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A Dance Workshop in Sofia When someone like Aurélien Bory – choreographer, dancer and 1000% artist – comes to town to conduct a workshop, the chance to cover it is a journalist’s dream. Bory’s workshop was the first step of the EU-funded Circle Project. Jointly organized by One Magazine, the French Compagnie 111 and the Slovenian cultural center Pekarna, this project’s aim is the creation of a dance production to be perfomed in Sofia with international participation. For five days, @lma @lter, Sofia University’s theater space, was host to Aurélien Bory and a group of young dancers, as well as the scene of lots of work and laughter. The workshop culminated in a public presentation.


contemporary dance

text by Vera Gotseva translation by Boris Deliradev photography by Mihail Novakov

One Magazine ­ Summer 2010  

One Magazine is an independent Bulgarian quarterly publication