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PIPEROID is a paper robot craft kit for both kids and adults. All you need is a pair of scissors. Just cut, fold, and connect the pipes to build your own robot with movable joints in less than 30 minutes! Each character has a unique background story, and after assembly it can be used as an accent for home or office decor and even as a memo holder.

1. Package contains paper pipes, some drilled with holes.

2. Cut the pipes and connect the

pieces. No glue or tape needed.

3. All you need is 30 minutes to assemble and enjoy crafting!


PIPEROID Custom Acrylic Display Case (12” x 8” x 7”)


PIPEROID characters Material : paper Package Size ( l x w ) : 10.6” x 2.8” Assembled Size ( l x w x h ) : 2” x 1” x 3” Weight : 0.7 oz. Manufacturer : KOTO Made in Japan

Octo & Deca

PPRD-OCDC Mischievous Octopus & Crab Buddies Octo and Deca both work at an aquarium. Being the elder of the two, Octo always comes up with pranks and forces Deca to play along with him. This time they have gone out on a mission to pat a sleeping shark on the head.

Peg & Rim

PPRD-PGRM Hard Rock Duo This bass and drums duo is preparing for a major debut after being scouted when playing out on the streets. But they are perplexed by their friend Guyzer, who misinterprets the news and says, “With me and my guitar, we can finally form our trio-band, Hell Brothers!”

Dr. Penk & Bearborg


The Professor & His Robot Bear

all 2F ! 1 0 2 eup Lin

Dr. Penk is out on a mission, exploring old historic ruins never found before. To help his journey, he developed a super powerful robot, Bearborg, and equipped him with a “bear claw” on the right paw to open up any terrain standing in front of them. However, the robot easily gets distracted by honey combs, slowing down the mission to a crawl. 3


Guyzer & Bean

PPRD-GZBN Rock Star & His Only Fan

t Bes #1 ller! Se

Leader of the hard rock band ‘Guyzer & Hell Brothers’, anyone who’s heard his music loves his tunes hands down - or so he dreams. Currently he’s looking for additional members in his band, as his apprentice Bean is his only fan at this time.

t Bes #2 ller! Se

Rokusuke & Hachi Samurai & His Dog


Rokusuke is a Kabukimono - a member of a group of jobless samurai warriors, or ronin, who are known by their violent acts and exotic fashions. Being always full of energy, he often gets himself in trouble except when his dog Hachi, who he adores excessively, is with him. He flaunts his sword that he carries at all times, but it’s actually so long that he can’t brandish it himself.

Dr. Penk & Goriborg

The Professor & His Robot


Dr. Penk is a little genius professor. Always devoting himself to research, he shows no interest in fame despite many fans calling him “So cute!!” On the other hand, there is Goriborg, a robot built by Dr. Penk. As a Super Robot, he was built with the mission of invading the Earth under Dr. Penk’s command. However things aren’t working as expected so far...


t Bes #3 ller! Se


Captain Drill & Repeat

t Bes #4 ler! l Se

PPRD-CDRP Pirate & His Partner Captain Drill is a pirate who has traveled across the seven seas. Being famous for his short temper, in a fit of frustration, he threw his drill around and sank his own ship, forcing him to live on the shore. His partner Repeat often impersonates his voice and issues commands---creating confusion amongst the captain’s henchmen.

Tenor & Silky

Jazzman & His Cat


Sax player Tenor stands out with his unique hairstyle and loud laugh. But actually he is timid inside and always gets nervous before he goes on stage. He can calm himself down when he pets his cat, Silky, but the moody cat doesn’t always allow him to do that. On those days, Tenor’s performance on stage is as sad as it can get . . .

Snow Giant & Lop & Dwarf

PPRD-SGLD Snowman & Bunny Siblings Bunny siblings Lop and Dwarf are anxiously waiting to meet Snow Giant, who comes from nowhere during the snow season. No one knows who he is or where he comes from, but none of that really matters to the bunnies. All you can hear is them having fun all winter. “Let’s have a snow fight!”



