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Individual Quiches

Asparagus Quiche Code IQUASP01016

Cheese & Onion Quiche Code IQUCHE01016

Pack 1 x 16

Pack 1 x 16

Spanish Quiche

Code IQUSPA01016 Pack 1 x 16

Our selection Our ambition is to offer our customers the finest range of desserts and speciality foods on the market. We believe that by constantly improving and expanding our wide range of products we can offer all our clients a superb service that’s tailored to suit their individual needs.

Mushroom Quiche Code IQUMUS01016

Pack 1 x 16

Broccoli Quiche

Code IQUBRO01016 Pack 1 x 16


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Destiny Foods Catalogue 2014  

Destiny Foods Catalogue 2014