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TABLE OF CONTENTS Forward…........................................................................................................................................ Chapter One Introduction Promises to Believers……………………………………………………………………….……..5 Chapter Two God’s Praise Team…………………………………………………………………………………8 Chapter Three The Beginning of the End…………………………………………………………………………10 Chapter Four Sealing of the Chosen Ones……………………………………………………………………….12 Chapter Five The First Woe…..…………………………………………………………………………………15 Chapter Six The Second Woe…………………………………………………………………………………..18 Chapter Seven Foretelling of the Birth of the Church….…………………………………………………………21 Chapter Eight The Third Woe Last Half of the Period of Tribulation…………………………………………………………….23 Chapter Nine Time of Great Harvest…………………………………………………………………………….25 Chapter Ten The Final Days……………………………………………………………………………………28 Chapter Eleven The Two Resurrection………………………………………………………………...…..............34 Study Guide……………………………………………………………………………..……….. 39



To my best friend lover husband and pal Pastor Vernon Dale Spears, Sr. my only sister Helen Marie McDonald, and my god-daughter Beverly Clark. To my son Vernon Dale Spears, Jr. thanks for all of your support and love. Too two very good friends Evangelist Valerie Crutchfield thanks for not giving up on me and Evangelist Minnie Crockett do not give up. To my pastor and wife Elder Bennie Crutchfield, Jr. and Mother Earline Crutchfield thanks for everything.

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Evangelist Earnestine Pope thanks for been true and standing by me. Lastly but not least to my mother Helen Biggers this is for you. To my sister’s children Douglas, Michele and Limmie, and Jason this is for you.

To God be the glory, THANK YOU FATHER


FORWARD Due to all of the symbolism many people stay away from the study of Revelation. Some try to study it but stop because, of the beast, dragons, and other images because they do not know what they really mean. When you do not have a clear concept of the events and their meanings it is very hard to understand just what is happening. One time John is talking about insects than earthquakes, and monsters. The next thing you see is him in heaven or the ground opening up hiding a woman. We must be very careful in our study for we cannot allow our feelings, hopes, and desires to sway the truth about what is being said. When studying any material it is very important to see the chronological order of events. In Revelation John goes from present, to heaven’s past, to earth’s future, and then heavens past back to the future. As you study Revelation you must remember to see things the way John sees them. John knew nothing of flying machines, tanks that had guns with the capability or rotating around and shooting from any direction. PLEASE US THIS STUDY GUIDE AS YOU READ REVELATION IT IS NOT TO BE READ ON ITS OWN. This guide is base on the King James Version. If you are using another version, some of the wording might be different. Please use this as it was meant, it is not to replace studying or reading the Bible, this is only an aide to help you to understand some of the things and events that are taking place in this great book. Revelation is both a very beautiful and important book of the Bible, one that all need to read and study. That is why God has given me to write this guide to help others see its beauty and share its understanding with you.


CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION TO REVELATION PROMISES TO BELIEVERS Revelation 1-3 Revelation Chapter 1 THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST Verses 1,-12 In the opening chapter John confirms several important facts: 1) God is the true author of this book, 2) He John had a word from God to the churches not just in Asia Minor but to the churches of today, and lastly that 3) Jesus is soon to come. The visions began on the 1st day of the week, the day the Apostles called the Lord’s Day. Why? Because it was on the first day of the week that Christ rose from the dead. Secondly the first always belongs to God, so in honoring the day we call Sunday, we honor both God the Father, and Jesus the risen Savior. Jesus announces who He is with the phrase, “I am Alpha and Omega the First and the Last”. Then instructs John to write what he sees and send it to the 7 churches Verses 13-16

John’s Vision

7 golden candlesticks standing in the midst thereof, one robed in white from head to feet, and was tied around His waist with a golden girdle. His hair white as wool, His eyes a flame of fire, His feet shone like fine brass, His voice sounded like a water fall, and His countenance was as bright as noonday sun. His words were as sharp as a twoedge sword and in His right hand He held 7 stars. (Look at Zech. 4: 1-5, 10-14) Jesus comforts John by letting John know that He (Christ) had the keys to hell and the grave and again tells him to write all that he sees. Jesus tells that the 7 stars are 7 angels of the 7 churches. These 7 candlesticks are the angels of the church who are the watchmen of the church (all the objects lead to one meaning).


Revelation Chapter 2 THE MESSAGES OF WARNNGS AND BLESSINGS They are given a chance to repent and told what God would bless them with if they did. Some believe that each church represents a different era of time. I feel and believe that you can find each one of these churches in our communities today. Each church has its good side and its shortcomings. (I am not talking about denominations either, for no one denomination has 100% cooperation from its churches, as we look around we will see individual churches that fit into one of these model churches). The 7 Churches Verses 2:11-3 1). The Active church-2:1-7 This church is seen doing community work, helping the homeless, giving food, sound in their teaching and doctrine. The enemy tries to belittle churches and people that teach doctrine. But God demands doctrinal teachings be taught. They had the teaching, but do all things out of duty, not love. You will read over and over again for those that have an ear, to hear what the spirit is saying, this is not talking about natural ears, for it takes being born again and having spiritual hearing to hear the thing of the spirit. 2).The church that has a very small membership 2:8-11. But the power, and spirit of God dwells there, their Love is true, their faith strong. They are told that their trials and troubles will only last a few days. That they will not have to worry about the second death, (this subject will be covered in later chapter). 3).The sitting on the fence church 2:12-17. God says I know you. I know where you sat, as well as where Satan sat. They held fast to the doctrine even in times of trouble but, they easily compromise in other areas. Like a person that calls something a deadly sin until one of their family members does it, then it’s no longer a sin but an issue to be worked out over a long period of time. 4) The hidden agenda church 2:18-29. They can be seen doing many works in the community, but it’s not for the right reason. 6

Maybe a new leader join church and things began to change for the worse. When one goes astray and causes others to follow all that do not repent will suffer. How can one lead others to heaven when they know not the way themselves? Verse 24, 25 You have heard people say that, “God knows my heart”, sadly He does, and that’s the problem. God does know their hearts and knows of it evil or self-centeredness. God commends all those that will hold fast to the true doctrine.

