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Rare Earth Magnets

Type : Rare Eart h Magne t Material: NdFeB Magnet / SmCo Magnet / AlNiCo Magnet Shapes & Sizes: Blo ck Magnets, Ring Magnets, Disc Magnets, Arc Magnets, So me Co mplex Shaped Magnets

SmCo Magnets

Grade o r Magnetic Pro perties / Magnetizatio n Directio n / Co ating: Acco rding to Clients' Requirements

AlNiCo Magnets

The first rare earth magnet materials SmCo 5 magnets o riginated in 6 0 's, the 2nd rare earth magnets Sm2Co 17 are actually

Ceramic Magnets

created in 70 's, the 3rd Nd2Fe14B had been effectively created in 19 8 0 's. Right no w, we are able to pro duce NdFeB magnets with BH value up to 52 MGOe.

Ferrite Magnets Flexible Magnets Rubber Magnets Application

Cast AlNICo Magnet s Material: Cast AlNiCo Magnet Type: High Temperature Rare Earth Magnet up to 550 ยบ C

Motor Magnets

Grade: LN10 LNG12 LNG13 LNG18 LNG37 LNG40 (alnico 5) LNG44(alnico 5) LNG52 LNG56

Strong Magnets


Speaker Magnets High Temperature Magnets Water Treatment Magnet


Sint AlNICo s Size: ered Blo ck, Disc, Ring,Magnet Special Shapes etc. Magnetizatio n Directio n: Thro ugh Thickness, Thro ugh Diameter etc. Material: Sintered AlNiCo Magnet Magnetized o r Unmagnetized?

Water Treatment Magnet

Max. Wo rking Temperature: 550 º C


Grade: FLN8 FLNG12 FLNGT18 FLNG34(alnico 5 ) FLNG37 FLNGT28 FLNGT38 FLNGT42 FLNGT33J

Magnetic Assembly

Size: Rectangular, Disk, Ring, Special Shapes etc.

Permanent Lif ting Magnets

HAST NdFeB Magnet Magnetizatio n Directio n: Thro s ugh Thickness o r Diameter

Magnetic Jewelry

Magnetized o r Unmagnetized? Material: HAST NdFeB Magnet

T herapy Magnets

Grade: L-30 SHT, L-33SHT, L-35SHT, L-38 SHT, L-40 SHT, L-42SHT, L-45SHT, L-30 UHT, L33UHT, L-35UHT, L-38 UHT, L-40 UHT, L-28 EHT, L-30 EHT, L-33EHT, L-35EHT,L-38 EHT Shapes & Sizes: Blo ck, Arc etc. Surface Finish: Pho sphating, NiCuNi, Passivated etc.

Bonded Magnet s MagnetizedNdFeB o r Unmagnetized? Magnetizatio n Directio n: Thro ugh Thickness, Diameter etc. Material: Bo nded NdFeB Magnet Grade: BNP-3, BNP-6 , BNP-8 , BNP-8 SR, BNP-9 H, BNP-10 , BNP-11, BNP-12, BNP-12L Type: Rare Earth Magnets Shapes & Sizes: Blo ck, Disc, Ring etc. Co ating: Black Epo xy, Pho sphating, Passivated etc.

Sint ered oNdf eb Magnet s - The St rongest Rare Eart h Magnet s Magnetized r Un-magnetized? Magnetizatio n Directio n: Multi-po les thro ugh Diameter etc. Material: Sintered NdFeB Magnet (Stro ng Magnets with Max. Wo rking Temperature 230 º C Grade: N35, N38 , N40 , N42, N45, N48 , N50 , N52, 30 M, 33M, 35M, 38 M, 40 M, 42M, 45M, 48 M, 50 M, 30 H, 33H, 35H, 38 H, 40 H, 42H, 45H, 48 H, 28 SH, 30 SH, 33SH, 35SH, 38 SH, 40 SH, 42SH, 45SH, 30 UH, 33UH, 35UH, 38 UH, 40 UH, 28 EH, 30 E H, 33EH, 35EH,38 EH, 28 AH, 30 AH, 33AH, 35AH Shapes & Sizes: Blo1ck, Square, Cylinder, Ring, Arc, Wedge, Star, Bullet, Bread etc. 2 nextDisc, › last » Co ating: NiCuNi, Zn3+Cr, Black Epo xy, Sn, Cr, Au, Ag, NiCuNi+Black Epo xy, Pho sphating, Passivated etc.


Magnetized o r Unmagnetized? Magnetizatio n Directio n: Thro ugh Thickness, Thro ugh Diameter, Multi-po les etc.

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