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Magnus Lift Permanent Lifting Magnets Let Magnus Lift permanent lifting magnets assist you with your lifting, moving, and positioning. Save time and be economical. Turn your lifting and loading jobs into a quick, easy, painless, and more efficient operation. Steel handling has never been easier. Magnus Lift permanent lifting magnets turn lifting and loading into a one-man job. You can now lift steel materials of all shapes, sizes, and weights. Whether your work pieces are round or flat, Magnus Lift magnets can get the job done. With permanent magnets ranging from 600 kg to 10,000 kg lifting capacity, we have the appropriate magnet for you. Magnus Lift magnets work 100% off of magnetic power. There is no need for electricity, power sources, D.C. power supplies, or batteries. You can now eliminate dangerous work hazards related to power failure or bad wiring systems. Magnus magnets are light weight, versatile, portable, and work great with other lifting accessories. You can put away your slings, cables, hooks, and chains. Lifting, loading, and unloading can become just a one-man job, requiring far less labor and manpower. Have a peace of mind with greater safety in comparison to other mechanical material handling devices. With a simple ON and OFF lever switch, and built in added safety lock-in mechanism, lifting is safe from loading to unloading. Magnus Lift permanent magnets will not damage the surface of your lifting material. You don’t need to worry about permanent damage, scratching, marring, or denting. Once you have analyzed your load size, shape, and material, you can choose whichever specific Magnus Lift magnet loading capacity best suites your needs. 120 Deg. A

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FEATURES Magnus Lift permanent lifting magnet series feature a manual ON and OFF switch lever for smooth and easy operation for as many operations as you will need. Magnus Lift also features: •

No electricity, power sources, batteries, D.C. power supplier, or charging required.

Can lift, load and unload flat and round materials.

Rare-earth magnetic power is continuous until the magnet is manually switched to the OFF position.

Two-pole design

MAGNUS LIFT PERMANENT MAGNETS AT WORK Magnus Lift permanent magnets are commonly used in applications related to machines\ shops, shipping yards, junk yards, construction areas, and any other application relating to steel and metal material transport.

Magnus Lift magnets makes the use of round bar stock much easier and more efficient. It can handle both flat sheet and steel plates with ease.

ABOUT MAGNUS LIFT DESIGN AND PRODUCTION Magnus Lift permanent magnetic products provide customers globally with reliable, dependable, and durable permanent magnets. We have a long-standing commitment to ensuring that our customers lifting and loading operation needs are met with a top quality product. Helping our customers complete their operations with all of their possible applications is what pushes us to continue producing products that bring ease and quality in an affordable manner.

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Let Magnus Lift permanent lifting magnets assist you with your lifting, moving, and positioning. Save time and be economical. Turn your lift...