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CAMBOX Injection Unit Test Kit

Magneti Marelli Aftermarket

■ The Cambox device can be easily and quickly added to any test benches for testing all type injection units (EUI) and pumping units (EUP). ■ The device tests the EUP/EUI and, in case of any irregularities in its operation, suggests that a repair or replacement of the element is needed. ■ Our device is universal, which means that it can be installed on each type test bench (Bosch, Hartridge, Rabotti, Magasa, Chinese products, etc.). ■ The height of the Cambox device from the base to the driving shaft axis is the same as that of the BOSCH device, i.e. 125mm. ■ If you have a different height test bench, you have to apply the adapter which is also manufactured by our company. ■ The Cambox Tester simulates the operating conditions that exist in a working engine. ■ The clutch connecting the tester motor allows to operate each EUI / EUP and the simulator (DGiC-1 /CB) added allows to simulate coil functioning as observed in the engine. ■ The Cambox device allows for controlling 3 elements: 1) 2) 3) 4)

electric control mechanical control flow control in the hydraulic part Beginning of Injection Period (BIP) measurement

■ Prior to installing a EUI/EUP on an engine, check its functioning with our device. This simple operation will save your time and money!

Magneti Marelli CAMBOX Injection Unit Test Kit EN