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Magnus Lift Magnus Lift Permanent Lifting Magnets Highlights: •

Magnus Lift Permanent lifting magnets are easy and safe to use! Safety feature includes a 3 to 1 safety factor and a specially designed handle with a safety lock. Magus Lift guarantees that your magnet will retain its original strength under everyday, normal use.

With just a turn of the lever, the magnet will switch from ON to OFF, which makes the Magnus Lift ideal for handling large heavy materials.

Eight models with varying lifting capacities offer you a wide range of choice. Also, the contoured or V-Shaped pole profiles allow the same magnet to be used for lifting round bars or pipes, and other types of work pieces.

Magnus Lift Permanent Magnet Lifters Specifications: Type

Rated lifting capacity (Kgs.)

Rated lifting capacity (Lbs.)

Magnet Dimensions (L x W) in mm

Magnet Dimensions (L x W) in inches

Tear Force Lbs.

PML-600 PML-1000 PML-2000 PML-3000 PML-6000

600 1000 2000 3000 6000

1320 2200 4400 6600 13200

232 x 122 258 x 176 378 x 234 458 x 286 600 x 430

9.25 x 5 10.25 x 7 15 x 9.25 18.25 x 11.5 24 x 17

4600 7500 15000 23000 46000


Magnet Weight (Kgs)

Magnet Weight (Lbs)

PML-600 PML-1000 PML-2000 PML-3000 PML-6000

24 50 125 220 420

55 110 275 485 925

1-800-515-5035 Skype : wholesalemint

magnus lift permanent lifting magnet for steel metal material transport  

"Switch the magnet lever ON by rotating the handle 120 degrees counter-clockwise"

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