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place’s atmosphere. Frequented by the neighborhood drunks, the dive was a sort of alcohol-fuelled pit stop between the street’s traditional meeting-place, Tsarevets, and Public School No. 12. But a small revolution is imminent there as well, since the place has been taken over by a group of young enthusiasts. Ivan Marinov, Todor Makashelov, Ivan Paskalev, Vasilena Georgieva, Ivo Tsachev and Milen Manev have decided to preserve the unspoiled comforts of the socialist-era interior: the pink-gray-and-white mosaic flooring, the obligatory heavy panel-work and abundant stucco ornaments. The foyer overlooking the street will be used both as a bar and an exposition space housing carefully selected shows. The five young people describe

themselves as “supporters of unpretentious, unaffected, unperfect, unprofessional un-art”. We look forward to seeing what “un-art” means when Club Vlaikova opens in May. What’s more, the new club will host a concert by the Swiss band MIR, as well as the debut live show of the band Help Me Jones (featured in Issue 88 of One Magazine; you can also catch them at the upcoming Mellow Festival). Last but not least, film screenings in the authentic socialist-era atmosphere are not to be missed. Vlaikova is a place to watch.


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One Magazine ­ Summer 2010  
One Magazine ­ Summer 2010  

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