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Your guide to living a Heathy and Holistic lifestyle Volume 3 -

Beauty Skin Deep The miracle effect of Magnesium

Planet Enchanteur The De La Tullaye brothers’ water crusade

A Poolside Affair Steamy styling

Swimming Pool Tips Matt Welsh reveals his secrets

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Welcome to the third instalment of the Mg 12 24 Lifestyle Magazine and what an engaging read we have for you. This issue took us to almost every corner of the globe from Mauritius to Italy, France to Singapore and back home. We followed fascinating people in our Planet Enchanteur section p7, took a dive at RiverLand Complex p18 and got some one-on-one expert tips on swimming from MagnaPool Ambassador Matt Welsh p11.


The fun didn't stop there, we ventured to Mauritius to catch up with our MagnaPool dealers BPL who are spreading the MagnaPool love with more than fifty installations to date, crossed the Indian ocean to engage with our northern neighbours France and Italy who were keen to showcase their industry news in our MagnaPool International section p15, whilst back home in Oz we went one-on-one with a renowned MagnaPool builder for some words of inspiration. This issue also includes newest MagnaPool Ambassador Brent Tate, the winner of our MagnaPool $20,000 backyard make-over competition and a steamy Poolside Affair p13. No matter where you are in the world MagnaPool continues to embrace its wellness, beauty and environmental philosophy, these are our foundations towards a sustainable future for generations to come. MagnaPool's newest technology Ecosystem pushes the pool industry’s boundaries bringing an offering to customers that they have long been waiting for that is both aesthetically alluring and ethically manufactured. These developments allow us to move forward in the right direction and towards a prosperous horizon translating our ideology into tangible authenticity. Welcome to the future.



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Model wears L*Space white fringe benefits one piece - -

Beauty Skin Deep

The Miracle Effect of Magnesium

5 Planet Enchanteur

The De La Tullaye Brothers’ Crusade

7 Swimming Pool Tips

An Olympic Champion Reveals His Secrets

11 A Poolside Affair

How To Make Your Pool Look Hot

13 MagnaPool International The MagnaPool Expansion

15 Destination Unknown The Lion City: Singapore

19 MagnaPool Technology The Future Is Here

23 03 Best MagnaPool of the Year 20 Agape Children and Tigers 21 Backyard Competition Winners 21 MagnaPool Ambassador 22 In the Know 26 To become a MagnaPool dealer

Magazine Editors and Creative Direction: Praneel Lal & Segolene Prats Magazine Contributing Editors: Alan Miller, Dr Bill Anseline, Matt Welsh, Alessandro Milani, Benoit Laure, Xavier Vidal, Mick Gannon




Best MagnaPool Of The Year

- Rothwell Pools An overwhelming response to our MagnaPool Photo Competition proved a tough decision making process for our judges. The key criteria that our unidentified panel were looking for was: 1. Quality of MagnaPool 2. Appeal of the water 3. Landscaping or infrastructure to compliment the MagnaPool 4. Photographic quality image With much deliberations the winner was announced; 4Blue Pools of the Sunshine Coast Queensland. Congratulations to Jamie Loft and his team. Honorable mention goes to Rothwell Pools QLD, Environ Pools QLD & Walden Pools NSW.

– Environ Pools –

– Walden Pools – 4

Our skin is one of the most important indicators of our health and well being. It is essential to properly care for our skin for our health and beauty, both from the inside and out. One of the basic pillars of good skin care is to nourish the entire body with vitamins and minerals. The skin has an epidermis consisting of three layers that naturally absorbs moisture. It is this property that keeps it firm and smooth and why it is important to regularly use an appropriate moisturizing cream. With such a thorough absorbing power it is no wonder that the transdermal absorption of MagnaPool minerals has played a chapter in the health and well being of individuals around the world.

An independent study has detected those that are magnesium deficient (roughly 65% of the world’s population) can be assured that transdermal


absorption of magnesium is the most essential way to retain the mineral. Intense activity and poor diet can deplete one of magnesium, however taking a step towards bathing or exercising in a mineral water MagnaPool can replenish your magnesium intake to optimal levels. With a MagnaPool you will never ‘overdose’ on magnesium as you will benefit from only the amount your body needs. Our bodies are more clever than you think ;). Beauty Tip: Magnesium minerals, like that of MagnaPool, can be placed in a jar or container with the lid left off. This allows the minerals to liquefy entirely over the space of 2-3 days. This magnesium rich substance can then be added to your favourite moisturizer for additional magnesium benefits to your skin.

by Praneel Lal

Dr Bill It is a common misconception that the entirety of our body's organs are stored internally like the heart or liver. In fact, the largest organ of them all is the one we see and feel everyday … our skin.