Revelation Chapter 3 THE FINAL 3 CHURCHES 5). Dying weak church 3:1-6. This church could have had a lot of members at one time. But became weak would not stand against wrong doctrine and now weak with no spiritual strength only a very few have kept their faith and held on. To those God promises a white garment, and that their names will not be bolt out of the Book of Life. 6).The Loyal Church 3:7-13 They don’t have much strength due to all the trials they suffered, but they held on. There were times they could have compromised but they didn’t. For that God will shower down blessings. One by one they will be blessed until they all are and there’s no stopping them. 7).The Luke-Warm Church 3:14-22. They are self-centered-their wealth has blinded them. They feel they don’t need a God on their side that there is no God to judge them. These 2 chapters are full of promises, blessings and reward for over comers, those that see their shortcomings and repent. There are also warnings if one doesn’t repent and turn to God. All of the blessings hinges on one thing “he that has an ear to hear let him hear” what God is saying if you see yourself as one of these churches, stop now repent and receive the promises of God.


CHAPTER 2 GOD’S PRAISE TEAM Revelation Chapters 4, 5 Revelation Chapter 4 GOD’S PRAISE TEAM “After this I looked and behold, a door was opened in heaven”. Verses 2-4

Revelation of Jesus the Christ

The first thing John sees is God’s throne with God seating there on. The glory that shined from God was as bright as precious stones, and jewels with a bright rainbow around God and His throne. In front of the throne were 24 elders

and each wore a

crown and their garments were white. Praises were heard coming out from around the throne. The seven spirits of God were seen as seven burning lamps before His throne. Behind the lamps was a crystal sea of glass. Verses 6-11 All of this was in the midst of four beast each beast was full of eyes in front, and behind. (Later in Revelation you will see other “beast”, those are the spirits of the devil and the anti-Christ and their prophets). These in this chapter are heaven’s praise team, they have one job, to sing, praise and worship God day and night. Each had a different face, and six wings full of eyes, these showed the infinite, and omnipotence of God. They are the only beings in heaven that has or will have wings. As they go forth in praise, the elders remove their crowns and falling down before the throne join in the worship. What an honor it was for John to have seen such a glorious event.


Revelation Chapter 5 THE BOOK OF THE SEVEN SEALS In Matt. 24:36, Jesus told them that “no man” knows when the end would come because it was God’s secret. Now we see God’s secret book about to be open to reveal the end times. From before creation this book was closed and sealed with its seven mysteries of God’s punishment for sin. So powerful and prefect is this book that the angel could not find one human born of man worthy to open it. No one had paid the price making him worthy enough to open the book. Verses 4, 5 Behold the “Lion of Judah, the Root of David” had paid the uttermost price. That person is Jesus the Christ. A lion is thought of as a King. Pilate inscribed the sign placed on the cross “This is Jesus, the King of the Jews”, in doing so Pilate declared Jesus was the “Lion on Judah”. Both Mary and Joseph were of the line of David, making Jesus the “Root of David”. Jesus had fulfilled both of the prophecies, plus His life, death, and resurrection with victory over death, hell, and the grave, He truly had prevailed over all. Read Jer. 23:5,6. Verses 6, 7 The Lamb of God wounded but not defeated, comes forth. The Lamb of God has seven horns, seven eyes, and the seven spirits of showing the completeness of God. He takes the book from His Father. Verses 8-14 For HE along is found worthy to open the book. It is not written how long the praise and worship of the Lamb continued, but at the end of it the Lamb opened the first of the seals.


CHAPTER 3 THE BEGINNINNG OF THE END Revelation Chapter 6 Revelation Chapter 6 OPENING OF THE 7 SEALS Verses 12-14 The opening of the 6th.Seal began with a great earthquake. The stage is now being set to remove the chosen ones out of this place. This earthquake was so massive that black smoke rose so the sun was not able to shine through it. At night the smoke and lava cause the moon to look as is was made of blood. It even shook so the stars fell, and the heavens were so black it looked as if they had rolled up and passed away. So great and horrible were the after affects that men and women ran to caves and holes crying “fall on me�. Verses 2-8 These first four seals are always seen together because they feed off of each other. Verse 2 1st. The first horse is white its rider is given power to conquer. Anytime one forcefully takes over another nation it always brings about war. Verses 3, 4 2nd. The second horse is red its rider has power to take peace. The peace is taken because of war and the rise of a dictator. Verses 5, 6 3rd. The next horse is black in color the rider is recession at its highest. A rude ruler, wartime, no peace causes recession like no other, lack of jobs, food, comfort, proper healthcare in the midst of war is common. Now with all of this here comes:


Verses 7, 8 4th. The last horse is pale in color, the rider is death, but death does not come along, with death is hell. The effects of global war is death, hatred, lack of proper care for the sick, the dying and dead causes diseases to spread. Hunger worldwide rotten flesh everywhere just think how it would look, sound and smells. Jesus warned that when these things happen, it would only be the beginning. Things are only going to get worse for those that continue to reject God and repent not for their sins (also read Ezek. 7:15). Verse 9-11

Opening of the 5th Seal

John is shown the souls of the martyred witnesses crying out for God to remember those that killed them. Who were these souls? We know that after the beginning of the new church, Saul and the Jewish leaders had many put to death. After that Nero and other rulers had at many times put saints to death prophets of the Old Testament faced death and was killed for their stand against evil. They are told to hold on, a few more must suffer their fate, and afterwards all will be made right.


CHAPTER 4 SEALING OF THE CHOSEN ONES (I believe that chapter seven happens before the sixth seal. We can clearly see the beginnings of the first four seals, but they are not yet complete, we are just at the beginning of their ride. Their events will have a global affect and even with things as bad as they are now, we have not seen the fullness of their ride.)

