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PIPEROID is a paper robot craft kit for both kids and adults. All you need is a pair of scissors. Just cut, fold, and connect the pipes to build your own robot with movable joints in less than 30 minutes! Each character has a unique background story, and after assembly it can be used as an accent for home or office decor and even as a memo holder.


How to build a PIPEROID 1. Package contains paper pipes, some drilled with holes.

2. Cut the pipes and connect the

pieces. No glue or tape needed.

3. All you need is 30 minutes to assemble and enjoy crafting!


piperoid classics

Muscle Joe Powerful and enthusiastic - Joe often overworks and gets excited to the point that he can't pay attention to his surroundings, ending up in another's way. He is a hard worker in everything he does, including things he shouldn't be really working on. He acts before he thinks, which can often make him seem like he's “muscling in” on other people's territory. Material : paper Package Size ( l x w ) : 10.6" x 2.8" Assembled Size ( l x d x h ) : 2.5" x 1.5" x 3.5" Weight : 0.7 oz. Manufacturer : KOTO Made in Japan

Good Design Award 2007 Recipient

Cannon Bull Geeky and loves to eat - Bull is rather lazy and stays home most of the time. He loves pizzas although PIPEROIDs do not need to eat. His favorite activity these days is to veg out in front of the TV with pizza in hand while complaining and mumbling about random things. Despite his fierce look, he is actually scared of small animals. By the way, the cannons in both of his hands are just model guns.

Mantis Harry Intelligent - Harry keeps himself busy and gets impatient when he isn't solving math problems or working on his daily schedule. In his heart, he actually looks down on his fellow PIPEROIDs. He loves himself and knows that he can do “better” than others. He actually prefers to stay in town rather in the jungle, as it allows him to gaze upon himself in the mirrors and windows.

Hammer Rose A girl robot who loves to love - Rose recently got hooked on fortune telling. She easily falls in love with good-looking machines and robots, making aggressive moves to win their hearts. Despite her mantra of “I want to be in love,” she easily loses interest, which confuses everyone. Appearance comes high on her list of priorities over intelligence and character. She is very demanding and her criteria for Mr. Perfect are quite high, making it so that none of her fellow PIPEROIDs make the cut.

Jet Jonathan Gossipy and always at liberty - Jonathan flies around gathering gossip from around the world. He often comes down from the sky and talks only about himself before flying off again. In some sense, he could be said to be “scouting,” but it's hard to say if he's doing his job as it's 100% for his own amusement.

KOTO Rokusuke & Hachi Samurai & His Dog

Rokusuke is a Kabukimono - a member of a group of jobless samurai warriors, or ronin, who are known by their violent acts and exotic fashions. Being always full of energy, he often gets himself in trouble except when his dog Hachi, who he adores excessively, is with him.

piperoid characters

He flaunts his sword that he carries at all times, but it's actually so long that he can't brandish it himself.

Material : paper Package Size ( l x w ) : 10.6" x 2.8" Assembled Size ( l x d x h ) : 2" x 1" x 3" Weight : 0.7 oz.

Manufacturer : KOTO Made in Japan

Ron & Little-G Dragon & Little-Goriborg

Thinking him food, Dragon Ron took Little-G back with him from the robot R&D center. However, he soon found out that Little-G was too violent and selfish for him to eat, or even control for that matter. He can't stand himself for obeying Little-G when it climbs on his back and treats him like a pet.

Captain Drill & Repeat Pirate & His Partner

Captain Drill is a pirate who has traveled across the seven seas. Being famous for his short temper, in a fit of frustration, he threw his drill around and sank his own ship, forcing him to live on the shore. His partner Repeat often impersonates his voice and issues commands - creating confusion amongst the captain's henchmen.

KOTO Guyzer & Bean Rock Star and His Fan

Smoke & Bill Ninja Mates

Smoke is always serious and hard-working. His desire to master ninja techniques in a quiet and peaceful environment is often interrupted by Bill, who babbles all day long. Perhaps he's bored with the reality of a ninja life which isn't as exciting as the ones he's been fascinated by in the comic books.

Leader of the hard rock band “Guyzer & Hell Brothers,” anyone who's heard his music loves his tunes hands down - or so he dreams. Currently he's looking for additional members in his band, as his apprentice Bean is his only fan at this time.

Rob & Skip Boss & His Henchman

Penk & Goriborg Doctor and His Robot

Dr. Penk is a little genius doctor. Always devoting himself to research, he shows no interest in fame despite many fans calling him “So cute!!” On the other hand, there is Goriborg, a robot built by Dr. Penk. As a Super Robot, he was built with the mission of invading the Earth under Dr. Penk's command. However things aren't working as expected so far...

Kibatora The Legendary Samurai Warrior

Full of loyalty to his master, Kibatora is a legendary samurai warrior. His strength and speed make up for his fickle personality and get him through tough situations. He loves to eat eel, and most of the time he is gentle and sincere. However, be sure not to make fun of his helmet as he will be really upset!

