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English – Polish Volleyball Vocabulary ace /eɪs/ (noun) as serwisowy: We've already had 4 aces in this match and it's only been the first set. back row attack /bæk rəʊ ə'tæk/ (noun) atak z 2. linii: A back row attack is this player's specialty. back set /bæk set/ (noun) rozegranie do tyłu: A back set performed by this setter is always a

masterpiece. bump1 /bʌmp/ (verb) podać piłkę dołem: A libero bumped the ball to the setter who then used a four

set. bump2 /bʌmp/ (noun) podanie piłki sposobem dolnym, dyszel: A bump is one of the basic volleyball

skills. cross-court shot /krɒs kɔ:t ʃɒt/ (noun) atak po skosie: If it had not been for the player's high

technical training, he wouldn't be able to perform a cross-court shot. decoy /'di:kɔɪ/ (verb) markować atak: A double quick is a type of set in which the mddle blocker

decoys the attack. dink /dıŋk/ (noun) atak po bloku: If a team doesn't want to lose a point they have to dig a dink. double hit /dʌbl hɪt/ (noun) podwójne odbicie piłki: A double hit happens even to the best players. double quick /dʌbl kwɪk/ (noun) podwójna krótka: The host team once again scored after a skillful

double quick. floater /'fləʊtə/ (noun) flot: Usually it is difficult to receive a floater as it has no rotation. four set /fɔ: set/ (noun) wystawa na lewe skrzydło: The setter had no choice but to play a four set. free ball /fri: bɔ:l/ (noun) oddanie piłki za darmo: After a bad set the spiker was made to play a free

ball. hole /həʊl/ (noun) dziura w bloku: The spiker found a hole and scored. joust /dʒaʊst/ (noun) przepychanka na siatce: After a joust the national team managed to dig the ball

and attack. jump serve /dʒʌmp sɜ:v/ (noun) zagrywka z wyskoku: Very tall players usually do not perform a jump

serve. kong block /kɔŋ blɔk/ (noun) blok jedną ręką: We've just experienced a kong block for a point. lift /lɪft/ (noun) piłka rzucona, niesiona: A replay clearly shows that the ball stoped for a second, so it

was a lift. line shot /laɪn ʃɒt/ (noun) atak po prostej: The spiker wanted to perform a line shot but unfortunately

the ball was a few centimetres out. linesman /laɪnzmən/ (noun) sędzia liniowy: The linesman signalled out with his flag. match ball /mæʧ bɔ:l/ (noun) piłka meczowa: Team that wins the next rally will have a match ball. off-speed hit /ɒf spi:d hɪt/ (noun) plas: When the spiker noticed there's an undefended space on the

court, he performed an off-speed hit.


overlap /,əʊvə'læp/ (noun) błąd w ustawieniu: The overlap was a result of a misunderstanding among

the players. pancake /pænkeɪk/ (noun) pad: A pancake defense and a point for the team. pipe /paɪp/ (noun) atak z 6. strefy: One of the most spectacular attacks is a pipe. rally /'rælɪ/ (noun) wymiana: The latest rally was 2 minutes long! roll shot /rəʊl ʃɔt/ (noun) kiwka: A roll shot was the only possible thing to do after such a bad set. rotation /rəʊ'teɪʃn/ (noun) przejście: With the next rotation we'll have Michał Winiarski to serve. set /set/ (noun) 1 rozegranie: A vollyball match consists of 3-5 sets.; 2 = four set rozegranie: we can

differentiate between diffrent types of sets, e.g.: a four set set ball /set bɔ:l/ (noun) = rally :1 piłka setowa: If they finish the rally to their advantage, they will

have a set ball. shoot set /ʃu:t set/ (noun) = set krótka przesunięta: The spiker scores with a stunning shoot set. slide /slaɪd/ (noun) atak z obejścia: a slide is used in order to mislead the blockers. spike /spaɪk/ (noun) atak: The better the set is, the better the spike is. The World League /θə wɜ:ld li:g/ (noun) Liga Światowa, światówka: The World League is a

tournament which takes place every year in summer months. tool /tu:l/ (noun, idiom) gwóźdż, bardzo mocny atak: If after hitting the floor the ball goes sky high, we

can call the spike a tool. underhand serve /,ʌndə'hænd sɜ:v/ (noun) zagrywka sposobem dolnym: In professional volleyball,

no one plays the underhand serve.


Voolleybal Vocabulary Mini Dictionary  
Voolleybal Vocabulary Mini Dictionary  

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