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INTO THE FIRE Where turning the blind eye would only plunge you further into the fire SEE STORY ON P4

Volume II Issue No. 1 June - Sept. 2019


The Official Publication of Gaussian SySTEM, Malabon NHS-SHS Volume II, Issue 1 | June - September 2019


Ivan De Jesus

MNHS-SHS studes partake in NSTW 2019 / Rhea Delos Santos Senior high school students of Malabon National High School (MNHS) along with other learners, teachers and other professionals from all over the country have gathered to celebrate the 2019 National Science and Technology Week (NSTW) at World Trade Center, Pasay


City last July 20, 2019. The theme titled “Science for the People: Enabling Technologies for Sustainable Development,” was the main advocacy for this year’s NSTW showcasing numerous scientific ideas and innovative products for the provision of the 17

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Senior High School STEM students from MNHS, guided by Mr. Jhon Ivan De Jesus, were given a chance to witness different breakthroughs in the field of science and technology. “For my first time, it was

a very refreshing experience for me and I was amazed by just how vast have we come, in terms of our technology and knowledge. Hopefully, no, surely I will be coming back in the future, ready for more,” Louiz Buidon of STEM 11-A stated as she gives her opinion about the event. According to Renn Pabustan, STEM 11-A student, “the experience is truly amazing, it captured my

interests as a STEM student since the NSTW focuses on the development in science and technology.” The students voiced that they were honored to be part of the event and are hoping that the experience will not be the last but rather the beginning of their contribution to science and technology that will help the country.


Gaussian SySTEM Gaussian SySTEM conducts first general assembly attends / Rendell Lateo Climate Action Gaussian SySTEM, It was followed by the Engineering, Arts and empowerment in the strand the organization of announcement of the core Mathematics). emphasizing that women Forum / Rhea Delos Santos STEM students of Malabon National High School (MNHS) participated in the Climate Action Forum held at the Philippine Information Agency Auditorium, Quezon City last June 29, 2019. The second-time conference with the theme “Together, Let’s Beat Air Pollution” aimed to uphold the alliance and harness the education of people concerned at the current condition of the environment. The event included multiple seminars and booths of organizations to further inform people about the present situation, the actions being taken and the steps the attendees could make to help fight climate change. ”Being part of the discussion helped me to realize that youth can be a great factor to alleviate the condition of our environment,” said Clarissa Rodriguez, a grade 12 STEM student of MNHS as she shares her experience in attending the symposium.

Malabon National High School – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (MNHSSTEM) held its first general assembly in front of Oreta Building on July 5, 2019. It started with an opening remark by Mr. Jhon Ivan de Jesus, Gaussian System adviser who will be handling the organization for the first time.

faculty of STEM, the new set of officers of Gaussian System, the staff of Magnum Opus – the official publication of STEM handled by the organization and this year’s action plan. Mr. Paolo Xavier Co, a faculty member of MNHSSHS, gave a lecture about the importance of the strand and the plan of incorporating arts in the strand, making it STEAM (Science, Technology,

He cited the importance of studying and said that the generations should be able to catch up with the technology because certain skills will become obsolete, as well as some jobs. “’Di dapat laging puro talino; kailangan utak at puso,” he added, as he tackled technologies taking up jobs humans used to do. He also talked about the importance of women

play a big role in the STEM industry. The contest for the layout of Gaussian SySTEM t-shirt and lanyard was also announced, wherein the winner would have the privilege to avail the merchandise for free. It ended with a handling of certificate to Mr. Co and certificates of participation to the attendees.


CLIMATEMARCH! Join us this September, as millions of us walk out of our homes and workplaces to join young people in the streets for the biggest global climate strike yet. Our house is on fire. The climate crisis is an emergency but we’re not acting like it. Invite your colleagues, friends, family, clubs, and community. We need everyone.

20 & 27 SEPT Be Eco-Friendly!

bring your own tumblers!



Contact Rendell Lateo of STEM 11-B for more details. 09065615666

Alliah Santos

BRIGHTLY-LIT. Gaussian System Adviser Mr. Jhon Ivan de Jesus enlightened the science warriors during his welcome remarks held at MNHS Oreta Bldg. last July 5, 2019.

The Official Publication of Gaussian SySTEM, Malabon NHS-SHS Volume II, Issue 1 | June - September 2019



STEM students participate in PriME 2019 / Elisha Lhei Lontoc

Cyra Lao

SHARP-WITTED. Four delegates from STEM 12 smitten their brains with knowledge provided by PriME 2019 held at Ateneo de Manila University last July 28, 2019.