Mosqula & Onidevil

PPRD-MQOD Mosquito & His Super Robot Ct. Mosqula built Onidevil, the Super Robot, with the ambition to conquer the world. However, the Count has his hands full with Onidevil, whose only interest is in total mass destruction. In fact, he’s never without bruises these days. His favorite phrase is “summer is the time!”

Funny & Angry Circus Duo


The popular duos are members of the world’s smallest circus troupe. Angry is gifted with tremendous skills but is a bit hard to get along with---often times blowing up at someone. In trying to entertain Angry every day, Funny has naturally developed his skills as a clown and now stands at a world-class level.

Lyric & Hook & Track

PPRD-LHTK Hip Hop Trio Members of the hip-hop trio Bad Animals are all ready for the stage, combining agile MC Lyric, the delicate touch of MC Hook, and groovy selections from DJ Track. Currently going through hip-hop magazines to decide which competition to attend next.



Lift & Pinch Robot Beetles


Lift is a powerful straight shooter, full of confidence and the belief in himself as always being the champion. Pinch, on the other hand, is quick and full of techniques, always using his sharp mind to put together strategies. Being good rivals, they have one thought in common: “Winning sure tastes sweet!” As summer approaches, they are itching to compete in their next battle.

Laiya & Gama

PPRD-LYGM Ninja Woman & Her Underling After vigorous training, ninja woman Laiya mastered the spell to summon Gama. Anxious to be ahead of her rivals, she used the spell to create a huge Gama, but only to find him rebellious and sleeping all the time. He even tries to gobble Laiya up if she lets her guard down. Her current goal is to be able to hop on his back.

Super Red & El Blue Masked Wrestlers


The masked wrestler brothers Super Red & El Blue have been training in the recesses of the mountains since childhood, so they have yet to make their ring debut. They humbly tell people, “We have a long way to go,” but they are the only ones who haven’t realized how fiercely strong they really are.



Tackle & Pom

PPRD-TCPM Football Captain & Cheerleader As captain of a football team, Tackle is sought as a big brother for everyone, but his heart only beats for Pom the cheerleader. He dreams of completing the touchdown pass of love to her, but Pom, being always moody and selfish, ends up just throwing him and the rest of the team around.

Knight & Golem

PPRD-KNGL Treasure Hunter & Protector Our Knight has finally made it! Having gone through steep mountain paths and rough ocean waves after leaving his village few months ago, the treasure sits just ahead of him. Next to it, however, stands a huge Golem that appears tougher than any of the enemies he has ever faced. What will Knight do?!? ... (An excerpt from the screen play they are practicing.)

Salt & Pepper

PPRD-STPP Rival Chefs Salt gradually brings out the full potential of an ingredient, while Pepper helps realize the new potential of an another ingredient. As rival chefs, the two often argue on how best to extract the most out of an ingredient. However, at heart they know they need each other but have hard time admitting that to themselves.



Tengking & Tsubuten

PPRD-TKTT Goblin & His Apprentice Tengking and his apprentice Tsubuten are a troublesome duo who plays pranks everywhere they travel. If a pencil is unexpectedly swapped with a pen, or an eraser that was in front of you suddenly disappears, it’s likely that this duo played some role in the act.

Smoke & Bill Ninja Mates


Smoke is always serious and hard-working. His desire to master ninja techniques in a quiet and peaceful environment is often interrupted by Bill, who babbles all day long. Perhaps he’s bored with the reality of a ninja life which isn’t as exciting as the ones he’s been fascinated by in the comic books.

Ron & Little-G

PPRD-RNLG Dragon & Little-Goriborg Thinking him food, Dragon Ron took Little-G back with him from the robot R&D center. However, he soon found out that Little-G was too violent and selfish for him to eat, or even control for that matter. He can’t stand himself for obeying Little-G when it climbs on his back and treats him like a pet. 9


PIPEROID classics Material : paper Package Size ( l x w ) : 10.6” x 2.8” Assembled Size ( l x w x h ) : 2.5” x 1.5” x 3.5” Weight : 0.7 oz.