Revelation Chapter 7 THE RAPTURE Gen. 6:1-7 And it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them. That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair, and they took them wives of all which they chose. And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for hat he also is flesh; yet his days shall be 120 years. There were giants in the earth in those days and also after that when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bared children to them, the same become mighty men which were of old men of renown.

And God saw that the

wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented the Lord that He had made man on the earth, and it grieved Him at His heart. And the Lord said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repented me that I have made them. Matt. 24: 36-39 But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no not the angels of heaven, but my Father. But as the days of Noe’ were, so shall also the coming of the son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating, and drinking, marring and given in marriage until the day that Noe’ entered into the ark. And knew not until the 12

flood come and took them all away, so shall also the coming of the son of man be. Let’s take a look back to the event that lead up to chapter 7. In heaven there seem to be some trouble, Lucifer the minister of music is trying to turn heaven’s elite against God. Question: if you are a vice president already what more can someone offer you if you help them to take over the company? But Lucifer is a cunning smooth talker, and somehow talked one third of heavens leaders and others to follow him. They lost the fight, and were forever kicked out of heaven, and told that they could never return. God had made a special place for them (hell) to suffer forever. Now God has to interview replacements for the ones that lost their positions. The best jobs around, for they abided in the throne room of God night and day. To serve and worship Him so for the last almost “week” in God’s time, He has been scouting and testing people to fill these positions. Another thing is that now only four winged creatures and the twenty four Elders worship God in His throne room. Now we enter into the events of chapter 7. I am of the group of pre-tribulation rapture believers. In this chapter the elect of God are sealed and the redeemed taken up. I believe that chapter seven happens before the 6th seal. We can clearly see the beginnings of the first four seals but, they are not yet complete. We are just at the beginning of their ride. Their events will have a global affect and even with things as bad as they are now, we have not seen the fullness of their ride. THE RAPTURE Verses 1-8 Before the horn is to blow, God commands them to wait until His people are safe. First ones where 144 thousand Jews, 12 thousand from each tribe (*except Dan) It is said that no other group of people can worship God like the Jews. They are and give perfect praise and worship. They let nothing stop them when it’s time to pray and offer up thanksgiving. Be it at home, along the road or in the market place, when it’s time to pray, they stop then and there and pray, they don’t wait until they arrive at some private place. These 144 thousands will be the ones that will judge the world before Christ reign. Now to the number no man can count. No one knows just how many it takes to 13

equal a third of heaven, but I believe that this uncountable number will be the replacements for the lost ones. If this is so, it will explain why the imps that followed Lucifer fight against the Saints of the Most High. We are their replacements, we will get the jobs that they lost, and the glory they miss not being in God’s presence. Verses 9, 10 Verses 11-15

Praise of the redeem Resting place of the redeem

Chapter 7 tells us that this group of “RAPTURED” souls will go straight to the throne room of God to serve God, and never have need for anything forever, for God shall be our light, warmth and tear dryer. We will be at peace forever more. We who are of the rapture will not have to stand before the “judgment bar”. For we that are rapture up will be perfect, already judged, changed to immortality, and at rest. The rapture saints around Gods throne are settled. I have heard some that are ask “who will Jesus use in His last war?” My word to them is this, don’t worry about things after the Rapture, just be ready to go when He calls. The tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh (Joseph sons) took the place of Joseph the tribe of Dan. It was the tribe of Dan, during the reign of Jeroboam son of Nebat that brought division in the nation about where to hold its Holy Convocation. The tribe of Dan turned the hearts of the Northern tribes from going to Jerusalem. Stay at Dan and set up the convocation there. But God said go to HIS ANOINTED PLACE. (1Kings 12:26-31)


CHAPTER 5 1ST WOE Revelation Chapter 8 OPENING OF THE SEVEN SEALS AND THE SIX PLAGUES Revelation Chapter 8:13-9:12 THINGS OF THE FIRST WOE Star falling, open of the bottomless pit, smoke, and darkness, locust for 5 month attack on mankind that has not the seal of God. In Heaven between the end of the 6th and the opening of the 7th seal. The opening of the 7th seal ends a ½ hour of silence in heaven. It does not matter if its earth time or heaven time. What does matter is, “what was so horrid that all that saw it held their breath in awe for ½ hour. The world now finds itself in the hands of the pure wrath of an anger God. The only protection that the world had has been taken out at the Rapture. The bible has many examples of how important the present of Saints were in holding back destruction. Sodom, Gomorrah, and their surrounding cities fate hanged on the need to find ten (10) righteous souls (Gen.18:16-33). The world itself was spared because of eight (8) souls, the family of one righteous man (Gen.7:1.2). Verse 2

Giving out of the 7 trumpets of God’s wrath to 7 angels

Verses 3-5 The next angel, this angel was given incense to mix the prayers of the saints to be a sweet smelling savor unto God. This mixture was than mixed with the fire from the Alter poured out begin the vengeance of God, that He promised.



First angel trumpet

Hail and fire mingled with blood 1/3 part of trees burnt, and all the grass. Verses 8, 9

Second angel trumpet

Great island mountain volcanoes erupted 1/3 of the sea turned to blood, 1/3 of all life in the sea, and 1/3 of all the ships that was on the seas were destroyed. Verses 10, 11 Third angel trumpet The “star” Wormwood fell from the heavens, turned the waters bitter causing many to die due to lack of drinkable water. What is this “Wormwood”? We know it fell from the heavens, and looked like a star falling in the sky. With all the bombs that are circling the earth, one or more could break loose, it would look as if there is a falling star, and it would cause the same effect. With 1/3 of the waters already turned to blood, the fallout could affect the rest of the waters making them undrinkable. Verse 12

Fourth angel trumpet

Sun and moon suffered another eclipse. While it was not total, it was worst then the first. 1/3 of both the sun and the moon elicited and it lasted longer. Because of this 8 more hours of darkness fell upon the earth each day. Verse 13 Cry of the three angels carrying the last 2 woes to be poured out on man.

