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These three events occurred last July around an excellently organized event in the Romanian capital with great sound and a fucking cool atmosphere. There, we got euphoric to the Romanian TRG, the Berlin-based Moderatand, and Belgium’s Aeroplane. And once again we smacked ourselves on the forehead, aghast at the almost total lack of such events in Bulgaria. For the nth time we hashed over “the scene” at home, mulling its potential and underappreciation. While sitting on the porch of magical bungalows listening to music, we practically thought up the festival. Except that between the thinking up and the final “Let’s do it!” there are almost always sober arguments, which almost always win out after several strong drinks and a crazy bet – in our case a naked sprint from the Apteka to St. Nedlya Church at the time of day or night of your choosing. The author will report on the outcome of this bet shortly, as everything was carefully documented on a napkin. The important thing, however, is that both parties to the bet come out winners. The idea Why bother thinking it over too much, when things have long since been thought up? A festival is good when it’s well organized, easy to reach, surprising and enriching. What the Mellow Music Festival is not is an event that underestimates the audience, pollutes the environment and quietly seeks consolation in local pseudostandards. In short, here’s how Mellow will look: three

days, two stages, 23 bands and DJs, more than 30 hours of good, contemporary music. Our idea is to bring together the chemistry of spring and thirsty, curious people in a single place. In any case, Sofia kids prefer the parks to bars in late May, when the city is more alive and beautiful than ever. This is precisely what inspired the free Mellow OPEN stage near the Lily Pond in Borisov Garden. On the afternoons of May 26, 27 and 28, it will be the perfect embodiment of the festival idea – a laid-back atmosphere with easy access to the actual music. The night stage will stockpile more firepower in terms of names and decibels, as most of the festival’s leading artists will play there at the Inter Expo Center between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. The program 149

How to come up with the program for a festival like this is indeed a good question – it all comes down to taste and priorities. We’ve made no attempt to hide our affinity for the Berlin scene as a huge source of inspiration and a jumping-off point for the festival’s musical direction. In our opinion, that’s where the music industry, which has hit rock bottom, just might find salvation – thanks to names like Moritz von Oswald, Stefan Goldmann, Jahcoozi, Robot Koch and so on. Overall, Mellow’s selection of artists tries to illustrate some unwritten musical rules from recent years – strict genre definitions died out some time in the 90s, while the words “musician”, “producer” and “artist” have fused together in the working styles of performers on the Mellow Music

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