Without the three skin layers to act as a shield against severe temperatures, toxic chemicals and harsh sunlight, our body mass would simply be evaporated into the abyss. Not only is it a protective barrier, skin is our brain's most purest connection with the outside world and is a biological fascination that has engrossed me throughout my career as a doctor. My specific interest in skin was spawned from a sensitive condition, called eczema, which I endured during my youth . Experiencing debilitating symptoms like severe skin irritation, pain and itching especially when swimming in chlorinated pools, made life difficult for me as a child. Now as a skin doctor, I not only examine, diagnose and treat a myriad of everyday skin conditions, but have now designed and developed a clinical grade “doctor only” skin care range called “Allmedic” so as to help people with problem skin . My line of work requires incessant research and advancement of clinical practices, so when hearing of the mineral science technology behind the MagnaPool system I was eager to trial the pool system for myself. Coming from a medical background it is easy to understand the health benefits from exposure to magnesium. More than half the world's population is magnesium deficient and unsurprisingly, this deficiency has been noted in most major human diseases. The innovation behind the MagnaPool breakthrough is the eradication of chemicalbased chlorinated and salt-water pools for a natural alternative of magnesium and potassium minerals extracted from the ocean. This elite water science excels where the oral supplement of magnesium lags; absorption through the skin is one of the most efficacious methods for the body to build and maintain optimal levels of magnesium. This transdermal process not only acts in an extremely

beneficial manner for sensitive and problem skin but may additionally improve internal health as well. Raising a family on the Gold Coast, the water is such an important part of our lifestyle. I love nothing better than to jump into my pool of an afternoon and swim with my daughters. From the first swim in my very own MagnaPool, the reward was immediate. Gone are the days when the chlorine or salt-water leaves my skin dry, itchy and irritated; instead my body is rejuvenated as I swim and the magnesium seems to soothe my skin. There is no need anymore to apply creams after swimming as my skin feels soft and the remedial qualities allow me to de-stress from my demanding work life. Luckily enough my children did not inherit my sensitive skin condition, yet they were not exempt to reaping the benefits of the MagnaPool system. No longer do I hear their complaints of burning, red eyes, or the scaly skin most pool chemicals incur. It is so wonderful to be free of the pungent smell of chlorine resonating throughout the house after a long day of swimming, even my older teen daughters have noticed an improvement with blemishes and their skin pores. My girls are much happier to dive under now they know the chemicals will no longer damage their precious locks. After experiencing the reward of the new mineral water remedy, I am incessantly recommending MagnaPool to people, especially to those who have similarly struggled with the displeasure of a debilitating skin condition. The MagnaPool is the innovation of an era and I believe it will change pool systems in the future. With such accredited health benefits and seeing first hand how the switch has changed my family life for the better, it is impossible not to give my stamp of approval to the MagnaPool system.


e y lla

u t a l

e d a rus

c r e at

w e h &t

With the dramatic increase of human beings, set to be rise to 9 billion in 2050, water has become the centre of our preoccupation. Instead of sitting back and waiting to see what happens next, two brothers Loic and Geoffrey have decided to go around the world and find solutions for the water scarcity problem that we could potentially all face in the near future. What they have discovered on their journey is not a single solution, but some truly amazing people, which has heightened their faith that as long as we keep learning, sharing and adapting we should all be able to keep enjoying our beautiful planet.

Hello and thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, can you please introduce yourselves? We are two brothers, Geoffroy and Loïc of Tullaye. Since 2002, we have been working on the necessary relationship between man and water. The best way for us to learn about this relationship is to travel and meet all the people who drink water daily. The gesture of drinking water unites us all, however we do not all do this under the same conditions, quantity nor quality.

You are just returning from an expedition along the Great Rift Valley in Africa, aiming to answer the question "Will there be enough water to feed 9 billion people in 2050?" Are you coming back with a positive spirit? Our expedition was intended to answer the question of water scarcity regularly highlighted in the media. Indeed, since man is on earth, the amount of water available has not changed and we are now at 7 billion people. Man has always adapted to the amount of water he has had in his immediate environment. Whether it is hunter-gatherers, nomads or sedentary this adjustment exists in these different scenarios.

In recent years, more than half of the world's population lives in cities and this urban lifestyle is very water reliant and water is not always used how it should be. Initially, our state of mind was not really positive because even though figures show that there is plenty of water on earth to sustain 9 billion people; man has not slowed its water


consumption. Usage continues to increase with our changing eating habits that have become more carnivorous in the last 100 years. Indeed, we use 1,000 times more water for growing vegetables and feeding livestock than drinking while eating. This is the concept of ‘virtual water’ that we developed during our previous expeditions on the Silk Road: "Shipment Kashgar." Virtual water is the amount of water necessary for an item’s production. For example to make a kilo of cotton we use 3,000 litres of water, for a car it is 30,000 litres. Man consumes the most water when eating meat; therefore our eating habits will dramatically change our water consumption. When we came back from our trip we learned that man has always adapted to the amount of water he is living with. This is often in pain when there is a technical, social or economic problem at hand. We also learned that every solution brought a new problem and should therefore be constantly re-examined to anticipate any further incoming problems.

During your travels you have realized that there is not one, but many solutions to the problem of access to water. Each adapts to its environment, what is the most ingenious solution you have come across on your journey? There is not only one solution because there is more than one problem. There are as many as there are people on earth. A technical solution may surprise and amaze, but it is nothing if it

Planet Enchanteur

is not applied to the right problem at the right time. It is a set of solutions on all aspects of society that make it a viable technical solution. It encompasses the economy, social affairs and the environment to which we can add morale. Israel, with all its faults, is a country that has allowed us to learn many things. They have developed and used advanced technology to make the most of each drop of water they had at their disposal. The Israelis know the value of water as they have struggled to get it and keep it. Therefore they use every single drop they have. This country demonstrates that it is possible to live a city life with heavy water usage even in a country that has scarce amounts of water. But this is not a universal solution. City life, as we know it, is perhaps not an applicable solution to all cultures or in all countries.