Malabon National High School - Senior High School (MNHS-SHS) students attended the PriME 2019, at Leong Hall, Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU), last July 28, 2019. PriME 2019: Blueprint is a one-day seminar by the Management Engineering Association (MEA) done annually to cater above 200 students from public, private and provincial high schools and supply them with more information about Management Engineering (ME). Only a few students from MNHS-SHS were selected to participate and the following are: Yishai Laguador (STEM 12-A), Alliah Linel Santos (STEM 12-B), Tress Nathaniel

Javier (STEM 12-B) and Ernest John Bacong (STEM 12-B). The program featured specialized talks by various speakers and engaged the students in lots of activities throughout the day. This year, PriME integrated its new curriculum for the students’ better understanding of what ME means to provide a deeper appreciation of the aforementioned course. MEA thought of this program to help graduating high school students to choose ME as their course, not only because it is an esteemed course in the Philippines, but because of their curiosity and interest to the said program.


SHS studes undergo ADMU career guidance / Elisha Lontoc Students from public and parochial schools took part in the Ateneo Orientation for Public and Parochial Senior High School Students (PubPar), last July 6, 2019 at the Leong Hall of the university. The aim of the orientation is to help the students in making wise decisions about the future careers they will choose. In every school, only 10 students are chosen to participate in the said orientation. The orientation for PubPar students also provided many activities and undergraduate programs to the chosen students. The event included a tour of the college campus, and a discussion of scholarships to be availed in college.


DENR Agos initiates Coral Triangle Day Science Camp

/ Rendell Lateo In line with the celebration of Coral Triangle Day – celebrated every June 8, and Month of the Ocean, the Coral Triangle Initiative led a Coral Triangle Day Science Camp on June 6-11, 2019 in Sea’s Spring Resort, Anilao, Batangas. The event was in partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Biodiversity Management Bureau (DENR-BMB) under its Coastal and Marine Ecosystems Management Program (CMEMP). Interested grade 10 and 11 students were required to fill out an online registration and to pass an essay writing contest about the Month of the Ocean 2019 theme “Free the Sea from Marine Debris,” to be able to participate in the six-day event. Jan Maverick Juat, a grade 11 student from Malabon National High School was one of the participants chosen to join the camp. Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs (PSYSC), OCEANA, Kids

for Kids, Department of Education-National Capital Region (DepEd-NCR), CORA and SmartSeas, were some of the governmental and non-governmental organizations that conducted talks in the camp. The camp aims to teach the academe sector an indepth understanding about marine ecosystems, threats, management policies and awareness on different issues regarding marine debris and the basic principles of project proposal writing to support their own communities in addressing environmental problems. In lieu of the theme of World Ocean’s Day, “Gender and Oceans,” students were joined by Ms. Carol Beloso from Samahan ng mga Mangingisda ng San Teodora who serves as an example for women in their community by helping reduce marine plastics. The camp ended with an awarding ceremony and a closing remark from the DENR-BMB “the youth is our hope for the Coral Triangle’s future,” DENR Agos cited.


ALL-INCLUSIVE. Juat, together with his fellow marine advocates, beamed to support the community in fighting against environmental problems, held at Sea’s Spring Resort, Anilao, Batangas last June 11, 2019.

EDITORIAL BOARD Editor-in-Chief James Sablay | Managing Editor Nicus Villaluna | News Editor Elisha Lhei Lontoc | Features Editor Eirene Maladaga | STEM Editor Robina Rebugio | Chief Layout Artist Lorenz Ortea | News Writers Dulce Maria Burca, Rhea Joyce Delos Santos, Rendell Aaron Lateo | Features Writers Ernest Bacong, Clarissa Rodriguez, Amariah Dimatangal | STEM Writers Alliah Linel Santos, Angelo Ortea, Mia Clare Foronda | Photojournalists Yishai Laguador, Noel Andrew Baysa | Cartoonist Mylene Garra | Layout Artists Mark Allen Pascual, Cathlyn Fernande


Adviser Paolo Xavier Co

The Official Publication of Gaussian SySTEM, Malabon NHS-SHS Volume II, Issue 1 | June - September 2019




IXTEEN MONTHS. Seven months left before everything becomes irreversible. Hear them. Hear the screams of the damned; the weeping of trees and the cries of the dying wildlife that sweeps throughout the rainforest. Hear the cackles of humanity’s over indulgence dance with the fire before the silence consumes all.

