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A new lifestyle and innovation in water science. Mineral water for your swimming pool.

Health What is a MagnaPool system? - The first swimming pool system of its kind in the world. Magnesium - The beautiful or miracle mineral. See the difference - Compare MagnaPool to regular pools. MagnaPacks - Which MagnaPool system is right for your pool?

Beauty Magnesium Mineral Body Care Collection Enhance your holistic experience.

Environment MagnaPool Water - The pool system that is environmentally friendly.




The International Award Winning MagnaPool System

A new innovation in superior water science for your swimming pool that can be beneficial for your health, beauty and the environment.

For centuries people have used Magnesium for relaxing, rejuvenating the skin, detoxing the body and promoting a holistic, healthy being. We have taken this miracle mineral and developed Mineral Science Therapy; a unique blend of Magnesium & Potassium minerals, to give you‌

mineral water for your swimming pool.

In a modern, fast-paced world, we must focus on living an increasingly healthy and more balanced lifestyle. MagnaPool™ has scientifically developed better quality swimming pool water to assist you in creating that balance.

A MagnaPool is like having therapeutic water, a health sanctuary or an urban retreat in your very own home.

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MagnaPool™ is mineral water for your swimming pool The MagnaPool™ system delivers a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional salt or heavily chlorinated pools. Water that is rich in Magnesium & Potassium minerals.

Water that never leaves a chlorine or salty residue on your skin, nor does it discolour blonde hair.

Water that is extremely gentle and therapeutic on sensitive skin.

Water that is therapeutic for your body and beneficial for your health and well-being.

Water that has increased clarity, always giving you a crystal clear pool.

Water that will reduce your carbon footprint on the environment due to decreased water consumption and the elimination of harsh chemicals.

The superior choice of water for your pool What is the MagnaPool™ system? The MagnaPool™ system consists of a hydroxinator, a high-flow filter, Diamond Kleen glass filtration media, a high-flow pump, and our propriety blend of Magnesium & Potassium minerals. A MagnaPool can be installed for both commercial and domestic pools.

Where can I buy a MagnaPool™ system from? Whether you are building a new pool or you want to turn your existing pool into a MagnaPool, contacting a licenced MagnaPool dealer is the first step. Visit our website to find your local licenced MagnaPool dealer. The MagnaPool™ system is only available from selected pool professionals and builders who are trained and qualified to MagnaPool’s formidable standards. Providing you with superior water, MagnaPool™ is the first swimming pool system of its kind in the world, winning numerous prestigious awards.

Our unique mineral blend, rich in Magnesium & Potassium has been formulated for your pool water. This is ultimately better for your health, beauty and the environment.

Our philosophy is all about the water.

The beautiful mineral: Magnesium What is Mineral Science Therapy? Mineral Science Therapy is the absorption of Magnesium through the skin. This transdermal method can have a powerful effect in assisting the body to build and store optimal levels of Magnesium, and in turn promote a healthy well-being.

Two forms of Magnesium are found in MagnaPool™ water: Magnesium chloride found in MagnaPool™ minerals is derived from the ocean. This form of Magnesium has been found to have extremely beneficial properties in assisting your internal health, as well as balancing your mind and body. The MagnaPool™ hydroxinator produces Magnesium hydroxide – this form of Magnesium is known to be gentle on sensitive skin and other problem skin conditions. Magnesium has the ability to work like a magnet on your skin, helping to detoxify the skin and body of impurities and to reduce pore size, ultimately leaving your skin feeling soft, radiant and smooth. Supported by centuries of use, this miracle mineral is the basis of MagnaPool’s Mineral Science Therapy. We believe in the importance of providing natural, crystal clear and healthy water for people to swim and bathe in everyday.

Did you know that more than 65% of the world’s population are Magnesium deficient? Studies have proven that absorbing Magnesium chloride through the skin (transdermally) is one of the most effective ways for the body to maintain healthy levels of this important mineral. Magnesium is responsible for over 300 crucial enzyme reactions and cellular processes in the body. Magnesium can support detoxification, reduce stress and anxiety, help to alleviate aches and assist with a healthy sleep cycle. Magnesium promotes energy and well-being. Magnesium can soften and encourage healthy skin. Magnesium shields our cells from heavy metals such as aluminium, lead and mercury. Cabot, S Dr 2007, Magnesium: The Miracle Mineral, WHAS, Camden, NSW, Australia. Sircus, M Ac.OMD, 2007, Transdermal Magnesium Therapy, Phaelos Books, Chandler, AZ, United States of America.

