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Rare Earth Magnets

Fe rrit e m agne t s can be divided into iso tro pic & aniso tro pic ferrite magnetic materials, sintered & flexible ferrite magnets. We manufacture 10 0 0 to ns o f ferrite ring magnets fo r speakers every year. We also custo m ferrite magnets like ferrite blo ck m agnets, disc magnets, arc magnets and so me co mplex shaped magnets.

SmCo Magnets

Co mparing with NdFeB magnets, ferrite magnets are much cheaper, but no t stro ng as NdFeB. It has excellent anti-

AlNiCo Magnets

co rro sio n, do n't need to be co ated.

Ceramic Magnets

Grade: Y10 T, Y20 , Y22H, Y23, Y25, Y26 H, Y27H, Y30 , Y30 BH, Y30 -1, Y20 -2, Y32, Y33, Y35

Ferrite Magnets Flexible Magnets

Cust om Ceramic Magnet s, Cust om Ferrit e Magnet s

Rubber Magnets

Material: Ceramic Magnet / Ferrite Magnet


Shape & Size: Acco rding to Drawings o r Actual Samples Magnetizatio n Directio n: Acco rding to custo mers‘requirements

Motor Magnets Strong Magnets Speaker Magnets High Temperature Magnets Water Treatment Magnet

Ceramic Arc Magnet s, Ferrit e Arc Magnet s Applicatio n: Ceramic Mo to r Magnets, Ferrite Mo to r Magnets Size: Outer Diameter*Inner Diameter*Angle*Thickness

Water Treatment Magnet

Magnetizatio n Directio n: Thro ugh Diameter etc.

Assembly Magnetic Assembly

Ceramic Ring Magnet s, Ferrit e Ring Magnet s

Permanent Lif ting Magnets Applicatio n: Speaker Magnets fo r Sale, Mo to r Magnets Who lesale

Magnetic Jewelry

Size: Outer Diameter*Inner Diameter*Thickness

T herapy Magnets

Magnetizatio n Directio n: Thro ugh Thickness o r Diameter

Ceramic Disc Magnet s, Ferrit e Disc Magnet s Applicatio n: Ceramic Speaker Magnets, Ferrite Speaker Magnets etc,. Size: Diameter*Thickness Magnetizatio n Directio n: Thro ugh Thickness etc.

Ceramic Block Magnet s, Ferrit e Block Magnet s Material: Ceramic Magnet / Ferrite Magnet Size: Length*Width*Thickness Magnetizatio n Directio n: Thro ugh Thickness, o r Width, o r Length


Address: China Rare Earth Magnet Limited Ro o m 70 5-70 7, Ruisi Center, No .9 0 30 Shennan Rd., Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China. Po st Co de: 518 0 53 Fax: (8 6 )755 26 9 230 9 6 Tel: +8 6 755 26 9 2 30 9 6

+8 6 755 8 6 6 216 6 5 m m China Rare Earth Magnet Limited co pyright Š 20 0 4-20 13 All rights China NdFeb Magnet Manufacturers Magnet Suppliers

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