The lack of access to clean drinking water kills about 15,000 people per day, while in Western societies we only have to open the tap to get some. According to you both what can be done to make us more aware of man’s impact on the environment?

To become more aware of our impact on the environment, we must constantly keep learning. In our society of consumption, a free consumer is an educated consumer. He/she knows how the world works, where products they consume are made and how they are produced. The opposite is a consumer who is satisfied with the education provided by the advertising that does not show us the real world, but just a wonderful visual product.

Closing the tap in the Northern countries, will not make water run in the Southern countries, however, we can contribute to the preservation of water and help countries that are most in need What are your recommendations in doing so? Instead of giving money give your skills, your time and share your knowledge. Once you have shared it, your students are free to do whatever they want. If they can adapt what they have been taught to their country, their culture, then that is a better gift in the end. If you give money, you'll want to intervene to check and know how it has been used. As we are short of time, we pick this option as it is easier, but it must change because this model has failed time and time again.

When you say to “invest your time and share your knowledge” it is great, but if I have no knowledge of this area, is there any other way to help? I mean investing time to share all kinds of knowledge. Water and development are linked. This is the same for all elements of air,


“Give your skills, your time and share your knowledge”

land and energy (fire).We are talking about water because it is the most universal element. As I have said, a project that is not humanly well managed, financially, technically, logistically etc cannot function properly. Excellence in development can be achieved only through training. When I speak of training it is not technical, but also to learn how to think, learn to question the fundamentals, learn to sell, learn to count, learn how to make a straight or curved wall that fits a longstanding function. This training is education, learning a trade, the opportunity to do research, so in the end even someone who has no competencies in the field of water has taught skills in another field. Our company was built with all those skills, the postman, the insurer, the farmer, they are all important for our company to keep going forward. Providing technology in a country that has chosen not to have it would be imposing. Educating a population, will help it choose with its own conscience, its culture and its technology what is best suited for its needs and the needs of its people. If one wants a chlorine pool, salt pool or magnesium pool, it will be his/her choice, their success or mistakes. There is no proper training, there are just good teachers everywhere and if students are passionate, they will realize their dreams.

ago by producing television documentaries (on the European station France 5) and films for business. We are today developing the communications and editorial content with a new partner. We regularly hold conferences and seminars for adults and children to educate them about what can be done when it comes to sustainability.

MagnaPool has developed a unique pool filtration system using magnesium, which when diluted allows one to use the backwash water on your garden, making it an environmentally friendly choice. This is an active response to Australia’s current urban salinity problem within the swimming pool industry. Do you have any other examples of solutions to this problem?

Following your first expedition, you have created the company Biglo, which offers sustainable solutions to businesses, can you tell us more?

No, we are unfortunately not experts in urban salinity, but just messengers in our field bringing our expertise and findings in water consumption and making it accessible to all.

Biglo awareness is a company dedicated to water and sustainable development. We decided to start our development six years

One piece of advice for our readers? Invest in research and training.

Interview by Segolene Prats Photos© Biglo


Planet Enchanteur

Biglo Biglo awareness is an agency created by two brothers Loïc and Geoffroy de La Tullaye whose varied background (one in agricultural science and the other in engineering and finance) has taken them across the globe. After a few years in business and a 15-month expedition around the world focusing on water issues, they have created their new business Biglo and raised awareness on sustainable concepts to help businesses, institutions and the public. Dedicated to achieving commitment and responsibility in a sustainable adventure, Biglo is structured around three areas of competence: The pole “Council”, the division “Production”, and the animations “Events”.


Swimming Tips by Matt Welsh I’m often asked to reflect on my years as an Olympic Swimmer for advice on simple tips to improve your swimming or for the difference between “The Best” and “The Rest”, and often they are very similar things. Obviously some natural talent will come in to it and a strong mind will help you get to the top level. But for the majority of swimmers there are some very simple things to do to improve your efficiency, to either increase speed or just make it that much easier and more enjoyable to swim.

Maintaining your speed

A lot of swimmers find themselves swimming what is called a catch up stroke, where the stroke of one arm doesn’t start until the other arm has finished its cycle. A more efficient way to time your strokes is to swim with your arms at opposites. Imagine your arms are paddles on a Kayak. When one arm is stroking the other is recovering. This more balanced stroke timing helps you maintain your speed rather than gaining and losing it all the time.


Imagine that your body is a see-saw with your ‘heavy’ head and legs at either end. The problem is that your buoyancy in your lungs is much closer to your head that your legs. To compensate this you have to lean forward while you are swimming (or backwards for Backstroke!) and kick just that little bit harder. With your body horizontal in the water you will have less drag and be able to get more speed out of every stroke.

9 11


This is the most important aspect of swimming to get right not only for speed and efficiency, but for injury management as well. The right technique will help you enjoy swimming so much more as you will be able to swim further with less effort and cover distances far quicker.