In many Eastern cultures, Magnesium is as essential to the human body as air and water. Magnesium is often referred to as the ‘miracle’ or the ‘beautiful’ mineral. This is the foundation and inspiration behind MagnaPool.

Superior water. The main point of difference with a MagnaPool™ is our proprietary mineral blend that is added to the water. Our minerals are a healthier and a more environmentally friendly option compared to standard pools, which can contain much higher levels of harsh chemicals.

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See the difference for yourself. . Regular pool Additive component The water and its effects on your skin and body

In a MagnaPool™ we add the MagnaPool™ Mineral

Regular salt pools use table salt (sodium

blend that contains Magnesium & Potassium and very

chloride) in pool water.

low levels of a naturally occurring electrolyte.

MagnaPool™ Minerals contain many therapeutic benefits for your skin and body including; • MagnaPool™ water is gentle on your body and extremely good for people with sensitive skin. • MagnaPool™ Minerals transdermally absorbed through the skin have calming effects on the nervous system, helping to reduce stress and anxiety and

• Salt water used in regular pools can leave a salty residue on your skin. • Salty and heavily chlorinated water can be unpleasant to swim in. • Regular pool water can also leave your skin dry with unwanted chlorine odour.

assists in easing body aches.

Saving water

• With a MagnaPool™ you can save a substantial

• Regular pools can require longer

amount of water through reduced backwashing.

backwashing to clean the filter.

• No rinsing of your filter is required.

• Filter tanks usually require rinsing after every backwash.

• MagnaPool™ water, even when backwashed, has a

The environment

very low impact on the environment. • MagnaPool™ water, once diluted 5 to 1, can

Regular pool water released to waste water,

be backwashed onto your garden (subject to local

contributes to a build up of sodium (salinity) in

authority by-laws).

our sensitive ecosystem.

• The active ingredients in MagnaPool™ Minerals can assist in maintaining healthy green foliage and better root growth of your plants.

Water clarity

The chlorine factor

The Magnesium component in MagnaPool™

Regular pools can require additional toxic

Minerals produces a desirable substance known as

chemicals such as algaecides and clarifiers,

Magnesium hydroxide - a natural clarifier resulting in

(which can contain heavy metals) to improve

crystal clear water.

water clarity, costing you time and money.

MagnaPools natural mineral blend of magnesium

• Regular pools using chlorine generally build

and potassium chloride harvested from the ocean

up substances such as chloramines, which

produce a natural residual chlorine in a MagnaPool

gives pool water an unpleasant odour and is


known to cause skin and eye irritation. • This is treated with high levels of chlorine.

MagnaPool is a new water science that has been formulated for swimming pools. The perfect balance for your health, beauty and the environment.




Pools up to 75,000 L

MagnaPool™ G75 Hydroxinateur













110 55

pack pack

150 75

pack pack

MagnaPool™ G150 Hydroxinateur G150 Filter



Your choice of pump:



MagnaStream™ 700 or MagnaForce™ 700









G75 Filter

Diamond Kleen™ Your choice of pump: MagnaStream™ 500 or MagnaForce™ 500

Pools up to 75,000 L MagnaPool™ G75 Hydroxinateur


Diamond Kleen™

75,000 L to 125,000 L

Diamond Kleen™

75,000 L to 125,000 L MagnaPool™ G150 Hydroxinateur


Diamond Kleen™

MagnaStream Pumps* TM





MagnaForce Pumps*


MagnaPoolTM Minerals 10kg bag






*High Head option available

For heated pools or tropical climates, please consult Magnapool

FREECALL 1300 855 894




Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your bliss. Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real. ~ Deepak Chopra

A beauty and health science has evolved which harnesses the properties of Magnesium and the purity of our water.

