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Are the claims made on the Magniwork website for real, and can you really learn to build your own free electricity generators from home? After doing much research on the Internet about this renewable energy system, my family decided to purchase this generator plans guide to see what we could work out of it. All in all, I have found that I can build my own free energy solution system at home with less than $100 in just a few hours time. 1. What I Learned from the Magniwork Guide This guide shows blueprints of their generator system and also lists the instructions clearly step by step to teach me how to build it. It also guided me on how to calculate the electrical power requirements in my house and what I had to build in order to save the amount of money I wanted from my energy bills. Overall, I have cut down my bill payments by more than 70% every month now. 2. What is in the Magniwork Package, and Will You Be Able to Benefit From It? Most people who have successfully built the Magni work system are without any prior construction experience or have very limited building skills. This is because the guide provides all the photographs, instructions and detailed blueprints and plans that make it easy to understand the entire building process. 3. How Does the Magniwork System Work? It makes use of a very powerful yet abundant source of energy, which is magnetic energy, and converts it into normal electricity. The generator in the systems is powered by perpetual motion power; therefore it can work for a long time as long as all its parts are properly maintained. So far, Magniwork has been working well for me with very limited maintenance and has almost no downtime.

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