The original five PIPEROIDs are back! Despite it’s simpler design and lack of the side-kicks included in the newer PIPEROID characters series, all the base elements including their moveable joints and easy to build instructions without using tape or glue are the same! The size is even slightly bigger than the newer series since they use the same number of paper pipes.

Manufacturer : KOTO Made in Japan Good Design Award 2007 Recipient

Muscle Joe


Powerful and enthusiastic - Joe often overworks and gets excited to the point that he can’t pay attention to his surroundings, ending up in another’s way. He is a hard worker in everything he does, including things he shouldn’t be really working on. He acts before he thinks, which can often make him seem like he’s “muscling in” on other people’s territory.

Mantis Harry


Intelligent - Harry keeps himself busy and gets impatient when he isn’t solving math problems or working on his daily schedule. In his heart, he actually looks down on his fellow PIPEROIDs. He loves himself and knows that he can do ‘better’ than others. He actually prefers to stay in town rather in the jungle, as it allows him to gaze upon himself in the mirrors and windows. 10


Hammer Rose


A girl robot who loves to love - Rose recently got hooked on fortune telling. She easily falls in love with good-looking machines and robots, making aggressive moves to win their hearts. Despite her mantra of “I want to be in love,” she easily loses interest, which confuses everyone. Appearance comes high on her list of priorities over intelligence and character. She is very demanding and her criteria for Mr. Perfect are quite high, making it so that none of her fellow PIPEROIDs make the cut.

Jet Jonathan


Gossipy and always at liberty - Jonathan flies around gathering gossip from around the world. He often comes down from the sky and talks only about himself before flying off again. In some sense, he could be said to be ‘scouting’, but it’s hard to say if he’s doing his job as it’s 100% for his own amusement.

Cannon Bull


Geeky and loves to eat - Bull is rather lazy and stays home most of the time. He loves pizzas although PIPEROIDs do not need to eat. His favorite activity these days is to veg out in front of the TV with pizza in hand while complaining and mumbling about random things. Despite his fierce look, he is actually scared of small animals. By the way, the cannons in both of his hands are just model guns. 11


MANGA TEMPLATE Ever dreamed of being a manga (Japanese cartoon) artist but gave up? These templates help fulfill some of those dreams allowing easy tracing of robots and cats with various expressions! Material : PET Package Size ( l x w ) : 6” x 4” Package Contents : 1 trace sheet Weight : 0.2 oz. Manufacturer : twelvetone Made in Japan

Robot Factory MNGT-ROBF

Cat Factory MNGT-CATF

KAMISABI Even an ordinary item can become sacred simply by existing for a long period of time. Kamisabiru is the Japanese term for an item given a second life as a ghost, reflecting the traditional Japanese culture where people take good care of things. With Kamisabi, high quality paper trimmings from paper factories are recycled and given a new life. Whether Kamisabi are used as memo holders, bookmarks, or cards, these ghosts can expand your imagination and maybe even help you in your everyday life -- just a little bit. Material : paper Package Size ( l x w ) : 11.8” x 2.4” Package Contents : Total 8 ghosts in 2 sheets Product Size ( l x w ) : 1” x 1” (per ghost) Weight : 0.3 oz. Manufacturer : twelvetone Made in Japan



· Since the paper is from trimmings, the color and texture of the paper is naturally random. · Colors tend to vary with the seasons.


PIT LAND - Magnetic World Balance the steel pieces using the power of magnet hidden in the base! Concentrate and create your original art as combinations you can make with the pieces are only bound by your imagination.



Material : steel / plastic Package Size ( l x w x h) : 7” x 3.5” x 1” Package Contents : magnetic base, 12-15 steel pieces Weight : 6~7 oz. Manufacturer : VOLUME-ONE Made in Japan









MGWD-T1 13


ASOBLOCK® is a construction kit utilizing the unique ball joint system to snap on the pieces to create variety of objects. Each of the pieces can move freely by the joints to form any pose with ease. The name ASOBLOCK originates from the Japanese term “ASOBI” (play) combined with “BLOCK”. The infinite possibilities of shapes that can be formed with ASOBLOCK is certain to stimulate your creativity and imagination!

