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Hey, Girl! is showing on 1 June at the Varna Dramatic Theater and on 4 June at Sofia Theater

3 in 1 – dance + theater + concert: Grasping the Floor with the Back of My Head by Mute Company and Black Peter by Drift In these two shows, contact with the audience occurs somewhere outside language. Communication takes place musically – through rhythm and vibration. For this to work properly, one needs to tune into the right frequency and become an antenna. The kick is definitely worth it. Grasping the Floor with the Back of My Head was the opening performance at last year’s showcase of Danish performing arts. Described by its creators as something between dance theater and a concert, this is an elegant, comical, affecting and strongly expressive commentary on the eternal topic: Why has man, since the dawn of humanity, acted in ways that always end up making his life hell? The music, composed for the production and performed live by Valravn, combines the raw timbre of traditional Scandinavian folk instruments with modern electronic sounds. The Swiss dance company Drift is making its second visit to Varna and Sofia; however, this year’s offering is entirely new. Black Peter triggers fresh and funny associations with the golden age of the early 20th century avant-garde. In this concert-style theater, music is performed by actors, computers, strange machines and everyday objects that seem to come alive.

Grasping the Floor with the Back of My Head: 31 May, Sofia Theater; 2 June, Varna Dramatic Theater Black Peter: 2 & 3 June, The Red House; 6 June, Varna Dramatic Theater

Theater like cinema: Hotel Methuselah by imitating the dog

As the Yorkshire Evening Post put it, Hotel Methuselah by the innovative Leeds company imitating the dog is “unlike any other piece of theater you’re likely to have experienced before”. In the Old Testament, Methuselah was the oldest man who ever lived. This impressive theatrical combination of plot a la David Lynch and vision a la Peter Greenaway tells a modern ghost story that explores our fears about mortality, sexuality and the terrifying sense of responsibility that comes with having children. The story of the night porter Harry who is searching to uncover the forgotten truth of his past is, in fact, a tale of the destructive power of love and the hell of personal disintegration. This stylish performance uses cutting-edge audio-visual technology fusing live action and video projection to convey the emotion and wit at its core. Hotel Methuselah: 7 June, Varna Dramatic Theater; 9 June, Sofia Theater

New theater: Looking for a Missing Employee and Lucia Skates These contemporary dramas will play only in Varna. Looking for a Missing Employee, also


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