Does it slowly drive you insane? Do you feel the burn of their screams on your ears? It is only a matter of time before your own scream would be heard. The lungs of the earth are on fire— and you are only decades, years, no you only have 16 months to be exact before everything crashes down and climate change would be irreversible. Every effort (if you even made one) to make a change would be put into waste. Heaving Lungs of the Earth The Amazon Rainforest occupies up to 40 percent

of South America and stores 86 billion tons of carbon produced worldwide, imagine that—a century worth of human carbon emission. The Amazon covers more than five million square kilometers across nine countries: Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela. Living up to its name as the “Lungs of the Earth,” the Amazon produces 20 percent of oxygen in our planet’s atmosphere. Yet, hear the lungs heaving, the earth coughing out its last breath for everyone to hear and ignore.

Recent fires spread throughout South America due to guess what? Human activities mainly farming, mining and drilling with Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE) recording nearly 73,000 fires between January and August this year alone, an 84 percent increase from that of 2018. Idiotic Denial Many blamed natural causes, especially Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro who suggested that the showcased data in the wildfires aren’t accurate going as far as to refuse the $20 million aid offer from foreign aids after standing firm on his beliefs. The easiest way to solve a problem is to deny its existence right? But can

you for once take the blame? Stop watching your house burn down and act on your responsibility. Your eyes are blinded shut by the fire, way before it had even sparked. You have gotten used to the wars, to the statistics, to the chaos around us to the point that you’re unfazed by the thought of the end of the world. It is too late. By the time that a spark of realization spread and burns through the bones of many, everything would have already been burned down to the ground. The rate of forest destruction had already soared more than 278 percent in July compared with the same month a year ago, according to the Amazon Environmental Research Institute, what more could further destruction entail to everyone? All Talk. No Action. You are aware of

everything but here you are stuck amidst the forest fire muttering like a buzzing fly that you are too small; too powerless on this world; that you are a student or a teacher with a low-paying job. Shut up. Stop reasoning your way out. There is a power in influence. Your actions affect what others do. People are affected by what you do if they just see or hear about your actions, even though they are not aware of the effect that your actions have had on them. Now step back and kindle the fire of change towards a better future, one where these destructive flames are doused. After all, we are stuck with a time bomb where we only have 16 months before everything burns out of our control.

By the time that a spark of realization spread and burns through the bones of many, everything would’ve already been burned down to the ground.

INTO THE FIRE / Eirene Maladaga International Rivers & Washington Post

The Official Publication of Gaussian SySTEM, Malabon NHS-SHS Volume II, Issue 1 | June - September 2019


I Choose Y ou! Come Out from the Attic / Clarissa Rodriguez In a split second, I found you. Yes, you! A being surrounded with promises unfulfilled. A man who was wondering if he has failed life or life had failed him. A brilliant thing which forgotten its own light. You may hide in the box in the attic. You may cry all night until you sleep. You may battle against your own mind. You may give up your own dreams. You may forget that you exist. But dear, I still found you – and I chose you. Let us sing it for you. Asian Institute of

Management Executive Director Mr. Prim Paypon perkily got his microphone. He sang, “Your grades will never be the most important number in your life.” You may have discouraging words, low self-esteem, and chains of poverty but instead of hindrance, they were actually assistance. When you received low grades, it did not mean that you were not smart. Dear, you are more than that. You just have to activate it. Try to challenge yourself. Self-care before others. As the piano keys were played, United

Nations Children’s Fund National Goodwill Ambassador Anne Curtis harmonized, “You can do something, and we all can do something.” With that body, you could create safe spaces for the children and for the youth. Be an active bystander. Stop harassment. Together with Dream Project PH, a volunteerbased non-governmental organization, we would play guitar just to make you dance. We would build sustainable communities anchored on unified dreams. Ask yourself, “What am I?” Yes, dear. You are a Filipino.

If you could not make yourself smile, challenge yourself to make someone smile today. No dream is greater than dream for country. Always dream big and take the Philippines with you. You are a leader. You do not suit in the box. Its darkness could not contain your light. Where does your heart beat? Ask. Do not be afraid to ask. Seek for answers. Come out in the attic. You do not belong there. You are important. Roughly 3.2 million Filipinos suffer from depressive disorders, but we believe that from 13,000 delegates and from you who are reading this, light will be restored. Think. Would you feel happy if the trophy is already at your front but you refuse to grab it? Would you feel merry if your talents are

wasted because you hide them? Would you feel beatific if you continue to embrace the agonizing chains? No. These faintly ludicrous, tattered and tarnished souvenirs in the attic – they are a kind of mute accusing testimony. But someday, we believe that you would testify them. Count your days. Know your life number. Life number was the ideal number of people you should have met and inspire in your birthday or before your birthday. Do not let your courage be taken away by lies. We believe, you are more than that. In a split second, I found you and I chose you.

