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Magnus Lift Permanent Lifting Magnets COMPLETE LINE Load, unload, lift, and move—regardless of shape, weight, or size. Let lifting be a one-man job. Magnus Lift permanent lifting magnets make lifting steel materials less time-consuming and less difficult.

Magnus Lift Permanent Lifting Magnets Series Use the same magnet to life, load, and move flat or round materials. Magnus Lift magnets have specially designed poles which allow you to lift 1000’s of pounds. The days of hand lifting and struggling are over. Magnus Lift magnets make your steel lifting work easy, quick, and time-saving. Magnus Lift permanent lifting magnets allow you to lift and load steel and iron—transferring materials without cables, cords, hooks, or slings. Also, protect the surface and prevent marring damage. Lifting becomes a one-man job, making the lifting operation safe and simple. When properly used and operated, lifting with Magnus Lift magnets is safer than other mechanical material lifting products and devices. Lifting options include being used singly or multiples. Features •

Magnus Lift permanent lifting magnets can turn ON and OFF manually with an easy switch. If don’t properly, the permanent magnet allows you a smooth use, as many times as you may need.

No need for batteries, power sources, electricity, recharging, or replacing!

Run 100% off magnet power

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Benefits •

Varying sizes and lifting capacities are available—up to 10,000 kg

Can lift round or flat materials with ease

Run completely off of magnet power. No need for electricity or power!

Magnets can speed up and bring ease to your lifting work. Their unique attraction quality can be used to improve your heavy lifting. Magnets can lift and transfer both iron and steel, of different shapes and sizes, without marring surfaces. They allow the lifting to become a one-man job. If you use the magnet properly, it can work for you. Choosing your permanent magnet size In order to help you make your permanent magnet selection easier, we offer permanent magnets ranging from 600 kgs, to 10,000 kgs! You can make the most efficient and economical choice that’s best for your lifting needs. Factors that you should consider before making your permanent magnet kg selection include: •

Weight, shape, and area that you need to lift

Load flexibility

Surface condition of materials that need to be loaded

Specifications Type

Rated lifting capacity (Kgs.)

Rated lifting capacity (Lbs.)

Magnet Dimensions (L x W) in mm

Magnet Dimensions (L x W) in inches

Tear Force Lbs.

PML-600 PML-1000 PML-2000 PML-3000 PML-6000

600 1000 2000 3000 6000

1320 2200 4400 6600 13200

232 x 122 258 x 176 378 x 234 458 x 286 600 x 430

9.25 x 5 10.25 x 7 15 x 9.25 18.25 x 11.5 24 x 17

4600 7500 15000 23000 46000


Magnet Weight (Kgs)

Magnet Weight (Lbs)

PML-600 PML-1000 PML-2000 PML-3000 PML-6000

24 50 125 220 420

55 110 275 485 925

1-800-515-5035 Skype : wholesalemint

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"Magnus Lift lifting magnets offers you 8 different lifting capacities, that way you can have the appropriate magnet for each lifting operat...

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