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MAGNUS LIFT PERMANENT LIFT MAGNETS Magnus Lift permanent lift magnets are available in varying lifting capacity options in order to lift, move, and position both round and flat steel materials in less time. Magnus Lift magnets are efficient and economical. Magnus Lift safehold lifting magnets make your lifting operations quick and less-difficult, and can turn lifting into a one-man job. FEATURES & BENEFITS •

No need for power, electricity, batteries, recharging, or pricey D.C. power supplies.

Can be used to lift both flat or round steel materials.

Two-pole design for easier lifting.

Continuous rare-earth magnet power until the entire lifting operation is complete, and the magnet has been turned off.

NEW Only from Magnus Lift Permanent Magnets You can use the same magnet to lift both flat and round steel work pieces. Magnus Lift permanent lifting magnets offers specially designed two-poles so that you can lift extremely heavy work pieces. Whatever the weight of your work load, Magnus Lift offers permanent magnets of varying lifting capacities. Whether the load be light or heavy, we have a magnet for you. Magnus Lift permanent magnet series do not need power or electricity, therefore a power outage or electric failure will not affect your work! This adds a level of safety to all of your operations. Our small and lightweight magnets are portable and easy to move from location to location. You don’t need to bother with chains, slings, hooks, cables. You can lift, load, and unload steel and metal with just your magnet and a lifting accessory of your choice. Turning lifting into a one-man job. Save time, energy, man power, and ultimately—money.

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Operating Magnus Lift magnets is easy and quick. There is a simple ON and OFF lever, that includes a lock-in safety feature. You wont scratch, mar, or damage your work pieces. Depending on the size, shape, and weight or your workload, there’s a magnet available for your needs. Magnus Lift is proud to offer you permanent lifting magnets, with various lifting capacity options, reliable safety features, for an array of applications. We want to make your operations quicker, easier, and smoother.

SAFEHOLD LIFTING MAGNETS AT WORK Magnus Lift permanent magnets series can be used to easily lift round bar stock. It can easily move both flat sheets and plate steel materials. A common application for Magnus Lift permanent lifting magnets include an array of machine shop operations. It is necessary to load the work pieces as close to the center of gravity as possible.

1-800-515-5035 Skype : wholesalemint

magnus lift high grade permanent lifting magnets  

"Once the lifter is completely in the ON position, please ensure that the lever is securely fasted and locked before moving onward with the...

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