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With the onset of the internet dating has become a whole new ball game. Gone are the days when you had to get dressed up and head out to the club's or rely on a heavy social calendar to find that perfect partner. No longer do you have to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger, sit through endless boring evenings with people with who you have nothing in common or get embarrassed when friends and family decide to play match maker. We are now in an age when dating is so easy once you know how. With so many dating agencies around the possibilities are endless, an almost limitless number of profiles for you to read through in the comfort of your own home and the ability to start dating several steps removed from the starting block armed with almost everything you need to know about a person before you even go on a first date. No crappy pick up lines, no playing hard to get, just a natural progression from the initial contact that is totally within your control. The clever ones have taken dating one step further by making good use of all the targeted information that is now available on the net written by people that are most experienced in the field. They have learned everything there is to know about why you should be honest about yourself, avoid playing games and be proud of who you are. The clever ones in the dating scene have learned how to relax and portray their character full of confidence. They have learned the art of seduction, how to make the best use of body language and how to capture who ever they meet from the very first date and hold on to them for as long as they want to. None of it is rocket science, it's all about the level of effort you are prepared to put in to find and keep that perfect partner. Take for example the first time you meet. Dating is all about first impressions, it doesn't matter if this particular date is the one for you but at the outset you don't know and you can never recover that initial meeting. The very first time you set eyes on each other is lost for ever after the first few seconds. You may have met up with several people that really aren't right for you but never let past experiences make you underestimate the need to make first impressions count. Most people head out for that first date nervous and concerned about what people might think. They lack the confidence they need to carry it off but at the end of the day you are who you are, does it matter what other people really think. You might not think you have the best looks, you may think you are over weight but then we've all now seen what a good makeover can do and how many people do you see out there drawing in the crowd when the main things they have going for

them is confidence and the ability to make the most of their assets. Confidence is all about looking beyond what you don't like about yourself, focusing on what is good and learning how to make the most of everything you have. Stop seeking approval from others and learn to be who you are. And it has to be said, with internet dating it's never been so easy, your first meeting is with someone who has already seen your photo, they've already learned nearly everything they need to know about you and they still want to meet up. If you've been honest in your profile what is there to be nervous about? Just make an effort, show off your assets and go out there and enjoy yourself. If it doesn't work out so what, they obviously weren't right for you, you just move on until you find that match made in heaven.

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