Integration of mind, body and spirit is a fundamental part of our philosophy and the very foundation of how Mineral Science Therapy benefits your well-being. To take our science to the next level, we would like MagnaPool™ customers to experience the beauty of this miracle mineral Magnesium outside of their pool, everyday. With extensive research into the amazing effects of transdermal applications of Magnesium, we have developed an invigorating body care collection to enhance your holistic experience. The natural ocean Magnesium minerals used for soaking in a bath are the same minerals that go into MagnaPool swimming pool water. It’s that natural and gentle.

The Magnesium Mineral body care collection

magnesium + aromatherapy Our Magnesium Body Care kit contains a Magnesium Mineral Body Soak, Body Serum, Body Tonic and exfoliating body brush. To see our entire collection of body and lifestyle products, visit our Spa Lifestyle Boutique online,




Our products are not tested on animals, contain natural minerals and contain no parrabin.

The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious - the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science. ~ Albert Einstein

is environmentally friendly water All the water that will ever be is right now. MagnaPool’s scientific blend of minerals are balanced with Magnesium & Potassium, resulting in minimal impact to the environment.

Everyday is Earth Day.

Every drop saved is a step towards a more sustainable environment for future generations.

MagnaPool™ water is rich in Magnesium & Potassium minerals, which are beneficial

to plants and soil. Once diluted, MagnaPool™ water can be used on your garden safely.* MagnaPool™ water has very low levels of sodium chloride.

Magnesium is the central ion in chlorophyll allowing plants to obtain energy from light.

Potassium is required for plants to grow strong and healthy. This mineral also plays a vital role in photosynthesis and enzyme production in plants.

Owning a MagnaPool will reduce your carbon footprint on the environment. One of the key elements of the MagnaPool™ system is the use of a unique filtration media made from fused silicon dioxide (100% recycled).

Not only does a MagnaPool™ save water, this efficient system will also result in a reduction of electrical power required, lowering the amount of carbon emissions released into our environment.

See the difference.. Time it takes to backwash your filter

• Less than one minute

Litres of water required to backwash & rinse

• Less than 250 litres are required to backwash • MagnaPool water can be used to water your lawn. Therefore no wasting water.

Frequency of backwashes

• Less backwashing required

How the backwash water affects the environment

• Magnapools mineral based water breaks down naturally and is gentle on the environment.

Regular Pools: Time it takes to backwash • 4 minutes to backwash your filter • 30 Seconds to rinse Litres of water required to backwash & rinse

Traditional sand and cartridge filters provide a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. The smooth unique surface of MagnaPool’s filtration media restricts bacteria growth within your filter, making MagnaPool™ the safer and healthier choice.

You can now own a swimming pool without the concerns of high water consumption. Water is our most precious resource and needs to be conserved. At MagnaPool™, saving water is one of our primary objectives.

• More than 1125 litres are required to backwash a regular pool. • All water is wasted as 100% of the water goes down the drain. There are no beneficial uses for regular pool backwash water.

Frequency of backwashes • More frequent backwashing is required. How the backwash water affects the environment

• Large amounts of sodium and chlorine are harmful to the environment

* Speak to your local council about grey-water by-laws. Recommended dilution, 1 part backwash water to 5 parts rain water. Refer to your MagnaPool™ handbook for further information.

“The water cycle and the life cycle are one.” ~ Jacques Cousteau

Understanding the Magnesium Mineral Science Therapy logo

The atomic number is the number of protons found in an atom. The atomic number is unique to each chemical element and determines its chemical properties.

The chemical symbol for Magnesium.

The mass number is the total number of protons and neutrons in an atom. The mass number determines the weight of a chemical element.

Wherever you see the Magnesium Mineral Science Therapy logo, you can be assured that the ‘miracle’ mineral Magnesium is an active ingredient.

It’s time to start living a healthier and more holistic lifestyle today.


MagnaPool™ was researched and developed in Australia,

(A division of Poolrite Equipment Pty Ltd)

and is proudly manufactured and distributed by Poolrite Equipment, an Australian company with over 30 years

FREECALL 1300 855 894 (In Australia) INTERNATIONAL +617 3323 6555 PO Box 520, 415 Creek Road, Mt Gravatt Queensland, Australia 4122

experience in the pool industry.

Your local MagnaPool Dealer:

MagnaPool Domestic Brochure  

MagnaPool Domestic Brochure, mineral water for swimming pool

MagnaPool Domestic Brochure  

MagnaPool Domestic Brochure, mineral water for swimming pool