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We are application experts in Transmissions

and Linear Systems



// Patrik Klerck, VD



We help you do the right thing from the start so that it is better and cheaper at the finish From idea to finished solution

Own production and processing

At Aratron, we have no fewer than 11 application specialists. They have been employed with us for an average of over 10 years. This means that we have unrivalled knowledge in our area of expertise, Transmissions and Linear Systems. Therefore, we are able to help our customers all the way from idea to finished solution. If you involve us at an early design stage, we can help you both create a better end product and save costs. We create long-term, sustainable customer relationships by enhancing our customers’ competitiveness.

In our mechanical workshop in Solna, we manufacture and adapt products. Our skilled machinists produce timing belt pulleys from customer drawings starting from round bars. We also manufacture linear units in aluminium sections, driven either by timing belts or ball screws, and supported either by rollers or rail guideways. We also process products in the form of rail cutting, end processing of ball screws, cutting of timing belts, filling of gas springs and various types of sub-assembly. We adapt our products to customer requirements, not the other way around.

If the shoe doesn’t fit, we

alter it. We work with industryleading suppliers and partners on three continents and we focus on you.

Own warehouse & smart logistics

All from one source

Our move to Solna Business Park has allowed us to offer an even higher level of service. We have extended high bay storage and twice the workforce for inward and outward deliveries. We work constantly to manage and reduce lead times to achieve optimum results. Aratron can pack all spare parts for end customers directly in the customer’s own boxes with the customer’s article numbers. This facilitates delivery routines. By applying modern strategies to use all the parties involved in a transaction, we create precisely the right conditions for delivery. Your delivery.

With our wide range of components and modules for transmissions and linear systems, you can get most things from one source. We represent around twenty well-known manufacturers from Europe and Asia and we also manufacture and process products ourselves.

Hi, Aratron is growing fast. We believe that our success is due to our core values: Knowledge, Service and Integrity. Our constant striving to fulfil our promises has resulted in our customers giving us very high ratings and having a high level of trust in us in our most recent survey.

Knowledge shared is knowledge doubled We are known for our high technical expertise and we work constantly to learn more about our customers’ applications and other products on the market. We are driven by the desire to help and train our customers. We work in very close cooperation with our suppliers and often visit each other for training and to exchange expertise. We believe that it is the task of every employee to help and train other employees to achieve the best for the company and our customers. We call this a learning organisation. We are driven by a constant search for knowledge. We are happy to share our knowledge and our experience.

Service as a means of competition Many companies compete with low prices, some with high prices, but we believe that service is a better competition factor. With a high level of commitment and enthusiasm, we strive at all times to solve our customers’ problems fast. We are proactive in our customer relations and strive to develop technical product solutions. We want to inspire people and fill them with enthusiasm.

High integrity produces trust To create trusting relationships, it is important for us to strive for high integrity in our work and our relationships. With the right knowledge, good personal planning and a smoothly functioning organisation, we can act calmly and harmoniously, both internally and in relation to you. When we have full control over a situation, we also have the courage to handle problems and stand up for our views. We keep our promises and produce results. If we do something wrong, we communicate this quickly and openly. We call a spade a spade. Attached is a brief overview of some of our main areas. We have also put together some our main areas of knowledge and some quotations from our customers that demonstrate our high service level and quality and the trust our customers have in us. We look forward to doing business with you.

Patrik Klerck, MD

Industry-leading partners in the USA, Asia and Europe A high-tech partner in a global production network

Make your own CAD drawing online.

Aratron represents around 20 well-known manufacturers from Europe, the USA and Asia. We have extensive technical expertise in the products and areas of application that lie at the heart of our business and see it as our task to identify the solutions that deliver optimum results, in both technological and financial terms.

To facilitate the design and drawing work, we have produced an extensive drawing archive for a large part of our product range. For some product areas, we also have a drawing configuration tool which allows you to enter the dimensions and performance for the part and then get a finished drawing to help you with the further design for your application. We are constantly adding new products and new product areas in order to have as complete an archive as possible. Visit our website for further information.

A long-term vision and a rewarding partnership that creates precision

Aratron has a wide range

of products and many fine brands. Sometimes, when things are hectic, it is important to get the right components we need fast. It worked perfectly. // John Acevedo, Emhart Glass

We have very strict require-

ments for durability and service life. Aratron’s products met them with room to spare. // Kristian Wiberg, Elekta

Aratron understands our needs

and converts them into technical reality. // JJan Ahnelöf, Tetra Pak


Technical expertise, adaptation and production under one roof // Anders Jacobsson, Head of Department

Timing belt drives Timing belts – Polyurethane Timing belts – Rubber Timing belt pulleys – customised Timing belt pulleys – standard

Couplings Electromagnetic couplings

Scroll couplings

Overload couplings

Claw clutches

Universal couplings

Hole adapter

Bellows couplings

Friction couplings

Metal slat couplings

Brakes Linear lock and brake units Brakes

Gears Cycloidal gears

Transmissions & Linear Systems

Linear systems Own production and processing in house. Recently installed automated cutting machine and enhanced capacity to handle long goods and build linear units // Niklas Granstrรถm, Head of Department

Jacks Jacks with trapezoidal screws Jacks with ball screws

Gas springs Lockable Pull-in Damping Push-out

Lifting columns AC lifting columns (230V) DC lifting column (24/36 VDC)

Actuators AC actuators 200-2,000 N

Bed frames/bed motors

AC actuator >6,000 N

Hand controls

DC actuators 50-10,000 N

Massage motors

Control/control boxes

Electric blankets

Linear bearings Rail guideways Ball and slide bushings Lock and brake units

Linear units Lead screw driven

Linear gantries

Ball screw driven


Rack gear driven

Timing belt driven – AL


Timing belt driven – R+K

Ball screws Rolled ball screws Ground ball screws Bearing brackets Lead screws

Clamps / Profiles Industriform

Tubes and rods

Block form

Connection technology

Stainless steel clamps




Aratron AB was formed in 1971 and is now part of Addtech, a technology trading group that develops and sells high-tech components and systems for industrial companies and the service industry in northern Europe. The group has around 1,500 employees, sells its products to around 30 countries and has annual sales of approximately SEK 4.5 billion (2011).

Smidesv채gen 4-8 171 41 SOLNA, Sweden Phone +46 8 40 41 600

ARATRON - We are application experts in Transmissions and Linear Systems  

From idea to finished solution At Aratron, we have no fewer than 11 application specialists. They have been employed with us for an average...

ARATRON - We are application experts in Transmissions and Linear Systems  

From idea to finished solution At Aratron, we have no fewer than 11 application specialists. They have been employed with us for an average...