Rob, with his tough appearance, is looked up to by Skip as the “man of the men.” For that reason, Skip formed a group called “Chivalry Supporters,” putting Rob as the leader. Little does he know that Rob actually has the heart of a chicken and can run away faster than a cheetah. As Skip gives him admiring looks, Rob feels immense pressure day by day to be the macho man.


Tengking & Tsubuten Goblin & His Apprentice

Tengking and his apprentice Tsubuten are a troublesome duo who plays pranks everywhere they travel. If a pencil is unexpectedly swapped with a pen, or an eraser that was in front of you suddenly disappears, it's likely that this duo played some role in the act.

Shishitaro & Komajiro Imperial Guardian Lion Brothers

The brothers have passion in “protecting the gate.” Shishitaro, who has a mean look on his face, is a positive thinker and proactive, with no fear of failures. On the other hand, frown-face Komajiro always thinks too much and misses his chance to act. Perhaps they balance each other out and that may be why they get along quite well.

Ct. Mosqula & Onidevil Mosquito and His Super Robot

Ct. Mosqula built Onidevil, the Super Robot, with the ambition to conquer the world. However, the count has his hands full with Onidevil, whose only interest is in total mass destruction. In fact, he's never without bruises these days. His favorite phrase is “summer is the time!”

Antonio & Syrup Fitness-Conscious Ant and His Pet

For Antonio, the most important thing in his life is to be popular among girls. He hates to get his clothes dirty, and he is an expert at pretending that he's working. Being health conscious, he often jogs with his pet Syrup, but the rumor is that he's only using Syrup to catch the attention of girls.


pneuma-block Material : wood Package Size ( l x w x h ) : 4" x 4" x 4" Block Size ( l x w x h ) : 2.4" x 3.5" x 2.4" Number of Blocks Included : 4 Weight : 9 oz. Manufacturer : twelvetone Made in Japan

Anaximenes was one of the three philosophers in ancient Greece who claimed that pneuma (air) is the essence of all things and that it is transformed in the four elements of ancient physics -- fire, air, water, and earth. “Simple forms preceded complex forms.” In the complex world we live in, pneuma-block helps philosophers of today and recalls the past with this word.

pneuma-box Original

Material : paper Package Size ( l x w x h ) : 5.5" x 5.5" x 0.8" Block Size ( l x w x h ) : 2" x 3" x 2" Number of Blocks Included : 4 Weight : 2.7 oz. Manufacturer : twelvetone Made in Japan

Designer-toy “pneuma-box” is a set of 4 paper blocks to create various shapes and objects beyond your imagination. Designed with the same philosophy and concept as “pneuma-block,” pneuma-box is made using durable corrugated card board, making it more affordable, and it now comes in variety of colors! To assemble, all you need is 2 minutes or less per block. No scissors, tape, or glue is needed. Try one for yourself, and you will be surprised of what can be made from such a simple design.




Material : paper Package Size ( l x w ) : 2.4"x11.8" Weight : 0.3 oz. Number of Sheets Included : 2 Manufacturer : twelvetone Made in Japan

Even an ordinary item can become sacred simply by existing for a long period of time. “Kamisabiru” is the Japanese term for an item given a second life as a ghost, reflecting the traditional Japanese culture where people take good care of things. With Kamisabi, high quality paper trimmings from paper factories are recycled and given a new life. Whether Kamisabi are used as memo holders, bookmarks, or cards, these ghosts can expand your imagination and maybe even help you in your everyday life -- just a little bit. ・Since the paper is from trimmings, the color and texture of the paper is naturally random. ・Colors tend to vary with the seasons.

pigeon post Material : paper Package Size ( l x w ) : 2.8" x 7" Weight : 0.2 oz. Number of Sheets Included : 24 Manufacturer : twelvetone Made in Japan Sticky memos to bring those special messages. Messages can be hidden with their wings, and by folding the legs they can even stand up!


Craft Club Material : paper Package Size ( l x w ) : 11" x 8.5" Weight : 1.2 oz. Manufacturer : Furukawa Made in Japan

CraftClub is a new form of paper craft that uses special fiber craft-paper - it softens when wet and hardens when dry. The sheet comes perforated so there is no need to use tape, glue or even scissors. It's available in 6 different styles and includes a cork board to be used for displaying completed art work. Recommended for ages 12 and up.



Praying mantis


Stag beetle



Craft Club Lite Material : paper Package Size ( l x w ) : 8.5" x 5.5" Weight : 0.6 oz. Manufacturer : Furukawa Made in Japan

CraftClub Lite uses the same special fiber craft paper as CraftClub - it softens when wet and hardens when dry. The difference is in the design and in fewer number of steps needed for completion. Just like the original, the sheet comes perforated so there is no need to use tape, glue or even scissors. It's available in 2 different styles, and each model comes in either white or black . Recommended for ages 8 and up.

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