Philippine News Agency

Remembering Gina Lopez

Force to Be Reckoned

/ Amariah Dimatangal & Eirene Maladaga


She let her gaze stray for a split second. She knew that her time would soon end and she only hopes that her efforts were not in vain. She was not sleeping well; her mind had been troubled as of late. Standing at the edge of the banks of the Pasig River that she worked hard to rehabilitate, she remembers it all. She remembers being fed with a silver spoon yet she never once took an advantage of it. She grew up on her own and like a sunflower that always faced the sun; she always faced the

positive side of the future and dream about how bright it could be if she helped. She remembers green encasing her fingertips as it moved for a cause and the fire burning its way through her veins. She was there standing, all alone as she took upon the daunting task in a country where big business calls the shots. Within days of taking office, she challenged the powerful mining industry and never once faltered. She remembers spearheading the clean-up of the Pasig River—the river that cried out for her yet always seems to be muffled by trash and sewage. She did not stop after that—no, there is still so much left. She remembers tackling as much as she could with

changes being made left and right. She was the greatest force to be reckoned with, a tree that never once swayed though faced with a challenge. Now, she’s already 65 and still her tired eyes saw what damage and corruption surrounds her. She remembers the youth and their future. Would their future be brighter with her efforts? Through her last days, to Regina Paz “Gina” Lopez, Former Secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, it all seemed so far, so very far away. Time is slowly coming into an abrupt stop and all she hopes for now is for her legacy to be continued.

The Official Publication of Gaussian SySTEM, Malabon NHS-SHS Volume II, Issue 1 | June - September 2019


Where is Everybody? / Nicus Villaluna

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The Third Party: Mislatel / Robina Rebugio On November 2018, our local telecommunication service provider held a bidding proposing a third party and for what reason? Divorce. Like a husband and wife going through a divorce, Globe and Smart Telecoms have continuously bickered over the reign on who would be the main internet service provider in the Philippines; they monopolized the market, leaving their customers to choose between the telecoms that are notorious for their terrible connection. For 20 years, Filipinos have suffered with their incompetent service and yet, these telcos continued to get away with their scam since they are the only service providers. Initially, President Duterte mentioned it

in his SONAs, introducing a third party for the companies to avail a wider variety of competition for customers to choose from. He believed that it will uplift the competency of the other two providers. The National Telecommunication Commission on July 8, 2018, introduced the game changer, Mislatel, also known as Mindanao Islamic Telephone Community Inc. (later re-introduced as DITO Telecommunity Corp.) led by Dennis Uy who won the bidding position through a bond performance fee of 25.7 billion peso paid to the government. The country only hopes to have the promising future that the company had envisioned: Introducing 27 mbps to at least 37 percent of the country’s coverage and to the 84 percent of the population and 55 mbps, five years into the competition. As for their name change, spokesman Adel Tamano

surprises the public with a punchline, “Where does the company want to provide world class mobile service? Dito.” Deep down, we all guessed for any underlying meaning of “DITO” when it really just means ‘here’. However, the plan would encounter major problems that are expected to occur, they need to build a lot of cell sites since many existing cell sites can’t accommodate more than one telco, partnering with them means a lot of retrofitting but that is up to the third party to decide on how they will drive itself to success. By 2020, expect Filipinos to be more addicted to their smartphones as communication will be a piece of cake. We have all longed for a faster and reliable connection. Our dreams as children for our future children to experience high quality internet speed may just be a year step ahead of us.

The Official Publication of Gaussian SySTEM, Malabon NHS-SHS Volume II, Issue 1 | June - September 2019





WOMEN: Behind the Curtains



Grade 11


28 37

Grade 12

Enrollees of STEM Strand | S.Y.: 2019 -2020


/ Alliah Linel Santos

As women remain dramatically underrepresented across all STEM studies and careers, how will we move to close the gender gap and fuel the next generation of female scientists, engineers and innovators? An era of new technologies that continually evolves and transforms the way we live, learn and work; the need to close the STEM gender gap is more critical than ever. Women comprised 28 percent of all workers in science and engineering occupations in 2010, it increased from 23 percent in 1993. The largest gender gap between men and women is in the field of engineering, women increased their presence in this workforce from nine percent in 1993 to 13 percent in 2010. Statistics has proven that the number of males in the engineering field is extremely dominant. This occurrence can also be seen among computer or mathematical scientists. Although growth among women has been strongest in the biological and related sciences. The number of women employed in this occupational group doubled between 1993 and 2010 because women made up 48 percent of employed biological, agricultural and environmental life scientists