Revelation Chapter 9 The work of the fifth angel 1st.Was the falling of a star and secondly, he was given the key to the bottomless pit. Verses 3-5 Tells of the massive black smoke that is blacker than a thousand bombs and more than if all the forests in California were on fire at once. A black smoke rose and blacked the sun. Locusts with stingers liken unto scorpions. Their nature was changed, for they normally eat grass, but these are to only eat men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads.

The locusts were given limits; they had only five months to torment man, 16

and they could not take the life. Some other writers believe in a different time span. I would rather believe that these five months are in our time line. To be tormented from January to May of continual stringing is horror able enough. Mankind will seek death and will not be able to find it. They will not even be allowed to commit suicide. Verses 6-12


The locusts were seen as horses prepared for battle, they had on all the protective gear of warhorses. Their faces were of man, wearing crowns, with manes like long hair of women, and the teeth of lions. The image goes on and on but the image is only the spirit of the man. These (locust) will be men in high positions, not weak in looks or power. They will have connections with banks and wall-street. “The crowns like gold“, shows they are in very high political power. Their “iron breastplates“, they are above the law, they cannot be touched. They look good, and are very finically sound. “Lion teeth“, they are harsh, uncaring, will tear you apart, also a sign of terrorism. With their king they cause five months of horror and terror on man.

Some say that these locusts are

helicopters. But in battle or terrorist attack bullets not only kill men, but trees, and grass. This sting of theirs only causes pain to man. Their wings, their extensions the sound of many voices screaming, and groaning (as they were liken to the wall street brokers trying to control the fall in the stock market around the world). This global crash is believed to be the reason the nations turn to one man who they feel could bring about a one world system under his control. This global market crash is just the first woe or sorrow to hit the people. Their hidden agenda is to bring as much pain as they can. At the same time a worldwide market crash, all monies lose their value, gold and silver has no value, causing a need to have a global one money system. Verses 13

The sounding of the six trumpets.

War machines coming out of the river Euphrates. God has four angels of death that for a year, one month, and a day set ready to slay one-third of mankind. Verses 13-18 John tells about the working of only three of these four angels of death. What were the things God was showing John? Remember in John’s time he had no idea of the type of war machines that we have today. What were they? Fire tanks that not only shoot bullets but fire. Can you image the sound of thousands of tanks with guns a 17

blasting. Tanks with guns that set on top which can be turned backward looking like a tail shooting out fire. Verse 15 1/3 of mankind killed, Verse 16 numbering of the army, and Verse 17 the vision of a well prepared army. Verse 18 While there were four angels called, only 3 are at work. The fourth holds the key to lose Satan from his pit. Verses 19-21 They attacked only those who hearts were harden and that repent not from serving idols. INTERMISSION Revelation Chapter 10 A break in the order of events. Johns time of reassurance. This chapter open with what would at first seen to be another out pour of God’s wrath, instead it was a confirmation to John. Verses 1-4 This angel uttered to John things that God yet wanted to be kept secret.


was told to seal them in a book. And keep them for a time, for he would preach to the people again. Then the angel declared: “TIME SHALL BE NO MORE” Verses 5-7 John wrote “In the days of the voice of the seven angel”, tells us that he cried for a length of time. His cry was that now the mystery of God will soon be finish. This is not a new warning, for since the days of the prophets, mankind has been and is still warned of God’s wrath, and proclaimed His truth. Verses 8-11 John eating of the “little book”--The Word of the Lord


CHAPTER 6 THE SECOND WOE First half of the tribulation, things of 2nd Woe Increase in sin, the two witnesses and a great earthquake.

Revelation Chapter 11 John measures the Temple of God Verses 1, 2 John is only allowed to measure the inner court. For the enemies of God will overrun the outer court and the city for 42 months. Verses 3-7

Time of the two witnesses.

These two prophets are not like none other that has come before them. They are given power to defend themselves, no other prophet in history was give authority to fight for themselves they were as sheep before the slaughter. But these two not only could control the weather, but could kill any and all that tried to stop them. They prophesied for 42 months or 3 and one-half years of the seven year tribulation period. This is doing the first half of the tribulation. The rapture in chapter seven has happen. If we were now in the first half of the tribulation we would know of them and their work. Both of these things happen in the same three and a half years. The beast from the bottomless pit, Satan himself came and warred against them killing them in front of the whole world. To John this must have seen as an impossible mission. But with all the satellites CNN and all the other worldwide news media, a person on the other side of the world can now see news as it is happening. The whole world could see their bodies in the streets. It was party time, for the world hated the truth that these two preached so that at their death people send gifts to one another. But on the third day over in the afternoon, they saw these two prophets rise, and heard a voice speaking to them they got up and ascended into heaven. Verses 8-12 In earlier verse (2), God said the city would be overrun by evil in those 42 19

months. Their sins became as bad as Sodom (a type of gross sin), and Egypt (a place of false refuge). While the people of the city were wicked as Sodom, we know its Jerusalem, because scripture says “it was the city where our Lord was crucified. Verses 13, 14 After their ascension, the period of the second woe ends with a very great earthquake. A10th part the city fell killing 7thousand men not counting women and children. Those that didn’t get killed, in fear praised and glorified God. Verses 15,

the 7th angel

Then come the Declaration of Christ victory forever and ever - Praise of the 24 elders on His victory. This chapter closes with the doors of the temple opening revealing the Ark in the midst of lightning, thunder - voices, hail and a great earthquake revealing both the glory and power of God. Ending this vision and giving John time to recover and strengthen him-self for the things to come.



