Essex Giant Snowball Fight Giant Snow Machine Real Ice sculptures in the Winter Palace 3 floors of the best funky house and R&B

Thurs December 2nd Square Mood Nightclub, Concert 10 – 4am

£1 Drinks All Night

including Jaeger Bombs, VK, Vodka Mixer

Dress Code: Ice White

Buy tickets online at or from LSU reception

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Tickets on sale from April 28 2010. Saturday 5th June | University of Bath Campus Thanks to our official Summer Ball Sponsors:

Event closes 2.00am Rag volunteers have kindly offered to clean up after the event. Try to make their job easier by using the bins provided.

Please leave quietly – Future Balls on campus depend on us not upsetting the local residents. Please be considerate! Please leave the event via the steps at 4 East (follow the sign from the main parade). Taxis/buses will pick you up from there. There will be no access to Sham Castle. SES and University Security will be patrolling the area.

Leaving the event




ummer all

How is the money spent for the Summer Ball? Breakdown of how the money is spent for the Summer Ball

Anybody without a wristband will be asked to leave the event.

The Summer Ball, as an event, costs in the region of ÂŁ110,000 to run. So where does the money go? Here is a breakdown where the money you paid for your ball ticket is spent:

On arrival you will exchange your ticket for a waistband. You will also be given a casino voucher. It is essential that you wear your waistband at all times as this will be checked at the entrance into different venues. Please note that due to capacity restrictions your waistband does not guarantee admission into all venues.

Helpful Info t"O*OGPSNBUJPOQPJOUBOE'JSTU"JEQPJOUXJMMCFMPDBUFEBUUIFUPQPG the steps next to the Parade Bar. t"DMPBLSPPNXJMMCFBWBJMBCMFJO-FWFM0OF$BGš XIJDIXJMMCFSVO by Rag. t5PJMFUTJO"SFOBBSFMPDBUFEJO&MFNFOUT 1BSBEF#BS VOEFSUIF Parade Bar, and in the Claverton Rooms. Disabled toilets are located in the University Hall Building. Mobile toilets will be located in Arena 2 in the East Car Park, this includes disabled toilets. t%JTBCMFEBDDFTTUPUIF1BSBEFJTBWBJMBCMFUISPVHIUIFMJGUJOUIF University Hall. t'PPEXJMMCFBWBJMBCMFGSPNUIFGPPEPVUMFUTJOUIF&BTU$BS1BSL t1IPUPHSBQIFSTXJMMCFTFUVQJOUIF"NQIJUIFBUSFUPUBLFTDFOJD photos of you and your friends on this special occasion. t-PTU'PVOEXJMMCFMPDBUFEJO-FWFM0OF$BGš t$BTICBDLXJMMCFBWBJMBCMFGSPN&MFNFOUTBOE5IF1BSBEF#BS only. No temporary bar structures can offer cashback or a card facility.

Advertising St John Bars and Marquees Entertainment Technical Set Up

1% 0.5% 9% 47% 14%

Set Up 18.5% Misc 0.3% Signage 0.5% Security 7% Tickets & Wristbands 1.2%



NaTo I Rag-Tags I Dance Act I Speakers Five Minute Limit I Modern Age Feeds I Talk to Angels Afraid like you I & DJ SETS Plus LIVE Acoustic Session THURSDAY 7TH OCT AT COFFEE BEAN . R.O.A.R over 18s only, students ± guests

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Get your wristband in the SU shop or online at www.huddersfieldstudent.c om/whatson

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