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Project Definition The Project which is in the process of being planned and which eventually will be undertaken is to make one million pounds by the end of 2013. This will be done with a combination of having autotrade accounts set-up with Zulutrade and etoro openbook. Also set-up shall be an VPS Running Eureka 7.0 on EUR/CHF and also potentially USD/CAD as well. Running Eureka 7.0 Robot on these will essentially make 20% return per week with only minimal intervention. On MT4 I will Run Close All an EA to Close all open and pending orders to lock in the profit at 20% per week. When My Account is up at 10K, around July 2012 I shall Open a Margin Account with Some Brokers which shall then enable me to diversiy further. I shall use Gunner24 and also use Sentient Trader to Take Positions in ETFs ie 3xLong 3xShort on Margin. Ie Oil $100 goes down % $80

Also when I have a decent account size I will day trade the Markets. The Tools I will use shall be the Power Dynamite Areas and Weekly and Monthly Confluence Areas.

Trading Plan -

Project Definition  
Project Definition