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3 Tips To Help You Make Your Short Film

Short films have seen major popularity in recent years. They are a brilliant, and almost lazy medium to convey an idea with a good story on the minimum budget and resources. Many students and young aspiring filmmakers have made their way into the limelight by making such films and posting them on social media. Social media is an excellent platform for self-promotion, and if done right, can work wonders for your career and opportunities. So if you are a struggling filmmaker, or even someone far from the field with a lightbulb of an idea, you could pour it into your camera and turn it into art with a purpose. So if you want to make your very first short film, here are a few tips you could use.

The Issue

You already have an idea of what your movie is going to be about, but short films are… well, they are short. And you do not have a lot of time to grasp the audience’s attention. In order to make your film be able to hook the viewers form the start, try to raise an issue. You want your movie to touch the audience or connect with them, you could also go for humor and comedy, but try to incorporate a conflict or a societal issue that makes it worth the audience’s time.

The Character

If you do opt for highlighting a common societal flaw in your story, focus it on a character. The character could be someone who has actually experienced the problem you are trying to show, or someone who dealt with the pain head on. The display of the raw emotion and feeling will enable your viewers to deeply connect with the character, and thus make your film unforgettable.

The Narrative

Most of the impact created in a short film is through the narrative. Who is telling the story? The filmmaker? An actor? Or the character? When the characters tell their story, they relive the whole experience, making their expressions, body language and tone genuine, intensifying the essence of the film.

Other than these little tips, how you choose to end your story is also important. Did your character find peace? Are they still struggling? Have they accepted their fate? The epilogue needs to leave your audience on a philosophical verge. These are the small details or constituents that really have nothing to do with the technical aspect of filmmaking, which is pretty standard. But if these little things are paid attention to, the film, though it may be as long as 5 minutes, will touch your viewer’s hearts to the core.

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3 Tips To Help You Make Your Short Film  

Short films have seen major popularity in recent years. Contact us further details at

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