A lot of Freestylers and Backstrokers keep their bodies flat while they are swimming and just use their arms to swim. By rotating your body from side to side in these strokes you not only start to use larger muscle groups like your chest, back and abdominal groups, but your body again will have less drag in the water and again be more efficient.







– Romeo & Juliet Love Seat – The Romeo & Juliet Love Seat offers a comfortable place to sit, whilst adding a stroke of green to the environment making it suitable for both domestic and public spaces. Accompanying the seat are two shiny glass-fibre pots that contrast in perfect harmony with the mat wood finish of the seat.

– Bamboo iPhone 4 Case – The Bamboo iPhone 4 case gives the user an authentic, unique design to envelope their phone. Constructed from the highest quality bamboo in Asia and 100% natural, the bamboo case comes luxury gift packaged, great for presents.

– L*Space – Trendsetting and timeless swimwear is made effortlessly luxurious thanks to L*Space. Catering for all shapes and sizes L*Space embodies the female form with its colourful range. A definite must for poolside attire.


– Holster Jellies – Stride into summer this year with Holster’s ‘Beach Glamour’ jelly sandals. A stunning collection of on-trend colours and styles with trademark embellishments including A-Grade jewels, diamantes, studs and Swarovski Elements. Glamourise your feet with Holster this summer.


A Perfect Poolside Affair






Pleasing the Palate Summer is a great season for cool refreshing popsicles. This issue we bring the classic mojito to your summer palate. Ingredients

Preparation method 10 minutes

Serves: 4 mini pops

Place mint leaves and 1 lime wedge into a glass. Use a muddler to crush the mint and lime to release the mint oils and lime juice. Add 2 more lime wedges and the sugar, and muddle again to release the lime juice. Do not strain the mixture. Pour the rum over the ice and fill the glass with soda water. Fill the popsicle tray completely and freeze overnight for best results. To cater for more people increase ingredients. Vodka can also be used instead of white rum for a summer kick. Enjoy! 14

10 fresh mint leaves 1/2 lime, cut into 4 wedges 2 tablespoons caster sugar 1 cup ice cubes 45ml white rum 125ml soda water

MagnaPool International

With the birth of Biodesign Pools, I have developed an innovative technology, protected by international patents, that completely turns the building systems of traditional swimming pools upside down and inside out. Completely without the use of reinforced concrete, which is invasive to the environment, our construction technique offers natural, granulated stone pool blending with the surrounding landscape. Biodesign Pools offer the possibility of personally modeling to shape internal and external beaches as well as sunken relax zones without the loss of swimming areas. The satisfaction of buying a prestige product should not run out once you have it, which is often the case with swimming pools. Today you can forever extend your satisfaction admiring your Biodesign pool throughout the year. Whilst trialling the endless options available on the world market for a high quality sterilization system suitable for use with the environmentally friendly, high quality natural pools that I have created, we finally came across MagnaPool. We started a thorough investigation on their

achievements, tested their technology in our pools and visited their factories to monitor their standards. During these experiences we met a team focused entirely on the quality of the water for the bather, contrary to what we had seen with other system producers. MagnaPool has proven to be outstanding in meeting both our aesthetic requirements regarding water transparency, as well as international standards of sterilization. Above all the team at MagnaPool shares our philosophy with regards to environmental compatibility, both in production cycles and during waste disposal. I cannot imagine a Biodesign pool without a MagnaPool system; in fact I can’t imagine any type of pool without it. Not only because it solves the aesthetic problems often associated with water clarity, but because it offers a water treatment system that will improve the quality of life of my clients with a great respect for nature. It is a great honour for us at Biodesign Pools to be part of the MagnaPool team in the distribution of the system throughout Italy. Alessandro Milani, Biodesign Pools Concept Developer

Relilax The Hotel Terme di Relilax is the proud owner of a Biodesign pool, complete with therapeutic MagnaPool mineral water combining the aesthetically appealing with luxurious quality water to delight guests. Ross Palmer, CEO of MagnaPool notes: “The Latin derivative for ‘sallas per aquam’ is SPA, and translated into English it becomes ‘health through water’. There is a lot of evidence demonstrating that potassium has dermatological benefits and that the transdermal absorption of magnesium is also accretive to the body’s physiology. We have taken the mineral magnesium, which many consider a ‘miracle’ mineral and developed eco mineral rich wellness water for swimming pools globally.” .


Our company, BPL International Ltd was born in June 2009. The company was created to address the needs for professional swimming pool services on the island of Mauritius where there are many pools built every year. BPL International Ltd is a family business with Mr. Patrick Laure and his son Mr. Benoit Laure co-managing the company. In the beginning the company was created to mainly supply swimming pool cleaning services to the island, but soon rapidly noticed that many pool owners were requesting quality filtration equipment and also looking for new technologies that were less harmful to them than conventional chlorine treated pools. We researched the internet to try and find a solution to provide to our customers and got in contact with MagnaPool! MagnaPool was the technology to have as it was exactly what our customers were looking for! Crystal clear water with wellness benefits to the pool owner and to the environment. MagnaPool has accompanied us from the start of our business (at that stage I was the only employee). We have today 23 employees working with us, we are maintaining 160 pools and growing every month. We have 5 MagnaPool branded vehicles driving around the island to provide quick installations and our own pool shop, which we launched in November 2010. Most recently we attended the MagnaPool International Conference and proudly received an extraordinary award for the Best MagnaPool Distributor of 2011. This shows that without the hard work that was put in at the start this would not have been possible. MagnaPool has provided extraordinary support in terms of service and technology of their system. We are proud to say that we have installed 50 MagnaPools already on our small island of Mauritius and participated in the enjoyment of our customers by providing them the technology they were looking for! Benoit Laure, BPL International Co-Manager