Revelation Chapter 12 Historical view of the battle of the church from its foundation The visions now turns to heaven, showing John the history of the war between the church and Satan. *Satan persecutes the church (woman who brought forth man child) - true holiness. Satan never stops persecuting the church and the saints of God. He will fight until the end never quitting never giving up even knowing the end is his defeat he continues night and day to turn all he can against God. (Remember God has a place of refuge and safety for his people regardless of the trial He will always come through and provide a hiding place. This verse reminds me of as old song “Rock of Ages”, in it there is cleft. This cleft is a hiding place for Gods people in the time of sorrow trouble, and pain. What I like about this hiding place, there is only room for the person, pain, hurt, none of those things can get in, for there is no room for them, Thanks be to God). Verses 4-9 John is told of the war in heaven when Satan lost his 1st battle and he and all the angels that followed him were cast out of heaven and lost their positions. Satan couldn’t defeat and kill the woman (church) Salvation came to men. Christ (the man child) is the only means of salvation, redemption of man back to God. With His birth, life, death and resurrection, man can go and abide where Satan and his followers can never abide again - around the throne of God. Verses 10, 11 Tells of the power of your testimony and the blood of the Lamb. They both do have power to help you to overcome. 21

Verse 12


But earth is to be watchful for Satan is kicked out of heaven now wars with the children of God from then until the end of time. Verses 13-17 Satan’s war moves from heaven to earth. But God used the earth to protect the woman. His protection is always at hand. Whether in the dark ages or amidst great persecution God hides raiment so the church can continue. *This is a Red Dragon, he is not the beast. This dragon has 7 heads, 10 horns, and 7 crowns, but he did not have the deadly wound.


CHAPTER 8 THE THIRD WOE LAST HALF OF THE TRIBUTLATION Revelation Chapter 13 Rising up of the *beast The beginning of the 3rd WOE Last 3 ½ years of Tribulation Things of the Third Woe Rise and reign of the beast and his false prophets. War between beast and saints. Fall of Babylon. Rest taken out of the earth. Harvest of the wicked. Seven last plagues. Vials of wrath of God containing sores, sea turning to blood of dead men, scorching of mankind, darkness waters dried up earthquake and lighting. Verses 1-3 Rising of the 7 headed, 10 horned Beast which had a crown setting on each horn and on each head was written words of blasphemy. To this beast was given the seat of authority, and power by the dragon. One of the heads was wounded to the point that it should have killed it. The dragon healed the wound and all the world marveled and worshipped both the beast and dragon, declaring nothing and no one was able to defeat him in war. (Remember with satellites this will be seen worldwide). What was this wound? Religious scandal; Political; or finical? A thing that in the past has ended the careers of others but, this time the person is part of Satan’s plan to fool the world. Verses 2, 3 John was given the vision showing him the spirit of the beast which shall be a man. To this man was given great power and he ruled for 42 months (3 ½ years). In that time he continued to blaspheme against God and any that were left that still worshipped God. He will war against them and did everything in his power to destroy them. In the midst of this destruction the angels prophesied against the beast speaking to John “he that leads into captivity will himself go into captivity” “he that killed by the sword shall 23

be killed by it”. The angel is telling John to fear not for the same man that is now giving people trouble shall himself be cast into hell and the saints shall win. Verse 4 The red dragon is greater than the 1st beast that came up out of the sea. The dragon could be seen as a great powerful man who works to put his puppet in office. This keeps the real evil from the eyes of the people. Verses 11-17 The second beast came from the earth. This beast had 2 lamb-like horns - in other words he seemed harmless and meek -1). Power given to him by 1st beast 2). This second beast performed miracles because, he knew men could be easily fooled by miracles and fooled them he did. He caused the people to make an image or idol god that looked like the 1st beast. Then he gave life to the image and this idol god cause all that would not worship him to be killed. Now this image or idol caused or brought about the mark of the beast that everyone who worshipped the beast received. What was it for? - If you didn’t worship the beast you could not buy or sell anything - food, water, housing. If you wouldn’t denounce God and worship the image you would be an outcast outlaw and hunted down to be killed. He will have power and authority over all nations, forming a one-man world power, a position to control the “One World” government. He was worshipped by all not written in the Book of Life. All former powers shall surrender their power to the beast. Now the 2nd beast can be seen as a prophet of the first. He has two horns “like as a lamb”, but his speech betrayed him, for he spoke as a dragon.1). He caused all to worship the 1st beast. 2). He was a worker of miracles, and wonders, like fire falling down from heaven 3).Power to give life to the beast. 4). Caused all to receive the mark of the beast either on their right hand or forehead. You could not buy or sell without it. 5). All that did not worship the 1st. Beast was to be killed. The Bible says the image is the number of a man whose number is 666. This a number has been added, divided and multiplied and used in every possible way to try to find out who he will be or if he is alive now and waiting to come into power. The main theme isn’t “who is the anti-Christ” but rather for us to be ready (Rapture) saved before he comes. Then it will not matter who he is. The number of the man also means the measure of the man - not just the physical height of a man. Say someone who was born 24

poor (3rd world) or the like and rose into great power political or religious height. But whatever, only their spirits are as those of the beast and dragon, they will be men, highly honored, greatly respected, rulers of nations. *Note closely at the difference between the red dragon of the last chapter, and the beast in this one. Both had 7 heads, and 10 horns, but this one has 10 crowns, and written on each crown are words of blasphemy.


CHAPTER 9 THE TIME OF THE HARVEST Revelation Chapter 14 Fall of Babylon Verses 1-5 The Lamb, (Jesus) now takes the 144 thousand that was sealed in chapter 7. They were not part of the rapture but lived during the seven years of tribulation. They were protected from the mark of the beast because of the “seal of God’ up on them. These were chosen to bear the name of God written on their foreheads. Heaven breaks forth in praise, known only to the chosen ones. Over the course of time there is a small number who are true eunuchs’ of God. These chosen ones are the 1st. Fruit of God’s creation. They were born and set aside called by God to be a special vessel Holy unto Him. Verses 6, 7 Man is given one last appeal to turn and worship God before He pours out His wrath on Babylon. Regardless of the time God has always given man room to repent and return to Him. Each warning written is for us now so that we can see the price of not hearing and accepting God in our lives now while we have the chance. Verse 8

The fall of Babylon

Who is this great and sinful city? Let’s look at it: They declared their belief in “divine destiny; that everyone should be like them, in religion, and or government; morals or the lack thereof; destroy all they do not understand; kills everywhere it goes. If a nation refuse to do as they say, they feel they have the right to cut off food, and or medicine. They will take down one government to install one of their choosing. As in the days of Noah, they are marring and giving in marriage. Like the city of Sodom they walk in unnatural affections. Verses 9, 10

