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Motorcyclists spend hundreds of hours studying, thinking and shopping for their motorcycles. Yet, if they are really smart it is more important to attempt to buy your motorcycle from a place who will give you the best service too. However, if you are solely shopping for price or buying used then this may not be totally possible. Next order of business after your purchase is to consider the preventative maintenance for your bike and which company or motorcycle shop can help you keep your cycle in pristine shape. This is about as important or perhaps more important than your actual purchase of your iron horse. How can you tell if you have found a good motorcycle shop? Well when you ask questions they will know the answers completely. You can also tell because they are busy and all those waiting in line are happy and satisfied with the service they have been getting, rather than bitching and moaning about the wait, excuses and lack of parts inventory. Now then, just because someone is upset in the lobby or hanging out in the show room in a piss poor mood does not mean they are mad at the service. So, realize there are hard to deal with customers and ask them if the service is good or bad and exactly what is wrong. If you get many horror stories of service, then leave. If on the other hand people are chatting up a storm about motorcycle riding experiences and having a good time in the waiting room, then you have found a good motorcycle shop and stick with them. Consider this in 2006.

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Choosing the Right Motorcycle Repair Shop  

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