AMIC Pools was founded in mid 2006 by myself, Michael Gannon. I have been working in the pool industry from 1997 where I started with a local company Roman Pools. From there I went to Crown Pools in 2003. Throughout my experience I worked my way up from general labourer to both supervising and monitoring each phase of design and construction whilst continuing to work alongside fellow colleagues. I quickly recognised that the favourite part of my job was liaising with customers. It was because of this that I knew that I had to get out on my own, start my own company and provide the kind of service I knew the customer wanted. Throughout my first year of trade I employed my brother Will Gannon and we focused mainly on subcontract work to bigger pool companies and getting our name recognized in the “field”. As the year progressed I started gaining more of my own clients and with their recommendations, new business increased. I am becoming increasingly busy. I am very proud of this because that is my ultimate goal, to know that the customer is that happy with the pool I have built and from here they will recommend AMIC Pools to their friends and colleagues. As of now I have employed my Father Dez Gannon, a member of the pool trade for over ten years and have two trade assistants who work for AMIC on a daily basis. I have structured this business with the vision of being family owned and operated, with a strong customer focus. I am proud that I can not only sell them the pool, but that I am the one working in their backyard from start to finish. Most memorable pool: In late 2009 we constructed a MagnaPool for Colin and Jeannie Gower in Clontarf. This swimming pool was not the biggest, flashest or most expensive swimming pool, however, I loved the style and colours the customer chose and appreciated they enthusiasm and interest in MagnaPool. Best accomplishment or contribution in the industry: Winning the 2010 MagnaPool Builder of the Year! It was great to win this award because there isn’t much you can do in day to day life for the environment or for the future. However, a change


from traditional salt water swimming pools to MagnaPool is a step in the right direction in preserving our environment Where you see your company in the next 5 years: I have no ambitions for AMIC Pools to be any bigger than we are now and believe that the size we are is manageable. However, good businesses do grow so no doubt we will be bigger in the future than we are now. AMIC Pools has a reputation for personable one-on-one service to our customers and a high standard of workmanship and we pride ourselves on this and I wouldn’t want to lose this by increasing the size of the business at this time. I really believe that building a swimming pool should be a fantastic and memorable experience for our customers. Mick Gannon, Amic Pools Owner

F AN E Bonjour European compatriots, The European headquarters based in Lyon (France) has been hard at work following their first Prize for Innovation at the Piscina Expo in Spain last November. Enquiries are coming from all over the continent, and countries such as Switzerland, Israel, Spain, Italy and Germany are being added to the list to be part of a new exciting future. Since our last report, the St Quentin Fallavier office has welcomed a brand new Biodesign pool. Distributors can now bathe and experience the therapeutic and wellness benefits of MagnaPool. So if you visit don’t be

scared to see people in their speedos walking around the place! The European market is expanding quickly and Poolrite will be present for the Piscine Expo in 2012 in Lyon to present the latest products in terms of innovation so be sure to visit our booth to experience the future that is Ecosystem.

Xavier Vidal, Poolrite Europe International Sales Director

Welcome to the beautiful Mauritius, one of the most sought after destinations of the Indian Ocean. This tiny island sits off the southeast coast of the African continent and about 870 kilometres east of Madagascar. While it offers every activity an island can provide from fishing to sunbaking, Mauritius has a hidden secret where its inhabitants love to gather: Riverland Sports Club, established in 2004 in Tamarin spans over an area of 3 acres of luxury and relaxation, and has now a newly fitted MagnaPool.

The Clubs Activities included: Outdoor activities such as : a 25 meter MagnaPool, 4 tennis courts, rugby and football field , golf driving range, beach volley ball pitch and an archery shooting range. Indoor activities: a fully equipped gymnasium, with separate cardio, strength, 2 group class studios and a spinning studio. A Wellness Center (which has a general practitioner, an osteopath, psychologist nutritionist and a massage therapist). A Restaurant/ Café with a menu that caters for all. Careful study went into the clubs design and service in order to make it a place where wellness is at everyones reach. Riverland Sports Club continuously strives to improve and innovate, hence the wise decision to switch our pool from chlorine treatment to MagnaPool. It has been a year now and our pool activities such as aqua gym, aqua circuit and swim school participants are

overwhelmed by the MagnaPool. There has been unanimous consent to the effect MagnaPool has had on our members, here is some of the feedback we get: “The water is so clear and light, there is no smell and my skin isn’t dry anymore after a swim.” “My eyes don’t burn and don’t go red. It gives me a real sense of relaxation” “Doesn’t ruin my hair” “Could spend all day swimming” The Riverland Sports Club and its members believe in MagnaPool and will for a long time!


