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wholesalemint This Machine is capable of stripping: Copper Wires, Single Core Wires, Multicore Wires, Aluminium Wies, Sheep Cable Wires, Romex Wires & more!

Wire Stripping Range:1.5-2m. Voltage, 220V/380V/110V Power: 2.2KW Measurement: L700X W610xH840 Weight: 110KG Daily Output: 600-1200KG 1-800-515-5035 Copyright 2001-2013

Instructions: How to Use 1. Push the Switch up to turn the motor ON. Check whether the machine is ready to use. Make sure that no persons are standing near the machine, except for the machine operator. 2. Compare the cables/wires diameters with the feeding holes of the machine. Once you have found a suitable hole for your wire and cables, feed the wires through, one piece at a time. 3. Before feeding the cables/wires through the holes, cut off the head of the cables/wires to avoid gaps caused to the blades. On the “Output” side, if the cuts on the cables/wires are too deep or severe, please take the following measures to fix the problem: ①.Adjust the handles on the “Input” side-- tighten the screws, or loosen them. (M12 handles) ②.Check whether the cables/wires on the right side are positioned correctly as you are feeding them through the holes. ③.Ensure that the blades are sharp. If they are not, polish them with an oil stone. On the “Output” side, if you realize that the plastic (PVC) has been stripped, but the copper wires cannot be disgorged, please use the following points to troubleshoot: ①.Check if the springs are loose. If yes, tighten the screws. ②.If the diameter of the cables/wires is too small, please adjust the space between the two axises to 0.3-0.6 mm. ③.If the cables/wires you intend to strip are hot, they cannot be properly stripped. If the cables/wires have become blocked in the axises, please use the following points to troubleshoot: ①.Check if the V-belts have become loose. ②.If the springs on the press wheels are too tight, loosen them slightly. ③.If the cables/wires appear to be too oily, please wipe them. (CAUTION: Make sure that the machine is completely turned OFF when wiping the axises) If the blades are tilted: Check if the “center adjuster” is loose. If yes, adjust the screws of the two sides of it.

1-800-515-5035 Copyright 2001-2013

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