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The Toshiba DR430 helps convert and archive your home movies to DVD easily. You could easily record your shows and movies quickly and easily. It also provides you with excellent media for playback and recording.

At one point in time, the Brite-View BV-980H Digital HD OTA DVR was actually bought and tolerated by folks because it offered DVR functions without paying for a subscription. It’s an OTA DVR, so you get your local broadcasts just fine. It can also accommodate your cable service. It then recorded TV shows on its hard disk, which is a decent 320 GB. You could record in real time or program it to record.

The Toshiba DR430 DVD Recorder isn’t just a simple DVD recorder. Your kids may not appreciate the comparative fuzziness of VHS images, but the movies you burn on your DVDs don’t have to look that way. The DR430 can actually convert your home movies into 1080p resolution.

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Brite view bv 980h review  
Brite view bv 980h review  

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