Cry of the third angel

That nation and all others that worship the Beast will meet the full force of the wrath of God. The inhabitants will not rest night or day, for peace has been taken away 26

from them. They will be tormented with fire, and brimstone in the presence of angels, it will not be done in secret, all will see. Verses 12, 13 The patience of the Saints is to wait on God. For blessed is he or she that dies in the Lord or for the name of God. Those that missed the rapture and then turned to God they will die instead of taking the mark of the Beast. Those that died before the rapture, that loved God but fell short of being ready, God has not forgotten their works and spares them from the full measure of His wrath. Verses 14-20


In the first harvest the angel was commanded to thrust his sickle and reap. The angel of death has sown and now it is reaping or judgment time. A time when the lambs will go to the right, and the goats to the left. Those that were to the left were gathered and thrown into the great vine press of God’s wrath. There were so many caught up in the winepress that their blood filled a ditch the depth of a full grown horse up to his bridle and 16 thousand feet long.


CHAPTER 10 THE FINAL DAYS Revelations Chapter 15 THE SEVEN ANGELS WITH THE LAST SEVEN PLAGUES Before the last plagues John now sees these Saints standing in what looked like a sea of glass mingled with fire, singing the song of Moses, and the Lamb. This chapter ends on two notes; one, the glory of God filled the temple, and two, no man could enter into it any longer to pray for the souls of man. Verses 1-7 Verse 2

THE LAST PLAGUES Glass Sea before God’s throne, reward for tribulation over comers

Verses 3, 4

Song of Moses

Verses 5, 6 Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony out of which come seven angels with the seven last plagues. Verses 7, 8 Heavenly beast gives vials of the wrath of God. Temple filled with smoke of the glory of God so that no one could enter and pray for mercy for mankind. This is a short chapter but, there is a lot goings on. The seven angels are being prepared to go forth.

Revelation Chapter 16 GOD’S WRATH THE LAST WOE Verse 2

First angel,

Poured out and grievous boils and running sores appeared on everyman who had the mark of the Beast. Verse 3

EVERYONE Second angel,

Poured out and the sea became blood, not fresh blood but, rotten blood as of 28

dead men causing death to everything that drank it. Verse 4

Third angel,

Poured out and the waterfalls and rivers became blood so that no water could dilute the blood of the seas. Verses 5-7 Verse 8, 9

Angel of water Declaring the Righteousness of God. Fourth angel

Poured out and the sun rays broke through the ozone layer and the heat of the sun scorch men with fire. All of these things harden the hearts of men and they refused to repent but cursed God the more. When the righteous are withheld from praying for the lost, evil consumes their hearts and they reject God the more. Verse 10

Fifth angel,

Poured out and darkness covered over the kingdom of the Beast. Darker than it was in Egypt in the days of Moses, and the people still refuse to repent. Verse 12

Six angel

Poured out and dried up the river Euphrates, this water separated the city of God from invading nations. Now with it dried up the armies of evil could just walk across. Spiritually, with the Saints held back from praying, the evil one has a free way into the hearts of man. Verses 13, 14 Between the six and final vial John saw frogs coming out of the mouth of the dragon, beast and the false prophets. These frogs are devils working miracles to deceit the kings and people to work up their anger against God. We also see the preparation for the great battle of Armageddon as the Lamb begins to gather His army unto Him. Verses 15, 16 Here in the midst of all this God pauses to warn us today to be ready for the rapture so we will not have to suffer His wrath. He warns us now because there will be no one to warn us then. Verse 17

Seventh angel

Pours out, cries, “IT IS DONE� woe unto man woe, woe, woe unto those that do not hear and repent. Verse 18 Then the greatest earthquake man has ever witnessed. So great was this quake, 29

that it was not contain to one place. Cities everywhere were destroyed. Verse 19 Islands disappeared, and then God remembered Babylon and poured out into her the fullness of His wrath. Verse 20 Hailstones, the size of the weight or a talent fell. Still man in his wickedness cursed God for His righteous, and refused to repent.

Revelation Chapter 17 Babylon the Great Whore 1) Nation of many waters, seas, oceans, rivers 2)Sold herself to anyone, Jobs of people taken overseas 3) worldwide fornication produced in her4) extremely rich, wealthy 5) full of abomination and filthiness 6) killed the saints 7) Marvelous - marvel at for in all her riches and greatness she was full of filthiness. Verses 1, 2 One of the last angels goes and shows John the final out pour of judgment over the mighty nation (whore). Verse 3 Many waters mean a nation full of all types of people. Different colors, races, religions and cultures as the fish in the sea. Verses 4, 5 Mother of harlots teaches others, rich powerful but not moral for she drinks or takes into herself all manners of abominations and filthiness. Verse 6, 7 Her persecution of the saints was done in such a way that John marveled at it. Verses 8-11 Beast comes up from the bottomless pit by way of the sea but in the end shall be turned into perdition (back to chp. 13) 7 heads - seven mountains 7 kings In John’s time 30

5 of the 7 has risen and fallen one was reigning then and in the future one more to come. (The last shall reign twice he is the unspoken 8th but in reality he is the 7th). The beast was wounded is the 8th and part of the 7 - he (the beast) is also a king (Making 2 to come after John) Verse 12, 13 They had power for one hour. Declare war on the Lamb. Verse 14 Victory of the Lamb Verse 15 Retelling of the many waters meaning Verse 16 10 horns - 10 kings without their kingdoms. Who got their power from the beast true followers worshippers of the beast. After the kings lose against the Lamb they turn on the whore or nation they shall commit all types of terrorism against her even burning her people with fire. Verses 17, 18 (God uses His own enemies to destroy the wicked evil nation (whore)) then God send them back to the beast.