Material : plastic Package Size ( l x w x h) : 4.5” x 6” x 2” Package Contents : 70-164 pieces Assembled Size ( l x w x h ) : 3” x 3” x 3” ~ 6” x 3” x 7.5” Weight : 5 ~ 9 oz. Manufacturer : Merzen Made in Japan

The basic series includes 100-164 pieces in a package along with sample instructions start you off in creating your original robots and dinosaurs.

Basic 164 pcs

ASBL-251W (white) ASBL-251K (black)

Basic 100 pcs

ASBL-151W (white) ASBL-151K (black) The 3-in-1 series includes roughly 150 pieces in a package along with instructions to create either 1 big model or 2 smaller models using the same set of parts.


Mech-Robot C 14


The 2-in-1 series includes 70-75 pieces in a package along with instructions to create 2 types of models using the same set of parts.


Mech-Robot A ASBL-15MA

Mech-Robot B ASBL-15MC

Dinosaur ASBL-15KC

Tyrannosaurus ASBL-15KA


Genius Toy

GIGO BLOCKS - CUBE FIGURES Build one of the sixteen characters with moveable joints by assembling the head, body, arms, legs and nose pieces, and dress it up with the included sticker sheet! But the real fun begins when you start mixing and matching pieces from different characters to create your one and only character! The included accessory piece can be used as a strap to take your favorite character on the go!

Material : plastic Package Size ( l x w ) : 6.5” x 3.5” Package Contents : Block pieces to assemble one figurine, dress-up sticker sheet Assembled Size ( l x w x h ) : 2” x 1” x 2.5” Weight : 0.8 oz. Manufacturer : Genius Toy Made in Taiwan

Cube Figures spinner display with four glued samples






























Genius Toy

GIGO BLOCKS - SPACE ADVENTURE Each Space Adventure package comes with over 90 block pieces to create two Cube Figures and two space ships or robots. It also includes assembly instructions and comic booklet featuring background stories of the characters. Collect all three episodes to follow the full story, and combine the blocks from each package to create a mega robot!

Material : plastic Package Size ( l x w x h ) : 6” x 6” x 6” Package Contents : 90+ block pieces to create 2 figurines and 2 space ships / robots, comic booklet Assembled Size ( l x w x h ) : approx. 8” x 6” x 8” Weight : approx. 13 oz. Manufacturer : Genius Toy Made in Taiwan

Episode 1


Episode 2


Tony dreams of becoming a spaceship pilot. An attack on the space station by aliens starts changing his destiny...


The group out in space picked up an SOS signal. It could be a trap, but they must still go! SADV-EP02 Episode 3



The aliens were after the “Green Cube.” Now Tony and the gang are in trouble facing the strongest enemy they’ve ever met! And suddenly, here comes ...

Monster Village Acrylic Display Case (9” x 9” x 9”)

Collect all three episodes to build a mega robot!


Genius Toy

GIGO BLOCKS - SPACE ADVENTURE MINI Material : plastic Package Size ( l x w x h ) : 4” x 4” x 4” Package Contents : 45+ block pieces to create 1 figurine and 1 robot / vehicle Assembled Size ( l x w x h ) : approx. 6” x 6” x 6” Weight : approx. 7 oz.

Space Adventure Mini includes over 45 block pieces to create one space vehicle and one Cube Figure. The same blocks can also be reused to transform the space vehicle into a space robot!

Manufacturer : Genius Toy Made in Taiwan


JULIAN & SCORPION Julian is the son of Griffin, who mines resources from planets. The robot he’s on is only used for mining, but due to its fierce appearance, Julian often gets attacked. SAMN-MGSE


He loves music from Earth and dreams of becoming a hip-hop artist.

Magus heads the evil empire and is attempting to take over the universe. Normally his men are at work, so he rarely comes out to the field, but this time he’s hopped on Eagle and has gone on a lookout himself. He is particular in what he eats and subsists on meat and junk food.


