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Vlaikova Cinema


The old “cinema” sign hanging in front of the building, the bell for calling the cashier, the battered seats in the auditorium, the heavy, tobacco-colored plush curtains and the anachronistic projection equipment and silver screen – Vlaikova Cinema has not been renovated since 1989 and for some, this is exactly what it has going for it. Its authentic socialist-era looks and the fact that it has nothing in common with trendy cinemas make it one of Sofia’s best-loved places – at least in the hearts of young, forwardthinking people who have started using it more and more often for their own cultural happenings.

film. music. art.

text by Yovo Panchev and Iva Galabova translation Bogdan Rusev photography by Mihail Novakov

One Magazine ­ Summer 2010  

One Magazine is an independent Bulgarian quarterly publication