Revelation Chapter 18 Deals with the further destruction of Babylon Verses 1-5 The wrath of God poured out on Babylon because of her great sin. She caused many kings and nations to surrender to her evil. Merchants become rich shipping goods back and forth for her. God pleas with those righteous that still remain with her to leave her for He was about to teach her one final lesson. She believes that certain things would never happen in her borders. Verse 6 But God said she shall receive double for all the suffering she has caused other 31

nations, and those that spoke out against her. Verses7, 8 When one cries peace there is sudden destruction. When she is at the peak of her power, suddenly all goes wrong. Terrorism breaks forth all across the nation at once. Thousands are killed in city after city day after day. It will look as if every bomb made was suddenly falling from the sky. No city or town escapes the horror of terrorism. Building, banks, state houses, schools, stores, factories, nothing is left untouched. Verse 9-15 Kings of other nations shall watch and cry in horror over her ruin. Shipping and trade comes to an end for she has nothing for herself, leastwise anything to trade with others. No one comes to her aide, for fear of God’s wrath. So they all stood afar off and wept but never made a move to come to her aide. Verses 16, 17 The testimony of her wealth and how it was all taken away at once. Verses 18, 19 Other nations weeping over her and her lost. Verse 20 Heaven told to rejoice over her fall for God had passed out His revenge. Verse 21 An angel throwing a stone in the sea to show the swiftness of her punishment. Verses 22, 23 Prophecy about her lost. Verse 24 The hidden reason for her punishment—the shed blood of the saints.

Revelation Chapter 19 Heavenly vision Verses 1-5 What a difference between this vision and the last. John sees heaven rejoicing for the victory is the Lambs. Babylon has fallen, and cannot he found. John sees another white horse but this time the rider s name is Faithful and True. He was cloth in 32

righteousness and had many crowns upon His head. He is the King of Kings, His eternal heavenly name that only He knows, was written on His vesture. Verse 7 coming of the marriage of the Lamb and His wife Verse 8 Bridal gown of fine linen, without spot wrinkle or the blemish. Clothed with the righteousness of the Saints. Verses 9, 10 An Angel talk to John tells John not to worship him but to only worship God. Verse 11 Haven opens—a white horse whose rider name is Faithful and True. Verses 12, 13 Description of its rider… with many crowns and a new name. One that’s not been revealed to man before. His name is called WORD OF GOD. Verse 14 WAR OF THE LAMB Verse 15 How He will rule Verses 17, 18 A call goes out to all the fowls on earth--get ready, get ready, get ready, for it is banquet time. They will not have to settle for worms, for they shall eat the flesh of kings, the richest of the rich from all nations, the great and the small they shall feast upon. Verse 19-21 The beast that worshipped the first beast, the image he made, the ten kings and their armies come to war against the Lamb of God. Again the victory shall be Gods. The beast his host and those that worshipped him will be cast alive into the Lake of Fire. All that were not cast into the Lake of Fire will be killed by the Sword or the Word of God so many are killed that the birds of the air will eat until they all are full.


CHAPTER 11 THE TWO RESURRECTIONS Revelation Chapter 20 First Resurrection Verses 1-3 Satan is bond, chained and thrown in the bottomless pit for a thousand years. The judgment of those that held on to God after the rapture, and refused to receive the mark of the beast. Verses 4, 5 They refused to surrender to the beast knowing that it would cost them their lives. During that time it did cost them their lives, but their souls now rejoice. Their reward is to live with Christ a thousand years. Remember, these are only the ones that suffered in the time of the seven year tribulation. All others that ever lived and were not caught up in the rapture did not rise. They will not share in the blessing of reigning with Christ. For only did the second group mention here suffer natural death but afterwards will have to suffer the 2nd death, eternally separation from Christ. What a shame. Verses 7-9 After the people were given a thousand years with Christ, as soon as Satan was loosed many left what they had and followed him. So great a number that left the teachings of Christ that their number is as the sand. During the thousand years, people were born and died, married, and had children. But not all of them loved God with their whole heart. As soon as the enemy showed up they got on his side. What a shame--how sad. The enemy soon got them to join him in war against the Saints. But the Saints did not have to fight, for God did the fighting, killing all the enemy forces with fire from heaven Verse 10 The devil was then bond again and cast in the Lake of Fire with the beasts and 34

their followers. They all shall be tormented night and day for eternally. Never easing never resting but 24 hours a day 7 days a week, month after month, year after year, never ending they suffered. Verse 11


The great white throne, the last place you want to find yourself standing. Verse12 The great judgment of God Verse 13 The dead in hell was shown why they were there by the things written in the three books of works. Verse 14


Death and hell is cast into the Lake of Fire Verse 15 Not only were the condemned in hell but now hell is thrown into the lake so they are now in both.

Revelation Chapter 21 Verses 1-3 After the rest of mankind is judged and thrown in the Lake of Fire, John sees a new heaven and earth. This one is free of sin, and all manners of evil. The tabernacle of God, New Jerusalem was sent from heaven. Now Gods throne would dwell among men. What joy it will be to forever be in the present of the Lord. This second Eden has all the glory of the first, plus Satan will be no more. Verses 4-6 There will be no temper in this garden. No pain, tears, hurt or sorrow, God has taken all those hurts away. Jesus declares Himself both the beginning and the end that the saints will be with Him forever more. But the wicked will forever suffer in the Lake of Fire the final judgment has taken place. The sheep shall be with God and the goats in everlasting fire and damnation.


Verses 7-9 Picture the contrast between living in a city full of light, where there is no night, no pain, no tears verses a place that is forever in darkness, pain, fear and sorrow crying and no one to comfort or wipe the tears away. No peace, no friends, no love ones, no one who cares can be found. John sees the Holy city descending---the city of God: Verses 10-13 Great high wall, 12 gates each with its angel. Each gate bears the name of one of the tribes of Israel. Note: when you read the names there is a difference from the original names of the children of Israel. The reason to two fold one the tribe of Dan, God cast out of His sight, for their sin of causing separation of the tribes. They did not want to go to the House of God in Jerusalem to worship as one as God had commanded. So they started worshiping at home and talked the other Northern Tribes to stop going and come worship with them. Secondly Joseph since he was now an Egyptian gave his place to his sons, after Dan’s fall the number was 12 again. Verses14-17 Each gate had a pearl in the middle of every third gate that gate was all pearl. The wall had 12 foundations each having its own stone, and bearing the name of one of the Apostles. This measures a perfect square of 12 thousand furlongs (one furlong equals 600 feet). The wall is 44 cubits or 66 feet high. One thing to note about this city; its size is fit, while hell is enlarging its mouth every day to be big enough for all who comes. The streets are the purest of pure gold, so pure that they look like they are made of glass. Verses 18-21 Describes the city’s foundation, the stones and the names written on it. Verses 22-27 God’s throne room and temple are not in the city. They are the dwelling place of God and the Lamb. It is from there that they are the light of the city. The gates of the city remain open for the inhabitants need no protection from outside evil.


