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Sannah Kvist The young Swede claims to be a typical 80s child: a superficial shopaholic. Not surprisingly, these character traits come across in her photographic project “All I Own,” which stars Sannah, her friends and all their worldly belongings. On her website, the photographer introduces herself like this: “Me: freelance photographer, based in Gothenburg and Stockholm, but I do own a passport. I’m available for assignments of various kinds, e.g. I can pet your dog or photograph the next cover of your fancy magazine”. Despite the fact that Sannah has already been working professionally as a photographer for three years, she has only recently started studying photography – with the aim of fleshing out her practical knowledge with theory. She got into photography completely accidentally after receiving her first digital camera for Christmas. Since then she has been constantly documenting her everyday life on her photoblog and working for magazines such as Acne, Pig Mag and Neon Magazine. Over time, her photos have developed a stronger personal trademark, which can be clearly seen in her first independent project “All I Оwn,” which drew our attention to the 24-year-old Sannah on flickr.


art. photography.

text by Boiana Gyaurova translation by Angela Rodel photography by Sannah Kvist

One Magazine ­ Summer 2010  

One Magazine is an independent Bulgarian quarterly publication