SARAH & SUPERCAR Highly athletic but mysterious, Sarah always dresses in all black. She suddenly appears in front of Tony, either to elicit information or to give him advice. People have yet to find which side she is on …




Eric is a resident of the planet but is the target of various tribes who are aiming for his high-tech skills. Being a vegetarian robot, his source of energy comes from plants, and for the most part he is gentle and calm. However, once he gets attacked, he transforms himself to a human-robot and wipes out all enemies.

Space Adventure Mini Acrylic Display Case (9” x 9” x 9”)

Genius Toy

GIGO BLOCKS - MONSTER VILLAGE Each Monster Village package contains over 90 block pieces to create two monsters with movable joints. The included assembly instruction comes in comic booklet form featuring the stories of each of the unique characters. Swap the hands and feet from each characters to create your own original monster!

Material : plastic Package Size ( l x w x h ) : 6” x 6” x 6” Package Contents : 90+ block pieces to create 2 monsters, comic booklet Assembled Size ( l x w x h ) : approx. 8” x 6” x 8” Weight : approx. 13 oz. Manufacturer : Genius Toy Made in Taiwan

Episode 1



Big Horn received a challenge from Iron. No problem!! But forgetful Big Horn... Big Horn Episode 2


Episode 3



MSVL-IRGR Grin is Iron’s apprentice. Being cheerful and friendly is all good, but too often Grin makes mistakes.




Trick and Nipper love playing tricks. But a prank went overboard and ...


All characters can open-close their mouth.



Create your own monster by swapping their hands and feet!

MOVABLE & SWAPPABLE! Monster Village Acrylic Display Case (9” x 9” x 9”)



MONSTER CUBE Material : paper Package Size ( l x w ) : 7.5” x 8” Package Contents : 1 monster cube sheet, 1 message card Assembled Size ( l x w x h ) : 2” x 1.5” x 2” Weight : 1.0 oz. Manufacturer : twelvetone Made in Japan

History of Japanese paper crafts date all the way back to the Edo period in the 1800’s. Combined with unique design and modern box folding techniques, a single sheet of paper transforms into monsters without a need of tape, glue, or even scissors! Monster Cube Acrylic Display Case (4” x 4” x 4”)

After assembly, its belly can conveniently store a piece of candy or anything of that size. It can also hold the included mini message card with its mouth or with its hands in certain models.

Jet Black

MSCB-JTBK Proud of his fine coat of fur. Overweight but can run fast.

Big Hog

MSCB-BGHG Wants to be called “Boss.” Currently looking for an apprentice. 20

Red Giant

MSCB-RDGT Easily gets upset but doesn’t want to be alone. Loves to sleep.


MSCB-FANG Has a fierce look but sweet at heart. Loves flowers.


MSCB-STLH Loves to play hide and seek but plays so seriously that no one can find him.


MSCB-SLMY Loves snacks. Always gets sweet sauce everywhere.


STICKY NOTES by twelvetone Material : paper Package Size ( l x w ) : 11.8” x 2.4” Package Contents : Total 24 sheets in 4 poses Assembled Size ( l x w ) : 1.5” x 1.5” (per sheet) Weight : 0.3 oz. Manufacturer : twelvetone Made in Japan

Sticky memos to bring those special messages. Folding their hands and legs gives unique expressions and can even make them stand up! Use colored pencils or gel pens to draw on unique black sticky notes!



Black Cat




Ninja Monster




Ant & Bee FRC-009


CRAFTCLUB Material : paper Package Size ( l x w ) : 11” x 8.5” Weight : 1.2 oz. Manufacturer : Furukawa

Japanese Beetle FRC-007

Made in Japan

Hercules Beetle FRC-008

CraftClub is a new form of paper craft that uses special fiber craft-paper - it softens when wet and hardens when dry. The sheet comes perforated so there is no need to use tape, glue or even scissors. It’s available in nine different styles and package includes a cork board to be used for displaying completed art work. Recommended for ages 12 and up.