Destination Unknown


In need of a much deserved holiday? Instead of spending a fortune on a European sensory overloaded vacation or conforming to traditional island getaways like Fiji, Bali and Thailand, why not visit our other neighbour, Singapore. Possibly the world’s cleanest country (chewing gum is illegal!)


accommodation Singapore’s amazing man-made 55 Storey high pool at the Marina Bay Sands is by far the one that is recommended to be visited in one’s life. 3 times the length of an Olympic swimming pool, the Sky Park pool at Marina Bay provides phenomenal city top views unlike anywhere in the world. Feast your eyes on the Marina Bay Sands Resort. It is the world’s largest hotel located in Singapore. Comprised of 2,560 luxury rooms and suites and 18 different room types this gigantic piece of infrastructure doesn’t stop there; it also has an indoor canal, casino, outdoor plaza, convention centre, theatre, crystal pavilion and a museum shaped like a lotus flower. The Marina Bay Sand’s 230 luxury suites also come with butler service and privileged access to VIP areas, while all rooms offer views of either the South China Sea or Marina Bay and the Singapore soaring skyline. Accommodation will set you back roughly A$520 per night but the experience will leave you astounded. More information on Marina Bay Sands Resort at Water plays an important role in most holidays, whether it is the crystal clear flow of turquoise meeting the white sands of an island retreat, or simply a swimming opportunity at a mountain escape we believe it does make your holiday just a little bit more relaxing. For those who are after more of nature’s pool, Palawan beach may be just the place to capture some rays. Palawan meaning “land of beautiful safe harbour” is located just 30 minutes from the airport and provides a quick fix city escape. Ocean water and clean sand meet to provide city escapists and tourists with a get away for a few hours from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan life. For information on Palawan visit .


Singapore dining options will make your head spin and your palate smile. While you can stroll along the vibrant streets, humming the delicious flavours of the colourful hawker stalls, you can also indulge yourself at Singapore hot spot “Le Chasseur”. This hidden gem offers a numerous options to choose from with signature dishes such as the clay pot rice. For those who are after a more sophisticated and delicate meal, Iggy’s offers a premium fine dinning experience with mouth watering dishes such as their hibiscus and raspberry yogurt with. If you feel like something sweet the Chihuly Lounge at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore will quench your thirst of sugar with its limited edition of Eclairs. Whatever your budget is Singapore caters for every taste and you will be sure to loose your senses on the culinary journey.

Culture Cinema is a facet of Singapore that not many people are aware of. After the independence in 1965, the movie industry fell into a sort of lethargy that Eric Khoo ended in the 90’s, bringing Singaporean 7th art to an international level with Mee Pok Man in 1995 then 12 Storeys in 1997. Singaporean movies often are very intimate, approaching sensitive topics such as the question of identity with Sandcastle from Boo Junfeng in 2010. Less disturbing but of a satiric nature, comedies such as I Am Not Stupid and more recently The Best Bet from Jack Neo and manga Tatsumi, presented at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival demonstrate that the Lion city roar is strong enough to be heard internationally.

AGAPE CHILDREN COME FACE TO FACE WITH TIGERS Thailand, a country rich in culture, history, stunning resorts and beautiful people is the home for a heartwarming orphanage known as Agape Home. Agape, Greek for love that is unconditional and complete, is where you will meet a fantastic bunch of kids, who are full of life with gorgeous smiles. Looking at their positive spirits it is hard to believe that they were born with HIV. The fact remains that they are children and they do enjoy fun trips like any other child in the world. Recently the orphanage was invited on behalf of MagnaPool to visit Tiger Kingdom and have their pictures taken with the

tigers. It was a fantastic day for all and the photos are proof of this. If you would like to support the Agape Home please visit donations. Every dollar counts. MagnaPool is working with the home currently to put in a mineral water MagnaPool. We will keep you posted on this progress. For more info on MangaPool at Tiger Kingdom visit www.tigerpool.con


$20,000 Backyard Make-0ver Winner

Kylie and Peter Essen of San Remo NSW Kylie and Peter Essen of San Remo NSW were the proud winners of MagnaPool’s 2011 Backyard Make-Over Competition. The competition ran for the course of last year and encouraged everyone around the country to convert or build a mineral water MagnaPool and go into the draw to win a $20,000 Backyard Make-Over with the help of Jody Rigby, celebrity horticulturist and former Backyard Blitz garden guru. Rigby recently visited the lucky couple and their two young boys to generate some unique garden ideas and designs which will be looking to come into fruition very shortly. “There are talks of an awning and some landscape changes which is exciting.” Rigby said. We are looking forward to seeing the final result.

