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Triple Play: Joe Berardo, CEO, Magnacare March 9, 2014 at 10:11 AM Triple Play is a weekly NJBIZ feature that asks top executives in New Jersey to talk about three things related to their industry. Joe Berardo is the president and CEO of MagnaCare, a leader in the self-insurance market. We asked him for three ways the continual delays and changing rules of the ACA are hurting business: Planning: The biggest dilemma is the lack of the ability to plan your business around the No. 2 expense after payroll. You may have an employer who hasn't hired to stay at 49 employees. If you're trying to manage head count, you're hurting your business. Complacency: There are moves you can make to help your business, but every time there's a delay in the law, there's complacency in whether you should explore other options.

Managing expectations: After two years, you have a big segment of the marketplace wondering if it's ever going to be enforced. With every further delay, there's an uncertainty of whether you should be playing by the rules or not. People who have are getting hurt.

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3 10 14 njbiz triple play