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Magnus Lift Permanent Magnetic Lifters are versatile, lightweight, dependable, and powerful! Magnus Lift magnets are composed of rare-earth magnetic materials and use complete magnetic power to handle all of your lifting, loading, and unloading. We are pleased to offer permanent lifting magnets in 8 different lifting capacities. From 600 kg lifters to 10,000 kg lifters! Each Magnus lifting magnet must pass inspection and testing to ensure that each piece meets our product expectations. Each magnet is designed to provide the utmost safety during all of your lifting, loading, and unloading operations and applications. The ON and OFF lever system is simple to use, but also includes a safety lock-in feature to ensure that there are no accidents or dangerous incidents. We recommend the operator always test that the lever is working by first lifting the magnet load mere inches off of the ground, before completing the lifting process. Magnus Lift lifting magnets offers you 8 different lifting capacities, that way you can have the appropriate magnet for each lifting operation.

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lifting steel slabs with magnus lift permanent lifting magnets  

Load, unload, lift, and move—regardless of shape, weight, or size. Let lifting be a one-man job. Magnus Lift permanent lifting magnets make...

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