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Magnus Lift Permanent Lifting Magnets OPERATING, MAINTENANCE, AND PARTS MANUAL


Information and Features

General Information Turning your permanent magnet ON and OFF is simply done by turning the handle manually. The magnet works solely off of magnetic power. There is no need for a power source, therefore the magnetic power will never weaken and you will never need to worry. No external power sources or electricity are required, meaning that you can use your Magnus Lift permanent magnet anywhere, anytime. Your lifting, moving, and loading is now easy. The magnets can lift both block and cylindrical materials of varying shapes and sizes. Moving, lifting, loading, and unloading is now easier and more convenient with Magnus Lift permanent lifting magnets. Its perfect for working with steel plates, forgings, and castings. You don’t need to concern yourself with chains, slings, clamps, and tools. Magnus Lift permanent lifting magnets make operations easier, safer, faster, and lighter. They are commonly used in warehouses, factories, junk yards, docks, and material storage places. 2.

Special features

No need for power or electricity. ZERO risk of power outages and failures affecting your lifting work!

Magnus Lift magnets are light and compact

ON and OFF is safe and easy

Low residual magnetism

Can be used with hoists, cranes, and arms

V slot in bottom lifting face for lfiting round and flat materials

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Safety Guidelines

Magnet face and contact area

Only use properly designed spreader beams and

should be clean.

proper equipment designed for lifting and loading

. Avoid carrying the magnet

Evenly and correctly distribute the weight

around or over people.

of the magnet and the lifting surface.

Do not stand on load piece while lifting or loading.

Do not place the magnet in a shear.

Make sure the lifting area is away from other surfaces and obstructions..

Avoid uneven lifts.

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SAFETY FACTORS Magnus Lift permanent lifting magnets are available in 8 different sizes for various lifting capacities. Under ideal working conditions, the permanent magnet is the safest and easiest way to lift magnetic materials. We know its impossible for you to know and be familiar with all of your different working conditions of operation. That is why we can offer you permanent magnets with different lifting capacities. Use whichever magnet size is best for your working conditions. Some of the operating conditions to be considered include: 1.

Surface condition of the magnet


Surface condition of the lifting material lift smoothness


Flatness of the load


Size of lifting load


Environment conditions

When one of these conditions is not ideal, the operator should take extra safety measures and considerations.


Remove dust, dirt, oil, paint, and burr from the bottom of the magnet surface before and after use.


Place the permanent magnet onto the steel surface carefully and without impact.


Press the button at top of the handle and turn it from “off” position to “on” position. Wait until a “Safety Key” of the handle passes a “Lock Pin” on the body of the lifter.


Lift the steel load carefully and slowly to the moving destination.


Press the button on top of the handle and turn the handle back to “OFF” in order to release. This should be done ONLY AFTER completely settling the steel load at the final destination.

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The ON and OFF handle should NEVER be turned during a lifting or loading operation.

Heating or dropped the magnet can cause permanent damage to the magnet.

Store Magnus Lift magnets in a dry, non-moist area to prevent rusting and permanent damage to the magnet.

Inspect that the magnet surface and lifting surfaces are both dry, clean, and undamaged each time before using.

Annual calibration checks are recommended.

ORDERING PARTS AND DIMENSIONS When placing your Magnus Lift permanent magnet order, please specifiy the lifting capacity of the magnet that you would like to purchase.

Model Lifting Capacity (lbs)

PML-1 220

PML-3 660

PML-6 1320

PML-10 2200

PML-20 4400

Max rated load for round steel (lbs)






Max rated load for flat steel (lbs)











3.6 5.7 2.5 2.8 7

6.4 5.9 3.6 3.5 22

9.1 7.7 4.8 4.6 53

10.2 11.2 6.9 6.4 110

14.9 16.8 9.2 8.3 275

Max "Breakaway force" (lbs) A C Distance (in) E F Net Weight (lbs)

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SAFETY CURVE CAPABILTIES ACTUAL CAPACITY VALUE The lift value of the Lifting Magnet is affected and reduced by the following factors: in all applications: Thickness (see Table 1 below) The lift mild steel plate: refer to Table 1 and Chart 1 below.

Air Gap (see Table 2 below) An Air Gap between the Lifting Magnet and the steel load produced by paint, dirt, roughness, or uneven surface of a load: refer to Table 2 below.

Carbon Composition When there is a lift of high Carbon steel, the lift value will be 30% less. If lifting a cast iron, lift value will be 50% less.

Round Bar or Pipe


A Round bar must contact the V shape slot at the bottom of the Lifting Magnet with the two lines. Also, the actual capacity value will be approximately 40% of that plate. When lifting pipes, its thickness should also count. The actual capacity value is also affected by the diameter of the round load.

A large but thin steel sheet can be bended in an arc profile and then peeled off when lifted, even though it is light. When lifting a sheet from a stack, the magnetic flux may penetrate through the sheet and cling lower pieces. This is an unsafe condition.


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TABLE 1: ACTUAL CAPACITY PML-3: Nominal Capacity 660 lbs Minimum Thickness (in) 1/8 1/4 3/8 & up

Holding power

PML-6: Nominal Capacity 1320 lbs

Actual capacity (lb)

Minimum Thickness (in)

264 462

1/8 1/4

20 40

264 528






5/8 3/4

85 95

1122 1254



PML-10: Nominal Capacity 2200 lbs

1/8 1/4 3/8 5/8 3/4 1 1 1/4 & up

Actual capacity (lb)

40 70

1 & up

Minimum Thickness (in)

Holding power

Holding power

Actual capacity (lb)

PML-20: Nominal Capacity 4400 lbs Minimum Thickness (in)

Holding power

Actual capacity (lb)

15 30 40 65 70 87

330 660 880 1430 1540 1914

1/8 1/4 3/8 5/8 3/4 1

10 20 25 40 45 55

440 880 1100 1760 1980 2420



1 1/4



1 1/2 2

75 92

3300 4048

2 1/4





2 ½ & up

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Please consider the Air Gap when choosing your Lifting Magnet

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HELPFUL FACTS Weight, Shape, Load Area The number of poles a magnet has is determined by its intended use. As a general rule of thumb, the more “poles” on the face of the magnet, the shallower the magnetic field. A two-pole magnet (ACI PML’s are two-poles) typically has a deeper field (extending farther from the face) than a magnet with 3 or more poles. The design of the magnet circuit determines the depth of the magnet field produced.

Condition of Lifting Surface It is important to ensure that both surface conditions of the magnet and lifting material to make sure that neither are damaged, rusted, or dirty. If the magnet and surface are prevented or obstructed and cannot make FULL CONTACT, an “air gap” maybe occur. This decreases safety, and will prevent successful lifting. Sizes and Shapes “Breakaway force” is defined as the force required to separate the load from the magnet when its pulled in a perpendicular direction to the magnet’s face. Its proportional to the thickness of the material being lifted.

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General Information Turning your permanent magnet ON and OFF is simply done by turning the handle manually. The magnet works solely off of m...