in 2010. However, psychology is the only large STEM occupation with substantially more women than men. A 2010 research report by the American Association of University Women (AAUW) entitled “Why So Few? Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics” shows evidences that can help explain this puzzle. It presents in-depth yet accessible profiles of eight key research findings that point to environmental and social barriers that continues to block women’s progress in STEM such as stereotypes, gender bias and the climate of science and engineering departments in colleges and universities. Negative stereotypes about girls’ abilities in math and science are extremely evident and it affects the perception of women in entering STEM fields. Researchers Jane Margolis and Allan Fisher suggest that many factors combined could result to an increase in women’s recruitment and retention in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. They emphasized that science and engineering departments should pay attention to the student experience as well as faculty diversity to improve recruitment and retention of women. The study showed recommendations that could increase the number of women in STEM and could

change the future. Getting girls interested in science and engineering is the first step into changing male dominance in this fields. Spreading the word about girls’ and women’s achievements in math and science, helping girls recognize their career-relevant skills and encouraging high school girls to take calculus, physics, chemistry, computer science and engineering classes would contribute meaningfully to the increase of women in STEM. As stated in the study, creating college environments that support women in science and engineering and counteract biases are the essentials to defeat wrong perceptions about women in the field of math and science. According to Nicole Lyons, a chemical and biomolecular engineering major, women will bring unique perspective and hard-earned talents to the table and no one can reasonably refuse women a seat. Her best advice to women pursuing careers in STEM fields is to succeed in the face of this opposition with as much as grandeur as possible, it is good to recognize that there exist internal biases but refuse to let it corrode your sense of self-worth and limit what you think you are capable of. Together, we could fuel the next generation of female innovators.


The Official Publication of Gaussian SySTEM, Malabon NHS-SHS Volume II, Issue 1 | June - September 2019


Math Throughout math shaped our Astronomy How understanding of space / Nicus Villaluna

Our universe is constantly and infinitely expanding. Let that sink in. It makes my head spin just thinking about this concept of never-ending space, yet, we all live in this universe and you could say that we are all crew members aboard the space ship we call Planet Earth. Any given moment, an astronomical phenomenon could be taking place in our vast universe such as supernovas, gamma ray burst and imploding neutron stars. These scientific events are just the tip of the iceberg of our knowledge about outer space. In fact, we know more about outer space than our own oceans here on Earth. And mathematics was and will continue to be the key to these astronomical discoveries. Astronomers use math literally every day, but let’s start with something simple like counting stars. There is estimated to be one septillion stars in the universe, that’s a lot of zeros. But even though that is such a large number, this estimate is actually calculated by astronomical


mathematicians. They take the estimated 10 trillion galaxies in the universe and multiply that by our milky way galaxy’s 100 billion stars. With this application of math, we further our understanding in outer space. Another way they use math is peaking through a telescope. All things seen and recorded through the telescope are basically endless arrays of numbers. This directly correlate with the measurement of brightness of objects in space with the categories of light and the only way to comprehend this numbers is through math and statistics. They can measure distance, size, weight and age of all things with the application of math. Now mathematics and astronomy almost go always hand in hand in the intellectual world. Many famous astronomers were also ingenious mathematicians like Nicolas Copernicus who created the first accurate model of our solar system, or Isaac Newton who discovered the basic laws of physics we call the Newton’s Laws of Motion. These scientific findings would have never been uncovered if it had not been with the essential application of mathematics. Perhaps the most famous is Albert Einstein who proposed the Theory of Relativity or e=mc2. This equation stated that the energy and mass are the same physical property that can be interchanged with each other. This led to the scientific discovery of splitting atoms and subsequently, the atom model. Now, clearly, there’s no limit to what math can do in astronomy. Without math, the concept of astronomy wouldn’t have even existed and we’ll all just stare in the night sky dumbfounded by the mystery of space. Math has shaped our fundamental understanding of how the universe was made and how it functions. This states that the outer space is a final frontier— an abysmal region filled to the brim with mystery. Yet, math manages to unearth many of its secrets where the possibility of deep space travel is no longer a fantasy of science. So the next time you stare at the stars in the night sky; thinking about the planet that we live in, please do thank mathematics for helping you comprehend the mysteries of the universe.

Profile for Magnum Opus

MAGNUM OPUS | vol ii issue 1  

MAGNUM OPUS | vol ii issue 1