Revelation Chapter 22 The New Bright Beginning Verses 1-5 A closer look inside of New Heaven and earth reveals; 1) A river that flows from the throne down into the middle of the city. On either side of the river grew the tree of life, this tree bore 12 types of fruit or the fruit ripens every month. The leaves of this tree were for the healing of the people there in. 2) The Saints that were rapture shall be in Gods temple to serve Him at all times. 3) The heavens like the earth will have no night for the glory of God and His Lamb shall be their light. What a glorious time and place, no night no evil, no cruse only the glory of our God. Verse 6 Jesus tells John to write these things so that we will know the truth and repent before it’s too late. He is told to remind us the seriousness of being right with God. Jesus declares “he that is unholy to be unholy still.” In other words get right before you die for there is no place where you can go to get right after death. Verse 7 Jesus warns that He will come and will come quickly. No one knows where death is or when the rapture will happen. But, Jesus says over and over again to be ready. Verse 8 His angels or pastors of His church are to continue to preach repentance and live holy unto the Lord. There is no other place, it is heaven or hell. The enemy the devil wants people to be comfortable in sin, thinking they will not go to hell for they are not as bad as someone they know. He wants them to believe that “no harm sin”, will not take them to hell, that they might not make it to heaven they will go somewhere else besides hell. But there is no place to go. Verse 10 John is warned to keep these sayings to seal not the visions of this book. Verse 11-13 He that is unholy to be unholy still--In other words the way you die will be the way you will raise. 37

Verse 14 Blessings for keeping the commandments of this book: The Tree of Life he who eats thereof will never die and to live in the new city. Verse 15 Evils outside of the walls of the city show that there will be more than people of God on earth, but they cannot get into the city. Verse 16 Declaring Him to be the Root of David and the Bright and Morning Star. Verse 17 Call to the Wedding Verses 18, 19 Punishment for anyone that tries to change the words and meaning found in this book. Verses 20, 21 Closing statement “Surely I come quickly”. The response “Even so come Lord Jesus. I have like many often wondered why those saved after the rapture was not compelled to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Those that were chosen for the rapture was chosen for a special reason….to fill the void of the 1/3 that was lost. They will be taken to the throne room of God to serve Him. Those saved doing the tribulation will not be required to have the Holy Ghost because the Holy Ghost will be taken from the earth. Their reward, while not heaven is still greatly desired, they will live with Christ in New Jerusalem forever.


Study Guide Example 42 months=31/2 years Look at events that are happening in either time period. Tribulation 7 years twice 42 months or twice 3 ½ years. See which events happen doing which 3 ½ years. The images beast, dragon, woman etc. remember that they are not what you will see these are the spirit of that person. There will be no seven headed beast, but a man with seven very wicked spirits, that control his every movement. Days can be weeks or months. Look for similarity of time City can be people or a nation (the waters that the woman sat upon). Workers of miracles; the miracles that fooled the people to follow the beast verses the miracles of the two witness. If the events are in heaven or on earth. When it’s present, past, or future. Different temples in heaven. Throne room, where the Alter and 24 Elders praise God. The Tabernacle of the Testimony, the temple of the 7 angels of wrath. Rapture the catching up of the Saints of God. When the devil and his host was kicked out of heaven, the word says a 1/3 of angels were with him. So now there are all the jobs and positions that they held that must be filled. Can you now see why they are mad at you and do not want you to get their jobs in glory. They can never abide there again, so God is looking for someone to replace them. Why First Resurrection, first death These are those that suffered death during the 7 years of tribulations. Their reward will be reign with Christ a thousand years here on earth. These are they that died before they would take the mark of the beast. They suffered only the first death, blessed is he that is of the first resurrection for they will not have to taste the 2nd. Death. Second Resurrection, second death All the dead that ever lived they will not rise until after the thousand year reign and the final victory. They will be gathered around the great white Throne of Judgment. There they will be judged for their sins. They will be cast into hell and the Lake of Fire.



Evangelist Lurlene Spears hails from Augusta, Arkansas, and was a 1968 honor graduate of Carver High School. She was the wife of 33 years to the Late Elder Vernon Dale Spears, Sr., who went home to be with our Lord in 2003. She served as overseer of their Church, Nehemiah Temple Church Of God In Christ Jonesboro, Arkansas, for the first year after her husbands death. She has one son Vernon Dale Spears, Jr. She attended Arkansas State University from 1990-1996 and has attained the following degrees; B.A. Political Science, M.A. in both Political Science and History. She has also taken classes toward her Ph.D. from Daughters of Zion all Women Bible College and the M.C.U.T.S. Memphis branch of Belhaven College. She founded Bright Beginnings Ministries in Jonesboro, Arkansas. This ministry was an outreach ministry that helped in different areas or need. One area was S.A.C. (Saints Against Crack), a weekly prayer and meeting for families that had loved ones on drugs. She also worked with families whose loved ones were dialysis, and hospice care patients by serving as a volunteer patient advocate. One of the greatest works of the ministry was with the families of ICU patients. The ministry gave out 40-70 pounds of fresh fruit, canned meat, crackers and other snacks, a hot meal once a month, plus Thanksgivings, and Christmas dinners to those families that were in constant stay with their hospitalized loved ones. The Ministry has given out school supplies and toys for Christmas to needy children. The Ministry has recently undergone a name change to Lurlene Spears Ministries, and works with the local church in their outreach ministry.

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