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The extensive air pollutants from vehicles, factories, dying units, untreated waste flowing into drains are a major source of corrosive chemicals being emitted in an uncontrolled manner in most Indian cities. As all refrigeration based systems like air conditioners, water coolers, chillers etc. are made from copper metal; they develop minute leaks in the system. These leaks result in breaking down of these units affecting performance and life of the products. Magneto offers Heal 'N' Seal anti corrosive coatings. Magneto work will cover: Ø Coat new and old equipments. Ø Helps preventing leakage of ozone depleting gas in the environment. Ø Enhances life of the system.

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Magneto Maintenance Services

Post Construction Cleaning & Sanitization

Magneto offers quality services with rapid response and reliability. Their preventive programs keep your Air conditioning systems efficient and trouble free.

Magneto is your post construction clean-up specialist!

We value our customers with following benefits: Ø Increase the efficiency and performance of systems Ø Saving on energy and breakdown calls. Ø Longer life span of equipments. Ø Ensuring comfort to its users. TYPES OF Maintenance Contract: Annual Maintenance Contract Magneto AMC includes all labour, repair, technical support, spare parts, consumables like refrigerant etc of HVAC Systems. It also covers Scheduled preventive maintenance services and attending to all break down calls. Labour Maintenance Contract Magneto LMC includes all labour & technical support. It also covers carrying out Scheduled preventive maintenance services and attending to all break downs. Spare parts and consumables are made available at competitive prices.

The high investments of time and money spent in creating new spaces over shadows the basic need of occupants right; to breathe pure and clean air. We understand you want your new home/ office to look stunning. For you, we make sure to remove all infectious pollutants that may cause serious irreversible illnesses and are the major cause of diseases.

Health Hazards!

Duct Cleaning Services



Are Dirty Ducts Sucking Efficiency?? With health, there is one more thing that skips out that is YOUR Expenditure. The dirty ducts act as perfect breeding grounds for all types of disease causing molds, bacteria, fungi etc. These dirty ducts also eat up the efficiency of your systems resulting into heavy electricity bills.

You can trust MAGNETO to get the job done with impeccable results. Magneto work will cover : Ø Clean the accessible false ceiling and attic spaces. Ø Disinfect and sanitize area through a chemical free process.

Realizing the importance of periodic duct cleaning, Magneto offers duct cleaning services with the help of specialized cleaning equipments, ensuring clean & frictionless ducts. Magneto work will cover: Ø Thoroughly inspecting air ducts Ø Use powerful state-of-the-art duct cleaning equipments Ø Remove all dirt and debris built up in the ducts.


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