Praying Mantis FRC-001


Grasshopper FRC-004 22






Stag Beetle FRC-006


CRAFTCLUB - Earth Dragon

Introducing CraftClub Earth Dragon for crafters looking for a challenge! Material : paper Package Size ( l x w ) : 11� x 8.5� Weight : 4.6 oz. Manufacturer : Furukawa Made in Japan

Just like the original CraftClub, the package contains special fiber craft paper perforated in pieces that assemble into a mystical dragon. Unlike the original where insects are made using a single sheet, Earth Dragon requires a total of three sheets which results into a huge dragon with a total length of over 14 inches! Assembly is done simply by moistening the perforated sheet and molding the pieces into the shapes following the included instructions. Therefore there is no need to use tape, glue or even scissors. Includes magic square for displaying completed dragon after assembly. Recommended for ages 15 and up.


Includes practice mini-dragon!



Good Design Award 2011 Recipient

PLAY-DECO is a unique craft for home decor that combines wooden “bone” with paper “texture.” Both wood and paper sheets are punched out without the need of scissors, and assembly completes without any glue or tape! In addition, from PLAY-DECO website you can also download extra textures and even blank templates allowing you to design your own custom figures!

1. The package contains paper ‘texture’ and wooden ‘bone’.


Punch out the ‘texture’ and the ‘bone’ and assemble the pieces.

3. Put the ‘texture’ over the ‘bone’ to

complete the figures with moveable joints.



Download templates from the web and create your own design!


PLAY-DECO - Single Sets

Material : paper, wood Package Size ( l x w ) : 6” x 6” Package Contents : 1 paper ‘texture’ sheet, 1 wood ‘bone’ sheet Assembled Size ( l x w x h ) : 1.2” x 1.5” x 3” Weight : 1.4 Manufacturer : twelvetone


PYDS-CATH Loves music, nature, and animals. Her monkey and parrot always fight over the best spot (on top of her head).


PYDS-TAMA As Tamaro the cat travels without plans, searching for his place of comfort, several birds have started following him.



Calling himself the robot who keeps peace on earth, Robosuke often is surrounded by cats as the heat from the machinery is just right for them.

Made in Japan


PYDS-BRAK A wandering rapper, Break always carries around his boom box and shouts his heart out to the beat!



Coming from underworld, Devio likes to see frowning faces on people. He works his way out to play tricks on people with his apprentice bat.



PLAY-DECO - Combo Sets Material : paper, wood Package Size ( l x w ) : 6” x 12” Package Contents : 1 paper ‘texture’ sheet, 1 wood ‘bone’ sheet Assembled Size ( l x w x h ) : 1.2” x 1.5” x 3” Weight : 3.2 oz. Manufacturer : twelvetone Made in Japan

Postman & Wagon

PYDC-PMWG Being friends with everyone in town, Postman often talks too much and the mail delivery often gets delayed across town.


PYDC-KJAR A young entrepreneur always travelling on the private jet.


PYDC-NCSS Wild girl travelling around the world. 26



Loves to drive FAST. She actually needs glasses to drive.

OWLMAN & OWLMOBILE PYDC-OWOM A mysterious superhero who appears at night.


PLAY-DECO - Brownie / Citron A generic robot tuned to optimally perform tasks at your desk, it can store paper clips inside and with its hands can even hold a pen or a memo. The package includes three types of eyes and mouths and two types of ears, so combine them to your liking to complete your original robot!

Material : paper, wood Package Size ( l x w ) : 12” x 6” Package Contents : 1 paper ‘texture’ sheet, 1 wood ‘bone’ sheet Assembled Size ( l x w x h ) : 6” x 3” x 4” Weight : 2.3 oz. Manufacturer : twelvetone Made in Japan

I can ride on it too!



250 paper clips


83 jelly beans


92 M&M’s ®

pens and stickies

memo holder

PLAY-DECO - Space Robot Coasters Attach the water resistant stickers and wooden legs to turn your favorite cup, mug or a small bowl into a space robot! No need to fight with your significant other over choosing who’s cup to use as there are pieces enough to make two robots in a package!

Material : wood, sticker sheet Package Size ( l x w ) : 6” x 8” Package Contents : 1 water resistant sticker sheet and 1 wood ‘bone’ sheet to make 2 robot coasters Assembled Size ( l x w x h ) : 3” x 3” x 1.5” Weight : 1.5 oz. Manufacturer : twelvetone Made in Japan



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