Brent Tate MagnaPool’s newest ambassador is none other then North QLD Cowboys and QLD Maroons player Brent Tate. Growing up in Queensland’s sunshine state made Tate and many other Aussies water babies, as swimming is such a large part of our culture. However a simple dip in the pool for some, provides an irritating reality for others. What many people may not know is that Tate has battled with a skin condition called psoriasis, which has always been aggravated by traditional chlorine pools. Tate was quick to research other options and was in his local pool store when he heard about MagnaPool. The concept along with the low maintenance and healthy benefits were the deciding factors in the purchase. December saw Tate and his family of three became the proud owners of their very own mineral water MagnaPool. Since having the MagnaPool Tate has noticed a difference in his skin and and overall wellbeing. “I always swim in the pool before and after games. Just being in the water after a hard session or game just eases the pressure on my joints.” When asked in a recent interview by Karen Chalmers (North QLD Manager) what three things would you tell people about this system? Tate said “It’s easy to maintain, your skin always feels better after using it and the water is gentle for my family”. To read more of Brent’s testimonial visit 21

MagnaPool Ambassador

In the know

MagnaPool provides your home with not only a therapeutic mineral water sanctuary, but an aquatic water fitness centre in your very own back yard. Aqua aerobics provides a staple for those who are looking at increasing their physical activity in a setting that is refreshing. This century however has seen an increasing expansion of aqua fitness products for the home pool to provide an overall sense of health and wellness for the pool owner. With your new MagnaPool and the luxury of healthy mineral enriched water why not invest in one of the following to reinvigorate your physical wellbeing.




Watsu is a gentle form of body therapy performed in warm water, (around 35°C.) It combines elements of massage, joint mobilisation, shiatsu (traditional Japanese hands on therapy), muscle stretching and dance. The receiver is continuously supported while being floated, cradled, rocked and stretched. The deeply relaxing effects of warm water and nurturing support combine with Watsu’s movements, stretches, massage and point work, to create bodywork with a range of therapeutic benefits and potential healing on many levels. Moments of stillness alternate with rhythmical flowing movements, which free the body in ways impossible on land. The warm water relaxes the muscles and supports the spine. With this support and without the weight of the body, the spine, joints and muscles can be manipulated and freed in a way unique to water work. The effects include a very gentle, yet deep stretching and a release of muscular and joint restrictions, along with a state of deep relaxation, which encourages the release of stress and tensions

Usually a yoga program is conducted in a classroom out of the water on land, however a new concept of yoga has come into being known as Aqua Yoga. Just like novel pool activities such as water aerobics, this new fitness program has emerged with many followers. Practicing the art of yoga in the water can provide a number of benefits to the human body. It acts as a safeguard against any injuries that will most likely occur on land. When you are practicing on hard surfaces, your knees and other muscles might get stiff and this in turn may lead to injuries. The movements of your hands and legs become smoother in water and therefore your body will not experience the strain if you do Aqua Yoga. Water is often considered as a symbol of mental relief and it soothes your soul because it brings a sense of relaxation within you. aqua-yoga

If you have ever wanted to maximize your running and floating ability in the pool then the AquaJogger Belt is for you. The buoyancy of this fitness product provides a comfortable vertical suspension for the body allowing its user to maintain shoulder level with the head and neck above water. This patented AquaJogger Belt along with the weights allow for an effective low impact water workout. The elevation of the head and neck allow you to breathe more naturally and move more freely through your MagnaPool. This product is ideal for men (average body types) and women who want to use their pool to the maximum. Purchase the AquaJogger today through the website and receive a Water Fitness DVD, Water Workout Guide and a 48 inch adjustable elastic strap for your belt


Switch to MagnaPool in 1 day Converting your current pool system to a MagnaPool system has never been easier. The efficiency and futuristic filtration housing Ecosystem makes owning a MagnaPool even simpler.


What you need 1 x Gemini Twin Pump with remote with a 7 star energy rating

1 x RadioNet Outdoor Computer (OC1) Controller complete with the revolutionary Leonardo Cell 1x Titan VMF Filter for pools up to 100,000 litres 8 x Diamond Kleen glass filtration media. MagnaPool Minerals

The new Ecosystem Range


what to do It only takes

one day to swap over

STEP 1 The salt laden water in the swimming pool is removed and the fresh water is added. This is achieved by emptying and refilling your pool (please consult your Pool Professional before lowering your pool water level). STEP 2 The MagnaPool minerals required to start up a new MagnaPool from fresh water is 4 x 10kg MagnaPool mineral bags per 10,000L. Add the minerals directly to your pool water. STEP 3 The ideal mineral water level in the

pool is between 3,000 to 3,500 ppm (parts per million). Ideal means you are able to swim in your new MagnaPool optimally.

STEP 4 Another option is by gradually letting the salt levels lower over time through rain dilution (when it rains in your area and pool) and through frequent backwashing. When the


TDS is at 1,500 ppm or less, you can then add the MagnaPool minerals at a rate of 36 kg (3 and a half bags roughly) per 10,000L. The addition of the MagnaPool minerals increases your TDS by 3,000 ppm thus to the desired level for your to enjoy your pristine new MagnaPool. ( TDS: Total Dissolved Solids).

STEP 5 Afterward is a matter of water

balancing to suit your pools surface. This will be recommended to you by your Pool Professional. You should not require algaecides, winterizes (an item that is added to salt or chlorine pools in winter) or clarifiers. For more info on the Ecosystem range visit


what you are saving Cost savings

energy savings

Ecosystem will help reduce your electricity bills through using our ultra energy efficient, variable speed pool pump that has been designed specifically for Australian conditions.

Carbon footprint

Ecosystem delivers significant electrical efficiencies, effectively reducing your system’s power consumption by up to 50% therefore lowering your household carbon footprint.

