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Under the inevitable influence of long, difficult words such as “financial crisis” and “global changes,” in the second edition of Sofia Design Week we will ponder the following short, but not exactly easy questions: More or less?
Low-cost or longlasting?
Practical or beautiful?
Simple or elaborate?
Less or more?
Of course, the more we argue, the less likely we are to find a real answer. But still, what about getting together? The second edition of Sofia Design Week will take place from June 4 to June 11, 2010. The main headquarters will once again be situated in the lovely front yard of the National Academy of Fine Arts. Lectures, discussions, screenings, workshops and parties will happen there daily. The More or Less Sofia Design Week program includes forums in the traditional sense, as well as workshops and exhibitions. The key exposition this year is called the More or Less Exhibition. It gathers in a convenient and sustainable manner the works of six authors in one place, who more or less, directly or indirectly, are connected with design. They include people in advertising, art, design and even a journalist. The common theme is their sense of humor and penchant for not taking themselves too seriously. All of them approach design in a comprehensible manner and are fully invested in figuring out how much it costs, literally and metaphorically. More or Less Exhibition is a group presentation organized by Vassil Iliev – one of the main curators of Sofia Design Week.

It will take place at the Sofia Art Gallery from May 27 to June 20. Participants include the KesselsKramer advertising agency, journalist Andrew Losowsky, artists and designers Thomas Mailaender, Daniel Eatock, Francois Nouguies, and Helmut Smits. KesselsKramer advertising agency, The Netherlands They will make a so-called active exhibition: during the forum on June 6, Erik Kessels will present Jennifer Skupin’s concept “Do А Plastic Bag”, a subtle act of protest against the use of non-degradable plastic bags by not trashing some of them and transforming them into something worth keeping with the help of imaginative design. This will be the purpose of the KesselsKramer workshop on June 7 at the Sofia Art Gallery. The results of the workshop will be directly transfered to the exhibition hall. Daniel Eatock designer and artist, U.K. Daniel Eatock lives between London, Sao Paulo and Venice. He is mostly a graphic designer, but a much of his work counts as art (like his series of car alarm dance videos). He takes photographs of coincidental moments when the idea and the humor matter more than glitzy aesthetics. Daniel will participate in the exhibition with a collection of alternative renditions of the classic “No Smoking” sign. All signs can be downloaded from his website and used free of charge. His collection remains open to


One Magazine ­ Summer 2010  
One Magazine ­ Summer 2010  

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