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Executive Summary: Subscriptions available for Online Classroom There are several forms of delivery for Online Classroom newsletter Individual print subscription – A print copy of the publication is mailed via USPS to the subscriber each time a new issue is published. This print copy may be shared, but copyright laws do not permit copying or duplicating. Online access to the newsletter or archive access is not included. This type of subscription is intended only for individuals and may be purchased online: Individual online subscription – An email link to the publication is sent to the subscriber each time a new issue is published. Access is by username (email address) and password. The online subscription includes links to individual articles as well as a PDF of the entire issue. Copyright laws permit printing a single copy of the PDF, but no multiple copying or forwarding is allowed. Searchable archive access is also included. The value of these searchable back issues is significant. This type of subscription is intended for individuals. It is not appropriate for libraries or other cases in which the content is to be shared significantly. Group Online Subscription (GOS) – A group online subscription provides digital access to Magna newsletters via the internet for a large number of people simultaneously and asynchronously. Online delivery provides a budgetfriendly alternative to the higher cost of purchasing individual print subscriptions. How does it work? Your institution purchases a site license covering the entire campus community. We provide a unique authorization code to the institution’s designated administrator of the subscription. This authorization code is distributed to eligible members of the campus community by the administrator. Eligible subscribers are encouraged to establish a personal account to gain access to the subscription at no additional cost. Once signed up, subscribers can opt to receive an update email each time a new issue is published; these email notices contain links to individual articles and to a PDF of the entire new issue. Please note, copyright laws permit printing a single copy of the PDF, but not multiple copying or forwarding. An online subscription can be accessed from any computer, on- or off-campus. Additionally, group online subscribers have access to newsletter archives dating back three or more years. Group Online Subscription IP Based (GOS) – The IP Address method will make the subscription available to anyone accessing it from a campus computer. Subscribers signing in from a campus computer will not need to create a personal account to access the online newsletters. In either case, an administrator should be designated to distribute information on how to access the subscriptions to eligible members of the campus community. Magna staff will provide the designated GOS administrator with instructions on how to distribute the login information along with tips for getting the most out of the subscription throughout the term. The GOS type of subscription is an economical way for an institution to provide a single Magna newsletter, or group of newsletters, to a number of individuals. Individual subscriptions may be purchased online at Please contact Magna Customer service for Group Online Subscriptions: 800-433-0499.

OC Ex Summary/ Magna Publications 2/1/2012

Online Classroom Subscription Options  

Online Classroom Newsletter is available online or in print. This executive summary outlines your subscription options.

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