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MagnusLift Permanent Lifting Magnets Operating manual for permanent lifting magnets

Types: 600KG, 1000KG, 1500KG, 3500KG, 5000KG, 6000KG, 8000KG, 10000KG Dear Customers, Thank you for choosing MagnusLift Permanent Lifting magnets to help you with your loading and unloading needs. We are pleased to offer you quality, precision, and service. We can offer you 8 different styles and lifting capability options for your MagnusLift magnet. If you have any further questions, you may contact us at any time.


This symbol is displayed when a risk for danger or injury are present, or whre the permanent lifting magnet may become damaged. Appropriate Use The technical specification of the permanent lifting magnet should always be considered before using the Magnus Lift permanent lifting magnet. Before use and operation, the environment should be observed, and it should be determined that proper maintenance and care precautions are taken. Inappropriate and incorrect use of the product should be avoided.

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Safety Information •

Only use and operate the permanent lifting magnet after these instructions have been thoroughly read and understood.

Persons with physical medical issues or pacemakers should consult their physicial before use.

Always use proper safety equipment and gear such as glasses, helmets, and protectuvie hand and foot wear before using the magnet.

Never use a damaged or broken magnet.

Never stand on load during loading and lifting.

Never lift items above another person.

Do not use the magnet if obstructions to the operation are present.

Do not turn the magnet ON before it is placed onto the lifting load.

Do not the the magnet OFF before it is placed on the final unloading surface.

Always use a crane hook with a safety latch.

Always warn people around you when you are preparing to lift, and when preparing to place the magnet and load onto the ground.

Lift 1 work piece at a time.

Do not leave the hoisted load alone without supervision.

Do not let the environment of the load exceed a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius.

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Parts of the lifting magnet labeled: 3 1 2 3 4 5 6

Magnet Instruction plate + type plate Lifting eye Handle Handle lock plate Pole shoes

4 2 5



Technical specifications and dimensions Length (mm) Width (mm) Height - incl. lifting eye (mm) W eight (kg) W orkload limit for plates (kg) W orkload limit pipe and tube (kg) Ø min/max (mm)

Determine the workload limit The workload limit of model Typ The workload limit of model Typ The workload limit of model Typ The workload limit of model Typ The workload limit of model Typ

MLH 125

MLH 250

MLH 500

MLH 1000

MLH 2000

93 60 110 2.6 125 40 50/100

152 100 164 10 250 125 60/200

246 120 164 20 500 250 65/270

305 140 216 40 1000 500 100/300

480 165 251 90 2000 1000 150/350

MLH125 is125 kg. MLH250 is250 kg. MLH500 is500 kg. MLH1000 is1000 kg. MLH2000 is2000 kg.

These workload limits may become less due to air gaps, thing loads, variation of length and width of load, load material type.

CAUTIONS: DO NOT lift multiple work pieces at one time. Always try to place the magnet evenly upon the lifting surface. Surface load and magnet should be balanced. DO NOT place magnet with the long side lengthwise on a workpiece in order to avoid the “peeling effect.”

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OPERATION 1.Before use, always check that your magnet is in proper condition. Make sure all dirt and burr is cleaned away. Wipe the pole shoes and dry properly.

2.Gently place the magnet in the centre of gravity upon the work piece. The magnet should remain in a horizontal position from beginning to end of operation.


3.Pull the handle out of its locked position. Switch the magnet into the ON position by placing the handle in position “A.” The spring pressuer will pull the handle back into a locked position. The handle can now be released. The magnet should remain in the ON position throughout the ENTIRE operation while the materials are being lifted and moved.

4.Ensure that the magnet is securely loaded and attached to the load by merely lifting the load only a few inches from the ground. DO NOT stand beneath the load under any circumstance.

5.You may guide the load by hold the corners. Be aware of your surroundings, the environment, and be sure to avoid making contact with any possible obstructions to the operation.

6.Pull the handle out of the locked position. Switch the handle to position “B” in order to put the magnet into the OFF position. Now the handle can be released.


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Inspection and Maintenance Before each use: •

Visually inspect the magnet to be sure that all dust, dirt, and obstruction has been removed from the magnet’s surface.

Brush the pole shoes of the magnet and make sure that the work piece is as clean as possible.

Refrain from using the magnet if any defects or problems are discovered in order to avoid injury or major operation problems.

Check the handle and the locking plate for problems.

Weekly: •

Check for cracks and defects thoroughly

Check the lifting eye to make sure that it is no more than 10% in worn condition.

If pole shoe wear or damages exceed 10%, they must be replaced to ensure that the magnet is being used appropriately.

Annually: •

Have the lift capacity of the lifting magnet by a professional.

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Just manually turn the permanent lifting magnet ON or OF with a quick switch. Easy—Just hook the MagnusLift magnet to a hoist or crane. No...

magnus lift permanent magnetic lift use with crane  

Just manually turn the permanent lifting magnet ON or OF with a quick switch. Easy—Just hook the MagnusLift magnet to a hoist or crane. No...