Ecosystem not only saves you money through energy efficiency but will save you even more through less backwashing and savings on the cost of additives and chemicals used in the water.

water savings

Ecosystem preserves one of our most precious resources “water”. On average you can expect to save up to 25% backwash wastage versus a standard media filter system. Consider between 2,000 - 10,000 litres of water per year.

salt footprint

Ecosystem protects our environment from the damage caused through the build-up of Urban Salinity in our parks, gardens and waterways due to backwashing of salt water pools. Gemini Twintm saves the average home owner $300 a year on running costs. Titan VMFtm with Diamond Kleentm saves you $160-$360 a year compared to a cartridge filter system. Diamond Kleentm saves you water through reduced backwashing due to improved flow through deep bed filtration. RadioNet Outdoor Computertm is able to remotely run the Gemini pump on low or high speeds through programmable run times thus saving on energy costs Leonardo Celltm with its roller coaster design allows faster turnover times due to reduced back pressure at low or high speeds. Saves up to A$65 a year.



Chemical usage savings

total savings



Maintenance savings

power savings

savings with Ecosystem

MagnaPool TIPS

*Saving based on the full Ecosystem and compared to a salt system, with standard pump and cartridge filter

To look after your MagnaPool does not require a degree in engineering or rocket science, however there is a simple chemistry involved to ensure that you are not swimming in additional chemicals. Next time you visit your local pool shop, or are speaking to your service company, make sure you keep this handy tip list on site. A MagnaPool‘s chemistry differs to that of a regular swimming pool and requires different TLC for operation. Your MagnaPool is a pure, crystal clear and natural, and it is important that it remains this way for years to come. Here are some simple facts that will assist in looking after your MagnaPool.

MagnaPool is a “mineral water swimming pool” comprised of magnesium and potassium minerals. MagnaPool is not a “salt” pool. Salt pools are made up of high levels of sodium chloride. When your TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) is being tested to check your mineral level, the pool shop will use the same apparatus as they would test a salt pool. The difference here is that they are checking the levels of magnesium and potassium, not sodium chloride.

A MagnaPool should always have a TDS level of 3000 – 3500 ppm (parts per million) MagnaPool does not require you to add liquid chlorine or any form of synthetic chlorine into the water. It is important that you do not let your pool shop or service company suggest otherwise. In circumstances where your pool has had a major algae breakout, this may require a “shock dose” of chlorine to kill the algae. MagnaPool does not require you to add any clarifiers or algaecides.


Eco Talk

The past century, has seen our planet rapidly modify on all platforms from digital to environmental like never before. Precious ecosystems, pristine beaches and forests are feeling the effects of this continual change. The introduction of harsh chemicals into the environment have contributed to the rise of urban salinity and the destruction to our plants, gardens and infrastructure. Throughout the world people want to enjoy the luxury, fun and relaxation of owning a pool without the negative effects that chlorine or salt has on the environment. That is the reason why, some of the most beautiful places on earth that are home to fragile ecosystems have chosen to use the MagnaPool mineral water pool system that not only preserves the environment, but when its magnesium rich water is diluted to the right amount provides a rich source of nourishment to plants and flowers. The Seychelles is one of many countries that uses the MagnaPool technology to parallel the crystal clear water of their beaches to that of MangaPool. On our home soil we have the immaculate rainforest area of Kuranda in tropical North Queensland. The Kuranda Aquatic Centre, the first commercial establishment to adapt the MagnaPool technology in September 2008, is testament to how MagnaPool can adapt perfectly to world heritage wet tropic rainforests including its species. MagnaPool and its drive to protect the environment provides the perfect solution and restores balance between advanced technology and- environmental sustainability.


Are your customers asking for a quality, affordable pool? Are they after the best pool water for their family? Are you currently meeting demand with a mineral pool ‘imitation’? Are you after a MagnaPool License?

YOUR QUESTIONS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED The original mineral water pool company, MagnaPool, is announcing its new dealership model - opening up our world wide patented system to the market. MagnaPool embarked on its journey at a time when ‘new technology’ was met with industry scepticism. Now, four years later, and with over 7,000 MagnaPool’s in the ground in Australia alone, MagnaPool has further perfected its coveted system enhancing its exterior appearance through revolutionary Ecosystem technology. ™

The new Magnapool range ecosystem enabled products available now, visit


Email the subject ‘MagnaPool Distributor MAGEM’ to to find out how to become a MagnaPool dealer.

IT IS TRUE. PEOPLE EVERYWHERE ARE SWIMMING IN MINERAL WATER FOR IMPROVED HEALTH AND WELLNESS MagnaPool is an affordable system with a reputation and promise that it delivers to its owner. It is a low-maintenance, economical lifestyle choice that is gentle on the environment. The MagnaPool System is magnificent, with a range of benefits including: • Crystal clear swimming pool water, suitable for babies, children & adults • No chlorine smell • No sore eyes • Natural minerals of magnesium and potassium moisturise the skin • Assists with stress reduction, anxiety and pain relief • Rejuvenates your body

To experience the MagnaPool difference in your bath, ask for your free sample of MagnaPool minerals Email MAGEM to

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